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Buttfucked Twice in One Day

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Mum rings and asks me round for brunch, saying it would be nice to catch up. I hesitate ‘cos I’m having a morning lying in bed. Gavin has gone to his Saturday golf. Before he went we had our usual Saturday morning fool around in bed, and this time he insisted on doing me in the butt. In our four years together, I have never got used to this even though he does it maybe once every month or two. I am quite sore and for the last couple of hours I’ve just been recuperating.

I’ve heard that most married women in their mid-twenties have anal sex so I never refuse when Gavin positions me on my hands and knees and spits between my buttocks.

When I don’t reply straight away Mum asks if anything is wrong. I say of course not and that I’ll be over in a few minutes. I shower and dab some aloe vera cream on my anus. It is still a bit tender and the cream is soothing as I massage it in. I put on a summery cotton sun dress and write a note for Gavin.

It is uncomfortable driving and I shift uneasily every time the car hits a bump. I go slow. When I arrive my mother greets me at the door and ushers me in. She follows me down the long hallway and I try to walk normally. I carefully sit down at the kitchen table, managing not to squirm, and look up with a smile. She raises her eyebrow and gives a look that says she can see right through me. In a no-nonsense voice she asks how come I’m walking funny. I try to deny there’s anything wrong but she won’t accept any prevarication. Finally I tell her that nothing is wrong, just that we had greek sex that morning and it has left me a little sore.

She smiles in relief and says she was worried that I’d hurt myself or, hushed voice, that Gavin had been rough with me. I smile back and say sure, Gavin was rough, but not in the sense she was worried about. We giggle and she gets a bottle of wine from the fridge. She pours us both glasses and says that early in her marriage, backdoor sex had left her quite sore too. I gasp, not having ever though that she and dad would ever have done such a thing. They’ve been divorced for a decade and I’m not used to the thought of them having had sex at all, let alone anal sex. She laughs at my reaction and says that their marriage had been pretty exciting at first and that even when it began to fall apart, the sex had kept them together longer than they otherwise would have been. She says she learnt to cope with the anal sex by taking control of it. I asked what she meant and she said that if she was well prepared, then it was actually quite fun and didn’t leave her limping about the house the next day and gritting her teeth when she’d needed to go to the toilet. I must have looked puzzled and as we sip the wine she tells me that early in their marriage when dad wanted her from behind, he used to just slap on some lubricant and push his way in, with obvious painful consequences for mum – much like Gavin does with me. But mum found that if he took his time, played with her butt, stretched it gradually with his fingers, then when it came time for the sex, it actually felt pretty good. But he didn’t often take the time. Rather he’d be fucking her and suddenly decide he wanted a bit of the other, and that would be it.

Mum takes a long sip from her glass and tells me that she’d decided that the best way to handle this part of their sex life was to determine when they were going to have anal sex and prepare herself before hand. She’d bought a dildo (I must look shocked ‘cos she smiles at me frankly) and used it to gently stretch her rear passage and get it used to something approaching the size of a penis. ‘It was actually quite a bit of fun,’ she confides, eyes sparkling. We both giggle. Then, she continues, she took the initiative with her husband. If they hadn’t had anal sex for a while and she figured they were about due, she’d ring dad at work and tell him that something ‘special’ was in store when he got home. By the time he’d drive up, she’d be ready with rear passage all stretched and heavily coated with gel. No matter how fast and hard he mounted her – and sometimes he was like a bull at a gate – she was able to manage and, more often than not, enjoy it. Of course he’d still sometimes do it on a whim while they were having normal sex and catch her unprepared, but as time went on, she’d been able to handle that with less and less discomfort and had even come to take it in her stride.

Mum gets up and starts preparing the table for brunch. These revelations about my parents have left me lost for words and I watch her silently, my thoughts teeming with images of them having greek sex. The back door slams and Dale, mums’ boyfriend for the last couple of years, comes in. He is in grubby work shorts and singlet and, after nodding hello and giving me the usual lecherous once over, goes straight to the fridge for a cold beer. He is a heavily built dark guy in his early 50s. He is a mechanic and his hands show the marks of his trade, the fat sausage-like fingers stained with grease and scarred. He has that cheery demeanour and quick smile that you see in mechanics when you take your car in for a service, but there is a glint of meanness in his dark eyes. He’s OK, I guess, but I have often wondered how come mum has been hooked up with him for so long. I watch now as he tilts his head back and takes a long swig from the beer can. His singlet rides up over his largish hairy belly but, strangely enough, today I don’t find it unattractive.

Mum asks him how it is going. He is installing a new inboard motor in his fishing boat in the back yard and says he’ll have to get some more welding rods or something. She says she’ll bring him out some lunch in a few minutes. He finishes the beer, takes another one from the fridge, and heads back out again.

Mum is dishing out frittata and salad and asks me to refill the wine glasses. I am curious about her and Dale – in a sexual sense – but don’t say anything. She breaks the silence by asking if I have a dildo I can use. I blush and nod. She sighs and says whimsically that she doesn’t know what she’d do without Mr Buzzy. Then we both giggle and I see my chance. Trying to sound casual, I ask her if she uses it to prepare herself for ‘special’ nights with Dale. She laughs and says that’s not necessary. I say ‘Oh,’ and she says, it’s not what I think. She and Dale do have anal sex – rather often in fact – but that Dale prepares her himself. I am picturing mum kneeling on the bed with Dale probing between her buttocks with one of those fat oil-stained fingers; but it’s not what I think. She stands at the counter, wineglass in one hand, and tells me that Dale loves to kiss and lick her butt as a prelude to rear end action – which is just as well, she reflects, because he is definitely over size in the pants department. She holds up the continental cucumber she’s been slicing and blows out an exhausted breath. We laugh, but I feel a hot dampness between my thighs. Mum serves the plates, telling me how at one of their first dates he’d made the most amazing love to her backside. We start to eat – though I am so preoccupied that I don’t taste anything – and she says how anilingus has made the whole greek sex thing a wonderful experience for her even though Dale stretches her to the limit.

We have barely started eating when the phone rings. It is Deirdre, one of mum’s close friends. Mum is all apologetic on the phone and says she’ll be there in a few minutes. She hangs up and tells me that she’d clean forgotten that she had a function on and has to dash. I started to get up but she insisted that I finish eating before going – at least one of us should enjoy the meal. I heard her fussing in the bedroom for a minute then she hurries out the back and speaks to Dale. I hear her car start up and drive out.

I finish up quickly and clear the table. I am just starting the dishes when Dale comes in the back door. He goes to the fridge and I am very conscious of my dress stretched tight over my backside as I lean over the sink, the hem riding halfway up the back of my thighs. But then I hope he is looking at me and that no doubt he is thinking what a shapely bottom I have – smaller and tauter than my mother’s. I get a hot surge in the pit of my stomach.

Dale says I should finish the wine – there’s only a glassful left in the bottle. I say no, I have to get going, but he insists and I say OK. I dry my hands and he brings it over. I check out the front of his shorts to see if there is a noticeable bulge and blush when I realise he has caught me looking.

He passes the glass, his fingers brushing against mine – a flash of electricity that jolts deep in my parts – and I take a gulp to dampen my dry mouth and try to regain my composure. Dale smiles, small eyes calculating, and tells me what a good looking woman I am, how he’s always admired me, how he’s told Gavin a dozen times what a lucky guy he is. He can see that I’ve got my mother’s sexy good looks and, he winks, probably her sexy love of life too. I’m not use to this kind of flirting and don’t have a quick rejoinder. He steps closer and puts a hand on my hip, lightly stroking. He tells me that he thinks I’m a real sexy chick and has long wanted to tell me what I do for him.

I can see where this is going but am powerless to stop it. His hand goes to my breast and he squeezes it oh so gently. More heat in my vagina. I am almost breathless in anticipation and when he leans forward, I let him kiss me, allowing his pulpy tongue into my mouth, his lips surprisingly soft on mine. I don’t respond at first, secretly enjoying his male taste and insisting probing. Then I hesitantly suck on it. His kiss is long and, what with the attention to my breasts, I am panting at the end of it. He pulls back, takes me by the shoulders and turns me around. He unzips my dress, pushes it from my shoulders and unclasps my bra. I shrug out of the garments and stand before him in just my briefs. He backs me up against the counter and bends his head to my breasts. He is very skilful – much more so than Gavin – and seems to know exactly what I like. In only a minute he has me moaning and holding the back of his head as his lips and tongue work over first one breast then the other. His hands have pushed down my panties and are kneading my buttocks. His groin is hard against me and I feel the lump in his pants.

He steps back and looks at me with those beady eyes. I smell his sweat and my arousal. My breasts feel hot and heavy. I have never felt so aroused and wanton. He tells me to turn around. I don’t move, daring him with my eyes. He grabs my shoulder, spins me around and lands a couple of sharp smacks on my backside. I brace myself against the counter and push my butt back. He gives me a dozen hard smacks. It makes my puss flood, something I’ve never imagined, and I am light headed with desire. He kisses the back of my neck then down my spine, his hands pushing my panties down to my knees and letting them fall to the floor. He is squatting behind me, his hands kneading my buttocks again. At his urging I shift my legs so they are wide apart. He gazes at my bummie and chuckles saying that he can see that Gavin has beaten him to it. He knew that I was an arse slut, just like my mother. I feel his tongue wash up and down my crack then probe at my pucker. I shiver and I realise that ever since my mother mentioned it, all I’ve wanted is for Dale to lick my butt. He is kissing and licking right on my anus and I can’t hold back a moan. He forces the fat organ against the muscle and I relax and moan again as it slides hotly into my bum. The only other intruder that has ever been up there is Gavin’s cock, and this feels much different – softer, gentler, hotter (or maybe that’s just his breath hard against me). I love it and gasp at him not to stop.

Dale tongue fucks, sucks, licks and kisses. His mouth is hot hot hot on my crinkle. The slight remaining soreness from this morning’s assault is soothed then disappears. One of his large fingers is rubbing up and down between my labia and I am clutching and massaging my breasts. He sits back and tells me I have a sweet hot arse. He then smacks my buttocks a couple of times with his hard hands, making me gasp and moan, then ducks his head back between my smarting cheeks. This time he doesn’t stop and what with the tongue work, his finger diddling my pussy and my hands on my breasts, I soon have a shuddering orgasm. He has to hold me up as I go all weak at the knees and it is a long moment before I am calm enough to stand on my own. He tells me he could eat my arse three times a day and the thought gives me a hot rush.

He stands and tugs his singlet over his head. His body is hairy and powerful, his heavy gut just adding to his maleness. He pulls me to him and kisses me, his lips hot and pulpy, my breasts crushed against his chest. His sweaty oily smell is incredibly arousing and I nuzzle his hairy chest and lick the salty flesh. He grabs a handful of my hair and guides my face to his armpit. For a couple of minutes I lick and suck, drinking down the sexy smell of this man.

He tells me I’m a slut and it’s time to get fucked. He tells me to pull down his shorts. I squat before him, hook my fingers into the waistband and tug them down together with his undies. His cock is like a bratwurst hanging potently below his belly, the glistening head just visible inside the foreskin. He doesn’t have to say anything – I just dip forward and take the satiny flesh between my lips. I rarely suck Gavin’s cock. It’s not something I’ve ever much enjoyed and usually resist when he hints that he wants a blow job. But now I just want to lick and taste this man flesh, draw in the musty sweaty scent of his pubic hair and revel in his masculinity. I probe under his foreskin, lap up some cheesy slime and suck on the bulbous head as it emerges from its hiding place. He has his hands in my hair and is saying suck it cunt. Normally I hate that kind of talk but now it just makes me hotter and I suck harder. Once hard, his cock is very big and it stretches my mouth almost painfully wide. Saliva is dribbling down my chin as I work back and forth on it. He tells me I am not much of a cock sucker and need to take lessons from my mum. He tells me to suck his balls. I take a fat orb in mouth, wanking his hefty cock with one hand, and at his direction roll it about and suck it. After I do each ball twice, he is satisfied and tells me to wait.

He goes through to the bedroom and returns a moment later with a battered tube of KY jelly in his hand, his cock swaying menacingly before him. I have a moment’s apprehension now that he is about to put that monster up my butt, but I am hot as hell and am reassured remembering that my mother said Dale always prepares her really well. I give him a lusty look and tell him to prepare me real well ‘cos I’ve never had anything near his size in me. I then turn away, bend at the waist and brace my hands on the edge of the counter. He chuckles and says don’t worry baby, he knows exactly what to do. Which is true. For the next five minutes he greases my anus, works one then two fingers in, stretches and rubs. All the while he is saying I am a sexy slutty cock-hungry bitch, and his other finger is working my puss keeping me so horny that I am continuously churning my thighs. He announces I am ready and spanks my cheeks a half dozen times before standing.

I look back and see that his cock has lost some of its brio. I go to my knees and take it back in my mouth, determined to show him that I do have some oral skills. He tugs my hair and forces as much of his meat into my mouth as I can take. He calls me a whore and I moan agreement. He is hard now and although I am hungry for it, he drags me off and pushes me towards the kitchen table, growling at me to bend over. I do so, my breasts pressing against the table cloth, and reach back to hold my buttocks apart. He is gazing at my brown eye, idly stroking his rampant cock. I clench my sphincter a couple of times making my anus wink and he growls again, saying I’m fucking asking for it. I nod in agreement and he steps forward, lodging that fat helmet against my greasy pucker. I wait for the forward push but he just holds it there and tells me how he’s going to fuck my arse better than my husband ever did, how he’s going to fuck me so long my arsehole won’t close over till tomorrow, how he’s going to shove his cock so far up my gut that I’ll be able to feel it under my rib cage, how he’s going to shoot his sperm so deep that I’ll be shitting it out for a week, and how he’s going to make me suck his cock clean afterwards. I’ve been squirming all during this and when he finally pushes forward I am about ready to beg for it.

Despite all the preparation, he is still a very tight fit. My sphincter is resistant but he applies steady pressure and it stretches and stretches then lets him in. I am hyperventilating and he pauses, gives another little push, pauses and pushes again. He is half in me and massages my buttocks then rocks back and forth a little. He must sense that I am doing OK ‘cos he puts a hand firmly in the small of my back and steadily drives the remaining half of that fat prick into my rectum. I expect him to pause but he doesn’t, pulling immediately back and then ploughing all the way in again, then again and again. It is incredibly sexy and I am moaning constantly. He lies down on top of me and bites my neck, rabbiting away in my arse. I push and heave back at him and he grunts in my ear that I’m a pig for it just like my mother. I tell him to fuck me hard, just like he fucks my mother. He chuckles, driving deep and lifting me onto my toes. I moan and feel an orgasm approaching. He says that my mother begs for it too and can’t get enough. He jags into me again and again. Sometimes, he continues, he brings a friend over and they fuck her near senseless with their big cocks. My orgasm hits like a train and I go into a shuddering fit. Dale laughs and slaps my flaming cheeks and thrusts away, causing the shudders to go on and on. I barely know what is happening. I have never had an orgasm like it and am stunned that it is caused by anal sex. Finally I go limp.

Dale stops fucking me and eases his cock out of my grasping rectum. I look back at him, hair across my eyes, chest heaving. With a grin he pulls me back off the table and pushes me to my knees on the linoleum floor. He wipes his rampant cock over my lips and I open and take the greasy organ into my mouth. It tastes more of KY than of my butt, and I quickly suck it clean. He holds my hair and face fucks me, telling me to suck all the arse butter off. He wants me to taste his arse too and turns round, pulls apart his fat hairy buttocks, revealing a dark crinkle surrounded by damp hair. I don’t hesitate. In fact I want to lick his bum.

As I clean his salty crack and tongue his shitter, he tells me what a complete anal slut I am. Then he pulls me up and sits me on the table. He steps up and slots his cock against my brownie again. I put my arms around his neck and as he pushes it back up my rectum, kiss him deeply. His heavy gut means he can’t get in all the way, so I lie back and put my legs up on his shoulders. He grins and fucks me with long strokes. The penetration is unbelievable and I am almost swooning. He diddles my clit and I start that climb towards orgasm again. When I am real close he leans forward and sucks a nipple hard, crimps it with his teeth. I cum and cum and cum. He is fucking me so hard the table is shaking. I pant and hold onto his forearms. He is sweating and tells me he is about to cum. I clench my sphincter and his eyes close, sweat dripping onto my slick belly. Suddenly he pulls all the way out and gasps at me to take him in my mouth. I go back on the floor on my knees, looking at the angry swaying club with a couple of light brown streaks along the shaft. He grunts as he slides that fat fucker back through my lips. It tastes more earthy this time. Bitter. I suck hard and work it with lips and tongue. He grunts yyaaarrrrgghhh and hot splashes of salty semen gush into my mouth. I swallow and suck. More grunts, more gushes. His cock is softening and I let it plop out of my mouth. It is still connected by a long strand of semen/saliva. I lap it up and suck away a couple more drops that form at the tip of the foreskin.

Dale is panting and wipes the sweat off his face and torso with a tea towel. I stand and he pulls me over for a warm kiss and asks if I’m OK. I snuggle against him and say yeah, but my bummy is smarting. He says if he’d known what a hot fuck I am he would have been coming over to see me real often. I wonder if that is what I want, watching him wipe his sweaty face with the tea towel again. I see that more drops of semen are gathered at his foreskin and go to my knees and clean that wonderful cock, thinking about fucking it a couple of times a week. I suck it and roll the balls. He laughs and says I’ve milked him dry. I look up at him and pout and he says he’s going to come visit me during his lunch break on Monday maybe Tuesday and to make sure I’m home.

On the way home, I marvel at what has happened. I can’t believe how much I loved being butt fucked and treated like a whore. Not just that, but I’ve never enjoyed fellatio before, and rarely allowed any of my lovers to cum in my mouth – let alone swallow semen. I also wonder that I don’t feel guilty for cheating on Gavin. I’ve never been unfaithful before, and never imagined it. But I do have a guilt flash at the thought of having screwed my mother’s lover, though I also feel something like triumph. Amazingly, I want more sex and touch my breasts as I drive. I know Gavin will likely be watching car racing on TV when I get in, and I wonder how best to seduce him…

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