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Zorro (2)

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Monica woke, a heavy throbbing pain in her head. She smiled to herself as she remembered the sex. Her pussy was pleasantly sore and she could feel the dried up cum caked between her thighs; she smiled and stretched her body. ‘God, that sex was incredible,’ she thought reaching for her husband. It was with a little disappointment that she discovered his side of the bed was empty.

She groaned as her head started throbbing in pain as she moved to a sitting position. Taking a few deep breaths she reached into the draw beside her bed, it was all she could do to pull out her skimpy, cotton robe. With a supreme effort she pulled it around her and loosely tied it round her waist. She was naked underneath. Wrapping her robe around her she stood, unsteadily at first as the pain in her head throbbed to a steady beat. Slowly, one foot after the other she started for the kitchen to meet Johnny. She was a little surprised not to find him in the kitchen. She stopped, tried to process the information as she saw the empty hook where his car keys would normally be. Bad things were starting to form in her mind and she was unaware of the first small trickle of left over sperm that trickled out of her pussy, a couple of drops dripping onto the floor. Then a feeling of uncertainty started to grow within her becoming a cold knot of fear as she increasingly rushed through room after room; all empty. Finally she burst into Nate’s room, it was empty, clean, the bed made, unslept in. She slowly started to turn, hot tears forming behind her eyes and she was conscious of her hands starting to tremble as a sense of numbing disbelief overcame her.

She retraced her steps, slowly going from room to room again, checking, making certain, but when she got back to her bedroom the Zorro uniform hanging where she had put it for Johnny yesterday mocked her.

‘Oh god,’ she cried to herself, tears streaming down her cheeks as the realisation that she had given herself to someone, and she didn’t even know who. As if in a trance she staggered to the kitchen looking for something, any sort of clue as to what happened.

‘Christ, I should have known,’ she thought, ‘how could I not have known. He was so much bigger, thicker, longer, harder … I told him so, felt it before he fucked me. How could I not know? Oh my god, what am I going to do?’

She wiped her eyes then suddenly felt a wave of panic as she heard her phone ring.

Cautiously she answered. It felt like her heart stopped beating as she heard Johnny. ‘Hi babe, sorry I missed the party, it just couldn’t be helped but we are still delayed, hopefully we will be home in the afternoon. How did the party go?’ he asked.

She almost choked. ‘Yeah, fine baby, fine. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves,’ she said in a halting voice. ‘Yeah, and someone really enjoyed himself,’ she thought, mortified. She struggled to maintain her composure and almost collapsed with relief when he had to go.

Then her mind started to go into overdrive. ‘Someone knows,’ she thought. ‘Someone who knows me fucked me. I’m going to walk past him, going to speak to him, maybe even give him a friendly hug … and he’s going to know. And she broke down sobbing again. ‘Oh god, what have I done?’ she sobbed and the pain behind her eyes became murderous.

‘Fuck,’ she cried out in alarm as she heard a car door slam.

Nate was on tenterhooks as he moved towards the front door. ‘Keep calm, don’t argue, just admit you’ve done the wrong thing, remorse…be remorseful…yeah, but it was so fucking good. Oh god I’m in deep shit.’

Monica had a pain in her chest and her head was throbbing as she heard the front door open and close.

She staggered to the sink then it was all too much. She felt the contractions grip her stomach and she leant over the sink and vomited. For the next minute she was incapable of doing anything more than simply clinging to the sink shaking with emotion, crying and vomiting.

And that was the sight that greeted Nate as he nervously entered the kitchen. For a moment she glanced at him then groaned as her stomach heaved again and she vomited into the sink oblivious to anything else.

Nate was dumbstruck. He simply stood and watched, nervous, uncertain, still expecting a tirade. Then his eyes widened in shock and he could feel the rush of blood to his cock as he saw his mother’s naked ass and pussy. He straightened his hardening cock as he noticed the small trail of cum dripping down her legs and the drops on the floor. He couldn’t contain the erotic thoughts as he watched her.

In time Monica rinsed the sink clean, splashed her face with cold water and regained a tenuous semblance of control. Albeit, her stomach continued to flutter with mild contractions.

She looked terrible. Her body language screamed that she was emotionally broken. Shoulders slumped, eyes red and swollen, her hair a mess, tussled, un-combed which gave her an erotic spread in bed look, and he could see her fighting back tears.

‘Where have you been?’ she spat. The words came out bitter, much sharper than she intended.

In an instant he knew, with absolute certainty he knew, knew that he was free. Instead of putting two and two together to make four she had subtracted two from two to make nothing. She didn’t know it was him who had fucked her last night; had no idea. In a nano-second he went from fear to arousal. He was in control, confident.

‘Hi mom,’ he said cheerily, unable to suppress the smile on his face. His eyes roamed over her body. Her robe, all but undone hanging loosely, her breasts virtually open to his lusty gaze. He could feel the blood flowing to his cock as he ogled her body. He looked at her long legs and his mind went back to last night when he lay between those legs, his cock thrusting into her willing cunt.

‘I’ve been with Erica, just dropped her off at her place,’ he said trying to control his rapidly growing erection. He quickly moved to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

‘Mom, don’t take this the wrong way but you look terrible. You must have had too much to drink last night. Why don’t you go and lay down, get some sleep, I will clean everything up for you.’

As he held her she subconsciously noted his perfume, and while there was no conscious thought her subconscious noted that it was a different smell to that worn by Zorro.

‘Um,’ he said noticing a black purse and shawl. ‘Who owns this?’ he asked picking the purse up.

‘Oh, that’s Abby’s,’ Monica said recognising the purse.

‘I might drop it off to her when you lay down,’ he said, as his body started to tingle. ‘I know what it feels like when you think you have lost your wallet or purse. I’m sure she will be pleased to get it back.’

Monica couldn’t believe what was happening. The throbbing in her head took another quantum leap as last night’s conversation went through her mind. She was numb as she allowed him to put his arm around her waist and lead her back to her bed.

Nate cleaned the house as quickly as he could. His body was on fire with anticipation as he finished the work. He quickly showered and dressed in loose clothing. His mind was in overdrive as he went over and over last night’s conversation. He was still uncertain as he picked up Abby’s purse and shawl. He took a deep breath as he closed the door behind him.

It was only a few blocks up the street. His stomach was churning with nerves as he drove to Abby’s house. His legs felt numb and leaden. He could feel his heart pounding as he stood for some moments at Abby’s front door. Praying he knocked on her door. He almost wet himself with nerves as he heard the lock being undone. Then she appeared in the doorway.

Initially she had a look of surprise then her face broke out into a warm smile as she recognised him. His cock twitched and his stomach lurched as he looked at her. Her long, blond hair was pulled back in a severe pony tail. She had no makeup on but for him that only seemed to accentuate her natural beauty. The blue eyes, straight nose and lips that always seemed to be smiling. She had a loose T shirt, her full breasts prominent under the soft material and hip hugging short shorts which showed off her shapely legs.

‘Nate, what a pleasant surprise, what can I do for you?’ she asked in a sing song voice. As always, the smile and tone suggestive.

‘I, ah, you left your purse last night. I didn’t want you to panic when you went looking for it.’

‘How nice, how thoughtful. It’s just like you. Come in, come in, I’m just making a cup of coffee. I’ll make one for you too,’ she said smiling as she pushed the door open for him.

Nate’s eyes were glued to erotic sway of her ass as she led him to the kitchen.

‘It’s your mom’s fault, she made me drink too much,’ Abby said laughing.

‘God, I must look terrible. I’ve got no makeup on and my clothes,’ she said giving her T shirt a tug, just my drab bloody house clothes,’ she said smiling as she turned the kettle on.

‘With due respect, you can dress up, you can dress down, you can go with makeup on or go without, but in reality you can enhance but not hide the fact that you are a very beautiful woman,’ he said in a calm considered tone.

‘Awww, that’s a nice thing to say,’ she said and he could see her emotion as she choked on the words. Her face went pink and she took a couple of deep breaths. She started to fan herself. Oh god, I think I’m going to cry,’ she said haltingly. ‘Shit, I am going to cry,’ she said as she turned away from him. ‘You must think I’m stupid,’ she said as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue trying to compose herself. ‘God, how embarrassing.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with people showing their emotions. But look, if it’s the clothes that worry you… well,’ he said as he lifted his eyebrows and gave her a full smile. ‘If you’re concerned about your clothes at all then I won’t complain if you want to take them off. Anything to help,’

She turned fully towards him and put a hand on her hip. ‘Yeah, that would be right wouldn’t it. You guys … just a one track mind,’ she said with feigned exasperation but loving the friendly intimacy of their interaction. Then she started to laugh. ‘You’re just trying to make me laugh aren’t you?’ and she gave a deep belly laugh.

‘There you go, another bad rap for us guys. Sooo, if guys have a one track mind, what do women think of then?’

Abby paused, she tilted her head, her lips curled in a smile. ‘Secret women’s business,’ she said with a chuckle. Then wagged a finger at him in admonishment. ‘And you my boy are far too young to be asking that sort of astute question of a lady,’

Abby gave a long sigh. ‘Ahh, bear with me,’ she muttered. ‘I need a couple of pain killers. Your mom’s fault again for feeding me with alcohol,’ she said as she popped a couple of pills into her mouth.

‘I think mom is suffering from the same infliction,’ he said.

‘Good, the bitch deserves it,’ she said and they both laughed.

‘Seriously, I can give you a massage. That will help relieve the stress. Now you can have the short neck and shoulder massage, good but only half a job. Or, for you, the full service massage, guaranteed to cure pain, stress, muscle aches, alcohol poisoning, reflux, bile and …’

Abby burst out laughing. ‘Oh god,’ she said and clutched her head. ‘Do you know how much that hurts?’ Then she turned and faced him. ‘Are you sure you weren’t a snake oil salesman in a previous life?’ Abby’s mind exploded with thoughts and emotions. She knew her next response could take them down a path of no return; of innocence lost. Dreams were now on the cusp of reality. She felt a cold fist of nerves squeeze her heart but she knew what she wanted. ‘I’m going to hold you to your promise, so let’s see if you are as good as you say you are.’ Abby batted her eyelids at him. ‘Where do you want me?’ she asked with mock innocence.

For Nate, time stood still. He could feel every nerve ending in his body tingling. Without thinking he responded ‘I think I would like to do it on your bed,’ he said almost choking with nerves; suddenly uncertain.

Abby took him by the hand. ‘I’m sure you would,’ she said smiling. As they went through the door to her bedroom she stopped. ‘You know, apart from my father, who is different for obvious reasons, you are only the second man that has been alone with me in this room,’ she said looking him in the eye.

‘Which means that apart from your father, for obvious reasons, no other man who has been in this room with you cares for you as much as I do; none,’ he said without a moment’s pause.

He watched in delight as he saw the smile slowly spread across her face as their eyes met. ‘Right answer,’ she said and lay down on the bed.

‘You can close your eyes if you like, we are going to be here for some time,’ he said. ‘I’m going to start on your feet and work my way up your body.’

With that he started with her toes, taking his time manipulating each one.

‘Oh that’s so nice,’ she cooed as he worked on her feet. She was in a semi trance as he slowly worked his way up every inch of her feet and legs. The silence only broken by her sighs of pleasure. In her dreamlike state she was conscious of him getting closer to her pussy and she knew she was hot and wet. She spread her legs wider for him as he massaged her thighs and willed him to touch her, but he rolled her over onto her front and gently massaged her ass and back.

It was all she could do to stay awake as her worked the muscles of her back and neck, and she was in heaven as he massaged her scalp. She had a feeling of disappointment as he rolled her on her back, asked her to close her eyes and gently worked the top of her eye socket. She was not conscious of time, perhaps an hour or more but she felt relaxed; good, and her headache gone. The only ache was in her dripping pussy but she knew how almost impossible it would be for him to touch her … and she had given her word to his parents.

As she lay on her back she felt him lean over her, then felt his breath on her face as he pushed close. Her heart sang with joy as she felt his lips gently touch hers. Her only movement was to kiss him back as his tongue pushed into her mouth. He seemed in no hurry as they kissed and she started to think that was all he would do when she felt him stir. His hand slipped under the hem of her Tee shirt and she moaned softly as he cupped and fondled her breasts. He was still in no hurry and he spent long minutes exploring the feel of her breasts, rolling her nipples through his fingers and sucking and playing with the tight buds.

Then she felt his hand slide down to her shorts. She kept her eyes closed as he undid the buttons and eagerly lifted her ass as he removed her shorts. He quickly stripped and she opened her legs for him.

She was beautiful and Nate took a moment to gaze at her.

Abby let out a surprised moan of pleasure as Nate dropped his head between her thighs, slowly licking the length of her cunt with the flat of his tongue.

‘Oh, I’ve never had oral sex before, it’s beautiful,’ she cooed as he sucked and licked her pussy lips. She moaned and lifted her hips as he thrust his tongue deep inside her, swirling the tip as much as he could. He took his time, working off her arousal as he ran his tongue through her slit; poked, flicked, sucked her clit until she was moaning continuously with pleasure. He could feel her pussy lips open with desire.

‘I’m going to cum. Nate, oh Christ, I’m burning, I’m going to cummmm Nate, yeah, yeah, yeah, iiiiiimmmm cummmmminnngggg, ahhh fuuuuck.’ She reached down and grabbed Nates head, pulling his face frantically into her cunt, her hips bucking in uncontrolled passion as wave after wave of pleasure tore through her heaving body.

When she calmed he moved over her and gently put the head of his cock between the swollen lips of her cunt. He kissed her as he gently worked the length inside her body then started to fuck her with long, slow, steady strokes.

It was only minutes before Abby started to become aroused again. At first it was just a small moan, then more consistent.

‘I’m going to cum again Nate,’ she whispered into his ear as she ground her pubic bone into the base of his cock. ‘More, more, oh god it’s beautiful, so beautiful…oh fuck me Nate, fuuuuuckk meee,’ she cried as another orgasm filled her with pleasure.

Abby pushed back against Nate’s thrusts until she felt his pace quicken. She clamped her cunt around his cock as she felt his balls fill her cunt with his sperm until finally he lowered himself onto her; spent. She was surprised and pleased that he didn’t immediately roll off her as her ex generally did. He kissed her, ran his fingers over her lips, eyes and breasts as they slowly came down from their piece of heaven.

He chuckled. ‘Well…I did promise a full service,’ he said looking for some response.

Abby pulled him to her and kissed him. ‘You did, and did it so beautifully,’ she said. ‘And it’s open to you any time you want; no obligations, no strings attached. Anywhere, anytime, day or night, just call. Ok?’

‘Ok,’ he laughed. ‘I’ve had the hots for you for ages. I’m going to fuck the ass of you, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.’

As Nate slipped his cock back into Abby’s cunt Monica slowly woke. She was depressed and had another burst of tears. Dragging herself out of bed she turned the shower on full and hot.

As Monica let the hot water cascade over her, Abby was begging her son to let her cum as he rode her long and hard until she dug her finger nails into his back as he pumped another load of cum into her body.

Nate had tidied everything, the house was immaculate. Monica picked up a note he left for her: I’ve tidied the house, dropped off Abby’s stuff and taken the uniforms to the dry cleaners – even though one didn’t get used – I knew you would do that anyway. Meeting some of the guys at the shops. Lots of love. Nate.

Monica was struggling with the reality of what had happened as she made herself a cup of coffee. ‘I should tell someone,’ she thought. ‘I need to tell someone. I can’t tell Johnny he…well he just wouldn’t understand what this is doing to me, what about Nate…can I tell Nate? Is he the only person I can tell?’

Then Monica started to rationalise, to think logically. ‘Ok, when he came in what could he see?’ she thought, then her body sagged. ‘What could he see? What couldn’t he see. Christ, I was bent over the sink. My robe was half way up my back my ass was bare, my legs were spread; he couldn’t get a better view of my cunt. And Zorro’s sperm was literally dripping down the inside of my thighs. He must have seen it. Even if he didn’t some must have dripped onto the floor. Surely he would have known what it was as he cleaned up,’ she thought as she tipped her head back and took a couple of deep breaths.

Nate kissed Abby goodbye. ‘What a fucking weekend,’ he thought. As he pulled into the drive he thought about what he had done. He loved his mother. ‘Fuck, I’m not going to tell her but…’ He thought, to ease his conscience ‘I guess if she was to ever come out and confide in me, tell me what happened, then I will confess that it was me. Yeah, if she takes the first step then I will meet her half way. That’s fair, we were both in it together. And if she does…well what chance a repeat?’ he thought smiling/

Monica heard the car door close.

‘He’s home,’ she thought as a wave of panic gripped her. ‘He must know, must suspect something, he knows what sperm is. I’ve got to tell him, oh god he’s my son how can I? I can’t, I can, I will, oh fuck,’

She heard the front door open and shut. She could feel her heart pumping rapidly, her breathing constricted.

Then he was there, in front of her, cocky, smiling. ‘Hi mom feeling better?’ He walked to her and took her in his arms giving her a warm hug.

She was trembling, her eyes flicked to his then she quickly averted her gaze. She took a sip of coffee as she tried to work up the courage to speak.

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