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Two Weeks of Love Ch. 02

Category: Incest
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Jake’s mother had just begun rubbing her sons cock through his shorts, which were now tented by his 8 inch member. Jake and his mother locked eyes for a brief moment before Jake winced with pleasure. Breaking the silence with a moan, Jake finally said:

“Don’t stop Mom…”

And she didn’t stop. Without saying a word she kept running her hand up and down his dick through his shorts. Jake began breathing heavy and moaning lightly. Her hand paced up and down slowly. He moaned still and began bucking his hips and matched his mother’s strokes. Her left hand was still placed in her black leggings and she continued massaging her clit.

” Mom, I’ve been wanting you to do this for so long now…”

She wished he hadn’t said that, and so did Jake. In that moment she was filled with regret and almost disgust. She let go of his cock and looked away from him.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Why’d you stop?”

“Jake..” She choked, “I shouldn’t have done that. No, that’s so wrong, what’s wrong with me!?”

“Hey, don’t worry, you don’t see me protesting!”

“Aren’t you disgusted, I’m your mother and I’ve just done something a mom should never do. What am I doing?” She said fighting tears.

” Mom, I want this, don’t worry!”

“No, this is wrong. What I did was wrong. Please, please don’t tell your father.” She begged.

“No, of course I won’t. But Mom, I really want this. I know it’s wrong, and completely fucked up. That only makes me want it more. Call me perverse, call me demented, but since I was started liking girls I’ve wanted you.”

Jake reached over and grabbed his mother’s wrist and moved it over to his cock again and placed her hand on top of it. She at first moved her hand away, but started rubbing again. And she continued as she had done, but started talking while jerking her son off.

“This is wrong. We’re both betraying your father…” she argued.

“And where is he? Mom, dad’s a great man, who I respect, but where is he?”

She understood her son’s point and kept stroking his pole. She kept reasoning with herself and knew his point was well made. Jake started breathing heavily again. He obviously wanted it, but if his mom kept protesting he would stop. But he also knew he had her on the ropes.

“I’m jerking my son off. I’m a failure as a mother.”

“Mom, stop, you’re not a failure. You’re a great woman, this is your reward. Treat yourself once in a while. It’s taboo, forbidden, doesn’t that make you excited?”

It did, it did make her excited she thought. She smiled for a second with glazed over eyes. Jake looked at her and smiled. He grabbed her chin and motioned her head over to him. She was amazed, for a kid who had only been 18 a few days, he was surprisingly mature. She was proud of him.

“You’re a good kid. A little perverted, but a good kid.”

” A little perverted? My mother is jacking me off-” He was interrupted by his own grunt,”-on the couch. I think we’re both a little more than perverted.”

“Still,” She smiled, quickening her movements.

“Pleasure is a two way street.” He said, “I’m here to pleasure you too.”

Jack reached down and pulled his shorts down a little. He lifted his bottom and pulled the shorts down to his knees. There was his 8 inch cock, unimpeded by clothing. A testament to pleasure, Jake was proud of his size. And though he’d never so much as had a hand job from a girl, he prepared to go all the way with his mom. Amanda was in amazement at the size of her son’s cock. He was at least an inch or two over his father, and rippled with veins. He was clean shaven and his smooth balls sat at the bottom of his cock, rising slightly up and down with her jerking.

“This feels really good, Mom, thanks. My first hand job.” He said proudly

“I’m giving my son his first hand job…” She said aloud. ” Wow. How am I doing?”

“Can’t really go wrong with– a handjob.” He partway chuckled through a grunt.

“Are you getting close to… um…” She asked trailing off, ashamed to say those words.

“Cumming? Yeah, really close– Mom! At that moment his cock pulsed and a shot of cum shot upwards then arched down, landing on her hand, followed by another and another and another.

For almost 15 seconds he kept cumming. It was a powerful orgasm that rippled his body with pleasure. He lasted only about 4 minutes, that being his first time being touched by a woman. After all was said and done and his cock was drained of cum, there was quite a mess. Some had landed on his hips, and his shirt, while some had landed on her wrist and her hips. Jake leaned back on the couch and breathed heavily, his heart still racing. He felt spent and took a moment to process what had just happened. His mental checklist was scanned over. He had successfully seduced his own mother. And she was no worse for wear.

Amanda had no idea if this was reality or some dream. She was light headed and couldn’t fully grasp what had happened. As far as it seemed, she had simply let go of inhibition and listened to her son’s perverse reasoning. Her hand was still holding Jake’s limp dick, covered in cum. She sat there staring at it, the white gobs of cum pooling at the top of her fist and trailing down to her wrist. She let go and webs of cum connected her hand to his dick. They snapped away as she brought her hand to her face. The smell was musky, but contained a bit of sweetness. Jake opened his eyes in time to witness what his mom was doing. She let the cum slip and gather on her finger tip. She took the finger into her mouth and began sucking the cum off her finger. When she pulled her finger out it was gleaming, and absent of his cum. She then licked the rest of her hand clean. Jake went nuts. Before this moment , his mom was a simple soccer mom, driving him to school and to the mall. She went to church every Sunday and went to her book club every Thursday. This was something he might have never seen if he hadn’t enacted his plan. His mom was lustful and full of deep dark desires. A woman who voluntarily drank the cum of her own son. He smiled at her and grew instantly hard again.

Amanda looked at her son and gave him a worried smile. Then she looked down and saw his cock fully erect.

“Wow, back up already…” She said in amazement.

“Part of being a teenager .” He laughed.

“Jake, listen: what happened was wrong. I don’t need to explain why, I gave birth to you baby. I just need you to understand that it was wrong.”

“I know, I know.” he chided.” So… are we done?”

“Jake…” She began, trying to lead into a let down.

“Mom, we’ve already crossed a path we can’t ever go back from. The nature of our family has changed now, forever. I don’t think we need to feel bad. When dad’s here, you’re all his, I won’t impede. But right here, right now; he’s gone, and I don’t plan on telling. I say let’s go for it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I want to have sex with you…”

“Jake! Really now!”

“Mom, you just jerked me off, and gave your son his first hand job. What’s worse than that?”

She understood his good reasoning once again. She loved her husband and would never sleep with some random man off the streets, but she was strung out, longing for something that wasn’t run on batteries. Her son was there, and her son still acknowledged his father as a great man, whom he loved as well. She accepted his offer with reluctance. And she never wanted to forget that what they were doing was wrong, and she’d keep telling herself that and voicing that fact every time she and Jake got intimate.

“Okay. I’m in.” She smiled.

“If we’re gonna be fucked up, let’s at least be fucked up together.”

She laughed at his joke, “So what now?”

“I’ve never had a blowjob…” he said, suggesting something in a coy way.

“Really? Not even from Karen?”

“Karen is a virgin too, she said she’s kinda scared of all that.”

“And you’re a virgin? I’d be taking my son’s virginity…Wow, this is heavy.”

The whole situation seemed less drastic and was lightened by their humor. She wanted to know more.

“Don’t you love Karen?” She asked

“More than anything. And I do feel bad. But this is different, we’re family. I’d never have sex with some other girl from school.”

“Aw, you’re a good kid.”

“And you’re a good mom, Mom. So?”

“So?” she repeated after him.

“Will you… um, suck my.. ya know?” he asked, his embarrassment now unabashed.

“Suck your dick?” She finished for him. “Okay.” She slightly stammered, ” You’re probably going to cum really quick.”

“What, because I’m an inexperienced teen?”

“No, because I suck really hard.”

And with that she leaned over to her right. Jake’s legs were off the edge of the sofa and his mom sat to his left, one leg curled up under her on the couch and the other with her foot planted firmly on the floor. She bent down faced her son’s dick. There it was, still slightly shining from the layer of cum that he had just spattered out. She stared for a moment, almost as if she’d forgotten how to do this. This may not have been her first time giving head, but it was her first time doing so with a family member, let alone her own son.

A moment before Jake asked what was taking her so long she slipped her tongue out gingerly and gave his head a fast and sharp lick. Jake felt a sharp jolt in his cock that rang through to his head. He arched his back for a moment and let out a small moan.

“Wow kiddo, you’re so sensitive.”

“Kinda my first blow job, remember?”

She smiled and took that as her queue.

She placed her closed lips at the tip of his dick. Jake watched eagerly, like an audience member watching a magician complete an illusion. She slowly parted her lips while descending the head of Jake’s dick. He sat there, amazed at what was happening. The hand job had been one thing, but this was an entirely new experience for more than one reason. Her mouth was now fully around the head, and she began to whip her tongue around over the tip with a good amount of pressure. Jake felt waves resonate through his dick throughout his body, causing him to arch his head back and push his hips up. Amanda proceeded to suck, putting a fair amount of suction on the tip of her son’s dick. As Jake moaned Amanda blindsided him by moving farther down his dick, she was now at around 4 inches and had half of her son’s cock into her mouth. His tip was not playfully trying to make contact with her uvula, but she wasn’t ready to let her son go deep yet. She paused there and motioned her tongue wildly on the underside of his dick, massaging the gathering of nerves on the bottom. the combination of the suction and the massaging from his mom’s tongue drove him crazy.

He felt a pressure build up, he was on the verge of violently expelling his cum into his mom’s throat. But he couldn’t let it end so quickly, no, he had worked too hard for this. He flexed his PC muscle and clenched. The sensation subsided and his concentration grew. Just them Amanda moved back up his cock almost pulling out completely, but then quickly sucked back down the other 4 inches. It was there that it became a real blowjob. Jake’s mom began moving up and down, up and down on his dick while still maintaining an insane amount of suction. Jake couldn’t fathom the pleasure. Wave after invisible wave of pleasure rocked through him. He grasped the couch tightly, curling his toes.

“Ohhhh, God. Mom, holy shit!”

She elicited no response and instead answered by swallowing all 8 inches of his dick instantly. It rocketed past the back of her tongue and traveled a few inches down her throat. IN an instant Jake’s cock was surrounded by the warm, pulsating flesh of his mother’s mouth. He was aware that this was no normal blow job. Even if Karen had ever given him head, it couldn’t have matched this pleasure. For this was no normal blow job, it was one born of incest. It was a forbidden trade of pleasure between a mother and the son she gave birth to, sharing the same DNA. Jake’s body was euphoric, all emanating from the amazing job his mom was doing performing oral on her son. A few minutes passed, much longer than she had anticipated. Minutes of her head rocketing up and down, alternating between slow and fast and violent strokes with her throat. Then it peaked. Jake was no longer able to simply clench and hold back his cum. This was it. He held, until one suck, two suck– He exploded.

The feeling was more intense and pleasurable than anything he had ever experienced. A thousand times better than any masturbation session he’d ever had and made the makeout sessions with Karen seem like nothing more than childish stares from across the room. He arched, more tensely than he had been intermittently during the sucking itself.

“Aghhhh!” he let out, as the moment broke him.

Amanda felt as rope after rope, after rope erupted from the tip of his cock. Each strand hit the back of her throat with a surprising amount of force. All the while Amanda had both hands on Jake, holding him down almost as if her sucking the life out of his dick would make him float off into space. For a good 15 seconds he continued to cum. His mother had given many a blow job to her husband so she was used to taking cum, but this amount immensely more than he had ever released into her.

For what seemed like ages couldn’t move his body as he surged with pleasure. Then after a few moments, the waves faded out, with the occasional rubbing of his mom’s throat against his cock’s head. Amanda coughed a bit, but didn’t swallow. Jake laid there, recuperating from his orgasm. His mother pulled off the now flaccid dick with her lips closed after leaving it completely. His dick glistened with her spit and mucus and a bit of his own cum. Amanda stared at Jake, a mouth full of his cum. Jake glanced out of his nearly closed eyes that she was trying to get his attention. Jake lifted his head up and looked at her. Amanda’s cheeks were puffed and she tried her best at a smile. With Jake’s attention now on her she opened her mouth and revealed his load. Her mouth resembled a spiders nest, webs of cum stretching from corner to corner, all leading back to a large pool of his semen gathered at the back of her mouth. Jake smiled and let out a small effortless chuckle. After a bit of gloating at her reward, Amanda closed her mouth , tilted her head down and forced the load down her throat. There was silence, and her eyes winced slightly, and a large gulping noise could be heard. She reopened her mouth again and revealed the cavern of cum to be gone, the collection of his sperm was now contained within his own mother’s stomach.

“Mom,” Jake said before taking a long pause while breathing, “That was the best thing anyone’s ever done to me. Wow.”

“Haha, I told you. You lasted pretty long for a High Schooler.”

“Woah, woah, I’m 18 now remember?”

“Wow, barely 18.” Her eyes returned to the look she was giving Jake while she was still protesting.

“Mom…” he tried consoling.

“No. I know what I did. I know it was wrong , but I did it. No turning back.” She was still trying to reason with it. Because while pleasure afforded them the ability to ignore their morals and give in to their carnal desires, they still had no choice but to return to the reality of what had just happened. Yes; the oral pleasure was amazing, and yes, Amanda loved her son and respected him greatly. But she also knew that she had robbed him of a normal, healthy relationship with his mom. No, their lives would now be more convoluted and complicated. But she was glad, because although their new relationship was different, no one could say they weren’t any happier.

“Mom…” Jake murmured, once again breaking the silence.

“It’s fine. I’m okay. Now tell me: How was it?”

“I don’t think the English language contains enough words to describe that. It was like a warm, hot vacuum. Thanks mom, really. Good job.”

“Thanks sweetie. You don’t stay married as long as I have without knowing a thing or two about pleasing a man.”

“Maybe, I could possibly return the favor…?”

“Have you ever even licked a girl…down there?” She asked, her voice spiked with a bit of embarrassment .

“No, but dad’s away for a whole two weeks. I think you could teach me, mother.

The End Of Chapter 2

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