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Inside Job

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Deanna had been working at the Hair Palace for nearly two years now. The 21-year-old had been cutting and styling hair since she graduated high school three years ago and was good at her job. It didn’t hurt that men often requested her for their haircuts because of her looks. She was short, standing only 5’4″, but very attractive and with a hot body. Her firm 34C breast looked larger on her smaller frame, and she knew how to dress to show them off. The rest of her body was just as nice; especially her teardrop shaped ass.

And she could make men get lost while gazing into her deep blue eyes. If only she could settle on one hairstyle or color. Deanna would often change both on a whim and currently sported blond hair that was worn puffed out in what would almost be considered an 80’s fashion, but looked good on her, as did almost any style.

Deanna was cleaning her combs and feeling a bit nervous as she looked at Andrea, the assistant manager who was at the register with what would likely be the last customer of the evening.

The 23-year-old Andrea was the only girl in the shop who rivaled Deanna in the looks department. She was taller, standing 5’8″ and had a cute face with blue eyes and short blond hair. Her face was not as attractive as Deanna’s, but Andrea had a very 36C, 24, 36 body with long shapely legs. She was also very tan and her eyes were large and seductive.

Deanna didn’t like Andrea. In truth she really didn’t get along well with any of the girls she worked with, but she considered Andrea a rival for a variety of reasons. One, she was her equal in both cutting hair and looks. And more importantly, Andrea had beaten her out for the assistant manager position. Both had started working there at the same time but Andrea had been selected for the job two months ago when the last assistant moved on. Deanna was convinced that it was because Andrea had fucked the manager’s brother and he had helped her get the position.

Andrea was a free and easy girl, and went through men fairly often. So there might be some truth to Deanna’s beliefs, especially since Andrea had dated the manager’s brother around that same time.

Deanna wasn’t a prude, and didn’t really have anything against Andrea’s sex life. But she did not think it fair if Andrea beat her out because she enjoyed spreading her legs. Deanna enjoyed sex as well. But she was a woman who enjoyed control even more. She had built up quite a reputation for being a prick tease, often leading men on with unspoken promises of sex only to rebuff them when the time came. Deanna had sex with a few men, but mostly she just strung them along until she tired of them without ever giving them the satisfaction of getting into her pants.

There were two other girls working tonight, Kim and Sandra. Kim was 30 years old and married. She was attractive, but not nearly as attractive as Deanna and Andrea, her body showing the effects of giving birth to three children in a six year period, her youngest being 2. But even so she still could attract men, though she had no desire to do so being happily married.

Sandra was 20 and on the pudgy side. Her face was the prettiest of all of the girls in the shop, and even carrying a few extra pounds she was still a decent looking girl. She was also very fun and acted sexy, so she did not find it too difficult to get dates. One reason for this, Deanna knew, was that Sandra absolutely enjoyed performing oral sex on a guy. From her bragging Deanna knew that she had given head to at least six different men during the past month. Deanna guessed that despite her pudginess, men probably enjoyed the view of fucking Sandra’s pretty face.

Deanna watched nervously as the last customer left and Andrea locked the door behind him. She then began running the totals on the register while the other girls busied themselves cleaning up the shop.

Today had been a busy day. The manager was on vacation leaving Andrea in charge on what was anticipated to be a busy weekend, especially with two local high schools having their proms this weekend. To make matters worse, the credit card system crashed the night before and Andrea was told that no one could come out to fix it until the following day. Which meant that the Hair Palace had no ability to accept credit cards today. Andrea had decided to post a sign on the door and register informing customers that they would have to pay by cash or check only. Fortunately the stores on both sides of the salon had ATM machines so most customers were more than willing to go get the cash they would need to pay. The good news for the girls was that since the machines only dispensed twenties, they almost always received a $5.00 tip for each $15.00 haircut they provided today. The same was true for the more expensive colorings, perms and sets.

Deanna knew had been working the night before when the system crashed. She had called Andrea at home to tell her about it and was told that Andrea would take care of it in the morning. Andrea was busy and did not come in to unlock the safe for anyone to make their nightly drop at the bank. So when Deanna came by the shop that morning and learned that they were going to have to accept cash only she realized that by the end of the night the safe might very well contain a good three thousand dollars cash.

With that anticipated, Deanna had come up with a scheme before going back to work. She was desperate for money, needing a couple hundred dollars to make her car payment or else have it repossessed, and being behind on a couple other bills as well. Once she had learned that they would be dealing with mostly cash she had come up with a plan to get the money she needed.

Deanna called and old friend named Ronny. She knew that Ronny was someone who was not above doing something illegal. She also knew that Ronny had seen Andrea before and had the hots for her, as he once had for Deanna. She explained the money situation with him and he agreed to help. Ronny told her that he could get a couple friends and they planned a way to rob the salon that night. Deanna did make one condition; she wanted Ronny to rape Andrea in front of them all. Ronny had no problem with this and readily agreed.

For Deanna this would be a threefold benefit. First, she would get the money she needed to catch up on her finances. Second, she would get to watch Andrea get totally humiliated by being raped in front of her coworkers. And third, Andrea would likely lose her position as assistant manager for not coming in the night before and emptying the safe, or doing so at midday, so that there would not be so much cash on hand.

It was getting close to time to leave and Deanna was getting more fidgety by the minute. She watched as Andrea packed all the cash into two moneybags to take to the night deposit box at the bank. As planned, they girls would leave out of the back door together and ride over to the bank in two cars.

“Looks like you barely got those bags closed.” Sandra commented to Andrea while sweeping the floor.

“There is over $3200 dollars in cash alone in here.” Andrea replied.

Deanna smiled, trying to hide her jitters. $3200 in cash, plus each of the girls probably had between $50 to $75 dollars in tips on them. Something she had made sure to tell Ronny to remember.

“Let’s take the trash out to the dumpster and get to the bank.” Andrea said.

The went into the back room with Deanna and Sandra carrying the two small black trash bags, filled mostly with hair swept up from the floor, and Andrea carrying both moneybags and the keys to the shop. Kim opened the rear door and let out a scream as several masked men forced the door the rest of the way open and pushed their way inside, slamming the door behind them.

“Shut the fuck up!” The first one, whose voice Deanna recognized as Ronny’s, shouted as six men, all wearing plastic masks and black jeans and tee shirts and vinyl gloves, grabbed the four girls. Deanna was pissed at Ronny already. She had known that he was going to need to bring a couple guys with him. But he had brought five. That meant that they were now going to have to split the money seven ways. While she would still have enough to cover her bills, it was not what she had hoped for.

“Tie those bitches up.” Ronny ordered as he pinned Andrea against the wall.

The other five men forced Deanna, Kim and Sandra into three chairs in the back room and then tied their hands and feet to the chairs.

“Give me that money.” Ronny demanded, taking the two bags from Andrea’s grasp. “You guys go through their purses while I make this bitch go out and get the starter bank for tomorrow’s shift.

Deanna almost smiled. She had not thought of the $150 dollars in cash and change that would be used to open the shop the following day. She had to give Ronny credit for that.

The four of the men rifled through the four purses that had been dropped by each girl, removing them of all cash found and stuffing it into a trash bag from a box on the shelf while the fifth shuffled through Andrea’s keys until he found the ones that unlocked the moneybags and emptied them of the cash only, putting it into one large bundle before placing it into the plastic bag with the other money.

By the time they had finished Ronny returned with Andrea handing the money from the starter drawer to one of the other men while holding Andrea’s arms from behind.

“Damn, she has some sexy legs.” One of the men said, leaning over to run his gloved hand down Andrea’s thigh. The assistant manager tried to jerk away but Ronny was behind her and held her tight.

Deanna recognized the second voice. It was Timmy Jones. That meant that one of the other four was probably his brother James. She had known both of them since high school. It had been several months since she had seen either of them, much to her delight for the last time they were together things had nearly gotten out of hand for her. She had delighted in teasing both of them for a long time. Then one night she had been in her usual playful mood teasing James when Timmy came along. They began getting aggressive with her and Deanna had feared that they were going to rape her. But then Timmy’s girlfriend arrived and he settled down, giving Deanna time to make her exit. She did not know that Ronny had known the two brothers.

Timmy ran his hand up under Andrea’s skirt between her legs. She jumped and loudly protested when he rubbed her crotch.

“Let’s see what she looks like under those clothes.” Timmy said.

“Good idea.” Ronny agreed and the two men began undressing the struggling Andrea. She resisted as best she could, but soon found herself standing naked in Ronny’s grip while Timmy fondled her bare breast.

“Suck my cock.” Timmy ordered, undoing his pants as he spoke.

“Fuck you!” Andrea replied as his hard six-inch dick came into view.

“You fuck her face while I fuck her pussy.” Ronny said, unfastening his pants as Timmy held the girl.

“Please don’t.” Andrea begged as the two men forced her to bend over until her face was even with Timmy’s cock.

Timmy forced his dick into Andrea’s mouth. At the same time she felt Ronny’s cock sliding between her legs. He pressed his head between the folds of her pussy, rubbing slowly until her pussy began to naturally moisten. Then he pushed his way inside her.

Deanna felt her own pussy growing wet as she watched the two men fucking Andrea from both ends. The room was quiet except for the muffled grunts and groans escaping Andrea’s cock-filled mouth as the two men pounded her.

Ronny reached around and was manhandling Andrea’s tits as he slammed his cock into her tight pussy repeatedly. At the same time Timmy held her head in his hands forcing his cock in and out of her mouth with ease.

Andrea had never experienced being with two men at one time. She had fantasized about it, as have most women, but never gone through with it. Now she was being forced to satisfy two men against her will. And worse, in front of her coworkers.

Without warning, Andrea felt something warm and sticky spew onto her tongue. Before she had fully realized what was happening Timmy thrust into her mouth and let loose with a second volley of cum that splattered the back of her throat. Andrea was barely able to swallow it and avoid gagging before his cock erupted with more salty fluid. She tried to pull her head free but Timmy continued to hold her tight and pump his cum into her mouth.

Finally satisfied, Timmy pulled his cock out of her mouth. Andrea felt a thick stream of his cum exit her mouth and run down her chin as she tried spitting the remainder out.

“Oh yes!” Ronny cried out as he quickened his pace behind her.

“Don’t you fucking cum in me!” She cried out in alarm, remembering that her rapist was not wearing a condom.

“Ohhhh!” Ronny moaned as he began cumming in Andrea’s pussy.

She could feel his seed spilling out inside her as he pounded her harder and faster in the throws of his orgasm. He slowed his pace, but continued fucking her after emptying his balls. Then finally, much to Andrea’s relief, pulled free of her pussy.

Deanna was positively beside herself now. Her pussy was burning after watching Andrea get fucked by two men at once. She had not believed that she could have been so turned on by watching her assistant manager’s rape. She wanted to see more, but wanted this ordeal to end soon so she could go somewhere private and bring herself to climax remembering Andrea’s defilement.

“I want some of that.” One of the other men said, rushing to Andrea

“Me too.” Another agreed following his lead.

Deanna recognized the second voice as that of Timmy’s brother, James. She thought the other voice sounded familiar but could not place it.

The two men grabbed Andrea and forced her back into the same position she had just been released from. The first man climbed behind her and had pulled his cock out through his unzipped fly and was already slamming it into her pussy before James could get there. So he undid his pants and forced Andrea to suck his cock.

“That bitch is going to be worn out by the time we get to her.” One of the other men spat.

Deanna recognized his voice at once. It was Brad Holliday. She had dated him a couple times, only because she knew that he had tickets to a high priced concert that she wanted to see. She had led Brad into believing that she liked him, allowing him to believe that he had a chance to sleep with her. But as soon as the concert had past she had stopped seeing him. Brad, unlike most of the other guys she teased or used, had been rather pissed at her.

“Well they have their legs open wide for you.” Tommy answered him.

The two remaining men looked to where Deanna, Kim and Sandra sat bound to their chairs. All three girls were tied spread eagle, but only Deanna wore pants. She usually avoided dresses because they didn’t show off her ass as well.

Kim and Sandra were both in skirts and due to their legs being forced open their panty covered crotches were fully exposed.

“That beats waiting for those two to finish.” Brad said, motioning for the last remaining masked bandit to join him.

“Please leave us alone.” Kim begged as Brad stepped before her. He ignored her pleas and began fondling Kim’s breast, then worked his way down between her legs. Kim struggled as he reached between her legs and tore at her panties until he had ripped them apart, allowing everyone in the room to see her cunt. Brad then roughly shoved his index finger into her hole and began pumping it in and out until he could feel her juices begin to flow.

Kim struggled against his assault, continuing to beg him to stop, but was helpless to defend herself. Once satisfied that she was ready, Brad removed his pants and boxer shorts, pulled Kim’s hips forward and dropped to his knees, thrusting his cock into her snatch.

Deanna watched as the Kim, who was seated next to her, was being raped. Her gaze continued back to Andrea’s twin fucking then watched as the last man unfastened his pants as he went to Sandra.

“Looks like you’re mine.” He said with another voice that Deanna found familiar.

Sandra struggled against her ropes. But it was only for show. She was rather turned on by all that was happening. She did not enjoy seeing two of her friends being raped, but the sight of the sex, and all these stiff cocks, had gotten her quite horny. So she pretended to be resisting while secretly anticipating the feel of this man’s stiff rod inside her.

Sandra’s would be rapist used a knife to cut her thong free, finding her smooth shaved pussy already moist. She slid forward much to easily when he grabbed her hips, then he knelt before her and sank his pole inside her. Sandra’s cunt welcomed his cock and began rocking as best she could with his thrusts.

Deanna looked about the room. Andrea was being fucked in her mouth and pussy by two men while both Kim and Sandra were being fucked by two more.

Ronny walked over beside her, his cock, still glistening from Andrea’s juices, hard and bouncing before him. “Looks like all your friends are getting fucked. We wouldn’t want to leave you out of the fun.”

“Leave me alone, mother fucker!” Deanna insisted. This had gone farther than she had planned and had no intention and she needed to get Ronny out of here.

Ronny leaned forward and began lifting her shirt up, whispering, “They might get suspicious if you are left unmolested. Besides, I’ll fake my cum.”

Deanna struggled as her coconspirator jerked her blouse up and over her breast. He then pulled her bra up as well, allowing her ample bosom to be exposed for everyone.

“Oh, those are very nice.” Ronny said, gripping them with both hands and squeezing them. Deanna felt her nipples grow rock hard under his groping.

“How about you sucking my cock.” Ronny said, stepping close beside her and grabbing her head with both hands.

“No…” Deanna began protesting, but as soon as she started shouting the word Ronny rammed his prick into her mouth. Deanna tried to pull free, but he held her head tight and began fucking her face.

This was not what she had planned at all. Deanna understood Ronny’s logic, but it would have been unnecessary had he allowed Andrea to be the only victim. She was sure that he had planned it this way only to force her to suck his cock, especially since he knew full well that she detested sucking dick. Now, not only was she being forced to suck him off, but she was doing it in front of others, and could taste the juices of Andrea’s cunt while she did it. Obviously this was a bit of payback on his part for her teasing him. She just hoped that he would have her play along for a couple minutes then fake his orgasm when the others finished and leave.

Andrea could see out of the corner of her eye that all three of her coworkers were being raped, but that offered little consolidation to her as she felt both cocks stabbing her from front and back. The man behind her began slamming her harder and faster, then bellowed something unintelligible as his cock exploded deep inside her cunt. He continued pounding her long after he was finished. Andrea tried focusing on the cock in her mouth, then, without warning, realized that she was about to climax. She desperately tried to pull away from the man behind her before it happened, but he was still holding her tight and thrusting his pole inside her. Andrea shivered and felt her pussy spasm as her orgasm began. Just as her climax hit its peak James’ cock began spewing in her mouth. Andrea gulped every drop of his cum as her orgasm shook her body.

Kim rolled her eyes trying to ignore the cock fucking her. She was a faithful wife. At least she had been faithful for the last five years. There was that one time when she and her husband were having some difficulty and she allowed herself to be picked up by a stranger in a bar. She had meant it as a way to get even with her husband for cheating on her the year before. But she had felt guilty about it and was determined to remain faithful from then on. Unfortunately, Kim and her husband worked different shifts so their sex life was not what she would like it to be, consisting mostly of two-minute quickies when time permitted. Now she was being fucked by a young man with a cock superior to her husbands and was having to force herself not to enjoy it as he was taking much longer than she would have liked.

Sandra was caught up in everything. She could tell the Andrea was cumming and hoped to have that same experience soon herself. She particularly enjoyed watching Deanna getting her mouth stuffed with cock, knowing how Deanna had always looked down on her for her desires to suck dick.

“Jesus this bitch has a nice cunt.” Sandra’s rapist announced as he continued pounding her. “I’m gonna fill your pussy with cum, babe!” He cried out.

“No…” Sandra moaned, but not out of concern of him cumming, but because he was cumming too soon for her. Sandra felt his seed spitting inside her pussy and increased her efforts to fuck his shaft. But was unable to bring about her own orgasm before he emptied his balls and pulled out of her. Now she was left with a mixture of his cum and her juices dripping out onto the chair while hoping for someone else to take his place.

“Yes!” James called out as he too began cumming. He filled Kim’s pussy with his cum and pulled out. Then everyone looked to where Ronny was fucking Deanna’s mouth.

Deanna felt all eyes on her. She was waiting for Ronny to fake his orgasm. But he just continued pumping her mouth with his cock.

“Oh, this is so nice.” He said.

Deanna could taste his precum and renewed her efforts to pull free to no avail. She felt betrayed by Ronny, but there was nothing she could do. She felt the first wad of his cum launch into the back of her throat. Ronny cried out and drove his cock deeper into her mouth as his seed spat out in clumps on her tongue and down her throat. Deanna gagged and was forced to swallow his cum as he continued unloading into her mouth.

Timmy Jones, who had just watched the group rape after satisfying himself in Andrea’s mouth earlier, pointed at Deanna and said, “Hey, isn’t that the cock teasing bitch from DeRay’s Pub?”

One of the other men looked over and said, “It sure the fuck is. She’s the one who likes to tease men but never puts out.”

“Well I just got a piece of her, why don’t you.” Ronny offered.

“What the fuck?” Deanna asked, feeling everything going out of control.

“Untie her.” One of the men said.

Two men grabbed Andrea while the other four untied Deanna and pulled her up out of her chair, where Andrea was then tied.

Now all six men busied themselves groping and relieving Deanna of her clothing. She cried out in anger, struggling to free herself, but soon ended up naked and pinned to the floor.

“Let me have her.” She heard Timmy say.

“Please, no!” She begged, but Timmy was already atop her and forcing his cock into her pussy.

“This will teach the bitch not to be a prick tease!” She heard someone say.

Deanna was enraged. This robbery, and the rape of Andrea, was her plan all along. It was her way of getting even with Andrea for beating her out for the assistant manager position. Now the tables had been turned and Deanna was the one being raped in front of her coworkers.

It didn’t take long for her to realize what had happened. Ronny was willing to help her rob the shop. But when the subject of raping Andrea came up he had remembered all the times that Deanna had led him on and turned him down. That was the one thing that each of these men seemed to have in common. They were all teased by her on many occasions. Ronny, Timmy, James and Brad. She had not yet figured out who the other two men were, but their voices were familiar and she was certain that they too had been victims of her teasing. Now they were all going to get even with her by gang raping her in front of her coworkers. And there was nothing she could do about it because she would be implicating herself in the robbery.

Timmy pounded his cock into Deanna’s cunt without mercy. He had been waiting for this moment since high school and was enjoying every second of fucking her. He rammed his cock into her over and over again while the others held her down. Deanna felt hands squeezing of mauling her breast and nipples as the man on top of her continued his fucking. Then Timmy howled with delight and coated the inside of her belly with cum.

Next Brad jumped on her. “You owe me this one.” He whispered as he shoved his cock deep inside her. Deanna groaned as Brad began fucking her. Unlike Timmy he took his time, using deep measured strokes in order to enjoy every last second of her cunt. Deanna felt her pussy beginning to tingle under his well-timed assault.

“I will not cum for these bastards.” She said to herself, gritting her teeth as Brad stuffed her hole over and over again. Deanna was quickly losing her battle and the man atop her knew it. He slowed his pace down enough to hold back his own release much to Deanna’s dismay. Then, when he judged that she was on the verge of climax, he began pounding her harder and faster.

Deanna’s body betrayed her at last. Her pussy exploded in ecstasy around Brad’s cock. She was unable to prevent an unwanted moan of pleasure for escaping her lips as she climaxed. Brad was caught up in the moment as her cunt squeezed his cock and began cumming inside her as well.

“I think she’s going to cum all night long for us now, boys.” Brad said as he pulled out of her.

“Yeah, but I think her friends could use a release as well. Let’s make her eat their pussies.” Ronny said.

“Fuck you!” Deanna cried. But she had little choice as six pair of hands hoisted her off the floor and carried her over to where the girls sat bound. She was dumped on the floor in front of Andrea, who struggled as Deanna’s head was shoved between her legs.

“Lick her pussy.” Ronny ordered.

Deanna resisted. Ronny rubbed her face into Andrea’s wet box until Deanna finally gave up and began licking her assistant manager’s hole.

Andrea felt disgusted at first, but her body could not deny the sensation it was receiving from Deanna’s tongue as it swept back and forth over her clit. If anyone had to be forced to lick her cunt Andrea was glad that it was Deanna. At least she felt some satisfaction in watching her become the source of the men’s degradation rather than they continue on her.

Andrea was not able to hold back for long. Soon she was climaxing on Deanna’s face as the men cheered them on.

Deanna was dragged over to Kim and made to repeat her actions. This time James got on his knees behind her and thrust his cock into her pussy. Deanna was fucked from behind as she ate Kim’s cunt.

Unlike the other girls, Kim had been with a couple women years before. She once even had sex with another woman and her husband before they had married. So she did not mind being eaten by another woman. In fact, she rather enjoyed watching Deanna being made to do this to her. She had always thought that Deanna was a tease and a bitch. So if this was the result of her actions then Kim would just sit there and enjoy it. She welcomed her orgasm, looking Deanna in the eye as her pussy climaxed on her tongue.

Deanna felt Kim cumming and wanted to stop, but James was still fucking her from behind, so she had to remain with her head buried between Kim’s legs until he finished. Then her head jerked up as her body was wracked with another climax just as James began cumming inside her.

Sandra could not wait to have Deanna between her legs. She needed to cum so badly that she could scream. And the thought of making Deanna do it was even more exciting. When Deanna was shoved between her legs Sandra spread them apart as wide as possible allowing Deanna access to her smooth pussy.

Unfortunately, Sandra was not able to enjoy Deanna’s tongue for long. She was so horny and excited that only a minute or so after Deanna’s tongue began massaging her clit Sandra was crying out from a much needed orgasm.

Deanna’s face was coated by the juice from the three women. She wanted to get up, but suddenly realized that she wanted another cock inside her. She exhaled with relief when she felt Ronny get behind her, waiting for him to shove his cock inside her pussy.

Ronny slid inside her as she had expected, then pulled out and said, “I think she needs to have that ass fucked.”

“For god’s sake, no, not there!” Deanna cried out.

“Hell, I think the other girls want to see you get assfucked as well.” He continued.

Deanna looked up and saw the faces of Andrea, Kim and Sandra all watching with a lustf-illed look in their eyes.

Two men had to hold Deanna down as Ronny began pushing his cock between her cheeks. He worked the head against her anal ring and slowly pressed forward, breaking through to gain entrance into her tight virgin chute.

Deanna screamed as Ronny’s cock pushed inside her. He forced his cock inch by inch into her and then began fucking her tight asshole.

Ronny pounded her ass for several minutes as everyone in the room looked on. He felt his balls tighten as his third orgasm of the night began and he drove his cock deeper, emptying his balls into Deanna’s ass.

When he was pulled out another man grabbed Deanna and pulled her atop him. She straddled his waste and lowered herself onto his cock. Then one of the other men got behind her and shoved his cock into her ass. Deanna cried out in alarm as the two cocks pounded her, rubbing against each other on the opposite sides of the thin layer of flesh separating her pussy and ass canals. A third man stood before her and forced his cock into her mouth.

Deanna was being taken by three men at once. She felt betrayed and humiliated, but most of all, she felt her body responding to the assault, welcoming every inch of male flesh that was inside her.

“For god’s sake, fuck me.” Sandra said to the man standing next to her after seeing his cock growing erect. She no longer cared if anyone knew how she felt. Deanna had just made her cum, but now she wanted a cock inside her.

Brad could not believe what he had just heard. He eagerly complied by sticking his cock in Sandra’s face. She sucked him until he was fully hard then said, “I said fuck me!”

Brad laughed and dropped to his knees, shoving his cock deep into the girl. Sandra began climaxing almost immediately and came twice more before he shot his load inside her.

Ronny decided to see if he could cum once more, this time with Kim. She did not protest when he shoved his cock inside her. He began fucking her and pulled her blouse up so that he could suck her hard nipples as he continued.

Not wanting to be left out, Timmy went over to Andrea and began fucking the assistant manager. All three girls came on the cocks that were inside them, partly out of desire, and partly out of the turnon they were feeling while watching Deanna get gangfucked.

Deanna’s pussy was alive in a way she never thought possible. She hated every humiliating moment of this, but could not stop herself from cumming over and over again as the three men fucked her. The cock in her mouth began spewing its seed and she gulped it down in mid orgasm. Then she felt both of the other men begin cumming inside her. By the time they were finished she was in the throws of yet another orgasm and continued riding them until their cocks had shriveled and began slipping out of her well used holes.

Ronny was still fucking Kim as the other men finished. “Tie her up and get dressed.” He ordered as he continued. Kim was cumming again and Ronny seemed to be nowhere near finishing. Deanna was tied, panting, in a chair across from them and all five of the men were dressed before Ronny emptied his fourth load of cum into Kim’s box.

He jumped up, grabbing his pants and dressing quickly. The six men looked at the girls with satisfaction. Deanna looked up at each of the masked men. She had finally figured out the identities of the last two: Tom Jenkins and Chip Simmons, two other men who she had teased in recent months. She wished that she could see the faces of all six, knowing that they must all be smirking at her knowing that they had finally gotten what she had been denying for so long.

“Let’s get the hell out of here.” Ronny said. He opened the door a crack, peeping out to see if there were any cars behind the building. “Grab the money.” He said before rushing out the door.

Timmy grabbed the black plastic bag nearest the door and ran out with the others, pulling the door closed behind him. The four girls listened for the sound of a car but heard nothing. Deanna was not surprised because she had already suggested that they park on the other side of the woods from the rear parking lot to make sure that no one took notice of their car.

Deanna’s pussy and ass were dripping with cum. She was pissed, but satisfied as well. And her only solace was that she would soon be able to share in the stolen money.

“Let’s get loose and call the cops.” Kim said, struggling to free herself.

“Do you want to admit that we were gang raped?” Andrea asked.

Kim shook her head. “Hell, I would rather that nobody knew what happened here tonight. But we have to call the cops and report the robbery or else they’ll think we stole the money. We can always keep quiet about the rapes if you girls don’t want to say anything.”

“We don’t have to tell anyone anything about what happened here tonight,” Andrea said getting her right hand free and beginning to untie the other.

“What about the stolen money?” Kim asked.

“What stolen money,” Andrea replied, getting up from the chair after releasing her legs. She crossed over to a bag lying against the wall. “Those dumb sons-of-bitches grabbed the wrong trashbag when they ran out. Here’s the one with the money.”

Andrea opened the bag showing them all the cash. “They may have fucked us silly, but all they got away with was a bag of cut hair.”

Deanna wanted to scream…

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