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Zack’s Toys

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Derek Boudreaux checked his mailbox. Three banks down, one of the numerous tenants that lived in the apartment complex likewise checked their mailbox.

Derek had tried once to engage the neighbor in conversation. The neighbor had claimed not to speak English. He then glared at Derek when Derek answered him in fluent Spanish.

There was a thick envelope addressed to him from the law firm of Coutre & Associates. Derek looked at the DeGarde, Louisiana address and wanted to stuff the envelope back into the box, wanted to claim that it wasn’t his. He had not been in DeGarde since his father called him a ‘disgusting little faggot’ and bodily picked Derek up and threw him from the house.

“Maybe the fucking cock sucker died,” Derek thought and closed and locked his mailbox again.

Robin Nguyen was already home; Derek wanted to ask the slender Asian man why he had not picked up the mail. They both drove right past the mailbox queue.

Robin was stretched out on the couch, watching the evening news, smoking a Dunhill cigarette. Derek had asked him, time and time again, please smoke outside. The smell was impossible to get rid of once it permeated the carpet and furniture and drapery.

“Hey,” Robin cheerfully called out when the door closed.

“Hey,” Derek agreed and bent and kissed Robin’s cheek.

He yelped then laughed when Robin playfully slapped his rear as he walked past.

“Salad for supper; top shelf, dressing’s already on it,” Robin said.

Derek dug the large bowl out, grabbed a fork and sat at the table. He used a tine of the fork to open the envelope and straightened the folded pages open.

Zack Miller was dead.

Derek stopped chewing as he read the letter again.

Zack Miller was dead. The letter from Sophia Coutre did not say how Zack had died, just that he was deceased and her law firm was handling Zack’s estate.

“Holy fucking shit,” Derek said.

“What?” Robin asked, pushing the ‘Mute’ button on the television.

“Zack’s dead,” Derek said.




Derek thought that working at Miller’s Electronics had to be the coolest job in the world. Fresh out of high school, graduating by the skin of his teeth, no prospects for college, Miller’s Electronics was a dream job. All day long, the chubby eighteen year old played video games, set up televisions, listened to great music, and watched the latest video releases.

And his boss, Zack Miller, a guy in his late fifties or early sixties, smoked weed and had no problem slipping Derek a few good joints.

“Hi, I uh, y’all do video transfers, right?” the simpering man asked as he clutched a brown paper grocery sack.

“Yes sir,” Derek agreed pleasantly.

“I uh, I got about fifteen, uh, how much, you know, to um, copy them onto dvds for me?” the man asked, clutching onto the bag possessively.

Derek pointed to the sign at the front of the counter that clearly showed how much to copy material from VHS tapes onto discs.

“Um, oh, okay, um, like I said, there’s about fifteen, sixteen of them; I didn’t count them, just dumped them in here,” the man nervously said and gripped the bag even tighter when a group of high school students strolled in.

“Okay, well, let’s see what we got here; Derek, why don’t you see if you can help those kids?” Zack said, putting his hand on Derek’s rump to push his employee toward the milling kids.

“Hi, help y’all?” Derek smiled.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, y’all got you know, like payment plans here?” one of the youths asked.

Derek discussed the layaway plan while also keeping an eye on the kids that were hovering near the video game display rack.

When the youths saw that Derek wasn’t going to be lulled away from his observation of them, they left again.

“Take me about three, four hours; why don’t you come back tomorrow and pick them up?” Zack pleasantly asked the man as he slid the receipt for the customer to sign.

“Okay,” the man smiled and pocketed his receipt copy.

Derek played a video game while keeping one eye on the door for any customers.

“Hey Derek, want to see something?” Mr. Miller called out from the stockroom.

“Sure,” Derek said and stepped into the dimly lighted area.

He stepped up to where his boss was sitting at a workbench, leaning back in his chair.

“This is what that guy’s wanting copied,” his boss said and Derek looked at the screen.

Derek goggled as a man was on all fours, one large black cock sliding in and out of his mouth while one large white cock thrust in and out of the man’s anus.

The older man chuckled and turned up the sound on the screen.

“Aw yeah, aw you my bitch, huh? You a bitch?” the black man said and pulled his spurting cock out of the man’s mouth.

“Mm hmm,” the man agreed, trying to catch the black man’s sperm as it shot onto his face.

“Aw yeah, you a good pussy, you good and tight,” the white man said and pulled his spurting cock out of the man’s slimy rectum and sprayed his semen onto the man’s buttocks and back.

Mr. Miller turned the sound off and pressed a button. The screen suddenly became just a blurred and fractured image as Zack sped up the transfer process.

“Well, you certainly can’t go out on the sales floor like that, can you?” Mr. Miller chuckled.

“Huh?” Derek asked, pulling his eyes from the blurred screen.

“You’re dicky’s all hard,” the older man smiled.

Derek looked down and his face burned with shame as he realized he did indeed have a tremendous erection tenting his Khakis.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Mr. Miller said and unzipped Derek’s slacks.

“Mr. Miller!” Derek whispered hoarsely.

The older man bent forward and wrapped his lips around Derek’s cockhead. The man’s thick mustache tickled the sensitive flesh and Derek gasped and groaned as a fat tongue tickled his cock.

“Oh,” Derek whined as he shot a forceful stream of semen into his boss’s mouth.

“There,” Mr. Miller said, pulling Derek’s briefs up.

He patted Derek’s crotch softly, zipped Derek’s khakis up and then pointed to the door.

Derek stumbled back to the counter where he stood, trying to catch his breath.

A moment later, he smelled the sweet stench of marijuana and knew Mr. Miller was smoking a joint.

Derek helped a woman pick out a few games for her son’s fourteenth birthday, helped a man pick out a good subwoofer for his car’s stereo system.

“Hey Derek, why don’t you do a few of these transfers?” Mr. Miller called out while there was no one in the small shop.

Derek came into the stockroom, sat in the comfortable leather chair and prepared to slide the next tape into the slot.

“Now, Derek,” his boss said, sounding upset.

“What?” Derek asked, looking up. “The tapes fully rewound.”

“No, Derek, you’re going to let me go out there? On the sales floor? With a big old boner?” Mr. . . . . Miller asked.

“Huh?” Derek asked.

“Now, did I let you go out there and embarrass yourself?” his boss asked as he unzipped his polyester slacks.

Derek’s hands trembled as he reached over to take the large cock into his hands. He then opened his mouth wide and slipped the bulbous head into his mouth.

“Oh, that’s good, oh you got a sweet little mouth,” Mr. Miller whispered and put his hand on the back of Derek’s head.

Derek stroked the long thick shaft, still trembling as he did so.

“Oh, baby, here, oh here it comes, oh, you ever do this before, oh,” the man moaned and Derek almost screamed as his mouth suddenly filled with a salty, gluey tasting fluid.

Mr. Miller released Derek’s head, put his shrinking cock into his boxers and zipped up his polyester slacks.

“Hi! Help you?” Zack said cheerfully to the man and woman that stood in front of the wall of televisions.

Derek sat at the transfer console and felt the sting of tears. He swallowed several times, and then got to his feet to get a soda out of the small refrigerator Mr. Miller kept in the back.

His tears began in earnest as he discovered he had another erection.

“Got them finished?” Zack asked at eight o’clock that evening.

“Last one,” Derek mumbled as he pressed the button to finalize the disc.

“Hey, want to watch one?” Zack asked, already reaching for the disc.

“No,” Derek sullenly denied. “Mister Miller, I got to…”

“Sure?” Zack asked, slipping the disc into the player. “And uh, hey, just call me Zack, huh?”

Zack slid a tightly rolled joint over to Derek and hit ‘play’ on the player.

“Go ahead, spark that one up,” Zack said as he pulled up a second chair.

Derek held the smoke in his lungs as long as he could as they watched well-built man after well-built man suck and fuck one another.

“Hey, could you…?” Zack asked, softly stroking Derek’s cheek.

Derek rapidly bent over and took Zack’s cock into his mouth and gagged as he tried to force all of the long thick cock into his mouth.

“Oh, oh, yeah, oh yeah,” Zack groaned and Derek swallowed as Zack’s semen flooded his mouth.

Zack then sucked Derek’s cock until the boy spent.

Mm, mm,” Zack said and pressed his lips to Derek’s mouth.

Derek opened his mouth and the two men kissed, passing Derek’s semen back and forth until it was all gone.

“See you tomorrow,” Zack cheerfully said.

Safely in his room, Zack sobbed hot tears of shame as he thought about the day’s activities.

His friend Robin Nguyen sent him a text message. At first, Derek wanted to ignore it, but realized it wasn’t Robin’s fault he felt so confused, so out of sorts and replied.

Robin seemed fascinated that Derek’s boss shared marijuana with Derek. Robin’s job at the Skate-A-Rama only gave him the opportunity to smell old shoes and skates.

“You’re kind of quiet; everything all right?” Derek’s mother asked at the breakfast table the next morning.

“Yeah, just kind of tired,” Derek mumbled.

“Loser one must have kept loser two up all night, texting back and forth what losers they are,” Derek’s father sneered.

Derek knew better than to say anything; his father had no qualms about punching Derek in the face. He was extremely disappointed in Derek’s lack of ambition and never let an opportunity pass without telling Derek he was disappointed.

Derek finished his breakfast and quickly showered and dressed for a full Saturday’s day at the store.

He smiled as he pulled up his Batman briefs. Looking at himself in the mirror, he actually got the start of an erection as he thought of Mr. Miller, Zack, pulling the briefs down and sliding his mouth over Derek’s cock.

“Eight dollars an hour, whoop de fucking doo,” his father said as Derek buttoned up his short sleeve shirt. “Like you’d ever be able to support yourself and some little honey on that. And whatever happened to that Beth, Becky, whatever her name is, huh?”

“Got tired of you staring at her boobs the whole time,” Derek said angrily. “And her name is Betsy.”

Zack smiled as Derek entered the store through the rear. His mustache tickled as the two kissed quickly and Derek realized, Zack had already smoked at least one joint that morning.

Several times during the day, standing behind the counter, Zack would rest his hand on Derek’s rear, would give the boy’s ass an affectionate squeeze. The two would share a smile.

If there were no customers in the store, Zack would pat Derek’s crotch, rub it.

But they never had time to go into the back, to take care of each other.

Finally, it was eight o’clock and Derek hurriedly ran the vacuum cleaner over the carpeted floor while Zack tallied up the day’s receipts.

“So, you want to watch another one of them videos?” Zack asked as Derek wound the cord around the vacuum cleaner.

“Sure!” Derek enthusiastically agreed.

“Let’s see,” Zack said as Derek took a mammoth hit off the joint Zack handed him.

The two sat and watched as man after man took large cocks up their asses.

“You uh, you think you uh, think you might like that?” Zack asked.

“I uh, I don’t know,” Derek answered in a strangled voice.

They kissed for a few minutes, then Zack removed Derek’s shirt and sucked on Derek’s nipples.

Then he unbuckled Derek’s belt, unbuttoned Derek’s khakis and eased Derek’s pants down.

He chuckled at the sight of the Batman underwear and kissed Derek again.

Derek let Zack put him on his hands and knees, his khakis bunched up around his knees, protecting his knees from the hard concrete floor.

Kneeling behind Derek, Zack eased Derek’s underwear down to just below Derek’s testicles.

“Oh!” Derek shuddered as Zack squeezed some KY jelly just over Derek’s tightly clenched rectum.

Zack greased up his middle finger and slowly, gently ran the greasy finger around and around Derek’s rectum.

As Derek relaxed, Zack slid the tip of his finger into Derek, just a little bit. Derek instinctively clamped his rectum shut. Zack just kept his finger just inside the sweet little orifice until Derek relaxed again.

It took several long moments, but finally, Zack had two greasy fingers fucking in and out of Derek’s little hole and Derek was grunting pleasurably.

Then Zack squeezed some more jelly just above Derek’s rectum and ran the head of his cock through the glob, then pulled his fingers out and rubbed Derek’s anus with the head of his cock.

“Ugh!” Derek protested lightly as Zack pushed the head of his cock in.

Zack wanted desperately to grab Derek’s hips, wanted to just lunge forward, shove all seven inches of his meat into the tight virgin hole.

Derek pushed back slightly and Zack held himself steady as Derek gave a little yelp.

Another long moment passed and Zack slowly wiggled his hips.

“Ugh!” Derek protested a little louder as Zack slipped a fraction of an inch into Derek’s anus.

“God, it hurts,” Derek whined as Zack did slide almost all of his cock head into Derek’s rectum.

Zack said nothing but did put a restraining hand on the boy’s pudgy hip.

“It hurts, you, we need to stop,” Derek whined.

“Wait, okay, just wait,” Zack pleaded, his voice shaking with exertion.

“No, no, Mr. Miller, come on,” Derek let a little sob escape.

“I’ll suck your cock after,” Zack bargained.

Derek let out the breath he was holding and Zack slid another millimeter in.

“Ugh!” Derek loudly grunted as the head of Zack’s cock slid in past his sphincter muscle.

“Oh God, oh baby boy, oh you got a tight, tight hole, oh that’s a pretty hole,” Zack grunted, forcing himself to hold still, not to ram himself in to the hilt.

“Oh God it hurts,” Derek whined then shook as a tremor of pain radiated from his anus outward.

“I know, I know, the first time always does,” Zack soothed.

Derek grunted and shook suddenly as his semen flooded his briefs.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Zack cried out as all of his cock was buried in the boy’s ass.

“Please Mr. Miller,” Derek sobbed in pain. “Stop, okay?”

“Oh, but the worst part is over, oh no, sweet baby boy, we can’t stop now,” Zack said and began to pull his cock out of the boy’s slimy bowels.

Derek sobbed as his boss fucked him and sobbed a little harder as he again ejaculated into his briefs.

“Oh God yes!” Zack bellowed as he spurted hotly into the boy’s bowels.

Zack did suck Derek’s cock, after he licked all around Derek’s pubic hair and cock and balls to get the previous ejaculations.

Then the two smoked another joint and kissed like lovers.

Robin had gotten off of work at seven that evening and Derek saw several text messages when he finally left Miller’s Electronics.

“Man, you got to get me some weed,” Robin complained when Derek called him. “Or, fuck, get me a job there, huh? I mean, shit! All y’all do is sit around and smoke dope?”

“Uh, we work,” Derek said and shifted uncomfortably.

He could feel Zack’s semen trickling out of his raw anus and resolved he’d have to rinse the Batman briefs out in the bathroom sink. His mother surely knew what semen looked like and he didn’t want any embarrassing questions about the large amount of semen in his underwear.

“Work tomorrow?” Derek asked.

“No, Skate—A-Ram-It-Up-Your-Ass is closed; you?” Robin asked.

“No, but was thinking of going over to Za… Mr. Miller’s house, though,” Derek decided.

“Dude, I’m coming, hear?” Robin demanded.

Derek called Zack and asked if he could bring his best friend; Zack agreed enthusiastically.

Zack masturbated several times that night, reliving the sweet sensation, the glorious sight of burying his cock in the cute little porker he’d hired.

Zack had hired Derek with the idea of seducing the chubby boy. The boy had a cute face and an odd hairstyle, the hair in front was longer than the hair in the back, which made Zack suspect that Derek might be gay, or possibly bisexual.

Zack had thought of many various scenarios of how to seduce the sweet faced boy. Thankfully, Darren Mann’s video to disc transfer had been the very bridge from sharing a few joints and Derek’s innocent acceptance of light touches and squeezes from Zack.

“The boy’s over eighteen; he’s perfectly legal,” Zack said as he caught his semen in his hand and licked his hand clean.

After church, Derek’s father plopped himself down in front of the television, the first of several beer cans in his hand. Derek’s mother started to sew the curtains a neighbor had ordered. Neither parent said anything about Derek leaving.

Robin was bursting with excitement as they walked to Mr. Miller’s house.

“Oh, cool,” Robin said as they looked at the 1969 Camaro Zack Miller drove.

“Yeah, it’s fully restored,” Derek agreed and knocked on the door.

“Hey,” Zack smiled when he opened the door.

“Hey, Zack, this is my best friend Robin Nguyen,” Derek said as they entered the small home.

Zack offered the two eighteen year olds beers and they sat in the living room and drank beers and talked.

“Oh, hey, those videos?” Zack said, placing a hand on Derek’s thigh, close to Derek’s crotch.

“Yeah?” Derek asked as his cock, semi-erect from the moment they’d sat down, suddenly sprang to life.

‘Think your friend, uh, Robin, think he’d like to see them?” Zack asked.

“Yeah,” Robin answered, not waiting for Derek to respond.

“Okay, let’s see, here, y’all get started on this,” Zack said and Robin’s eyes lighted up as Zack pulled out a small box with five or six tightly rolled joints in it.

“Be right back,” Zack said as Robin took a huge drag, and then coughed mightily on the marijuana.

“Your boss is so cool!” Robin enthused as Zack got up and left the room.

“Yeah,” Derek agreed hoarsely, holding the smoke in his lungs.

“Just wanted to get comfortable,” Zack said as he returned to the room, now dressed in only red silk boxers

“Oh, uh, hey, yeah, that’s uh, that’s cool,” Robin agreed and again coughed on the harsh smoke.

Derek blushed, knowing he would suck Zack’s cock, would suck it right in front of his best friend. And it would probably cost him his friendship with Robin; Robin was always putting down homosexuals, making jokes about them.

Derek didn’t know if he was gay or not; he did know he liked sucking Zack’s cock. And last night, as he relived the pain of his first ass fuck, his cock had throbbed incessantly until he masturbated.

And, looking at Zack, dressed in only red silk boxers, he appreciated the older man’s muscular chest, slightly rounded belly, hairy thighs.

“And, press ‘play’ and… Boy, you work at an electronics store; why didn’t you get this started?” Zack teased Derek.

“Yeah, Derek, you… What?” Robin laughed, and then froze as he saw a well-built man get to his knees and pull down another man’s boxers and start sucking on the other man’s cock.

Robin stared, transfixed as the two men got into a sixty nine position and sucked each other’s cocks while also fingering each other’s ass holes.

Derek nudged him, holding out the smoldering joint and Robin took it, never taking his eyes from the screen

“Oh!” Robin gasped as the scene changed to show the same two men, one taking the other’s saliva wetted cock into his rectum.

“Hey uh,” Derek nudged robin to get the joint back.

Robin leaned over and kissed Derek on his lips, then slid his tongue into Derek’s mouth.

“God, how did you know? You knew, didn’t you? Of course you did, how could you not know,” Robin sobbed and laughed.

“Uh, hey, I got comfortable,” Zack said. “Least y’all could do is getting comfortable too.”

Derek pulled his tee shirt and jeans off and watched as his slender friend did too.

Then Zack reached over and pulled Robin’s plain white briefs down and off.

Derek looked at Robin’s long, thin cock and licked his lips. Robin had shaved himself completely hairless.

Oh, that is a pretty cock,” Zack agreed.

“Let me see yours,” Robin begged and pulled Derek’s baby blue briefs down.

“My bedroom’s right back here,” Zack suggested and the two young men followed the older man down the hall.

Robin lay down on the large bed and squealed as Derek put his hot mouth over the head of his thin cock and sucked on it.

Zack knelt between Robin’s splayed legs and lifted one leg up.

“Ugh!” Robin grunted as Zack jammed a greasy finger into the Asian’s anus.

Zack wasn’t as gentle with Robin as he had been with Derek. He didn’t know Robin, didn’t love Robin, and didn’t care if Robin loved him.

“Ugh!” Robin cried out as he shot a thick load of his semen into his friend’s mouth.

“Ugh!” he cried out again as Zack pressed the greasy head of his cock against the tightly puckered hole.

“Oh!” Robin shuddered as Zack’s cock gained entry.

Robin then pulled Derek to himself and kissed him hotly.

“Oh!” he screamed as Zack’s cock slid all the way into his bowels.

“Fuck yeah!” Robin giggled and wrapped his thin legs around Zack’s waist. “Fuck me!”

And Zack did. He fucked Robin like a man fucks a woman, face to face.

Derek knelt and pushed his throbbing, aching cock into Robin’s mouth and Robin swallowed Derek down to the root. Robin had been practicing relaxing his throat muscles in anticipation of hopefully one day becoming someone’s fuck toy.

“Mmph!” Robin screamed around Derek’s cock as he shuddered and spurted a hot load of semen onto his belly and chest.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Zack groaned and pumped a load of his semen into Robin’s bowels.

“Oh!” Derek cried out as he pumped his load into his friend’s throat.

Robin combed his fingers lovingly through Derek’s hair as Derek bent and licked Robin’s semen from his chest and belly then sucked his cock up to full mast again.

“God, I wish I was young like that again,” Zack complained lightly as he wiped his cock clean of lubricant and a light streak of Robin’s feces. “It’s going to take a few minutes before I can get it up again.

“Even if I show you my tight little hole?” Derek teased, pulling his plump buttocks apart. “Even if I beg you to fuck my tight little hole?”

“Maybe if your friend and you lick my nuts?” Zack suggested

Both Robin and Derek knelt on the floor and tongued and sucked Zack’s heavy balls. The man’s cock did slowly revive and Derek gleefully got on his hands and knees on the man’s bed.

“Ugh!” he grunted as he felt Zack’s fat cock head press against his rosebud.

“Oh!” Derek shuddered as Zack slowly pressed on, slowly sliding his cock into the tightly clenched hole.

Robin knelt on the side of Derek and bathed Derek balls with his hot mouth, then sucked Derek’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh! Oh God that hurts,” Derek complained as Zack jammed the last three inches of his cock into Derek’s back door.

Having already ejaculated into Robin, Zack lasted much longer. Derek sobbed as Zack forcefully thrust in and out of his raw anus, finally giving a bellow.

“Oh!” Derek groaned and shot a second load of his semen into Robin’s hot mouth while Zack’s semen flooded into his intestines.

The three men lay in Zack’s bed, smoked a few more joints and drank a few more beers.

“Yeah, I was always the AV guy in high school,” Zack said, lightly stroking Derek’s cock. “You know the nerd the teacher would get to set up the television and video equipment.”

He gave Derek’s testicles a light squeeze, just hard enough to hurt slightly.

“I was the first one on my block to have an Atari, Pong, Tank, the first one to get a Commodore 64,” Zack went on. “My grades sucked so I knew I wasn’t going to college and my mom was always screaming I was wasting my time playing with toys.”

He kissed Derek, fucking Derek’s mouth with his tongue.

“So when I got out of high school, fucking hated high school, I opened my store. Now I get to play with toys all the time, huh?”

Then Derek fucked Robin tight ass while Zack hammered Derek’s ass.

“See you tomorrow,” Zack cheerfully called out as Robin and Derek dressed.

“See you,” Derek happily agreed.

“So, um, now you know I’m gay, you um, you hate me?” Robin asked.

Derek reached down and grabbed Robin’s hand.

“Uh, Dude, I’m like gay too, huh?” Derek giggled.

They held hands all the way to Derek’s house.

It was bound to happen. Sooner or later, Derek’s father would figure out that ‘Loser One’ and ‘Loser Two’ as he unaffectionately referred to his son and his son’s friend Robin, were lovers.

First Derek’s father confronted his son. Then, when his son couldn’t deny the accusations, gave the boy a tremendous kick in the testicles.

“Get your shit,” he screamed at his groaning, sobbing son. “Get your shit and get out of my house.”

Derek did stagger to his room and pack some clothes, and made sure to grab his piggy bank and his check book and account information.

“Now! Sissy! Come on; takes that fucking long get your shit?” his father screamed.

Derek gave one last look around. This infuriated the already outraged Frank Boudreaux and he grabbed Derek by his shirt collar, frog marched him to the door and threw him out.

And the whole time, Miriam Boudreaux sobbed, pleaded and begged her husband to relent.

With nowhere else to go, Derek went to Zack’s house.

To Zack, it was the answer to a prayer. He was now deeply in love with the chubby nineteen year old man. He was also quite obsessed, quite jealous. Zack imagined that every time Derek was out of his sight, he was fucking that little slant eyed bitch Robin.

Frank Boudreaux, though, was not placated to merely throw his vile, disgusting son out of his house. He drove by Miller’s Electronics on Perry Way and hurled several rocks at the plate glass window. After shattering that, he threw more rocks at the several LCD and plasma televisions.

Zack’s insurance replaced the window with a polymer window, bullet-proof and certainly rock proof. The televisions were likewise paid off; much to Zack’s relief. Many of them were last year’s models and he would have had to sell them at a loss.

Then Frank busted the glass and slashed the tires and threw a can of red paint on Zack’s prized 1969 Camaro.

“Baby boy, I think you better leave,” Zack sobbed as he looked at his automobile.

Derek and Robin loaded up Robin’s 2001 Honda and drove east, to Atlanta, Georgia.

Derek very quickly found work with a television repair shop. Robin found work at a restaurant that specialized in wings.

Derek got a buzz cut hairstyle and grew a mustache and goatee. If asked, Derek would admit his homosexuality, but it wasn’t something he volunteered.

Robin, however, had his long black hair styled almost in a bouffant style, wore cosmetics and dressed and conducted himself in a manner that let everyone know he was gay.

Robin also felt, that since Derek had ‘cheated’ on him with Zack Miller, he was free to fuck whomever he wished. In time, the two simply became roommates.




“So what are you going to do?” Robin asked as Derek slowly ate his salad.

“Fuck; I’m tired of all the traffic; yesterday, I had to drive eight miles. Eight miles! Driveway to driveway and it still took me over an hour,” Derek said.

“Oh no sir, I am not going back to DeGarde, Louisiana,” Robin forcefully said. “Those dumb ass coon asses can just kiss my ass.”

Derek didn’t bother giving Citystar Electronics any notice; they had already fired him and rehired him twice and had also shorted him a few dollars of commission. His tools were his own, as was his cell phone and vehicle.

The landlord, however, he did contact and leave a message for. Robin was a sneaky little bastard and Derek wasn’t about to let Robin ruin his credit by squatting and not paying rent.

As he packed; he’d already told Robin he could keep all the furniture, it stunk of cigarettes anyway, Derek found a pair of red silk briefs.

“Panties?” Derek had screeched when Zack gave them to him. “I’m not wearing panties!”

“They’re not panties,” Zack laughed. “You see any lace on them? No, no, these are manties.”

Derek left them for Robin, after he stroked off a good load of semen into the crotch.

“Bye, love you,” Derek said after taking one last look around, not wanting to leave anything of value behind.

“I still don’t know why you’re doing this; you don’t even know if that bitch left you shit,” Robin argued.

“No, I don’t, but fuck, I am so God damned tired of Atlanta, rude ass mother fuckers, traffic sucks, food sucks,” Derek said. “God damn, fuckers live right next door? You even know what their last name is?”

“Yes, they’re the Keep to Ourselves or something like that,” Robin smirked.

“Whatever; I’m just tired of it,” Derek said and wrote out a check for half of the month’s rent. “There, half the rent for this month; I’m dropping it off at the office, along with my keys.

“I’ll do that,” Robin offered.

Derek didn’t bite. Robin couldn’t even be bothered to check the mailbox; he’d let the check sit and sit until the landlord pounded on the door.

“I’m driving right past it; I’ll do it,” Derek said.

With a last kiss, he left.

In just over twelve hours, Derek was pulling in front of the DeGarde Inn. The motel had not changed one bit in the five years he’d been gone.

“Hi, a room please and please, I need to sleep; I’ve been driving all night,” Derek said politely.

“Then I’ll give you a room in the back, okay?” the girl pleasantly offered.

He carried all of his belongings in, called and left a message with Coutre & Associates, then turned off his cell phone and crawled into bed.

When he woke up, Derek staggered through a shower, dressed, and then found that little else had changed in his hometown. At ten o’clock at night, the only place open was a few bars, or the Waffle House in Kimble, Louisiana.

He saw that there was a text message from Citystar Electronics, once again firing him. And there was a pleasant sounding voice mail from Sophia Coutre, scheduling him for an eight thirty appointment the following day.

Nothing from Robin, but that didn’t surprise him. He probably already had one of his lovers in the queen sized bed.

Back at the motel, Derek turned on the fan in the bathroom and smoked a joint. Then he crawled back into the bed and slept again.

The meeting with Sophia Coutre, Zachary Taylor Miller’s attorney revealed that Zack had left everything to Derek. Zack had never married, had never had children, his only living relative had been a sister that disavowed any knowledge of her brother because of his sinful lifestyle.

“If you don’t mind, how did Zack, Mr. Miller dies?” Derek asked.

“Massive heart attack,” Sophia said. “Was helping a customer load a flat screen television into their car, just grabbed his chest and fell over.”

“Have any employees?” Derek asked. “I mean, do I need to give them their paychecks or…”

“No, was running the place by himself,” Sophia said.

Derek got all the keys, the paperwork, and the box containing Zack’s ashes.

“Thank you, hope you enjoyed your stay,” the same clerk said when Derek checked out of the motel.

“Uh, yeah, thanks; you did a great job putting me in the back like that,” Derek said and slid a twenty dollar bill to her.

Derek drove to the house and parked his car. As he was carrying the third suitcase into his new home, an older woman, dressed in fuzzy robe and fuzzy slippers stomped into the house, cell phone in one hand and .22 pistol in the other.

“And what do you think you’re doing? This is Mr. Miller’s house,” the old woman demanded.

“Hi, I’m Derek, Derek Boudreaux,” Derek said, showing the woman his hands. “Zack died, left it to me.”

“Well, we’ll just see about that,” the woman said and hit ‘send’ on her phone.

The police dispatched someone right away, and Derek got Sophia on the telephone.

“Sorry about that,” the old woman apologized.

“No, no ma’am,” Derek laughed. “I finally feel like I’m home. In Atlanta? They could have heard gunshots and nobody would have called anyone.”

He drove down to the store, let himself in and turned off the alarm. Zack was as meticulous as ever. The cash register tape said it should have forty three dollars in bills and three dollars and fifty eight cents in change and that’s what the drawer had.

The computer in the back showed him exactly what he had in inventory and Derek finally hit the lights, and hit the ‘Open’ sign.

“Hi, thank God; would you have the X Four remote? Johnson’s didn’t have it and that place out in Elgee said they were out of it, I thought the old guy died, the one that owned this place? Mr. Miller?” a woman said as she came in.

And with that, Derek was in business.

“Um, uh, hi, um, you’re not looking for any help, huh?” Brandon Douset asked.

Derek looked at the red headed boy and smiled. That was exactly how he had asked for a job seven years earlier.

The boy was a little on the chubby side, had an odd hairstyle, and had a nice sized package in his jeans.

“Here, fill this out,” Derek said, peeling off an application form. “Need a pen?”

“Uh, brought my own,” Brandon said and showed Derek he did have his own pen.

Derek helped an older woman find the ‘thingamabob’ her husband had asked her to pick up, all the while looking at Brandon’s plump rear end.

“I uh, I ain’t got a whole lot of experience,” Brandon admitted as Derek read through his application.

“You’re eighteen?” Derek verified.

“Yeah, I mean, yes sir,” Brandon said.

“Well, we all have to start somewhere, huh?” Derek said.

Brandon showed up the next day, dressed in khaki trousers and button down shirt. As Derek showed him how to work the cash register, Derek casually put his hand on the boy’s pudgy rear.

A few days later, Derek asked Brandon if he ever smoked marijuana. He had found Zack’s sizable stash in the spare bedroom’s closet. And he’d found a small vial of cannabis oil. Lacing the rolling paper with a few drops of the oil really kicked up the potency of the joints.

“Sure!” Brandon eagerly agreed as Derek closed down the shop.

They sat in the stockroom and Derek pulled out two of his laced joints. They smoked the joints together, Derek touching Brandon often while they smoked and chatted.

Just as Derek suspected, Brandon had done poorly in school, had few friends, and had few ambitions.

Then they drank a few sodas and ate a whole bag of potato chips.

“Going to be all right?” Derek asked as Brandon wobbled to the door.

“Yeah, I mean, yes sir,” Brandon said.

And then Darren Mann showed up, clutching a large brown paper bag.

“I uh, um, where’s the old guy? One that owns this place?” the slender man asked nervously.

“Passed away; I’m the new owner,” Derek said, silently thanking God for this gift.

“I uh, I well, I was uh cleaning out my attic the other day?” Darren said nervously, his eyes darting over to Brandon.

“Brandon, why don’t you straighten up the games rack?” Derek gently suggested.

“Yes sir, Mr. Boudreaux,” Brandon agreed.

“And I uh, y’all still do them copies? From tape to discs?” Darren asked quietly.

“Yes we do, got to tell you, I was about to put that old machine on Ebay, see about selling it,” Derek admitted. “You said these tapes were sitting up in your attic?”

“Uh yeah, there’s about twenty of them,” Darren admitted.

“Now, you realize, there might be some oxidation on these tapes,” Derek explained. “But we’ll do what we can.”

Darren paid with his American Express and scurried out of the store, promising to be back on Monday.

“Be in the back, Brandon,” Derek called out.

“Yes sir,” Brandon agreed.

The tapes had obviously been sealed; there was very little oxidation to worry about. Derek kept one eye on the door as he transferred from tape to disc.

“Hey, Brandon, want to see something?” Derek called out when he saw Brandon lean against the counter, cute plump ass thrust toward him.

“Sure,” Brandon agreed and stepped into the dimly lighted area.

“This is what that guy’s wanting copied,” Derek chuckled and pointed to the screen as three well-built young men formed a cock sucking daisy chain.

Brandon’s eyes goggled as he watched the men suck each other’s cocks, and then stroked the cocks as semen spurted all over their faces and open mouths.

Derek chuckled and pressed a button, turning the display into a fractured, blurred image.

“Well, you certainly can’t go out on the sales floor sporting a boner like that, can you?” Derek asked.

“Huh?” Brandon asked, tearing his eyes from the blurred video screen.

Brandon blushed hotly as he realized he had a tremendous boner tenting his pleated slacks.

“Here, let me take care of that for you,” Derek offered and unzipped Brandon’s slacks.

“Mr. Boudreaux!” Brandon gasped as Derek took his five inch cock into his mouth, took the young man’s cock all the way down to the thin wisps of red pubic hair.

Derek barely had time to savor the feeling and the taste of Brandon’s cock before Brandon was shooting a good sized load down Derek’s throat.

About an hour before closing time, Derek called the still shaken boy into the stockroom and asked him to take over.

“How you do this thing?” Brandon asked.

Derek showed him, while keeping an eye for any customers that might come in.

“Now, Brandon, you going to let me go out there? With this big hard on waving around?” Derek asked as Brandon nervously grabbed one of the tapes.

“Huh?” Brandon asked, looking up.

“I mean, I took care of you, least you could do is…” Derek said.

Derek relished the young man’s shaking hands, the slight pressure of his teeth. Soon, too soon, he was shooting a load down Brandon’s throat.

Derek smiled; Brandon’s slacks were once again tented.

At closing time, there were still about eight tapes left to copy; Derek smiled. He and Brandon would have fun watching these. They again smoked a joint while watching an already completed disc of interracial gay pornography.

“Damn, them n*ggers, I mean, them black guys got big dicks, huh?” Brandon gasped.

Derek made Brandon suck his cock, then sucked the red head’s cock, then drove him home in the 1969 Camaro.

Derek was slightly nervous; suppose, safely home, Brandon decided he had not liked the experience? Suppose Brandon told his father, a big hulking brute of a man?

Derek knew that Brandon did not have a good relationship with either of his parents. But they were still his parents and if they found out that Brandon’s boss was doing homosexual things with their precious baby boy, they might be prone to action. Violent action.

Derek had driven past his old house; his dad still drove the piece of shit Chevy pickup truck with the Confederate flag rear window. His mother, however, had a new Buick. And she still had the ugly garden gnomes, in fact, she’d added three new ones.

But Derek didn’t even bother to stop, didn’t bother to see if nearly seven years had softened their attitudes.

The next morning, Brandon came in, smiled nervously, and then showed Derek he had an erection.

“Well, you certainly can’t go out on the sales floor like that, can you?” Derek chuckled.

This time, instead of simply unzipping Brandon’s trousers, Derek unbuckled Brandon’s belt, and pulled Brandon’s trousers and plain white briefs to his knees. As he sucked his cock, Derek also cupped Brandon’s luscious ass cheeks.

Throughout the day, Derek played with Brandon’s plump ass. But, being Saturday, they were fairly busy and could not sneak into the stock room to play with or suck each other’s cocks.

Brandon practically ran with the vacuum cleaner as Derek tallied up that day’s receipts.

“Damn it; guess I’ll be in here tomorrow finishing up these transfers,” Derek said; he had genuinely forgotten about the remaining tapes.

“Oh, about what time?” Brandon asked.

Derek lighted a joint and shrugged.

“Probably after Mass; I go to the nine o’clock mass at St. Richard’s,” Derek said.

He did queue up the anal sex disc he’d brought in that morning, an old one out of Zack’s collection.

They shared a joint, kissed and lightly played with each other’s cocks while they watched man after man fuck men’s’ asses to good squirting comes.

“You ever, you think you might like that?” Derek asked and took Brandon’s cock into his mouth.

“I uh, I uh, I don’t oh!” Brandon groaned as he blasted into his boss’s mouth.

“Derek fed Brandon his cock, putting a loving hand on the back of Brandon’s head.

After Brandon swallowed the hot load of sperm, they continued watching the gay anal action.

Derek had the foresight to bring a small throw pillow and had Brandon kneel on that after taking his pants and underwear completely off.

Just as Mr. Miller had done, Derek admired the plump, pale white buttocks for a moment, then greased up a finger and dropped a dollop of jelly just above Brandon’s light pink anus.

Brandon instinctively clamped shut as he felt the greasy finger touch his anus.

Derek slowly traced around the tight orifice until he was able to worm a fingertip in.

Derek marveled at the control Zack must have had; he desperately wanted to just thrust his finger into the sweet little hole, then grease up his cock and jam it into Brandon’s squirming little pucker.

But he forced himself to go slow. Soon enough, he was fucking Brandon’s ass hole with two greasy fingers and Brandon was actually thrusting back. Then Derek greased up his throbbing cock and placed the head of his cock at Brandon’s slimy rectum.

“Ugh!” Brandon protested as Derek’s cock head pressed against him.

“Mr. Boudreaux, this, that hurts,” Brandon protested as Derek’s flared head pushed in a little further.

Derek stopped, putting a comforting hand on Brandon’s pudgy hip.

“I don’t want, we need to, stop, Mr. Boudreaux, please,” Brandon sobbed out as Derek’s cock head pushed in past his sphincter.

“Ugh!” Brandon cried out as Derek forced another inch into his protesting rectum.

Brandon then cried out as a stream of semen shot out of his erect cock, liberally dotting the concrete floor.

“Stop, it hurts,” Brandon sobbed.

“The first time always does,” Derek counseled. “But I’m all the way in; feel me? Feel my big cock up that tight little hole huh? And it’s such a pretty little hole,” Derek said as he slowly began pulling out.

“Ugh!” Brandon protested as Derek pushed back in.

In a few minutes, though, Brandon was just grunting, no longer protesting as Derek fucked his tight ass.

Derek howled as he finally loosed a torrent of sperm up the young man’s ass.

Then he sucked Brandon’s cock, and then fed the more composed young man his own semen. He then drove the young man home.

The next day, after Mass, Derek Went home, changed into nylon shorts and jockstrap and tank top then drove to his store. He let himself into the store’s dark stockroom, turned on the monitor of the transfer machine and readied the tape and disc.

A few minutes into the third to last tape, Derek heard a light knock at the rear door.

He peeked out the small window and saw Brandon in the small alleyway. A careful sweep showed no one else, so Derek opened the door and let the young man in.

“Hi I uh, Hi Mr. Boudreaux, kind of thought I’d uh come and uh see if you uh, you needed any help?” Brandon stammered.

Derek smiled, kissed the young man while fondling Brandon’s cock through his loose shorts.

“Hey, why don’t you call me Derek, huh?” he asked.

Derek knelt and sucked Brandon to a quick come, then pulled his own clothes off. Brandon sucked him to a quick come, then Derek greased up his still quite hard cock with petroleum jelly.

Derek sat in his chair and pulled Brandon onto his lap.

“Ugh!” Brandon protested as Derek pushed the head of his cock against Brandon’s tightly clenched anus.

“Ow! Oh God damn, it fucking hurts!” Brandon whined.

Within minutes, though, Brandon was bouncing happily on his boss’s cock.

A few months later, Brandon moved into Derek’s house.

Other than smoking pot, watching gay porn, and getting fucked up his tight little hole, Brandon still has no ambition in life.

Other than smoking pot, watching gay porn, and fucking his sweet little red head’s tight little hole, Derek also doesn’t have any real ambition in life.

Robin found having to pay rent, utilities, and food on his own was too hard, so is for all intents and purposes homeless. He jumps from one lover’s bed to another. Life’s too short to limit himself to just one cock when there are so many beautiful ones out there.



*Author’s Note: I write these stories for my own pleasure; I post them here for your enjoyment. ‘Gay Male’ is a bit out of my normal fare; I’d written one a few years back and obviously people hated that offering. But I thought I’d try it again and see what happens.

Disclaimers: Yes, I need an Editor. No, I don’t want an Editor.

Yes, it jumps around too much, there are too many people to keep track of, it’s too long, it’s not long enough, it’s in the wrong category, its stupid shit and I am a terrible writer.

Have a nice day.

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