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Zack and Katie

Category: Incest
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“Hey Zack, when did you get home?” Katie had seen her brother passing by her partially open bedroom door. Zack was Katie’s older brother and they had always been pretty close. Zack was a senior in college and Katie a junior.

“Last night, late,” her replied as he walked through her door a sat down on the bed.

“How come? I thought you and Allie were going skiing this weekend.”

“Me and Allie broke up yesterday. She said I wasn’t paying enough attention to her.”

Katie could hear the emotion in her brother’s voice. She asked him if he wanted to talk about and he said he did. This was something they had always done. Katie had helped her brother through a couple of rough breakups before. Zack talked for some time while Katie listened attentively as she’d always done. But as it became obvious he was getting “talked out” Katie also noticed Zack was looking down towards her breasts. She wasn’t surprised by this at all as Zack’s love of breasts had been something she’d long been aware of and which in fact she’d often ribbed him about. Still, she’d never noticed him looking at her that way before. Then as she looked down at her breasts she saw why, he pajama top was not buttoned all the way up and although her breasts were certain not entirely visible it was obvious that he could see more than was modest. As she started to look up she noticed the rise in Zack’s boxer shorts.

“Zackie,” Katie only called him this when she made fun of him, “if you’re not careful you’re gonna expose yourself to me!”

Zack knew immediately what she was talking about and moved enough so his cock would stay within his shorts. “Oh fuck you Katie!”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you!”

“It’d be the best you ever had!” Zack retorted.

But instead of coming back at him one more time, what Zack expected, Katie suddenly turned thoughtful and asked, “How come I turn you on?”

“You don’t!” Zack said defensively. “It’s just morning wood!”

“Really? Then how come you didn’t have it when you came in?” Katie asked calling his bluff. She hadn’t actually noticed his condition one way or the other when he’d first sat down on the bed.

This was one place Katie tended to win as Zack wasn’t quite so sure of himself as Katie was. “Well so what if I wasn’t?” It was the only thing he could think of to say.

Katie had expected him to give her another pointed “screw you” so this answer caught her off guard. “I do turn you on?”

Zack felt a lot of discomfort with this line of talk and her question made him pause for quite a while as he considered an answer. When he failed to say anything she said, “Wow, I do turn you on don’t I?”

Zack was blushing profusely but finally replied, “Well hell Katie, you are beautiful and you know it!”

“And you love tits!” Katie grabbed her breasts with her hands and squeezed them. She wanted to quickly lighten up the subject but instead she found all she had done was attract Zack’s attention right back on what had started it all.

There was a long silence. Finally Katie said, “Zack.”


“Your pecker is showing.”

Zack looked down and sure enough he had indeed popped out of his shorts. He quickly pushed himself back inside and blushed some more.

“It’s all right Zackie, it’s not like I’ve never seen it before.”

“Yeah, but you’ve never seen it like this before.”

In fact she hadn’t seen him since they were little kids who had innocently run naked under a sprinkler on one very hot summer’s day. So this was very different because she noticed she had unwittingly become turned on herself. Then, as if someone else were in her body making her do things she opened up her pajama top so Zack could see her full breasts.

“Zack, they’re just tits. No big deal!” Katie really believed that and had said as much to other people on other occasions. But she immediately realized this was different because she knew that for Zack it was a big deal. She silently chastised herself for tormenting her brother but then she heard him mutter, “wow.”

“Do you like them?” What a dumb question she thought to herself, of course he does.


“I wish they were bigger.” Now this was something no one would have expected from Kate mostly because she had always been something of a feminist, a fact that Zack hadn’t missed either.

“You do? Why? They’re perfect.”

“Vanity.” She replied quietly.

“What do you mean.”

“Well, contrary to what I’ve said a million times I do like it when men look at me and if they were bigger, well, they’d notice me more often.”

“I think they notice you enough as it is.” The firmness of Zack’s response both surprised and pleased Katie. There was a protective tone to his response that warmed her. “Katie?”


“Can I, um,” Zack was fumbling with his words, “can I touch them.”

Although Zack’s request surprised her a little Katie surprised herself even more by not being offended by his request and in fact liking it. “I guess.”

Zack moved himself so he was sitting next to her. Katie was surprised by the gentleness of Zack’s touch. Every man who had ever felt her breasts had been a bit rougher than she liked but Zack was touching her like a woman would. Katie knew this because unknown to her family she had been sleeping with her college roommate from the beginning of the school year. Katie had closed her eyes when he started touching her but when she opened them again her eyes went immediately to Zack’s cock which was once again peeking out from his shorts. She laughed, she thought, to herself.

“What?” Zack asked.

Katie reached out and tugged at Zack’s cock. “Nice wood!”

Zack shivered beneath her touch and Katie didn’t miss that. What seemed like an eternity of silenced passed and then Katie, throwing caution to the wind, pulled Zack down on top her and kissed him passionately on his lips. At first Zack didn’t respond at all but then suddenly he was returning her kiss with the lust of a high school kid enjoying his first kisses. Katie felt in her mind the shock of what she was doing but that was totally overtaken but the exquisite feeling of the taboo they were engaged in. This wasn’t something she’d ever entertained as a thought but now that she was in the middle of it she loved it.

They were both naked in seconds and their hands were all over each other’s body. The first time Katie felt Zack touch her pussy she felt a shock rush up from her pussy up her back to her face and back down again in an instant. She had felt something similar to this when she had given up her virginity but this was stronger and surprisingly better.

Katie had responding by grabbing Zack’s cock and stroking it. She noticed he wasn’t so long as he was thick and she loved the feel of his cock in her hand. She knew he was rock hard and it pleasured her to know she was responsible.

Then Katie wrapped her arms and her legs around Zack to get him as close to her as she could as their frenzied kissing continued. Katie was pressing her fingernails into Zack’s back as Zack grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly to him. It was then she could feel Zack’s cock rubbing against the outer lips of her pussy and Katie whispered in his ear, “Don’t let it go in Zackie, don’t let it go in.”

But for her part Katie did nothing to stop him from entering her although Zack tried to honor her request. Katie knew he was doing that just from the way he changed his movement against her. His cock continued to rub her pussy lips but each she felt the head of his cock push even a little bit into her she felt him quickly withdraw it and push it away.

Their kissing went on for another five minutes and they each got more and more turned on. Their passions grew and Katie felt her head swimming but in a way that felt wonderful. Zack, like Katie, was awash with the excitement of participating in their forbidden sexuality. He desperately wanted to feel his cock in his sister but also deeply desired to honor her request. But after five minutes his will to stop himself was lessening and once again he felt the tip of his cock enter his sister’s pussy. “Don’t let it go in Zackie, don’t let it go in.” she whispered again. But this time he wanted to test her so he went a little deeper.

“No Zackie don’t,” Katie again whispered in his ear. But her very breathy request was actually turning him on more and Zack took it more as a request to continue than as a rebuff.

As he got a little deeper in her he felt Katie shudder a bit and say, “Zackie don’t, we can’t.”

There was nothing in Katie’s body language, however, that discouraged his movement into her and so he slowly slipped his cock into her deeper and as he did he heard her moaning in his ear, “No don’t Zackie, don’t, don’t.”

But once her was all the way in her he thought he heard he let out a deep breath and then he felt her actually pulled him tightly to her.

As she felt him entering her Katie’s mind screamed at her that this was wrong, worse even than what they had already done. She knew she was asking him to stop but her body was betraying her in its desire to feel his thick cock buried in her pussy. The worst thing, however, was even saying “no” and knowing she truly didn’t want him to stop. It went against everything she believed in and even it felt somehow inextricably linked to their forbidden passions, to that certain core something that made this all the more delightful.

When Zack was all the way in her Katie abandoned any thoughts of stopping. But she did take charge of the situation and in one svelte move pushed Zack from on top of her and quickly mounted him. With her hands on his chest and her eyes fixed on his eyes Katie slowly lowered herself onto Zack’s straining cock. When she got to the base of it she ground her pussy into him so she could feel his fullness pressing strongly against all parts of her pussy and she moaned as her hips moved against his.

With her knees astride of his hips Katie began to slowly fuck Zack’s cock. She didn’t want to be his lover, she wanted to be his slut and told him as much. Katie started using language she had never used with any of her boyfriends but this relationship of course was different from any she’d ever had and she loved that.

As she started to bang herself against Zack’s hips Katie said in her most sultry voice, “Come on Zackie; fuck me like the whore I am!”

At that moment Zack did something Katie didn’t expect. He reached up and grabbed her tits and then squeezed her nipples hard, very hard, so hard that she yelped out in pain. But immediately after she cried out in pain she assured him by saying, “Yes Zackie, pull my nipples hard. Make them hurt!”

Katie hated pain but in a strange twist that bit of pain she felt at her breasts had almost sent her into an orgasm and she wanted that orgasm so she encouraged Zack to continue. “That’s it Zackie, pull those tits!” Katie couldn’t believe her mouth but there was a thrill in saying these things, a really turn-on.

Katie started fucking Zack’s cock harder and faster as Zack returned the favor by pulling at her breasts and pinching her nipples harder still. It surprised to when suddenly she felt like Zack’s cock suddenly swelled insider her pussy and then she could feel his hot cum bursting into her pussy. Her orgasm was sudden a powerful like waves of heat washing over her. Her head was spinning in an almost surreal excitement as she felt her pussy gush all over Zack. She had never come so strongly and even more surprisingly she was slowing down. Her orgasm continued as she continued pounding her pussy onto Zack’s cock.

Neither of them wanted to stop but Zack was spent and although Katie urged him on she knew in her heart that she had to give him a bit of a break. Finally she fell off him and alongside him taking him into her arms. She loved the feel of her breasts crushed into her brother’s chest. Zack loved the feeling too although he was almost breathless from what they had just done and although he really wanted to continue he also liked enjoying the moment they were in.

As they lay there Katie very lightly stroked Zack’s not quite flaccid cock with her finger. And Zack gently played with one of Katie’s breasts.

Then Zack heard Katie mutter, “Aw shit.”


“You didn’t wear protection and I’m not on the pill.”

“You’re not!” Zack replied in complete disbelief.

“Well, I told you I was broken up with my last boyfriend and I wasn’t planning on having any sex any time soon so I just sort of stopped taking them. They make me feel bloated.”

“Aw shit Katie, what are we gonna do.”

“Well, I think we’re safe anyway. I’m pretty sure I’m in the wrong part of my cycle.”

There was a long silent and then Zack asked, “So does that mean we can do it again?”

Zack had an evil grin on his face and Katie replied, “You’re damn right we will!”

This was the first and most tame of their sexual experiences together.

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