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Two Plus One Equals Fun

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They’d met one day and quickly developed an easy, open rapport. Yvette was attached, she confessed to Jade, but that didn’t stop her from constantly fantasizing about sex with others, dreaming up all sorts of intensely erotic scenarios for herself.

“I don’t know why, I just feel horny all the time. I must be a nympho, or something,” she chuckled, taking a sip from her glass of wine as the two women laughed knowingly.

For that old-fashioned word, ‘nympho,’ could also have been applied to Jade, a lust-driven vixen if there ever was one. Luckily Jade had an arrangement with a lover these days which allowed many of her sexual fantasies to be explored and enacted, some of her most extreme desires to be expressed and satisfied. So she told Yvette about Steve and how the two of them enjoyed their lustful liaisons, those liaisons sometimes including others. This certainly piqued Yvette’s interest.

“Does he have a nice, big cock?” Yvette asked with a giggle, but a meaningful one, “I just have this thing for cocks. I love ’em all nice and big and hard.”

“Oh Steve’s got himself a nice one alright,” Jade said with a coy smile, reaching into her purse for something, “take a look at this.”

What Jade handed over to Yvette was a Polaroid of Steve she had taken a few weeks earlier and liked to carry around with her in her purse, sneaking a look whenever she felt a hankering for him, which was often. Yvette’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped as she gazed at the image.

In it he stood stark naked, hands on his hips, a sexy, knowing smile on his face, his steely, thick eight inch cock vividly erect and rising at a steep, forty-five degree angle, a sentinel of virility.

“Oh, shit! Look at that thing! It’s gorgeous, and it looks absolutely yummy.”

“It’s yummy, okay,” Jade said with a sexy smile, leaning forward, lowering her voice provocatively, “but even better is when he’s got it buried in my cunt…. or deep in my ass.”

“You take it up the ass?” Yvette said, looking up from the photo at Jade, a little startled, pleasantly so, ” So do I. Doing it like that is so hot and nasty, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, and Steve sure knows how to plow mine with that dick of his.”

Now Yvette leaned closer, gazing right into Jade’s eyes.

“I love big cocks, that’s true,” she said, “but another thing I love is pussy!”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Jade said with a sexy, knowing smile, taking hold of Yvette’s hand, “I’m a big fan of pussy myself.

Their gaze lingered a moment, then both broke out into a lusty laugh, a laugh which acknowledged the fluid, easy grace with which they shared these intimate disclosures.

“Why don’t you come over to my place sometime,” Jade suggested, “I’ll make sure Steve is there, and you can see that cock of his with your own two eyes. He loves showing it off nice and hard. And then we’ll put on a hot, sexy show for you.”

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Yvette said, delighted by this proposal.

“And if you’d like,” Jade said, leaning close again, “you can join in and take part in the fun and games.’

“I just may do that,” Yvette said, her eyes ablaze with the promise of shared intimacies.

After they were done with their lunch, the two women went to the ladies’ room to put on make-up and freshen up. They were alone in there, at adjoining basins. Jade finished up while Yvette was still applying lipstick and now she stepped behind Yvette, who was wearing a rather provocatively short skirt. From behind she slid her hand under that skirt and went right for the crotch of Yvette’s panties. They were damp and warm.

“Mmmmmmh,” Jade purred, “could it be I detect a little arousal?”

“Oh more than a little, much more,” Yvette said, turning to Jade and pressing her lips to hers, the two women kissing, the kiss lingering, passionate as their heated bodies pressed close until the sound of footsteps leading to the ladies room forced them to break off their spontaneous burst of intimacy.

A week later Yvette showed up at Jade’s door step. Jade had Yvette arrive first, wanting her to be there when Steve showed up. And Jade’s instinct was correct, Yvette waiting a touch anxiously, eagerly anticipating Steve’s arrival.

“Can I see that Polaroid again?” Yvette asked and Jade gladly retrieved it.

“Damn, I can’t wait to see it in the flesh!” Yvette said unabashedly.

At first Jade thought the the two of them might undress and start up a little girl-girl play, having Steve see them in that state when he arrived, naked and already intimate. But then she decided to wait, to keep up the teasing, the anticipation. Also, she wasn’t quite yet sure how far Yvette would go. She had invited Yvette over so she could watch Jade and Steve have sex, could lay her eyes on his big cock. Whether Yvette herself would join in on the fun and games was yet to be seen.

Finally the doorbell rang, and there was Steve. Everyone was in on what was in store, but now Jade made the introductions, and both Steve and Yvette seemed quite pleased to finally lay eyes on one another. Steve was wearing a pair of old, worn jeans which were especially threadbare in the crotch area, the fabric there thin and frayed. Show off that he was, Steve liked wearing these jeans, knowing the worn crotch drew attention to the bulge. And even when he wasn’t erect Steve carried a substantial package down below, a nice, thick meaty cock, a formidable pair of balls, and that package was vivid indeed housed in the worn crotch of these jeans.

Something Yvette did not fail to notice, as her eyes immediately drifted down below his belt, to the region in the question, her gaze frank and unabashed. And all of this Jade, of course, observed, smiling to herself, expecting no less.

“So I was just showing Yvette that Polaroid, Steve, the one with you standing naked, your cock sticking up all stiff and thick. She asked to see it again.”

Yvette actually blushed a little at Jade’s wickedly brash disclosure.

“Like to have a look at the real thing?” Steve asked with a teasing smile,

“She sure would,” Jade said, sensually rubbing the crotch of Steve’s jeans, feeling him quickly stiffening under her touch, “she wants to see it in the flesh.”

“Yeah, that’s right, I do,” Yvette said, panting a little.

So very slowly and teasingly Jade unbuckled Steve’s belt and unzipped him, digging a hand under the elastic of his shorts, fondling him as Yvette watched, spellbound.

“God, he’s hard!” Jade said, stroking the shaft, its stiffness now already vividly apparent to Yvette under the cotton of his boxers. But she teased Yvette, stroking Steve’s cock under the fabric, keeping it out of view, Yvette staring intently, her eyes wide and unblinking. Then, suddenly, Jade lowered the elastic and pulled out Steve’s cock.

“Oh wow, holy shit!” Yvette groaned, suddenly getting an eyeful of the fully erect organ, sticking up stiff and straight at that same steep, sharp angle that had impressed her in the photo. She took in the sight with eyes as keen as a set of lasers, gazing at it, its shape and proportions, its details. Yvette considered herself something of a connoisseur of cock, and this was a prime specimen.

“Nice, huh?” Jade purred, proudly showing off her man’s cock, stroking it almost lewdly. “It feels so good, Yvette. So hard, so warm. Such a nice handful. Care to have a feel and see for yourself?”

“What do you think!?” she said brightly, licking her lips. Jade pulled her own hand away as Yvette brought hers closer, at first just grazing the taut skin of the erect penis softly with her fingertips, like a pilgrim allowed to touch a precious relic.

And then, suddenly, she just took hold of it, wrapping her fingers around the thick, steely shaft.

“Go on, have a taste,” Jade urged as Yvette looked up at her, her eyes sparkling, delighted to be given the go-ahead. Holding the shaft in her hand, gazing first at Jade, then up at Steve, she wrapped her lips around the big, smooth knob, the look in her eyes, the grimace on her face betraying the deepest arousal and appreciation at being allowed to enjoy this cock of Steve’s. Since she had first seen the Polaroid she couldn’t get the image of it out of her mind. Now here it was, in her hand, between her lips.

“That’s it, suck that cock!” Jade hissed, pushing back on Yvette’s head, a little forcefully, though Yvette hardly needed any urging as she took that cock in her mouth and down her throat, devouring it avidly, greedy for its taste, its feel. For Yvette a stiff cock was nature’s greatest gift and now here she had a prime example of that gift at her disposal.

As she kept sucking him and twisting the shaft in her hand, Jade unbuttoned and removed Steve’s shirt, then pulled down his jeans and shorts, and removed them, along with his shoes and socks. Now standing stark naked in front of Yvette, his hands on his hips as she, sitting on the couch, kept devouring him, Jade took off her own clothes, Yvette watching closely as the other woman exposed her sleek body.

Jade was going to help Yvette undress but, before she did, she couldn’t help doing something, something she always craved. So she dropped to her knees behind Steve, took hold of his trim, firm buttocks, spread them wide open and pressed her face between them, lapping hungrily at his asshole.

“While you’re sucking my cock, she’s licking my ass,” Steve said in a measured tone, his voice, deep, masculine, “I love women.”

“That’s right, baby,” Jade said, pulling away, chuckling, “and we women love you. ”

Now Jade sat on the couch next to Yvette, the two women gazing at each other as Yvette kept up the blow job, and Jade began to unbutton her blouse.

“And we love each other too,” Jade said, bringing her face close as Yvette, reading the signal, released Steve’s cock from her lips and let Jade have herself a nice taste. But Jade had other things in mind as she now urged Yvette to resume sucking, systematically disrobing Yvette as she continued fellating Steve. Off came the blouse, the skirt. She wore no bra and had already taken off her sandals. So all that was left to do was to slip off Yvette’s skimpy pair of thongs, now leaving the three of them utterly and totally naked.

Jade had promised Yvette that she and Steve would put on a hot, sexy show for her, hinting that the heat generated by such a show would likely make Yvette want to join in. Well, here was Yvette sucking Steve’s cock, so the ‘joining in’ had already been accomplished. But, still, now Jade wanted to have she and Steve perform for Yvette’s viewing pleasure, have her watch as they engaged in one of their typically raw, scorching couplings. When they lunched, Yvette had been deeply intrigued to hear how much Jade enjoyed taking it up the ass, and when Jade had mentioned to her that perhaps she’d like to come by sometime and watch she and Steve do the dirty, Yvette, with a glint in her eye, said teasingly that she’d love that, especially if Jade promised Yvette could watch Steve fucking her in the ass.

Now Jade remembered that little detail. Steve had fucked her the night before, and that very morning, but in the cunt only. It had been almost a week since he had fucked her ass.

Jade lowered her face to Yvette’s breasts, sucking one nipple, then the other. Her nipples were stiff and aroused, and she sighed deeply when she felt Jade’s lips on them. Having her very sensitive nipples suckled like this while she sucked Steve’s cock was, for her, pure bliss.

“How’d you like to watch Steve fuck me with that cock you’re sucking?” Jade asked, lifting her face from Yvette’s breasts, whispering in her ear.

“I’d love it!” Yvette panted, pulling her mouth away.

“But it’ll have to be in my ass,” Jade teased, knowing very well that Yvette would crave nothing more than to see exactly that. “Steve gave my pussy a real workout last night and this morning, but my asshole could use a good reaming.”

Steve smiled, loving the racy banter between the two women.

Now Jade got up on the couch on her knees and stuck out her ass provocatively, stuck out it out nice and high knowing that would separate her cheeks enough to make her asshole visible to the two. She knew how desperately Steve lusted for that puckered little hole every time he laid his eyes on it.. And now she wanted to show it off to their guest.

“Reach back and spread ’em, baby,” Steve told her firmly and she did as she was told, bringing her two hands back to hold her buttocks wide open.

“Ooooh, what a cute little asshole,” Yvette purred teasingly as Steve smiled, appreciating the lewd friskiness of this guest Jade had invited to her home. Steve had to admit that Jade had a great eye, a real sixth sense for who would turn out to be a perfect sex partner for the two of them. They had enjoyed some sizzling threesomes and foursomes as a result of Jade’s choices and seductions. And Jade, too, loved hearing Yvette comment on her vividly exposed anus. Because today that anus was there not only for Steve, but for Yvette as well.

“Yeah it’s so cute that I think you should lick it,” Steve hissed as, looking over her shoulder, Jade could see Steve pushing gently on the back of Yvette’s head, urging her to bring her face down to Jade’s bottom.

And she did, gladly, taking hold of Jade’s smooth buttocks, caressing and then massaging those globes as she teased the other woman, playfully blowing air right on her vividly exposed asshole, the effect on Jade to make her long desperately for the feel of Yvette’s tongue, anyone’s tongue! Then she felt that tongue and, as always, the sensation was sublime. For some women their assholes were tempting but forbidden entryways to be denied their men, or were offered up, often reluctantly, as a special treat to please them. But for Jade her asshole was like another pussy, it was one the major destinations of her erotic topography. She always knew she had the potential for enjoying sensual pleasure down there. But it was Steve who really opened her up to the thrills and the joys of anal and rectal sex. Tongues, fingers, cocks, toys, she welcomed it all in her ass, Jade did, she craved it.

And now she craved the contact of Yvette’s wet, slippery and very nimble tongue as it delicately flickered over the highly sensitive membrane making up her sphincter, that slightly raised ridge which bordered and guarded the entryway to her rectal depths. Few things had made her as happy as when Steve told her she had an especially pretty and nicely formed asshole. Other women seek to have their bodies, their faces, their breasts noticed and complimented, and Steve certainly did not fail to lavish praise on those domains, but that first time when he spread her open, exposing her down there, and told her how cute was that little puckered hole of hers, like a little star, with the creases radiating from the entryway, the circumference of the rubbery ridge raised just a little, so appealingly, she took it as a rare and special compliment. Which it was.

And now Yvette began to lap away hungrily at that morsel, betraying that she knew a thing or two about lavishing an asshole with oral attention. Steve watched Yvette tongue Jade’s bottom. Jade had told him Yvette was half-Brazilian and that was easy to believe, her dark, exotic allure made even more alluring as she pressed her face against Jade’s bottom, her eyes sparkling with lust as she she glanced over at Steve, lewdly flickering the tip of her tongue over Jade’s asshole, obviously keen to make a show out of it for Steve. And for Jade too. Though Jade couldn’t see any of the detail, there was a large mirror hanging on the wall and, turning to it, she could vividly see Yvette’s face burrowing between her open cheeks.

“Get your tongue lower and lick her pussy,” Steve comanded, and Yvette now brought her tongue an inch lower, dragging it all over Jade’s very wet and very exposed labia. Meanwhile Steve wedged his face above Yvette’s and took over the rimming chores, lapping away eagerly at Jade’s asshole as he had countless times before.

“Oh shit! You two are driving me fucking crazy!” Jade groaned as she felt the two tongues work away at her, Yvette’s making it down to her clit, already swollen and pronounced, teasing her with a few quick flickers of the tip of her tongue over that hard little nub. The clit! What a gift of nature, the size of a little pearl, and the potential for giving pleasure of a steaming volcano. But Yvette knew there would be plenty of time to attend to that little pearl of Jade’s. This was just a quick tease. And so now she dragged her tongue upwards again as Steve pulled away and Yvette resumed licking Jade’s asshole. They took turns now, Steve and Yvette, lapping away at Jade’s ass like two famished gluttons, first just licking, then, Yvette following Steve’s lead, forcing their tongues up into her anal passage, feeling the smooth walls of that passage pressing on their probing tongues. Jade just savored this particular sensation, to have her ass ‘fucked’ by a tongue like this. What a delicious prelude it was for much more forceful and massive intrusions certain to come very soon.

“That’s it, get that tongue in there, lick that ass, fuck it with your tongue,” Steve urged insistently, pushing back on Yvette’s head, then brought his face down also, the two managing to wedge both their tongues at once between Jade’s cheeks.

“That’s right, you two sluts! Lick my ass, lick my fucking asshole!” Jade howled, pushing back her bottom against their probing tongues, their two tongues meeting as, together, they dug in to lick the steamy anal crevice.

“Now stick a finger inside,” Steve told Yvette, pulling back his tongue as Yvette pulled hers back, replacing it with a finger, which she slowly dug into Jade’s anus, Jade moaning as she felt the stiff digit slide into her bottom.

“Mmmmmmh, nice and tight, Steve, bet your big, thick cock’s gonna like it in there,” she said, winking at him with a sassy grin.

Jade craved the finger probing her bottom, digging in deep, and loved hearing Yvette being so expressive. But she wasn’t surprised; she had the sexy brunette pegged as a hot little number and a sexy tease the minute she laid eyes on her. Now Steve slid in a finger of his own, alongside Yvette’s, Jade’s asshole well prepped for such probing after all the lavish licking. Jade often had two fingers wedged up her ass but they usually belonged to one hand, Steve’s. Now here she was with a man’s finger and a woman’s finger jammed up her hot, horny ass, both at once.

All that fingering made Jade want more, much more. And so she looked over her shoulder at Steve and her simple nod told him just what it was she wished for now. So he pulled his finger out and and went to fetch the jar of lubricant they kept exclusively for the purpose of easing anal entry.

“Here,” he said, opening the jar and extending it to Yvette, “why don’t you grease her up.”

It sent a chill through Jade whenever she heard Steve use the word ‘grease.’ Somehow it sounded especially obscene, knowing that the greasing he referred to was of her ass, and that it was to be done for a purpose, for the fucking of that ass.

Yvette, smiling a little wickedly, pulled her finger out of Jade and reached to scoop up a big dab of the ‘grease,’ slapping it between Jade’s cheeks.

“Oh yeah, honey, I’m gonna get you good and ready,” Yvette purred.

And that she did, slowly and teasingly spreading the slick lube all over Jade’s sphincter, then working plenty more in with a couple of stiff fingers.

“That”s right,” Jade said, looking over her shoulder at Yvette, gazing right into her eyes, “grease it up and get it ready for a good fuck!”

Steve delighted in the lewd banter, delighted in having their guest first lick, then finger and now lube his lover’s ass. His cock was standing up as stiff and straight as a flagpole, and Yvette was staring at it, staring at it rather lustfully, as she continued to prepare Jade’s bottom.

“Get that cock over here!” Yvette said, pulling her fingers away from Jade and grabbing hold of Steve’s penis, bringing the tip right up against Jade’s well-lubed asshole. Jade could barely restrain herself, desperately hungry for the steel thickness to force her open and enter her rectum. And Yvette was well aware just how much Jade now sought entry, which only spurred on her teasing. She took her sweet time, merely rubbing the knob of Steve’s cock against Jade’s greedy little anus. Every time Jade pushed back a little, signaling how desperately she sought to have it inside her, Yvette pulled it away, slapping her buttocks with that greased cock until Jade settled down again and waited a little longer. Yvette cherished this, cherished having Steve’s big, thick cock in her hand, at her disposal, using it as a tool with which to tease and tantalize the other woman, knowing just how much, by now, Jade longed to have that cock buried deep in her ass.

“Damn it! Get it in there!” Jade demanded, the bold tone of her voice could not have been any more clear about her intent.

And so Yvette now obliged, holding on to the shaft, and forcing the knob inside, watching it ‘pop’ in, Jade’s anus dilating to accommodate its thickness as it had countless times before.

“That’s right, Steve, let me see you fuck this ass with that big cock of yours,” Yvette hissed, now letting go of his shaft and reaching down to spread Jade’s cheeks wide open, eager to see every scorching detail.

Yvette watched closely with spellbound eyes as Steve fucked Jade with smooth, deep, steady strokes, putting on a real ass-fucking show for her.

“Shit! This is really making me horny, Jade, watching you take it like this. I’ve just got to do more than watch,” Yvette told them as Jade turned to look at Steve, both intuiting what they needed to do next. And that was to change position. First Steve rolled over so that both he and Jade were on their sides, then he made one more turn so that now he was sitting back on the couch, with Jade on top of him, facing away from him, her ass impaled on his cock.

“Like the view now?” Jade asked Yvette with a lewd little gleam in her eye.

“I love it!” Yvette growled, and why wouldn’t she. There was Jade, stark naked and sleek, her asshole impaled on Steve’s thick cock, her legs flexed, her body fully exposed to Yvette, her face, her breasts, the pretty, gleaming pussy, her legs, her feet, everything.

“Come here,” Jade whispered, looking right at Yvette, extending her arms in a welcoming embrace as Yvette came close and the two women hugged and kissed, kissed passionately. And Yvette, so as not to neglect him, pulled her lips momentarily away from Jade’s and kissed Steve

“This is so intimate,” Yvette said softly, her eyes sparkling with tenderness and lust, “kissing you, being so close, so close to you both, hugging and feeling your body against mine, Jade while you’re being fucked, while you’re taking it up the ass!”

“Yes, I know, isn’t it?” Jade said to the other woman, acknowledging the blunt but intimate recognition.

Now, suddenly, Yvette brought her face lower, to Jade’s breasts, licking and sucking on first one nipple, then the other, the nipples stiff and aroused, squeezing both breasts softly as she savored a the nipples between her lips. And then, slowly, tantalizingly, Yvette dragged her tongue lower, over Jade’s stomach, and lower still, Jade running her hands through Yvette’s hair, eager, hungry, desperate for the contact she knew would now come.

And then it came as Yvette planted her lips right on Jade’s pussy, a dewy flower, moist and fragrant. From the first touch of her lips, from the first flicker of her tongue, Jade could sense that Yvette knew exactly what she was doing, licking her pussy with skill, with passion and finesse. Her tongue made a journey running along the folds of her labia, up to the swollen clit, which she gently suckled as, at the same time, she slid two fingers deep into Jade’s cunt. With those fingers she could feel Steve’s thick, rigid cock plowing its way into Jade’s ass, his cock and Yvette’s probing fingers separated by only the thinnest of membranes. Yvette even managed to bring her tongue down lower for a moment and give Steve’s balls a nice, healthy licking. Steve’s butt was right on the edge of the couch so Yvette even managed to deftly worm her tongue between his cheeks and give his asshole a good licking too, then up over his balls again, her tongue gliding up the shaft of his cock to the point where it was enveloped by Jade’s dilated asshole, and then, upwards again, to her pussy.

Jade was bearing down hard on Steve, wanted every inch impaling her ass while Yvette worked her oral magic. She craned her neck to look at Steve, the two gazing into one another’s eyes.

“Come here, baby,” she whispered huskily as she pressed her lips to his, their lips parting, tongues swirling, their breath sweet and hot as the two shared a luscious kiss, Yvette all the while continuing her journey upwards until her tongue was again pressing against Jade’s clit.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!” Jade cried out, feeling the piercing pleasure of Yvette’s renewed contact with her aroused clit. “you two are too good to me!”

And then, suddenly it happened. Where the sensations began it was hard to say for Jade, so much of her body was being stimulated at once. Yvette was even reaching up to squeeze her nipples while she delved into her cunt with her mouth and fingers and Steve delved into her ass with his cock. All Jade knew was that moments later her whole body was alive with sensation, with the deepest, most profound pleasure, her orgasm extravagant as her anus pulsated around Steve’s cock, her pussy oozing its dew against Yvette’s lips. Normally Jade moaned and sighed when she climaxed, but this time the sensations were so deep, so overwhelming that she could not utter a sound, her eyes closed, her mouth open, her body quivering as wave after wave after wave of the most sublimely pleasurable sensation transported her to an earthly version of paradise.

When it was over, when she began to settle down, Yvette pulled her lips away and looked up at Steve, the two sharing a smile, knowing that, together, in synchrony, they had brought such joy to Jade.

Finally Jade lifted herself off of Steve and gazed directly at Yvette.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said and Yvette knew Jade was dead earnest.

“Oh yeah, I need it too, I need some of this thick cock,” she said, grabbing hold of Steve’s still steely shaft, slick and hot from having reamed out Jade’s rectum.

“Suck it!” Jade hissed, pressing Yvette’s face down, wanting her to taste Steve’s cock, hot from probing her ass. And suck it she did, extravagantly while Jade now reached between Yvette’s legs to feel her soaked down there, her cunt drenched!

“Mmmmmhm,” she purred in Yvette’s ear as she sucked steve’s cock, “I think all this has gotten you rather aroused.”

Now Jade pulled Yvette away from Steve, pressing the other woman’s body against her own, kissing her deeply, driving a hand between her legs, digging the fingers of that hand into Yvette’s tight and yet exceedingly moist cunt.

“Let’s give Steve a little show before you enjoy some of that cock of his,” Jade whispered, caressing Yvette sensually, rubbing her body against Yvette’s a little lewdly, then tumbling down on the bed with her as Steve leaned back, lazily fisting his own cock, watching the two women go at each other. And Jade immediately took control. She was going to set the pace and tease the other women, tease her until her unbridled lust could no longer be contained. She pushed her down on the bed and then, taking her time, sucked on her two nipples, Yvette oohing and ahhing uninhibitedly as she luxuriated in the tender oral caresses. Then Jade dragged her tongue to Yvette’s navel, lingering there, a deep sigh coming from the other woman, a sigh so profound it would’ve made one think her navel was another clit. Slowly, Jade dragged her tongue further down, Yvette moaning frankly now, tossing her head from side to side, her excitement mounting as she yearned again for that magic contact between Jade’s lips and her needy, overly aroused pussy.

But Yvette had been something of a tease and now Jade would return the favor, suddenly turning her over, avoiding her cunt for the moment. Instead she spread apart those round, tanned globes, revealing the charmingly puckered asshole, digging in to feast on that succulent morsel.

“Uh huh, just like that, honey, lick my ass, it feels so, so good!” Yvette purred, reaching around with an arm to press Jade’s face firmly against her bottom, Jade’s tongue probing intimately, Yvette enjoying every lap of that agile tongue against her anal cleft. Then, suddenly, Jade turned Yvette to face her again and the two women hugged and kissed once more. Kisses and caresses and careful feels in special places were followed by the most vivid and scorching mutual cunt and ass fest imaginable as the two women brought themselves into that familiar position where they could lick one another, driving tongues into greedy holes, bringing themselves to a pitch of feverish excitement. And bringing Steve to such a pitch too as their intensely vivid performance had the effect of making his cock so rigid and engorged it almost ached.

“Okay, come over here, I think Yvette’s ready for some of that cock now,” Jade said, grabbing hold of it as the two women went down on the vivid shaft like two hungry kittens suddenly being fed.

Together they licked and sucked that cock with the skill and fervor they had shown devouring each other only moments ago.

Now while Jade was perfectly fine with Steve enjoying the hungry lips and the tight, slippery cunts of other women, she had reserved actual anal intercourse for herself. Her ass was the one female ass Steve would fuck. It gave her a certain pleasure knowing there was one spot, one act that was reserved only for her. But now she was ready to make an exception. Somehow she very much wanted to see Steve anally ravage Yvette. Maybe it was because she felt she had become so deeply intimate with the other woman. Maybe it was the way Yvette was responding so excitedly to the way Jade probed her ass with her tongue. But, even more, she was in a rather voyeuristic mood. When Steve fucked her up the ass she really got to view the act. Usually she was up on elbows and knees as he drove it in from behind. When he was top and she fully flexed her legs, she could watch his cock disappearing into her rectum. And sometimes

a mirror had been strategically positioned so the view was really quite vivid.

And while no other woman was to enjoy Steve’s cock in her ass, a few times she actually encouraged him, and craved watching him fuck men up the ass. That excited her, watching him drive his cock between two tight male buttocks. But now she sought something else. She wanted to witness, and witness vividly, Steve driving another woman to insane arousal by burying that cock of his up her ass. The recognition that this cock had just been buried in hers, was still hot and slick from probing her own rectal depths, only made the prospect that much more exciting for Jade. And Yvette was the perfect candidate, Jade thought. The feisty brunette seemed to have a sizzlingly hot ass, ready and eager for a nice, thick, hard cock. And she sure seemed to have gotten quite a kick out of watching Steve sodomize Jade.

“Grease her up, baby,” Jade said, handing Steve the lubricant, “grease her up and get her nice and ready for your cock.”

As Steve slapped a big dab of lubricant between her cheeks, Yvette looked over her shoulder at Steve and Jade, her eyes blazing with lust and longing, an insatiably carnal animal ready for all and everything.

“Oh yeah, Steve, you’re going to fuck that ass of mine with that nice big cock of yours, aren’t you?” she purred, knowing that sexy, teasing tone of hers drove both Steve and Jade crazy with desire.

“That’s exactly what he’s going to do, slut!” Jade hissed as Steve took his time spreading around the lube, working more inside Yvette’s anal passage with a couple of stiff probing fingers.

When he finally pulled out his fingers and knelt behind Yvette, Jade took his cock in her hand and very, very teasingly – as Yvette had done to her – rubbed just the tip all around the rubbery ridge of Yvette’s lubed and puckered sphincter.

“Now it’s your turn!” Jade cackled lewdly as, holding on to the shaft, she watched Steve pop the head of his cock into Yvette’s ass, Yvette letting out a sharp little groan as she felt the first of the vivid penetration. They both loved to fuck, Jade and Yvette, their two snug cunts having hosted many cocks countless times. But there was just something about that first moment when a really hard cock forces its way into your ass that was like nothing else. There was that sense of being vulnerable and yet brave, of being deliciously violated in a manner that somehow separated the daring from the timid. And on that scale both Yvette and Jade were far over on the ‘daring’ end.

“Oh yeah, baby, stick it in! Stick it up her ass!” Jade urged as she watched Steve slowly force inch after inch of his cock into Yvette’s bottom, watched that anus of Yvette’s helplessly stretch and dilate to accommodate the insistent thickness.

There was such a wickedly sexy look on Yvette’s face now as she continued looking over her shoulder at the two of them, Steve driving it into her. Then she reached back and spread her cheeks open, knowing this made the sight even more vivid, the sight of Steve’s rigid cock saying a big, nasty hello to her very exposed and very vulnerable asshole. Jade’s eyes were glued to the scorching sight like a set of lasers. Then she brought a finger down and managed to slide it up Yvette’s ass alongside Steve’s cock, Yvette reacting to this added – and very welcome intrusion – with a low, rough moan.

“That’s right you two, do my ass, do it!” she hissed. When Yvette was in the mood to take it up the ass and have her rectum thoroughly reamed out, she really knew how to take it. And she was taking it now, pushing back lustily against Steve’s thrusts, eager for every single thick, stiff inch. Yvette loved cock, she craved it! Looking at a stiff one, handling it, licking and sucking it. Feeling it deep inside her body as she was fucked, in her cunt, or, as now, in her ass.

“That’s it, fuck me, fuck my ass!” she howled, gazing over her shoulder into Steve’s eyes, her face twisted into a grimace of lust and passion, a woman crazy for cock now getting all the cock she could handle.

Jade watched all this, then got behind Steve. She loved his ass. And she especially loved looking at it as he pumped away, fucking someone or feeding it to some greedy slut or stud.

Now she grabbed hold of his buttocks and spread them apart. She had done this many, many times, and yet each time his asshole was suddenly exposed to her it was like a fresh new thrill. There was that puckered prize she so savored. Because it was not only her ass that came into play when she and Steve were intimate with one another, but also his. She pressed her face between his cheeks and began to lick his ass, he suddenly moaning, craving, as always, the sensation of her warm slippery tongue grazing over the ridges of his asshole.

“Is she licking your ass now, Steve?” Yvette said, chuckling, having a sixth sense for what was going on completely out of her sight. But she knew well just how much Jade craved the taste of ass, so her guess was a good one.

“That’s right, that’s just what she’s doing, licking mine while I’m fucking yours.”

And while licking his ass like this, Jade reached under to give his balls a little squeeze, then ran her fingertips up his shaft to Yvette’s anus, encircling the rim of that meeting ground with a probing finger. Once again she couldn’t stop herself, sliding that finger inside alongside Steve’s cock, again eliciting a deep groan from Yvette as she felt that added stimulation. Then she withdrew the finger as she pulled her face away from Steve’s bottom and slid the finger, hot and slick from Yvette’s ass, right up Steve’s ass. Now it was he who groaned. And that groan was expected, for Jade was well aware just how much Steve enjoyed having his ass probed by one or several of her eager fingers. Just the sight of her finger stuck up Steve’s ass sent a shiver up and down her spine. And the warm sensation of his anus clenching on to that probing finger thrilled her.

Finally she pulled out the finger, the finger that had probed Yvette’s ass, then Steve’s. Now she reached back and slid that same finger up her own just-fucked ass

It aroused her, aroused her deeply, that the finger with which she was diddling her own asshole had just diddled two others, a woman’s and a man’s, her two sexy lovers today. She licked that finger now, licked it lewdly. She couldn’t help smiling to herself, realizing what an insatiable and uninhibited slut she’d become since beginning her odyssey of sexual adventuring with Steve.

Now Jade was ready for something else, for some of Yvette’s cunt!

She went into a drawer and pulled out a surprise. Steve has gotten this for her recently as a birthday gift. It was a large, exceptionally life-like strap-on dildo. Except that unlike most others, it was not one of those that were mass-produced and made of rubber or silicone, but was carefully fashioned by a craftsman in Berlin. First there was an aluminum core which kept the dildo rigid and sticking up nice and straight, unlike so many other dildos which had a tendency to droop. Around this core, resin was shaped for the body of the dildo, a dildo nine inches long and more than two inches wide. And then this was carefully covered with the softest kid leather, stretched tautly, making it feel almost exactly like human skin, the skin of an erect cock. She had used it only once before, on a young slut she and Steve had picked up at the beach a few weeks earlier. Now she strapped it to herself, out of sight.

Then suddenly presented herself to Yvette, the dildo in full view.

“Oh my God!” Yvette gasped, seeing it.

“You like my cock?” Jade asked teasingly, knowing Yvette, a glutton for cock, would truly appreciate hers.

“I love it,” Yvette said, gazing at it, “it’s gorgeous! And it’s huge!”

“Well, I’m going to fuck you with it, slut!” Jade barked, fisting the leather shaft provocatively. Steve knew the score and took the cue, rolling Yvette over without disengaging his cock from her ass, just as he’d done earlier with Jade. Yvette was on top now, her ass impaled on Steve. Steve wrapped his arms around Yvette, taking hold of her breasts, her nipples sharp and erect, drawing her against him, her backside warm against his chest.

“I got some cock for you to suck!” Jade hissed, kneeling by Yvette’s face, pressing her cock against her face, Yvette’s lips opening eagerly to accommodate the big bulbous head of the striking leather penis.

“She just loves cock, doesn’t she?” Jade snickered as Yvette hungrily mouthed Jade’s dildo, Jade running her fingers through Yvette’s dark hair, fucking her mouth now as Steve, taking hold of Yvette’s hips, rocked her up and down on his cock.

“Is that right, Yvette?” Steve whispered sexily in her ear as he fucked her, “Do you love cock?”

All Yvette could do was nod, her mouth stuffed.

“Time to fuck!” Jade said, pulling away from Yvette’s mouth and getting between her legs. Jade was a stud, a very aroused stud with a thick nine inch cock. And all she wanted to do was to fuck! No licking of Yvette’s pussy, no foreplay. No, Jade was a super-horny stud now with a hot, hot cock and all she intended to do was to fuck the sassy brunette who had her ass impaled on her lover’s cock.

“Two cocks for you today, Yvette, aren’t you the lucky girl,” Jade said, holding on to hers, rubbing the tip against Yvette’s wet and gleaming pussy.

“Oh shit!” Yvette howled, “give it to me, fill me up, you horny bitch!”

And with that urging Jade roughly drove the full length of her leather cock into Yvette’s cunt. The groan that came from Yvette’s lips could’ve woken the dead.

“Oh fuck! That is too fucking much! I’m so fucking filled! Filled with cock!”

Jade could certainly empathize, having experienced this ultimate dual penetration more than once, a cock in her cunt, another plowing her ass. A few times it had been Steve and another man; other times Steve and a woman decked out with a strap-on, Jade taking it the way Yvette was taking it now.

Steve and Jade looked at one another and smiled, their rapport perfect, the smooth ease and synchrony of tandem fucking as natural as anything could be. Yvette was transported into another realm now, her eyes closed, her lips open, little beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Jade could easily imagine what the other woman felt, the awesome penetration, the sense of being so utterly filled. Filled and stretched.

And Steve, she knew, craved this. Not only was his cock enjoying the tight, clinging humid depths of Yvette’s welcoming ass, but through that very thin membrane separating vagina from rectum, Steve could feel every move Jade made with her leather cock as she fucked Yvette with deep, smooth strokes.

Yvette’s eyes were still closed and she was in her own world, her own space. So Jade now looked at Steve, bringing her face up to his, their lips meeting, sharing a warm and wet and tender and passionate kiss as, together, they pummeled the sexy brunette’s two fuck holes.

Steve wrapped his arms around Jade now, pressing her tightly against the other woman, their breasts squeezed together, Steve now gliding his hands between the two sets of breasts, feeling the smooth warmth of both, feeling the stiff, aroused nipples, four of them.

Now Yvette opened her eyes and found herself gazing into Jade’s. The two women brought their lips together and kissed, kissed lovingly, passionately, Yvette pressed between the two bodies, one male, the other female, both equipped with rigid cocks, cocks fucking her furiously. The erect penis, big and thick and steely, what an icon this was for Yvette. Now two at once were buried in her body, one real, the other synthetic, but nonetheless feeling so deliciously authentic.

“You love it, don’t you, Yvette?” Jade said, pulling her lips from the other woman’s, Yvette gazing into Jade’s brilliant green eyes, eyes sparkling with deep carnal lust as she steadily fucked Yvette. “Having your ass and cunt filled together like this?”

“You better fucking believe it!” Yvette shrieked, bearing down hard on Steve, addicted now to those thick rigid inches of his reaming out her rectum as Jade steadily pounded her even bigger, even thicker cock into the other orifice.

Then Yvette began to breathe more deeply, her moaning turned to panting, her lips opened, her eyes closed, new beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. Jade smiled to herself. She knew Yvette was close, so close. Her body began to quiver as the panting became a deep, frank groaning, Yvette flailing her head from side to side. And then those sounds, those delicious, familiar sounds of incipient pleasure, a woman on the brink of ecstasy.

“Oh…. my… god…. n-n-n-nowwwww!!!!” Yvette howled her body twitching uncontrollably, her eyes closed tightly.

“N-N-NOWWWWWWW!!!!!” she screamed, wrapping her arms tightly around Jade, pressing her close as she luxuriated in wave after wave afer wave of the most intense orgasmic pleasure imaginable.

“Me too, baby, me too!” Jade whispered huskily as Yvette’s spasms began to subside and she at last opened her eyes. Opened them to see Jade herself now on the brink, her face betraying the sting of pleasure beginning its ascent, starting at her clit, radiating to her whole body. For the way Jade had been fucking Yvette with her leather cock allowed the base of that cock to rub against and stimulate her clit. And once Jade began to feel her clit being stimulated, there was only one possible outcome, a monstrous, a volcanic orgasm. And this is what she was experiencing now, Steve and Yvette keenly attentive to all the outward signs.

Finally Jade collapsed against Yvette.

“Oh baby, that felt so fucking good,” Jade told her.

“I could tell, I could see, but I know you couldn’t have felt any better than I felt. I swear, that was one of the strongest orgasms….”

Suddenly, Jade kissed her, the two women enjoying the intimacy of this post-orgasmic bliss. Then Jade looked over at Steve, Yvette turning her head to look at him as well.

“What about you, big boy?” Yvette purred.

Though Jade was pulling out of Yvette’s cunt, Steve was as stiff as ever, his cock still deeply embedded in her ass.

“What about me?” Steve said with a sexy smirk, fucking Yvette slowly now.

“How about Yvette and I share what you’ve got for us, Steve? Don’t cum inside her, cum all over us. Cum all over us both.”

“Good idea!” Yvette said brightly, lifting herself off of Steve.

And so now the two women sat next to each other on the couch as Steve stood above them. Jade immediately wrapped her lips around his rigid cock, a cock that had first been buried up her ass, then Yvette’s.

“Now you have a taste,” Jade said, ‘handing’ the cock over to Yvette who sucked on it greedily.

“Okay girls, here goes, let me put the finishing touches on it,” Steve said, pulling away and wrapping his hand around his own cock, stroking it so very provocatively, twisting the shift in his fist, showing off for the two women, a stud proud of his cock and about to lavish the two with a massive bounty of his cum.

They brought their faces close together and flickered their two tongues over the swollen knob as Steve stroked away. Then he pulled back a little from them and with one more twist of his hand suddenly let go of the first and post powerful jet of semen.

“Oh shit!” Yvette gasped, amazed at the power and copiousness of that first ejaculation, Steve aiming so that it splattered all over Yvette’s face. And then as he kept climaxing, jet after jet of cum poured forth from his cock as he waved it back and forth, flooding the two women’s faces with the vivid end product of his pleasure. Jade knew just how much and how strongly Steve ejaculated when he finally climaxed, but to a stunned Yvette it was something of a shock as she felt her face splattered with his sperm, opening her mouth to take some of the ropy streams between her lips, as did Jade. The two women’s face were covered with his semen, the jets they had taken between their lips they now let drip from their mouths and down over their breasts, Steve aiming the last of his jets over those lovely pairs of breasts.

Finally, it stopped, the outpouring, as Jade reached over to rub the semen over Yvette’s breasts, Yvette doing the same to Jade. They turned to each other now, the two women, smiling, luxuriating in the sweet afterglow of their pleasure, and of Steve’s.

And then they kissed, lips meeting, sharing Steve’s essence like two frisky and contented kittens lapping away at a single offering of cream…

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