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Z Walks the Truck Stop

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Z’s Walks a Truck Stop

Z came to visit me. I live in a much smaller town than Z. We don’t have the theaters like she does but she brought her sexy outfit anyway. Had a fun warm up at my house. We haven’t seen each other, since the last Theater visit, which had been a few weeks ago. I treated her to a great elegant dinner with wine.

Z, out of character, had two vodka martinis. She felt and would continue to feel the affect, especially, the strong martinis. We went back to my house and kissed and petted for a short while.

Z suddenly said “This is fun but let’s do it later. Isn’t there any fun and excitement in this hic town”.

Alright Z! Get your sexy outfit on and we’ll go see. The only place was an adult store with video booths. I had been there in the daytime but not a Fri night. I didn’t see any glory holes or hanky panky when I was there.

We arrived and walked into the toy and DVD section. Z walked around and looked at the toys. There wasn’t anything she hadn’t seen or even bought before.

Soon she whispered, “let’s go watch a sexy video and see what happens.”

We went to the video booths. The new ones were quite nice. They were large, with double size booths, with plenty of room. There were a few well- dressed guys, hanging out, looking at the preview photos for the videos being shown. A few were opening the booth doors, entering and locking the doors behind them.

We picked a booth entered and shut and locked the door. Z scrolled through the selections. She passed on the gay and BDSM flicks and settled on a stacked blond riding a big white cowboy while sucking a black guy’s dick.

This will do” z exclaimed. We watched for about 10 minutes before she said, “Why don’t you unlock and crack the door open”.

I did and soon an eyeball appeared in the small opening at the door. I looked at Z. She smiled and nodded. While kissing Z and unbuttoning her blouse with one hand and inviting “the eye” in with the other. Soon a big white guy was between us and the screen. Z who was setting against the right wall and moved over, obviously inviting him to sit.

It didn’t take him long to get started on Z’s right tit. He massaged, pinched sucked and bit her tit until Z was moaning loudly. He then went to her honey pot with one hand while guiding her hand to his exposed tool. While French kissing her in her ear he whispered something in her right ear. What ever he said got her moving. Later Z said he told her there were more from where he came from out there and they all wanted to play.

She got up and moved him closer to the center of the bench. She then reached up and pulled down her panties putting them in her purse. Before she sat down on his lap with her back toward him she kicked the door wide open. A well -built black man stood in the doorway grinning. While impaling her pussy on the big man’s ridged cock she waived the black man in. Now despite the generous size booth it was getting damn crowded.

Z established an up and down rhythm on the lap she was riding while unzipping our other visitor’s pants and fishing out a big black semi stiff piece of man flesh. It immediately went in her soft mouth and started sliding in and out. The scene in our booth was mimicking that one the screen.

It was quite a sight. Her up and down ride was speeding up. Big guy had moved his hands squeezing both her tits. Black man had moved closer, grabbed Z’s hair and was pumping his now stiff member into the back of her mouth. She was moaning louder. Everybody’s bodies stiffened at the same time. Z stared shacking mildly but not like she does when she had a super orgasm.

Our two visiters left and we sat there watching the now unexciting movie waiting for others to venture in. They never came. They must have thought the “show” was over.

Z said-lets’ split” and we did. On the way home I stopped for gas. She asked about the big lot next to the gas station.

“That’s’ the truck stop. We talked about it the other night. You go by it every time you visit me” I said.

“How many are in there?” Z asked.

“A couple hundred. Some with wives or girl friends but all with beds”. I told her.

“Beds, what do you mean beds?” she asked. I could tell she was mentally picturing a conventional bed and wondering where they put it. In the trailer, on the tarmac or just where?

“Can we take a look?” She asked.

I turned on my CB and slowly drove down between the rows of big rigs.

“Any body know what this is about” came the chatter. There was over two hundred trucks in various rows.

“I see a guy driving. Maybe we have a faggot looking for a hookup.” “No, there is a split tail riding shot gun” the chatter said. ” We may be in for some fun mates”

Z and I drove down through all the trucks and left through the back exit. We went around the block.

At the T, left to home and right back to the trucks, Z asked “can we go back again?”

Sure I said and with that she got out of the car and started walking down between the truck rows. I pulled in behind her. The headlights focused on her frame. I swore I could tell that she had taken off her panties. The wind blew her light dress tight against her butt and the headlights revealed no undergarment lines. To spice things up Z went into her saucy bottom wiggle.

Truck head- lights were blinking and the CB cannels went into over load. Since Z didn’t have a radio the truckers would lean out their cab windows an yell suggestions at her. “Come to my place”, “right over here honey” “want something big and hard to keep you company”.

One caught here eye/ear and she walked over to one of the cabs. After talking for a minute the driver reached out his hand, she grabbed it and put one foot on the very high step, and he pulled her into the cab. Her skirt rode up her thigh showing all she had to show.

The last thing that was heard on the CB was Z asking “where is the bed”.

Z’ Account: I really didn’t want to start by asking where the bed was. That sounds a little to anxious but whom am I kidding. I just got into a strange man’s truck showing him I had no underwear on.. Neither he nor I thought I was coming over for some ice cream. His name was Don and he didn’t waste any time. We made small talk for about thirty seconds before he kissed me deeply while undoing my front clasp bra. He pinched and sucked my tit until I was moaning uncontrollably. He then folded down the seats and with on hand on my upper arm and the other grabbing a cheek of my ass he lifted me into the sleeper bed in the back of the cab. He got out of his clothes and quickly followed. He kissed me, fondling a breast with one hand while finding my juicy cunt with the other. I got very excited very quickly.

Just then the radio cackled. “Don, this is Jim. Are you Ok”

“Sure Jim. Come on over, there is someone I want you to meet”

While we waited for Jim, Don maneuvered me into a 69 position and started to suck on my enflamed clit. His big cock was right in my face so I tried to swallow as much as a could. I was pumping up and down with my mouth while fondling his balls and teasing is asshole. Don returned the favor with my ass. With a free hand he reached into his duffel and extracted a tube of slippery jell which he liberally applied to my anus. I didn’t realize how helpful this would be later on. He then inserted his middle finger and developed a rhythm synchronized with my sucking that was taking me rapidly to the edge.

Just then Jim arrived. “Jim, this is Z. She is 66 and she’s here to party” Don said.

I did not lift my head from Don’s cock as Jim said, “Hi Z. This will be a new record for me.” I moaned something unintelligible in return.

We tried all kind of positions in that cramped cab but only one worked. Don buried his cock in my pussy while I laid on top of him, facing him. Jim had only one place to go. Don pulled my checks apart inviting Jim in to my expanded and slippery nether hole. Jim didn’t have to be asked twice. When he plunged into my near virgin ass it hurt like hell until I relaxed and adapted to Jim’s big but slim cock. As they began pumping I never felt so full. Jim reached around and cupped both of my tits. He kneaded them both pinching a nipple on one while twisting my upper body to offer the other nipple to Don’s mouth. He would then twist me the other way putting the other nipple in Don’s liking and nibbling mouth. These guys worked great together and had obviously done this before.

The orgasm that was building during the 69 session came like an avalanche. I stiffened, shook and then sobbed for the next several minute. I collapsed onto Don like a limp rag. Both guys oblivious to my reaction continued to pound me like a dead piece of meat until they both fulfilled their needs. They then let me dress, helped me out of the cab and wished me Good Luck.

While temporarily exhausted, the crisp night air gave me new life. I continued on my way. Then someone said “Smokey Coming”. Apparently one of the trucker’s wives or girl friends was disgusted with my behavior and called the cops. This time I didn’t have the luxury of shopping for my next paramour but grabbed the first hand that reached for me.

I could have done better. Joe was older, overweight, almost drunk and smelled. I ducked down while the patrol care slowly cruised between the truck rows shinning his spot lights into the cabs. While lying there with my head against the door my bottom offered an inviting target for Joe. He soon discovered I had no panties on and that spurred him to more boldness.

Unlike Don and Jim who were gentlemen and caring about me, Joe was a ruffian determined to have his way with me. As long as the patrol car was cruising I had no choice but I have to admit I was excited. He took off my dress and bra and threw them in the back of the cab. He then turned me around, grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth on his dirty dick. He forced the up and down motion by pulling on my hair and pushing my head down with his hand on the back of my head. All I had to do was suck. Suck I did for twenty minutes. I thought he was never going to come. Just before he was to climax he pulled my head up and sat me facing him sticking his cock in my not so wet pussy. He pumped me up and down while massaging my tits and biting my nibbles. His wondering hands found my bottom where he felt a soft, wet and gaping asshole. That gave old Joe new ideas. He turned me around plunging into my not so near virgin ass. He took great delight in spanking my ass when I failed to keep the proper pace. When I started to get excited he came in my ass.

He then lifted me off his cock, opened the door and said “out”. I tried to get my clothes but Joe said “Sorry sister but I’m keeping those as the price of sanctuary from the police”. He then pushed me naked except for my red heels onto the tarmac. Joe leaned out the window and mocked “if you want to get back to Kansas just click the those red shoes heels together.”

What was the refreshing, crisp air was now down right cold. I set out trying to find the car and hopefully refuge. Just then, in the direction I was headed a handsome man got out of his cab and smiled at me. Great, someone who cares. That was a short lived feeling as several others, all sizes, race and age, got out of their cabs smiling. I stopped and tried to reverse course. Behind me several others got out of there trucks. The story about what I’d been doing must have spread over the CBs and now every one wanted a piece of the action. The first guy, Fred, still smiling, gently grabbed my hand, put an arm around my shoulder and led me between two trucks to a grassy patch. Forced to my knees and then on all fours the ground was very cold. I said so and someone quickly produced a blanket.

” What is going on” I asked.

“Your going to take us on” said Fred.

“all of you?”

“yes all of us.” Fred replied.

With that they formed two line. The last I had a chance to look there were 6 to 8 in each line. One for my mouth and one for my pussy and ass. How ever there were dozens and dozens waiting in their trucks to see what was going to happen. The next two hours seamed to last forever. Unlike Joe, they were nice and somewhat gentle. I climaxed seven times but being on your hands and knees for that long is a bummer. No orifice was spared. Several guys got warmed up in my mouth only to go to the line for my ass.

Finally, it was over. Fred helped me find the car and we drove home.

Me: Z was in no mode for loving. She had to be back to her home early the next day, leaving before dawn, so she went right to sleep. I gave her a soft, warm and loving wake up. She quickly dressed and was going out the door. I stopped her and said “Don’t go back to that truck stop.”

She turned, smiled, winked and said “Sure”.

PS. When I went to work about 7:30 a truck was pulling out of the lot. It had Z’s skirt flying from its’ radio antenna.

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