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Unexpected Pleasure

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The bar was reassuring warm after the cold night.

I shook the rain of my jacket and ordered a cold beer.

It had been a long day, or more like a long week. I’d been working the weekend shift and had been doing 14 hours a day for eight days now. My mind and body ached and the only thing that I was thinking was my much needed days off.

The beer was good and I moved to one of the sunken leather sofas next the glowing embers of the day’s fire.

I sat alone, musing and flicking through the day’s paper, oblivious to everything around me.

“Cheer up”

The thick accent made me start. I glanced up to see a handsome and boyish faced beaming back at me as he cleared the empty glasses from my table.

I smiled weakly, embarrassed that he had spoken to me and unsure of how to reply.

I just nodded and mumbled something about it being a long week and put my head back to the paper.

I spent the next couple of hours in that seat, reading and watching people and ordered a few more beers.

The barman’s name was John and as the pub’s customers began to thin I moved to the bar and we started conversation. We shared jokes and stories and I relaxed.

He gave me a whiskey on the house and then asked if I smoked. I nodded and he asked if I wanted to come back to his flat for a quick smoke before turning in for the night.

I agreed and when his shift finished he showed me up to his place directly above the pub.

As we climbed the narrow stairs, I couldn’t help noticing him in the faint light. He was very good looking, with swept back golden hair and a hint of boyish stubble.

He was shorter than me, but more firmly built and his clothes fitted his him well.

A pair of faded ribbon bracelets were interwoven on his wrists, and his arms were tanned and strong.

Without realising it I was checking him out.

I had played around with guys in my teens, a hand job here and a blowjob there, and enjoyed the odd bi-sexual fantasy since, but here I was entranced and checking out a guy I had just met in the same way that I would a women.

We went into his living room and as he grabbed me a beer from the kitchen he told me that his flatmates were out for the night.

We sat down on the sofa and started to watch some tv.

Content we lay back on the sofa as flicked channels settling on a mindless cartoon comedy.

After another beer, he got up and went to the bathroom and I changed channel, settling on some soft porn- oddly sure that this guy I had just met would be completely fine with watching porn with someone he had only known less than a few hours.

He smirked as he came back in, and then sat down, nearer this time so I could feel his leg resting against mine.

The film continued and a few minutes later I noticed that are legs were nearer still.

Our breathing was in sync, seemingly the only sound in the room.

Slowly he turned and looked at me and I nervously returned the gaze, my heart beating as I knew that I wanted to kiss him.

So I did, or we did. Gently at first, and then I felt him bring my hand up to his cheek.

My hands held him and I kissed him deeper, my tongue dancing in his mouth and my hands pulling him towards me.

He pushed me away and I snapped back to reality embarrassed by what had happened, shocked at my actions. But he didn’t move away in protest, but stood up and held out his hand.

Frozen in shock and completely unsure of what I was doing I placed my hand in his and was lead to his bedroom.

I stood shaking in the middle of his room with the light from the hallway arrowing across me as he began to take of my clothes.

Before I knew it we were lying on the bed in just our pants, my cock bursting to be touched as his hands moved slowly across my body.

I was petrified, amazed at how I had found myself semi-naked in bed with a man that I had only just met.

He took control and distracted me with his kisses, slowly moving down to my crotch.

He knew what he was doing. He licked and kissed and bit me gently through my briefs and then eased them down my legs and threw them to the floor.

I had never felt so vulnerable, or so arosed.

He considered my cock for a moment and then smiled before engulfing me in one movement.

I gasped, my breath lost in the back of my throat, my cock in the back of his.

He pushed me to the deep into his warm, wet mouth and then paused as if getting used to it before sliding slowly up and down my length.

I closed my eyes, lost in the incredible blow job, my hands clutching on to his hair.

He used every trick he knew. He licked and sucked and stroked me towards the most amazing orgasm.

I felt it begin to creep up on my from the furthest tip of my toes and as the as it approached I felt his wet finger begin to slide into my arse.

I tensed but then the pleasure took control and I relaxed, moaning as a second one slipped effortlessly inside me.

He brought them towards my prostrate and then increased the speed of his mouth and I came with a groan and shot my thick load deep in his mouth.

He cleaned me off, swallowing everything I had to give him, but keeping his fingers where they were.

I lay painting on the bed, slightly unsure about what had just happened as he began to move his fingers inside me. I was going to say something but my post orgasmic lethargy and the new feeling caused me to hold my tongue.

His pace continued and with his other hand he began to stroke me to hardness again. He stroked me for a few minutes and then without warning he removed his fingers and with firm hands turned me round.

I made to protest, but he kissed me in the small of the back and moved me onto my knees exposed to him.

I’ll never know why I didn’t protest. Why I heard the sound on the condom being unrolled and felt the lube being smeared along my crack and did nothing..

It just seemed so inevitable that I was going to lose my virginity this way to a man I’d only just met but who had just given me the best orgasm of my life.

He was gentle at first. His cock head nestling slowly against me for a few moments before he gradually moved inside me.

So this is what it felt like. This why so many girlfriends had only permitted it on special occasions. I winced and as he began to fuck me

I felt full, like I couldn’t breathe as I gave myself to this man. His pace increased and suddenly I realised that the pain was numbing and my dick was stiffening.

I felt used but I felt horny. He slowed his pace as if to check his orgasm and moved closer to me his lips resting on my back and his hand reaching round to stroke me.

He moved his hand in time to his cock, begin to build up his pace. As his speed increased he moved his hand away from me grasped my hips and began fucking me like I have fucked many girls in the past.

He didn’t last much longer and as I felt his body begin to tense, I subconsciously mirrored him, my cock straining and I felt my own orgasm coming from nowhere.

We came together in a volley of expletives and then collapsed onto the bed.

He slid out of me, his cock limp but his arm still clasped me in an almost child like embrace. He kissed me repeatedly on my back and neck before drifting off to sleep.

I lay there for about an hour shocked at what had just happened trying. I moved his arm from over me and dressed and let myself out before walking home through the cold, misty night.

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