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Yvette’s Afternoon

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Yvette struggled playfully at the bonds that held her. She lay naked in her back yard. Her arms and legs spread apart bound to metal stakes buried in the ground. She had been left this way by her husband, Jim, as part of their game. Yvette loved bondage a rape-fantasy and Jim loved being dominant, so the two made a good couple in the bedroom. One of their little games was to have Yvette bound and exposed outside.

Where she would be ‘forced’ to give Jim a blowjob before he left. She would remain bound for two or three hours while he went to take care of some task at work then would return home, often pretending to be a utility man or someone who just happened to discover the helpless housewife exposed as she was.

Jim had often told her how hard he would get while being at the shop thinking about his wife being tied up naked outside, vulnerable to anyone who might happen to pass by.

Yvette enjoyed the thrill of the game just as much as her husband. The pretty 34-year old had a nice, firm body. He breast were on the small side, but she had never received any complaints from any of her lovers before Jim came along. And he was quite satisfied with them as well. She was short with medium length, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Yvette often feared discovery while being bound outside like she was now. But she knew that the risk was minimal. Their house was situated so that it boarded the woods on one side and one house on the other. They had a tall privacy fence and she always made sure to be positioned in a spot that was out of view of anyone passing through the neighbor’s yard. She often lay out naked to sunbathe, but that wasn’t as exciting to her as times such as these when she was alone and helpless. At least when Jim left her like this he usually put her in a shaded spot to avoid the risk of sunburn. At times she could hear the electric or water meter reader on the other side of the fence and she often wondered what their reaction would be if they happened to discover her.

Yvette froze when she heard laughter coming from the neighbor’s yard. She recognized the sound of Paul’s voice laughing with some friends. Yvette suddenly remembered that today was a school holiday. She hadn’t thought about that before getting involved in her game with Jim. Yvette had always liked Paul. The 18-year old high school Senior had been living there when she and Jim moved in eight years ago. She remembered seeing the young man peering out his window with a pair of binoculars when he was about 14 or 15, watching into her bedroom. Yvette had been getting ready for bed after taking a shower and had forgotten to close the blinds. She caught movement across the way and looked up in time to see him watching her. She was totally naked and providing him with a full frontal view of herself. She pretended not to notice and casually crossed the room to close the blinds. Paul was always helpful around the neighborhood, but she could tell that he had a crush on her for some time. She guessed that it all went back to that one night.

She could tell that he wasn’t alone next door. Yvette guessed at how long Jim had been gone. The thought that it could be no more than a half-hour. He would be gone at least another hour and a half at least. She closed her eyes and listened to the boys next door. She could hear them joking about girls and sex, and she silently laughed at the thought of them being only a few feet away from a totally naked woman.

Yvette heard a thud on the ground close to her. She opened her eyes and saw a Frisbee lying about ten feet away from her. She guessed that one of the boys must have overthrown the disk and sent it sailing into her yard. Just then panic set in as she heard a male voice saying, “Holy shit, look at that!”

Yvette looked toward the fence. Paul and one of his friends had climbed up far enough to look over and could see her lying there fully exposed. Moments later a third face popped into view.

“Hold on, Mrs. Gill!” Paul said as he began scaling the fence. The other two boys, seeing a naked woman before them, began climbing over as well. Yvette looked past the six-foot blond haired Paul to the other two. She recognized one of them as Paul’s friend, Kevin. He was a skinny 18-year old who was always awkward in her presence. She didn’t know the other fellow’s name, but had seen him around the neighborhood. She thought he was slightly older than Paul and his friend.

Yvette blushed as the three boys stood before her, eyeing her ripe body. She could see bulges in the crotches of all three of their jeans.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Gill,” Paula began. “We’ll untie you. Freddie, call the cops.’

The older boy pulled a cell-phone off his belt.

“No, don’t.” Yvette called out. Stopping him from dialing. She wasn’t sure what to do but she knew that she couldn’t afford to have the police involved. That might cause word to get out about her and her husband’s kinky games.

“This is just a game, Paul. Please, just go back to your yard and pretend you didn’t see anything.”

Paul stood there pondering her words. “I don’t know, Mrs. Gill. We can’t just leave you like this.”

“What kind of game is this?” The older boy, the one Paul called Freddie, asked.

Yvette was blushing even more now, if such a thing were possible. She wished that at least one of them would look her in the eyes. As it was, they were now standing in such a way as to get a full view of her shaved pussy. She wished that she could close her legs.

“It’s something my husband and I do,” She tried to explain. “He leaves me here and comes back after a couple hours and pretends to be a stranger finding me like this.”

The three boys looked at each other dumbfounded.

“You mean you like to be tied up this way?” Paul asked.

The humiliation was getting worse for her. “W-well, yes. Sometimes.”

Paul knelt down beside her. Yvette was shocked when his hand slid over her right breast. Her nipples were already hard from embarrassment.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She cried out.

“You said you liked being treated like this, Mrs. Gill.”

“Not by you, damnit!” She spat back.

Now the other two were on their knees as well. Paul and Kevin were fondling her tits while Freddie began sliding his fingers along her slit. When he hit her clit she felt it begin to swell and her juices begin to flow. Then she jerked as his face buried between her legs and the young man started licking her cunt.

“Stop it, please!” She begged. But the boys were so caught up with the idea of having a pretty naked girl to play with that they had begun losing control. Worse, Yvette could feel her body responding to the stimulation. She had been horny since sucking Jim’s cock after being tied down. Now she was being manhandled by three young men and wasn’t sure how to stop it.

Paul stood up and began unfastening his pants. Yvette saw his 8-inch cock spring into view and gasped. She wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but she knew it was beyond the line no matter what it was.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for years, Mrs. Gill.” He said.

“Oh please don’t.” She said. “Anything but that.”

Paul stroked his hard cock. “Like what?” He asked.

Yvette was desperate. She knew that she was at the mercy of these three young men, but she had to regain some control. “I’ll suck you all off if you just promise not to fuck me.”

Paul was beside himself. “OK!”

He dropped to his knees and presented his prick to her. Yvette turned her head to the side and opened her mouth, allowing him to slide his cock between her lips.

“Oh god.” He moaned as she began sucking his cock while Freddie continued licking her pussy. She could tell that he had some experience with the act as he was doing all the right things to make her respond. She closed her eyes and worked Paul’s tool, thinking about how she couldn’t believe that the sweet young boy next door was not forcing her to pleasure him this way. It didn’t take long before she felt the first droplets of his precum landing on her tongue. Another minute later he was blasting his load into her mouth. Yvette was forced to swallow every drop as he pumped her mouth eagerly.

When she pulled her mouth free from Paul’s cock she found Kevin waiting on her left side. His dick was smaller and thinner, but just as hard. She took it into her mouth and had only been sucking for a few seconds before feeling his jizm filling her mouth. She guessed that the boy must have been a virgin.

Just as Kevin finished cumming she felt her body begin to climax. She raised her hips to meet Freddie’s face and began moaning as the young man brought her to orgasm. Once her climax had subsided he got up, dropped his pants and straddled her chest so that she could begin sucking his rod. She noticed that he wasn’t quite as thick as Paul’s, but his cock was at least an inch longer. Yvette took him into her mouth, surprised at how her opinion of all that was happening had changed. She had climaxed thanks to Freddie and now she was going to do her best to get him off just as well. Then she was going to have to have a talk with the three of them in order to keep them quiet so that they don’t go around telling everyone what happened. She guessed that the threat of reporting them for rape would keep their mouths shut. And she would make sure never to mention it to Jim. As Yvette continued sucking the boy’s shaft she found herself enjoying the ordeal more and more. Freddie began bucking his hips as she sucked him and she knew that he would not last much longer.

“Oh yes!” He cried out as his balls emptied into her mouth. Yvette continued working his pole, draining every drop out of him.

Freddie stood up, looking down at the bound housewife. Yvette tried not to let them see that she was truly satisfied. She wanted them to believe that this had ended just as it had begun, with the three of them taking advantage of her.

“You want us to untie you now?” Paul asked.

Yvette shook her head, trying to keep her eyes off of his cock, which had already grown hard again. She had to remain tied up if she was going to keep Jim from finding out what had happened.

“Damn, she wants more.” Freddie said.

“No I don’t!” Yvette exclaimed.

“Oh, I’ve got to fuck you, Mrs. Gill.” Paul said, stepping between her legs.

“No, Paul. For god’s sake, please don’t!”

Paul dropped to his knees and began fingering her wet cunt. Yvette couldn’t allow this to happen. She tried in vain to break free, cursing Jim for doing such a good job. She pleaded with Paul to stop, but the young man lowered himself atop her, placing his cock between her cuntlips, then he thrust forward.

“No!” Yvette cried out as Paul filled her pussy. The boy began fucking her wet pussy, moaning with delight as he rammed the older woman. Paul had jerked off many times to the memories of seeing her naked some years ago. He had watched her in her bikini washing her car and sat in the living room playing with himself. Now he was finally fucking her and it felt better than he ever imagined it would.

Yvette stopped struggling, knowing that it would do no good. She was being fucked by the boy next door and it was too late to stop him now. She pleaded with him to stop before cuming in her out of fear of being impregnated by him. But Paul heard nothing; he just wrapped his arms around her and continued slamming his cock deep inside her belly.

Yvette felt his shaft stroking her clit, while rubbing her G-spot as well. Her mind was racing with emotions as she felt her body beginning to respond once more. She found Paul to be very attractive. In truth, she had fantasized about him before. She knew that he had the hots for her and had caught glimpses of him watching her at times. Now she was being fucked by this boy, and she knew that if he didn’t cum soon that he would bring her to another climax. His thick cock filled her better than Jim’s did, something she wasn’t used to after so many years of marriage. Paul rode her with passion, trying to shove deeper with every thrust. Yvette’s body began to tremble as the warmth between her legs spread throughout her body.

“Ohhhhhh” She moaned as her body erupted. Her orgasm filled her as Paul continued fucking her cunt. “Oh god…” She let loose as she climaxed on his cock.

It was all too much for Paul, hearing the beautiful Mrs. Gill climaxing beneath him was the final straw. He thrust harder as his own orgasm began. He shot his seed into Yvette’s pussy, listening to her cries of joy as he pumped her until he was exhausted.

Paul got off of her and Yvette felt Kevin climbing on next. She had thought that Paul would be the only one to fuck her, but now she knew that she had been mistaken. Kevin had never been with a girl before. Now he was getting his first chance to fuck one, after already getting his cock sucked, and he was not about to pass up the opportunity. He shoved his pecker inside her and began fucking her fast and furiously. Yvette had experienced his kind before as a teenage girl. Guys who knew only one thing, how to get off as quickly as possible without regard to the girl. But Yvette was already stimulated from two orgasms, so despite his quick actions she found herself enjoying the fuck anyway. As before, he didn’t last as long as Paul, and soon he too was filling her cunt with cum.

Yvette lay on the ground, feeling semen trickle out her pussy. She saw Freddie standing there with his 9-inch cock ready. “Well what are you waiting for?” She said.

Freddie climbed between her legs and shoved his cock into her. Yvette moaned as his shoved all the way in, banging into her cervix as he began fucking her. She felt her body responding almost immediately and knew that she would climax once more before he finished. She didn’t have to wait long before her orgasm had filled her. This time she was crying out loud as Freddie slammed his cock into her. Her climax ended and he continued fucking her for another five minutes before he too came in her pussy.

Yvette lay still as he climbed off of her. She knew she had to say something but didn’t know what. She had just enjoyed being taken by three young men. But she couldn’t let them know that, could she? And she had to make sure to keep them quiet. She knew that after being fucked three times there was no way she could keep Jim from finding out.

Then something caught her eye. She spotted something moving in her upstairs window. She looked up and saw Jim standing there watching her. She was mortified at first, then she saw him press his finger to his lips motioning for her to be quiet.

“You guys better get out of here before Jim gets home.” She said, trying to act pissed. “And if you ever tell anyone what happened I’ll call the cops and turn you in for rape.”

Paul and the others pulled their pants on quickly. As Freddie and Kevin ran to the fence Yvette called John to kneel down.

“Don’t worry,” She said softly. “If you keep them quiet I’ll make sure you know when you can find me like this again.”

Paul felt his cock beginning to grow at the prospect. “You’ve got a deal, Mrs. Gill.” He said as he got up and rushed to the fence.

Yvette lay there for several minutes. She heard a car pull out of the next door driveway and guessed that it was Freddie and Kevin leaving. Then Jim came outside.

“Well, what do we have here?” He asked.

“How long were you watching?” She asked.

“Oh, I saw the whole thing. I saw Paul come home with his friends and wondered if they would find you. I know you’ve always wanted to have someone other than me discover you like that. Once I saw them coming over the fence I decided to grant you your wish.”

“And you don’t mind?” She asked.

“Not as long as it makes you happy. Now, I think I’ll take my turn at that used pussy.”

Jim got undressed and climbed between Yvette’s legs, taking his turn at her. She climaxed almost immediately as he began fucking her. Yvette had never felt so fulfilled in her life. She looked over to the fence and saw Paul peeping over the top. She could see his left hand holding him still and didn’t have to guess as to what he might be doing with his right. She winked at him and felt herself growing closer to yet another orgasm as Jim continued fucking her pussy. The two of them climaxed together, she guessed that the same must have been true for Paul as he dropped behind the fence after rolling his eyes.

Yvette realized that things around here were definitely changing for the better.

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