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Another Encounter

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The light was coming in around the blinds as he woke up. He thought he had dreamt that his roommate’s mother had given him a fantastic blowjob. It was a very hot and sexy dream! But then he remembered – it had actually happened!

She had come out to the family room to talk to him and almost caught him masturbating. One thing led to another and he stripped off his boxers and stood naked directly in front of her. He didn’t know if she was a pro at it but she made his cock feel like it had never felt before.

Whatever the case, he had hoped it would lead to more sexual pleasures. When she stood up and they kissed and explored each other’s body with their hands, he was sure where it would go. Then without a hint, she broke the embrace, stepped back, gazed at him again, turned, and left.

Boy, from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of confusion in such a short time. He had stayed up a little while longer trying to figure out what happened at the end and realized he had no clue. He didn’t have any experience to relate to. Playboy or Penthouse only say to take the next step after you get a blowjob from an older woman. They never write what you should do if that older woman is your roommate’s mother. So he went to bed confused but oh so sexually satisfied.

So, what happens now, the day after? He decided to play it by ear and treat today as a new day and see what it would bring. It had already brought a hard-on, because as he remembered last night his cock had stiffened and come out of his boxers. He decided to get out of bed and see what everyone else was doing.

After slipping on jeans and a t-shirt, he went to the kitchen where his roommate’s mother was. She looked up at him when he entered and then quickly turned away. “Do you want breakfast or lunch,” she asked? She too was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He thought she looked very pretty. His hard cock agreed. She aroused him now, with her clothes on, as much as she had last night in just her nightgown

He looked at the clock and saw it was 11:00 already. “Lunch would be fine,” he replied. He felt awkward and knew there was tension in the air. She was trying to act as if nothing happened so he decided to take the same tactic, though he wanted to grab her and fuck her hard.

He didn’t see anyone around so he asked, “Where’s everyone else?”

Without looking at him she said, “Everyone else had places to go. I’m surprised you didn’t go with Ron.”

“He asked me to go but I thought he’d be back by now. I’m more of a night owl than he is.”

“He called and said he’d get home later than he thought,” she said. She felt very mixed up. She had hoped he would go with Ron this morning; but when she got up, she saw the guest bedroom door closed and Ron was in the kitchen getting some breakfast. She tried to act “normal” with Ron but felt last night had changed her.

She wondered if anyone could see the big bright A tattooed on her forehead. The scarlet letter indeed, in her case it should be an L! She had been consumed by lust. It had overwhelmed her when he stood naked in front of her. She felt she had to suck his cock, drink his cum, and satisfy this urge in her. And she had! She had been so turned on afterward that she almost became lost in his touch.

She had asked Ron what his plans were and if his roommate would be with him. Ron laid out his plans and told her his roommate had stayed up late and left a note to let him sleep. An hour ago, Ron had called and said he’d be later than he thought. After the call, she thought, Oh, boy, now what do I do?

After a silent minute, he asked, “Do you mind if I turn the TV on?”

“Go ahead; I’ll get you some lunch. Will peanut butter and jelly be okay?” she replied.

“That’ll be fine. Is there any particular show you’d like to watch?”

“No, anything is fine.” But she didn’t feel like anything was fine. Something was very different but she didn’t want to face it right now. Last night scared her. She had never thought to do anything like that let alone actually do it. She couldn’t sleep after she left him. Was it the enjoyment or guilt that kept her up? She thought she needed time to sort things out. Like where did that overwhelming feeling of lust come from? It had really affected her.

And here she was with the person who had ignited it all. Just one small thing different last night and her world would have stayed the same – mundane, and contained. But that’s not what happened. She had sucked his cock and enjoyed it greatly. She couldn’t remember when her cunt had been that wet from giving a man pleasure. As she made his sandwich, she still hadn’t looked at him since he came in the kitchen.

The next thing she heard was music from the TV. He’d started to watch a music video channel. She looked up to see what was on the screen and saw some half dressed girls gyrating around some boys. Everyone on the screen looked like they were simulating some form of sexual activity. Oh, great, she thought, I’m trying to keep this thing under control and he wants to watch sex on TV. She felt her nipples begin to harden. She tried to concentrate on the sandwich and ignore him and the TV.

“You can eat at the counter here, if that’s okay,” she called out.

“That would be fine,” he replied and then asked, “What do you think of this song?”

“Well, the song isn’t too bad, but I prefer rock and roll. What would you like to drink?”

“Milk is okay or water. So, what do you think of the video?”

“Oh, it’s too much for me. Give me that good old-time rock and roll video where they show the band playing the song. These new videos are way too explicit for my taste. I prefer the music CDs over those trashy videos.” She looked up at him now and saw he was intently watching the video. “Your lunch is ready.”

As he came over to the counter, she noticed him with different eyes, seeing details about him she hadn’t ever seen. It was as if she was seeing him for the first time; not through rose-colored glasses, no, they were lust-filled eyes. But she shouldn’t see him like that! Her husband and her son should color her vision and her thoughts. Yet she couldn’t deny that she wanted this boy, lusted for him. She had to get away and think this through or she’d regret it. She might regret it anyway but at least it would be a logical decision and not just lust-driven hormones and sexual frustration calling the shots.

“I’ve got some things I need to take care of, so would you put your dishes in the sink when you’re done,” she asked in an attempt to get away.

“No problem,” he said.

As she turned to leave, he stared hard at her. Could he tell anything – good or bad? Was she telling him anything? What was going on? He looked but couldn’t find any new answers. Old ones rushed through his mind – her tits, mouth and tongue; her taste; and how she felt through her nightgown. They pounded at him but he wasn’t sure what they meant either. She was his roommate’s mom and a married woman. Those meant something to him. But he wanted her and wanted to go beyond what they shared last night. He was pretty sure there wasn’t an easy answer or explanation.

He didn’t see her for the rest of the day. Ron came home from his errand and they headed out for fun. When they got back around 1:00 AM, Ron went right to bed. He lay down on the couch to watch TV as he had last night.

She had heard the boys come home. After she heard her son go to his room, she got up for her middle of the night trip to the bathroom. When she was done, she slipped out of her nightgown and put on her bathrobe before she went out to the family room. Before entering the family room, she stopped to see if he was there. He was lying on the couch watching TV as she expected. She could clearly see that he was masturbating and wondered if he was thinking of her. She quietly walked across the room to the couch, stopping by his waist. She looked down where his hand was trying to cover his cock. He had stopped stroking himself when he realized she had entered the room and tried to hide his actions again.

She moved her gaze up to his face and asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”

He bolted up on his elbows; unsure he had heard her right. Her eyes were riveted to his. She undid the belt to her robe and then shrugged it off. She stood naked before him, the opposite of what happened last night. She let him drink in her body. Her large round breasts were topped by large brown areoles and even darker nipples. Her bush was sparsely covered with the hair that matched the auburn color on her head. She looked delicious. She was the vision of what he wanted a woman to look like – a fantasy come true! And he did want to fuck her badly. This whole turn of events surprised him; he wasn’t sure what to make of it.

She leaned down and grabbed his boxers by the waistband and lowered them off of him. He stared at her naked tits as he raised his hips to help her get them off. She then dropped them on her bathrobe and stared at his erect cock. She licked her lips as she anticipated what that cock would be doing to her shortly.

She straddled him by lifting her right leg over him. She knelt just above his hips. His eyes were wide in disbelief, thinking any minute she’d move away and vanish like last night. Instead, she took his stone-hard cock in her hand and guided it to the opening of her waiting wet cunt. There was no foreplay needed; she was ready to take him in. She rubbed it there for a few long strokes, lubricating it before she used it. Her facial expressions showed she was more than enjoying this introduction. Then she stopped rubbing his cock across her open cunt lips and put the head into her waiting cunt.

WHAM! She plunged down on it. She took it all in in one motion and impaled herself on his hot cock. She could feel it twitch and his hips try to rise and thrust at her. She closed her eyes to enjoy the feelings flooding her body.

She sat there exploring these sensations, letting the lust take over completely. Her nipples were rock hard and her chest was crimson again. Her cunt was wetter than it had ever been. She had decided to do this and would let nothing stop her from soaking in every sensation. It felt like his cock grew harder and bigger in her hot cunt. His thrusting brought her clit against him roughly. She had her left foot still on the floor and used that to ride his gorgeous cock.

He moved in sync with her so that they both could thrust together and he could maintain this incredible feeling. After a couple of minutes, he began to use more energy to slam into her cunt to take the feeling beyond any he had ever experienced. He wanted to fuck her thoroughly and roughly. His cock felt indescribable in her wet cunt and he intended to blast cum deep into her. This was better than last night in her mouth, and that was beyond incredible.

Their thrusting together sent bolts of lust shooting through her body. She wanted to savor this feeling for a long time, not just a wham-bam-thank-you-sir. Oh, no, she wanted to ride him hard and be pleasured beyond belief. They kept thrusting at each other, reveling in these new sensations. They rammed against each other sending their lust shooting through each other time and time again. Each became covered in a light sheen of sweat from their frantic pounding.

Then she felt her cunt muscles twitch and knew that she’d explode shortly. She had no intention of stopping or slowing down. She wanted to feel all she could from this lust that had swept through her. She wanted him to blast his cum in her so she could feel the power of his lust for her. Her clit was hard. Her cunt was filled. Both were feeling and responding to the pounding of his cock into her

He felt her cunt twitch but didn’t know what that meant; but he knew it made his cock feel even more incredible, if that was possible. He raised his hands and began grabbing and squeezing her large, round tits. Her head tilted back and she moaned when he did that. This is a good thing, he guessed, so he continued his ministration to her tits, focusing on her nipples while fucking into her cunt. He pulled on them and twisted them. She moaned even louder so he continued to pull and twist.

She was nearing overload and knew the explosion was starting. His cock slamming into her and his hands on her nipples were sending her to new heights of pleasure. She had never felt like this! The more sexual pleasure she experienced the more pleasure she wanted.

“Ooooooooh mmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy, uuuunngggghhhh!” she moaned. “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” The orgasm flashed on that last thrust down. She ground her clit into him trying to maintain the orgasm for as long as she could. For his part, he ground back as hard as he could to keep her moaning and cumming. He continued to pull and twist her nipples. She was whimpering now but her cunt was still twitching. His cock was still flexing. They were trying to let each other enjoy this marvelous feeling for as long as they could.

She collapsed against him squashing her large tits against his chest and resting her flushed cheek against his shoulder. He gently stroked her naked back and sides. They lay like that for a few minutes. She realized that his cock was still rock hard in her cunt. She sat up and looked down at him.

“You didn’t finish, did you?” she asked. Instead of saying anything, he flexed his cock and she knew he hadn’t. “Fuck me doggie style,” she said as she lifted her right leg over him and grabbed a throw pillow from the end of the couch. She knelt down on the carpet a couple steps from the couch and put her ass up and her head down on the pillow.

He slipped off the couch and knelt behind her; looking at her ass which she was offering him. He used both hands to caress each of her cheeks. Shortly, his thumbs naturally found her crack and then her rosebud there. He squeezed and stroked every inch of her ass then took his stone-hard cock and rubbed that over her ass as well. He moved it to her crack and rubbed it up and down. That was a pleasure he hadn’t expected. Perhaps he should try something here, he thought.

But he wanted to cum in her cunt, so after rubbing her ass crack a few more times, he followed it to her saturated cunt and pushed in. He shoved it in to the hilt. She squeezed her cunt tightly around his cock. He grabbed her hips and started to slowly piston his entire length in and out of her sweet cunt. It felt great!

She was enjoying him completely filling her. As he shoved into her, she felt his cock hit her cervix. As he drew out, she could feel his cock rub against her cunt walls as she squeezed on it. She could tell that she was on the verge of another orgasm, if he would keep slamming into her for just a little longer.

He began ramming her, feeling his balls slap against her spread cunt lips. Her ass cheeks were separated and he was rubbing against her anus, which excited him further. He felt his balls tighten and ass cheeks clench and knew he couldn’t hold on very much longer.

She was thrusting back into him trying to help him penetrate her even deeper. She felt his balls slap against her cunt lips and his hips rubbing against her anus in the back. What sweet sensations, she thought in a lust-filled haze. Her body had never felt like this in her entire life and she wanted to suck it for all it was worth. It was as if all the sensations she was experiencing were being telegraphed to every part of her body and then magnified. What has come over me, she thought!

He buried his cock in her and held it there by forcing his hips tight against her ass and pulling hard on her hips. “I’m . . . going . . . to . . . cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm . . .,” he sputtered to her. His cum shot out time and time and time again. He could feel it rocket out of his cock and begin the journey deeper into her body.

She couldn’t believe that she was having another orgasm. With him! Her mind reeled; she felt she was losing control of her body and mind. Her ass started to lower but she wanted to fully experience these sensations so she bucked it back up against his hips. She felt his cum fill her cunt as his hands roughly pulled on her hips to keep his cock buried deep inside of her. Her head rolled from side to side on the pillow. Her mouth was open and she was gasping for air. What a wonderfully delicious feeling! She wanted this to go on for a long time.

His cum was oozing out of her cunt now. He couldn’t hold her tight enough anymore so it was leaking out and down onto her thighs. His cock, surprisingly, stayed hard even after all this hard use. His breathe came in short gasps as he had pounded into her with all his might. He smiled as the feeling of ecstasy swept through his body. But there was no denying the tingling in his cock; it wanted more. And it wanted more of her, and only her, for sure. This was incredifuckible, he thought!

He finally pulled his cock out of her cunt with a pop and sat down behind her. His cock was still hard and he hoped she’d help him work at softening it before she left him tonight. Staring him in the eye was her ass. Oh yes, he thought, what a beautiful piece of ass it was – round, soft, and inviting. A little lower he could see his cum oozing out of her cunt. What a hot sight. I did that, he thought. He leaned forward and kissed her ass cheeks and ran his tongue down through her crack then he leaned back again.

When he pulled out she was a little disappointed. She stayed in her ass-up position for a minute as she came down from her newfound heights of ecstasy. Then she felt him kiss her ass and her stirrings began anew. Where were they coming from? She hadn’t fucked twice in a row in years and to even think about fucking again was unbelievable to her. This boy had done something to her and she hoped it wouldn’t stop.

She lowered her ass, turned around to face him, and crawled over to him. She knelt beside him and kissed him as she had last night – deeply and lustily, letting her hands roam all over his body. Tonight though, she wasn’t going to have second thoughts and leave; no she wanted to explore this lust with him. She wanted him to ram his cock into her again, if he could.

She moved and knelt across his thighs facing him. His cum was still oozing out of her but now it was going onto his thighs. They continued to kiss and explore each other with their hands. His hands paid special attention to her tits; squeezing all over, lightly touching, pulling her nipples, then gently brushing them. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with them but felt he had to touch them and feel them in every way possible.

He kissed her mouth, cheeks, ears, and neck like a hungry man. He was kissing, licking, and sucking everywhere he could. He couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste of her. And she let him consume her with his mouth.

As he licked her neck again, he began to go lower and moved down to her tits. He didn’t move directly to her hard nipples but kissed all around those large luscious tits. She loved his attention to her tits like that. She hugged his head to them and moaned to show her appreciation. Then in spirals he ended at those delicious nipples and went crazy on each of them – sucking, biting, licking, pulling, and pushing. When one of them was in his mouth; his hand was playing with the other. She threw her head back and was moaning loudly, telling him to never stop.

Her hands had explored his back and front in great detail and time, so much that she felt she could pick him out of a crowd by touch alone. Her hands moved to his cock and she began to stroke him. Each finger learned about his cock, enjoying the sensation his hardness offered. She stroked it from top to bottom, paying attention to the head. She rubbed it against her then against him, keeping a gentle grip on it. After only a few minutes, without warning, he shot his cum again. Rope after rope shot out. She didn’t stop stroking so it went almost everywhere on them. When she did stop stroking him she still held his shrinking cum drenched cock in her hand. Her hips were also coated with his cum. The smell of sex filled the room as they held each other and breathed in the intoxicating aroma they had created.

She looked at him and sighed, “You were fantastic! Thank you!”

“You’re more than welcome,” he replied. “You were more than fucktastic.”

After a moment, she asked “Do you have any plans for next weekend?”

He thought for just a second and said, “”Nothing I can’t get out of, why?”

But that will be another story.

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