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Youth & Experience

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Hi, guys. Been a while, but I am back with this story that I have been working on for a while. Hope you like it. I really liked the idea, and I have been anxious to share this one. Before I start, I want to apologize for A Desperate Mind. I am proud of the story, but for those disappointed, I understand and I will probably abandon those characters indefinitely. Also, Alex and Emma Ch. 3 will follow this story, but no date is really set. It will certainly be on here by fall. Anyway, here is Youth & Experience. After finishing the story, leave your comments below. Would love feedback for this story.


Before I start, let me get the obvious out of the way. One week ago, I fucked my 28-year old daughter. I feel no shame about doing so. We both enjoyed ourselves as we fucked each other, and so why would I regret I did? It is dumb, pointless, and, in this writer’s humble opinion, the act was actually beneficial for the two of us, so that’s that.

But before I get to what you all what to read, I need to explain to all of you just who and my daughter are and what lead us to our mutual fucking session.

My name is Jake Philip Smith. I am 46 years old, 6’4, weigh 165 pounds of solid muscle, have nice strong arms, have short brown hair, have brown eyes, and the proud owner of a 7-inch cock, which I happily pleased my wife with for over 20 years.

People who know me best would say I have a kind, warm personality. I have been called a serious minded individual who can still laugh at himself.

I can be short tempted and I have been known to be a little too sarcastic at times, but most people tend to find me pleasant and enjoyable company.

I construct houses for a living. I love my job, as it allows me to work with my hands, keeps me on my feet so I stay fit, and make a healthy sum of money so I can keep my family provided for and have some extra to spend on the side. This way, my wife and daughter could have the life that I didn’t have.

My ex-wife, Jan Elizabeth Jackson, was an history teacher at the high school where we had graduated 27 years earlier. My wife was, and still is, a stunner. Shoulder length honey blond hair, dazzling green eyes, gorgeous full pink lips perfect for a blowjob, 34 C breasts, a 31 inch waist, 34 inch hips and an ass that just was asking to be spanked over and over again, which I happily did much of in my wife and mine’s sex life.

Jan, when I was younger, was almost like my alter-ego, but over the years, she became too serious and “put together” for my taste. I am all for being organized and taking matters seriously, but honestly, before we divorced, I was at a point in our marriage when I couldn’t remember the last time my wife smiled at me. Our sex life was still as hot as ever, but I got the feeling my wife wasn’t as into it as she used to be, as if I was another man she was fucking instead of the man she married.

My wife and I only had only one child. Samantha Taylor Smith-Jackson. The pride of my life. For those who say you aren’t really a parent if you only have one child, those people clearly didn’t have my baby as their child. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I simply found my child to be irresistible. All it took for my baby girl when she was about to be trouble was a lip pout, those sad big green eyes looking right at you, and the words “I’m sorry, Daddy” in her adorable voice and I knew then for the next 18 years, my fate was sealed. This girl would have me wrapped me around her finger for the rest of her life, and she didn’t want it any other way. But damn, was my little darling a handful. Oh, she wasn’t like a bad kid in school or anything like that. She, like her parents, made straight A’s in high school, was a member of several high school organizations, and was beloved by most, if not all, of her fellow students and teachers.

No, my little girl was a handful because she simply was a very curious and take charge kind of an individual. When she saw something she wanted, she would usually just take it. Now, of course, that became less and less of a problem as she got older, but still, you don’t realize the amount of Barbies I would have to return to the store because she would try to hijack them out of there.

My daughter is the splitting image of her mother when she was 28. I swear, you could take a picture of my wife from the same age and put it up to a picture of my daughter and I swear, you would think it was the same person. But that is where comparisons ended, for while she may have looked like her mother, she was, without a shadow of a doubt, her father’s daughter.

My mouth was the biggest smartass I knew outside of myself. She had been like that even before she hit puberty. Maybe that was me rubbing off on her, I don’t know, but she put my mouth to shame.

As my daughter grew, she became as beautiful as her mother, and due to my wife and mine’s ever expanding divide, I began to notice my daughter more and more. Watching her from afar as she grew up, her wearing several tight clothes and such, I found myself reluctant to admit it, but if I was younger, and not her father, of course, I would totally find myself hot for Sam.

My daughter, like me, married shortly after high school to a guy I actually thought had some class to him. His name was Stanley Jackson, and he was quite the catch for a girl like Samantha. He was the quarterback on the football team, was in the top percentile of his class, and just was deemed as one of the most likable young men in our suburb. They both married the year after graduating high school, and I assumed my daughter’s life was in good hands. He had a steady and well paying job in real estate, meaning my daughter would be well provided for.

Stanley Jackson. I hate that little fucking bastard.

For 8 years, my daughter gave him the world. Always having a nice, hot meal on the table when he got home. Always working her butt off cleaning up the house, Always making sure he was sexually satisfied(I only know that from what she told me. I don’t give a damn about my daughter’s sex life.). And yet, that wasn’t enough for him, I guess. No, I guess he just decided that my daughter wasn’t doing it for him anymore.

This is where my ex-wife comes in.

Yep, you probably know where this is going, but for shits and giggles, let me go on. It was Valentine’s Day, almost two months ago. I had gotten off early and to celebrate the occasion, I went to go buy my wife something for Valentine’s Day.

I drove to the local store and picked up some violets, her favorite flowers, and a box of white chocolate candies. I also grabbed some scented candles, trying to decide what aromas went well together. Cinnamon and hazelnut? Strawberries and Cherries? Oh, how I wish I knew what the hell I was doing. Eventually, I just picked up Cinnamon and Peaches(not the best combo, I know, but give me a fucking break)and proceeded to checkout.

After checking out my items, I walked to my car and proceeded to drive home. It seemed to take longer than usual. I hadn’t been this excited in a long time. In hindsight, I should had went to just go see my daughter instead.

I saw my house in the distance. I live in a nice, navy blue, two story house in the suburbs of Philly. We have decent-sized backyard, a nice, wide porch, with a white, wood porch swing, and a fully paved driveway which I paved myself.

I pulled into my driveway, grabbed my supplies, and walked to the door of my house. I opened the door and heard a very familiar sound. It was my wife, breathing heavily. I hadn’t heard her breathe that hard in a long time.

“Oh, fuck me. Fuck, that feels good.”

I hoped there wasn’t another voice up there with her. Every married individual dreads a moment like this. You just don’t ever think it could ever happen to you.

“Oh, yes. Ride my fucking cock, bitch. You feel so fucking good.”

I walked up to our bedroom, the dread I am feeling building in anticipation, and I am walking as slow as I can to not alert Jan to my presence. Finally, I reach the slightly ajar door and see a most infuriating sight.

There is Jan, my wife and love of my life, riding another man’s cock as if she hasn’t never ridden another cock in my life. That would be enough be to make any man angry, but the icing on the shit storm cake? The prick she was riding on belonged to an even bigger prick: my model of exceptional youth son-in-law!

I barged in, screaming “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?”

Jan just remained in place on his cock as Stanley sat up, mouth agape, the very model of the apparently shocked dumbass you usually see in these situations, and looked in my general direction.

“Hi, dad.”


“Relax, Jake. I can explain. You see, it’s like…”

“Oh, fuck it, Jake. Look, you had to realize we were dripping apart. I need more excitement in my life. I am 46 years old. My life is almost over. I need something new, exciting. You aren’t cutting it anymore.”

I couldn’t believe Jan was saying this to me. For over 20 years, we had been so happy, so fulfilled by the other, and now, it was like all that faded away, as if it never existed at all.

“You fucking…”

“What? Say it, Jake. What am I?”

I couldn’t say it. As much as I hated both of them in that moment, she was the mother of my child. I could never entirely hate her.

I looked over at my asshole son-in-law.

“And you? Why are you cheating on my daughter? She does everything for you.”

He just shrugged. “I don’t know. She just not exciting enough for me anymore.”

“What the fuck are you saying?”

“She…well, sucks in the sack.”


“Dude, chill.”

My wife finally got off his cock trying to hold me back. A pointless excise, as I was clearly stronger than her, but I allowed it. The last thing I needed right now was to be sued by this little prick. Sure I could pay it off, but it was the principle of the thing.

“Explain yourself.”

“She always fucks me like she is making love or some shit. Sometimes, I just a nice, solid fuck. Is that too much to ask?”

“When it concerns my daughter, yeah, it fucking is.”

“Dude, chill. Your daughter is a fox. She will move on.”

Did this guy just want to get punched in the face or was it just me?

I shrugged my shoulders to let my wife know to let me go and just looked at her.

“I want a divorce. And I believe Sam will want one, too.”

I turned to walk out. Before I left, I said some parting words.

“There is some items down here for you, Jan. Happy Valentines Day!”

I slammed the door behind me, and just walked down to my daughter’s place, five blocks down from me. As I walked down the path, five little words found their way into my head:

I fucking hate Valentine’s Day!


Compared to my house, my daughter had a more humble home. It was a simple yellow one-story house that was only was really designed for two. It just had the essentials: driveway, porch, small backyard, etc. Amazing. After all I had done to give my daughter the life she never had, she still prefer a life of modesty.

I walked to her door and knocked, awaiting her presence at the door. There was no answer. I knew she was home, so I just opened the door and walked inside.

“Sam? Baby, it’s Daddy.”

I heard footsteps coming from her direction and then, she stood before me.

Even now, my baby girl is still a stunner. She was wearing a sky-blue tank top and some tight blue jeans. She wasn’t wearing socks and shoes, and the make-up from her eyes had run down due to her tears.

“Did Stanley call?”

She nodded.

“How much did he tell you?”

“I know every single incestuous detail.”

I sighed. “Come here, baby.”

She hurried over to me, the tears returning to her eyes as I held her in my arms.

“I just don’t understand, Daddy. Why is fucking Mom?”

“Because he is a jackass, baby.”

She shook her head. “No, tell me. He said you guys talked. What did he say about me?”

She looked at me, anxiously awaiting the answer. As when she was a child, I found I couldn’t avoid her or resist her methods, so I told her.

“He said he doesn’t think you are…fully satisfying…”

“…in bed.”

I nodded.

My daughter nodded, understandably pissed. “I fucking told him I prefer to make love. I am not a fucking type of girl. I mean, I like to fuck, but…”

“Uh, too much info.”

My daughter shot me a look. “This coming from the same man who used to keep me up till 3 AM saying ‘Is that how you like my cock, baby? Momma likes her cock, doesn’t she?’ ”

“Point taken.”

“And I heard that when I was 10 years old. Imagine if I heard that at a more innocent age.”

I smiled. Even at her lowest point, my daughter still wouldn’t let this knock her down. She gets that from me.

I walked over to her and wrapped my arm around her. She moves close to me and wraps her arm around me. The scent of strawberry and cream shampoo engulfs her hair. It is intoxicating and always makes me forget why I am here.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I really am.”

“It’s okay.” She unwraps her arm from around me and faces me directly. “Should have paid attention to the signs. Honestly, I am more worried about you. I mean, you and mom were married for over twenty years. How are you not crying right now?”

I shrugged. “Who said I’m not. Just doing it on the inside.”

“Dad, don’t pull any of that macho shit on me. If you need to let it out, I wouldn’t think less of you.”

I smiled at her. “Thanks a lot, baby. But right now, I’m more angry than sad.”

She nodded. We sat there in silence, uncertain of what to do. We both just sigh to ourselves as loud as we can. Suddenly, I had an idea.



I turn to look at her. “How about you and I go to the beach house this weekend?”


“Think about it. What better place to relieve stress than a place surrounded by water, beautiful views, and not many people in any direction? It would be just us. Father and daughter, together again. Nothing would stand in our way.”

She took a minute to think to herself. But I saw that twinkle in her eye when she heard a plan she liked, and I knew I had her.

“Sounds great, dad. How about we leave a little earlier, though. Like tomorrow?”

“Why so soon?”

“The sooner I can get away from here, the better.”

I saw her point.

“Okay, baby. I have a lot to prepare for, but it all will be taken care of. We will have to leave early in the morning. You think you can manage?”

“Dad, I’m 28, not 5.”

I chuckle. “Okay, I will take care of that right now. I will call you later and give you the details tonight.”

Sam hugged me and I wrapped my arms around tight.

“Why can’t all guys be like you?”

“Because I one of a kind, baby doll.”

She laughed a adorable chuckle that confused me to its tone: either playful or flirtatious.

“Don’t I know it.”

I released her, smiled at her, and left the house, with the promise I would see her tomorrow.


I made my way back to my car, taking one last glance as the house as I do, wondering if they are still up there, understand just how much pain they had caused Sam and me. I just shake my head and get in my car. After placing the keys in the ignition, and checking all my mirrors, I proceed to pull out and drive to the airport to get the tickets.

As I drive to my destination, my daughters’ last words play over and over in my head: “Don’t I know it.” What did she mean by that? At the time, I couldn’t decide if it was meant as just an innocent throwaway line or something more. I mean, my daughter has always had a naughty streak to her, but flirting with her old man. Was that something she was comfortable with, or was I just simply overthinking it?

This way of thinking plagued my thoughts all the way to the Philadelphia International Airport. I spent about a hour there as I proceed to get my tickets so my daughter and I can vacation at the old beach house.

Actually, it wasn’t really that old. I had bought it as a birthday gift for my wife’s 40th birthday. I had constructed it myself. It was a simple wooden one-story beach house down in the Florida Keys, with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean in the front and no real other people in sight for miles. It was just the place for tranquility and getting away from it all.

I got the tickets. We were heading out on the 9:45 flight heading to Florida tomorrow morning, I called my daughter with the news.

“Do you need me to come get you or…”

“No. I will meet you there. I know how to get to the airport. I will see you in the morning, okay?”

“Okay. Well, I am heading home to go to bed. Probably need to burn the sheets.”

She chuckled at that.

“Night, Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you, too. See you tomorrow.”

“You too. And Dad?”


“When this weekend is over, you will have forgotten all about Mommy.”

Another giggle, then I heard a click. Seriously, what was my daughter’s game?


I awoke the next morning at 5:30. I did my daily routine: showered, brushed, shaved, ate breakfast, etc. I thought about wanking off, as I was incredibly horny and wouldn’t get the chance to masturbate again for about eight hours, give or take. Plus, after my talk with my daughter last night, I was beginning to think about my daughter in less than appropriate ways. Seriously, she had only said two things to me, but I swear, she said them to me the way her mother used to flirt with me when we were in high school. As I said before, my daughter is a beautiful girl. She is the splitting image of her mother when Jan was 28, only Sam had better everything. Her breasts were a 36 C, a 28-inch waist, and 36 inch hips. Now, I never really oogled my daughter. Just happened to notice these things.

As I was heading out the door, I noticed a letter on the counter in my wife’s handwriting. Considering I had a few minutes to kill, I decided to read it.

Dear Jake,

I will not make any excuses or any regrets for my behavior with your son-in-law. I still love you, or at the very least, respect you. I will always love the time we had together, but I have to follow my heart and you must do the same. Take care of our daughter. Shouldn’t be too hard for you. She was closer to you anyways. Take care.

With deepest respect,


I sensed resentment in the letter when I read that part about Sam. I just smirked to myself. Well, if you had taken a more active part in her life growing up, then you guys would probably have had a closer bond. It is not her fault that you became fake and superficial like Annette Bening in American Beauty. I did everything for Sam. I had been there for my daughter for every important moment of her life: her first time riding a bike, her first day of school, when she got her license. Heck, I even took her shopping for her dress for her first dance. It was incredibly awkward, as I was the only dad in the store that day, but I was there, and Jan wasn’t.

It had been Jan’s fault, no one else’s.

I crumbled the letter, threw it in the trash, and headed out the door. I walk over to the car, got inside, put the key in the ignition, and proceeded to drive to the airport.

On the drive up there, I began thinking of my daughter’s recent behavior again. She clearly had been flirting with me, but I understand why she wad doing it. She had been feeling vulnerable since that little prick broke her heart. It was entirely innocent, but still the development didn’t entirely disgust me. As I said before, I knew my daughter was hot and my attraction to her wasn’t entirely sexual. I loved her personality as well. I personally had never clicked with another woman as well as my daughter. But I couldn’t pursue any kind of relationship with my daughter, right? I mean, not only was any kind of relationship with her illegal, but it would be really awkward, considering how close to her I really am. No, any kind of relationship with her is completely out of the question.

After several minutes, I found myself at the airport. I pull into the exit, drove into the parking lot, and began looking for my daughter’s car. My daughter drives a ’96 red Grand Cherokee. I began searching up the aisles looking for her car and finally located it. I parked next to her and after turning off the engine, we both got out and went to meet each other.

As I turn to face my daughter, my jaw dropped. Sam looked stunning. She was wearing a black leather form fitting jacket, a tight white silk shirt, some very slimming navy blue jeans, her hair was in the most adorable ponytail, and her lips were a delectable shade of ruby red. I gulped hard when I saw her, and I began to get a powerful stirring in my groin.

“Hey, daddy.”

She came over to hug me and wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace. I tried to move my hips so she wouldn’t feel my erection, but it was a futile gesture.

“Boy, someone is sure happy to see me this morning.”


She unwrapped herself from around me.

“Oh, come on, dad. Relax. Besides, it makes me feel good about myself. I need the encouragement from men that I look attractive. Honestly, I find you to be attractive, even if you are my father.”

I nodded. I understood her little game. She was trying to do for me what I was unintentionally doing for her. I guess she just needed some encouragement as I did as well.

“You’re right, baby. I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t mean you want to fuck me, does it?”

I shook my head.

She smiled. “Good. Although to be fair, if you weren’t my father…”

My dropped jaw as my daughter playfully smiled at me.

“I remember one time you were working outside and saw you without your shirt on. Not trying to be awkward dad, but whoo,” then she began to fan herself as if she was getting hot, all with that playful smile on her face.

I chuckled at my playful minx of a daughter as we went to the back of our vehicles to get my luggage, as my mind raced with the thought that this would be a interesting vacation neither of us would forget.


As we walked to our gate, I saw many young men checking out my daughter as she walked passed. Many of them did double takes or raised their eyebrows at her. I wasn’t sure if I should say something or give them a dirty look, but I thought about what Sam said earlier. She needed the encouragement. I walked on.

Sam seemed to like the attention and began swaying her hips more provocative at the other guys. It unintentionally got my attention and the familiar sensation in my groin began to start again. What the fuck was wrong with me. This was my daughter, and yet, I was lusting for her as I did for her mother more than 20 years earlier.

We had some time before our plane boarded, so we took our seats and waited for our call to board. I was very tense as I still was hard for my daughter while she began looking at a magazine to pass the time.

My daughter sensed I was tense, so she decided to break the ice.



“You okay?”

I nodded. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I would be clearly uncomfortable if I have a massive boner in my pants, too.”



“That is not appropriate behavior, young lady.”

“What are you going to do, Dad? Spank me?”

She smiled in a very flirty way at me, but I was just baffled by this side of my daughter.

“Why is this so hard?”

Sam went back to her reading as she said one last thing.

“That’s what she said.”


We were on the plane now. I was sitting in the aisle seat while she had the window seat. Sam had never traveled by plane before and she wanted to looked at the view below. We had been flying for four hours when my daughter turned to look at me.

“Dad, do you want to look out the window?”

I shook my head at her.

“Dad, don’t you hate to fly?”

I nodded.

“So, why are you doing it? I mean, we could had just traveled by car.”

“I know. But honestly this is supposed to be a vacation. This is a time to relax. We can’t really relax if we are driving there.”


“Plus, I choose to not let my fears rule me.”

She nodded and turned her head back to the window. Then, she turned back to me and asked, “Dad?”


“Are we letting our fears rule right now? I mean, instead of dealing with our problems, we are just going on vacation, leaving Stanley and Mom behind.”

I considered her words for a moment, then answered.

“Well, sweetie, right now, we are coping with our problems in a way that is healthy and beneficial for us. You are not weak for dealing with you problem this way. Right now, you are confused and angry. You need time to get away from him, or you might do something you might regret. Some problems we can’t stop as soon they reveal themselves. Sometimes, we have to set them aside and deal with them when are emotionally ready to deal with them.”

She nodded and asked, “So, when will I be ready to deal with this?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know, sweetie. Only you can figure that out.”

She nodded and turned her head back to the window.

I couldn’t wait for us to get there. I couldn’t stand to see Sara this way.


We finally landed hours later. We got our carry on bags, went to baggage claim to get our heavier luggage, and begin to leave the airport. Both Sam and I rushed to the bathroom to pee, as we really had to go.

“Dad, can we change our clothes? This weather will be murder to me in this outfit.”

I agreed with her and we went into the restrooms to do our business. I came out of the bathroom about 7 minutes later wearing a blue wife beater, some light brown shorts, brown sandals, and a Hawaiian type shirt over my wife beater. Apparently, I got some glances from older women around my age, making me feel very good about myself.

About three minutes later, my daughter came out and my jaw dropped as low as fucking possible. My daughter was wearing a form fitting orange spaghetti-strap tank top that barely covered her stomach, which lead to some of the shortest jean shorts I’ve ever seen. Leading down those long as fuck legs, she was wearing blue sandals, which allowed me to see her cute feet and those luscious blue painted toenails.

“Dad, you can stop drooling now.”

I gathered myself and watched her walked to the door.

“By the way, I believe I had the better view, dad.”

I blushed.

We walked outside and signaled for two cabs so we could get all our stuff. I took one cab and she took the other as we off to the beach house.

About an hour later, we arrived at the beach house. My daughter had never been there before, and she was clearly impressed.

“Wow. It’s bigger than I thought it would be. You built the house yourself, right?”

“Most of it. I had some help, but mostly it was me. I provided the wood and nails, though.”

She smiled. “Awesome.”

We paid our drivers, got our luggage, and walked inside the house. As we walked up into the house, I let her know about the guest bedroom at the rear left of the house. That is where she would sleep.

We dropped our stuff into the rooms. I decided to go swimming, so I stripped down in the bathroom and changed into my swimming trunks. After I was done with that, I went to check on my daughter. She was laying on her bed, clearly tired from the flight. My daughter didn’t travel well.

“Hey, baby. I am going swimming. Will you be okay in here?”

She nodded. I was walking away from her room when she called my name.

I turned to face her. She came over to me and gave me a big hug.

“Thanks for this, dad.”

“No problem, sweetie.”

She hugged her closer to me. I felt such a closeness to her in that moment. It was just her and me in that moment. It was so perfect. We broke apart. Then, she giggled.

“Looks like daddy has finally calmed down now. What’s wrong, dad? Not doing it for you anymore?”

I decided to get her back for all the constant flirting we had done today.

“Well, give me something else to look at and it might go back up. Maybe if you got…”

She smiled. “Got what, daddy?”

I took the risk. “How about you get naked?”

My daughter’s jaw playfully dropped and she went, “So, daddy want to see me naked, huh? Well, going to have to think long…and hard…about that.”

I choked on air at her comment. She just happily giggled and I caught myself and eventually started laughing too.

I left her to her room after that and went to the ocean to take a swim. If I would have known what would happen in the next few minutes, I would have stayed inside.


I had been swimming for about 45 minutes at this point in my tale. I was doing reps to work on my arms and chest and on my tenth rep, I began to worry about my daughter. I decided to go see her. I swam back to shore, dried myself off with my towel, and walked back inside. I made my way to my daughter’s room and stopped dead in my tracks.

There was my daughter, and she was not at all sleeping. Instead, her eyes were closed, she was naked as the day she was born, and she was fingering her pussy as erratic as possible.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. I took in my daughter’s beautiful naked body. Her breasts were full and luscious, topped with some delicious looking nipples. Her stomach was so soft, toned and slender. And that pussy was completely shaven and juicy.

I couldn’t stand it. I had to join her. I stripped off my shorts and went over to her bed, my erect cock harder than it had ever been.

“Stanley. Oh, Stanley. I miss your cock.”

“I really hate that bastard.”

Sam’s eyes shot open and she gasped. When she saw meet, her expression relaxed and she smiled.

“Hi, daddy.”

“Hi, baby. Having fun?”

She shook her head. “I don’t want to think about him anymore. But I’m so horny and I haven’t fucked in two weeks.”

I nodded. “Have you only see his cock?”

She nodded. “I have never seen another one. Not a real one, anyway.”

I stood up and exposed myself from her to see. She gasped loudly.

“Whoa! It’s bigger than Stanley’s ever was.”

I smiled and got on top of my daughter. She looked really nervous, but made no effort to stop me as I moved between her long, luscious legs. I moved her fingers out of her cunt and replaced them with my own.

My daughter sighed and trembled as my fingers probed her incredibly warm, wet and tight tunnel.

I scooted closer to her body, so I could grope her incredible breasts with my free hand. She, in turn, took her right hand and slid it down my abs and six-pack while her left went behind my back.

“Oh, dad. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Her right hand went further and further down until she engulfed my cock with it, and began stroking up as erratically as she could.

I decided to get her attention.

“Baby, are you aware where your hand is?”

She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Which one, daddy?”

“The right one.”


“Where is it?”

She said, in the most erotic voice I’ve ever heard, ” It is on your huge fucking cock.”

I threw my head back as she assaulted my cock with her hand as she close her eyes and bit her lip as I hammered her pussy.

Suddenly, I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and dove my head between her legs. Just like that, I began to eat my daughter.

My daughter screamed.

“Oh, fuck, daddy! That feels so fucking good! Stanley hardly ever did this!”

I licked her cunt, alternating between slow and loving or fast and calculated. I teased every bit of her pussy, especially with her clit, which obviously made her the most excited.

“Oh, fucking lick that clit. I need it. Make me your hot and horny bitch. I need your tongue. Fucking tongue fuck my cunt.”

I knew she about to cum, and when she did, it was glorious. She looked so much better than her mother cumming. Her mother gasped and sighed. Sam sighed, groaned, gasped, yelled and screamed at the pleasure. I had never seen anymore else cum like that. I was glorious.

“Fuck, that’s good. Dad, I love you. It has never felt like this. Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!”

She had nine orgasms before the wave had stopped. As she came back down, her eyes found mine and she reached up and kissed me, not even caring if my juices were on my tongue.

My daughter’s lips were like fire and ice: hot yet comforting. I loved my daughter, and this was just the final proof of that.

She broke the kiss and smiled at me. “Thanks, dad. For everything.”

I decided to press my luck. “So, are we finished here?”

She smiled at me, “Why, dad? You want to fuck me now?”

I shrugged my shoulders. When I was eating her out, I want to fuck her bad. But now, when we had a moment to breathe, I was having second thoughts.

She chuckled at me. “Let me think about it, dad. It is a big step, dad. I will need some time to think, okay?”

I nodded. She got off of me and went to the bathroom. I guess she decided to take a shower to clean her pussy up. I decided to go to the living room to wait for her.


As I sat there in the living room on my couch, I began to contemplate today’s events in my head. I had licked her cunt for all its worth. If we continued from here, what would this mean for us? What would society think? What would our families think? And worse yet, what if she got pregnant? There were still many things to consider…


“In here, baby.”

Sam came in wrapped in a long white towel, her body still wet from her shower. She still looked glorious.

“So, did you think about it?”

Sam stared at me and took a minute to find her words.

“Let me ask you something, Dad. Do you really think I’m sexy?”

All I did was stand up and pointed to my erect cock.

“Baby, that’s all because of you.”

“Dad, don’t kid me right now. I am really vulnerable right now.”

I took a minute, then told her exactly how I felt.

“Sweetie, I have admired you for years. You have grown up into a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I still want to be your father, but I also really want to fuck your brains out.”

She smiled and threw her towel down.

“All I needed to hear.”

That beautiful body walked over to me and she got on her knees.

“You pleased me, daddy. Now, it’s my turn.”

She engulfed my cock with her tongue and managed to get her entire mouth on it. Sucking me like a phallic popsicle, she bobbed her cute little head up and down on my cock like a pro. All throughout the experience, only one thought went through my head: my son-in-law was an idiot.

“Baby, that feels incredible.”

“I have been wanting to do that for years.”

My eyes shot open and I looked at my daughter with curiosity.

“You mean, all that flirting…”

She stopped sucking and looked at me. “I meant every word. I have been hot for you since I was 17. Remember when I mentioned the shirtless working outside thing?”

I nodded.

“Since then, I have been so turned on by you. You looked so much better than Stanley. You are a real man, unlike that little prick.”

“So why did you marry Stanley?”

She moved her head down. “Because society would never accept us.”

I lifted her up and looked dead in her eyes.

“Fuck society, baby.”

She smiled at me.

“Can you just fuck me instead?”

She pushed me down on the couch, then she moved her body on my lap and grabbed my erect cock and lined it up with her pussy.


She looked at me.

“If we do this, there is no going back. Everything will change. We won’t…”

I didn’t finish that sentence as Sam slammed her body down on my cock.



“Shut up.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Her pussy felt glorious on my cock. It had felt great on my fingers, but nothing compared to my 7 inches pounding her mercilessly.

“Am I tighter than mommy?”

“No fucking comparison, baby.”

Sam was slamming her body down on my cock with a speed I had never experienced before. I engulfed her breasts into my mouth, saturating them with my tongue.

“Fuck daddy. Lick my breasts. Suck them. Lick them. Fucking bite them if you have to.”

I decided ‘what the hell’ and bit down on her nipple. Not too hard, but enough to invoke a reaction.

“Damn, so fucking good.”

I need to see her tight ass, so I asked if I could fuck her from behind. She happily obliged and turned to face her ass towards me.

It was the best ass ever. Nice and full, the skin incredibly luscious, and you smacked it, it bounced just enough. I slapped it several times as I fucked her pussy hard.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck my pussy hard. Make it raw, daddy. Spank my ass. Ooh! Ooh! Love it daddy,!”

“Oh, I love your hot fucking cunt. So fucking tight.”

She surprised me as she made her cunt even tighter than I could conceive.

“Oh, fuck, Sam!”

“How much do you love it now?”

“We should have fucked sooner.”

Sam chuckled at that and we continue our fucking, me fucking as hard as I could and she meeting back every thrust as fast and happily as I was.

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum!”

“Me, too, baby!”

“Make me cum first, then shoot your fucking load all over me!”

Damn, she knew just the right thing to say. I pounded her cunt a few more times until I felt her cunt squeeze like a vise on my cock, and she came with an total of eleven orgasms for my viewing pleasure. Her screams were music to my ears, if they were extremely vulgar.

“Oh, fuck me, daddy. No one makes me cum like you. Not that fucking prick Stanley. My cunt belongs only to you. Anytime you want to fuck this pussy, it’s yours. I love your cock, I love how you slap my ass, Love how you…fucking shit, dad…making me cum like an teen again. Love you, daddy!!”

I had all I could take. I reluctantly pulled my cock from her pussy and she turned to face it. I lasted only a few seconds and shot all over my daughter’s face, breasts, stomach and legs. I sat on the couch, too exhausted to continue.

My daughter gathered the cum off her breasts and licked it clean.

“So, that was dinner, what about dessert?”


I awoke the next morning expecting her to be there next to me, but she was nowhere to be found. I looked all over the house for her, and I even looked outside. Suddenly, I found her. She was naked, standing outside, looking at the sunrise.

“Hey, baby.”

She turned to face me and let me wrap my arms around her.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Yes, this is.”

She playfully nudged me. “Not us. This. It is so beautiful here. I wish we could live here.”

I nod. “Sadly, it would be extremely pricey. But we could make it work.”

“Now is not the time, though.”

I shot her a look. “What do you mean, baby?”

She sighed. “I am going to go back to Stanley and tell him I want a divorce.”

“Good for you, baby.”

“Remember the discussion on the plane?”

I nod.

“I have been thinking about it nonstop since we arrived. It’s why I ultimately decided to have sex with you. You can’t live in fear, and I don’t plan to. Only one problem.”


“Well, after I divorce Stanley, it will just me on my own. I need to learn to be on my own. Just for a while until I get on my feet. I have to get a house and a job. I need to do this myself. Because of that, we can’t see each other sexually for a while.”

I nod, but the news is hard to take. “Baby, we just started all this.”

“Dad, we have the entire week. Don’t worry. I just can’t be around you when we get back. Too much of a distraction.”

“You just could live with me.”

She shook her head.

“I have to learn to be independent. I spent 18 years depending on you and mom and then 8 with Stanley. I have never been on my own. We owe it to ourselves to give me the opportunity to allow me to try.”

She was right. One thing about my daughter: once she had a goal in mind, she went all the way.

We spent a beautiful week together, then we spent some necessary, but still agonizing time apart. It was difficult and still is, but we will be together again. Father and daughter, nothing in our way.

The end.

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