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Sunday Football with the Guys

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This is a fantasy exploration of some of my erotic thoughts. I would love your comments. This story is for adult readers only. Always engage in safe sexual practices.

Just another workout…or so I thought. I was working on my bench press and struggling with the second set. I knew I had more in me but I needed a spot to lift the bar off the bench. I looked around the weight room and saw Brian. We had met at the gym, and at that point we were just kind of “hi-how-are-ya” friends.

“Hey Brian! Give me a spot?” I asked.

Brian said “sure” and I took my position on the bench. Brian is a good looking black man around 30. He is about 6′, and he has an athletic muscular build. He was wearing a T shirt and a pair of bike shorts, he often warms up with a spin class.

To assist me in my lift he positioned himself just inches behind my head, legs spread and his hands on the middle of the weight bar. Concentrating on my lift and looking up at the bar I found myself face to face with his um hummmm “package.” I could see that he was obviously well endowed and the tight spandex of his cycling shorts made it obvious that he had a big set of balls and a nice thick long tool. I found myself oddly fascinated by the sight and I stared at Brian’s genitals encased in the shiny black fabric. Before I changed the direction of my gaze I realized I had been looking a bit too long.

Brian smiled down at me and said, “ready to do this?”

I said yes and with Brian’s help finished my final set. After that encounter I found myself thinking about the sight of Brian’s equipment. I became aroused whenever I envisioned looking up at his spandex clad cock and balls. Although I considered myself straight the idea of cock began to get me horny as hell.

Brian and I began to lift weights together on a regular basis. One day we set an appointment to get in an early morning work out on a Sunday. The gym was virtually empty except for a women’s yoga class. After the work out we showered. I was sitting on a bench in just my boxers. I was bent over to put on my socks. At that moment Brian walked out of the shower and drying himself off strode right in front of me, completely naked.

He was talking to me about next Sunday’s football game. He stopped in front of me and as I pulled on my sock I found myself looking directly at his cock and balls. Brian kept talking about next week’s match ups, his nude body just inches away from me. He had a Ying/Yang tattoo just below his belt line, and his pubic hair was trimmed short. He looked slightly aroused. Even semi-flacid his uncut cock was already 6″ long and thick. I stared in a trance.

I think I may have been drooling, but Brian gave no indication that he noticed. He opened his locker next to mine and retrieved a bottle of moisturizer. Squeezing some onto his hand he began to work it into his shoulders, arms and chest. Extracting another generous dollup from the bottle he began to rub it on his flat muscular stomach working down his body. Still talking to me about next week’s game and how he was having some guys over to watch it at his house, his hands spread the moisturizer down to his genitals. He rubbed the lotion on his balls and then started to stroke his cock with his greased hand. I could see his cock grow as he gave it a few nonchalant strokes. His shiny almost cock hung magnificently almost 8″ in length.

“So do you think you can make it next Sunday for the game?” asked Brian with a knowing grin on his face.

“Uh… let me… yeah, yes… sure, ” I stammered. My heart was racing and my head swam with a million thoughts. I was staring at another man’s cock and it was getting me hot. Was Brian teasing me? Was this a trick? Was he just acting normal and I was reading too much into what had just transpired?

I left the gym confused and very horny. When I arrived home my wife was out and I immediately went into the bathroom and pulled my swollen cock out of my pants. I stroked myself to a powerful orgasm which helped bring back some of my composure.

The next Sunday I was at Brian’s house for the game. He lived in a suburban neighborhood just around the corner from me. He greeted me at the door and lead me into the great room. Around a large flat screen TV were 4 other guys, a couple whom I recognized from the gym. The game started and there was the usual hooting and hollering whenever the home team made a good play. The ubiquitous beer and chips scattered about the room. At one point two of the guys, Bill an older guy about 40, and Mike another 30 something guy headed to the kitchen. When I turned around to adjust a pillow on the sofa I noticed Mike whispering something into Bill’s ear and he had his hand firmly grasping Bill’s package. Not wanting to be a voyeur I quickly turned back to the game.

Half time rolled around and Randy, an athletic 20 something guy with a surfers build and bushy blond hair, jumped up and yelled, “Half Time Porno!” He grabbed the remote and in an instant a big tittied blonde was pumping a huge cock down her throat on the screen. The room erupted in cat calls and yells of “suck-it, swallow it bitch, and yeah me next!.”

Randy slapped the guy sitting next to him, and said, “What do you think Paul, does that dude have a huge cock, or what?”

Paul just said, “not as big as mine.”

“Yeah, that’s big talk!” said Mike, “you are going to have to prove that claim.”

Paul stood up. He was about 6’2″ and had a massive chest, with a grin on his face he dropped his jeans and briefs. Out leapt a monster cock almost 9″ long and not fully hard. Paul shook his cock at Mike and said, “if this is going to be a fare comparison then I am going to have to be about a blowjob Mikey?”

Mike dropped to his knees in front of Paul. He took Paul’s tool I his hand and gave it a few slow strokes as he licked his lips and looked up at Paul. The other guys were chanting, “suck it, suck it.” Mike, still looking up, extended his tongue and licked the head of Paul’s cut cock. He continued to stroke the shaft of Paul’s monster tool as his tongue swirled around the plum sized cock head. Then he took the huge cock and swallowed it, fucking more of it down his throat with each rhythmic bob of his head. Drool ran down his chin as he grasped Paul’s ass with both hands forcing more of the thick cock down his throat. The room filled with encouraging comments.

My heart was pounding, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Brian sat next to me and put his hand between my thighs and rubbed up almost up to my crotch. Randy and Bill were rubbing eachother’s cocks through their jeans as they watched the incredible blow job that Paul was receiving.

Brian said, “That’s pretty hot isn’t it? I hope you are not freaked out? We are cool if you want to join in or just hang out and watch.”

Brian’s hand was now on my crotch and he was gently squeezing my balls and alternately rubbing my growing cock. I was speechless and I could not answer Brian’s questions. I looked at Brian and he smiled. Brian unbuttoned my jeans and proceeded to expose my cock and balls. He pushed up my shirt and licked and kissed his way to my cock head that was poking out of my boxers. I lifted my rump off the couch so Brian could pull my pants down to my ankles. He took my hard cock in his mouth and began to work away with his mouth and tongue.

Brian took off his clothes and continued working on my cock with his hot mouth. His cock was hard and I wanted it in my mouth but his warm wet sucking felt too good for me to interrupt him.

I surveyed the room and saw Randy and Bill who were stripping off their clothes. Bill was a big bear of a man and his hard cock was only about 6″ but was incredibly thick, a fat uncut torpedo of a dick. Randy was lean and muscular and his cut cock was long and average girth. Randy and Bill were now naked and facing each other. Grasping their meat, they rubbed their cocks together, their mouths open in rapturous lust. Bill leaned in toward Randy and they started to touch there tongues together. This lead to a deep passionate kiss. I was amazed at how erotic the sight of these two masculine men kissing was. Soon they were on the floor naked, legs and arms entwined and making out like two teenagers.

Brian stopped sucking my cock and it slapped against my stomach. I was as hard as I had ever been. He stepped up on the couch, one foot on either side of me so his cock was level with my mouth. I didn’t need any instruction. His dark mocha rod was a full 8″ long and the pinkish head showed under the cowl of his foreskin. It twitched with each beat of his heart and a clear drop of precum formed at the tip. I gently took his cock in my hand and pulling back on the shaft revealed his round heart shaped cock head. Pulling him closer I licked the precum from the tip and circled the head with my tongue. It was delicious and so erotic that I was trembling with arousal and lust.

As I sucked his cock Brian encouraged me, “That’s it….mmmmmm you love my big cock don’t you… yeah baby… suck it…that’s it, get it all nice and wet….oh yeah, now lick up and down the shaft to my balls…suck my balls….mmmmm that feels so good!”

I was lost in my blow job of Brian. With his cock in my mouth, I used my hands to explore his body, twisting his nipples, caressing his thighs, squeezing his muscular ass. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bill on his knees and Randy was pounding his ass from behind, Paul and Mike were in a 69 on the floor with Paul alternately sucking Mike’s cock and balls, and rimming his asshole. It was all I could do to keep from cumming.

Brian pulled his cock away from my greedy mouth. He took me by the elbow and pulled me to a standing position. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close. Our cocks were both pressed up against our stomachs and we kissed. Brian said to me, “I want you to fuck me.”

Brian took a condom and a bottle of lube from a box behind the couch. He handed me the condom and he sat on the couch. Smiling up at me he pulled his legs up. He smiled up at me his big hard cock laying on his tight abs. He said, “come on, fuck me good and hard!”

I placed the head of my 7″ throbbing cock against Brian’s hole and began to gently push. His eyes were closed and soon my swollen cock head was inside him, his mouth opened and his breath quickened. He was tight and very hot, the feeling of his ass was incredible. I pumped more of my cock into Brian and began to establish a rhythm. I reached down and stroked his cock as we fucked. I was nearing orgasm and I could tell that Brian was as well.

Brian said, “Do it now man, pull your cock out and cum on me, do it!”

Brian brought me this far… so I did as I was told. I pulled out of his ass and removed the condom. Brian took my cock and his cock squeezing them together as he stroked them up and down, cock to cock. Brian let go first with a thick white rope of cum that landed on his stomach and I soon followed. My orgasm erupted with such power that my knees almost buckled. My cum landed on Brian’s neck and chest. Now we were both gasping as we both orgasmed, copious amounts of cum covering our cocks and Brian’s torso

I leaned over and took Brian’s still hard cock in my mouth. It was coated in cum and I licked it clean. The sticky cum coated my mouth as I sucked the last bit out of Brian’s awesome cock. Brian collected a big gob of cum from his stomach and fed it to me. He then bent forward and we shared a cum-coated kiss.

In our passion we didn’t realize that we were now the main attraction the other guys who applauded enthusiastically. We both chuckled and stood up and gave a little bow. A new world of bisexuality had been revealed to me and my only question was…when is the next home game?

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