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You’re My Sister?

Category: Incest
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FYI—Included in this tale will NOT be oversized dickeys or boobs–Nor will it contain ANAL sex, cruelty or will terms degrading to women be used. Birth control is practiced. If any of this or the fact of this disclaimer offends you please press the back arrow now.


I work for a large company which has several sub divisions. Just off I-95 in South Carolina we have a large warehouse where two of those sub-divisions also have offices.

There being several hundred employees under one roof there is also a cafeteria. One day not long after I was transferred there I was eating lunch and noticed a pretty red head some distance away.

Over time I learned her name which was Rita. I also learned that she was a 39 year old widow having lost her husband about a year earlier. She was about 5’4″ and I would estimate about 120 pounds. She was not a cover girl but could hold her own in any other contest and she had a wonderful smile.

Me? My first name on my original birth certificate was Robert after my father my middle name was Daniel after my uncle. As a youth the family began calling me Danny so as to avoid confusion. After my mother remarried her new husband adopted me. When it became time to officially change my name to I also reversed my first and middle names and became Daniel Robert Albertson. I was 43 at the time.

My birth father apparently took off when I was about six taking my younger sister with him. Later without having invited mom to the funeral he notified us that she had died. We’ve not heard from the no good SOB since.

At age 22 I married but when I had been married for about four years my wife died. Even after the mourning was over I never felt enough real love toward any woman I happened across to think of marriage.

Meanwhile my interests were cars, boats and airplanes plus Saturday Golf and a bit of tennis. Physically that made me about 180 pounds on a 5’11” frame. I sported a full head of dark hair which seemed occasionally to excite certain women for no good reason that I could comprehend.

One mid afternoon I happened to be in the cafeteria about three in the afternoon and I encountered Rita. We said “hi” and passed a few pleasantries. The next time that I was in the building during mid afternoon I made it my business to be at the coffee machine at three.

Sure enough Rita was there. Over the next month or so we progressed to sitting down together and becoming better aquatinted. Then along came Christmas. Our group always held an XMAS party. I invited Rita who accepted. We had a good time. We did not get together over Christmas itself but Rita invited me to be her date at her neighbors New Years Eve party.

We both stayed relatively sober and of course enjoyed a mid-night kiss. Later we found a dark corner and kissed seriously for the first time. Later on her front porch we kissed again and again this time with tongues. Her kids being home for XMAS break the situation did not allow us to go much further. I did feel though that after all these years of as a widower an awaking of deeper feelings.

Late one evening in mid January during a violent rain storm my doorbell rang. Although I was dressed only in my robe I answered the door. There stood Rita soaked to the skin cold and shivering violently. I got a hot shower started pushed her under as she explained that her car suffered a flat tire about two blocks away.

I started a blazing fire in my fire place then went back to the bathroom and opened the door enough to toss in a heavy towel robe. The shower was still running. A few minutes later I knocked and passed a Brandy through the partially open door setting it on the corner of the sink.

I returned to the living room and pulled the couch around to face the fire about five feet back from the hearth. Then I retrieved her wet clothes from the floor in front of the bathroom door and put them into the dryer. Leaving her a fluffy robe in exchange.

As I returned to the kitchen for another glass and the brandy bottle I heard Rita exclaim her delight at the fire. I reentered the living room and found Rita curled up cozy as a kitten in front of the fire. She sat up as I entered urging me to sit with her on the couch. As we settled in she tucked herself under my arm making herself comfortable there.

We didn’t speak but simply sat sipping our brandy and enjoying the fire and each other company. After about fifteen minutes Rita broke the silence saying.

“Suddenly I’m happy that I got that flat.” She smiled as we turned our faces toward each other and kissed.

After a moment our lips separated long enough for me to say. “Me too.”

My hand slipped inside Rita’s robe to seek and find her bare breast. Hearing no objection I cupped it in my palm and began to do my best to excite her nipple. I must have done well because very soon it was as erect and as hard as my penis.

After a another moment in that wonderful place I removed my hand and found the knot on the belt holding the robe together. As I began the process of gently unraveling it being not in a rush to break the mood the dryer sent it’s harsh message that it had completed it assignment.

After another moment I had opened the robe enough to expose more of that kissable flesh when Rita pushed my hand away and stood saying.

“Oh well, I have to take this off anyway.” With that she did that thing with her shoulders that women do and the robe fell to the floor. It was only another instant till my robe joined hers. We fell to the floor with our arms and legs intertwined around the other’s naked body.

There with the radiant heat from the fire warming our skin we made love. And it was love. It was as if we had done this a hundred times before. No fumbles or false moves. She rolled onto her back her legs spread apart. I slipped between her legs. She raised her knees.

I moved my hard penis forward as it sought a home. Her pelvis raised up. Her vagina seeking to be filled thrust itself forward. Our opposite parts met and fitted themselves into one another like long lost friends reuniting after a long separation.

Never in it’s life had my penis been so happy. Feeling as it did encased in that velvet tunnel where each of it’s cells seemed to be touched and excited. As my penis grew even harder than I ever thought possible it seemed to touch more and more places deep within my new love. Somehow we climaxed together her pulsing contractions pulling the cum from my body in a manner which made my penis feel something like an out of control fire hose.

After a few minutes of recovery still in each other’s arms Rita whispered.

“We seem to be cooked on that side, maybe we should roll over and do the other.”

Without further comment we did just that. Still coupled we rolled over to the woman superior position. Seconds later Rita’s lower legs were tight against my sides and my penis was swelling inside of her. Her hands rested on my shoulders. My hands were cupping her breasts as she made her first thrust. My crotch became soaked with the residue of our first encounter as we began our second.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the erotic sensations as my fingers gripped and gently squeezed Rita’s hard nipples. Again it was the most pleasurable place my penis had ever entered and it showed it’s enthusiasm by reaching for Rita’s deepest places.

Rita came once then a few minutes later again. This time my body erupted and joined her’s for a joyful reunion. Exhausted but happy we got ourselves side by side, found a cover to pull over us and slept for an hour before the phone awakened us.

It was Rita’s sitter who needed to go home. We dressed quickly and went to Rita’s house. I took the sitter home. I changed her tire then picked her up, took her to her car then followed her home.

It was mid spring when with her best friend watching her children Rita and climbed the steps to her ocean front vacation home, an inheritance from her father. It was about five thirty in the afternoon when we arrived in North Myrtle Beach.

We had stopped long enough to get married on the way. We planned to spend ten days there. We had arranged the first five days to ourselves. We even thought that we might leave the bedroom and walk the beach.

Rita’s best friend was doing the child care chore for those few days then would join us mid-week.

Something about the Rita’s place seemed familiar to me. She had inherited it from her grandfather she said. She had just opened the front door when my attention was grabbed by a stained glass window in the side wall. It depicted a shrimp boat hauling in its load with three porpoises circling in the background.

I had seen it before. In front of me was a staircase with a banister. I could swear I had slid down that banister many years before.

“Wait a minute.” I said. “Is there a bedroom just to the right of the stairs with a stained glass rendition of Popeye?”

“How did you know?” Rita asked with a startled voice. “Have you been here before?”

“Yes.” I replied. “Once. With my mother and my Uncle Ned. He died the next year. I was about four or five. It was a fun week.”

We didn’t speak as we opened the house and turned things on and off. Finally I mixed us each a strong drink and we sat on the porch watching the goings on by the beach people and we began to sort it all out.

A few simple facts emerged during our two hours of discussion. The simple fact was that my sister was not dead. My father had lied to my mother. My sister was sitting right here talking with me.

We were siblings and we were married.

All of which begged the question: Now what?

We sat there not speaking, not fixing supper, not even having another drink for about two hours. Finally Rita stood up and said.

“Guess what brother/lover/husband. We’re the same two people we were when we opened that front door a couple of hours ago. Are we not?”

“The only difference is,” I said back. “We both now know that we are brother and sister.”

“So.” Rita said as she fixed herself another drink.

“Tell me about my mother.”

As the words left her mouth she began to sob uncontrollably.

We spent most of the night with me talking and us both crying and hugging finally falling asleep as the sun began to peak over the horizon. It was noon before I awoke. There was fresh coffee in the pot. Rita was sitting on the ocean side porch in a T-shirt and meaningless panties.

It was Rita’s turn to talk. She being four years younger than I she never knew of my existence. Our SOB father had two wives to her knowledge. He did apparently treat her well in the sense of not abusing her and keeping her well housed and educated. He told her that her mother had died and never mentioned that she had a brother or other family.

We spent the next 24 hours talking back and forth. We were hardly eating and slept only when we were tired from talking and trying to understand what had happened. We showered and went to bed hugging but not making any kind of love.

“This is driving me nuts.” I said. “I can’t give you up and I can’t seem to get past the incest thing.”

“Tomorrow.” Replied Rita. “Tomorrow we will decide. I’m too confused and tired to do it right now.”

When I began to wake up I could feel that the room was bathed in sunlight. I could not help but be aware of a glorious sensation encompassing my rock hard cock. I opened my eyes to see Rita’s head moving up and down as the sensations also moved up and down.

So far, for some reason, we had not indulged each other orally. So this was a brand new sensation. But a very enjoyable one.

For a moment or two I let myself wake up and simply enjoy the sensations which were rapidly bringing me close to the point of orgasm.

“Does this mean that you have made a decision?” My voice coming out in gasps.

Rita continued without replying bringing me very close to orgasm before she removed her mouth and replied.

“Almost. This is not incest in my book so there is no reason not to enjoy it. We can iron out the details of the rest later.” With that she resumed her ministrations.

As I felt her lips slide up and down my cock made slippery by her saliva I the sensations were almost about to produce an orgasm.

“I’m just about to come.” I warned my sister. Marveling at the fact that the person doing this wonderful act was in fact my sister.

She paused long enough to again remove her mouth and say.

“Good. I’m glad that my efforts are producing the desired result, I’d be very disappointed if they didn’t.”

As Rita’s mouth started to engulf me again my cock exploded. Cum in copious quantities erupted from it most going into her mouth forcing her to swallow to keep ahead of it. When it was over my sister licked the rest from her lips and then took me back into her mouth to lick and suck me clean.

It was probably the most satisfying orgasm of my life and it left me too exhausted to do much more that urge Rita forward to snuggle in my arms as I recovered. We half snoozed for some time before the need to use the bathroom overwhelmed me.

I finished and decided to indulge myself with a hot shower. I had just lathered my hair when the door opened an a delicious naked body slid in next to me. We soaped each other over here and there pausing at the intimate places to heighten the other’s sexual excitement.

I kneeled before Rita tonguing her pussy as the water flooded across my head and her crotch allowing my tongue to feel each crevice, Then finding her clit standing straight and erect licked and sucked giving it what might, if she were male, be called a blow job.

“Oh brother. Oh brother. How you can kiss.” Said my sister with a laugh just before she realized a minor orgasm.

She held my head between her hands as her crotch pulsated against my face and the water continued to cascade over me.

A few minutes we were half dry lying in bed. My head was locked between her thighs. My hard penis was deep in Rita’s mouth and both our tongues were working furiously.

We licked and sucked and rolled around and moaned endearments as we approached then had then came down from our orgasms. A half hour later, Rita who seemingly had just a little energy left turned herself around and snuggled against me then fell asleep.

I awoke first and recalled that our breakfast had consisted of each other. Lunch needed to be substantial if we were to continue. I found a take out menu on the frig and ordered a plain pizza along with an antipasto. By the time the doorbell sounded Rita was up and ready to take nourishment.

We ate then put on our bathing suits and went swimming. Rita’s suit was in itself quite conventional however considering my previous enjoyment of the body underneath it the effect upon me made it the sexiest suit that I had ever seen.

We swam a little and body surfed and pretty much kept our hands to ourselves. As we returned to the house we paused by the outside shower as Rita asked.

“Join me?”

“Let’s not,” I said. “I think I would like to try some ‘salty pussy’ for my afternoon snack.”

“So be it.” My newly discovered sister answered. We continued to the bedroom hand in hand.

It turned out that there was more sand then salt in our vital areas which necessitated another enjoyable shower instead. We exhausted ourselves again under the shower until the hot water ran out. We dried each other’s shivering body and decided to rest and then eat since this was our last night there.

We regaled each other with some of the more pleasant stories from our early lives then dressed and hit one of the river front restaurants in nearby Calabash. After returning we sat on the porch in the all together drinking wine cooler and watching the sun go down and the people disappear.

We began to kiss and pet and become more and more excited. Like teenager making out we petted and gradually made each other naked. The porch was pretty well concealed from neighbors seeing us. Then came a move that was reminiscent of getting laid in the back of my 66 Mustang.

We adjusted ourselves until Rita was kneeling across my upper thighs as my hard penis sought it’s target. As usual we seemed to mesh like a well designed machine. It wasn’t cold metal to cold metal though when my cock penetrated the slippery warmth of my sister’s love tunnel.

Now, the thought flashed through my mind, this was incest by any definition. It was and I was loving it, and I was in love with my sister. Somehow I thought that we would work this out. Meanwhile this was the best sex of my entire life.

We climaxed twice together before surrendering to the desire to sleep forever in each other’s arms. Over the next couple of days we tried various activities that are common to people in our situation and enjoyed most if not all of them.

Over the next weeks we discussed our situation. We reviewed the options and discussed who, if anybody, might figure out the truth of our relationship. Our marriage certificate contained no lies. When we had filed for a marriage license we had used our birth certificate names and information none of which gave us away.

That was then, this is now. No one is the wiser nor will they ever be. Nor is there any couple happier together than my sister Rita and I.

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