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Summer 1986

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Chapter I

Maggie Dantino and I had been friends since 1984. We were attending different colleges in Boston and met while working part-time at Saks 5th Avenue.

It was the summer of 1986, when Maggie invited me to her parent’s home in Pine Hill, NJ. Her younger brother was graduating from Prep School and her folks were throwing a huge party. Of course I jumped at the chance to get out of Boston for a weekend.

I had met her family on several occasions when they were in town visiting Maggie, so I felt comfortable at the prospect of staying in their home. Plus, Maggie had told me her mom was looking forward to me coming along.

We arrived late Friday night, so I couldn’t see much of the landscape. But what I could make out was beautiful. Pine Hill, NJ was obviously a town of wealth. Huge homes that qualified to be Estates sitting on acres of land, some of which surrounded a golf course. I knew Maggie’s father ran a successful construction company, but I had no idea he was so wealthy. The driveway was 500 feet long and after about 250 feet, there was a huge barn on the left with the main house straight ahead. They had a pool and a hot tub with a Pool House that had a full kitchen, den, full bath and a spiral staircase that lead to a loft which was the bedroom. When we got into the house, everyone was asleep. There was a note on the kitchen table that read “Dinner is in the fridge. See you in the morning. Love, Mom.” We had a little supper and headed to bed. I was happily surprised that I had my own room. I quickly got ready for bed and crawled in. I was so tired that I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!

I woke up early and decided to get up. I discovered that I also had my own bathroom and decided to take a shower and get dressed. I could hear voices down the hall, so I figured everyone was up too. I was drying off when I heard Maggie’s Dad call out “Let’s go ladies, breakfast!” So I grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed when all of a sudden there was this hard knock at my door followed by the door opening. It was Maggie’s dad, so I quickly tried to cover up as I was only dressed from the waist down. He was just as shocked as I was and said “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” but, as he closed the door, he turned his head towards me again. He obviously liked what he saw. I know this because I noticed the slight grin on his face.

I finished putting myself together and decided to forget the whole thing. I met Maggie in the hallway and we headed into the kitchen together. We all sat down together and ate breakfast. It was quite the spread. Maggie’s mom said that there was going to be lots of food at the party, so to have a good breakfast and save our appetites for later. Maggie and I helped to clean up after breakfast and then she offered to give me a tour of the property. When we got outside, there was a lot of commotion. All of the deliveries for the party were arriving at the same time and Maggie’s dad was trying to direct traffic. He saw us coming and said “if you ladies can wait a few minutes, I’ll join you.” So we waited. While we were waiting I asked Maggie how long her parent’s had been married. “25 years next month. They married very young.” Maggie’s mom, Angela Dantino, was 43 and looked it. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, medium height and was in pretty good shape. You could tell she was beautiful when she was young. Still, she was an attractive woman for her age. She was generous, kind and always smiling. Paul, Maggie’s father was very handsome. He was 46, but he could easily pass for much younger. He had olive skin, hazel eyes and black hair that was graying around the temples. He evidently worked out because his frame, though short in height, was defined. And, like Angela he was of a good disposition.

As we stood there talking we saw Paul heading back towards us. As he walked up he said “let’s take that tour” and off we went. Angela had already showed me the main house, so we walked over to the pool area, which was huge. The pool went from 4 feet to 10 feet deep. The hot tub was large enough to accommodate 10 people. We then went into the pool house. It was amazing. Paul explained to me that they use this as a guest house when necessary, but he had designed and built it to live in just in case Maggie or her brother would want to live in it while they were trying to establish themselves professionally after college. It was beautiful. Maggie admitted that she had intended to move in after college.

We headed towards the barn which was 2500 square feet. It housed 2 horses, all the riding gear and also served as storage. The horse stalls were elaborate and impeccable. The riding gear was top of the line. There were at least a dozen saddles to chose from. We’ll go riding before we leave” Maggie said. “oh, you ride?” Paul replied. I explained that I had not been on a horse since I was 17, but had many a lesson and rode quite a bit prior to going to college. I was excited about getting to ride. “It’s getting late, be better get going” Paul remarked. It was already noon and the guests would be arriving in an hour!

Maggie and I headed back to the main house to clean up and get changed. I took another shower, but this time my mind began to wander back to early morning when her father had barged into my room while I was half naked. I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought if he hadn’t glanced back. If he had just left, I would not have seen the evidence of arousal. As I lathered myself up I began to fantasize that it was Paul’s hands bathing me. I began to tease my clit and slowly move to fingers inside. I was getting into it, my nipples were hard and I was teasing them one handed while I increased each thrust within. I was holding back the urge to moan. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time, and I needed to cum, so I propped 1 leg up and in a fury of motion I came. I needed to collect myself and get ready.

I had bought a pale pink linen sleeveless dress and matching high-heeled sandals just before we left. I had even found a pale shade of pink lipstick as a finishing touch. Maggie walked in and was sporting white linen pants with a matching blouse and sandals. She had beautiful brown hair and green eyes. She was very much built like her mother. I complimented her right away. “You look great!” “Thanks! You do to!” Maggie replied. I had to admit, I did. I was tan, so I didn’t need more than a little blush and lipstick. My dress showed off my tanned skin, my long red hair, and my figure. Probably a little too much cleavage, but no sense in trying to hide a 38D.

By the time we got to the pool area, the guests had started to arrive. They had set-up a tent over the patio and had hired a jazz trio to play. The Dantino’s had also hired a caterer and there were waiters and waitresses walking around with trays of hors d’oeuvres. Everyone was dressed up, including Maggie’s brother Philip and his friends. Philip was the spitting image of his father, right down to his hazel eyes. I caught a glimpse of Angela, she was wearing a yellow dress and matching shoes. Maggie excused herself to go talk to her mom and I decided to head towards the bar. I was 21 after all and I wanted a drink. I ordered a champagne cocktail and as I was waiting, Paul walked up and said “You look lovely Eden. Quite breathtaking indeed.” I could feel myself blushing in response “Thank you Mr. Dantino, you’re looking rather handsome as well.” And he did. He was wearing fitted dressy khaki chino’s with a white oxford shirt, no tie, complimented with a navy blazer and wearing loafers with no socks. My mind began to wander and then I heard “Eden, please call me Paul.” I nodded and then excused myself to find Maggie.

The party was a great success. People seemed to be enjoying themselves. Maggie and Angela made sure I met everyone. Through the night I noticed that Paul was staring at me. I told myself it was a coincidence, but deep down I knew otherwise. Paul Dantino, though kind and charming was also use to getting what he wanted. And, I was torn between not wanting it to be me that he wanted and wanting him to want me. I tried to focus on the guests. I love to people watch! My goodness, everyone was dressed so impeccably. I even danced with Philip. Time just flew by and before I knew it the outside lights were on. Paul had put up white lights on the trees and shrubs. It was beautiful. I thought the party would never end, but alas, it did.

The last of the guests had left and everyone was tired, except me. Phil had gone over to a friends and Maggie and Angela were heading to bed early. “Don’t forget, we’re going horseback riding early tomorrow.” I asked Maggie if it would be ok for me to hop into the hot tub for a few minutes to relax. She showed me how to turn it on and then we walked into the house together. She was going to bed and I was going to change into my bathing suit.

I had been in the hot tub for a few minutes when I heard “mind if I join you?” It was Paul, dressed only in swim trunks with a towel swung over his shoulder. “please do” I replied. What the hell else was I going to say? It was his home, his hot tub. So, he got in and sat across from me. Thank goodness I wore a one piece bathing suit. Unfortunately, as modest as it was, it could not hide my cleavage or my erected nipples. Paul slid around to sit next to me. He started to tell me about his life and how he came from nothing and built a successful business with nothing more than a high school education. He told me that he and Angela were childhood sweethearts and that they were married almost 25 years. I was waiting for him to use some lame excuse as a reason to cheat. You know the ones that start out with “my wife doesn’t understand me,” etc. But he didn’t. I told him a little bit about growing up in Florida and that I was fortunate like Maggie to have successful parents that provided me the best of everything while teaching me to appreciate it.

We chatted for a while and then out of nowhere he kissed me. I pulled back and asked him what he thought he was doing.

He smiled and said “Eden, I want to fuck you. I know what you’re thinking… I’m married and you’re my daughters friend. Well, I don’t care. When I saw you this morning half naked it was all I could think about. And looking at you tonight I just knew I must have you. I would never force you, so if you’re not interested, I’ll leave you alone.”

I was so stunned I couldn’t speak. He started to get up to leave. “Wait,” he stopped. “If I agree to be with you will you promise me that you would never let Maggie or Angela know?”

He smiled an replied “I’m no fool, of course I would never tell.” I nodded and he sat back down.

He cupped my face in his hands and began to kiss me; gently at first then more greedily. He slowly moved one hand down my neck, down my chest and rested on my breast and began to tease my nipple. He stopped and pulled away gently and said “not here, come with me.” I obeyed and took his hand and walked with him into the barn. The threw down a few horse blankets and then helped me out of my bathing suit and then removing his. I laid down as he watched. He knelt down beside me and kissed me, I could feel his erect member rubbing my hip. He was at least 6 inches, if not more. I reached out and he grabbed my hand as if to say no, not yet.

His mouth found it’s way to each breast. Sucking and teasing my nipples. Biting them hard enough to get me to moan. His sucking was like an infant to his mothers breast. He then ran his tongue between my breasts, over my stomach until he reached my pussy. I was already wet. He wasted no time and buried his face between my legs. He licked and sucked my clit until I moaned with delight. He forced 2 fingers inside of me and began to thrust hard, rubbing my clit with his thumb until I came. Unable to contain myself any longer, I came with delight. It was an amazing orgasm. I wanted to return the favor, so I sat up and instructed him to lay down. I pushed his legs apart and nestled myself in between and began to tease the tip of his cock with my tongue. (Now that I was close-up I could see that he was way beyond 6 inches and very thick!) His pre-cum was pouring out and my teasing changed to gentle sucking. He moaned as my tits rubbed against his balls. I slowly swallowed him whole, which wasn’t easy with his long thick cock. I began fucking his cock with my mouth, deep throating him as much as I could. He grabbed my hair and started guiding my head up and down.

“Oh Eden…mmmm…you do that so good.” With that, I sucked harder. His moans became louder and then all of a sudden he grabbed my arms and flipped me over. “Now I’m going to fuck you!”

I spread my legs and arched my back showing my approval. He wrapped my legs around his hips and plunged his cock into me. I told him to fuck me hard.

His penis was long and thick. It actually hurt at first, but the pain became pleasure. As soon as I came he rocked back and pulled me forward and all of a sudden I was on top. He held my hips to help me bounce up and down, driving his cock inside me. He grabbed my tits and held on to them, pinching my nipples as I continued to move up and down. I lost count of the orgasms. All I know is I could feel my cum dripping down from me to him. Letting go of my tits, he pulled me down and without detaching, rolled us over. He took hold of my ankles and pulled them up to rest on his shoulders. I felt his balls smack against my ass with each thrust. I could tell by the look on his face and his breathing that his climax was near.

“Cum on my tits” I barely could get the words out. I brought my legs down and sat up halfway, supporting myself with my arms. Tilting my head back and closing my eyes. Soon, I felt a warm wetness on my chest. I lifted my head and opened my eyes to watch as the rest of his hot cum sprayed all over me.

What happened next surprised me. Instead of collapsing next to me, he began to lick the cum off me. He didn’t stop until he had licked me clean. He then laid next to me and pulled me towards him.

Caressing my side and playing with my hair he whispered in my ear, “That was amazing!” I smiled and enjoyed the embrace. “We’d better go before someone comes looking for us” he said. We gathered our suits and walked across the yard naked. Quietly, we said good-night and managed to get into the house and to bed without disturbing anyone.

Chapter II

I woke up Sunday morning to the sound of knocking at my door. It was Maggie. “Come on sleepy-head, time for breakfast!” I got up, threw on my riding clothes, put my hair up and met Maggie in the kitchen. When I got there, Angela and Paul were already seated at the table.

“Good morning ladies, glad you could join us.” Nothing like a little sarcasm at 8 o’clock in the morning. “The horses are saddled up and ready to ride” announced Paul.

“Dad, why don’t you come with us” Maggie replied.

“I thought you only had 2 horses?” I chimed in. Maggie explained that one of their neighbors had a few horses and that we could borrow one.

Paul said: “I’ll call Jerry and see if he’ll loan Dixie to me for a few hours.” He excused himself to make the call. A few minutes later he came back saying “All set. I’m going to go over now. I’ll meet you ladies at the top of the trail in 20 minutes.” And off he went.

Maggie and I walked over to the barn to get the horses. Rendezvous, the horse I was going to ride was a 3 year old Paint, about 15 hands. Maggie’s horse, Topper was identical to rendezvous. Both horses had Western Saddles. Rendezvous saddle was black, while Topper’s saddle was tan. We mounted tour horses and took off to meet Paul.

About 10 minutes into our ride, we caught up with Paul, who was already at the top of the trail waiting for us. “About time” he said. And off we went. We were totting along, mostly so that I could get use to the horse and see the beautiful landscape around me. It was breathtaking. I was getting confident as we continued to ride. I felt very safe sandwiched between Maggie and Paul. I guess they figured if I got into trouble they were both within reach.

We had cleared a small hill and Paul stopped. “Why don’t we take a break.” We dismounted and tied the horses to a tree. Maggie had a small blanket to sit on, so she put it out and we sat amongst the trees. It was beautiful. Paul explained that the trail abuts roughly 20 properties and that everyone agreed to share the trail and make sure it was kept up and safe. We were about 20 feet away from the trail sitting within a circle of trees that allowed the sun to stream in from the top.

As we were talking a young woman about my age was riding towards us. “Hi everyone!”

Maggie stood up and said “Claire, what are you doing here?”

The young woman smiled and replied “I’m up for a few days visiting my family.” She dismounted and walked over to Maggie and they hugged . Maggie walked her over to introduce her to me.

“Eden, I’d like you to meet my childhood friend Claire.” “Claire, this is Eden, my good friend from Boston.”

“Nice to meet you” we both replied in unison.

Finally, Paul spoke; “You’re riding alone? You know better than that.”

She shrugged her shoulders and said “You’re right, but it was such a nice day, I couldn’t resist. I was actually about to turn around and then I saw all of you sitting and had to come over.”

Paul smiled and nodded and said “Maggie, why don’t you ride back with Claire and then I’ll come pick you up later with the horse hitch.”

“What about Eden?” she replied.

I was thinking the same thing. Actually, I was thinking more than that. Heaven help me for the thought that ran through my mind as they spoke.

Paul replied, “I’ll show her the rest of the trail and then we’ll head back home and then come get you at Claire’s.”

Claire seemed to like the idea and I really didn’t mind. Maggie looked at me and asked me if I would mind if she spent a little time with Claire. I assured her it was of no concern and to enjoy her visit. She gave me a big hug and said “Thanks! See you in a few hours.”

As they rode off, Paul and I mounted and headed up the trail. “I want to show you something Eden.”

“Alright Paul, you lead the way.” The trail became a little narrow and declined a bit. I could swear I heard water. “Are we near water Paul?”

“Just a bit further beyond those rocks.”

As we rode past the rocks there was a clearing with a small stream. It was breathtaking. We dismounted and Paul took the horses and tied them to a small tree.

“Eden, if you like, you can wade in the water. It’s only 2 feet deep in the middle”

Seemed like a good idea to me, so I took off my riding boots and socks and walked into the stream. The water was cool and comforting. A few minutes later Paul was wading with me. He walked in front of me and turned to face me. Smiling, he said “I guess the water is a bit cold for you.” Of course I knew he was teasing me because my nipples were rock hard from the chill I got from standing in the stream.

“You’re right Paul, the water is cold. I think I better get out before my toes turn blue!”

We both walked out of the stream together. Paul grabbed the blanket and we sat down facing the water. There was this silence that was overpowering. The sexual tension between us was enormous. Finally, Paul spoke breaking the silence.

“Eden, I enjoyed being with you last night. You were amazing. I know I have no right to expect anything more, but, to be honest, all I’ve wanted to do all day is fuck you.” He continued. “As I said last night, I would never force you and if you don’t feel the same way, I’ll drop it and take you back to the house.”

I knew he was sincere. Despite the fact that he’s a bit of a cad, he manages to still be a gentleman. I took a deep breath before replying. “Paul, I enjoyed being with you too. I have mixed feeling about what happened last night. You’re Maggie’s father and I’m her trusted friend. On the other hand, you’re handsome , sexy and a good fuck. I know what I want to do. It’s more a question of should I do it.”

Paul smiled and put his hand on my shoulder. “Eden, I’ve learned a lot in my life. And, one thing I truly believe is that when an opportunity is presented to you, you must grab it.” I nodded. “Look Eden, life is way too short. I want you, you want me. Why deny ourselves over rules that we didn’t make or agree to?”

He had a point. This was about the two of us. No one would ever know but us. “Paul, I don’t want Maggie to be hurt. You made me a promise last night. I need you to make it again.”

Paul cupped my face in his hands, kissed me on the forehead and said “Eden, this is between you and me. It will stay between you and me. I give you my word.” He moved closer to me and kissed me gently. “Now, my dear Eden, I’m through talking for now.”

I smiled. “Yes Paul, no more talking.”

We stood up and began to undress each other in silence. It didn’t take long for us to get naked. I stepped back to look at Paul. God he was gorgeous! He already had a massive hard-on. I just couldn’t get over the size of his penis. I truly enjoyed looking at him. All of him. I realized he was staring at me as well. The attraction was mutual and we both needed to do something about it.

We walked towards each other and embraced. This time I kissed him. Slow and romantic at first. Then the kisses became hungry and erotic. I took hold of his tongue and began to suck it. He liked it and began to suck my tongue. He sucked hard and long. I could feel myself getting more and more wet. I could feel his rock hard penis rubbing against me as my tits were pressed up against his chest. We finally broke from our kiss, both of us breathless. I began to kneel and he grabbed my arms and pulled me up saying “Not today. Today I want to be inside you.” That being said he pulled me down and underneath him.

We began to kiss and then Paul began to move his mouth down to my breasts. He sucked my nipples until they ached. He fondled each breast hungrily. I moaned with delight. In fact, the more I moaned the more attention he showed.

I ran my fingers through his hair and said “If you keep that up I’ll cum before you even get between my legs.”

Stopping for a moment to reply “Well, we can’t have that!” Paul pulled himself halfway up and grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs towards me until the heels of my feet were at my ass. I could see his magnificent cock was hard and ready to plunge into me.

Slowly he entered me and didn’t stop until he heard me moan. Staring at me, I saw a look of determination on his face. He began slow, even, rhythmic thrusts. I found myself pushing to meet his thrusts, helping him move deeper inside me. He released my ankles so I could stretch my legs, but all I did was wrap them around his waist. I was moaning with delight. The louder I moaned the harder and faster his thrusts became. He leaned down and swooped me up, never missing a beat. I was sitting on his lap and he was rocking us back and forth.

“I want to be on top.” I said breathlessly. His rocking stopped and he laid back. Remembering the night before, I took his hands and rested them on my hips. I started to bounce up and down on his long, hard cock. He gripped me hard and began guiding me up and down. I began to fondle my breasts while he watched. Now he was the one moaning in ecstasy. The more he moaned my name the faster I moved. He let go of my hips and reached out to grab my tits. I leaned in a bit and watched him as he pinched my nipples until they were red. He had an expression of pure delight on his face. It was at that moment I knew I wanted him to cum inside me. I wanted to feel his hot thick cum shoot inside me. But not with me on top.

I brought my hands to his and gently moved them to his side. I slowed my bouncing thrusts until I stopped. Slowly, I pulled myself off of him and got on all fours. No explanation required. Paul knew exactly what to do. He go on his knees grabbed a hold of my ass and plunged inside my pussy from behind. His fingertips were digging into my flesh, but I didn’t care. My tits were bouncing all over. Paul’s grip was getting tighter and tighter. I was getting close to my own climax and was holding out on a thread.

Breathlessly, Paul said “Eden, I’m going to cum inside you.”

To which I replied “yes, Paul, yes. I’ve been waiting for…” Before I could finish my sentence, we climaxed together. The orgasm was more intense than the night before. His cum was hot and thick. As he released himself from me I could feel it roll down my thigh. We collapsed on the blanket trying to catch our breath. My body way tingling all over and by the look of Paul, his was too!

Suddenly, I glanced down at my watch. “Oh my gosh Paul! It’s two o’clock!” Over two hours had passed in what seemed to be minutes.

“Ok Eden, don’t worry. We’re only 30 minutes from the house.” Paul said assuring me. We cleaned up a bit and got dressed and mounted the horses. Rendezvous was a little jumpy.

“Eden, he smells your scent, rub his neck to calm him down.” I obeyed and sure enough he calmed down. Good thing because we needed to get back to the house.

When we arrived back, Maggie was home. “Where have you two been?! Claire’s father had to bring me back!”

Thinking fast, I replied: “You’re dad took me beyond the stream and then Rendezvous got a little fussy, so we stopped and took a rest.”

Paul chimed in “We started talking and I guess we lost track of time.”

“Oh, ok. That makes sense.” Maggie replied.

Paul added: “I’m sorry we worried you kiddo. Is mom in the house?”

Maggie smiled: “Yes dad, she’s preparing an early dinner before Eden and I leave.” Upon hearing that, Paul headed to the house.

Maggie and I went cleaned up changed and packed before heading down for dinner. Angela had made a pot roast with all the trimmings. We opted for lemonade in lieu of red wine since we had a 5 hour drive ahead of us. We finished up dinner made one more trip to the bathroom and loaded up the car. Angela, being the typical Italian mother, had packed a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches for our trip.

We said our good-byes and I thanked Angela and Paul for their generous hospitality. Angela hugged Maggie and I together and then went in the house. Paul slipped Maggie some money as he hugged and kissed her good-bye.

As Maggie got into the car, Paul looked at me and said: “Eden, it was good to see you again.” We hugged good-bye and he whispered in my ear “Thank you for our time together. I’ll never forget it as long as I live.”

I smiled to myself and replied “Neither will I.”

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