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Your Little Sweet Sweet

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“Oh Daddy!” I squealed as I hugged him. “I have not seen you in years.”

“I know my little Sweet Sweet,” he looked me up and down. “You’ve grown into a beautiful woman.”

I knew I was not the same as I was when I was nine. My parents divorced when I was 7 and we all ended up moving to different states. I came back to my hometown for I knew home is where the heart is.

I bought the three-bedroom house we use to live in from our renters. I am doing well for a girl of 19. (Plus our house was pretty much paid off as it was. Parents were saving it for me.)

“Oh, do come in Daddy. Would you like some coffee?” I asked him.

“I-er- coffee? Yes, yes I would like some,” he stammered.

I glanced at him to see what was wrong. He was already out of my site and walking around the house. I just remembered how I was dressed. I was in my little yellow dress with pink and red flowers all over it. This dress hardly reached my thighs. It was barely held up by two thin straps along my shoulders. Under my summer dress was nothing. I did not expect my father over today. Nor anyone for that matter

“Sorry for the mess Daddy,” I apologized to him sitting on the couch as I gave him his coffee and condiments.

I turned around and cleared off the coffee table. Daddy gasped. Automatically I stood up, I forgot my bare ass was exposed to him, or, at least, I did not think it would affect him like it did.

“Ohh baby, yo- y- you should not be dressed like that,” he cleared his throat and continued to drink his coffee.

“This is my house Daddy. Why should I dress up in MY house?” I was persistent to clean the table in front of him.

Daddy slapped my right ass cheek hard. I cried out and turned fiercely to him rubbing my butt.

“That’s why,” he stated.

That slap sent tingles and left my ass cheek burning, he really hit it hard. However, I liked it and I did ask for it when I bent over once more. I hated myself for it, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. So I turned and stuck my ass in front of him again as I piled up my magazines. I heard the clunk of his coffee cup on the table.

This time Daddy grabbed my right ass cheek and spanked my left. At this, I gave more of a moan than a yell. He let go and sat back on the couch. Poor Daddy was really breathing hard now.

“I have to go baby girl, this is not right,” he said as he stood up.

There was a bulge in his pants. Wow, he was big. I remember peeking in on him once when I was little. I ran back to my bed with images of his huge, thick cock not understanding the tingle in my panties. Now I know for sure I was not exaggerating how enormous he was. Fuck, he was my Daddy, but he hot for me and I cannot help but admit I was pretty excited for him.

Hurriedly I beat him to the door. The side of my face and my C cup breasts were against the door and my towering Daddy against my back. Slowly I turned around to face him. We were but a hair’s breath away. By then, both of us were practically panting with desire.

“This is wrong. I can’t do this. Damn you baby girl, damn you!” he cursed. Yet he still pressed against me.

“Daddy,” I whispered.

What was I doing? This is my father! Not my boyfriend, my father! Which reminded me, I have a boyfriend. I ducked from my father and tried to walk off. Daddy caught my hand and pulled me back. I tried to tug my arm out of his grasp, but he was much stronger than I thought he was. I was like a child again. When Daddy grabbed me, and I did not come willingly, he spanked me. This was different. I am much older now. He was horny and so was I. This is not normal. This is incest. Taboo.

“I can’t Daddy,” I pleaded, “you are right. I have a boyfriend. You are my father. We can’t do this. I am not supposed to be this wet for you.”

He lifted an eyebrow with new interest and ran a finger across my cheek, “It’s ok Sweet Sweet. You do not have to do anything, but I will.”

My eyes widened as I realized what he meant. It was too late for me to struggle; he had both of my slender hands in one of his over-powering ones. Daddy bent me over the arm of my sofa. His hand delicately lifted the hem of my dress up to fully expose my ass.

“God, you have a fine ass baby girl,” he lovingly said.

I heard his buckle. Again, I tried to escape, but it was useless.

“It’s ok princess. I know you want my cock in your cunt. I’m sure you have fucked your boyfriends enough times,” he said.

“No Daddy, I am a virgin. I’m a good little girl,” I told him.

“Oh really? I do not believe you,” he ran the head of his cock along my pussy lips and sliding the juices up and down the crack of my ass.

Mmmmm, this is so wrong. I thought. Ohh but it felt soooo good. I quarreled with myself.

“Do you want it princess? Do you want me in you?” my Daddy struggled to say.

“Ye-yes,” I moaned.

“Say it. Tell me what you want.”

“I want your big, fat cock in my virgin cunt Daddy,” I tempted him.

With that he let out a groan, “Will you let me cum in you?”

“I am not on the pill.”

“That’s ok,” he chuckled, “Daddy got fixed.”

He pushed the head of his cock in my pussy.

“Oh God! You ARE a virgin!” he gasped. “Ohhhh! You are so fucking tight!”

“Slam it in me Daddy. Fuck your baby girl.”

Daddy took the head of his cock out of me. He turned me around and picked me up in his arms. My handsome, horny father placed me on my bed in the master bedroom. Daddy gave me a long kiss. A kind of lustful kiss he has not given to a woman in many years since he had separated from my mommy. Then he rested his head on my chest as he lay on top of me.

“I love you my little Sweet Sweet,” he looked up at me.

“I love you to Daddy,” I replied.

“You know I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I know Daddy.”

“And you know I will never to anything without your consent.”

“Yes, Daddy, I know.”

He sighed and continued staring into my eyes. Daddy was searching for permission.

“I saw you once Daddy. I did not mean to, but I did. I pushed it aside for all these years thinking you would never want me and that it was wrong to think of such things,” I smiled. “Go ahead Daddy. Make your daughter a woman.”

He gave his classic half grin that sent many memories flooding back to me of how close we were when I was little. The camping trips he took me on, and whenever I did something right like catch a bigger fish than he did, there came that grin of his. How I loved him back then. I still do.

These pleasant thoughts soon shattered into sudden pleasure as I felt Daddy slide his big head back within the folds of my snug pussy. Every bad thing that has troubled me over the years, my fears, my worries, and my sorrows, like always, taken away when I was with my Daddy. His cock ventured deeper in me.

“Ohh you are my little girl!” he let out.

“Daddy! Daddy! Oh yes, Daddy! You make me feels so good.”

The world was beneath us. Nothing compared to this. I love my Daddy. I love him so much!

“Baby?” he whispered soothingly, “Th- this will hurt a little, but but it will feel really good later.”

My back arched at the slight, sharp pain that seized me for a moment. Then Daddy stroked his cock in and out of me converting my gasp into a moan. “MMMmmm! Oh! Daddy!”

“Look at me little one. Look at me,” he ordered.

I opened my eyes as Daddy fucked me slowly. The expression in his eyes was something no words could describe. Such as what my feelings were for him.

Daddy picked up the pace and began to really hammer in me, grunting with each powerful, quick stroke.

I started screaming with pleasure. My eyes could not stay open as I felt myself cumming.

“I’m cumming!! I’m cumming for you Daddy!!”

“Yes! Cum! Cum baby girl! Cum!!” he yelled.

I reached heaven as soon as the last of his words escaped his lips. My cunt exploded on his cock as he tried to slur out, “I love you, oh God I love you.”

His strokes became ferocious. He was pounding in me like a jackhammer.

“Fuck me Daddy.”

He let out a groan.

“Fuck me Daddy!!”

His voice became fierce, “Yes, your pussy is mine!”

“Cum in your baby girl Daddy!!”

“Oh! OH! OHHH!!! YEAH!!!!” his cock spurted his hot juice in me sending me over the edge once more.

“Oh Daddy,” I sighed.

My Daddy slumped down on my chest once more, now drained.

Daddy took my hand in one of his, “My Sweet Sweet.”

We fell asleep like that. Just like that.

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Leslie wrote

So eritic with daddy’s little girl wanting her days cock and daddy lusting for her cunt. Both giving total pleasure to each other. So sensual incrstuous sexual delights