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Your Little Secret…

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I stared at my reflection in the mirror and thought to myself “how did my life come to this?” I am successful business owner, a mother of two great children, and my husband is a good man even when he is not being a total asshole. So why am I thinking of crossing the line with someone else? Why is it after all this time I am doubting my sexuality? I am 43 years old and never thought that I would be tempted by someone of the same sex. But I never intended to meet someone like her. I knew the day I meet her that there was something more behind her eyes then first perceived.

I stood in front of the mirror checking my body, I wanted to look my best for her. My short sleeve brown shirt fit me snuggly and showed enough of my breast that I knew where her attention would be most of the night. My jeans hugged my firm ass and made my legs seem longer than they actually were. A smile crossed my face as I thought about what her reaction would be to my outfit, all that played out in my head was her eyes running over and over my body. Just that thought alone made me hot with anticipation. I brushed my hands down over my breast as the image of her hands on my body filled my head. I wanted to feel her hands on my body. Lower my hands roamed down in between my thighs, I could feel the heat through my jeans. I imagined her fingers in me thrusting in and out, letting me enjoy every wave of pleasure. My fingers squeezed around my mound and my breathing began to quicken. I pressed harder against myself as the images of her fucking me with her fingers harder and harder began to take over. Just as my orgasm began to break I heard the faint sound of my cell phone ringing. She faded from my mind and my body began to ache for her. I knew tonight was going to be very interesting. I raced across the room and quickly retrieved my cell, but my smile disappeared as the caller I.D. lit up my husbands name.

“Yes.” My voice trembled as I tried to put the longing for her touch out of my mind.

“Hey you haven’t left yet. Do you think they would mind if I tagged along tonight?” His question broke my heart. How was I supposed to get her to myself if he tagged along.

“I am not sure let me call.” My voice trailed off as I began to mention her name. My body began to shake in my head I heard me screaming her name as she licked at my clit.

“You still there?” His voice startled me. I was breathing hard again as my mind raced with images of her.

“Yeah,” I answered clearing my dry throat. “Let me call Shirley and see what she says.” I quickly stammered out.

“You know I am your husband, I should be able to go out with my wife without needing permission.” He answered sternly as my mind stopped and focused on his voice and changing tone.

“I am sure she will say that she doesn’t mind. I’ll call Shirley then call you back.” I quickly snapped the phone shut and sat on the edge of the bed. My mind was racing I knew that she would not be happy either about him coming along tonight, but sometimes sacrifices had to be mad to keep peace.

I flipped the phone back open and found her number. Just seeing her number before my eyes made my body shiver. I pressed the call button and waited through a multitude of rings before I heard her answer as only she does to me.

“Well, hello sunshine.” Her voice sent my body in to a trance.

“Hello, I have a question to ask. Well it is more like a favor then a question.” I said softly as I layed back on the bed letting my free hand venture back down between my thighs.

“You are not backing out on me are you?” I heard her voice change to anxiety as she waited for my answer.

“No nothing like that, but apparently Ed’s poker game got canceled tonight and he was wondering if he could join us?” The feel of my hand on myself and her voice in my ear was enough for me to climax quickly.

“Well, I really did not want him to be there tonight but if it makes you happy then sure why not.” The echo of her disappointment rang in my ears. I wanted to scream her name as my orgasm took over. “You still there?” I heard her whisper as my body regained its control.

“Yeah sorry lost in thought. It does not thrill me that he will be there either but to keep the peace I will have to play along.” My breathing was heavy as I mumbled out my words.

“Are you alright?” She asked noticing my breathing.

“Yeah just a little disappointed that he is coming with us.”

“I know how you feel.” She replied quickly. “Well I guess I will see you two here in a little bit. Remember Illusions at eight.” She quickly said as I heard the voice’s of the rest of the group already with her.

We said our goodbye’s and she hung up quickly. I could just imagine her reaction as she told rest of the group that Ed was now coming. I quickly called him back and let him know when and where to meet us at. As I hung up with him I noticed the clock 7:36. Just enough time to freshen up and out the door I went.

Illusions was a little hole in the wall bar just outside of town. As I parked I noticed her car. I pulled in next to it and parked. Unfortunately my husband was already here and so was the rest of the group. Needless to say I could imagine that none of them were pleased that a man was joining us on our girls’ night out. As I opened the door I heard her voice yell across the room

“Hey she is with me.” Just the way she phrased that sentence made me smile. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the bar and my meet with hers from across the dance floor. I had never been in this bar and I liked the way it was set up. The pool tables and dance floor was separated by the bar. The dance floor was average in size but extended back to far corners that were almost pitch black. As I made my way to the table I noticed a small band setting up off to the right in front of the bar. I loved this set up I smiled to myself as I noticed Ed playing pool. Shirley stood and pulled out the seat next to her allowing me to sit next to her. “I don’t think Ed will mind if you take his seat.” Her voice was low and smooth as she passed a glance over at the pool tables. The rest of the group consisted of two servers Tiffani and Amanda and Shirley’s production help Alicia but we all called her Turtle. As Shirley took down the drink order she moved closer to me and I did the same. Our arms touched and I could feel the hair stand on the back of my neck. Our eye’s meet and I could feel my face flush as she smiled at me.

While she was at the bar the group filled me in on the few choice words she called Ed after she and I got off the phone. I smiled and fixed my attention on her as she handed Ed a beer and headed back to the table. She sat the drinks in the middle of the table and headed back off to the bar but turned and began to talk to on of the band members. With a smile and handshake she was back at the table.

“What was that all about?” Turtle asked as Shirley pulled her chair closer to me and sat down.

“Just requested a song once they get going.” She smiled as she drank down her signature jack and coke.

As we all sat there talking the bar began to fill with what Shirley called the regulars. Tiffani, Turtle, and Amanda all sat in busy conversation as Shirley would occasionally brush her arm up against me then follow it with a muttered sorry. My eyes stayed fix on Shirley. She looked at home in this bar as friends would come over and make the idle chit chat and then rejoin the group they came in with.

My eyes darted over to the pool tables. The bar was so full that I now could no longer see any sight of my husband and didn’t not care either. This just made my night much easier. The band member took to the mic and introduced themselves. The crowd and Shirley cheered as they finished their introduction. The first couple of songs they played most of the crowd stayed in there seats but as more alcohol began to flow the dance floor filled. Maybe it was the company or the beer but I began to sway along with the music. I closed my eyes and pictured Shirley and I dancing closely. I could feel her hands on my body and her breath on my skin. I began to breath harder as the thought played on well after the music stopped. As I opened my eyes I seen that half the crowd was now on the dance floor.

“Now this next song is a special request from our biggest supporter. Shirley this one is for you.” The band member she had spoken to earlier said as he began to jam on his guitar.

“What is the name of this song?” I heard Tiffani scream over that drums.

“Your Little Secret.” Shirley screamed back as she stood up and motioned us all to join her on the dance floor.

Without hesitation I was right behind her and the rest of the group followed my lead. Tiffani, Amanda, and Turtle made their way to the center of the floor as Shirley pulled me off to the dark corner.

“Less people.” She said as she leaned over to my ear. I will agree as I noticed the crowd blocked the view to the pool tables, and everybody was facing away from us. The song began to pick up rhythm and my body followed along. Shirley’s gaze fixed on my body as I danced for her. I watched as she licked her lips. I smiled as I turned my back to her and waited for her to move closer. I closed my eyes and could feel my body quiver as her hands grabed my waist and pulled me closer to her. At that moment I gave myself to her and pushed even closer to her. My head fell back onto her shoulder and I could feel her breath blowing through my hair.

I did not care if anybody seen the way she made my body react. I did not care if he walked over and caught me in her arms. The only thing I cared for was her hands. She slowly moved her right hand around to my stomach as her left hand rubbed along the area just above my breast. I felt her move me farther into the corner as her lips began to kiss lightly on my neck. My knees began to shake under her touch and kiss. She moved her lips up and down my neck as her left hand moved to my breast. I felt a surge of passion pass through me as she squeezed at my breast. I moaned but with the band continuing to play I doubt she even heard me. Her lips found my ear as her hand ventured down into my shirt and bra. She found my nipple hard and attentive for her. I took in a shaper breath as she pinched at my right nipple letting her arm brush against my left breast.

“I wanted to do this right tonight, but he had to tag along.” She whispered into my ear. “Do you know how long I have wanted to please you like this.” Her words left me breathless. “Tell me when he fucks’ you does he care more about you or himself?” Her question turned me on more as she pinched harder at my nipple.

“Himself.” I sighed out she I felt her hand move down past the button on my jeans. I felt her hand slip inside my panties and down in between my thighs.

“Well right now you are with a giver not a receiver. All I want to do is make you cum.”

With that sentence she pushed me up against the wall. My hands stopped me from hitting the wall face on. She moved her hand out of my shirt and down to the button of my jeans. Without any hesitation she undid the button and zipper in one quick movement. I arched my back allowing her easier access to my already soaked pussy. Her fingers ran across the lips of my pussy and a chill ran through my body. Her free hand moved back to my breast and pulled my shirt and bra back to expose my breast to her hands. Before I could breath at the feel of her hands on my breast she turned me to face her and meet my lips with a forceful kiss. Her hand pushed back inside my panties. She fondled my clit as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. My sigh broke our kiss as she stared deep into my eyes. Her fingers pushed deep inside me. I can not describe the feeling she threw me into somewhere between pain and ecstasy. She thrust her fingers deeper into me as I wrapped my arms around her neck pulling her in for another long passionate kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth as she picked up momentum with her fingers. She pushed me farther back into the corner as she trailed her lips away from mine and moved them down my neck. She pulled her fingers from me as I gasped at the void that now filled my throbbing wet pussy. Her hands and lips found my nipples at the same time. She kissed around at one while her fingers pinched at the other. The band continued to play as she sucked my nipple forcefully into her hot mouth. I moaned as I could feel her run the tip of her tongue over the tip of my nipple. Her fingers pinched viciously at the other as she sucked even harder at the nipple in her mouth. Without warning she moved swiftly to the other sucking it in between her lips while her finger focused on the one she just finished with. My hands moved to the back of her head forcing her down on my nipple harder as I felt her teeth run across it. She bite lightly on it forcing my body to pull away in pain. Her lips pulled it back into her mouth and ran her tongue over it to soothe my pain.

She raised back to my lips and kissed me as her hands pushed my jeans and panties down to my knees. At first I protested to this thinking someone would see but the band kept everyone’s attention. As she went to her knees my eyes shot over to the pool tables, still no sign of my husband. With the thought of him playing pool in my head I felt her tongue push past the soaked lips of my pussy and right onto my pulsing clit. I closed my eyes and let her have her way with me. Her tongue moved in swift movements slowly at first but as my body began to respond she stiffened her tongue more and moved it quicker against me. I felt her right hand move up my thigh and between her face and me. Not even hesitating she pushed what felt like three fingers deep into me. The sensation of her tongue and fingers pleasing me was almost too much to bare. I bite my lower lip as she thrust her fingers deeper into me finding my G-spot. With my hands I pushed her face farther into my pussy and felt her lips take my clit into her mouth. She sucked at my clit as if it was a little cock as her fingers pushed harder against me. I could feel my muscles tense. My legs began to shake. My breathing quickened as she kept her pace with both her tongue and fingers. I was on the verge of exploding when her tongue left my clit and pushed in with her fingers. My fingers pulled at her hair as my pussy exploded with orgasm. My body jerked as she did not let up. She just pushed deeper and farther into me. She moved her tongue out of me and began to lick on my clit. She sucked it back into her mouth, and just as my body recovered from the first orgasm it erupted into another one. I pushed my hips out and pushed her head closer to me with my hands.

“OhhhhhShirley.” I moaned as I collapsed against the wall. She stood up and smiled at me. I could see her mouth covered with my juices. The look in her eyes was one of complete satisfaction. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard tasting myself on her lips. She sighed as I forced my tongue into her mouth. Just as I pulled my jeans back on and pushed my breast back into my bra the band stopped playing and welcomed the cheers from the crowd.

Shirley smiled at me as we made our way back to the table. The group was still on the floor cheering with the rest of the crowd. I thought it strangely coincidental that the band stopped just as we finished up.

“So tell me how did you get that to work out so well?” My question caught her smile

“Easy I paid the band $100 dollars to keep playing until they seen me come back to my feet.” Her words made me smile. Just as I began to say something the group returned to the table.

I just let it go. She was willing to pay a band to play so we could finally become more than what we were. That was just fine with me. The night ended with a simple goodnight from her. As I drove away I thought to myself what an interesting night it turned out to be after all. My smile widened as I realized that I was now her little secret and she mine.

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