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Younger Sister Checks In

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For some reason my parents had my sister and me far apart. I was now thirty-three and Abby was twenty-two. I guess you could say there was a mistake along the way. I also didn’t see my sister very often. That was about to change. Abby called me recently and asked if she could visit. I thought it might be a good idea to get a little closer to my younger sister, so I told her to come and stay.

My sister arrived at my door and gave me a big hug.

“I really missed you Tom,” she said to me.

I missed Abby as well. She had changed so much since the last time I saw her. She had matured and filled out. Abby had let her brown hair grow out and I could see that she had more curves and her breasts were bigger. I know, you should be analyzing your sister but I couldn’t stop myself. Especially when she pressed her body into mine and I felt her tits against my chest.

I took her bags and got her settled into the spare bedroom. I told her that tonight I would make the dinner and we could settle down with some wine. That seemed to please Abby. We soon ate and I broke open a couple bottles of decent wine. I don’t drink much and I was feeling just a little light-headed. I think my sister was starting to feel the wine as well. After dinner we sat down and talk about each other and our about parents, of course. The time flew and Abby said she was getting tired.

I saw her to the bedroom and then I went to my room. I normally sleep in the nude but I put on a shirt and shorts for the night. I got onto the bed but I couldn’t drop off. I guess I was thinking about Abby. I finally couldn’t take it so I got up and went to check on my sister. I knocked gently on the door but my sister didn’t answer. I opened the door and looked in. It was hard to see but I thought my sister was asleep.

I walked in a few steps and I heard my sister’s voice.

“Tom, is that you?”

I told her I was just checking up on her. She told me to come closer. When I did she patted the side of the bed. I sat down and my sister sat up.

“I really did mean what I said, I missed you terribly.”

Just like that Abby had her arms around my neck. It took me by surprise, to be honest. The next thing I knew, my sister was kissing my lips. I should have stopped things right there. I didn’t. I hadn’t been with a woman in months and I lost control of my common sense. Our mouths opened and I felt Abby’s tongue touching mine. I just went crazy from there. I pushed my sister onto her back and I parted her legs. I managed to pull off the panties she was wearing. My sister pulled off her bed shirt. I ripped my clothes off and I took care of my sister.

I had to taste Abby, that’s all there was to it. I lowered my face and I used my tongue to lick up and down her gash. Abby got vocal. I only hoped no one heard her crying out. I flicked my tongue up and down as I slipped a finger into her pussy. Abby was gyrating on the bed as I made her pussy wet with my mouth. I gave my sister oral for a few minutes when she called out to me.

“Please Tom, I need your cock!”

I know I should have stopped right then and there but I didn’t. I didn’t even have any rubbers available. I just thought I would pull out when the time came. I pulled away from my sister and I got onto my knees. I took hold of my already hard cock and I rubbed it a few times across her opening. When I thought Abby couldn’t take it anymore I slid my erect prick into her body.

If Abby was loud when I gave her oral, this was something different. Abby screamed and begged me to give her my cock. There wasn’t any slow buildup. Our mounds were slapping together. I could tell my balls were hitting my sister’s ass. She was totally in fuck lust. Abby soon had her legs around my back. Her pussy muscles were gripping me hard. Maybe it was because I was fucking my own sister. I got more worked up than normal and I tried hard to control myself.

After maybe a half hour had passed, I told Abby I couldn’t hold it much longer and I was about to pull out.

No Tom, stay inside me!” She cried out.

There was no time to debate the matter. My sister still had her legs locked around me. I pushed into my sister’s pussy as hard as I could and I unloaded. It seemed like I flooded my sister with a bucket of my seed. I counted at least eight good spurts of me cumming inside her. My sister had her hands on my hips and she was holding on tight. I could feel her body shaking as we had our orgasms together.

I can tell you I hadn’t felt anything like that in a long time. I somehow stayed hard inside my sister. She gripped me with her muscles, making sure she got every drop of cum from me. We did both manage to calm down and I got soft and pulled out. I looked down to see my white cream dripping out of my sister’s hole. Abby reached down and scooped some jizz onto her fingers. She brought it up to her mouth and tasted it.

I had flipped onto my back. Abby turned over and took hold of my spent dick in her hand. She locked her lips around me and licked my shaft. That sent shivers up and down my spine. She bobbed up and down until she somehow got me hard again. I didn’t think that was possible but Abby worked her magic on me. Just like that, Abby climbed on top of me and took hold of my dick.

“I need you again, Tom.”

My sister sunk down onto my pole. She was soon riding up and down my dick. My cock felt sore but I just had to fuck my sister one more time. I reached up and squeezed her ripe melons. They were shaped like round apples. Abby did love when I pinched her nipples. I could feel her pussy muscles convulsing when I used my fingers on her erect nipples. My sister had so much sex energy inside her that night. She kept slamming down hard on my dick. I brought my ass up to meet her thrusts.

This time was all for Abby. I didn’t have anything left in the tank but my sister had a huge orgasm. She dropped down onto my cock and ground her pussy against my rod. I don’t think I ever saw a woman orgasm like my sister did that night. She finally collapsed onto my chest and we held each other for a long time.

“Thank you Tom, you don’t know how much I needed that.”

She was right. I had no idea my sister came to visit me because she needed sex from me. After all that fucking we fell asleep pretty easily. In the morning my naked sister was pressed against my body. When Abby woke up she told me that she wanted to see me for just that reason, sex. I found out that my sister went through a number of boyfriends but it was me that was constantly on her mind.

My sister did stay a couple of more days and you can imagine what happened. We ended up fucking most of those days. We went out only to get some food and then it was back to bed. I took my sister on all fours and we also managed to fuck on the couch, the floor and even the shower. I can tell you my dick was ruby red by the time Abby left. The morning that my sister was heading home we had one last sex session together.

My sister got onto the bed face first and I mounted her from behind. I fed her pussy with my dick and then I got to sample her ass. I don’t think she knew what I was going to do but I slipped my cock past her sphincter. At first she didn’t like it but as I got my whole cock inside her bottom, she started to get into it. I pounded her ass that morning and I gave her the last of my cream before she took off.

“What are we going to do Tom?” She asked me as she was going out the door.

I said we can try to get together when we have some free time. Abby told me she didn’t want to be apart from me again. It was sort of a bittersweet parting. Abby has left and I am now thinking of a way that my sister and I can be together on a permanent basis.

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