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Younger Brother

Category: Incest
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My husband Rob asked me if it was okay if his younger brother Jon could spend a few days with us. At first I didn’t want him to visit but then I changed my mind. Rob and I had been fighting lately. It was the usual stuff. We disagreed over money and some general matters. I also wanted a child and Rob said he didn’t want children. I told Rob his brother could come and visit us.

Jon arrived by bus on Friday afternoon and Rob went to pick him up. I hadn’t seen Jon in almost two years and he had changed. Jon had grown taller and he was still thin. He looked so much different now that he was twenty years old. Jon got settled in and we went out for dinner that night. Rob told us he was sorry, he had to go into the office on Saturday morning to clean up some paperwork.

When I got up Saturday morning Rob was gone and Jon was on the couch watching TV. I got a call from Rob. He was probably going to be stuck in the office for most of the day. I was a little pissed that he was blowing off his brother.

Jon was wearing a pair of running shorts and he was bare chested. I sat down next to Jon on our couch. Jon was the spitting image of his older brother. I looked him over as we sat and talked. I looked down and saw his cock bulging out of his trunks. I know I shouldn’t stare but Rob and I hadn’t made love in some time. I wondered what his brother would be like in bed. I think Jon was giving me the eye as well. All I had on was my bathrobe. I was naked underneath.

I got up to make some coffee and Jon followed me into the kitchen. He was standing right next to me. I think we brushed against each other a couple of times. Maybe Jon was having the same idea as me. He told me how much he missed seeing me. There was some sexual tension between us, that much was certain. I knew if Jon made a move on me, I would give into him. That is what happened. Jon put his hand on my back and started to rub me. I turned to look at him and Jon leaned in and kissed me on the mouth.

I returned his kiss and before you knew it Jon had untied the belt on my robe. He pulled my bathrobe free and there I stood naked before my younger brother-in-law. Jon didn’t waste a moment. He pulled his trunks off and kicked them away. We were now standing naked in front of each other. Jon lowered his face and he found a nipple. He took it into his mouth and started to suck on the tip.

I felt a shudder going through my body. I put my hands on the back of his head and urged him to make my nipples hard. I looked down and saw Jon’s cock starting to grow hard. I know he was bigger than my husband. He was probably seven inches in length. Jon worked on both my nipples. They felt so hard from all that attention. After a few minutes of that, Jon pushed me over to the counter top. He lifted me up and spread my legs apart.

I knew what was coming and I didn’t stop him. Jon took hold of his dick and guided it to my opening. I felt his mushroom probing my folds before he finally entered me. I let out this loud moan as Jon started to feed me his cock. I hate to admit it but I wanted him to fuck me. That is just what he did. He slid his thick pole all the way into me. Jon proceeded to stroke my pussy as I held my legs apart.

Damn, he felt so good. I needed cock in the worst way and Jon gave it to me hard. My pussy muscles were going into convulsions. Jon told me to place my arms around his neck. Jon lifted me up from the counter. Here I was holding tight to my brother-in-law. Jon fed me his long dick as I gripped his body. He pumped his rod all the way into my tunnel.

“Fuck me hard, Jon,” I told him.

Jon was thrusting as deep as he could now. His thick cock was scraping against my pussy walls. I clamped down onto his erection and held on for all I was worth. Jon was giving me these intense orgasms. Jon must have held me like that for nearly a half an hour. He began to make these noises.

“I am so close Sue,” he said to me.

He pumped into me a few more times and then Jon erupted inside my hungry pussy. We must have cum at the same time. I could feel his hot seed invading my body. Jon had a lot of cum to give me that morning. I know I was milking his shaft, making sure I got every drop of his love offering. All that cumming must have lasted ten minutes or so. When Jon finished he lowered my legs to the floor.

I nearly fell, my legs felt so weak after he took my pussy. I did manage to stand up and some of Jon’s cum came spilling out and fell to the kitchen floor. We held each other for a few moments and we had another kiss. I walked over to find a roll of paper towels and I cleaned up my mess. We also cleaned up from the passionate fuck we just had. If I thought we were done, I was wrong. Jon led me back to his bed. He got onto his back and he motioned for me to join him.

My young brother-in-law was still hard. His cock was still wet from our juices when I mounted him. I slowly lowered down onto his cock and Jon took me again. Jon reached up and began to massage my breasts. That got me so turned on. I was raising and lowering my body and Jon gave me his hard cock one more time. My pussy felt a bit raw from the first time but I didn’t care. I needed his stiff dick.

All I can tell you is he punished my pussy that morning. It felt like a giant snake was crawling around in my belly. We managed to go longer this time. I was having more of these small orgasms as Jon stretched my pussy with his bone. Eventually Jon moved his hands to my hips and he held me onto his love muscle. Jon did cum again. It wasn’t as much as the first time. I was surprised he had anything left to give me. My body was shaking as Jon filled my tummy with more of his sticky cum.

Jon finally slowed down and I fell onto his chest. He still had his cock resting inside my worn pussy. Jon did go soft eventually. He pull his dick out as we rested on the bed. Jon told me he always had a thing for me. He got the courage up and he pulled my bathrobe from my body. After that we both got cleaned up and dressed. My husband did show up later that afternoon. He wanted to go out again for dinner. I wasn’t up for it but Jon and I went along with Rob’s plans.

There weren’t any times when the three us us were apart. Late that night Rob said he was tired and he told us not to stay up too late. I let an hour pass and I went to check up on my husband. He was sound asleep. Jon and I stole down to the family room on the ground floor. We stripped out of our clothes and Jon took me on the couch down there. I could hardly believe how Jon was able to get hard all the time. I was on my back when Jon took my ankles and folded my legs to my chest.

Jon stretched his legs out and he gave me the full length of his hard piston. I had to control myself and not cry out as Jon fed my pussy with his rock hard bone. I couldn’t believe how much sexual energy Jon had. My husband could barely get it up once for me these days. Let’s just say that Jon rocked my world that weekend. My young brother-in-law did seed me on the couch that night. I took more loads of his white cream into my insatiable hole.

When we finished we went back upstairs. I went into the bathroom and tried to push out the remainder of the cum Jon had given me. I then joined my husband in bed. There was no more sex that weekend, unfortunately. There were no more opportunities for us to be alone. The time did come for Jon to leave. I managed to get Jon’s cellphone number before he left. He said he would be contacting me later. Rob drove his brother to the bus station and Jon was now gone.

There was one thing I didn’t tell Jon. I had gone off my birth control pills. I hadn’t even told my husband yet. I wanted a baby before all this had transpired. I wondered whether my brother-in-law had maybe impregnated me. I guess time will tell.

I did get a text message from Jon a few days later. He said he wanted me again. He hoped there would be some way I could break away and come to see him. I can’t get Jon out of my mind these days. I want to feel his cock once more. I am trying to come up with some plan where I can break loose and go see Jon. Maybe by then I will have some news about the results of all our lovemaking that weekend.

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I can see it now…husband finds out wife is pregnant by his brother…Hubby buys gun and shoots then both…