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Memories of Old Camp

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Once upon a time. I’ve always wanted to start a story that way. As I look back on my life and try to find something to write about, that is the first phrase that came to mind. Has it really been that long ago, is the second phrase? Where all the time went, does not enter into it. I know where it all went; I lived it. For the good, the bad, or the indifferent, the time was used to the fullest.

My grandfather told me when I was a very young lad, to make as many happy memories as I could throughout my life, as one day that would be all I had left.

He was right, for my life has been long in the living but short in the remembering. This is one of those good memories, although I’ll let you be the judge as to whether it is a happy one. Either way, enjoy the story.


On a cool fall morning, and they do get cool here in northern Louisiana, I was sitting on an old campstool sipping coffee. An old pickup truck appeared across the cow pasture from me. It had entered the field from the woods and was slowly following the road along the edge. I recognized the truck as belonging to my dad’s next-door neighbor, Mike Harlan.

A frown crossed my face as I thought of his two nephews, whom I figured he was bringing out here to dump off on me again. The two boys weren’t really that bad, we just had personality conflicts to put it mildly. Carl the oldest one was an opinionated, self-centered, know it all little asshole. Bobby the younger of the two was an old baby and scared of everything from bugs to the dark. I figured my quiet weekend by myself, was shot to shit.

Boy was I in for a surprise.


Mr. Harlan’s old truck rattled to a stop next to my tent, and he got out as I got up to walk over to shake hands. My forced smile turned into a real grin, when I didn’t see the nephews in the truck. There were two girls in the truck but I didn’t know either one of them, although I had seen the one with dark hair over at Mr. Harlan’s house before.

“Hello Rob, I figured you would be up here. The boys wanted to come up and hunt with you, but I told them that they had taken up enough of your time for a while. Anyway, I know what a pain in the ass they are and I appreciate the fact that you’ve been kind enough to teach them something about the woods and hunting. I’d always hoped some of your good qualities would rub off on them, but I don’t guess it’ll happen.” Mr. Harlan said with a grin in his usual long-winded style.

I had been watching the girls over his shoulder as they got out of the truck. I couldn’t see much of them for they were behind the truck, but I did catch them glancing over my way and whispering together.

“Well, Mr. Harlan I won’t disagree with you on the boys, and sometimes its not to bad having them around, but right now I wanted some time for myself. I’ll be starting college in the spring and I won’t get the chance to do this very often for the next four or five years. Not to change the subject, but what brings you all the way up here?”

He grinned and slowly shook his head. “I’m afraid I have a favor to ask of you, if it won’t be too much trouble. Gale is my oldest boy’s only daughter; she’s the brunet. She and her girlfriend are up from college over Thanksgiving to visit and I mentioned we had been deer hunting at the lease. Neither one of them has ever been hunting before nor do they really want to kill anything. They just want some pictures of wildlife to take back to school.”

He paused a second, and then went on, “There are way too many hunters at the lease, so I thought I might bring them up and let you show them around. Your dad told me you had already limited out this season, so I figured you might have the time. I’d appreciate it if you would do it.”

I laughed and said, “Sure, why not. All I had planned for the day was loafing and maybe some squirrel hunting later this afternoon. We can show them around today and probable get them close enough to some animals to get a picture or two. No ones hunted up here but me this year, so the wildlife isn’t too spooky.”

He grinned and nodded. “Thanks, I knew I could count on you. Come on and I’ll introduce you.”

As we walked around the truck, he asked. “How long are you staying up here?”

“It all depends on when I get bored or lonely,” I answered with a laugh. “I worked all summer and have some money put back so I decided to take the holidays off and relax. I have to report to school early because of my football scholarship and to start training with the team. After that it’s going to be long hours and little time off.”

I’m glad I got that last sentence out before the girls came into view otherwise there would have been a lag in the conversation. They were both drop dead gorgeous. Gale was around five foot five and all curves, in a pair of short tight cutoffs and a crop top blouse that was working over time trying to cover her breasts.

The other girl was five, seven with sandy blond hair. She had been poured into a pair of levies and wore a long sleeved mans work shirt knotted tightly at the bottom of her rib cage.

I took about two more steps and stumbled. I would have fallen, if I hadn’t caught myself on the side of the truck. The girls laughed and I could tell from the looks in their eyes that they had achieved the effect that they had intended.

Mr. Harlan introduced me to Gale and her friend Carol, as the three of us grinned at each other. Their grins said “We got you.” and mine answered, “I know that and I love it.”

After the pleasantries were over Mr. Harlan said, “Come on you three and give me a hand unloading this junk. I need to get a move on, if I’m going to be on time getting to the airport.”

Looking at the girls, he continued, “Your Aunt Martha will kill me if we miss that plane. She hasn’t seen her sister in eight years.”

I had been looking over what was in the truck. There was enough camping gear to set up another complete campsite. I looked hard at Mr. Harlan and said, “I assume the girls are staying for more than just the day.”

He nodded and started to unload some of the stuff.

“Okay,” I answered myself.

We unloaded everything into a pile, and then Mr. Harlan said his good-byes, got into the truck, turned around, and drove back the way he had come. I just stood and watched him until he crossed into the woods and was out of sight.

When I turned around the girls were standing there staring at me with large grins on their faces.

Their grins were contagious, as I said in mock seriousness. “Welcome to Camp Wherethefuckarewe? I’ll be your councilor and guide for your stay, so make yourself at home and let’s get camp set up.”

They both laughed at my little joke before Gale said, “At long last I’ve finally gotten you alone. Do you know that I’ve watched you over that fence at my Grandparents home for nearly eight years? You don’t know the fantasies I’ve had at your expense all these years.”

I stared at her with my mouth open, as Carol looked hard at her friend and said, “Gale, you’re being way to blunt here girlfriend. You should have sprung it on him a little at a time. You’re going to scare the boy to death.” She finished with a laugh.

Never taking her eyes off me Gale answered, “I don’t think I’ve scared him at all. I think I just told him the way things have been and the way they are.”

Glancing at Carol, she continued, “I keep telling you, I don’t play the female wiles, bullshit games. I like to tell people where I stand and where they stand right from the beginning, so there isn’t any miscommunication.”

As she looked back at me, she said, “Well, what do you think? You won’t have to baby-sit us as we are both experienced campers and neither of us are afraid of the woods or the dark. We’re here to have fun and maybe even take some pictures. Some may even be of the native animals.” She finished with a laugh.

Carol shook her head and said to no one in particular, “You are bad to the bone, bad to the very bone.”

Gale grinned at me and said, “I might just get to that sooner or later too, but like he said, let’s set up camp.”

Carol chuckled and said softly to herself, “I know that’s true.”

I stood there with my mouth open until they both turned toward their camping gear.


It took a little over an hour to get their camp set up. My tent was a six-foot by eight-foot aluminum frame job as was theirs so we sat it up right beside mine. I had a tarp stretched over a cable between two trees to make a shelter with a table and chair under it. I had my camp stove already set up so we stored theirs.

My lantern was hanging under one end of the tarp and we hung theirs on the other end. The two lounge chairs they brought were under the tarp and they were taking turns pumping up their air mattresses.

I warmed my coffee and sat watching them. Carol was pumping as Gale moved bags and stuff into the tent. I was getting treated to an excellent view of her ass as she bent and kneeled inside the tent door. Standing those were short shorts. In any other position, a good portion of both cheeks was exposed and they were pulled up tightly into the crease of her sex. When she was kneeling and leaning forward the soft swell on either side of her slit was in full view. I was kind of sad when she had finished.

She poured herself a cup of coffee and came over to sit next to Carol. After a sip of coffee, she asked, “Well, what did you think of the show?”

Carol, who had her back to the tent, looked at Gale questioningly. I chuckled and replied, “Fine, mighty fine, in fact one of the best I’ve ever seen, not that I’ve seen that many or at such close range.” I finished with a grin.

“Likely story,” she said returning the grin.

“What did I miss?” asked Carol and we both laughed. She looked at us both as though we were crazy and carried the inflated air mattress over and stuck it in the tent. When she bent down and went to her knees to position the bed, Gale and I both broke up.

Carol turned and looked at us over her shoulder for a moment before saying, “You are two strange, crazy people.”

Gale sat across from me and started to work the hand pump to inflate her bed. As she lifted her hands and arms, the short shirt she wore rode up baring the bottom third of her breasts, the up and down rubbing of the material soon had her nipples rock hard and sharply outlined by the thin cloth. A smile played over her face as she watched me openly stare at her breasts and hard nipples.

Carol came over and sat down on the other lounge chair. She watched Gale for a moment, and then looked at me before following my staring gaze back to Gale. She looked at Gale’s smile and then at my grin. “You two are too much. It should prove to be interesting though.”

As I shifted my position on the stool, she glanced at the front of my levies. Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times before her eyes returned to my face. There was a funny little smile on her lips, as she said in a soft voice, “Oh yes, very interesting.”

Gale and I both cracked up.

Gale had finished with the mattress and moved it into the tent. Carol sat watching her friend’s ass as I did the same. Once she looked over at me and I grinned at her. Carol’s face turned deep red as she blushed. She quickly got up and went to get a refill on her coffee.

Carol had just sat back down and was taking a sip of coffee when Gale returned. I looked at Gale and said, “Interestingly enough, Carol seemed to enjoy the second act of the show as much as I did.”

Carol sputtered coffee and yelled, “Hey!”

Gale laughed. “Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on Miss Sweet and innocent over there for a while now. She’s gotten hot and bothered several times when we’ve been naked around each other.”

Before Carol could protest, Gale continued, “I need to add that she’s not the only one. She’s a damn beautiful woman under all those clothes and sexy as hell out of them. I’ve been tempted to plant a wet one on her several times and maybe even in several places.”

Carol sat there for a moment with her mouth hanging open as she stared at Gale. I reached over and gently lifted her chin up until her mouth closed. She never took her eyes off Gale’s face.

Gale chuckled at Carol’s serious expression and said, “Don’t sweat it girlfriend, there isn’t anyone here but us three, and we’re all as guilty as home made sin. I saw you checking out that bulge in the front of Rob’s levies as much as I was.”

She paused a moment then said, “Come on, let’s hit the woods and see if Davie Crockett here can find us a bear to photograph, maybe even a family portrait.” She finished and then laughed. Carol and I joined in.


The girls gathered up their camera gear and were checking it over. I asked Gale if she had a dark colored blouse, as the yellow one she had on would be bright in the woods. She went into the tent for a moment and returned wearing a form fitting black tube top, which outlined as much as covered her breasts. The thin stretchy material was molded to her full breasts and accentuated them as well as her hard nipples.

Carol took one look at the top and headed for the tent. She returned a few minutes later in a pair of black silk jogging shorts and a top that almost matched Gales. The only difference was that it was less packed. Carol’s breasts were smaller, hard pointy cones with small rock hard nipples set high up. Nice was the first word that popped into my mind.

Her long legs seemed even longer in the shorts and the soft material outlined and clung to her ass and sex. The clefts in both front and rear were clearly visible.

All I could think of as I stood staring at the two of them was that I knew of one wild animal that was getting wilder by the minute. My levies were getting tighter in the front by the minute also, especially after Carol spent a couple of minutes bent over the ice chest looking for just the right flavor coke.

I noticed Gale looking and slowly licking her lips. When I caught her eye after a moment, I licked my lips slowly also. She grinned, and then laughed.


I picked up my twenty-two rifle and slung a canteen of water over my shoulder before we headed down the old dirt road toward the bayou bottoms. I was walking between them as we went, but I was wishing I could have been behind them so I could enjoy the view.

We had walked about a half a mile, when I stopped and quietly explained to the girls that the road was going to start down hill into the bottoms shortly and that we needed to move slowly and quietly along in single file. I was going to go first and they were to follow closely. Walking when I walked and stopping when I stopped. I would use hand signals to point out anything that I thought they might want a shot of.

We walked softly and slowly down the hill for about a hundred-yard to the point it took a hard turn to the left. There we stopped for a moment and then slowly moved to, and then around the turn. There is an old fallen tree on the right side of the road that makes for natural cover.

I bent down and worked my way over behind the horizontal trunk, motioning for the girls to follow me. From past experience, I knew that there was a good chance there would be several deer feeding on the acorns in the opening below the fallen tree.

I eased my head up and looked down into the flat. Sure enough, there was a young buck and four doe feeding there. I motioned for the girls and they slowly peeked over the trunk. Using my finger close against the rough bark, I pointed out the deer. Gale slowly raised her camera and started to click pictures.

Carol took a picture of Gale and me before turning the lens toward the scene below. We spent an hour there taking pictures of the deer as they peacefully fed below us. Gale had paused once to reload her camera. Carol took fewer pictures but I had an idea they would be of a better quality than the larger number Gale took.

When they both had quit taking photos, I motioned them down and we moved back to the road and crossed it. There was a faint narrow trail leading down through a dense stand of young pines. I stopped just inside the edge of the bushy trees at the bottom of the hill.

Standing there in concealment, I could hear sounds of movement out in the open beyond the short trees, but I couldn’t tell what I was hearing. Squatting down, I slowly inched forward until I could see through the remaining limbs into the open oak flat beyond.

There was a large older buck with a wide spread of horns facing a younger challenger whose horns were equally impressive. During my earlier hunts, I had seen the older buck but had never got close enough for a clean shot at him. Of the other buck, I had only seen signs, a scrape here, and a rub there.

The two bucks were not fighting, just facing each other, shaking their heads, and pawing the ground. I felt Gale move in tight against my left back and side and shortly Carol wedged in on the right. Gale leaned against me, her right breast hot against my left shoulder blade as she leveled her camera over my shoulder. Carol did the same on the right.

When they were in position, I eased my hands up and slowly pulled two limbs down and out of the line of their lens. Both cameras click and whirred softly in my ears as the two bucks circled each other.

Suddenly the young buck made a slashing charge at the older, whose head came around to meet the oncoming horns. With a clash and a rattle, the younger buck moved the older back and sideways until he was almost off balance. With equal suddenness, the older buck used his strong neck to twist and the younger bucks horns slipped off.

The old buck made a hopping turn and kicked out with his rear hooves catching the younger in the hip. The young buck’s hind legs slipped in the soft leafy soil and he went down. The older buck spun around and stood over the younger with his horns leveled at his side. The young buck lay utterly still for a moment and then the older buck slowly backed away.

In a flash, young buck rolled to his feet and with a snort bound away through the wood. The older buck gave chase for a few steps before stopping and giving several loud snorts of his own.

The girl’s cameras had been going full tilt all during this display. A movement to my right caused me to turn my head slightly. Five doe’s walked slowly out of a thicket and over to surround the old buck. He made several snorting mock charges in the direction his adversary had taken in retreat, before he turned back to the doe’s and sniffed them all over.

He paid special attention to one large doe, keeping his nose close to her tail for a long time. Slowly she turned and backed up toward him. When her tail touched his chest, he went up onto her back, his large hard red dick working to find the proper place under her tail. The other doe’s made soft coughing sounds as they milled around close to the mating pair. The old buck hunched away for almost a full minute before he made a coughing wheezing sound of his own.

Shortly after that, he dropped off the doe’s back and nosed at her tail again. Suddenly one of the younger doe made a loud cough and the whole herd took flight to our left.

The girls started to move but I reached back to each side to hold them in place. It was only a few seconds later that a pack of five coyotes came into view from the same thicket that had hid the does. The cameras clicked and whirred. The coyotes padded noiselessly across the opening headed in the same direction as the deer.

When they were out of sight, I slowly stood up and turned around. The girls were looking at each other and at me. I had no problem reading the question or statement in their eyes. “Had we really witnessed such a rare sight as two bucks fighting and then two deer mating?”

I grinned at them and said, “Beginners luck is usually very good. You two have got pictures that professional photographers spend years trying to get.”

Gale looked at Carol and then at me, before she said, “Yeah, and a hell of a case of the horny’s to boot.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” Carol said slowly.

Gale giggled. “Oh, yes you have. During and after every football and basketball game we attended this year.” This broke us all up.

The laughter got most of the tension out of our systems. When everyone was laughed out, I asked, “Do you have enough pictures for one day? Actually, you have some pictures of a lifetime. Shall we head back to camp?”

Both girls agreed it had been a total success, but Carol asked if there was another way back to camp besides the way we had come.

“Sure we can head off in the direction the deer went, circle down by the bayou, then back up the bank and come out in the field near where you arrived this morning.”

That sounded like a plan to them, so we headed off. I angled our direction slightly to the right of where the deer had gone and about a quarter mile later, we exited the woods onto a sandbar along the edge of the water. The sand is pure white and as pretty as any beach, I’ve ever seen.

When we got to the waters edge, Carol wondered out loud how cold the water was. I squatted down and stuck my hand in the water. “Kind of cool here in the shallows but it would be cold in deeper water,” I answered.

“I think I want to wade a little and see. If it’s not to cold I might just take a swim,” Carol said with a grin.

Gale groaned softly and said, “One of these days you are going to turn into a fish. Rob, anytime she gets close to more water than what is in a glass, she has to go skinny-dipping. Her parents must have conceived her while skinny-dipping. If her mom wasn’t such a prude I’d ask her but that would start more shit than I want to explain.” She finished with a laugh.

Carol just stuck her tongue out at her friend and hung her camera on a limb on a nearby willow tree. I hung my gun and Gale’s camera in the same tree. Carol sat down and pulled off her shoes, before wading out to her knees in the bayou.

“Brrrr, it’s a little cold,” she said.

I chuckled to myself. The air temperature was in the mid seventies but the water was probable in the low sixties.

Gale was behind me as I watched Carol wade around. Her nude body flashed past me, with two more steps she hit Carol with an almost perfect upper body tackle, and both girls disappeared below the waters surface. Within seconds, they were both back on the surface yelling from the cold.

I was laughing my ass off. That was not the right thing to do because the next thing I knew, I had two very wet women on a mission to drown my ass.

The warm wet wiggly bodies won and I ended up drenched from tennis shoes to my hair. I did get to give several good dunking’s of my own plus coping a feel or two, neither seemed to object, so I copped a few more. That got me dunked big time but didn’t stop me.

We finally tired out and crawled up on the sand to dry out and warm up. I pulled my shirt off and rung it out, removing my shoes I poured the water out and rung out my socks. Standing, I hung the clothes over limbs on the tree and removed my levies. Those ended up on the tree also.

Carol had shucked the shorts and blouse and was sitting with Gale on the warm sand as they both watched me undress.

When I turned around both girls, faces lit up with big smiles. I looked from one to the other and then asked, “What?”

Gale chuckled and answered, “Carol just lost two bets in as many minutes. When we first got out of the truck, I bet her I would have you out of your clothes before dark and that you were hung better than most guys were. Looks like I win on both counts.” She finished with a grin.

I glanced down to where Carol’s eyes were riveted and my manhood twitched and slowly started to stiffen on its own. The fact that Carol was openly rubbing and pinching her nipples didn’t help matters in the least. One thing I had learned at an early age was that a hard dick wasn’t in the least bit shy. Anytime and anyplace was its motto. Now with two beautiful nude young women sitting in front of me was no exception.

“Damn,” Carol said. “It just keeps on getting bigger.”

Gale didn’t answer; she was busy doing some staring of her own.

By now, my shaft was standing straight up tight against my lower stomach, the head three inches above my belly button.

Gale came up onto her knees and knee walked the short distance between us. She reached out slowly and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. Her fingers and thumb just barely touched as she lightly gripped me.

She moved her hand up and down, gently caressing the shaft before pulling it down towards her face. A clear drop of pre-cum was gleaming on the tip. Her tongue flicked out and captured it. Then she looked up into my eyes and grinned. She planted a kiss on the very tip and sat back on her heels still grinning.

Carol had moved over beside Gale and as Gale let go of the shaft Carol made a grab for it and missed. My manhood made a smacking sound as it slapped against my belly. Carol’s hand came up and she brushed her fingertips up and down the length of it.

“Damn,” she said again softly.

Gale chuckled and said, “I’ll second that. It makes my little twat twitch just thinking about it.”

Carol laughed and said, “I ain’t letting nothing that big even close to mine. A finger is a tight fit for me remember.”

Now Gale laughed and looked up at me. “Would you believe a twenty year old virgin is sitting there naked before you stroking your cock?”

I must have had a surprised look on my face because Carol said, “Well, it’s true. I’m glad and sorry to say, but that’s the only thing virgin about me.” She finished with a pointed look at Gale.

Gale blushed slightly but I didn’t ask the question on my mind and before Gale could say anything, Carol moved forward and lightly licked up along the full length of my hard shaft, making a shiver run throughout my body.

With a chuckle, Gale moved up beside her friend and took a lick of her own. Quickly two tongues were fighting over my dick. A soft groan escaped my lips as Carol won and tried to fit her lips over the flared head of my manhood. She got the head and an inch or two of shaft inside with her tongue going crazy all over everything. I placed a hand on each girls shoulder as my legs began to shake.

Carol literally popped it out of her mouth and Gale inhaled it. She could cram maybe another inch more than Carol could into her mouth but she had to come up for air sooner. They traded back and forth several more time before I groaned deeply and painted Gales tonsils with the biggest load of my short eighteen-year old life.

She swallowed repeatedly but the excess seeped slowly out at each corner of her mouth. Gale was whimpering softly and her hips were jerking with each spurt that left my body. My knees were trying to buckle and I had to lean more weight on the girls to keep from falling.

When I was finally drained dry, Gale slowly released me and Carol sucked me in and massaged my shaft to get the last drops. When she was satisfied she had it all, she also released me and turned to Gale, licking at her chin and cheeks.

Gale was in a semi daze until she realized Carol was licking her face. Gale turned her head sharply and grabbed the back of Carol’s head, at the same time planting a big wet kiss on her lips. Carol jerked sharply then with a groan melted into the kiss.

I went to my knees and sat back on my heels watching them. I still had my hands on their shoulders. When they broke the kiss, Carol leaned back and shook her head hard, her short blond hair flying around her head.

Gale chuckled and then laughed as she reached her hand down between her thighs and felt of the wet sticky mess on them leading up to her drenched sex.

“That’s a first. Either I was coming like mad as you came in my mouth, or you shot straight through me. Either way it was quite a feeling,” she said.

Carol looked at her friend sharply and stated with mock jealously. “That’s what you get for being such a hog. You didn’t leave me even a taste.”

Then she chuckled and continued in a milder tone, “That’s all right though. You had enough on your chin for a good sample and you tasted even better during that kiss. Which brings me to another point? What the hell was that all about? We’ve never been that way with each other or anyone else for that matter that I know of.”

Gale laughed and said, “It was just one of those spur of the moment, heat of the passion, kind of things, not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I certainly did. Didn’t you?”

Carol grinned. “Well, as a matter of fact I did and it fulfilled a long time fantasy of mine. I had often wondered what it would be like to really kiss you instead of our normal little pecks.”

Gale was looking at me with a wide grin on her face. “If lover boy over here ever gets his eyes focused, we need to get back in that cold ass water and clean up our respective messes. Although, maybe I should ask him about his pussy eating skills? If he can eat pussy and can use that big dick equally as well, I may just marry him tomorrow.”

With that statement, my eye did focus sharply on Gale. First of all, because of the bluntness of it and secondly, because I had a confession or two to make.

“Uh, Gale, I think I have to tell you a couple of things up front. One is that I haven’t had very many girlfriends or even many dates for that matter. I’ve been way to busy with work and trying to get my scholarship. Second of all that was the first oral sex, I’ve ever been involved in. Giving or receiving.”

Gale’s mouth dropped open, Carol laughed and said, “Looks like I’m not the only virgin around here. You just got yourself a cherry, Gale. No wonder he liked to have drowned you.”

“Damn,” Gale said. “I knew I had wasted a bunch of time by not talking to him at my Grandma’s, but I figured he had several girlfriends on the line and wouldn’t have time for a part time romance. Now it seems like I’ve wasted more than time.”

She looked over at Carol and grinned. “Think we can teach him to eat pussy?”

Carol’s grin was as broad as Gale’s. “I think it will be a lot of fun trying. This is going to be something very special. Come on, let’s stick our hot little asses in the creek and cool off as well as clean up. We need to wait until tonight so we can do this right. If I, I mean we can wait that long.”

Gale laughed. “You better mean we, girlfriend. I sure ain’t letting you out of my sight, especially if he’s not in sight also.”

Gale leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “Don’t you worry about anything, if you live through tonight, you will be one of the world’s greatest lovers. You’ll have two of the hornyist, I mean best teachers around, and we’ll make you study hard and do your lessons until you get them right. Remember practice makes perfect, or is that perfect practice, makes perfect? I never can remember, so I just keep practicing.”

She finished with a laugh, but I wondered if she was joking.

Carol had waded out until she was about knee deep then she sat down suddenly with a squeal from the cold water. “Damn, is there steam bubbling up around me?”

Gale laughed and said, “Wait until I sit down. It will be like sticking a red-hot horseshoe into a bucket of water. Hey, Rob, get your ass in here. It’s all your fault and we aren’t going to suffer alone out here.”

“Hey, you two are the reason I had to get out of my clothes in the first place. I was perfectly happy sitting on the bank laughing my ass off. Of course I wouldn’t have missed that blow job for anything in the world,” I said with a grin as I waded out into the water. “I don’t know why I have to do this. Carol licked and sucked me squeaky clean.”

“First lesson Rob,” Carol said with a tight smile as she waded toward the shore. “If a woman has to suffer, she will make the man suffer twice as much just because she can.”


Soon the three of us were back on the shore shivering and cold. We sat on the warm sand, in the sun and warmed up. I asked them about college and they told me all about it. We talked for nearly an hour as the sun slowly sank toward the trees across the bayou. I suggested that we head back for camp. Carol’s clothes were dry but my levies and shirt were still wet.

I laughing said, “It looks like I will have to walk home naked.”

Gale looked at Carol and said, “If you will, I will.”

Carol laughed and shrugged. “Why not, we seem to be out in the middle of nowhere. Rob, is there anyone around this area?”

“Not within a couple of miles that I know of. There are a few commercial fishermen on the bayou and a few hunters back out along the highway but that’s about all. It’s one of the reasons I love it out here. I’ve camped here for weeks on end and never seen anyone that didn’t come looking for me. This land belongs to my grandparents. They farmed it long ago and ran a few cows on it but haven’t been here in ten years that I know of.”

While I was talking, we had gathered up our stuff and were walking through the wood toward the cut in the bank that would lead up to the field near camp. All of us had put on our tennis shoes and that was all.

When we reached the steep trail, I paused to let the girls go up first. Carol led the way with Gale close behind. Sometimes a little to close, as I would hear Carol squeal or giggle from Gale either goosing her or licking her ass cheeks when it got to close.

I will say there is nothing better than climbing a steep trail with two naked women ahead of you for scenery. Once when Gale slipped I caught her by placing my palm flat under her ass and lifting. My middle finger slipped into the crease of her ass causing her to squeal and giggle.

When we reached the top, Carol was standing near the edge of the brush line looking out over the empty field. Gale giggled and walked right on past her out into the road. “If there’s anyone around they will get a good show don’t you think.”

Carol looked at me, shrugged, and followed her friend. I chuckled and followed them both.


When we reached camp, I hung my wet clothes over a limb of a nearby tree and headed to my tent to get a pair of shorts. When I returned the girls had moved their lounge chairs out into the sun and were sprawled out on them. I tossed the shorts on the table next to their clothes and move my chair out near them. The warm sun felt good on my bare skin. The chair wasn’t comfortable so I went and got my sleeping bag and spread it on the short grass. I lay down on my stomach and rested my head on my hands.

Carol sat up and looked down at me before getting out of her chair and moving over to lie down next to me. Gale watched her for a moment before joining us. They were lying on their backs but occasionally I would feel a soft hand brush over or against my body.


I must have fallen asleep because I woke to Gale calling my name. As I raised my head, I heard her say. “Hey sleepy head, supper is ready. Come and get it before Carol eats it all.”

“And supper to.” Carol added with a laugh.

I was covered with a thin thermal blanket and it was dark. One of the lanterns was lit and Gale was dressed in a pair of dark blue sweats. She was holding a pair that I recognized as my own. “Here, you’re going to need these or you’ll freeze your ass off.” Gale said with a laugh.

Throwing off the blanket, I hurriedly climbed into the sweats. She was right the temperature had dropped at least fifteen degrees. After I was dressed, I sat down at the table and said. “Something smells great. Who’s the good cook?”

Gale laughed and answered. “It’s sure not Carol, she does good to make tea without burning it.”

“Hey, I resemble that remark.” Carol said with a chuckle. I just grinned and shook my head.

Gale had fixed up a canned stew until it actually tasted good. It, along with crackers and coffee made a meal that hit the spot, especially since the temperature was still falling. As we finished eating Carol looked at me and said, “I think your lesson will have to wait until tomorrow. I for one don’t feel like freezing my ass off for the benefit of your education.”

Gale laughed and seconded the idea. I looked at Gale and then at Carol before chuckling to myself and getting up from the table. I lit the other lantern as I said, “You two may have to teach me a thing or three about sex but camping in the cold is another story altogether. If you ladies will take care of the dishes, I’ll go fire up the heating system.”

When they just sat and stared at me, I chuckled and said, “I’m not kidding, give me ten minutes and I’ll have us a place as warm as toast to rest and relax.”

Gale looked at Carol and shrugged as she said, “Ok, I’ll take your word for it. Come on Carol; let’s get this place cleaned up.”

While they got busy there, I took the lantern and walked off into the cedar thicket on the north side of camp. The thicket is the main reason I chose the spot for my camp; it blocks the north wind. At one time, there had been a barn on this very spot, for the same reason. It had been torn down before I was born to build a hunting cabin down by the bayou. I stayed there the first year I was old enough to hunt but the following year a flood washed it away. My Dad and Uncle were going to rebuild it until I pointed out that it was right in the middle of one of the best hunting areas on the property. That’s when we started to camp up here. Now that I’m the only one that hunts here, I had added a private place of my own.

When I returned to camp about ten minutes later, the girls were just finishing up. I rolled up the sleeping bag and blanket and asked Gale to get some pillows. When she had them, I headed back into the cedar thicket, down a narrow winding trail. After about fifty yards, the trail opened out into a clearing about forty feet across. In the center of the opening was a circular wall of sheet metal about eight feet high and about twenty feet across, with a fire pit against the back wall.

A narrow opening in the tin gave access inside. The ground was flat and covered with fine river sand. The pit was dug down a foot or so and held a blazing fire. Wood was stacked on both sides of the pit, in easy reach without having to leave the enclosure. The walls were angled inward except above the fire pit.

Carol helped me spread the sleeping bag as Gale chuckled and said, “Now this is what I call innovative.”

Carol laughed and added, “It’s warm too.”

Gale tossed the pillows on the sleeping bag and picked up the lantern, saying, “I’ll be right back, there’s a couple of things I want to get before we start. You two behave and don’t start without me.”

“Who me?” asked Carol. “I wouldn’t do that, would I? Anyway, you had better hurry, you know how I get when I start to warm up.”

“Uh huh, that’s what I was talking about.” Gale said with a chuckle as she slipped out the exit. Carol and I were still standing by the fire talking when she returned.

She handed Carol a radio saying, “Here you go girlfriend, find us some good sex education music, something soft and sensuous.” She sat the lantern down along with a small brocade bag and her camera.

“Anyone want a coke?” She asked holding up the small trash bag she still held. “If you do, they will be right outside the opening. Its gotten even colder out there, I hope they don’t freeze.”

Carol had found a radio station that was playing a slow dance song. She stood up and started to sway to the music. Seeing the brocade bag she asked, “What’s in there and what do you plan to do with the camera?”

Gale grinned and said, “I’m going to take pictures with the camera silly. Someday we might want to look back and remember this night.”

Carol stopped dancing and looked at her for a second before shrugging and starting to move her hips again. “I’ve never had my picture taken nude, but there a first time for everything, I guess. You’re right; I think I would like some pictures of the three of us to remember this by.”

Gale laughed and said, “I think we’ll all remember this night for the rest of our lives, even without pictures.”

The song ended and Carol again asked, “Okay, what’s in the bag?”

Gale grinned, knelt down, and opened it, reaching inside she took out a bottle of baby oil. “This is just in case you feel the need to show Rob about alternative ways of having sex.”

Carol giggled and said, “I don’t think so. That monster would split me wide open. If it won’t fit in my mouth, why would you think it would fit there?”

Gale laughed and replied, “Let’s just say, I know you and leave it at that.” The next item she pulled out of the bag was a small plastic vibrator. The next was an even larger version of the first. “And these are some tools that Rob needs to learn to use. Anyway, I like them and plan on getting my jollies several different ways.” She ended with a laugh.

Carol had started dancing to the next song but paused as the toys came out of the bag. “He’s not going to learn about those on me. Not in the normal sense anyway.” She paused a second, grinned, and then said; “That Baby oil may have been a very good idea.”

Gale laughed and stood up. Looking over at me she asked, “Do you know how to dance? It seems Carol is in her dance mode and is getting herself all wound up. So that leaves you and me.”

I grinned and took a step forward, taking her into my arms. It took about three steps for us to find our mutual rhythm. Another three or four steps and Gale said with a laugh, “Well, I’ll be damned, if he can’t dance and a ballroom dancer at that.”

Carol laughed and said, “Back off a bit, and he’ll have ballroom.”

That made both Gale and I pause a moment and look over at Carol. She had removed her sneakers and the bottoms to her sweat suit. She had her eyes closed and was swaying to the music as her hands worked and pulled at the sweatshirt. Gale stepped away from me, picked up her camera, and took a couple of pictures of Carol. The flashes made Carol open her eyes for a second but didn’t stop her dancing.

Carol grinned and said, “What can I say, it’s starting to get hot in here and you know what happens then.”

Gale laughed and replied, “Yeah, you take off your clothes.” She lifted the camera to her face again saying, “Turn around so I can get a picture of that sexy butt of yours.”

Carol danced in a half circle and when her back was to Gail, she pushed out her butt and shook it back and forth, teasingly. “Shake it, baby.” Gail said with a chuckle.

I had knelt down next to Gail to enjoy the show Carol was putting on. For some reason, a girl dancing in just a sweatshirt was more arousing and erotic than a naked girl was. It took only seconds for my manhood to make a tent in the front of my pants. The song finished and another started, this one was a little faster and had a thumping beat.

Carol shifted gears and danced to the music, snapping her hips from side to side on the bass beat as she pealed the sweatshirt off over her head. As she worked her hips and knees to the beat, her hands roamed and caressed her upper body. Maybe I was wrong earlier about the half-dressed girl, Carol naked, caressing her own body, was the most sensuous thing I’d ever seen in my young life.

Gail had taken a dozen pictures of Carol before she laid the camera aside and stood up. A soft rock song had started and she wanted to dance also. She stepped out of her shoes and moved over near Carol. The two girls danced to the music for a moment, each in their own way. Carol was again in just one place with her body swaying to the beat and her hands roaming. Gail was more of a step and turn artist, although there was quite a bit of body movement there also.

By the end of the song, Gail had a sheen of perspiration on her forehead. As the next one started, Gail pealed off her sweatshirt and tossed it to me, and then she grinned and slipped off her pants. I watched them dance for a moment more before picking up the camera and snapping off a couple of shots of them dancing together. When that song ended, there was a commercial break, so the girls moved over near me and sat down on the sleeping bag.

Carol looked at Gail and then back at me before saying, “Girlfriend is there something wrong with this picture? Why are we the only ones naked?”

Gail nodded and replied, “Yeah, I think we need to have Rob strip for us on the next song; what do you think?”

When Carol nodded enthusiastically, Gail said to me, “Okay, it’s settled then, when the music starts it’s your turn to put on a show.”

I chuckled before replying, “I’ve never done anything like that before; I wouldn’t know where to start.”

Carol laughed, “With the shoes, then the shirt, and then the pants.”

Gail chuckled and added, “It works for me.”

When the next song started, I sat there a moment, then shrugged before I got to my feet, and stepped out of my shoes. What the hell, I thought, I can’t make too much of a fool out of myself. Anyway, it might be fun to tease the girls. I liked to dance but this was new.

The song had a heavy beat so I let my hips work sharply back and forth as Carol had done earlier. I could feel my hard shaft rubbing back and forth across the inside of the soft material of the sweatpants as I pulled the sweatshirt slowly up and then over my head and off. When I looked back at the girls, Gail was still sitting cross-legged where she had been but her eyes were now glued to the front of my pants. Carol had lay down and propped her head up with one of the pillows, her eyes glued to the same place as Gail’s.

This inspired me to put a little more effort into my hips from side to side and every once in a while back and forth. After a little of this I rolled the waistband of the pants down slowly until the head of my dick was showing above the material. This made both girls lick their lips; I had to grin as they did. I don’t think either of them realized they had done that.

When the song ended, I turned around and removed the pants, bending at the waist with my ass pointed straight at the two girls. This brought a wolf whistle from Carol and a laugh from Gail. As the next song started, I moved as before but kept my back to them. I slowly worked my way backwards toward where they were. When I was at Carol’s feet I turned around and made a couple of hard forward thrusts with my hips almost in Gail’s face, she licked her lips again.

Carol sat up so I turned toward her and did the same thing. She grinned and licked her lips. As I danced and moved my hips, I worked my way between them and then danced in a tight circle, facing first one and then the other. By the time the song ended, I was winded and I thought I had done a pretty good job of my first and hopefully last erotic dance. The girls must have thought so to because they both clapped and cheered.

I sat down on the sleeping bag with a grin on my face. Gail chuckled and said to Carol, “He did a pretty good job for a first timer.”

Carol nodded and replied, “He’s got my juices flowing.”

Gail laughed at that before moving forward and kissing me. She was a very good kisser, soft and gentle but with a hint of growing passion. When her tongue moved in to duel with mine, it startled me a moment but I recovered quickly.

After a second or two Carol said, “Hmmm, seems like my juices aren’t the only ones flowing.” I glanced in her direction over Gail’s shoulder to see Carol staring at Gail’s raised ass. With a grin she said, “Girlfriend, you’ve got a small river running down your thighs.”

Gail broke the kiss and turned toward Carol, “Okay, in that case you get to be the one he learns to eat pussy on. I’d hate to drown him, his first time out.” Gail and Carol both laughed at that.

Carol’s grin broadened and she asked, “Just how are we going to go about this? It’s a subject I enjoy very much, but I never thought about how to teach someone to do it.”

Gail laughed and replied, “You just lay back and leave the rest to me, for now you’re just the practice dummy.”

Carol laughed and said, “Oh, I think I can handle that.” She laid herself down flat on her back and propped her head up on a pillow. “Can I watch or should I just layback, close my eyes, and see if I enjoy it?”

Gail chuckled and replied, “I’d close my eyes; this is likely to get messy, especially if he likes it. Lift your hips so I can prop this end up with a pillow. It’ll make it easier for him to reach all the right spots.” Gail got Carol positioned to her satisfaction and then she motioned for me to kneel between Carol’s raised knees.

Carol giggled and said, “This is almost as bad as my first trip to the gynecologist. Of course, I didn’t expect him to be licking on me, so there was more fear of the unknown then than there is now. Still it’s a little on the embarrassing side, if you know what I mean.”

Gail chuckled at Carol, reached over, and spread her knees wider until I had the best view of a girl’s genital area I had ever had. I had seen a pussy in some of my dad’s men’s magazines but never this up close and personal, and never this spread open and on display. Gail just grinned as I took in the view. Carol’s sex was short and sweet for a tall girl. Gail gave me a moment to look before she leaned in and started to point out the different parts that made up the area. She ran a fingernail lightly over the raised area of the mound with its thin covering of fine blond hair. Yes, Carol was a natural blond.

Gail next ran her fingernail over the puffy outer lips as she explained that women liked these three areas licked, kissed, sucked, and nibbled lightly. She told me to go ahead and try it.

When I shyly and timidly started to kiss and lick at Carol’s mound Gail said, “Okay, let’s get one thing straight right up front. That thing isn’t going to bite you, so treat it as if you are a starving man on a deserted island, at his first hot home cooked meal after being rescued. Did you like the blowjob you got earlier?”

When I nodded she continued, “Well, women like this just as much, sometimes even more if you’re any good at it. Even if you don’t know anything else about sex, doing this well, will get you return invitations, I guarantee you.”

Carol giggled and said, “You said a mouthful.”

Gail said to me, “Kiss it like you were kissing me a moment ago and then work your way down each outer lip.”

I did as she suggested and then took a couple of long licks up each lip as they had done to my shaft earlier. This made Carol’s hips twitch and move upward slightly.

“I think we have a natural here, once he learns the basics, he’s going to be hell on wheels.” Gail said softly.

“You’re not hearing any complaints from me are you.” Carol asked and then jumped as I leaned forward and took a long slow lick right up the center of her slit. Her smell was sweet and fresh in my nostrils and her taste was the same only muskier. It was a taste I liked, so I took another long lick, only a little faster.

Gail chuckled again, “Yeah, he’s a natural.”

She leaned in closer, placed a hand on either side of Carol’s opening sex, and pulled it wider. Then she had me hold it that way while she pointed out the thin pink inner lips. Soft to firm licks and sucking was required here, depending on the woman’s personal preferences. I used my tongue to spread the thin folds out before sucking first one and then the other between my lips to lightly nibble on them. Carol’s hips rocked and she moaned softly.

“See what I mean.” Gail said softly. I nodded as I let the thin soft flesh slip slowly out of my mouth. I again used my tongue to smooth them out.

As I moved my head back, I noticed a hard nub at the top of her slit that hadn’t been there before. Without thinking, I flicked at it with my tongue. This caused a sudden jerk in Carol’s hips and a sharp intake of breath.

Gail chuckled and said, “I think he found your clit.” As I continued to lick and flick at it, Carol had nothing to say except a louder moan. Gail leaned closer and said softly, “Be gentle with that at first, as it’s the most sensitive place, we girls have on our whole bodies. It’s much like the head of your dick, tender and all nerve endings. As the girl gets closer to orgasm, she may want you to be a little rougher or to use long firm strokes. It all depends on what she likes and how she likes it. Most of the time she’ll let you know, a hand pulling you hair or head means harder, a push on your forehead means softer. Then there’s everything else in between. That’s what ears are for, so a woman can handle her licker.”

I chuckled at that as Gail continued on. “There’s one more part that needs attention and that’s the vagina. It’s down lower. Some women like you to lick around the opening and or stick your tongue inside. Personally, I love both. When you lick and suck at their clits, some women like a finger or two stuffed inside them for added pleasure. Go ahead and give it a try.”

I started out by licking at and around the very wet opening. Carol lifted her hips and sighed as my tongue wiggled inside her. I used my tongue to lick and lap a the juices flowing out of her, taking long licks at her crack and then thrusting my tongue as deep inside as I could.

Several times my tongue dipped lower to lick at the juices running down the crack of her ass. As my tongue ran over the puckered ring of her ass hole Carol would jerk and a soft gasp would escape her lips. Gail laughed and said, “I’d be careful about licking her there, our Carol has this anal thing, since she’s saving the other for marriage.”

When I looked questioningly at Gail, she laughed again and said, “Carol likes things stuck in there as much as most women like things in their vaginas, tongues, fingers, vibrators, dicks, just to list the normal things.” I went back to my licking but paused to press my tongue sharply against the tight pucker opening. After about a second of pressure my tongue slowly slipped inside a little. This brought a loud gasp from Carol.

Gail chuckled and said, “I told you so.”

As I worked at the tight opening, Carol’s hips started to flex and push back against my every thrust. I moved up and did the same to her wet sweet opening. Her hips continued to work in counterpoint to my tongue.

Gail leaned in and said, “Time to move up and go to work on her clit. She’s getting close to an orgasm.”

I worked my way back up to her clit and softly gave it a long slow lick. Carol’s hips froze and her hands found my head, pulling it tighter to her sex. I licked harder and faster at the nub of her clit, which brought a loud wailing moan from deep in her chest. Her hips hunched against my face harder, so I licked in short sharp flicks, which is what she seemed to want.

She yelled, “Oh, yes.” Over and over again as she froze with her sex pressed tightly against my mouth. I continued to lick sharply for a second or two and then slowed down the pace and the strength. After another moment, her hands gently pushed at my head, and I let it move me away.

I had been laying flat on my stomach on the blanket as I had done this. Now I moved up to my knees and looked down at Carol. She lay there with her eyes shut, breathing hard. Her hands were still working at her breasts, gently squeezing the mound of flesh on one, and pulling and tweaking the nipple on the other.

When I glanced at Gail, she grinned, winked, and said softly, “Congratulations, you just gave Carol one hell of an orgasm. I think you passed our pussy-eating course with flying colors. There’s just one other thing, the final exam.”

When I looked at her funny, she grinned wider and pointed between her legs. “Don’t worry, it’s an oral exam.”

When I grinned back and licked my lips, she laughed out loud and said, “I think you like eating pussy.”

I nodded and replied, “You might say that. I find it tasty and very stimulating.” She laughed again and leaned over to kiss me.

A few moments into the kiss she pulled back and licked her lips looking down at Carol’s still wide spread thighs. Softly, almost to herself she said, “So that’s what she tastes like. I might just have to try some of that for myself, straight from the source.” She looked up at me and grinned. “Hey, you have to try everything at least once and the good ones as often as they will let you.” I had to laugh at that one.

I looked over at Carol to find her eyes open. She grinned at me widely and said, “Damn, either Gail’s a very good teacher or you’re an excellent student. I went boom, big time. One of the best, I’ve ever had.” She paused a moment to take a couple of deep breaths. “I think that, the fact it was your first time and that Gail was looking at and touching me had something to do with it too. Gail, you have to give him a try and see if it was him or the combination of things that made it so good.”

Gale laughed and said, “I’m ahead of you there, guess who is going to be his final exam?”

Carol laughed, “I should have known.” She said, slowly sitting up. When she was upright she asked, “Where did those cokes go? I could sure use one right about now.”

I went and got three out of the bag outside the opening, they were still cold. I handed one to each of the girls and took a big swig out of mine as I went to tend the fire. I rearranged the wood already on the fire and added some more. Once I had it fixed to my satisfaction, I went over to sit by the girls.

Carol was saying as I sat down, “You want your cake and to have him eat you too.” Both girls laughed.

When I asked what was going on, Gail grinned at me and answered simply, “Girl talk.”

Carol laughed again and said, “Yeah, a greedy girl talking.”

Gail grinned and said, “Well, a girl can dream can’t she?”

Still grinning she looked at me and asked, “Are you up for the final exam?” She glanced down at my manhood standing up tight against my belly as Carol giggled.

She chuckled and glanced at Carol as she said, “I guess he is, isn’t he?” This made Carol laugh and nod.

Gail told me to lie down on my back, which I did. “Now there are several positions to eat pussy in and this one is my favorite. It’s called sixty nine and you’ll shortly find out why.” As she was saying this, she moved over to stand with one foot on each side of my shoulders, facing my feet. She went down on her knees, her sex only a foot, or so above my face. She grinned at me as she slowly lowered herself down, stopping four inches out of my reach. “Now let’s see if you can apply what you’ve learned while you’re in this position. It allows me freer movement and also allows me access to you as well.”

She leaned forward and licked at the head of my shaft. As she did that, I raised my head and took a long lick from her ridged clit to her sopping wet opening. At the same time, I moved my hands and arms up and around to firmly grip her hip on one side and her ass cheek on the other. She moved her knees wider apart as I ran my tongue around and then inside her opening. She wasn’t as tight as Carol but seemed more sensitive as I wiggled and worked my tongue inside her.

After a moment of this, she groaned and said, “Oh, yes, so far, he’s working on an “A” plus.”

Even though everything was upside down, from when I’d done Carol, I applied what I’d learned. The two girls tasted similar but Gail was spicier. I licked up the juices from her inner thighs and from the crack of her ass. As my tongue poked at her anus, she didn’t react as sharply as Carol but still her hips jerked and she pressed back against my probing tongue. I turned my attentions back to her vagina, circling the opening before I wiggled my tongue as deeply inside as I could.

Her hips gave a shudder and I heard her say, “Oh yes, definitely an “A” plus.”

I grinned as I worked my tongue in and out of her at a faster pace, pausing to swirl it around at the bottom of each stroke. This had her hips working in counterpoint to my tongue.

As I moved down to lick, suck, and nibble gently at her inner lips, I heard Carol say, “Lets see how well he does under a little pressure.” Gail had been licking at my shaft and the sensitive head all along, now I felt a hand gripping and then raising my shaft up right. I flicked at Gail’s hard-extended clit a couple of times, which brought a sharp groan from her.

About that time, a mouth settled over the head of my dick and a warm tongue swirled over it. I sucked at Gail’s clit as a groan escaped my lips. My tongue ran in tight circles over the nub, which brought a long drawn out moan from Gail, along with a shuddering shake of her hips. She pressed her sex tightly to my mouth and ground herself against my tongue.

“Oh, yes!” I heard her say over and over again, as she came.

Since Gail was talking, I realized it was Carol, who was so expertly sucking my dick. Her tongue was doing wonderful things as it fluttered over and around the head. Gail slowly lifted her hips and rotated them downward, settling her once again sopping wet opening onto my mouth. I licked and sucked at the spicy mess she had made before inserting my tongue into her opening and wiggling it around sharply. She groaned again sharply and pressed herself tighter to my face. After a moment or two, she eased her hips up out of my reach, and then moved over to sit down on the sleeping bag.

She blew out a long breath and then grinned down at me, “I think you passed that test with flying colors.”

With a glance down to where Carol was attached to the head of my dick she grinned and added, “Even under the extreme pressure our dear Carol seems to be applying to you.” Carols eyes flicked up to my face and then over to Gail’s but she didn’t stop what she was doing to reply.

Gail laughed and said, “I think Carol has found the pacifier that her parents wouldn’t let her have as a baby.”

I wasn’t complaining, let me tell you as my eyes closed and a groan started deep in my chest. Gail chuckled and said, “Carol, I’d be careful there. You’re fixing to get a big drink of cream if you don’t watch out.”

Carol just sucked harder and swirled her tongue faster. For the second time today, I came with a rush. Carol swallowed as hard and as fast as she could but as with Gail earlier, some of the cum escaped at each corner of her mouth. She used her hand to milk at my cock as her tongue worked at the head.

After a few seconds, she released me with a loud sucking sound and grinned at both of us. “Damn!” was all she said.

Gail laughed and moved down to lick at the corners of Carol’s mouth. Carol grabbed Gail’s head and laid a lip lock on her. Gail returned the kiss with equal passion. I lay there and watched as they moved toward each other and embraced as the kiss went on.

As the kiss, ended Carol pulled back and looked at her friend as she whispered, “Wow!”

Gail chuckled and said softly, “Yeah, me too.”

Carol blew out a long breath and looked over at me saying, “Okay, move over, make room for your teachers there buster.” I chuckled and scooted over. The girls settled down next to me and we all relaxed.

After a while Carol asked, “Well, did you learn anything?”

I grinned and replied, “Oh, yeah.”

Gail chuckled and added, “Me too.”

Carol rose up on one elbow and looked at her friend, “What did you learn?”

Gail smiled up at her and replied, “Two things, one is you are a great kisser and the other is you have a great tasting pussy.”

Carol looked at Gail sharply and said, “What? When did you taste me?”

Gail laughed and replied, “When I kissed Rob, you were smeared all over his face.” She glanced at me and chuckled, “Much like I’m smeared all over his face now. I should have brought a washrag and some water. I forgot about cleaning things up.”

Carol leaned over, gently kissed my lips for a second, and then licked her own. She grinned over at Gail and came back to kiss me more deeply. After a minute or two she broke the kiss and grinned down at me, “You kiss good.”

She looked over at Gail and licked her lips, “And you taste good, a lot like me only spicier.”

Gail laughed and replied, “I noticed the difference myself.”

I must have had a puzzled look on my face because Gail laughed and said, “Yes, we’ve taste ourselves, haven’t you? Everyone does, it’s just human curiosity. If they say different, they are lying.”

I glanced from one girl to the other for a moment and then asked, “How, off your fingers or something?”

Carol and Gail both laughed, before Carol said, “Yes, off our fingers, what do you think we are triple jointed or something. If I could lick myself like that, I’d never leave the house and I sure wouldn’t need a boyfriend.”

Gail chipped in, “Well, I would. I like sex the real way as much as I like to get eaten and you will to, if you ever take a chance and give up some of that thing to someone other than your right hand.”

Carol laughed and stuck out her tongue at Gail. “You’re one to talk; you’re as much a virgin in the back as I am in the front. I think I’ve told you the same thing about that.”

I was looking back and forth between them as they talked. I had a fair idea of what they were discussing but the thought of sticking my dick up a woman’s ass had never crossed you mind before.

I asked Carol quickly, “People really do that?”

She laughed and answered, “Hell yes, they do that and a lot more. The only limit to sex is your imagination.”

Gail chuckled and said to Carol as she glanced down at my flaccid member. “Maybe I should show him since you so greedily sucked the stuffing out of him.”

Carol got an indignant look on her face and replied, “You were the greedy one this afternoon, it was my turn.” The full impact of what Gail had said finally sunk in and Carol asked, “You want to fuck me in the ass with one of your toys?”

When Gail nodded, Carol looked at her a moment and then grinned, “I’ve never had one of those in me and I’m curious as to how it would feel compared to the real thing. I’ve also never been fucked by a girl before; it might be a very interesting experience.”

Gail grinned and replied, “I’ll take that as a yes, then.” She turned and picked up the larger of the two vibrators and the baby oil. “Scoot over closer to the fire and get comfortable while I get a pillow for under your hips. I want to watch the expression on your face while I do this.”

After they got Carol positioned, Gail went down onto her knees between her legs. She knelt there for a second, looking at Carol as she slowly stroked the smaller of the two toys, applying some of the baby oil to it.

“You just be careful where you put that, I wouldn’t want any accidents.”

Gail grinned and replied, “Don’t worry girlfriend, I wouldn’t do anything to mess up your plans. Now, you just lay back, relax, and leave the driving to me.” She chuckled at her own pun and leaned forward to slowly rub the plastic tube up and down Carol’s slit.

Carol wiggled and said, “Hey, that thing’s cold, it doesn’t feel anything like a real one.”

Gail smiled as she twisted the end of the tub and it started to hum. When she touched it back to Carol’s clit, Carol jerked and said, “Oh!” sharply.

“Is that a little better?” Gail asked softly as she rubbed the toy up and down.

Carol nodded and said, “Oh yes, much better.”

It only took a few moments for Carol’s hips to start moving against the toy. I sat there and watched as Gail moved the toy up and down, going a little lower toward Carol’s wet sex. As she brushed across the opening, Carol tensed up and she whispered, “No, not there.”

Gail continued to tease her for a few seconds and then moved the toy down to brush lightly over Carol’s asshole. Carol’s ass jerked upward and she let out a hissing breath, as she said, “Oh, yes.”

Gail glanced over at me and grinned, before she touched the plastic toy back to Carol’s asshole. Carol’s hips jerked and she shivered as the tip of the vibrator slipped into her asshole and inch or so. Gail held the toy still and let Carol work her hips up and down on the toy. It wasn’t long before the whole length of the toy was in Carol’s ass. Carol’s eyes were closed, a look of pure pleasure on her face.

Gail grinned over at me again and winked. Then she knee walked back a little and went down onto her elbows, her ass raised high in the air and her face only inched above Carol’s slowly undulating sex. Suddenly Gail’s tongue shot out and flick at Carol’s hard exposed clit. Carol’s hips jerked hard and she moaned softly. As Carol continued to fuck herself on the vibrating toy, Gail took a lick at her clit on each upward movement of Carol’s hips. Carol was now moaning constantly and started to add a rolling motion to her hips. Gail licked at her clit faster, with little light strokes of her tongue. Carol’s moaning grew louder.

I was fascinated as I watched the two girls. I was also very, very turned on, and wanted to get into the act, so to speak. An idea crossed my mind and I reached over and picked up the small toy. I oiled it up as I had seen Gail do the large one and moved over behind her upturned ass. It took me a few seconds to figure out how to turn it on and how to control the intensity of the vibrations.

I set it on a medium speed and touched it to Gail’s sopping wet opening. Her hips jerked from the surprise touch and then her ass was circling trying to find the toy again. I touched it back to her and ran it slowly down her slit to touch her clit. Her ass jerked and I heard her groan loudly. I moved it back up to her opening and slowly inserted it into her. It slipped in easily and Gail’s hips were once again circling and flexing back against it.

I ran it in and out of her for a minute or two, then I pulled it out, and I rubbed the end of it over her asshole as she had done with Carols. Her ass jerked but in the position, she was in, she couldn’t move away from the toy. I held it against her tight opening and watched as it slowly slipped inside. Gail groaned loudly and wiggled her ass from side to side. When it was about halfway in, I reached up and turned the little knob until it was vibrating as hard as it would go. Gail moaned loudly again and pushed her ass back against the toy. I watched as it sunk slowly out of sight, right up to my fingertips.

One of Gail’s hands appeared between her legs and she fished around until she found my manhood. She grabbed a hold of it and pulled. I followed her pull until I was on my knees and the head touched the opening to her vagina. I grinned and pushed forward, slowly sinking my hard shaft into her. She yelled loudly, her ass and hips jerking and twitching.

I pulled back a little and then thrust forward farther into her tightening hole. I could feel the vibrations of the toy through the thin membrane between her ass and pussy. It made my dick tingle as I slowly worked my shaft in and out, slowly going a little deeper on each stoke.

Carol was yell loudly also and shaking her head from side to side, her hips bucking hard against the toy and Gail’s face. By the time my pelvic bone touched the toy in Gail’s ass, my climax was rising fast. As I moved outward, I pulled the toy outward also. Gail yelled even louder and a shaking started in her legs and worked its way up to her ass. I pushed back forward sharply, the shaking became a sharp jerking, and her vagina clamped down tightly around me, the inner muscles rolling and rippling along my shaft. That was all it took and I came with a gush. Slowly we collapsed into a pile.

I came back to my senses laying half on and half off Gail, my dick still deep inside her, the little vibrator still running. With an effort, I raised up just enough to shut it off and to get my hand out from between us. It didn’t occur to me to remove the little toy. Gail groaned softly as I did this. Her head was resting on Carol’s stomach, her breasts pressed between her thighs.

We lay that way for quite a while. We may have slept, I’m not really sure. All I knew was that I was completely drained and really, really tired. Not even the worst football practice session I had ever had, had been this draining. Then I did sleep.


I woke up cold and raised my head. For a moment, I wasn’t sure where I was, then my eyes focused on Gail and Carol in the semi darkness and everything came flooding back. I grinned and then glanced over to see that the fire was down to a bed of coals. I started to get up and found that I was still buried deep in Gail’s pussy, my manhood still semi hard. I eased back, slowly pulling out of her. She moaned softly in her sleep and wiggled her ass slowly back and forth. When I was free from her, I came up to my knees as a wave of dizziness swept over me for a second. When it passed, I looked down at the girls and smiled.

The small toy in Gail’s ass caught my attention, as it slowly started too slid out all on its own. Gail moaned again and wiggled her ass, which made the toy come out faster. I caught it as it came free and laid it to the side. Gail gave a deep sigh and mumbled something in her sleep.

Grinning, I got up and added wood to the fire until I had it built back up and the temperature in the enclosure was once again warm. The lantern was burning low, as the pressure had dropped in it. There was a glow in the eastern sky, so I didn’t pump it back up; I just turned it off.

Moving back over to the sleeping bag, I sat down and watched the girls sleep, as my mind wandered back over the earlier night. I had learned more about sex and women in such a short period of time, more than I had learned in the rest of my short life put together. I knew I owed these two more for this education than I could ever repay.

As the dawn grew lighter, I got dressed, cover the girls up the best I could and add some more wood to the fire, before I headed back to camp to start breakfast and the coffee. I also knew that they would be as hungry as I was, if not more so. I wasn’t sure how long they were going to be here but I knew we would need all the energy we could get. With a grin, I headed back for camp.


I never saw Carol again; about three months later she got married and dropped out of school. Her husband had just graduated, took a job out of state, and she went with him.

Gail and I saw each other from time to time and even spent one whole Christmas break camped out at the Old Camp. It was another time to remember, I don’t think we left the fire pit area for more than the time it takes to eat or pee.

Right after she graduated, she married a guy that would one day end up as a Federal Judge. They own a house not to far from my mom and dads old place. I still see her from time to time but we are just friends and have been that way since she got married. Of course, I’ll never tell anyone what happened at the bachelorette party, the night before the wedding, that’s our little secret.

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