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SX69 – Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 10

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This is the tenth in a series of stories about a scientist named Edward Vitello who has in his possession a very, very powerful love potion developed in a secret government sponsored research project that, to his dismay, was cancelled. He is determined to continue the research by doing human trials on a wide variety of selected women.

The chemical is called SX69. It is an extract of Bonobo monkey DNA combined with a molecularly altered Oxytocin from the common shrew. Bonobo monkeys use constant sex as a social bonding tool and female shrews mate for life after one whiff of a male’s unique Oxytocin.

In the first installment, he administers the potion to a sweet young librarian named Sarah. The potion works exactly as it had in the lab and Sarah becomes a devoted and contented mate, living with Edward. In the second, Sarah introduces Edward to her girlfriend, Mary, from her job at Starbucks. She is brought into the love nest as a second devoted and contented mate. In the third, we discover that Edward had married a hyper-rich very old lady who passed away leaving him fabulously wealthy. He travels in England to see the castle he has inherited where he seduces his beautiful British lawyer, Gwyneth, to evaluate whether she is a worthy subject for the SX69 trial. In the fourth, brilliant British newspaper reporter, Elizabeth, is invited to the castle and then brought into the happy love nest and becomes a contented mate. The fifth has him at Oxford University interviewing two girls of color who are business majors.

He chooses one, a tiny virgin East Indian beauty to deflower and join his family and help run his business empire. In the sixth episode, he teaches his deflowered brown beauty about sex. He finds his women are bickering in the English winter and spanks their bums to teach them a lesson. The seventh episode has Edward and the girls off to a tropical sex and nudist resort to relax and get some sun. Two researchers from the disbanded SX69 project team, a geeky Japanese man and a tall black African beauty, join them to observe the effects of the love potion but end up participating. The black lady bonds with her colleague via SX69. The eighth episode has the family still enjoying the delights of the sex resort in a huge orgy-party and the scientists discover the power of the love potion wears off over time. This, Edward decides, is a win-win since it allows for more female subjects to be tested without his harem growing unmanageably large.

The ninth episode has him in New York to visit family and find another subject to dose with SX69. He found a perfect subject in a strikingly beautiful Russian ballet dancer. After dosing her, he accidentally doses his sister and mother.

This episode is the account of the incestuous coupling with his sister.

Edward is having the sex life of a sultan but he always keeps in mind that he is conducting a serious human drug trial for the SX69 potion. His motto is “I have much work ahead of me combining science and pleasure.”

Enjoy this episode of his scientific quest!

Thanks to LarryinSeattle for editing it.

Journal Account of Edward Vitello Regarding the SX69 Drug Trial March 2012

Yesterday quite by accident, my sister Rosa and my mother were dosed with SX69. Sunam and I were in our suite at the hotel. Anastasia was off to her apartment to pack some clothes, her immigration documents and the girly things she will need. She had decided to join our happy family and will not be going back to her former life. I had called my lawyer and he has a team of experts working on her immigration and to clean up any other loose ends. It is very handy being rich.

Mom and Rosa knocked on the door of the suite. I let them in and ordered coffee sent up from room service. When she heard the knock, Sunam darted for the bedroom. She was buck naked as usual, working on the computer. While Sunam was in the bedroom getting decent and I was phoning, I watched as sis and mom went over to the dining room table. They bent over the huge floral arrangement there and smelled the beautiful flowers. Immediately, they slumped back onto the closest chair and were facing straight ahead with their eyes closed. Then it struck me. THAT IS THE SAME ARRANGEMENT WITH THE SX69 DOSE WE USED WITH OUR BALLERINA!

My mind was racing. What do I do? I rushed over. Sunam was coming out of the bedroom. I yelled, “Sunam, my god. My mother and sister have taken a dose of SX69 from these flowers from last night. We have to do something!”

Rosa had slumped facing me and my mother was facing away. All of a sudden my sister shot her eyes open and she locked her gaze on me and went through the bonding cycle like every other woman exposed to the wondrous drug. It was too late. Her eyes shot open and her pupils fluctuated wildly. I was the first male she had seen and that was that. We were bonded. I yelled at Sunam, “Put your hand over my mother’s eyes and lead her into the other bedroom. She cannot lay eyes on me before she sees another man.” Mom looked like she was sleep walking as Sunam led her towards the bedroom. “Lock the door and don’t let her out, no matter what she says.”

Later when my father returned from watching a New York Yankees game, Sunam let him go into the room to see his wife who Sunam said was ‘not feeling well’. They stayed in there for four hours and when they exited, dad had a big shit-ass grin on his face and mom was holding his arm lovingly. I don’t want to imagine what sex play they did in there but my guess is that SX69 will give their marriage a big boost. I will be tracking their progress in the future for another scientific study; SX69 and the elderly.

Now back to what happened with my sister. The next day, I taped an interview with her to have her explain in her own words what she felt during the transformation. By this time, I had told her all about the drug SX69 and its effects. I have found that women are totally at ease talking about their sexuality after being transformed. They lose all inhibitions. I decided to do the same and record all the feelings and internal thoughts I had as well. Honesty on both our parts is necessary for science.

This the transcription of my interview with a subject the day after being dosed with SX69 and bonded to Edward Vitello, her brother.

We are seated at the dining room table of our hotel suite. It is afternoon and we have returned from a pleasant walk in Central Park after which we had a very nice lunch. We are alone. Sunam, my other woman is out on business. She has taken Anastasia, the newest addition to our family with her. We are fully clothed. I am in a shirt and slacks and the subject is in a shoulderless summer dress.


For the record please state your name and age.


My name is Rosa Vitello. I am 34 years old.


My name for the record is Edward Vitello, aged 32 years.

What is your relationship to the man you bonded with?


You are my biological brother.


Please Ms. Vitello, keep this in the third person for the sake of the scientific research.

Now, before your exposure to SX69, how was your relationship? Had you ever had any sexual relations with him?


We were great friends. Very close. You… errr.. I mean HE is a great guy. He even gave me two million dollars when he got rich. As far as sex, no we never actually had sexual intercourse but when we were in our teens we shared a bedroom. His was the first penis I had ever seen. I loved to show off my new, growing breasts so I would let him get a peek at them from time to time. I could hear him jerking off in the night after I did this. This got me incredibly turned on and I would masturbate, too – under the sheets. I was two years older than him and my hormones were in overdrive. Thankfully, our parents bought a bigger house and we each got our own bedroom. I might have jumped his bones if we had stayed in the same room much longer.

After I got a boyfriend and lost my virginity when I was eighteen, my attention was elsewhere but I always had a loving attachment to my brother.


For the record, I will now give my experience as the person who was bonded to. I must wear two hats, one as interviewer and the other as a participant in the SX69 bonding process.

I also had sexual feelings toward my sister growing up. I did not know she was deliberately showing me her breasts but I did eagerly enjoy every time I saw them. All my life, I remembered them as the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.

I will now go to the events of last night. After I saw you and our mother obviously dosed with SX69, I was in a panic. Then I saw your eyes lock on me and your brain bond on me. I knew it was too late. Sunam took our mother and we were alone. You stood up and took my face into your hands and pulled our lips together in a deep, tongue-dancing French kiss. Our lips parted and we went over to the sofa. You stared into my eyes for a solid ten minutes. What were you feeling?


The moment I opened my eyes and looked into yours, I felt a wave of love for you wash over me. It was deeper than my family, sisterly love from before. It was mixed with sensuality, lust and need. You were like a magnet attracting me. My skin just had to touch your skin. I felt I would explode if I did not kiss you. You became the center of my universe. My total focus was, and still is, on your every movement, every look, every gesture. I want and need to please you almost like needing to breathe. As I sat on the sofa looking at you, I could feel my senses become more intense. The air seemed to be cooler, with more oxygen.

When you glanced down at my breasts, I just had to strip off my blouse and show you my breasts. My mind was racing to interpret your slightest gesture and fulfill any desire that I guessed you might have. I almost cried out in joy when you cupped them and started sucking on my nipples.


It is true that as you were sitting staring at me, I knew that you were sexually available to me in any way I wished after the SX69. I quickly got over my concerns about the taboo of incest because we were breaking new ground scientifically. Neither of us could be blamed for the research accident. What was done was done and one should do the best under the circumstances. Science dictated that I follow through.

My mind flashed to my teen years and seeing her naked breasts then. I looked down at her chest and mentally undressed her. She must have picked up on my fantasy because she immediately stripped off her blouse and bra. Her tits were as perfect as I had remembered, a bit bigger perhaps but perfect nonetheless.

After fantasizing all these years about her boobs, I just had to hold them and kiss them. I knew from experience with other SX69 women, that this would now please my sister very much.

What did you do next and why?


I could see from the tent at the front of your pants that you were sexually aroused. I just love sucking cock. All my boyfriends delighted in my abilities. Sometimes when I was between relationships, I would go to a bar and pick up a guy and suck his cock in his car and then go home and use my vibrator to get off. The tent in your pants and what was in there became my fixation. I had a huge need to taste your manhood and run my tongue all over it. I reached down, unzipped your pants and freed it. When I bent over and engulfed it between my lips, it was the best thing I have ever had in my mouth. My pussy was gushing. I was beyond horny, into some super-erotic parallel universe.


When you did that, my mind went from innocent sexual curiosity with your breasts to down and dirty thoughts of fucking. I was shocked and pleasured by how good you were at sucking cock. The way you twirled your tongue over the head of my dick without being asked. Wow, that was first-rate.

At that point I just had to fuck you. I reached over and unzipped the back of your skirt and you immediately jumped up like you were reading my mind and dropped your skirt and panties to the floor. Then you aggressively bent over and undid my belt and literally ripped my pants and underwear off like a woman in heat.

What were you feeling at this point?


Like I said, my mind was tuned into any need you might have. I thought that when you unzipped my skirt, you wanted to mount me and fuck me. Simple. My pussy by that time was in desperate need of your stiff cock, so we were in sync. I didn’t need any foreplay, I WAS in heat. I was totally intent on pleasing you AND my throbbing cunny. I was disappointed that we wasted a few precious seconds with you pulling me into the bedroom and throwing me on the bed. But then when you knelt between my legs and mounted me missionary-style, I almost died of joy.


I was surprised at how natural and comfortable it was to slide my body down on top of yours and feel my penis enter your hot, wet vagina. The smell of you was so familiar. As I looked down at your pretty face, I felt a mixture of brotherly love and a primitive need to thrust my manhood into you. I realized from the look on your face that every movement of my hips was giving you real pleasure. That urged me on and dispelled any guilt I had. You reaching down to my ass-cheeks with both your hands was also a good sign.


The feeling of your cock splitting my pussy and your balls bumping up against my ass became my entire world. It was heaven. I cannot imagine not being with you, Edward. Please take me with you.


Please let’s just concentrate on your feeling last night as the SX69 was first affecting you.


Okay, but thinking about those erotic moments is turning me on again. My mind is getting a little frenzied. Is it all right if I stroke my pussy while we talk? I think it might calm my nerves.


Go ahead. Whatever will help you recall the previous events.

[Interviewers’ note: The subject slumps down on her chair and reaches down and pulls the hem of her summer dress up over her waist. Like other SX69 women, she is not wearing any undergarments. I can see that the lips of her sexual area are very engorged and a bright pink color visible under a thick bush of untrimmed black pubic hair. The red inner lips surrounding her vagina are slick with love juice. She is in obvious sexual heat. She strokes her slit up and down slowly with her left hand as she looks me deep in the eyes.]

Are you feeling more relaxed now?


Yes- very. I am thinking back to last night. The orgasm I had was mind-shattering. Never have I had anything close to that feeling of total sexual release. It was like willingly leaping off a mountain cliff into an unknowable oblivion and then miraculously surviving.

Oh Victor, I see you are looking at my pussy. I hope you like what you see. Ah, I see that little smile on your face. I know what you like – my tits.

[Interviewer’s note: The subject pulls down one side of the top of her dress, baring one breast. The nipple is fully erect. She pinches it and rolls it in her fingers while staring at me with a horny look in her eyes.]


There will be a lot of time for sex later. Let’s complete this interview now for scientific purposes.


Okay, but you have to promise we can fuck as soon as we finish this.


Sure, I promise.

Let’s continue. Last night, Sunam, Anastasia, you and I slept together. This morning when I woke, you and the others were at the end of the bed on all fours waiting for me to mount you. Please tell me what happened in the morning leading up to this while I was sleeping.


Sunam is so wonderful and incredibly sexy. You are so lucky to have her. Anastasia is unbelievably gorgeous. I’m so lucky to be in this group. The other girls in England must be so special too.

I slept so deeply and peacefully with the four of us knotted together. A few times in the night I awoke briefly and felt incredibly safe and secure. The scent of your skin and the aroma of the sperm from our sex play was intoxicating.

Sunam, Anastasia and I woke up about an hour before you. Sunam whispered the story of you and the other women, the rituals you have and the joy she has in being a part of it. While she was telling the story, she ran her fingers through my pubic hair. I had never been touched by a woman but this seemed so natural and good. When she shared her experience at the sex resort orgy, it got the three of us very worked up erotically. She showed how to lock our hips together so that our girlie parts were grinding together. God, it was total bliss and soon we were screaming in orgasms together. I was amazed that we didn’t wake you.

Later when you started to stir, we quickly assumed our positions at the end of the bed. Sunam showed me how to put my chest on the bed so my ass would be high up at the same height as your penis. She said that this also opens the cheeks of my bottom so that you can see my hairy pussy clearly. Sunam says you have given her a morning orgasm in this position every day she has been with you. It calms her and starts her day off right.

[Interviewer’s note: Subject has pulled the other side of her dress top down and now both her breasts are fully exposed. She is pinching her erect nipples and she has a sly, sexy grin on her face.]


When I woke and saw you, Anastasia and Sunam waiting with your beautiful butts high up in total obedience, waiting for a morning fuck, my heart gave a leap of joy. It almost seemed like a dream that you were now in our family. I moved in behind Sunam and slipped my cock into her tight pussy but it was you I could not take my eyes off of. When it only took a few thrusts to send sweet Sunam into a strong orgasm, I knew you girls had been having some sex play while I was sleeping. Anastasia’s pussy was incredible as well and she had her orgasm quicker than her first one the morning before.

Looking down at you when I was fucking my Russian beauty was pure pleasure. To see you waiting patiently with your black hairy beaver and its pink erotic gash open and ready for my cock was almost overwhelming. Sliding in behind your upturned ass was a joy. Your womanly, soft, Italian ass cheeks were a pleasant change from the hard, small tight butts of my other two lovelies. Variety is such a turn-on.

Your vagina is very nice in a different way than the others. It is hot and very wet. My cock slides very easily in and out and the thick matt of pubic hair feels great against my ball sack when I am at the deepest point in your womanhood. Don’t ever shave or even trim that glorious bush. The loose fit of your sweet pussy slowed my orgasm in a good way.

I pulled your upper body up off the bed because I wanted to feel those magnificent breasts of yours. The same breasts I had admired as a young boy. I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing and touching them. I loved the erotic way they swayed as I drove my cock into your pussy.

It was fantastic to hear you urge me to fuck you harder and harder until we finally came in a mind-blowing orgasm together. I never would have believed you had such a dirty mouth but that’s great. I love it, sis, er… I mean Ms. Vitello.


Is it time for sex now? I see the tent in your pants getting VERY big. Are the questions finished? I’m so fucking horny I think I am going to die.


Yes, the interview is over. Let me turn off this tape recorder. [clicking sound]

At this point my sister gave me a world-class blow job while she got herself off with her fingers buried in her hairy beaver. Who would have guessed that my sister had taken BJ’s to an art form. She needed some direction to lick my balls since she hadn’t done that before but she got the knack quickly. I didn’t cum because I wanted to wait until the other girls got home. I wanted to save myself for the incredible hours of sex play when we will explore our bodies and become more familiar with our personal sexual appetites. I must say that it was extremely erotic seeing my sister going down on Sunam and burying her tongue deep in the tiny, brown girl’s hairy pussy. My sister has really unleashed her sexuality.

So this ends my entry into my journal for my epic trip to New York. We have two new members of our happy family. We have scientifically proved that SX69 is effective with females from Russia and also between siblings. I have followed my motto, “I have much work ahead of me combining science and pleasure.”

We are now off to our castle in England to introduce the new girls to the rest of the family. I miss my classy, intelligent British blonde lady, Elizabeth and my dark haired, loyal, young, Mediterranean beauty, Mary.

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