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Young Wife at Club

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Went To the Club to See a Band with Wife and Her Older Brother
We all got the club early. The club was located in one of the bad parts of Detroit. We went to see Hinder. When we got there they were having a Jägermeister night. We all had several bombs and did several shot within the first hour. My wife cannot drink too many before she gets totally wasted.

She wore a zip up shirt and a black bra. The more she dank the lower the zipper on here shirt got. Several times I would slip my hand over her tits and unzip the jacket a little more. Soon I was rubbing her tits over her bra and started to pull the bra up until both of here tits were in full view.

Her older brother was watching me and tells me he has always loved to look at her tits. He tells me he used to watch her in the shower. He says he had a hole in the wall that look right into the shower. He say he also used to read her stores before bed and that when she would fall asleep he would pull her top up and look at her tits. He tells me they were not as big as they are now but he would still jack off into her used panties while looking at them.

I ask him if he would like to feel them now. So he moves over and runs his hand over one of her tits and then the other. He takes his time and pulls and twist her nipples. The band starts and he heads out to watch them.

She was totally passed out so I asked one of the door guys help me take my wife to the car. I took her feet and he had is arms around her from the back. As we were walking he started to hold on to her tits and rubbing her nipple. I asked him how they felt and he told me the best he has had in a long time.

Once we got here in the car the guy ask if I mind if he take a pic of her. I tell him go ahead and he take a few picks her tits. I tell him to hand me the phone and I would take one of him playing with her tits. So he gets done and sucks her left tit into his mouth and is pinching her right nipple. I take the pic and he headed back in.

I set her up in the passenger seat with her shirt open and her tits out for anyone to see. I left the door open so the lights were on in the car and then step away and acted like I was on the phone and not watching her. Five of six people passed by the car during the time we were there. The second guy noticed her and at first moved up close to the car and asked her something. When she did not answer he tugs on her shoulder to see if she would wake up. When she did not move he moved his hand down to her tits and started to rub her nipples.

After a few minute he left and I thought that was the end of it. A few minutes later he came back with a couple. He then showed them what he was doing. Then the other guy moved in and starts to play with her tits also. Both of the guys were laughing and start to pull on the girl to get her over to the car. Finally she moved over next to my wife and put both her hands on my wife’s tits and played with her nipple. I could hear one of the guys tell her to suck on them. So she leans down and take my wife right nipple into her mouth and continues to rub her other tit. As she is doing that one of the guys pulled out his phone and starts to take pictures of her sucking my wife nipple.

The girl stands up and moves away from her. The first guy pulls his dick out and sticks it in my wife mouth. He starts to move her head back and forth so that his cock is slipping in and out of her mouth. At this point I start to think I should end this before we got too much attention. So I start talking loader and saying yes she is totally passed out and I am taking here home now and I would be there shortly. I said this loud enough that they notice I was moving closer to the car. The guy pulls his cock out of her mouth and starts to jack off as fast as he can. I can see what I think is him cumming on her face. At that all three of them moved off. When I reach the car I can see his sperm on her face. It is on her checks and across her noise and eye. I can see some of it in her mouth. I then closed the door and drove the whole way home with her tits out for anyone to see and the guys cum drying on her face.

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