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Young People Today

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“Maggie – please don’t,” Oliver Taylor said as he took the last step backwards before he was up against the wall of the guest room of his daughter’s house, and as he looked into the eyes of his daughter’s only child all he could think of is what his late wife had often said.

“Young people today,” Agatha would often say, shaking her head and going tsk-tsk when confronted by the actions of the latest generation, and while Oliver was more tolerant of the changing times, he knew what she had meant.

But this? Who would have ever expected things to come to this? Oliver certainly hadn’t, not when he had taken his daughter Connie up on her offer to spend the summer at her home. The way she explained it to him, it was perfect, because not only would she not have to worry about him being alone in that big house of his, it was also a great way for him to spend time with his family.

Daughter Connie had also mentioned that he could also help her keep an eye on her daughter Maggie, who she had said “could be quite a handful at times”.

Oliver wondered if his daughter knew how right she had been, because she might have known that Maggie had a dirty mouth and dressed in clothes way too revealing for an 18 year old to wear, but Oliver was certain that she had no idea how wild she really was.

Maggie had been waiting for him when he got out of the shower that morning, and had followed him right into his bedroom, where her lewd comments and provocative behavior had reached new depths.

“Relax, Grandpa,” Maggie said as she looked into his eyes, and it was another sign of how things had changed that Oliver’s granddaughter was about the same height as his 5’7″. “We’re just playing.”

“Please,” Oliver pleaded as he felt his granddaughter’s hand between his legs.

Having parted the opening of the bathrobe, Maggie was fumbling with the damp towel around his mid-section, and then had simply tugged it down and was now having her way with him.

“Got a little one, huh Grandpa?” Maggie giggled as she grabbed his limp manhood and began to pull on it. “That’s okay. I don’t mind. Sure is rubbery.”

“You’re touching my privates! What if…”

“She won’t be back for a couple more hours,” Maggie said as she yanked on his cock, and then giggled again when she let go of his member and reached lower. “Ooh. Big balls, Grandpa. You like this?”

Oliver groaned as his granddaughter’s hand began to squeeze and twist the low-hanging sac, and when she saw his reaction her hand grew even more animated.

“Can you still get it up, Grandpa?” Maggie asked. “You take Viagra?”

“No,” Oliver said.

“No you can’t get hard, or no Viagra?” Maggie asked.

“Your Grandma is gone – why would I take something?” Oliver gasped as Maggie’s hand went back to his manhood and started to yank away.

“Still want to get laid though, don’t you? You do like what I’m doing to your cock, Grandpa,” Maggie said as she felt his organ began to respond. “Want to see my tits? You’ve spent enough time staring at them since you got here.”

Oliver shook his head no, and was tempted to say that she was the one giving him enough peeks over the last 24 hours to last a lifetime, but she was already yanking her t-shirt over her head, and after throwing it aside reached down and grabbed her grandfather’s hands and put them on her cantaloupe-sized breasts, which hadn’t been shielded by a brassiere for a second since he had arrived.

“You do like my tits, don’t you Grandpa?” Maggie said as she helped the old weathered hands knead the firm globes, and she cackled after she noticed that her grandfather’s hand were soon playing with her breasts on their own, her plump nipples throbbing and firm. “Thought you would – hey – your cock’s getting hard.”

They both looked down as Maggie’s hand stroking what had become a long slender prong, and Oliver shook his head and tried to pull away, but couldn’t. It wasn’t because the senior citizen was being overpowered because he wasn’t, it was because it felt so good.

“Want to see my pussy, Grandpa?” Maggie was asking. “Here – stroke your cock while I get these off. Keep it hard.”

“There – like my pussy, Grandpa?” Maggie was saying after yanking her panties.

“It’s – it doesn’t have any hair around it,” Oliver stammered as she looked at the smooth mound his granddaughter was rubbing, and then Maggie was grabbing his free hand and bringing it down between her legs.

“You like it like this, Grandpa?” Maggie cackled. “Feel how smooth it is? We just shaved each other – Kelly and me – remember the redhead that I was talking with outside before? We like to shave each others pussies – gets us hot. Bet you would have liked to watch that. Wanna know what we do afterward?”


“Feel how wet I am, Grandpa?” Maggie moaned. “My cunt is fucking dripping. Really need it, Grandpa. Need it now!”

Oliver was being dragged over to the bed by his granddaughter, who had his cock in her fist and was pulling him along. After the backs of her legs hit the guest bed she fell backwards, pulling Oliver on top of her, and although it was her hand that put his cock into the snug fold, he did not fight it.

“Shut up!” Oliver cried out after Maggie kept telling him how good it was in the most vulgar terms, and then he was holding Maggie’s wrists down while thrusting hard into her. “Shut up you little slut.”

“That’s it!” Maggie howled. “Fuck your little slut! Stick that long dick of yours into my tight little hairless cunt. Fuck your little granddaughter. Fuck me like you’ve probably wanted to do for years!”

“Shut up!” Oliver yelled as the bed began slamming into the wall. “Shut up!”

“Cumming!” Maggie shrieked, her body bucking and her body contorting under her grandfather’s now frantic humping.

The slapping sounds of Oliver’s body crashing into his granddaughter were overwhelmed by Maggie’s screaming as she came, and when her pussy clamped down around his cock he came too, spurting his seed deep into his granddaughter’s womb.

“I’m sorry,” Oliver whimpered when he looked down on his granddaughter, his sweat dripping down on her, and he let go of the wrists that he had held down so savagely that they were red and her fingers almost blue as a result.

“It’s okay, Grandpa,” Maggie was saying after Oliver’s cock went limp and slithered out of her pussy and he was sobbing onto top of her. “I wanted it. I wanted it like you did, and you were fucking awesome.”

Oliver slid off of Maggie, his back aching and the legs screaming at him after a couple of minutes of exercise he hadn’t experienced in years, but nothing hurt like the guilt he felt.

“Wasn’t he good?” Maggie said, but Oliver saw she wasn’t looking at him while she spoke.

“That was so fucking hot I can’t believe it!” came a voice from behind him, and after he turned around and saw the redheaded friend of Maggie’s coming out of the closet where she had apparently been watching from, he covered himself as he slid backwards toward the headboard.

“Short but super sweet and hot!,” the redhead was saying as she emerged from hiding. “Relax, Mr. Taylor. Too late to hide it. I already saw your cock. Felt bad at first when I saw it was just a little stub, but his cock got pretty long after he got it up, didn’t it Maggie?”

“Plenty long enough,” Maggie giggled.

“He shot a fucking load too!” Kelly said as she looked at the milky seed oozing out of her friends pussy. “Mind if I…”

“Go for it girlfriend,” Maggie cackled as she spread her thighs wide while Kelly approached the bed.

“Stick around Grandpa,” Maggie said after Oliver yanked his wrist out of his granddaughter’s grip. “Take Kelly’s clothes off for her. You’ll love her titties. They’re little but really perky!”

“No!” Oliver said as he scrambled off the bed, covering his privates with his hands as he looked in horror at the scene going on in his bed, and when his back hit the wall he started sliding over toward the door. “Don’t do this. I’m supposed to be watching you.”

“You are, Grandpa,” Maggie giggled as she yanked Kelly’s t-shirt off of her friend before pushing her face down into her sex. “Want you to keep watching.”

“No!” Oliver said as he kept backing towards the door, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of the pale freckled back of Maggie’s friend as he buried her face in the messy spunk filled opening that he was responsible for.

“Oh yeah!” Maggie groaned as Oliver got to the doorway. “Eat my cunt girlfriend!”

“He’s still there,” Maggie gasped down toward her friend, who was busy lapping her pussy frantically, and gave her friend a running commentary as she watched her grandfather frozen in the doorway.

“Still watching… yeah… he’s there… he’s pulling on his cock now.. watching… still watching… fuck… he’s getting hard again… coming back…”

Oliver couldn’t believe what he was doing, staggering over to the bed hypnotized by the sight of his granddaughter and her little friend whose face was buried between her legs.

Maggie had been right, Oliver thought as he knelt on the bed beside the redhead and brought his hands up under the skinny girl, his fingers sliding through her wet and silky smooth armpits before grabbing her breasts.

The redhead’s breasts were small, the little cones not even filling his hands, but they were perky, just like Maggie had said. Maggie had been right about something else, Oliver noticed.

His cock was getting hard, and while he dragged it along the freckles on Kelly’s back as he leaned forward to get a better look as his granddaughter’s pussy being eaten, he felt it getting harder.

Agatha had been right about young people today, Oliver concluded, and he was a little glad that poor Agatha hadn’t lived long enough to see just how decadent they actually had become these days.


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