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Young Jason Experiences Rhonda

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Alright, so I last told you about Becky in Young Jason’s Experiences. Becky had received a call from her friend Rhonda when we were together, and that planted the idea in my head that Becky would have some friends possibly as gorgeous as herself.

After Becky and I parted ways, I felt so satisfied and I just hoped that she felt the same way. We both agreed that we would have to get together again, and the thought that she had enough fun to want more in the future made me feel great.

My schedule got pretty busy for me in the next few weeks, and I wasn’t able to get time to myself on the weekends, which was when Becky said she was available. On one of these weekends, I called Becky and had a little conversation with her despite the fact that we wouldn’t be able to get together.

“Do you have hot friends?” I asked kind of out of the blue.

“Oh of course. We call ourselves the Single Moms Club.”

“Do any of them like younger guys?” I asked, hoping against hope that she would hook me up with her friends.

“Oh, they think I’m absolutely insane for what I did with you.”

“You told them about me?”

“Yeah. They think it’s funny, but crazy. You have to remember that we’re all in our 40s. Rhonda thinks it’s fabulous, though.”

“What does Rhonda look like?”

“Oh, she’s darling. She’s blonde, short . . . just a doll.”

I was getting excited having this gorgeous mom describing her friend to me. This friend was supportive of what Becky and I did a few weeks before, and my mind started to race through the possibilities.

“So does she like younger guys, then?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll ask her next time it comes up. Do you want to meet her?”

“Sure. If what you’re saying about her is right, then definitely. Would you be there if I met her?”

“Oh no,” she said with a little laugh.

I was disappointed to hear that, but my heart didn’t sink like I thought it would.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Oh I’ve been there and done that. Those days are long, long behind me, but I think it’d be great if you met her if she’s for it. That’s fine, but I won’t be there.”

Our conversation went on for a little bit longer before she had to get going. She added one quick thing before she left. “Well, I’ll give you a call when I’m available and we’ll set something up. Let’s do that again.” She said the last part with a little sinister laugh and it turned me on. She was telling me that she did not want our fucking days to be over.

I had my answer now. Becky did not want to get together with both me and Rhonda, but she was totally fine with us getting together. On top of that, she wanted to continue having sex with me whenever we both had free time. All in all, it’s not a bad situation for me to be in, right?

Days later, I was watching TV when my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t recognize, but I answered anyway.

“Is this Jason?” a sexy woman’s voice said. True, just about any woman’s voice is sexy to me, but this one was definitely hot.

“Yes it is.” I said

“Hi Jason, this is Rhonda. I’m Becky’s friend.”

I was instantly turned on. She was calling me. “Hey Rhonda. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m good. I hear you give great massages.” She said with a big laugh.

“Well I like to give them. It actually relaxes me, you know what I mean? Did you want a massage?” I said with a little laugh of my own, trying to sound like I was semi-joking just in case she didn’t want to get one.

“Really? You wouldn’t mind? I mean, you wouldn’t mind hanging out with someone twice your age? I know you spent time with Becky so I should believe it but it’s just tough to understand why you’d want to hang out with an old mom like me.”

“Moms are great. I don’t know.”

At this point, there was actually a little bit of doubt in my mind. I don’t like arrogant women who know they’re gorgeous, but the way Rhonda was talking made me think she might not be that hot. A really gorgeous woman wouldn’t be surprised to find that a horny young guy would want to spend time with her. Then I decided that I was really happy with the way Rhonda was talking. She didn’t sound like the kind of woman who knows that anyone would sleep with her. She sounded like she would be the type of mom that would be thankful for getting attention from a younger man. Then I thought of how incredibly hot Becky is. If Becky said that Rhonda is “darling” then she probably is.

“Well, if you’re serious about that, then yeah, I’d love a massage. When are you free?”

“I’m not doing anything now. Are you busy?”

“No, actually. I’m just sitting at home. My son is with his dad, so I’m kind of bored.”

“So you’re saying that now is massage time, huh?” I suggestively said with a laugh.

“Sure. You want to come over?”

“Yeah, that’d be fine.”

She told me how to get to her place which was about 20 – 30 minutes from my place, so I took a quick shower and headed out the door.

My heart had been pounding throughout the conversation with Rhonda and ever since. Time could not pass quickly enough for me, and I was ecstatic when I finally pulled up to the house that her directions led me to.

It was that somewhat familiar mixture of nerves and excitement that was coursing through me as I walked up to her front door. I had been happy to see that I was driving through a very nice suburban neighborhood on my way to her place, and her house looked very, very nice.

I rang the doorbell. The moment of truth for me had arrived. I was now about to see the woman I had been trying to picture ever since I heard about her from Becky. I heard her pad up to the door and saw the door open a little bit when she poked her head out from behind the door like I so often see moms do. My thoughts slowed to a standstill. I just looked at her as she looked into my eyes with such a soft look that it put me at ease.

“Hi Jason.” She said with a huge smile on her face and with a little laugh.

She maintained that pose for not even a split second before she straightened up and opened the door all the way, putting her entire body in full sight. I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe how I felt about her appearance. I felt amazed, breath-taken, and transfixed.

She was short, probably 5’2″ or 5’3″, and that immediately turned me on. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail, and her face was GORGEOUS. She did not look old, but rather aged to perfection. She was 44 and she had a wonderful mature beauty. I forced myself to remember that she wanted me to come over to her house knowing full well what I had done with her best friend a couple weeks before. With this in mind, I didn’t know what to focus my attention on. She was wearing a tight little yellow shirt, and not knowing much about clothes and such, I don’t really know how to describe it other than to say that it’s a typical woman’s shirt. It had little sleeves that only went a short way down her upper arms. I could tell that she was in shape. Her arms looked tight and I could not see any stomach pushing up against her shirt above her waist which I so often see with women her age.

Of course, she could have had a sizeable pouch that wouldn’t have been detectable to me at all because her gorgeous boobs were pushing her shirt way out into the air in front of her. I was entranced. She must have been a D or DD cup. Oh my goodness, I was salivating.

The pants that she was wearing were perfect. She was wearing those very thin cottony Capri-type pants. They tightly hugged her hips and ass and loosely fell down the rest of her legs to where they stopped, mid-way down her calves. They were white, and looked so hot right underneath her yellow shirt. The white was made even brighter by her very tan skin. Her legs looked very shapely from what I could see and her feet looked so sexy to me. They really popped because her toes were painted with a darker color. I think it was purple, but maybe it was blue. I’m pretty bad with colors.

Her whole look said that this was a woman who wore trendy clothes. She was a mom who dressed with the times. Even her around-the-house clothes were sexy and fashionable.

Now all this took about a second, and I was pulled into reality when I heard her say, “Come in. Do you want something to drink?”

“No. That’s alright. Thanks, though.”

As I stepped into the entryway, I quickly took in the house. It was wonderful. It looked very large, new, and wide open.

“Well, sit on the couch or look around. Make yourself at home. I’m watching the news right now, but you can turn it to whatever you want.”

I said nothing because I was made speechless by the sight before me. Rhonda had turned around, and I saw her perfect form from the other side. The pants were stretched across her full ass and it was tucked into it a little bit at the bottom. Her legs looked so tan and sexy, I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

“You are cute aren’t you?” she said with a nice, comforting laugh. I was in orbit. I had lost all touch with the real world. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch after setting my jacket on a nearby chair. She had veered into the kitchen and I regrettably broke my gaze.

She returned with a glass of water and started to speak as she set it on the coffee table in front of the couch. “You sure you don’t mind hanging out with a mom? It’s just hard to figure out, but I guess I shouldn’t argue with it, huh?”

“Why would I mind? What kind of massage did you want anyway? I’ll give you a foot rub if you want to start there.”

“You know what a woman wants, Jason. I can’t believe you want to do this.”

“Maybe there’s a cool movie on TV or something.” I said as she had sat down on the couch and swung her feet up towards me.

“I’ll look for something.” She said

Her feet came to rest right next to my lap, and I slightly pulled on one until she got the point to move a little closer so they would rest in my lap. The thing that I loved about this whole situation is that we had not mentioned a single thing about sex, so there was still a feeling of uncertainty about it, which was so exciting. I had only been in her house for a few minutes, but I could not imagine waiting long before getting some kind of stimulation. I was so hard that it hurt in my jeans, and I wasn’t afraid of her seeing or feeling it.

I let her foot press softly against my cock, which I had laying down to the right in my pants, while I rubbed her other one.

“Wow, you do have a touch for this. That feels great.”

“Thanks” was all I could say.

“You’re going to have to let me pay you for this, Jason”

“Oh, don’t be crazy. I love this, it’s relaxing.”

I continued to rub her feet for several minutes, and I was loving the feeling of expectation. I would switch from one foot to the other after a little bit to keep things even, and when I was making one of these switches, I sort of pushed her foot into my raging erection. I did it ever so slightly, and I was sure she could feel it because she very gently pushed in a little bit against my stiffness. I then lifted her leg up slightly and started rubbing her leg. “Hmmm. How high up should I go?” I said boldly, surprising myself.

A little sensual moan escaped her lips and she said, “As far as you want, baby.” Then, she laughed at her own flirtation in a satisfied way. Right then, she wiggled her foot against my erection. “I guess you do enjoy this.” She said with another laugh. “I suppose I should massage you while you massage me. I won’t feel so bad, then.”

With that, she started slowly but forcefully rubbing her foot back and forth along the length of my erection. “You’re pants are getting in the way though. It’s making it tough for me.” She sounded completely genuine and slightly different. Her head sort of popped up from its rested positing and when I looked at her, I saw the new look in her eyes. She had that glazed over look of horniness. She propped herself up on her elbows and continued to rub my groin as she looked directly at what she was doing.

“Well, I don’t want to add stress to the situation. I’m here to relieve stress.” I said.

“Your pants are stressing me out.” She said as she sat all the way up and reached for my belt buckle.

I leaned slightly back while her hands shot in and quickly undid my belt, button, and zipper. She then reached her hand into my pants and rubbed my erection through my boxers. She was staring intently at what she was doing when I, out of personal need, started pulling her shirt up over her head. She quickly lifted her arms and slid back out of her shirt and went right back to rubbing me through my boxers. She had a great rack of boobs held back by her lacy bra. I reached around and unhooked it quickly, and she straightened her arms in front of her as I pulled the straps off. They had sprung to life before me, and I took in the wonderful sight as I leaned into her and pushed my left hand into one globe and landed my mouth on the other.

I quickly learned that she had sensitive nipples because she gasped as I started playing with her surprisingly well lifted boobs. My tongue flicking on her nipple was forcing her to shake and twitch with little yelps.

She ran her hands through my hair and around my head as I licked her boobs, pressing herself into my face. A few moments later, she started to get up and she tugged on my jeans as she did so. She pulled them off my legs and came back for my boxers when I quickly and easily slid her thin pants off her body. She stepped out of them as she pulled my boxers off me and immediately started to push her tiny white thong to the floor.

I started to move more upright to get at her amazing body when she pushed me back against the couch and dropped to her knees. She held my cock in her hand and gave it gentle squeezes as she licked my balls. Then she licked up my shaft and lowered her lips onto it, slowly taking it into her mouth. She started to bob her head up and down as I just watched what was happening. Her mouth felt great, and I could tell that the hardness of my cock turned her on. She held onto the length of my shaft and sloppily licked the head, swirling her tongue around, letting a mixture of saliva and precum fall down the length of my cock. This wet blowjob felt amazing. I embraced her head with my hand, holding her neck and rubbing her cheek. It had started to get loud, and the sounds were driving me wild. The wet sucking was punctuated with a loud pop when she would sometimes pull her mouth up and off of my cock before devouring it again.

“Rhonda, that’s incredible.” I said slowly, intoxicated with horniness.

This mom had been completely taken over. She was turning into a fiend before my eyes. She lifted her mouth off of my cock and a thick bead of our moisture stretched between her lips and my cock. She lifted herself up slowly, tonguing my stomach and chest, giving small kisses along the way. She pulled herself up and slid each knee onto either side of my body as she started to kiss my neck. I lowered my head, trying to get to her wonderful chest. She compensated and straightened her back, pushing her big boobs into my face. As I did this, she reached for my cock, which was standing straight up, and pushed it towards her waiting wetness. She put her lips on my ear and whispered, “I need to put this inside me.”

I firmly grasped her ass in support of what she just said.

“I just need to fuck you, you know?” She whimpered, almost apologetically.

“I think I need it more.” I said, barely getting the words out before she slid down onto my cock.

Loud moans escaped us both as she sat down fully on my shaft.

“God. You’re my son’s age and you’re fully inside me, and I couldn’t be happier.” She said in a horny voice. “What the hell is wrong with me?” she asked with a little laugh. Before I could answer her, she pulled herself back up along my shaft and dropped back down, bringing loud groans from both of us.

What she just said to me combined with the sensation of having her hot wetness swallow my cock drove me to the edge, but somehow I held back. I couldn’t stand thinking about how amazing she looked when she answered the door and how great it was to see that same woman sitting on my cock, beginning to ride me. I had to focus all my attention, for the time being, on what I was hearing from the TV. I used all my brain power to visualize what I was hearing.

Within a few seconds, I had regained my composure, and I could focus on what was happening. Now she was steadily going up and down, fucking herself on my pole, so I started to fuck back. Now that I had myself under control, I could enjoy her body and take everything in. I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me as I rocked my pelvis forward, meeting her pussy. My entire groin was soaked with all of our juices, and it felt wonderful. I put my hands on her hips, and helped her up and down as we fucked each other faster and faster. I lowered my head slightly and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it as I continued to bounce her up and down.

She had been moaning loudly and I couldn’t prevent grunts of enjoyment from escaping me. The noise I made helped the pleasure pass through my body so that it wouldn’t pile up and force a release . . . or at least I told myself that, and it seemed to work. “We should do this more often.” I said, drawing a little yelp from her.

“Can I fuck you tomorrow?” She asked, playfully.

I couldn’t believe the way she was acting. She seemed so proper when I first came over, and now she was saying and doing such dirty things. The whole experience was overwhelming. I took my fucking to the next level and we were going at the max when her moaning became yelling. Her pleasure seemed to escalate rapidly, and I could tell she was going to cum. I wanted her to so bad, so I said, “There you go. Come on.”

“I’m cumming.” She yelled unsteadily.

Her yelling reached a climax and so did she. We rocked our bodies against each other as she came down from her orgasm and her yells turned into gasps and sighs. She slowly ground her pussy down onto my cock, moving slightly back and forth as she said, “How do you want to fuck me now?”

“I will do it any way you want. I just want you to cum again, that was so hot.”

“Let’s get down on the floor. You can have me from behind. If that’s okay.”

“That’s perfect.” I said as she pulled her soaking wet pussy off and stood up. She grabbed my cock and pulled on it as I sat up. She kept it in her grasp as we moved around the coffee table to an open spot in the room. She was facing away from me and she was about to get down on all fours when I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me, pressing my cock into her ass. I moved my hands up to her boobs as she leaned forward out of pure desire and pressed my cock into her pussy. I started thrusting in and out right there as she put her hands on her knees and enjoyed the fucking.

“Okay, sorry. I just couldn’t wait.” I said as I pulled out of her and got to my knees while she did the same.

“That’s so hot.” She said as she put her hands on the floor.

I positioned myself right behind her and thrust myself into her again. We immediately reached a fast fucking pace as her enjoyment seemed to escalate again. “Please cum again.” I said as I continued to fuck her hard, catching a glimpse of her in a mirrored cabinet or something that was at our level. Her boobs were wildly flopping around under her and the imagery was breathtaking.

“I can’t help it.” She yelled as she started to scream even louder than before. She came with such intensity that I was doing my very, very best to hold back. She came and started to relax slightly as she continued to rock solidly against my body. I definitely did not want to stop my sexual rendezvous with Rhonda, but I needed to cum. I was so looking forward to impressing her with the amount of cum I was prepared to unload. It seems that we were on the same line of thinking because the next thing she said was perfect, like everything else she had been saying. “I need you to cum, Jason. I can’t wait for you to cum all over me.” She pulled herself off my cock and turned around, lying down on the floor. It was such a turn on for me being asked to cum all over her.

I knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted me to fuck her while she lied there on her back until I needed to cum. I lowered my cock to meet her pussy once again, and I started to pump it wildly as we both started to scream. It took almost nothing to get me to cum now that I knew she wanted me to. I started to feel the rumblings from deep within me, and I did not fight it. I brought myself to the point of no return, and I pulled my cock out of her. I straightened myself out and pumped my cock until cum shot out of me with incredible force. The first amazing jet launched far beyond her head, and almost nothing landed on her. I compensated, and pointed my cock down so it was pointing straight at her face, and the next one shot straight out and hit her under her left eye, covering the left side of her face with my cum. The next few jets of cum covered her face, neck and boobs and the last few dropped down onto her stomach.

I saw cum had landed everywhere. Her face was covered. Her boobs were glazed with it, and thick puddles had collected on her stomach.

“OH . . . MY . . . GOD.” She said, accentuating each word. “I . . . have never . . . experienced something like that. It’s like a garden hose . . . that was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed.”

Before she could say anything else, I felt the need to explain how hot she was for me. “No, you are the hottest thing that I have ever witnessed. From the moment I first saw you, I thought that you were too sexy for words. What you were wearing was driving me crazy, and seeing your naked body move against mine was . . . amazing. And now . . . seeing your body covered in cum . . . I don’t have words for it.”

“Mmm. You are good. This is good. What are you doing tomorrow?” She said with a laugh.

“You really want to see me again?”

“Of course I do. Why should we say no to more of this in the future?”

“Perfect.” I said with satisfaction.

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