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Young, Gifted And Wrapped!

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I suppose you could say it all started just before I reached my 40th birthday. I knew that I still felt the same inside as I did in my early 20’s, but now needed to prove it to myself, and the world!

I had recently called time on my marriage to a man who had constantly belittled me, refused to let me wear make-up, lose my baby weight, or wear fashionable clothes and worst of all had tried to cut me off from all my friends and family.

My kids were all growing up with two of them having left home and the other two off doing their own stuff.

I had always been so full of fun and zest before I got married and my teens had been spent experiencing all that life and sex had to offer! I was now determined to make the most of my newfound singleness. New independence; new life! How I would achieve this was another matter.

Despite doing well at school and achieving some good A-levels, I had never had the opportunity to go into higher education when I left school and had always dreamed of returning to study. I had half-heartedly looked into various courses, but nothing had really inspired me and anyway, I lacked the confidence to take it any further. My best and only remaining friend Annie, who worked at the local Uni, tried her best to encourage me.

“Go on Josie”, she’d say

“You’ve got such a good brain in that head of yours, you’ve always been interested in the law, why don’t you come and study for a law degree? There’s an open day at the Uni in a couple of weeks. Come on, just have a look, what have you got to lose?”

“Only about 2 stone,” I replied blinking back tears.

“Just look at me Annie, I’m a mess, I’ll be laughed off Campus!”

“Don’t be so ridiculous” said Annie

“You’re really attractive, you’ve just been led to believe you’re not by that fool of an ex-husband of yours! Not that you really need it, but its nothing a little make-over wouldn’t fix, more to boost your confidence than anything. You’re not even that much overweight; the right clothes and you’ll look great!”

I was unconvinced, but with Annie’s constant nagging, I agreed to go to the open day, on the condition that she came shopping with me first and advised me on hair, make-up and what to wear!

So, there I was, 3 months later, completely made-over with a new hair-style, contact lenses, carefully applied make-up and fashionable clothes, ready for my first day at Uni. However, I still felt an element of trepidation as I walked onto Campus that first morning. What was I doing here at my age? I couldn’t help but feel out of place, looking round at all the pretty young girls.

Before long though, I found there were quite a few mature students, just like myself. I also still had Annie close to hand and we would meet regularly for lunch.

The first semester flew by, but despite making friends within the older age group, I felt much more drawn to the younger students as they seemed to be having a lot more fun and were so full of life. Many of them would chat to me between lectures and seminars.

“Why don’t you come out with us one night?” some of the girls would say

“You look really fantastic for your age, it’ll be great!”

I would always turn them down on the pretext I had to get home to the family, or had too much studying to do. Despite feeling so much more confident than I had in years, I still didn’t feel quite ready to go out clubbing! Annie would laugh at me.

“For God’s sake Josie, get out there and have some fun. You’ll really enjoy mixing with some younger people!”

Admittedly, I had always related well to younger people, often helping my kids’ friends with their problems and they all looked upon me as a cool mum. In the past, my eldest son’s friends would often sit and chat with me, and although I always kept it strictly under control, I cannot lie and say I wasn’t flattered by the attention! Even though I knew they couldn’t possibly see me in any other way than their mate’s mum, especially looking as frumpy I did, I couldn’t help but allow some very naughty thoughts to enter my head!

Now, I couldn’t help but notice that there were quite a few very good-looking male students about and I would feel quite an ache in my pussy; something that I hadn’t experienced for a very long time. Annie, who had always dated younger men, thought it was hilarious. She said I was just like a kid in a sweet shop with all the young guys to lust after!

My favourite was Jake, a 20 year-old student who was taking the same modules as me. He was gorgeous; slim and muscular with lovely shoulder length fair wavy hair and designer stubble and the loveliest blue eyes.

I would sit in seminars finding it extremely hard to concentrate. Several times he had sat next to me and I would feel a hotness come over me as his leg brushed against mine then I would be fidgeting in my seat, as the throbbing in my pussy became unbearable. Often he would just stop me and say hi, or talk to me about work, asking me how I was getting on and what I did in my spare time.

After I had seen him, I would have to go into the Ladies and play with myself, leaning back against the pedestal and rubbing my clit while slipping a finger into my very wet pussy as I imagined all the things I would do with him if ever I got my hands on him. I would have to keep my orgasm quiet as others entered the Ladies. Once I was in there so long that one of the girls knocked on the door to see if I was all right!

In spite of feeling so sexy again and eager for passion, I still felt a bit apprehensive, as I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. Best to keep my toy-boy fantasies to myself!

The day before my 40th birthday, which happened to be the last day of term, I had some essay deadlines to meet. I joined the queue in the Faculty office to hand in my work when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Jake. I felt my heart skip and the now familiar surge in my pussy.

“Hi Josie” he said “How’s it going?”

My mouth was dry as I answered him “Fine thanks. Just got these done in time.”

“Just the long contract assessment to do over the holidays then.” He laughed. Do you feel ready for that?”

I wanted to say “no, but I’m ready to suck your cock dry and for you to fuck my brains out!” but instead just smiled weakly and shook my head.

“Not really, I’m finding it a bit hard to get to grips with some of the concepts of contract”

“Well let me know if you want to get together and go over it then, it’ll help to brain-storm. What are you doing tomorrow later this afternoon?”

“Nothing” I said, “Nothing at all”

The opportunity to spend time with this beautiful young guy was something I wasn’t going to pass on, even though I was sure it was entirely innocent on his part. I would just have to play out my fantasies alone afterwards, with just my hands and my vibrator for company!

We fixed up to meet at 5pm that afternoon.

I was almost sick with anticipation before meeting Jake in one of the campus coffee shops, even though it was only to study.

“Hi there, you look great,” he said as he greeted me and I felt myself blush, trying not to look too pleased, as I was certain he was just being polite. We went through some of the work, but then a crowd of students came in laughing loudly and making a lot of noise.

“Shall we go somewhere quieter?” he asked, gathering up his books.

“Ok, how about one of the study rooms in the library?” I suggested.

“I was…er..thinking maybe you’d like to come over to my place,” he said “All my housemates will be out and we can concentrate better. That’s if you don’t mind of course”

I did think about declining, as I thought being totally alone with him might just drive me insane with lust and I would end up making a complete fool of myself by having to either go into the bathroom to pleasure myself, or else just make a hurried excuse and leave. As it was the mere thought just made me tingle all over and I could feel my nipples harden and a wetness between my legs.

I was sure the poor boy would run a mile if he knew what I was thinking. What on earth would a gorgeous young stud like him want with a middle aged woman like me, with all my wobbly bits and stretch marks, when he could have his pick of any young, slim girl he wanted?

“Ok then, ” I said at last

“Only for a while though. I have stuff to do later”

This was a lie, as truthfully, I didn’t have anything to do, or to get home for afterwards, as my two remaining teenage children were away on holiday with their Dad for 2 weeks.

We got to his place and he showed me into the living room, which seemed amazingly tidy for a student house.

“Can I get you a drink?” Jake asked “Tea? Coffee? Wine?”

“Better not have any wine just yet,” I laughed “I won’t be able to concentrate!”

We settled for tea and were soon in deep discussion about some cases. I felt myself relax. I still couldn’t help wanting to rip Jake’s clothes off, but managed to keep myself under control as I was sure my feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated. Somehow though, I got the feeling that Jake was getting closer and closer to me as we thrashed out the finer points of contract. I felt myself getting warmer and warmer as he leaned right in to me. But he suddenly got up.

“How about that wine now?” he asked

I tried to compose myself. “Well, I really ought to go soon, but, ok, just a small glass then.”

He returned moments later with a bottle of white and 2 glasses.

“It’s only cheap stuff I’m afraid, but it’s not bad” He poured it out.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what made you return to study at your age?”

“I’m sure you don’t want me to bore you with all that,” I said, takng a large glug of wine. Alcohol always effects me pretty quickly and I felt the warm heady rush as it hit me.

“I do,” he said

“I really do, I think you’re great and I’d love to get to know a bit more about you.”

I blushed again, partly because of the wine and partly because of the compliment.

I took a deep breath and then told him all about wanting to start a new life following my divorce. He seemed genuinely interested, and I didn’t object when he poured me another, larger glass of wine.

“And are you glad you came to Uni?” he asked, topping up his own glass.

“Yes, it’s great,” I said. “I love the mix of ages here.”

“Well, I’m glad you came here, too” He said

“I don’t think you realise it, but I’ve been watching you since you arrived. Why do you think I try and sit next to you if I can and always stop and talk to you? I think you’re the most beautiful and fascinating woman I’ve ever met. So much better than most of the boring young girls around here.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and wanted to pinch myself. I knocked back my wine and went to stand up, my legs almost giving way under me, but he pulled me back into the chair, then turned me to face him and cupped my face in his hands.

“I’ve always wanted an older woman. It’s my secret fantasy. I never dreamed I would meet one as gorgeous as you though”

“Me too,” I said “I mean, I’ve always wanted to go with a much younger man!” I gulped.

I swear I thought my heart would stop as he pressed his lips on to mine, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I didn’t resist and our kiss became more passionate. He pulled away for a second and began to nuzzle my neck. Hot shivers ran down my spine and we kissed again, more and more urgently as I ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled away again and took my hand in his.

“Shall we go upstairs?” he asked.

I didn’t hesitate as he led the way to his bedroom. I was pleased to see he had a big double bed. He pulled me towards him and we kissed again. His hands moved down to my breasts and he pulled up my top and began kissing between them, before unclipping my bra to expose them.

“You have amazing tits” he gasped then began sucking on them in turn.

I moaned with pleasure and felt my clit twitch as he flicked his tongue over my swollen nipples. He undid my jeans and pulled them down. “You’re beautiful” he said running his hands over my tummy and down to my thighs

Suddenly all fears about my saggy belly and stretch marks disappeared and I let myself succumb completely.

As he pressed me closer and we fell on to the bed, I could feel the hard bulge in his jeans. I began rubbing him and it grew even harder. I couldn’t resist any longer. I just had to get his cock out. I wasn’t disappointed. It must have been a full 8 inches and rock hard, with a very impressive girth, a little dribble of pre-cum glistening on its tip. I was also pleased to see he was circumcised.

I began to wank him slowly and his breathing became heavier and heavier as he undid my trousers and put his hand in my pants.

He gasped as he felt the wetness of my pussy, sliding two fingers inside me and finger-fucking me. I thought I would explode as he pulled off my pants and, opening my lips wide, continued to finger-fuck me, using his other hand to rub my clit, taking time to enjoy the view of my cunt as he did so.

It wasn’t long before I reached orgasm and then I gave my full attention to his cock, taking it slowly into my mouth, teasing my tongue over the tip and then up and down the shaft. I then moved my hand over his helmet, so that he was groaning with pleasure.

“God,” he said breathlessly ” how did you learn to give a BJ like that? Your technique is incredible” It wasn’t long before he came, and I eagerly lapped up his cum.

“That was fantastic” he said, caressing my breasts once more and then kissing every inch of my body before moving down to my pussy again.

This time, he parted my lips with his tongue and began to lap up my juices. Cunnilingus has always been my favourite thing and I couldn’t help but be very noisy in my appreciation. This seemed to turn him on even more, and even though he had come only moments before, his dick was already growing hard again. “Tell me what you like.” He gasped “Tell me what you want me to do to make you come”

“Suck my clit” I said, now almost delirious with pleasure.

“Flick your tongue over it, up and down and side to side…ah…that’s …it”

I could hardly get the words out as he obliged, so eager to please me. I shuddered to climax as he flipped me over and began licking me from behind, teasing his tongue over my asshole, before slipping his finger inside.. I started to cry out with pleasure and then felt a shudder of anticipation as I felt his cock press up against me and he rubbed it against my now dripping wet cunt.

“Fuck me”, I almost screamed

“Please….fuck me…now”

He didn’t need asking twice as he pushed his whole length inside me, then slowly pulled almost completely out and in again right up to the hilt. Then, he plunged in and out of me again and again, getting faster and faster until I was shouting in ecstasy.

He turned me over again and placed both my feet on his shoulders, before continuing to fuck me hard. We both looked down to watch his cock sliding in and out of my cunt as he rubbed my clit with his fingers and we feverishly kissed. It didn’t take long for us both to reach what I can only describe as the most explosive orgasm imaginable.

Afterwards I expected him to jump straight up as the regret sunk in. He didn’t. Instead, he put his arms round me and held me really close.

“That was absolutely amazing,” he said and kissed me

“I have wanted you so badly from the very first moment I saw you. I can’t believe it’s actually happened. Will you stay the night with me?”

I didn’t need a second invitation!

Stopping only briefly to eat, we then spent the whole night having the most fantastic sex I ever believed possible, fucking in just about every position imaginable and pleasuring each other over and over with our fingers and tongues. We were pretty noisy, but even the thought of being heard by his housemates who had returned sometime in early hours didn’t matter. We slept only briefly, tight in each other’s arms.

In the morning, I expected Jake to get rid of me as soon as he could, but he seemed to want to keep me there as long as possible. I looked at my phone and noticed there were several missed calls and texts from Annie, but I ignored them, and switched off my phone!

After his housemates left to go out, he made me breakfast and then we took a shower together. It didn’t take us long to get very turned on as we lathered each other up.

His cock was just too good to resist and I greedily sucked it, placing one finger inside his beautiful tight asshole and finger fucking him. He was thrashing about so wildly and crying out so loudly before shuddering to orgasm that I thought he was going to pass out with ecstasy. He then turned the showerhead on to my pussy, making me shiver with pleasure as the jet of water vibrated over my clit, using his fingers and then his tongue to bring me to climax.

Then he fucked me again – twice! Once with me bending over the bath and again on the kitchen table when we went back downstairs to get a drink.

Finally, after what must have been getting on for 16 hours of pure, unadulterated pleasure, we collapsed, exhausted back in his bed and slept until late afternoon. On waking, I got up to get dressed.

“I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to go home now’ I said

“Thanks for a fantastic time”

Jake sat up and grabbed my hands

“I don’t want you to go.”

“I don’t want to go,” I said back.

I took a chance “Why don’t you come home with me?”

He got dressed, threw some stuff from his wardrobe and a few essentials from the bathroom into a bag. It looked like he was intending to stay for a while and I wasn’t going to disappoint him!

When we got back to my place and I opened the front door, there was a whole pile of cards lying on the doormat. I suddenly remembered it was my 40th birthday and I was supposed to have met Annie so she could treat me to a birthday lunch and then a spa afternoon.

I should have felt guilty for letting her down, but somehow I felt that she wouldn’t mind when she found out what I had done to celebrate instead! After all, it’s not many women who get their very own gorgeous sexy toy boy practically giftwrapped for their 40th birthday!

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