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You Never Know Ch. 01

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Move-in day!

Thirty years old and I finally had a place of my own. It was a nice condo in a development that was only a couple of years old. The place had a pool, club, tennis courts, and golf course, just about anything you could want. It was a two story duplex on a little cul-de-sac with a two car garage (well actually, two one car garages side by side and a mirror image unit on the right. Each duplex was separated by a small side yard and on the back side, a deck with a little wooden slat divider to provide some privacy.

The first floor had a bathroom and an open floor plan with a living room area, dining room, and a kitchen with a breakfast bar. The kitchen had a slider that opened up to the deck. The second story had one master bedroom with a bath, and then two smaller bedrooms that shared another bathroom.

I had graduated from college with a degree in computer science and had gotten a job working as a network engineer for a large cable company in the network operations center. Even though it meant working shift work, it paid really well and provided me with an opportunity to move up and in fact, I had recently been promoted to a manager position. After living in several rather small apartments in some questionable neighborhoods, I had saved up enough money to buy a condo in a nice area because the previous owners had to short sell. Although it was in a suburb, it was still close enough to Boston that I had easy access and if I wanted, I could take the commuter rail in instead of driving.

My family lived on the West Coast and I did not get to see them but maybe two or three times a year for the big holidays. I’d had some girlfriends but my work had kept me pretty busy so dating had kind of taken a back seat. Still, I did find time to work out regularly and even though I worked a desk job, my 200 pounds was pretty well distributed over my six foot frame.

All those squats and deadlifts had paid off, I thought as I carted in the few possessions that I had. Even though I had been out of college for a few years I had never really bothered to buy a whole lot of furniture figuring I might eventually want to move back West. I finished bringing in the last of it, and after looking at the pitifully empty condo, I locked up and went outside to pull my SUV inside my garage.

It was then that I first met my next door neighbor. She had pulled up in her black Mercedes S class and got out. I almost laughed because my first thought was that I had moved next door to Miranda Priestly out of “The Devil Wears Prada.” She had silver shoulder length hair and a black knee length dress with platform heels and black nylons, finished off with a white silk scarf and sunglasses. I did notice that she had a little cushion around the middle but that was more than offset by a great pair of legs and of course some major league hooters that must have been at least a 38D. As long as they extend past the belly, I’m good to go. I guessed she was in her early 60s but still not too bad. The term voluptuous came to mind. I of course, was wearing an old t shirt from Sloppy Joes in Key West, gym shorts and sneakers and with a two day growth of beard, probably looked like a blonde surfer dude fresh off the beach. I smiled at her as I walked up and extended my hand. She looked at me with one of those dismissive looks down her nose that I thought only possible in a movie.

“Hi, I’m Chris Smith, your new neighbor,” I said.

Looking at me over her glasses, she did not take my hand and said in a rather haughty tone “You can call me Mrs. Kramer.”

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Kramer, I apologize for my attire but I’ve been working.”

“I can see that,” she said as she gave me a disapproving look, “Oh and don’t forget, your vehicle is supposed to be parked inside at night. “And with that she wheeled away from me and walked off.

Wow, I thought to myself, I guess we won’t be borrowing cups of sugar from her will we? The realtor told me that my next door neighbor was a widow who owned a dress store or something like that. Well she gets points for style and looks, but gets major failing grades in the social department. I had her pegged as old school, especially since she dressed to the nines and was still using her married title.

Over the next few months I would occasionally run into Mrs. Kramer either coming home or leaving for work, after a run, or whatever. Still, she would not wave or acknowledge me first but would always respond if I said something first, so at least she wasn’t totally rude.

Gradually, I started to get the place furnished and my parents came out to visit me for Thanksgiving with my sister who was a senior in college. They came for an entire week so my Mom was thrilled to be able to spend my money to decorate the place and even my sister seemed to enjoy it. My Dad was pretty well bored with it all but was a good sport. Interspersed with shopping, I showed them the sites and at night, my Dad and I would watch sports on my new HD TV in the upstairs man cave which also doubled as my sister’s room. I had put my parents up in my other spare bedroom.

Anyway, Thanksgiving Day came and we had gone out the day before and bought all the stuff to have a traditional dinner. On Thanksgiving, my mom got up early to get the turkey started so I volunteered to make a run up to the donut shop and get some coffee and donuts for all of us. When I got back, I noticed that the lights were on in Mrs. Kramer’s unit and that she was probably up. That’s weird; I thought to myself, she must not have any family or anywhere to go.

I came inside and set everything down on the counter.

“Mom, you know my neighbor I told you about?”

“Oh yeah, hon, come to think of it we haven’t seen her.”

“Well she keeps to herself a lot, but I think she’s home and doesn’t have anyone to spend the day with.”

“Oh that’s terrible, hon,” she said. “Why don’t you go invite her over here for dinner?”

“The dragon lady?” I said. “She would as soon kill me as have dinner with us.”

“Oh stop it. You go right over there and ask her. I didn’t raise you to be rude.”

Smiling, I kissed her on the cheek and said ok and went out the door. To say I was nervous was an understatement as butterflies were dancing around my stomach like a bunch of square dancers.

I walked up to the door, and rang the bell and stepped back so that she could see through the peephole who it was. I heard some steps coming to the door and then nothing for a moment. I figured maybe she had decided to ignore it and started to turn when the door opened revealing her in a long black robe and slippers. It was a silk robe that revealed a nice set of cleavage…I started thinking that she had some really nice boobs when she snapped me back to reality.

“What do you want? Do you know how early it is? You scared the life out of me?”

“I’m so sorry to bother you Mrs. Kramer, and yes it’s 8:00 and a bit early but I thought you were up. Anyway, I..”

“Well come on, I don’t have all day and its cold with this door open.”

“Sorry,” I said, immediately questioning the wisdom of what I was doing. “Anyway, my sister and parents are in town and we are having a Thanksgiving dinner and we thought if you weren’t doing anything, we wanted to invite you to spend it with us.”

For a second, as I looked in her eyes, I saw a slight break in the ice, and she looked at me. After staring at me and then looking off in the distance, she fixed her gaze upon me and said, “What time?”

“Um, I think we were shooting to eat around 2, but if you want to come around noon, we will have some apps and drinks. ”

“Hmm, “she said, “Well actually, my plans have fallen through, so I’m available and I appreciate your gracious invitation. What can I bring?”

“I don’t really know, Mrs. Kramer,” I said, “but I tell you what. If you give me your number, as soon as I go home I will call you and have you talk to my Mom.”

“That would be fine,” she said in that aristocratic tone she used, “my number is 555-3456.”

“Great, call you in a few and again, I apologize for bothering you.”

As she closed the door, I swear I almost saw a slight smile and a tear in the corner of her eye.

I walked back into my house and pulled out my phone.

“So what did she say?” asked my mother.

“She said yes, but wants to bring something so here, you can talk to her. Her name is Mrs. Kramer,” I said as I handed her the phone.

“What’s her first name?”

“As far as I know, it’s Mrs.,” I said, laughing and handing her the phone.

“Hi there, I’m Joanie Smith, Chris’s mother.” Pause “Nice to talk to you too, Donna. We’re glad to have you over, if you want, just bring a bottle of wine and maybe a dessert although we have plenty.” Pause “Sure, noon is fine and we’ll see you then.”

“She sounds really nice,” my mom said as she passed me back the phone.

“Well if nothing else, I know her name is Donna, now.” I said laughing.

The morning went by fairly uneventfully. My sister and I went out to run a couple of miles. It seemed like a good thing to do and it had been a while since the two of us had done something together like that.

“So,” asked Terry after we got out of earshot of my place, “any hot women?”

“No, not really, I’m kind of busy and working shift work makes it difficult to date. ”

“But you’re a good looking guy, even if you are my brother, “she said teasingly, “Your problem is you are just too darn shy for your own good.”

“Maybe, but right now, I’m just kind of focused on my career. Besides, after the crap Jenny put me through for all those years, I need some down time.”

Jenny was my high school sweetheart that I was madly in love with. We had this really crazy relationship where we would get together, break up, make up and repeat for 10 years. I finally realized that she was never going to leave home and was basically a control freak who figured she could always keep me on a string while she dated other guys.

“But you guys ended that a year ago. Time to get back out there, big bro,” she said. “Maybe you should go after the ice queen next door,” and she laughed.

I sped up the pace and yelled at her, “A little less talking and more running. You need to make sure you don’t end up with a Kim Kardashian size bootie.”

I turned to see her response and all I saw was her tongue sticking out with a middle finger salute aimed in my direction.

Still, as we continued our run, I started thinking about it. I mean after all, Donna, I mean Mrs. Kramer, did have a decent body for an older woman and like most guys I guess I did have that Mrs. Robinson thing going on in the background. However, I kept thinking about how most of the time when she talked to me it was like she was chewing off her face so I tried to put that out of my head, although a nasty thought of her in stockings with her legs over my shoulders and her tits bouncing around while I fucked her caused me to get a slight bulge in my running tights.

We got back to my place and as we walked around in the driveway to cool off, I noticed my sister take a quick look at my crotch and I thought I saw a quick smile as she quickly looked away.

“Nice job there little sister,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said and she gave me a big hug. I glanced over at my neighbor’s place and could have sworn I saw her looking out the window at me but figured it was probably my imagination. We went inside and the smells of a full-on traditional Thanksgiving meal filled our noses.

“So how was it?” my father asked.

“She did pretty well, Dad,” I said, adding, “For a girl,”

“For a girl,” she shrieked. And with that she jumped on my back and pretended to choke me. We wrestled around like old times and I finally was able to get her pinned down and afterwards, I rolled off of her and we all laughed.

“Alright you two, that’s enough. Get showered and get dressed,” said my mother and we both got up.

I went into my bathroom and peeled off the clothes to get in the shower. I turned on the water to let it warm up and I heard the door close. As I turned around, I was startled to see my sister in her sports bra and running tights. I immediately grabbed a towel and flung it around my waist and looked up to see my sister smiling.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” I asked.

“Well, I was looking for the linen closet to get a fresh towel but there were none in the guest bathroom so I figured you might have some in here.” She said, “I didn’t bank on the free show. Was that because of me?” she smiled as she came over and grabbed my crotch.

I started backing away and found myself backed up against the wall as she followed me.

“I could tell it’s been a while and quite honestly, I could feel that bulge against me when you were wrestling with me.”

I looked down at her and thought, man she isn’t half bad. Athletic build, firm tits, and a tight ass with great runner’s legs, and short blonde hair, she always turned heads.

“Terry, this is so wrong and I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

“Well, to be honest, I’m horny as hell and I’ve always fantasized about my big brother, but I never knew how ‘big’ he really was,” and with that she pulled off my towel and grasped my manhood. My mind was swirling with so many thoughts as I leaned in to kiss her. She kept stroking my growing erection as I reached down and pulled off her sports bra. Her nipples stood out like giant pencil erasers and I was amazed at how her tits stood straight out, even without the bra.

“OH man, Terry, we could get caught, we should stop this now,” I said.

Leaning in to kiss me again, she laughed, “It doesn’t feel like everyone agrees,” she said as she stroked me.”

I broke the embrace and moved down onto my knees and pulled her running tights down as she stepped out of them, and I buried my face in her shaved pussy. She immediately put both of her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as my tongue darted in and out of her already wet pussy, and she started to moan.

“Oh shit I’m so wet, stick that dick in me.”

Needing no more encouragement, I sat down with my back to the tub and spread my legs as she squatted over me, and expertly guided me into her, assuming a reverse cowgirl position. Reaching up, I grabbed her tits as she began to move up and down on me.

“OH God, this feels so good, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she repeated over and over

“Shit, Terry, I’m going to cum,” I said.

Without missing a beat, she got up and kneeled down in front of me. Taking my cock in her hands she moved it up and down and I couldn’t hold it any longer and exploded.

“Wow, you really were turned on,” she said. “I love watching a guy cum.”

Grunting, I shot rope after rope, splashing my cum all over her neck and tits, with one actually flying up and over her back. Continuing to milk me as the flow slowed, she kissed me.

“That was too quick, I need to cum too.”

Lying flat on my back, she straddled my face, pressing herself on my face. Grabbing her ass, I flicked my tongue in and out. I could hear her breathing starting to get shorter and more rapid, and I knew that she was almost there.

“Yes, yes, do it,” she cried and she started to moan really loud.

“Shit, keep it down; mom and dad are going to hear us.”

She kept squirming and pressed herself down, almost suffocating me, grinding her on my nose and mouth and I could feel her whole body start to shiver. Moaning softly, she let loose and tried to steady herself on the tub as she moved down and sat, straddling my midsection.

“Damn, you have a great tongue; we should’ve done his years ago.”

“Oh man, that was incredible,” I said.

“It was, but it was too damn short,” she said as she got up and grabbing her clothes and a towel, walked out of the bathroom without another word leaving me to sit there wondering what the hell had just happened. Holy crap I just fucked my sister. Granted, I had fantasized about that before which was probably normal, but it was not normal to actually do your sister.

Getting up, I got into the shower. As the warm water washed over me my head was spinning. And the day is going to get even weirder, I thought. Not only do I have to act normal around my parents but the crazy lady next door will be here.

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