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You Have The Right To Remain Silent

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Officer Christopher Milling took his job very seriously. He was a young 24 years old, he worked out everyday, ate healthy, and he wanted to make a difference. Despite of, or because, of his white trash upbringing. No one had ever encouraged him to be anything more than trailer trash, except his sister, Anna.

She was younger than him, but she always looked up to him, always made him believe that they would both get out of the “Fairmount Trailer Park” and the quick sand of a life-sucking vortex it could create. Once you were sucked in, you could not get out. You were for here and ever after, trailer park scum. If it weren’t for Anna and her encouragement, he would be dealing drugs out of the back of his pickup. He owed her everything and loved her so much. He would do anything to keep her safe from harm.

He sat in his police car just waiting for people to break the law. He was quite the hard ass. He had seen too much growing up to put up with much bullshit. No one was going to get away with anything under his watch.

A red Ford Explorer sped past his trap and he knew instantly who the vehicle belonged to.

He threw the ‘cherries’ on and began pursuit to pull the vehicle to the side of the road.

The Explorer seemed oblivious to his commands.


The suspect responded by pulling to the shoulder and immediately stepping out of the vehicle.

She was so fucking hot! Her shiny, long, blonde, straight hair hung over her tight tank top that her large, tan, firm 22-year old breasts struggled to burst out of. Her micro-mini skirt barley covered her hot ass and made her long, silky legs seem to go on forever. Her ‘fuck-me’ high heels making her toned calves even tighter.

He smiled to himself as he remembered popping her cherry. He was 20 and she was 18. He, to this day, masturbated to the memory of her wild eyes as the first dick ever entered her tight, wet slit. Her wild eyes had quickly turned to ecstasy as she was thrashing her head from side to side and she also experienced her first orgasm. They had the house alone to themselves that night and screwed over and over, all night long. Her curiosity feeding his young cock as they tried every position he could come up with.

Despite how wonderful it was for the both of them, they had not had the chance to be together since. He went back to college, on his football scholarship, and then straight to the police academy after graduation. They saw each other often at gatherings, but to tell the truth, he never mustered up the courage to pursue her again. He hated to admit that. He wasn’t sure how she felt about it all, but he thought about her all the time.

“Driver, you were not told to exit the vehicle. Place your hands on the hood of your truck and assume the position.” He called out over the horn.

“320 to dispatch,” he radioed headquarters.

“Dispatch to 320, go ahead,” he heard in response over the cruiser radio.

“320 to dispatch. 10-7, going to dinner,” he replied. “10-4 320,” came across the radio and he turned off his mike and shut off the onboard video cam.

He looked at her bent over the hood of her Explorer as he got out of his cruiser and walked to the back of the suspect. Her hot, tight ass jutted out as the wheel well of her truck forced it out. He mini skirt had risen a bit and he could see traces of her red thong disappear into the crack of her fine ass. His dick twitched.

“What is the problem Officer,” she asked sheepishly. She knew who it was, but she also knew how serious he could be about his job.

“Ma’am do you have any clue how fast you were driving?” He questioned.

“No Sir,” she responded as her hands rested on the hood.

“You were doing 70 in a 50 zone,” he stated in cop like manner. “Do you have any idea how dangerous that can be?” He said as he moved in close behind her, but not quite touching her.

“No Sir,” she said meekly. “I am sorry Sir.” He was so close to her she could smell his cologne. Her heart sped up and she didn’t know if she should be frightened or turned on. It had been a long time since they had been together, but she fantasized about it often.

“We have strict traffic laws in this state made just for people like you who think they don’t have to obey them,” he stated flatly as he couldn’t stop looking at her ass. “I think you need to be taught a lesson. You can not do whatever you please while I am keeping the roads safe.”

“Please Sir,” she managed to get out before her interrupted.

“Place your left hand behind your back,” he said as he reached to the back of his belt to his cuffs and his cock started to swell.

“Please, Sir…..” she cried as he grabbed her left arm off her truck, put it behind her back and put the cuff on.

“Right hand next,” he commanded.

She complied and started to cry loudly as her right wrist joined her left in the cuffs behind her back. She didn’t want to be arrested by him off all people!

“Spread ’em,” he commanded as he gently kicked her inner ankles, forcing her to spread her long legs apart while her hands were cuffed behind her back and her breasts were on the hood of her own truck. Her legs fighting to regain their balance as they rocked back and forth atop her stilettos.

His hands moved up her barely-there skirt to the hot fuck hole he remembered as he stuck two digits in it.

“uuuuuummmmm,” she groaned with delight at the unexpected sensation.

Her pussy was just as tight and sweet as he remembered. His cock was about to burst out of his uniform pants with the sheer contact of her hot hole. As much as he knew he was putting a job he loved on the line, he loved the feeling of her more and lost all good sense as the blood flowed south from his thinking brain.

He grabbed the red triangle of her thong at the top of her ass and pulled so hard and fast it ripped off her and he looked at it in his palm.

“OOOOHHH,” she cried out as her pussy moistened at his animalism. He put her tattered thong to his nose and breathed in the scent of her. He could almost taste her as he inhaled deep. He had to have her NOW!

“You have the right to remain silent,” he said as he reached his hand containing her thong around to her face and forcefully shoved her thong deep in her mouth to gag her screams that he was about to produce.

He reached to his left and produced his baton. He smiled to himself as he moved his billyclub to her swelling clit and rubbed it across it.

“uuuuuunnnnnggg,” she tried to moan as the baton was moved from her clit and shoved in her begging cunt.

He baton fucked her until her could see her juice trail on his faithful bad guy beater, like snail tracks on the sidewalk in southern California in the morning.

He pulled the improvised fuck stick out of her and held it close to his face, marveling at her juices. He couldn’t help himself as he gave it a quick lick to taste the cum he had thought about for so long. She tasted better than he recalled.

Without a thought he sunk the naturally lubed up club in her ass.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she wailed as he ass fucked her with a vengeance while fumbling around with the zipper of his state issue pants to produce his rock hard, average size throbbing cock.

“Oh yeah,” he exhaled as he stuck his cock in her dripping-for-him pussy. She felt so good. He could have fucked her pussy for his entire life. It almost seemed like home to him. The fit was perfect; she moaned perfect, she was receptive to his perversions, her pussy felt perfect. He always thought she was the only woman for him, and this just confirmed it.

The feeling of fucking her with his dick and his baton at the same time sent him to the edge quickly.

He was silent as he pulled out of her pussy and continued to fuck her ass with the baton, cumming all over the billyclub and watched the club, soaked with his cum enter and exit her ass until she became rigid and her feet tried to escape her high heels in euphoria. He fucked her ass deep and hard while she came and slowed down at her finish. He wanted to make her cum one more time so he kept up the ass fucking, nice and slow until he saw her start to shake.

He removed the club from her spent ass and put it back on his service belt. He put his cock back in his uniform and tried to gain his composure. He uncuffed his prisoner and spun her around to face him. He tear stained face glowed as she looked at him with her big blue eyes full of satisfaction. He reached in and grabbed her thong out of her mouth and she took a big breath.

He grabbed her face and kissed her harder than she had been kissed before.

“I have been waiting four years for that,” he said between kisses.

“Me too. I thought you weren’t interested in me after that night. I thought I had done something wrong. Turned you off somehow,” she confessed kissing him back with just as much passion.

“Oh sweetness, every time I see you my cock gets hard. You did everything too right that night. As wrong as it is, I want to fuck you all the time,” he said as his cock started to pay attention again as he was sharing his feeling for her finally and she was showering him with kisses.

“Are you ever going to speed again?” He asked knowing he had to return to the real world and finish his shift.

“No Officer,” she smile and grabbed his cock.

“Fine, I think you have learned your lesson. Now get in your truck and go home,” he said as he lifted up her skirt with one hand and slapped her bare ass with the other hard enough to leave his mark.

“Ohhhhh,” she giggled. “Ok, Sir, I will.”

“Have a good night Ma’am” he said and kissed her on the cheek and turned to walk away.

“You too Officer. And be safe out there!” She giggled.

“Oh and by the way Officer, Mom says to be on time for dinner on Sunday and Dad says to bring back his drill that you borrowed two months ago,” she called after him.

“Fine Sis, I will do both,” he said as his dick deflated and his blood flow returned to his brain and he went into cop mode.

She watched him walk to the squad and didn’t want to see this end. EVER!

“Chris?” She called out after him.

“Yes Anna-B-Nanna,” he replied, calling her kid nickname.

“If I go home and leave the door unlocked before I strip naked and get into bed………..Will you wake me up in a rude, sexy way?” She asked as he put his hand on the handle of the squad.

“You bet Sis, I will be waiting for it all night,” he said immediately without hesitation.

She got into her truck and pulled away as he turned on his mike and waited for her vehicle to exit the camera span before turning on the video.

“320 to dispatch,” he spoke into his shoulder mike.

“Dispatch to 320, go ahead.” The dispatcher rapidly fired back.

“320 10-8, back from dinner,” he said licking his lips at the thought of his incestuous tryst and what was to come later.

“10-4 ,320,” the radio spit out. He was back to protecting and serving for a few more hours.

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