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You Belong to Me

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As the first pot of Monday morning coffee brewed, its rich fragrance floated heavily through the stale air of the office. Juliana, an experienced twenty-eight year old customer service rep enjoyed coming into work nearly a half hour earlier than anyone else. This was her private time — her chance to catch up on emails, reports, and any actual work before her day started and her mind drifted to topics other than work.

Footsteps echoed down the center aisle of the department alerting her to the fact that on this particular Monday morning, she was no longer alone with her thoughts. She leaned slightly on her tip toes to look over the tops of the cubicles to see who the approaching disrupter of her thoughts was. There would only be one person she could forgive for such an intrusion: Cameron Collins. Cameron was, simply put, a mature altar boy gone terribly wrong. His reflective blue eyes were the windows to his soul — each emotion, every desire could be read through them — and the flip in his hair often sent her stomach in flips of its own. His arms were strong from years of rock climbing and his legs were firm to the touch. Her favorite part of him though was his lips — not that she had ever felt them on hers… No. It was the way he formed his words. The way those soft, moist lips playfully grazed her ear when he stood behind her telling her of all the things he wanted to do to her. The way the edges of those same lips slightly curved upward every time she caught him staring at her. This man had a control over Juliana that she couldn’t begin to grasp, and moreso, had never given her just reason to complain…

“Good morning Jul,” Sammy the department supervisor said as she sent a hand waving over the cubicles. Juliana’s heart fell slightly. She knew that Cameron didn’t arrive at work usually until just after 8am. She had at least fifteen minutes to go.

“Happy Monday,” Juliana said, sarcasm bleeding out of every word. “Good weekend?”

“Same,” Sammy said shaking her head as Juliana left the coffee to finish its brewing without being watched. “Nothing ever exciting ever happens in my life. How about you?”

“Oh, you know me,” Juliana sang with a laugh as she entered Sammy’s cubicle watching her put her belongings in the drawer. “The fun stuff only happens here…”

“You better be careful, Missy. Those words are how rumors start… Speaking of rumors, have you heard who Tara is sleeping with this week?”

Monday was just another day in the office — the same bullshit clogged the halls as streams of co-workers dragged themselves to their desk, dropped their belongings, and surrounded the coffee pots digging for any news that they could use to entertain their dull lives for even just a moment. Most of the “cliques” in the office rivaled high school teens begging for the next hot scoop. Whose phone call totals were slipping, who got let go last week, who was seen fondling who in the bathroom…

Juliana had her fair share of rumors spread about her but none that she would ever confess were true, of course. She’d often join in the teasing of her elder co-workers in an effort to keep them blind to the truth of what really went on during her day. She would stay silent, taking in the newest rumor about Tara Huff, the National Accounts Director that was said to have slept with any member of management that had a dick in between their legs. She’d let them talk until even their stretching of the truth became even too farfetched for them to take.

Juliana grabbed her coffee shortly after the congregation began and headed for her desk. She knew it was only a matter of time before she’d hear the familiar shuffle of “his” shoes that only she could pick out in a crowded room. She’d often bury herself in work first thing in the morning to be greeted in a way that would make any human resource manager dash for the sexual harassment hotline number. She logged onto her computer and checked her emails, completing the tasks quickly that were sent from the sales reps that felt the best time to correspond to her was the middle of the night. Out of the corner of her eye, she’d sneak a peak at the desk that was just down the hall from her. Nothing yet. She opened up an excel spreadsheet and began to pluck in numbers, satisfying the next six cells until she felt eyes on her. Her lips curled into a sly smile as she worked more diligently, throwing her concentration into her work even further. Keep your mind off him, she warned herself mentally. A hand lightly perched on her right shoulder, sending a spark of tingles down the right side of her body. She couldn’t bring herself to mutter anything beyond an almost inaudible gasp. She closed her eyes as the hand upon her shoulder squeezed slightly and traced its fingertips along the side of her neck towards her ear. Her eyes closed and a smile settled as she licked her lips. The ghostlike fingertips spread out against the sensitive skin of her neck as the hand began to tighten around her windpipe. She loved the way it felt as control of her own body was handed over to this ghost hand that began to squeeze tighter, causing her cheeks to become flushed, her pulse to quicken, and her breaths to become shorter. A pair of moist lips grazed the side of her cheek as the unyielding hold on her neck’s delicate skin tightened. She squirmed slightly in her chair, still unable to open her eyes or utter a word of disagreement to the exchange of physical control. The ghost hand slowly decreased the pressure on her neck and she opened her eyes slightly, staring straight ahead of her. Her hand lightly took hold of the lingering fingers and lightly brought them up to her lips, kissing the middle one on its sensitive tip. Letting go of the lucky finger, she slowly turned to face the man that had brought her morning such a rush of pleasure…

“Andrew…” she said, hoping her surprise didn’t give way that he wasn’t the one she expected or wanted at that moment. Andrew was a sales manager that had sparked her sexual interest nearly five years ago at an office outing. He was her teacher, her master… And as he ordered during so many mornings of hot phone sex, she belonged to him.

“Miss Johansen,” Andrew’s voice rasped as his chestnut brown eyes gazed down at her. He rarely smiled at her, instead, gave her small pleasures such as the previous event at work in between their phone sessions, and this stern look suited him. She respected him as someone that taught her the ropes of what it meant to serve her master as he pleased. “Just wanted to find out why you ignored my call this morning.”

“I,” Juliana choked out, vocals chords slightly tensed from their earlier strangulation. “I’m very sorry. I woke up late and had to drop my son off at the sitter…” Before her words ended, he grabbed furiously at her shoulder length auburn hair and pulled her head back to look straight up at him. She bit her lip to stifle the cry of pain and pleasure that this simple maneuver caused her. Her eyes darted to the side to make sure that no one was looking at this exchange of power and saw a clear hallway.

“When I call you, I expect you to pick up,” his voice growled, his fingers interlacing with her hair, which almost begged to come off her scalp. “There are no exceptions. If you run late to work, you give an excuse and make up your time. When I call you, you pick up and listen to what I have to say.” His face got dangerously close to hers. His lips hovered opposite hers as his eyes sternly fought to gaze directly into her soul. She gulped, feeling the same tingles of pleasure take over every inch of her body as they had moments earlier.

“Yes, sir,” she managed out meekly. He pushed her head away from his hand with a quick flick of his wrist, and without a word, he departed from her cubicle. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her neck burned where his fingers had pressed their way into her soft skin. Her pussy throbbed with desire. She took a deep breath before attempting to turn her head towards the entrance of her cubicle. Her head turned slightly, stray hairs falling in front of her brown eyes and her heart nearly stopped when she saw Cameron standing at his desk down the hall, his blue eyes not reflecting hurt nor interest. His body stood rigid, his stance causing an overwhelming blush to break the surface of every inch of her skin not hidden by clothing. She had been caught.


For the next few hours, Juliana did her best to keep her quivering loins and racing heart under control. She completed task after task and created mindless work to keep her mind off her morning dose of Andrew and the following reaction, or lack thereof, that Cameron had shown to her after what he witnessed. It was no sooner than her pulse began to return to a normal rate when she felt eyes upon her back once more. She closed her eyes as the unnerving feeling returned to her at an alarming rate. Again, a hand was placed on her right shoulder and a gentle squeeze caused her to open her eyes.

“You didn’t say good morning to me,” Cameron’s voice lowly whispered next to her ear. His lips lightly brushed the side of her neck causing a fire to rage within her body. “I am hurt…”

“I’m sorry,” Juliana apologized quickly and quietly. Her hushed tone she knew, excited him. “Good morning.” Her eyes turned towards his. His kind reflective eyes were glazed over, a dead giveaway that he had more on his mind than work. His hand left her shoulder and he straightened up, his backside leaning slightly against her desk.

“I need you to do something for me…” his voice trailed off as he eyes gazed deeply and sensually into hers. It was this look that could force an orgasm from a stone, she often joked with him. The goosebumps raised on her arms as she gulped audibly. She dared not break his gaze, although her mind fluttered to his hard cock that was only a mere foot from her face. She licked her lips and felt herself smiling, only wondering what he could want after what he had witnessed… “I need you to take care of this account,” he said abruptly breaking her from her deep-throating fantasy. She shook her head as he continued, pointing at a post-it he removed from his notebook and placed in front of her. “They need a credit on a case of patties.”

“Oh?” was all she could manage out. She broke her gaze with his masterful eyes and stared straight ahead towards a computer screen with images and words she could barely understand. “I thought…”

“No, that’s all, Juli baby.” Judging by the tone in his voice and the bulge that strained against the front of his pants, she knew that was far from all he wanted to say to her. She nodded as he picked up his notebook and rushed back towards his desk, purposely ignoring a co-worker who had called out his name to ask a question.

She lifted the post-it from its sticky spot to the right of her and prepared to issue the credit. It wasn’t until she had finished the delegated task that she noticed a second sheet attached to the back of this one…

Meet me at the park at noon.

Her body shot into overdrive — her pussy tightened around its own wetness. Her nipples pressed obviously against her cotton work blouse. Shivers spiraled down her spine sending a series of shocks through each nerve down through her curled toes. She looked in the direction of his desk and smiled deviously. Cameron had always shown a tinge of jealousy whenever another man stood too close to her. Could it be that today’s earlier scene had excited him to the point that he needed to bring our flirty relationship to a new level? Juliana wondered to herself. Thoughts raced through her mind in a way she couldn’t control — so she let them come. Her mind was a swarm of sexual thoughts, her body ready to explode with one more touch, one more whisper…

“Miss Johansen,” a voice appeared behind her. Her heart skipped two beats this time when the husky voice called her from behind. She dared not turn around. Andrew’s cologne filled her nostrils and his delicious hands rested on her shoulders as they lightly began to knead. “You will meet me at the park at 11:30. You need to be taught a lesson. I will not stand for this going on behind my back.”

“Andrew, listen,” Juliana began to plead. “It’s not what it looks like. Actually, I don’t know what it looks like because I have no idea what it…”

“Save it,” his almost inaudible voice hammered into her brain. “Haven’t I made myself clear as to who you belong to?” She bowed her head and stared at her desk. “11:30. Do not be late.”

Andrew lifted his hands off her shoulders and walked down the hallway leading out of the department. Juliana dared not lift her head completely but strained to see Andrew stop by Cameron’s desk for a few brief moments. Andrew laid his eyes on Juliana one more time before turning the corner towards the stairwell.

Juliana didn’t know what to think at this point. Her mind was too far gone to reasonably figure out what was going to happen or how to explain this to Cameron. All she knew was that she was caught for the second time and now Andrew had spoken to Cameron. But about what?


Six minutes before her lunch was scheduled to begin, she started to mentally prepare for what could be the scariest lunch hour of her life. She decided that she would meet Andrew at the park at 11:30 but didn’t get up the courage to tell Cameron that they would have to meet up another day. Her mind flooded with images of stroking Andrew’s long hard cock, his fingers touching her body in ways that he had only spoken of in early morning lovemaking by phone. Possibly his tongue would flick her clit the way he always promised it would?

“Juli baby,” Cameron’s voice was low. She looked at the clock. Five minutes. “I want you to go to the park now. I will clear it with Sammy.”

Juliana’s eyes sparkled with desire, yet the knowledge that now was the time to let him know… “Cam, I am meeting…”

“I know, hun. Go.”

Juliana stared at him for a few moments before figuring that he was not to be argued with. This low husky tone hadn’t faded from his voice since this morning. If anything, she noticed, the bulge in his pants didn’t fade either.

She nodded at him as he turned from her and made his way, notebook in hand, towards Sammy’s desk. Juliana grabbed her purse and flew away from her desk, racing down the hall, around the corner and towards the stairs.

11:26, she reached her car and by 11:30 on the dot, she was pulling into the parking spot in the most secluded alcove of the large park. Her heart pounded as she pulled the key from the ignition and listened to the deafening silence around her. There were no other cars in the lot as this was usually the case around this time. It wasn’t until after twelve those cars full of retirees and moms with minivans would fill up the now desolate parking lot. Heat and wetness soaked her pussy to the point she had no choice but to pull off her panties. Looking around after, she giggled to herself. How many times she had come to this empty lot and pleasured herself? More often than not during her lunch hour, she could be found in the second to last spot at the far end of the farthest lot from the entrance, her panties around her ankles, two or three fingers slowly entering her pussy, while the other hand teased her hard nipples under her bra. She considered if Andrew didn’t show up within five minutes, she would have no choice but to relieve some of the pressure that ached within her. Until then, she would sit quietly, await his arrival, and fight temptation.

As if on cue, her phone suddenly lit up with a text message that was almost a reward to her moment of patience.

Take the first trail to your right and follow it up to the hill. Stay straight and walk off the path. I will meet you just beyond the first line of pine trees you will see.

Her pussy ached beyond belief to be touched. Her breath came in short gasps as she opened her door. If the wind hit under her skirt at the right angle, she would cum right there on the spot!

She did her best to follow a set of directions that described every twist and turn of the path to the right. Pine trees surrounded each turn of the trail and every noise she heard caused her heart to jump in her throat. She continued on the trail until it sharply turned towards the left. In front of her was a grassy hill, which beheld a hearty line of pine trees. This had to be it, she thought to herself. Her nervousness was enough to cause the first wetness from her pussy slowly drip onto her inner thighs. Never in her life had she been so excited…

As she steadily climbed the hill, she saw a man standing just beyond the pine trees that stretched out in front of her. She smiled as she made out his features. Strong stature, darker salt and pepper hair, and burning brown eyes. He looked at her and began to move at a quick pace away from her, beyond the trees. Slightly enjoying the chase, she started to move a bit more quickly, her footsteps echoing his.

What felt like another mile off the path, Andrew stopped and turned towards Juliana. She stopped abruptly and gazed at him with an upturned eyebrow as to say now what?

“You did well,” Andrew growled. His eyes trailed down her blue cotton blouse down to the slightly ruffled a-line skirt she wore. “But I’m very disappointed in you. You belong to me, not Cameron.”

“Andrew,” Juliana started. “Cameron is no threat to you, just as you are no threat to him. I do not interfere in your marriage; you don’t interfere with my affairs.”

“I did not give you permission to speak, Juliana.” His gaze softened for a moment and a slight smile appeared on his lips. Juliana felt her knees go weak and an overwhelming surge of desire coursed through her veins. “Come here, darling.”

Without a word, as if he were controlling her mind, she approached the handsome man standing in front of her, worlds of doubt and lust swirling in her mind. She closed her eyes as she stopped mere inches away from him. He lightly took hold of her hands and kissed her cheek tenderly. She let out a loud sigh as his kisses passed over her closed eyelids; her forehead; the tip of her nose. Her pussy clenched tightly with excitement as his lips playfully passed over hers.

“Now, what did I tell you I would do to you if I ever got you alone?” his whispering caused his lips to brush against hers. She instinctively leaned her body towards his so her breasts pushed up against his firm chest. His hands grazed her arms, leading up to each side of her neck. His thumbs stroked each of her flushed cheeks as he lightly kissed her longing lips. A hunger inside burned as Juliana returned his kisses, soft at first but growing deeper. She tilted her hips against his, his firm bulge pressing against her in a way reminiscent of the first time they had been together alone. Her body trembled against his with such zeal that the rest of the world faded from the sight and mind of the two lovers.

He pulled away and led her to flannel blanket that was haphazardly laid on the grass. She looked at it then looked at him. Images of making love to the gentle, yet dominant man in front of her enveloped her every bodily function. She positioned herself comfortably on the blanket and watched as he bent down gently next to her. He kissed the top of her head as he looked around. He unzipped his pants and his cock pushed hastily against the blue boxer briefs that held it back. She instinctively reached for it, taking hold of it gently. She felt the intense heat and throbbing as a slight bit of pre-cum leaked its way through the blue fabric. She kissed it softly, feeling it swell slightly against her wet lips.

“Lay back, Juli,” Andrew demanded suddenly, pulling his throbbing cock away from her grasp. She unwillingly let go of him and lay back on the blanket. Her pulse quickened. She fought back the urge to explode right there as his hands trailed over her breasts and down her stomach, stopping to rest on the hem of her skirt. “I have dreamt of this for years…”

She closed her eyes as his fingers began to slowly stroke the wetness her skirt hid so well earlier in the day. He moved one hand to the hem and pulled it up revealing to nature her shaved glistening pussy. He moved his face closer. The heat of his breath and firm grasp on her thighs started a small series of shock waves that shook her insides. His tongue slowly flicked the tip of her clit.

“Andrew, I…” her voice was caught in her throat as he roughly jammed his index finger into her. His finger plunged deeply, in and out against the rhythm of his tongue flicks against her clit. Before she could utter another word, a hand was placed over her mouth. Her eyes shot open just in time to see the hand was replaced by the tip of a cock pressing its way passed her lips and into her mouth. Unable to struggle against the tongue fucking Andrew was giving her wet pussy, she nearly lost her breath as she looked up to see Cameron standing above her, his dick gliding over her tongue. He pulled it out of her mouth and looked at her passionately.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to feel your lips on my cock,” Cameron said in a low, almost hypnotic tenor. He adjusted himself, never breaking eye contact with Juliana and lightly kissed her lips. Juliana finally tasted the lips she had waited for. Those lips that drove her wild with each word spoken, with each kiss on her neck…

Andrew stuck a second finger into her pussy, quickly bringing her to orgasm. She squeezed the walls of her wetness around his fingers as the first wave of climax struck. She wildly bucked as Andrew grabbed her thigh with his spare hand and shoved his face into the wetness, licking it up blinded by passion and fulfilled with the juices he often dreamt his lover would give him.

Andrew crawled away from in between her legs, allowing Cameron to better access her body. Cameron’s hands lifted her up to her knees, their lips still locked in an embrace neither thought could ever be so passionate, so lust hungry. Cameron lifted her shirt up over her head and Juliana blindly unhooked her bra, freeing her 38 DD breasts. He lost no time grasping for them, kneading them over and over with his skillful hands. As their kiss broke, he looked at her and moved his face down to them. He flicked his cool wet tongue over each of her already erect nipples. She moaned quietly and threw her head back. His arms pulled her closer to her as he let his teeth gently grazed where his tongue had previously moistened.

“Cameron…” her moans were silenced as she felt Andrew behind her, his hot cock pressing against her ass as his hand covered her mouth. Cameron pulled away from her slightly and sat back on the blanket. Afraid to move, Juliana waited for Andrew’s guidance.

“Take his cock into your mouth,” Andrew whispered in her ear. She shuttered, feeling the second orgasm of the day approach quickly. Andrew moved his hands tightly around her neck and began to squeeze harder than was comfortable. She opened her mouth to gasp for breath and he pushed her open mouth down on Cameron’s cock. Cameron pumped his cock against her mouth as Andrew held her firmly in that position. Andrew’s grip vanished from her neck giving her a moment to push away and take it a much needed breath of air. Cameron’s hands found their way to her hair and mingled his fingers with her hair as he used that to push his cock further down her throat. She gagged and tried to push away with all her might but the more she fought, the harder he’d shove. The tip of his cock rammed against the back of her throat over and over as Juliana struggled to find a position that would help her to take in his length. As Cameron lay back, taking her head with him, she lifted her ass in the air. The wind hit her pussy seconds before Andrew’s cock plunged into it, nearly knocking the breath out of her. Andrew’s hands clasped onto her hips and pumped in and out of her with a fury.

Cameron’s grip on her hair didn’t loosen but became tighter upon seeing Juliana getting fucked from behind. His cock was going to explode at any moment, Juliana could tell by the increasing speed of his thrusts. Suddenly, he withdrew himself from the depths of her throat and sat back, stroking his own cock slowly just watching the scene of the girl he so desired getting fucked by another man.

Andrew’s unrelenting thrusts slowed as he let his cock slide out of her pussy, slapping her wetness a few good times before settling in front of her. Without a word, she took Andrew into her mouth, tasting her own juices. Her muscles were tensing again waiting for that one touch that would send her spiraling into orgasm for the second time. As her tongue licked up and down Andrew’s length, it stopped at the head, circling and lightly taking it into her mouth, sucking with just enough pressure that could have emptied him at that moment. She felt Cameron take his place behind her, rubbing his cock against her moistened slit. His right hand slapped her ass roughly, causing her to shriek as he slammed his cock inside of her. The way he felt inside of her felt so fulfilling that as his balls slapped against her clit, she rocketed into another orgasm, spraying her cum on his cock, dripping down onto the blanket below. Cameron grabbed onto her head and forced it down into Andrew’s lap. She took in Andrew’s entire length and reached out to lightly stroke his balls as they slapped against her chin. Andrew’s face started to tighten as he looked down at Juliana. He began to fuck her mouth as his thrusts came short and hard. A hot stinging sensation slid down her throat choking her even more as his cum poured into her mouth but she made sure she swallowed everything. There was nothing better than a man’s hot cum being shot down her throat…

Cameron continued to fuck Juliana as she sucked Andrew dry. As Andrew pulled away and started to get dressed, he slapped Juliana’s ass as Cameron fucked her.

“Cameron,” Andrew said slowly. “Fill her. I want to watch her take everything you have to give her.”

Cameron nodded and plunged furiously in and out of Juliana’s soaking wet pussy. He moved his hand to her ass and started to rub his thumb over her hole. As she began to moan heartily with the feeling of this new sensation, he quickly shoved the finger in, driving her whole body into a fit of shakes and spasms. Moans made their way past her lips that could no longer be controlled. Feeling this intense clenching of her pussy walls against his cock, Cameron emptied his load deep inside of her. She yelled begging him to stop but the harder she struggled, the tighter Cameron held her down. He pounded, grunting, emptying himself into her as her spasms slowly began to recede. Cameron withdrew himself from Juliana and she collapsed, panting, sweaty, filthy — yet satisfied.

Andrew watched her with an amused grin on his face. “Darling, you look as though you’ve been ravaged.”

“No shit,” Juliana giggled, laying there trying to catch her breath, with little success. “I can’t believe you guys just did that to me!”

“I can’t believe you were ok with this, Andrew,” Cameron commented as he cleaned himself off before adjusting his pants back to how they were before this endeavor. “I always fantasized fucking Juliana with another guy. I just had no idea what you guys had going and when you approached me…”

“She belongs to both of us now, Cameron,” Andrew said dusting himself off and handing Juliana her shirt and bra. “You have my permission to care for her when I am not available and I will care for her when I please. This goes no further than us three. Juliana, do you understand?”

“Yes, masters,” she giggled, quickly noting that neither man was joking at this moment. “I will do as you please as long as you promise to fuck me like that more often!”

“Now let’s get you back to work. Your lunch hour is up. You’re late. Call up Sammy and make an excuse,” Andrew said picking up the blanket and tossing it underneath a tree. “Cameron, get her back and take care of any suspicions that may have been raised.”

Andrew took hold of Juliana and kissed her lightly on the lips before turning and walking away from them. Quickly, he disappeared behind the plethora of pine trees that secluded them from the world only moments ago. Juliana looked at Cameron who stood there with a half smile, half worried look on his face. She kissed him gently and ran her fingers lovingly through his hair.

“Race you back,” she giggled running towards the parking lot. She glanced at her cell phone. She was already ten minutes late. She jumped into her car, thoughts running even wilder than before. How was she going to explain this one to her boss?

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