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Yes, Sir.

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Ceaselessly, my heel taps frenetically- i’m all nerves. i can’t tell if it’s the coffee or the lack of release, but i can’t sit still. my senses are heightened and everything is painted with a surrealistic tinge. Every part of me is hyper sensitive to the mystery waiting for me up on the twelfth floor- i have the room number, i have the instructions ingrained in my memory. i was nearly shaking with the need to come as he fed them to me last night over the phone.

i had been looking forward to our conversation, certain he was going to reward me; i had been recklessly obedient, behaving to the best of my ability, and hoping that the orgasm I had been denied for what felt like years (most likely a month) would be allotted. i had tried to hide my disappointment each time he prolonged this waiting game, and i was beginning to wonder whether he was testing me, or expecting me to disobey for some hazy, ominous retribution. W/we spoke of agonizingly mundane details that night- how my run that morning went, how i felt i had done on a paper i had turned in. . .

“And how has Your vibrator been?”

Caught off-guard, i stumbled over my words for a moment before I managed,

“Lonely, i expect.” i sighed, unable to stop myself from pouting.


“Sorry, Sir. I’ve missed it terribly, Sir”

“Oh? And what do you miss, then? you miss it stretching your needy, wet, pussy?”

i was all but in a daze as i let a soft sigh stand in for my response.

“What was that?” i feel the threat of His tone and it sends a thrill through me.

“i miss it stretching my. . .”, unconsciously, my voice lowered, embarrassed, “my needy wet pussy, Sir.”

“What else do you miss about it?”

A low, quiet moan reached his ear before i could summon the inflamed and lascivious words, “i miss hearing You tell me how to fuck myself for You, Sir, i miss pumping it in and out of my needy cunt, i miss you denying me orgasm time and time again just because You can . . .” the words spilled out, my crooning punctuated by sighs of need, enflamed with this tease as my hands ran dangerously over the contour of my body, carefully avoiding any forbidden touch.

“I thought you might.” He seems pleased with my answer, “and You’ve been an obedient little sub, despite all that wanting and carrying on?”

“Oh, yes, Sir.”

“I want you to get your belt for me.”

With a few moments of fumbling around, a breathy response:

“Yes, Sir.”

“10 strokes for being so impatient. I want you to count them out, and no delay between them.”

i whimper, and nod, knowing He cannot see me.

i check the time, knowing i don’t have much longer before i need to get up and make my way to the room. my pulse is out of control and i can’t help but think i can always leave right now, like none of this ever happened- none of the agonizing nights steeped in need, fueling endless filthy fantasies with this familiar stranger i want to give everything to. All of my growth and setbacks and needs confessed to this Man that leaves me effortlessly breathless, this whole interaction an agonizing burlesque dance with sly glances and slow reveal- this heady dance that leaves me uncertain, but wanting, always wanting more of Him. The very thought is torturous and i realize, all of this, all of this want and all of the secrecy is about to be absolved. He is waiting and all of this wanting has a direction- and it’s up that elevator.

“Ten,” i whimpered, hoping he could hear over speakerphone. Set aflame, i was dripping, the lust threading itself to my very core.

“Do you need to come?”

Nodding fervently, i gasped, “Very much, Sir. Please, Sir- Please?”

“Why is that?”

“It’s been so long, Sir, i want it very badly, i-“i am all but shaking, far beyond the shame of asking permission. i think i would offer Him anything if only i could come.

“Your orgasms belong to Me, don’t they?” Below the stern tone i can hear a tinge of amusement.

“Yes, Sir.” i mewl.

“And you know you have to earn them, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.” Total agony.

“Put your belt away; there will be no release tonight. You will earn it tomorrow, though, i expect.”

i writhe on the bed, sulking away from the mouth piece instead of answering, dangerously close to protesting, though i knew it’d do me no good.

“Yes, Sir.”

“you’ve pleased Me lately, and for that I think a reward is in order, don’t you?”

(No arguments here.)

“Tomorrow i want you to take the train to 5 points and meet me in the Ellis Hotel. Bring a change of clothes in an overnight bag. I expect to see You there at 9 o’ clock sharp. Do you understand?”

At first i honestly didn’t. Totally taken aback, still squirming in my silent tantrum of dissatisfaction, i sat up, looking at the phone as though He had just spoken in some foreign tongue.

“i understand, Sir.” i whispered, wondering if He could hear the tremor in my voice.

“Rest well, then. I expect you’ll be needing it.”

Less than 4 minutes. Leaving my stomach on the first floor, a rushing stream of constant thought and apprehension flooded me; every muscle tense and loose and demanding the touch of my Dom. i think of all the implications meeting Him will unfold. This is real, i am a submissive, His submissive and He’s waiting for me. Do i even want this? This could be the mistake of a lifetime. For Christ’s sake he could be a serial killer. It could also be the most gratifying experience of a lifetime, the culmination of all of the guessing around what i really am as a sexual being. What if he’s a total sadist and an amazing actor? What if it IS the most gratifying experience and the constant tease of not being around Him afterwards will be all the more potent? Isn’t this, this moment, what we are supposed to amount to? The number emblazoned on the door stared me down, I hazard a weak knock. . .

Standing abreast to Him, i look up into his cool demeanor and my breath is caught in my throat. Suddenly, it’s as though my body realizes what its capricious mind has gotten it into and my knees nearly give out. Totally overcome with this ripened passion, the moment hits me with full force, and i’m praying i don’t look as much of a deer in the headlights as i feel.

“Hello, Sir.”

That confident smile is all at once familiar, and seeing the man behind the strict orders makes me realize just how much i want this. A sort of warmth washes over me, and i want badly to prove myself with an urgency that takes me by surprise.

“I see you made it on time. It’s nice to meet you.”

Moving back into the dim room, He leads me in to answer my weak smile. i step cautiously, aware of the swish of sheer black stockings against my short, fitted black dress. It’s strapless and clings to my form in a seductively understated way. i feel the room go out of focus, and i can’t recall any one specific detail about the room- all of my attention is centered on the appraising look cast over me by my Dom.

Struck suddenly by a remembrance of something i must’ve read dozens of times, i did the only thing that came to mind- i sank to my knees and my hands slipped behind my head in a tentative presentation.

“Good girl.”

Something struck in me, maybe the feeling of carpet beneath me, being the center of his attention, or the way my dress crept up my thighs and I couldn’t adjust it, but a flash of ravenousness hit me at all once. Closing my eyes to relieve some of the tension, i think I let out a small moan.

“Stand for Me.” The soft words hold that unwavering confidence that melts me and i move slowly to my feet, without moving my hands, for fear that i’d reach out and touch Him- i want nothing more than his mouth pressed to mine, demanding my passion in a fiery exchange of tongue and tease. He reaches out and traces my jaw, and I turn up towards him, eager- i’m relieved that W/we are functioning in a burning silence, as i am utterly tongue-tied.

His touch enflames me with its sureness as his hands wander from my arms to my waist, pulling me closer to Him, and i’m intoxicated with the closeness. All but tasting his cologne, i whimper, my lips parted, breathing him in- his eyes are fixed on mine and i can do nothing but stare all of the shadow and uncertainty, the pleasure and friction that Dominance had always been defined as for me. He embodied this great and inexorable presence i needed, this exchange- potential for completion; and i knew my body, my being, Oh, God, it belonged to Him.

From there the movements were fluid, yet calculated. i felt something rich and vulnerable blooming within me as i felt his kiss devour me, there was a certain strength behind the tenderness, as though He was trying not to intimidate me too thoroughly, and reinforce his ownership of my body. This pressing mutuality of needs inspires a force behind my kiss that surprises Him, i can tell in the way He seems to hold me tighter, as if to re-establish his Dominance.

“Before W/we continue, there is a matter we must attend to.” W/we are still in close proximity, and i have to hold myself back from kissing Him again. i bite my lip in uncertainty.


“Despite Your overall obedience in denying Yourself orgasm, it hasn’t come without a general bratty attitude, would you agree?”

Looking down, guilty, “Yes, Sir.”

He moved away from me to sit on the edge of the bed- my gaze followed.

“Lain out on the dresser, i have displayed an array of instruments- do You see?”

i turn and am confronted with a large mirror capturing the scene, doubling the rainbow of implements- some i recognize and some i can’t name. A chill rings through me- i’m taken out of the moment and see a young sub, wide-eyed looking back at me with her waiting Dom nearby.

“Yes, that’s it. I want you to bring the paddle to me.”

i clear the few paces to where the objects lie and heft it nervously in my hand as I give the worried sub a parting glance. Thinking better of it, i sink to my hands and knees, the paddle between my teeth, and crawl to Him, hoping it might absolve me of some of my sins.

Taking the leather paddle from my lips, he pats his lap, “‘A bit over the top, but you’re demonstrating your desire to please- good.”

Draped over his lap, a fiery need engulfs me, and i almost worry He’ll be too lenient- of course, his only method of punishment thus far had been a denial of play, and i wasn’t expecting it to materialize in any other form than denial, but once in position i felt His built up impatience for my impertinence.

“you can’t be too loud, W/we have neighbors.” He warns, and i’m nearly shaking at the thought.

“Sir, i-”

“If you can’t control yourself. . .” a moment’s pause hangs in the air, and a ball gag materializes between his fingers.

“Ohh. . . yes, Sir.” i quietly agree.

Feeling the fabric of my dress being pulled up over my hips to rest on the small of my back, His fingers graze over the fabric of my black, lace thong and the garter belt holding my stockings in place. i can’t seem to relax as His grip on the thin fabric further exposes me.

“I know W/we haven’t had much practice- or any practice with this, but before the night is over, you’ll learn to take bigger. . .”

Thoroughly confused, i’m enlightened with the feel something cold and wet pressing against my asshole and i can’t help but jolt, stiffening.

“Relax. . .” the warning tone does nothing to alleviate the muted protests, “Relax! Do I need to remind you? I will take what is mine- this is for My pleasure, not yours.” A stinging blow comes from the paddle as if to add gravity to the statement and i try to remain still in pouting acquiescence, refocusing from my comfort to his desire, and the very words send a thrill through me.

Slowly the pressure expands as He urges me to loosen up in a soothing- if it can be soothing in that context- tone. Once the invading plastic was lodged inside me, i tried not to squirm too much. Uncomfortable to say the least, i was so completely unused to the pressure- and the pressure was constant i couldn’t shake the feeling of discomfort and dirtiness from the situation, and yet. . . the sheer fact that i was meant to take it solely to please my Dom filled me with this filthy satisfaction, it felt so wrong pressing inside of me, something i would never agree to on my own accord, and yet I barely could put up a fight with his firm command.

“I know you dislike counting out strokes, and since you’re already so uncomfortable, I’ll count them out for you.”

“Thank You, Sir.” i sigh in relief, trying to position myself more comfortably on his lap and failing to.

Never having heard the sound of leather slapping against skin before, the pain barely registered as the thwack echoed in the small room. “One.” The tone comes wrapped in reprimand, and i know to bite my tongue. “Two, Three . . .” i flinch uselessly, as the blows come in slow succession, relentless, “Four, Five.” Without pausing, he hits the plug and i whimper uselessly as he continues this slow punishment. “Six, seven, eight . . .”

The torrent of blows on my tender flesh seems to peel back new layers of soreness, it doesn’t seem to have an end, as the ripe pain seems to build and sear through me. Conversely, the feel of his hardness poking into me and the reminder of his ownership displayed prominently for him right on his lap was painfully arousing. There’s another dimension to the pain, though, a pleasure that i’m almost too ashamed of to revel in- a slow mounting need growing with each strike.

As he reaches “Twenty,” i’ve generally abandoned the idea of lying still and am whimpering, trying to clench my buttocks against the intrusion and whining in general humiliation. i want to crawl under the bed and hide, and he’s stroking the reddened flesh of my backside as i jerk involuntarily, hyper sensitive to touch. Slowly moving downward, i can’t help but gasp as i feel his thick fingers enter me. Squirming in pleasure, I try to control myself from seeking out more of his touch.

“For all of the protesting and whining, you certainly seem to have enjoyed yourself,” He scolds as he pushes the digits into my mouth. Surprised, i accept it, eager to placate, ashamed of my inability to take my punishment more gracefully.

“Now look.” He tilts my head towards the reflection he had had access to the

whole time and i swear i could’ve come right then and there. Such a lewd display sent chills though me- my reddened ass upturned and displayed for his pleasure, my frame bent over his lap was such an erotic sight to me i had to look away, as though it were too lascivious, and i was all innocence.

Allowing me to move onto my knees on the floor before him, he looks down at me and in a scolding tone, “Now that we have that out of the way, you seem to have aroused another problem . . . ”

An expectant silence glazes over U/us as i squirm uncomfortably on the floor. Looking up at Him, shifting from knee to knee, my position strikes me. i’m hesitant to ask, but know what is expected of me.

“Sir, may i please suck Your cock?” i can feel myself flush from the words alone- they seem so foreign in my inexperienced mouth.

“Yes you may.”

The look cast down at me gives me a chill of need as He stands before me. It feels somewhat ceremonious as He slips out his thick cock and resumes His position on the bed.

Moving between His thighs, i can’t help but feel shy, wanting to please Him badly, and unsure if i’ll be able to. As my fingers move to wrap around His hard member, i feel a stinging swat land on the plug.


“Did I say you were allowed to touch it?” He warns, and i pout in discomfort.

“No, Sir,” i move to thread my fingers behind my head and lower my mouth when i feel another blow from the paddle, “Hmmmph.”

“What did you say? I expect complete sentences in your apologies.” a threat lines His tone and i feel foolish for forgetting so quickly.

“No, You didn’t say i was allowed, Sir. i’m sorry, Sir,” my gaze is lowered and i try to avoid openly staring at the Cock i want inside me so badly.

“For that transgression, you’ll be pumping the plug inside of you as you service Me.”

For a heated moment refusal and contentiousness fills me and i think of a few despairing expletives i could replace with my reluctant, “Yes, Sir.”

Crawling forward slightly, i look up at Him briefly before extending my tongue, teasing the head of his swollen member. Before i can elicit a warning slap to my already sore bottom, i reach behind me and whine at its unforgiving girth as i gingerly move it. The obscenity of the moment makes me moan around the head of His cock, and i wrap my lips tightly around His thickness. The taste of His dick on my eager tongue sets me aflame- i want nothing more than to feel Him filling my mouth with His hot cum, to be the reason for His ecstasy- i want to crack the coolness of His dominance over me and see Him at His most animalistic- i want His need and fury and everything else taking me over.

Determined to please without the need for further direction, i take more of His cock into my mouth, my lips tight around him with a little difficulty at adjusting to His size. The hot, wet suction of my mouth around Him pulls out a low growl- the encouragement has an incredible effect on me and i have a spark of cheekiness as i change the pace, sliding my needy mouth agonizingly slow up and down the length of Him, totally engrossed.

Slap! i let out a cry around His thickness.

“Are You forgetting?” His voice comes out slightly strained as my yelp resulted in the release of the tightness of my lips around the base of His dick, “Do not make Me remind you to move your friend back there again.”

Overwhelmed, i have a sudden urge to pull my mouth away and beg Him to fuck me instead. **

Eyes screwed shut against the pain of the intruding plastic, i defile myself thoroughly for Him, fueling the need to have Him moving in my mouth. A hand reaches down to tangle in my hair, pushing my head down onto his thickness. Gagging momentarily, i adjust, feeling the concupiscence of the scene wash over me- a butt plug stretching me and making me squirm under my own ministrations of renewed gusto and the force of my Dom’s will. His need to force more of Himself into me, to gain more purchase into my willing mouth brings into focus how badly i want release. Tongue running serpentine down the length of him, my lips stretched obscenely, i feel a sudden tug, pulling me off.

Wide-eyed and a little breathless, i look up, confused at the respite.

“Sir? Did i do something wrong?”

“No, but you haven’t earned the privilege of My cum in your mouth,

have you?”

i try to sit back on my heels comfortably and receive another swat.

“I warned you, not to stop moving the plug, did I not?”

Unsure of how i thought He wouldn’t notice, i look down, ashamed, “Yes, Sir,

You did, i’m sorry, Sir, it’s so uncomfortable. . . and i. . .i’m not used-”

“I’m aware that you’re not used to anything stretching your virgin ass, that is why i brought that toy along. I suppose you’d like something else to help you get used to it?”

Despite the fear of whatever he has planned for me, i agree. i want him so badly and i’m afraid with how poorly i’ve performed thus far, he won’t let me come- or worse, he won’t sate my roiling need for his dick stretching me, making me whine in discomfort and moan in pleasure. i don’t know what he has in mind, but whatever it is, i know I want it.

“You seem to keep forgetting that You’re not here for Your pleasure, girl, and that discomfort is only a fraction of what you could be feeling. Do W/we need a reminder of this?”

Oh God. “i’m sorry, Sir, i’ll be good, i promise.” i panic slightly, unsure of His intentions

“I think W/we’re past the point of promising to be good, with your constant refusal to obey.”

“Yes, Sir.” i feel a flood of worry envelop me, though i know He won’t do anything i can’t handle. . . i’m mostly certain.

“Get up. I want you on the bed; spread for Me.”

A tremor runs through me, though it’s nothing compared to the adrenaline rush as i move carefully to my feet, and crawl onto the bed. Watching Him as inconspicuously as possible as He moves to the dresser, i fail to lie comfortably on my back. Knowing i should be spread for Him by the time He turns around, i resort to bending my knees splayed and vulnerable as i slightly lift my ass off the bed.

In His return, the quick glance i skim over Him reveals nothing of His intentions, and i’m frightfully in the dark in His plans to remind me of my place. This game is intoxicating, has me both shaking with uncertainty and the urgency of need.

Taking my wrists, He ties them quickly above me and secures them to the headboard. Looking down over His handiwork, He grazes my skin with his finger tips- down my cheek and between my breasts, over my ribs and rests on my hip bone.

“Now about this hungry, hot pussy i’ve been hearing so much about . . . she hasn’t received hardly any attention at all tonight . . . ”

Nodding, i reflexively test my restraints, sensitive to the touch “Yes, Sir. i’ve been hoping You would allow that to change.”

“You’ve been hoping for what? Now’s the time to speak- while you can.” He seems amused by this, and i close my eyes, groaning, as His touch moves slowly to my inner thigh.

“Hmmphh. . . Sir, i want Your cock inside me- stretching me, hurting me, bringing me ecstasy. . . Sir. . .”

Abruptly, two fingers are knuckle-deep into my needy pussy and my breath catches in my throat. Finding it hard to continue, i let my hips describe my need as i push them up to receive His touch.

“Yes, you certainly aren’t lying about wanting it.” He smiles down at me, and i gasp as he curves his fingers up into me, blinding me with pleasure, “Now about that reminder . . .”

Watching as his wet fingers retreat and find my clit, stroking it teasingly, he pulls away his touch, “Lift your knees to your chest and hold them like that for Me.”

Obeying, i look up at Him, totally exposed, my every nerve sings, attuned to Him as He quickly ties them in place as well.

Pleased with His quick rope-work, He reaches between my legs again and flicks my clit. “Again, I’m tired of reminding you that W/we’re not here for your pleasure. I think W/we’ll have a little reminder.”

Quickly attaching a small clamp to my engorged clit, He stands back to watch as i gasp, thrash, and mewl pathetically. ****

“OH! God! Sir! Please!”

The pain is something i can barely see through, a blinding sort of ache that demands to be noticed at all times. His presence is all the more potent- his demeanor one without compromise, and i can’t seem to escape it. Rolling my hips helplessly i let out small incoherent whines- the butt plug and clamp contributing to the larger message- and it’s an effective reinforcement of His will.

“Tell Me again,” He says calmly through my frenzied begging and pleading for mercy. “What does your needy pussy want- and try to leave your clit out of it- W/we’ll see about that if you’re good.”

“Your . . .” i manage, pulling at the ropes uselessly and trying to keep the position He requested- i can barely choke out a coherent string of words, “Your cock. . . Sir, i want . . . Your cock filling. . . me, Oh, God, Sir! If it’d . . .. please You. . .Please Sir, i’d like You to take me . . . Please!”

“you’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“you want your Dom to relieve you of that burden?”

“Oh, Godd, Sir, Please!” i’m all but shaking now.

“There’s something else that belongs to Me that i want first, but before that, W/we need to finish what W/we started earlier.”

Moving carefully around my helpless frame, his thighs frame my face- my hair splayed out like a halo around me as He looks down. Cock looking angry in His grip, He moves it achingly near my lips, and my tongue reaches for it. Moving one hand behind my head for support, He feeds His engorged member to me slowly. Squirming only slightly now, well acquainted with the throbbing ache between my legs and from my sore ass, i welcome the sensation of its broad head parting my quivering lips. My eyes close in a satisfaction i’m surprised at- the pleasure painted over His face my reward. Slowly rocking into my mouth, i can do little else but suck greedily what i’m given- wish for each inch to be pumped similarly into my throbbing, achingly empty cunt. His building orgasm becomes more and more urgent as His thrusts become less and less controlled, rather frantic and insatiable, the friction of hot sucking mouth no longer enough. The frenzied darting of my tongue becomes a mere frustration as he begins to fuck my mouth, ignoring my gag reflex that seems to milk his dick effectively. It seems inevitable- I can almost taste His cum when just as suddenly He pulled out of my mouth with a groan.

Unsure, i move my jaw to relieve some of the tenseness as He moves quickly down my body.

“Sir?” dazed, i squirm, blinking uncertainly up at Him, instantly missing the feel of his throbbing insistence.

“Relax your ass.” He orders, no-nonsense.

i’m immediately shaken out of my lusty haze as He grips the butt plug and slides it out of me.

“Sir?” my voice is high in a pitchy panic- the plug was one thing, uncomfortable, sure, but at least it was reasonably small- surely His cock won’t fit inside me!

“I told you to relax. Do as i say.” Speaking through gritted teeth, i know he won’t have mercy on my already sore and inexperienced ass. i whimper, knowing there’s no way out- combating the need to protect my own somewhat straitlaced sexuality with the hunger to please Him. i groan, my eyes shut tight as i feel the blunt tip of His hot cock press against me.

He’s staring down at me, expectant, and in my swimming rush of screaming denial and my lust for His ownership of my needy, taut body, i struggle to spit out the plea i know he’s waiting to hear.

“Please, Sir . . .” i stutter, willing myself against my will.

He impatiently flicks at the clamp and i squeal in surprise, i know what He wants, and i don’t miss his meaning in the reminder between my pussy lips.

“PleaseSirtakemyass,Please?” i sputter, shaking, and i realize part of me, for all the agonizing fear of the act, really craves it.

” Slower, i don’t quite buy it.” His cock is proud in His grip, and He has enough self control to wait until i beg thoroughly. As if to punctuate His patience, He reaches for a bottle of lube on the bedside table, looking expectantly at me.

“Please, Sir, please fuck my virgin ass. i want nothing more than to feel Your cock inside me, please, Sir, take me!”

A small groan escapes His lips, and i can’t look away from Him. As i’m lying with my knees to my chest, and my hands tied uselessly above me, i realize i’m His fuck doll, and the thought inflames me. my chest is heaving with every nervous breath- the pressure, while not entirely foreign, is still uncomfortable as i fight the urge to clench and tense up- i know nothing good will come of it. Though involuntarily whimpering, i still am grateful for His deliberate entrance, slow and patient. His eyes are near shut as i try to control my fitful twisting, pushing out to accept Him. Dragging into my asshole agonizingly slow, inch by inch, He digs His fingers into my backside, holding me open to Him, curling me up into this ball of need there exclusively for His satisfaction.

My head thrown back, eyes clenched shut, my thighs are tensed and i can’t help but feel an overwhelming desire and desirability- my body the only thing on His mind, my tightness and willingness accommodating to His needs. Bottoming out inside me, He holds still for a moment. The slick, thick member inside me throbbing and i reflexively squeeze around Him, making him moan. He’s inside of me, and i can feel it with every breath, i can feel His heartbeat through His throbbing dick, His essence, His manhood, His gratification- and at the apex of this maelstrom of sensation and tenseness is His body joined with mine. His sub- His possession to use for His pleasure- His.

Moving slowly, his grip is tight as the taut string of need that has uncoiled within both of U/us. As His body rocks slowly in and out of me, i learn to accept the foreign pressure and find a sly compromise to my discomfort- coupled with the throbbing of my sore and tortured clit, the slow, long thrusts of His cock pulls a moan from my parted lips.

“Ohh. . . Sir. . .” I gasp totally unable and unwilling to move. The tightness around Him is such that i fear i will tear something within me should i shift. The strange satisfaction is an alarming one as it dawns on me that this intrusion is now a welcome one, and i’m grateful that his methodic strokes keep my inexperience in mind.

Reaching down, he strokes the swollen lips of my pussy, and i sigh, my back arching off the bed, it occurs to me what exactly it is that i want, and look up at the mask of pleasure he’s wearing. i can see the need ever-ripening and i know, oh, i know I want it more than i want my own release. What’s better than reveling in my own greedy come is the satisfaction of bringing on His.

“Sir,” i gasp, trying to stay relaxed as His thrusts become more aggressive, pushing and dragging in and out of me with such brutal force i gasp out in fresh pain, slicked over the sensation i was growing accustomed to. “S-s-sirr, pleeeease give your little slut Your come, please fill me with Your hot seed in-(Ooh!) –side- God, Sir, please! Please give Your toy-” Some feral noise erupts from Him, and my moans refuse to die down. To my surprise (and admittedly shame) my own orgasm is building inside me.

“Yes.” His voice has a new sound to it, it’s wringed out and strained in the promise of ecstasy, His eyes now completely shut, and His strong grip on my ass only contributes to the chaos of sensation He’s forced me into. The friction is unbearable, torturous, sumptuous, and the jagged rhythm of his hips stops all at once- with the tensing of his body. Reaching down near where our bodies join, He rips the clamp off of me in one clean swipe.

Blind with shock, the screaming pain of my swollen clit with the flood of His come totally overwhelms me. Naturally my whole body clenches to combat the sting, making for an agonizing tension around His thick cock. Shuddering at the feel of my intimate muscles pulling, my sudden rigidity is essentially milking Him as He releases into His sub, sapping Him of His essence, sapping Him momentarily of strength, and His body folds on top of mine.

“Thank You, Sir.” my voice is weak, when i find it again.

Answering by slowly pulling out of my well-used ass, He kisses the gasp that pierces the languid, post-coital ambiance. There is tempered lust hanging heavy in the dim room- i feel it rousing stealthily and try to ignore my own wanton pining. The feel of His warmth against me is comforting as the ropes are quickly made useless- they are tugged loose and dropped at the side of the bed. Smelling of sex, and aroused beyond comprehension, i hesitantly stretch the length of the bed.

“you handled yourself well, I’m pleased.”

“Thank You, Sir, for giving me the pleasure of Your cock.”

It still feels foreign to me, being so formal, especially when i feel swooning overtures and familiar caress is appropriate. This formality, this restraint, though, is what is required- and it makes me a little sad.

Lying beside me, He crochets the distance between U/us i despise with a lingering, affectionate stroke of my cheek. Leaning in, He tilts my face towards Him. Eager for this warmth and intimacy my lips part to welcome a probing, inquisitive kiss. The passionate brush of tongue and the tangling of locks in insistent fingers, i feel myself being pulled to Him, a cup tilted to receive the mead of lust. Moaning at the pleasure of His body against mine, i move to conform to Him. He guides my body above Him and i whimper a little at the soreness between my legs.

Knowingly, He hums a low note of concern as a teasing touch circles my puffy clit. It isn’t so much painful as hyper sensitive and He seems to know this. All but purring, my hips thrust towards Him blindly, and He smiles, amused at His effect on me.

“your pussy wants some attention, doesn’t she?” He positions me to His liking as He speaks- my thighs spread over his hips, straddling Him. As it is, W/we haven’t wasted much time in undressing- i make a mental note of where my thong and garter belt have been tossed- and my dress, short as it is, covers His hand.

“Take off your dress.” He pulls his touch away and i suppress a whimper and undo the zipper in the side and wriggle slightly resulting in a grind against His pubic bone as i pull the dress up and over my head. Tossing it aside, i smooth down my curls. Left only in my thigh-highs and black demi bra, i can’t help but blush despite the fact that my current position isn’t even the most exposed i have been tonight.

His eyes wander the contour of my body, appraising silently as my chest heaves in nervousness. “You’ve been waiting to enjoy the touch of Your Dom, haven’t you?” He cups the ripe jut of my chest above my ribs with a firmness that makes me sigh, and His touch wanders down my sides. Squirming, sensitive to the light tease, i nod in agreement.

“YessssSir,” i hiss impatiently, wanting to alleviate what feels like a constant tease.

“It’s been how long since I last allowed you to come?” He rakes his nails over my mound, smiling faintly at the squeal he elicits.

“Ohh! Too long!” i answer immediately.

“What did you say?” His tone sharpens and regret floods me. Gripping my clit firmly between his forefinger and thumb, He squeezes the sensitive nub painfully, punctuating my tumbled apology.

“Sir! -Ooh!- i only meant that i want –Gasp!- i’m sorry for being so-God!- Please, Sir, let me come!” The pain has slowly morphed into a searing pleasure and the throb and release of His grip has me panting above Him, writhing shamelessly.

“It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?” He seems to mentally recount, nonchalant as He releases my clit from His grip and a gasp from my lips.

“Over a month, I think, does that sound right to you?” He’s pleased at His effect on me- nearly folded on top of Him- He penetrates my tight cunt quickly with two thick fingers, pumping them and immediately finding a sweet spot inside me. i gasp and moan, digging my nails into the bedspread on either side of Him as He brings me dangerously close to the edge. The methodic sawing has me moaning, the presence of His sure touch a welcome one, but slightly painful.

“Though, your hot, greedy, dripping pussy will have to wait even longer still since You seemed to have forgotten how you speak to your Dom.” He admonishes as i nearly sob, “you are expected to tell me before you come so I can stop, do you understand?” He warns.

“Yes Sir.”

Twisting his digits inside me, He slips a thumb over my clit and lightly strokes it. i can do little else but cry out for Him as He continues my slow torture.

“You may beg.” He seems nonchalant as i whine helplessly above Him.

“Sir, i want to come so badly, please! i want You with everything i have. Please Sir, please, let me come for You, please make Your selfish sub come ahhh-” i whine as he pushes another finger into me and i nearly lose control.

“Sir, permission to come?” i gasp, urgent, breathy.

“No,” His tone stern, “Endure.”

His pace increases and i bite my bottom lip in pleasure, his fingers stretching me feel bigger than what i’m used to. This welcome intrusion along with a quick, rapid tease of my clit is so overwhelming i’m forced to speak.

“Sir, i can’t hold . . . please . . . please stop!” i whine, wishing i could ask to come instead.

“Very well.” He looks up at my trembling frame and strokes his fingers over my lips.

“Your needy pussy seems to like Me now that W/we’re better acquainted.” He observes coolly.

i groan, “Yessss, very much, Sir.” I can feel His hardness now, pressing up against me. A flash of depravity floods me and i grind against Him, trying to look too caught up in my frustration to notice His hard cock only millimeters away.

As if a lion with His prey, He grips me firmly and pulls me off of Him in one smooth, efficient motion. i find myself with my wrists held down on either side of my head.

“That was awfully bad of you.” He scolds, slightly breathless.

my eyes widen, looking up at His dangerous posture, and i nod in agreement.

“i’m s-”

“Don’t think it won’t be dealt with.” His shortness with me is something i’m not used to, “I thought I would let you come tonight. . .” He looks down at me thoughtfully, and i bite my tongue to keep from protesting. “. . . If you were good, that is.” Prodding my knees apart with His, He looks down at me in a mix of hunger and disappointment.

His lips graze my neck dangerously, and His closeness is dizzying. Keeping my mouth shut seems to be the best idea.

With His touch dragging over me like a sheet, i know to keep my hands where they are as He reaches down to take ownership of my pussy.

“Who does this belong to again?” catlike, i arch up to his touch.

“You, Sir,” i mewl as His teasing touch of my lips grows more forceful.

“And this? Who owns this?” The calm tone does nothing for my nerves, and it’s all i can do to keep from begging openly for His cock.

“You, Sir, all of me belongs to You.” i cry out as He thoughtfully strokes my clit.

“Hmm, yes it does.” He agrees, kissing my pouting lips briefly between thoughts, and He shifts, His hot breath tickling my ear, “Continuing with that hypothetical, if you were being a good little sub, do you know how I would’ve let you come?”

i press against Him as much as I know I’ll get away with, and my dripping cunt throbs for release. It definitely feels as though it’s been a month.

He knows it’s torture, this light dusting touch that makes me sigh and gasp and need him. Handing over all of my pleasure, my sexuality, my purring release or tantrums of frustration, it makes the sensation of his pressed button down against my smooth, bare skin all the more alluring, the ripeness of the tease all the more profound- and He knows it. He knows what He’s doing to me and it’s clouded all rational thought. All i want is His voice, His fingers, His cock defining me, destroying me, sewing me together into something worth more than what i offer Him- a possession, but a savored one.

“I would have given you the pleasure of My mouth, you know,” He mocks my cooing plea with a quick bite to my earlobe.

Slick, stocking-clad thigh under His firm grip, He drags His hand down one thigh and trails slowly up the other in smooth strokes, avoiding my puffy, needy cunt.

“My tongue teasing your clit, humming around your lips, My fingers spreading you apart, making you writhe in pleasure, allowing that release you earned, the one you beg for.” He growls in my ear and this tortuous tease is too much, “If you were a good sub.” He pulls away and supports Himself on one arm as He looks over my writhing and carrying on, “But you’re not, are you?”

“No, Sir.” whimpering, i desperately wish to add that i’d like to be good for Him, want to please Him, but my need to feel this intense agony is so rich, it reaps its own rewards- a reach for pleasure so unlike anything else, i think i must do it on purpose.

“We’re going to try this again, though, because I think you can redeem yourself and you still have something that belongs to Me.”

He’s left me lying, legs spread, pussy drenched, thighs quivering and my hands still up, book ending my parted lips. On His back, He looks over at me.

“Straddle Me- and no humping like a little bitch anymore, do you understand?”

Gasping at his harsh words, i get shakily on my knees and slip one leg over Him to resume our previous posture. Looking down at Him, i realize how disheveled and dissolute i must look- all soaked and needy.

“Do you want some hard cock to fill that needy little cunt?” His eye contact is almost too much for me to handle.

“Oh yes, Sir, i want nothing more. If it would please You, i’d love to feel Your thick cock taking me.” i’m shameless in my oozing want.

There’s a taut silence that stings me, but there isn’t anything to beg with, just a want that engulfs me, that douses the fiery string of pleas. i can’t think straight, it’s so close to taking me, owning me. i want to prove how much self control i have, that i can be good for Him. Our gazes locked, hazy with want, want, want. He finally releases the choke hold He has on the tension. He demands total acquiescence and it scares me how willing i am to give Him everything- how much i’ve given of myself that i wasn’t willing to give before Him. i think, through the connection of this pungent proclivity, He can tell.

“Listen carefully- this is very important to re-earning your orgasm- I want you to take my cock and hold it at the entrance of you pussy.”

Moving to obey, he cuts my motions off, “Nothing more than that.”

i nod in agreement, gripping his member, and shakily move so that at His command, i could impale myself to absolution.

“Please, Sir, please fuck me.” my voice is smaller than i intend, a pitiable pout.

Sure to avoid misbehaving, I still feel a waning want with the apprehension of giving Him my virginity. The blunt head of His cock against me is a reminder that He is bigger than i’m used to. The friction of the moment is intoxicating, the wait excruciating. Allowing me to take more would fill this empty, insatiable longing, but i’m certain it won’t come without a few degrees of pain. The privilege of his cock is a loaded one; bridging the gap between deprivation and the bliss i know that will come from His body, His flesh rocking into mine, His own frustration and hunger mixing with mine. Denying me denies His physical ownership of my cunt.

“Just the head of my cock.” the strain in his voice almost gives me as much pleasure as the words themselves.

Fitting Him to me at a more amenable angle, He holds my hips as if to reinforce His warning and the force of His hips moving up just so makes me gasp. Stretching me slowly, i can’t seem to hold still- and in the back of my mind i can’t help but wonder if He knows how monumental a moment this is for me.

He must- there’s a patience for the slow rotation of my hips, a patience to make sure i am acclimated to His cock. Still, with this blunt knot in the entrance of my pussy, i moan at the thought of being stretched completely by His proud dick.

“More- one more inch.” He instructs, and i slide down onto Him, “Hold it like that for a little while, and i’ll take you.” The words are supposed to be placating, and God! i want to be good for Him, i really do, but i don’t know how much more i can take- my whimpering a translation of this.

My swollen tissues spread in salacious accommodation, so slick with moisture yet clamped down around Him. i’m nearly shaking with this slow intrusion- hot, thick cock in my tight, semi-virgin pussy. i can feel every part of Him, every vein inside my dripping cunt, and i cry out for Him, Muting my begging to a sulking sob.

“Good,” He murmurs and i feel it, this crescendo of His need- it’s taking Him over, too, it’s not just me that’s been deprived, He’s been waiting for me, this total submission- i’m dripping down His engorged member and i’m begging for Him to take all of His greedy and anger and passion out on me. i want to be the reason for it, i want to reshape O/our rapport with this gift. There’s nothing more i want to attain besides that purchase into His heart, that pull from His cock, i want to pour gasoline on that fire with my body- now His, His pussy to fuck, His mouth to use, His ass, His lips, His thighs, hands, and breasts. It’s His and He knows it, it dawns on me just how completely i’m owned and instead of the uncertainty that’s glazed over all of these months of mystery and denial, i’m here, above Him- arched over Him, displayed for Him, still for Him, taking His cock and not asking for any more than He wants to give me. At this moment, this defining moment, my want is irrelevant, His pleasure the height of mine.

Gripping my hips, He thrusts up into me. Blind with pleasure, with pain and shock, i cry out, despite that singing stretch of tension He still takes me by surprise. His cock deep inside me produces this sensation that keeps my lips parted and my moaning at a constant. The secrets of my body are now His, and His totally- my Dom, my Owner, my pleasure, my pain.

Stuffed into my cunt to the base of His cock, i groan at the fullness i’ve only dreamt about. The delicious stretch and throb, the desirous, long pump sating my aching need.

Lips parted at the feeling, head tilted back, I’m arched backwards, loaded, needing all of Him and He answers.

“You may move now.”

A thick layer of desire has His command shaking me from my reverie.

“Oh, thank You, Sir!” i sigh, lifting myself slightly, whimpering involuntarily at the accompanying pleasure-pain. The spasms of my cunt uncontrollable, i move my hips, riding Him hesitantly, wanting to savor His thick, hard cock in me. The pressure, the constant demand to dominate expands my flexible vise-like tightness. i can’t focus on breathing and fucking Him at the same time, they seem mutually exclusive. Movements becoming more and more greedy, the steady rock of my hips become shorter and shorter, feeling Him drag against my g-spot and sighing and gasping as its all-encumbering pleasure takes me over.

Sightless, His cock dominates all thought, His body against mine, filling me, making me whole and making me His. A hand has gone up to my neck, the other tangled in my hair as i work to drive His throbbing member deeper and harder and nothing else exists like this. He grabs for my wrists and pulls me down closer to Him, my slick, velvet tightness still holding Him deep inside me, the thrusting seems to take on a different rhythm and He’s giving me gasping pleasure with each stroke.

Building in me, slowly, slowly, this frenzied, passionate dance of carnal pleasures tunes out all other sensation and i can feel it slowly, slowly, like the rising of tides, like some gravitational shift, my orgasm is growing inside me.

Flame like, this pleasure engulfs me, devours me, and i fuck Him madly. It’s a furious need that i’m looking to sate- that i don’t care of he denies because the pleasure before it, all of this feeling has already christened me something so obscene, so physical, it’s awakened something so pure and filthy, so conventionally wrong and so inherently right, i let it happen, i beg for it to stay- and this is what He’s done to me.

Opening my lips to speak he groans, knowing, he can feel the animal lust in me, owning my motivations, making me His fuck doll, His girl, His slut.

“Sir, permission to come?”

Any effort to down-play my need are useless, He can see it in me, can hear it from the quake of each consonant, each shiver of my frame.

“your orgasm will wait until mine. you will wait until I come inside you, do you understand?”

And i do, i want nothing more than to blend our pleasure, create it and extinguish it- lighting a candle and devouring its wanton flame with its own wax down the reaching wick. i need it, and my pleasure, His pleasure, it’s all the same now. It’s a fantastic reminder of what i am to Him, and a perfect illustration of how His satisfaction is my goal, always. For this, i’m insatiable, to show him that He can find his gratification in my body, that i only find it with His, that His permission, His calculated moves, His pride in me, that’s all i want- and desperately.

His grip snakes up my back and He moves on top of me in a smooth, facile fashion. This is what i wanted, God, His body mounting me, His frustrations alleviated, forced onto me. He shoves into me, hitting my cervix with every pounding stroke and i do nothing to hide my cries. It’s a fevered tempo we’ve adopted, a frenzied crescendo if needs that will be met. He pushes into me with His insistent rod and i receive- God, do i receive.

Quicker, tenser, it’s incendiary the want. Bodies singing with want, His demands on my eager pussy more urgent. Breathless encouragement, overtures of want string from my mouth, egging Him on, begging, boldly in this moment of slicked wills.

i can feel it inside me, something breaking and mending and rebuilding before anything else, His body goes rigid, there’s nothing more simple, more complex, more egregious and more sensual as He makes room for Himself in my open, cum-slick cunt, and from me, from my very core, this warmth and vulnerable state is ripped open and exposed, this hyper-sexual being is His, this domesticated, sexual animal under His command and with the jets of hot, angry come inside me, i let go.

He holds me through it, tight to his chest, and my body’s tangled in the pain that’s slowly blossomed into a furious release. Shaking under Him, i can barely see straight. It’s an incredible feeling, finally having Him over me, finally having all of me, and i wish i could articulate that to Him any other way besides with the quivering gasps and tight grip around Him. There’s never been closeness like this- He’s holding my very person together so i don’t fall apart at the seams or something. The intimacy is awe-inspiring; something i didn’t know could bloom from something like this. As we lay tangled in one another, catching breath and strength and words, His heartbeat is insistent and strong into my chest. It let’s me know with each comforting pulse: i’m owned.

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