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Summer was here. It was time for my parents to ship me off to the shoebox that was my uncle’s apartment. This time was different, however. I had just turned 18, which meant I would finally have some freedoms.

My parents dropped me off with their customary goodbyes while my uncle wrapped one arm around my shoulders and used the other to wave them off. When they were out of sight, he turned me in his arms to face him. I did not miss the way his eyes gave me a good once-over before he pulled me into a tighter hug than usual. He was in his late forties now, with a gut, and he all but crushed my small frame to his aged body. As he ushered me inside, his hand trailed down my back, and I thought I felt his fingers lightly trace down the middle of my ass.

“Sorry to say that the spare room is serving as a storage right now,” he said as soon as we got inside. “The couch will wreak havoc on you if you sleep on it, but I have a queen-sized bed, so we’ll both fit.”

Why I didn’t think much of this, I don’t know.

The first couple of nights passed uneventfully. I hugged my respective side of the bed while he hugged his. But it was on the third night that things started to happen. It was in the middle of the night, and I was surprised to wake and find that his arm was around my waist, just below my breasts. I nudged him, stirring him from his sleep. “Uncle, are you ok?” I asked.

“Huh?” He blinked sleepily at me. “Oh, yeah, sorry… it’s just been awhile since I had the comfort of someone to cuddle. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Uh, I guess not,” was my whispered reply. I shifted to a more comfortable position and fell asleep. Hours later, just before the sun would be coming up, I woke again. This time, his hand was under my shirt, warm and just barely touching the undersides of my breasts. He was also pressed even tighter against me. It really should have struck me as odd, but it didn’t. I was barely 18, sheltered, and a virgin… so I fell back asleep.

When we finally woke, neither of us said anything as we got out of bed and went about our day. This peculiar cuddling went on for another night. After that, things really took a turn…

Something was making me feel good. So, so good. I was having a dream like I’d never had before. It felt so real, that I eventually managed to surface out of my sleep– and that’s when I realized my uncle’s hand was actually *on* my breast, and gently toying with my nipples. I’d never been touched like that, and, while my brain knew it was wrong, my body was responding. I could hear my uncle’s steady, even breathing, which meant he was doing it in his sleep. I let out a tiny moan, acknowledging the throbbing between my legs. In the end, however, my brain won, and I detached myself from my mom’s brother.

The next few days were strange and confusing for me. I was more careful around my uncle during the day, becoming aware of how he would try to touch me whenever possible. During the nights, I would wake and find him pressed against me, playing with my nipples while I struggled with wanting more, but always pushing him away.

It was another night, and I mentally prepped myself before going to bed. I positioned myself even closer to the edge, as far away from him as possible… but it changed nothing.

This time, I was roused from my sleep by the feeling of his fingers sliding up and down my wet slit. He was making soft grunting noises, and grinding against my ass. I could feel his erection rubbing against me. I wanted to stop it. I knew I should have. But the feeling was so exquisite, I found myself opening my legs a bit more. I was certain he wasn’t fully asleep this time, since he took advantage of my parted legs and dipped the tip of his finger into my cunt. I moaned, which only encouraged him to keep rubbing me and, periodically, dipping his finger a bit further inside me.

Then, he withdrew his hand, leaving me panting softly. A few seconds later, he pulled my panties down a bit and replaced his hand. Against my ass, I could feel the hot flesh of his cock rubbing insistently on my bum. Lost in the wonderful feeling of him stroking my clit over and over, I instinctively moved my ass against him. He shifted until his hardness was sliding between the slick lips of my pussy, and gyrated back and forth. My moans were still quiet, but they were also more steady. About a minute later, I felt the nerve endings down there burn white-hot, and the room spun.

I came, my body shuddering as the lip on the head of his cock stroked me to completion. Seconds later, I felt a burning wetness, and the throbbing of his organ. I didn’t know what happened, at the time, all I knew was that I’d just done something taboo– and I was tired. Once my post-orgasm shudders ceased, I fell into a deep sleep.

I thought things would go back to their let’s-pretend-nothing-happened routine by morning, but they didn’t. The sun burned into my eyes as I tried to get up, only to realize my uncle’s hand was on my breasts again.

“Good morning,” he whispered. He pressed against me, then, and I felt his hardness on my ass again.

He began tweaking my nipples and letting his hand roam all over.

“Uncle, stop,” I said nervously, shifting so that I was facing him. “We… we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“What’s wrong?” He simpered, his hand gliding down into my panties. “Doesn’t it feel good?” He asked, making me moan as he rubbed my clit. My eyes fell closed and I opened my legs, panting. It was a struggle for me to stop him before I came.

“It does, but… but we can’t! You’re my uncle!”

He leaned toward me, then, and pushed my tank top up, exposing my breasts. “Shh… nothing wrong with two adults making each other feel good…”

My breath caught as his mouth closed over my tit. Using his free hand, he brought mine down to the bulge in his boxers. He used his to make me stroke up and down his clothed erection. I could feel a wet spot on the fabric, but I didn’t have time to focus on it before he pulled it out.

My first time seeing a penis, and it was my uncle’s.

He brought my hand back to it, making me take hold, then made me stroke. I could see pearly liquid collecting copiously at the tip. Curious, I moved my hand lower, wondering what balls felt like. They were softer than I thought they would be, and I squeezed experimentally, drawing a pleasured groan from him.

“Watch,” he whispered, making me stroke him at a quick pace. “I want you to see what happens when you make a man feel good… I want you to see my milk.”

I watched in silent fascination, listening to the quickening of his breathing as he helped me stroke him at a blurring speed. He groaned suddenly, his body going static as thick, white substance spurted, over and over, onto his bloated stomach and chest. A drop of the first spurt actually hit my face. He shook and jerked, in a similar fashion to what my own body had done the night before.

“Fuck,” he breathed. “That’s so good.” He collected some of the incestuous sperm on his fingers and returned his hand to my pussy, using it as lubrication to dip his finger into me while his calloused thumb went to work on my clit.

“U-uncle,” I moaned, weakly trying to push him away, “stop!”

And, to my surprise, he did stop. He sat up and sat by my feet, and I felt as much relief as I did disappointment… until he spread my legs as wide as they would go, and put his mouth on my sensitive slit. I writhed helplessly as his tongue alternately teased my clit and darted into my virgin passage. After a short time of this delicious torture, he sat up and moved closer between my legs. His cock was already hard again, and he settled it onto my slit. Now I really panicked.

“Please don’t do that!” I urged.

“Shh, shh, shh… don’t worry,” he soothed. “I’m just gonna…” he fell silent as he began sawing back and forth, the underside of his cock rubbing my slit. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I wouldn’t push my hard cock into my virgin niece… sliding in and out of her until I filled her with my cum…”

The images in my head were so wrong, but I felt my grip on the situation loosening as I neared climax. But before I could fall over that cliff, he leaned down so that his chest was pressed to mine, still sawing back and forth, still groaning.

I was lost. Lost in the sensation. His chest was rubbing my nipples while his engorged penis rubbed and rubbed, occasionally pressing against my tight opening.

“Unh…” he moaned. “Are you sure I can’t put my tip in?” He breathed into my ear. “I can just put it in a little bit, without– unh!– without popping your cherry.”

Holy shit, was I actually considering letting him?!

Yes. I was.

“O-ok,” I said nervously. “Just… just, please, be careful.”

He grunted in agreement, and I felt the swollen head begin to slowly, very slowly, fill the delicate space just before my purity. Once he felt his leaking tip press against the threshold, he began sliding in and out of me, never breaking it.

“Oh, fuck… oh, fuck…” he breathed over and over, like some erotic chant. And when my body involuntarily clamped him tighter, it was over. “Just trust me,” was the last thing I heard before he surged forward, pealing out a long moan while I shrieked at the tearing of my hymen. Once he was balls-deep in me, he went still, trying to comfort me while I cried at the pain and shame of being deflowered by my uncle. As if trying to help me forget, he began suckling my young tits again, flicking them with his tongue.

It took awhile before I calmed down and accepted it, aided by the pleasure he brought my nipples.

“Please,” I whispered with strain, “don’t… don’t…”

“Don’t blow my load inside you?” He supplied. I nodded, unable to look at him. “I won’t, baby, but it’ll be hard.”

His slow thrusts gradually gained momentum, and his promise became, “I’ll try not to.”

He reared upright, and it was clear he was close. But I didn’t have time to dwell on that as he brought his hand back to my pussy. He was so deep; I could feel his tip brushing my cervix, though not hard enough to hurt. I felt the flutters in my stomach, indicative that I was about to cum.

“Oh, god!” I moaned breathily.

“Oh my god… oh my god…” He leveled his gaze at me. “You… you can handle just one spurt, right? Just the first one? I can’t help it, baby, you just feel so fucking good!”

My brain was gone. There was only my body left, with nothing to keep my lips from replying, “Just the first one, then you gotta stop.”

He nodded, and then it happened.

I screamed, my body shaking and my insides tightening around him uncontrollably as I came. Halfway through my climax, he grabbed my hips hard.

“Ahhh, fuck! I won’t be able to stop– take it all, sweetie! FUCK!” His body covered mine again, his seed filling my young womb as I finished cumming. I felt his cock twitch and throb as he pushed in deeper and his balls emptied, depositing a huge, hot, incestuous load into me. Without my consent, my newly-deflowered pussy contracted around him, milking every last drop.

We cried out and panted as our orgasms ebbed… and then it hit me.

I scrambled as far away from him as I could get, laying on my stomach as I realized I’d been too weak to stop my blood relative from taking my virginity and possibly impregnating me. He tried to comfort me, but I was beyond that.

What the hell was I gonna do??

Not the right thing, that’s for sure.

I spent the rest of the summer warring with myself, but always crumbling and accepting his cock into my body at night. Each time, I begged him not to inseminate me. Each time, he said he would try not to.

Nine times out of ten, he didn’t even try to pull out. I would end up moaning in ecstasy as his cock throbbed inside, depositing yet another load of his “milk”.

Whatever happens now… happens.

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