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Caitlyn was surprised when she awoke in her own bed. The last thing she remembered was passing out in the kitchen as Neil was commencing round four. The big rapist she had met at the Grocery store had claimed her for his own, and she was surprised to have awoken alone. Were it not for the condition of her body, she may have been tempted to believe the night before was all a dream.

But the rainbow of hand and finger shaped bruises, the tingling tenderness of her cunt and ass, the tightness in muscles she never even knew she had, the soreness of her throat; all belied that thought.

The petite redhead stood and took a shower. She dressed, glad that she had a weekend to try to bounce back from her encounter. She knew she couldn’t call the police, she had enjoyed it too much, Neil had turned her out completely. She was ready to do it all over again, and just as she was lamenting the fact that the night would never be repeated; she found the note he had left on the counter.

Caity me little darling, Had to go grab my gear. I’ll be back before noon. Be dressed. I’m taking your big tittied ass shopping. You need some clothes that let the whole world know how fucking sexy you are now that you are mine.

Love, Neil.

Caitlyn shivered in anticipation. She ran to the bedroom and changed into some more leaving the house appropriate clothes. She threw off her sweats and pulled on jeans she had shoved to the back of the closet months ago, when she decided that they were too fitted in the thighs, and a top one of the girls at work had given her a few Christmases ago hoping to pull her out of her shell a bit. Looking in the mirror she pulled her hair up into a high cheerleader ponytail. All in all she looked nice, though still very conservative, and a bit young. But when Neil returned and saw her he simply grunted as he pulled his long thick cock from his pants.

Her mouth started to water. But despite the fact that she desperately wanted to taste him again she wanted, needed him to take control. She sat there just staring at the huge dick in front of her. Neil walked over and grabbed her hair and yanked her to her knees. Rubbing his cock over her face, he laughed. “Like it rough do you. You can’t just give it up. I’ve gotta take it. That’s fine. I like it like that just fine. Fucking you hard, forcing you to give every inch before I take a yard. Shit, you little bitch, that just makes me hot. Suck my fucking cock, you little slut. I want to feel your throat working around my dick.”

Caitlyn moved her head up and down, fighting to bury her nose in the wiry hairs at the base of Neil’s cock. She knew without a doubt that she was sick but she found herself getting more and more aroused by Neil’s aggression, and dominance. She just loved the feel of his hands wrapped tight in her hair, ramming her head up and down on his massive erection. The feel of him popping the head of his dick in and out past her uvula and down past her gag reflex, had her so aroused she was not thinking straight at all. Neil grabbed her head and forced himself balls deep into her throat and unloaded his balls. Caitlyn found herself a bit disappointed that he’d cum without her getting to taste barely any of his jizz.

“Come on Caity Darlin’, we’ve got some shopping to do. You still look like you took a fucking vow of chastity.” Neil laughed. He knew that he had just aroused Caitlyn, greatly by taking his own orgasm without giving any thought to hers…but he wanted her soaking wet by the end of the day. Tonight when he fucked her, she was going to shoot off like a firecracker and she wouldn’t be able to hide from her own perversities then.

Neil took Caitlyn to a nearby mall and he spent the day outfitting her to his specifications. When she inevitably baulked, he would simply power through by the force of his dominating personality. Each display of power, both intriguing and baffling Caitlyn even further. By the end of their time in the very first store, Fredrick of Hollywood, Caitlyn’s head and pussy were positively swimming. She now owned corsets every style she could imagine and every color of the rain bow. Garter belts, and stockings, bustiers, and panties. Actually the panties surprised Caitlyn, but she soon realized that Neil was one who loved to rip them off.

Then onto Hot Topic and Wet Seal for tiny outfits that made her want to hide. And finally shoes, hooker boots, and stripper heels. Every shoe was chosen based on how her ass looked, and whether they would feel good against Neil as he fucked her. Especially a delicious looking and feeling pair of chocolate suede four and a half inch thigh high lace up the back boots, Neil could easily picture her in those and nothing else. While at the shoe store they ran into a surprising turn of events. The sales person assisting them was a statuesque blonde, who apparently liked small redheads. The larger woman kept running her hands up and down the second skin of Caitlyn’s jeans. Several times she surreptitiously rubbed her hands over Caitlyn’s full, sexy ass. Caitlyn kept glancing over at Neil, hoping that he would stop the lesbian amazon, but one look at his face illustrated the fact that he loved the show. When her co-worker went on break, leaving the three of them alone in the store, Oma pounced. She pushed Caitlyn into a corner and began to devour her mouth. Caitlyn struggled against the larger woman, knowing once and for certain that she wasn’t even the least bit bisexual.

Finally Neil interceded. It did take him a moment to realize that Caitlyn really did not like this. The realization hit when she ceased struggling all together and stood there stiff as a board. Striding over Neil grabbed the larger of the two women by her shoulder and wrenched her away from HIS woman. “She is MINE. I know she is sexy as hell and that victim vibe she gives off makes her even hotter…but hands off. She doesn’t want you. So back off.”

Neil paid for all their purchases, forcing the bitch to give them her discount to prevent him from taking the sexual assault to her manager, or worse the police. They left the mall and headed to a small, slightly run down shopping center. There Neil dragged her into a small store, where she had to show her ID before they would let her in the door. Caitlyn’s eyes were HUGE as she looked around at the contents of the store. Neil pushed her towards a counter. Under the glass were a plethora of toys and paddles. Neil picked out some restraints, three different paddles, all of which had handles that could double as dildos. Walking Caitlyn around the store he pointed out several different things to her. He was unsurprised when she seemed to freeze in front of a display of nipple clamps. He let her pick out a set, and he was pleased when she picked out exactly what one would need for long, thick, sensitive nipples like hers. The silver and black clamps had soft black microfiber pads and tension dials. The short little submissive fairly drooled at the sight of them. Neil of course bought two pairs, one to keep with the rest of the day’s purchases and one to keep at his home.

Eventually Caitlyn would move in with him, but first he wanted to find out exactly what her limits were.

The new couple dined out that evening. As soon as they returned to Caitlyn’s place, Neil sent her to shoe and get ready for bed. He put away her clothes and shoes and lingerie in the manner he wanted them. When she came out of the bathroom, Neil took his turn in there. He finished, quickly just thinking about all the sexy outfits and corsets he had seen her in that day and Neil walk out of the bath with his cock leading the way.

He got into the bed while she was still standing beside it. Neil chuckled to himself when he notices Caitlyn had primly braided her hair. It was a strange dichotomy when presented with her lush and sexy nude body. He patted the bed next to him. Caitlyn climbed in, as soon as she was completely on the bed, Neil flipped her over onto her back and climbed on top of her body, biting her breast hard enough to leave teeth-marks in her pale flesh. He smiled, watching her creamy skin turn red. She shrieked and began to fight, she writhed and clawed making a delicious mewing sound as she panted and struggled. He kissed her neck and lulling her into relaxing, then he bit down hard on her neck. She wailed and her legs instinctively spread and lifted up in a defensive posture. He slid between them. His hips were pressing her thighs wide apart. He lodged his cock head at her entrance.

He thrust forward, jamming his cock into her tight, wet sheath and making her scream in pain. She was now whimpering and he was whispering filthy things into her ear that make her fight him harder, getting closer and closer to the orgasm she had needed all day. “Oh, you hot little whore. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Take that little girl. You like that? Oh fuck, you’re so tight! Fuck me back, you little bitch. Move those hips. That’s it, my little fuck toy. Grind me, yeah, just like that.” He began to hump her like a mad man, harder and harder, ignoring her cries, enjoying her fight and came quickly with a final thrust upward into her poor abused body. Caitlyn screamed out in the most intense pleasure she had felt all day. “Yes, please yes…Make me yours, your slut, your whore, your fucktoy.” Her orgasm rocked her, causing her cunt to milk Neil’s cock, forcing him to cum harder and longer.

Neil looked down at her, his smile feral. His grin terrifying. “Oh I will. I will make you mine. I am already your master, your owner. Your sexy fucking body is mine.” “I’m going to fuck your little ass, baby. How ’bout that? Oh fuck yeah, I want you to take so much of my fucking cock up your ass that you beg me to stop.”

“Oh no, please don’t!” She cried out, knowing her begging would be of no use. It only served to excite both of them.

“Yeah, that’s it. Beg me, little one. How much cock can you take, do you think? Think you can take the whole nine inches, baby?”

“Oh! You’ll split me in two! Oh God, you’ll fill me up! PLEASE, Oh Please!” Caitlyn wondered if it was possible to die from remembering pleasure.

“Oh, please, YES!” he shouted, rearing back and plunging downward. He missed the mark, spreading her wide but bouncing away, causing a searing bolt of pain. Yet smearing the head of his cock with their cum leaking from her pouting little pussy. He cursed she felt his cock hit her asshole again and sink about two inches of his painfully huge cock inside her rectum.

She shrieked in pain and stiffened. “Ahhhhh,” she moaned, unable to do or say anything else as pain and pleasure ripped up her spine. When she could move again, she’d tried to squirm away, grabbing the floral bedspread and pulling herself forward. She screamed, “GOOOOODDDD!”

“Oh no you don’t, you bitch! You’re going to take all of this cock, and no one’s going to stop me, not even the cops. Don’t lie, you little bitch. You’re going to love it. I want you to feel it in your throat!”

He didn’t really care if she loved it or not. He wrapped his hand in Caitlyn’s braid; he moved over to the edge of the bed and stood, dragging Caitlyn with him every inch of the way. Standing on the floor, supporting himself with his other arm next to her torso; he started to ram harder, punching himself into me in short, hard jabs. She shrieked, “OH, IT’S BURNING!”

“Oh fuck, baby, yeah! Even tighter than your little, bald cootch.” He kept it up, and she could hear herself squealing and letting out shrieks of mixed pleasurepain as he tunneled his dick deep into her bowels.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna stretch your little intestines out and pack your shit hard, you little whore. Oh, I fucking love this! YOU FEEL SO FUCKING TIGHT! SO FUCKING GOOD!”

Neil stopped. “I want to see your face,” he’d said to Caitlyn.

He yanked out suddenly and she gasped, wrenched back into reality by the feeling. He grabbed her shoulder, rolling her over onto her back. He leaped between her legs, pushing behind Caitlyn’s knees till they touched the bed next to her shoulders. He was nearly drooling as he said, “I love your hairless, little pussy.”

Her crotch was red and swollen from the earlier orgasms and fucking. Even still, she would have welcomed him taking her there again, instead of her barely lubed ass. His cock stood up, streaked with their cum. She could feel cum trickling down into the crack between her cheeks and onto her low back. Neil positioned himself over Caitlyn, and came up on his feet, carefully hovering over her. He pressed her knees into the bed, making her bottom pull up and suddenly she knew what was coming. He was going to do it again. “Ready baby?” he sneered, laughing.

“No, please, no! Neil, I’m begging you. No more!” Her pleas sounded so sweet to Neil’s ears. He could feel her hidden orgasms as she struggled to maintain the fiction that was arousing them both so much.

He just smiled at Caitlyn, plunging down, ramming himself deep into her ass. She cried out in pleasure so strong that tears immediately fell from her eyes. Her ass was red and inflamed from the fucking he was giving her. Her body shook and spasmed while she moaned and convulsed and squealed. She knew my tears and shouting excited him so she wasn’t silent. “Oh God, yes! Please don’t stop! Oh you fucker! Please Don’t Stop!”

He rutted like an animal, totally immersed in his own pleasure. His sweat was pouring down his face and falling all over her stomach and face.

“Oh yeah, oh that’s it, baby. Give me your tears. Oh fuck, you’re a beautiful, baby whore. I love nailing you. Oh shit, oh shit. Look at your little quim pout every time I push in. Oh that’s so sexy. Oh fuck, oh fuck. Look at your little face scrunch up in passion. I love that. I make you scream in passion. Jesus, I’m gonna cum so hard. You like it, don’t you? You’ve been gagging for this for years, waiting for someone strong enough to take it. Hiding your body for so long then flaunting your sexy little body in front of me today, wearing those short shorts and tube tops. You’re just begging to be fucked like the nasty, fucking, little anal whore you are. OH GOD, OH JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST!” he bellowed.

Neil came hard, bucking and gasping as he shot into Caitlyn’s convulsing bowels, squirting and gushing deep inside me. Her mouth was open on a loud scream, tears of joy streaming down her face.

Neil pulled out and dragged Caitlyn back into her shower. Once they were both clean again, he forced her to her knees on the bed. He grabbed his pillow and slid the pillowcase off, twisted it into a rope, figure-eighted her hands. He flipped her over onto her stomach. Reaching up, he tied her hands to the headboard, face down. He raised her up on all fours by her hips.

He hummed and straddled her legs, running his hands up and down her back, squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling them apart. “Let’s see,…” He began licking and sucking her neck and making his way over her shoulders and down her

spine. She shivered. He moved back up to her neck and bit her hard at the base of her neck where it met her collar bone. His big hands cupped her breasts at the same time, pinching her nipples painfully. She felt her thighs grow weak and she groaned low, leaning her head to one side to give him better access. He bit her again and then smoothed it with his tongue. His large, hot hands then fluttered over her sides, her hips, her ass, dipped between her legs and spread her wetness. “You’re ass is so hot.” He squeezed her cheeks for emphasis.

She was making the most amazing little grunting sounds. He rested his hardness between her cheeks and leaned over to put his lips to her ear. “Well, let’s see…Caity me Darlin…I want to fuck you hard from behind. I want you to totally surrender to me. You make me crazy. I don’t know why. You make me want to be an animal with you. I wanna fuck you until you scream.

He rubbed himself in and around her wetness. “Yeah, that’s what I want to do. I’m rock hard for you. I want to shove my cock as deep into your little cunt as I can go, till you feel me in your throat.” She whimpered again. He kept teasing her entrance, running his finger into her wetness and spreading it up between her cheeks.

“Please, Neil, please.”

“Please what?”

“Do it. Rape me again. Please.”

It was his turn to groan. “First…” He got down on all fours and buried his face between her legs, lapping her, swallowing her wetness. She twitched and he grabbed her hips to hold her in place. He turned onto his back and pushed up under her, pulling her crotch onto his face.

“Gotta taste you again. It makes me so hot. You taste so good.” He sucked on her clitoris and kneaded her legs and folds, until she came, spraying wetness all over his face. He licked up what he could and moved to suckle her breasts.

When she was on the verge of thrashing too hard against her bound hands, he finally moved behind her.

He smacked her ass, over and over again turning each cheek red..

“Pleeaassee, Neil.”


“Wha-hat? Please?”

“That’s it, I want you to beg me.” He began teasing her entrance with the head of his erection and sliding forward to poke her clitoris from behind. He leaned forward to pinch her nipples and suck on her neck. He murmured, “How

bad do you want this? Tell me.”

She whimpered, then begged. “Baadd. Oh, please, Neil, oh god, I need you. Need you inside me, please. Please take me. Oh I need to be fucked so bad. Please fuck me. I feel so empty.”

Then suddenly, without warning, he grabbed her hips and dove into her hard and fast to the hilt. “Ahhh, shit, yeah, so deep this way.” That was all she said.

He felt her tightness around him, quivering slightly. She was wet and hot inside and felt so good. He tilted her hips forward a little more with his large hands and pressed a little farther in, causing her to moan. He loved the sounds she made. They were the most erotic things he’d ever heard. Hearing her pleasure, knowing he was the cause. He felt powerful, so male, dominant.

He stayed inside, grinding himself into her by swiveling his hips, staying buried, reaching with one hand to pinch her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger and pulling it up and down. She let out a shuddering whimper.

“I love the sounds you make, Caitlyn. Don’t ever hold back on me. The sounds you make drive me crazy. I feel every one of them in my cock, so exciting to hear you. I love making you moan, making you scream with pleasure with pain. Tell me.”

“So deep, you’re so deep, ahhh, oh, you stretch me wide. Feels so good. I’m so sore. Use me, Neil, use me like I’m a whore. Please moovve.” She sobbed a little, “Pleeaasse, Neil, please FUCK ME!”

“Oh, man that’s such a turn on.” ‘She was actually begging him to fuck her. He pulled out slowly leaving just his head inside and then began thrusting into her hard and fast, gripping her hips and pulling her onto him as he thrust forward. It was perversely satisfying that his dick was big enough to make her sore. He knew that she hadn’t been with anyone else. To know that it was him that had stretched her for the first time. No one had plowed this field and she was giving her gifts to him.

She couldn’t believe how good this felt. His silky hardness pounding into her, stretching her sore walls, and making them twinge in little grips of discomfort. Oh, the pain pushed her arousal a notch higher. She was going to come quickly.

She loved that her words turned him on, excited him. She wanted to make him crazy. The paradox was that she felt powerful knowing what she was doing to him. She felt powerful, even though her hands were bound and she was face down and couldn’t see his face. “Fuck my cunny hard, Neil. Pound me until you come.”

Holy shit. Every time she talked he felt the skin of his cock stretch and get tighter even though he thought it was impossible for him to get any harder. “Caitlyn, you squeeze me so tight, you feel sooo good, make me so hard.” She wasn’t holding back. Moans, grunts and squeals were coming out of her with every thrust.

Her torso was dipped down, arm stretched above her head. He pulled her back so she couldn’t rock back into him. She had no leverage now. Her face was sideways on her pillow, her ass in the air. He held her firmly, she couldn’t move.

He held her still and pounded into her over and over.

There was something so exciting about being taken over like this. Even more than she realized. She’d had her little masochistic, passive fantasies, but this was better. Better because it was real and better because it was Neil. She knew it excited him as much as it did her. And she knew he would not allow her to be weak or expect her to be passive in other areas of her life.

This was for purely hedonistic pleasure and nothing else. She wanted to give up control. She wanted him to use her body for his pleasure. Having him take what he wanted was exciting to her. She was sore inside from being stretched for the first time in her life and his pounding was making her tunnel ache now along with the gripping twinges of her vaginal walls. It made warmth spread through her entire abdomen.

He was whispering darkly in her ear again. “I’m sooo hard for you, unfuckingbelievably hard for you,” he murmured. “Yeah, that’s it, lover, come on, let me hear what I’m doing to you.”

She was so in control most of the time. It was unbelievable to take her like this, like a slave, hands bound, trusting him to surrender herself, to be helpless. To let him use her body like this and not be afraid, use her for his pleasure, like a whore. What an unbelievable turn-on. ‘God, I’m a sick mother,’ she thought. But this felt too good.

“Caitlyn, I love your little heart-shaped ass, it’s so beautiful.” He palmed her cheeks and spread them apart. He looked down and watched himself sliding in and out of her, seeing her sphincter flex and release with this thrusts as he pulled her cheeks apart so she was spread taut. “Ooo, I love your little puckering hole too. Every inch of you is gorgeous.” He worked his forefinger into her tightening asshole up to his second knuckle, his palm resting on her cheek. He began pulling it out and sliding back in each time he thrust inside. She was going wild and he had never felt this elated having sex. He slid his finger in all the way and her squealing grew louder, more throaty. He couldn’t believe how good this felt. He retreated and gently worked his middle finger in alongside his forefinger, thrusting a little deeper each time until he was plunging both fingers into her ass. He felt euphoric. Tiny, beautiful, sexy, hot, pure, Caitlyn, wanting his fingers in her ass and his hard sex pounding inside her.

He felt her inside walls quivering and her moaning voice came to him again. “Ohyeahohyeahohyeah. Sogoodahhfuckme. You can be rough. Oh Neil, keep me sore, keep fuckingmehard, I’msofull, oh your fingers feel so good, both holes, sofullsogood.” He leaned over with his free hand and slid it under her, grabbing her nipple in his thumb and forefinger and rolling it, increasing his pressure as her groaning became louder. Continuing to thrust into her hard, he snapped his hips and letting his body drive his fingers into her ass.

She begged, “More, twist harder, oh yeah, twist it harder, make it hurt, oh Jesus, Neil, ahh yeah, make me come. I’m so close, so close. Neil, please make me come.”

He was rapidly losing control. This whole situation was exhilarating. There was no other word for it. He felt dominant and authoritarian. His balls were coiling. He was close. He had to make her come first. She was his, he always took care of his toys. He viciously twisted her nipple, pulling it away from breast at the same time.

He yelled out, sounding almost angry, gritting his teeth, but definitely demanding. “Come for me, Caitlyn. Now! Give it over it to me, do it now, come on, come for me!” Two thrusts and two twists of her nipple later, she convulsed, screaming her pleasure and passing out. Neil kept fucking her unconscious body until he emptied his balls into her grasping, sucking pussy.

Pulling her close he left his cock in her still twitching cunt and fell asleep curled around his doll.

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