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Yes, My Goddess Ch. 01

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Pt. 1 – The Rehearsal Dinner

So far it was a very lovely dinner party.

Krista sat at the table with the others, her legs crossed. She slowly brought the glass of champagne to her lips as her eyes danced about the room. She looked over at her mother, Karen, sitting there looking nearly lifeless, a former shell of her energetic self. Krista smiled, knowing all to well, and proudly she might add, that she was responsible for the woman’s lack of energy and near lack of a will to live.

Her smile got even bigger as she looked over at her father and made eye contact. He winked and took a sip from his own champagne glass before tapping on his glass with his spoon, motioning for everyone to be silent. The smile washed away from Krista’s face, and was nearly replaced with a look of disgust. She slowly turned her head towards her sister Martha and her soon-to-be groom Alexander.

Martha and Alexander had met through a friend of her father’s, and they seemed to hit it off right from the start. Martha, with her mother’s blonde hair and slim physique, was quite the catch for Alex, who despite coming from a wealthy family did not have much luck with women. While not the handsomest of individuals, he wasn’t unattractive, and he kept himself in good shape. He was the youngest son of the Matthias family, and his parents were anxious to see him married off, particular to another well-to-do family that could get him a career and out of their hair.

While Alex seemed to be genuinely smitten with his bride, Martha could care less. While she certainly paid him enough attention to keep him, if not satisfied, than at least un-aware of her extra-curricular activities, she was more interested in the different social circles being a member of the Matthias family could get her access to. In the meantime, fucking anyone from the pool boy to her father-in-law certainly didn’t seem out of the question.

“I would just like to say,” Krista and Martha’s father, Richard, announced to the guests at the rehearsal dinner, “how happy I am to see these two together. I’m sure tomorrow will a day and a ceremony we will be talking about for years to come.” As the crowd applauded, Krista grinned to herself. Oh, they have no idea, she thought. She beamed another look of hatred towards her sister, who was too wrapped up in a conversation with her vapid friends and party guests to even notice. She turned her head slightly and noticed Alexander looking at her curiously. She smiled, batted her eyes, and stood up to walk away. She had plans for him, but they were for later.

She slowly crept down the hallway of the reception center, towards the restrooms. As she passed an office, she heard a couple of voices. One was her father’s, the other she didn’t recognize.

“That’s fine, Mr. Andrews,” the unfamiliar voice spoke, “Take as much time as you need. My office is your office.”

“I appreciate that, Charles,” her father replied, “I just have some business to conduct that can’t wait until later, I’m afraid.”

“No need to explain, sir,” the man, who Krista gathered was the hall owner, assured him, “Just let me know when you’re finished so I can lock it up later. Otherwise, take your time.”

The owner walked out, smiling to himself and tucking something into his jacket pocket. A tip of some sort, Krista thought to herself. Daddy was never stingy with his money. She waited until the man had turned down the hall and was out of view, then walked over to the office, knocking softly on the door.

“Daddy?” she whispered, pressed against the door.

“In here, sweetie!” he called as he heard the knocking, “Come on in.”

Krista opened the door and peered in, seeing her father sitting in the large desk chair. He stood up, smiled, and walked towards her, arms outstretched for a hug. He was in his early 50s, still handsome and still in great shape. She made sure of that, making sure he exercised daily and saw his doctor at least twice a year. His hair was starting to go a little gray in the temple but other than that he still looked very youthful. She giggled a little as he approached her, and she threw her arms wide to accept his hug, and squeezed him back with gusto. He leaned down a bit and kissed her on the cheek.

“Enjoying the party, sweetheart?” he asked, still holding her close.

“I would be enjoying myself more if it wasn’t a party for her,” she replied. Richard simply nodded and muttered an “I know” as he slowly loosened his grip and backed away from her. Then he took a step back, looked her up and down, and then lowered himself to his knees.

“Now that you are here, my goddess,” he said, gazing up at her, “what may I do to please you?” Krista placed her hands on her hips and gave her father a wicked little smile. Those were the words she had been waiting all day to hear.

Krista was 5’8″ tall and just a hair of a fraction over 110 lbs. She indeed have the body of a goddess, with curves in all the right places and breasts; large, soft and inviting; hung in front of her, calling to anyone who looked in their direction. He hair was a bright red and cascaded down to her shoulders. Her skin was creamy white, almost like a doll. If it wasn’t for the evil fury that burned in her eyes, one would almost worry they would break her. She was only 18 but she was the goddess of her father’s, in fact many man’s life. She smiled down at her father, ran her hand through his hair, smiled, and then yanked his head back forcefully.

“Your goddess hasn’t felt your tongue on her clit for some time,” he told him, leaning her lips inches away from his ear, almost breathing the words to him.

“Please let me lick you, my goddess,” he begged – a grown man begging his daughter to let him eat her out – as he looked up at her from the ground. Krista pushed his head away in disgust. She slide her skirt down to the floor then lifted herself up on the desk, spreading her legs wide open.

“Lock the door and come over here,” she ordered him. He leapt to his feet and turned to lock the door. He pressed in the button on the doorhandle and then , like an excited child, hurried over to the desk where his youngest daughter sat, her legs spread open for him.

“Lick my pussy, daddy,” she demanded, “Your goddess wants her pussy licked.” Richard didn’t need to be told twice. Dropping to his knees once again, he ran his tongue up her slit, tasting it’s wetness, finding it’s way inside of her. She moaned and ran her finger through her hair and once again had to admit: her father certainly knew how to eat pussy. He wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked hard for a few minutes, before letting his tongue dance circles around it. She could feel her hips almost involuntarily thrust against his face, and had to bite down on her knuckles after he shoved two fingers inside of her wet snatch.

“Are you ready to cum now?” she asked, grabbing his hair and yanking his face away from her dripping pussy. He simply nodded, his eyes filled with lust and devotion to her. She really was his goddess and he worshiped her completely.

Krista’s mother was, as he daughter so delicately put it, “a cunt.” A vile, evil woman who used her looks and her pussy to get what she wanted. Karen had met Richard at Yale. Richard was a student, and Karen was looking to marry a Yale graduate. In Richard she found her perfect man; a successful, intelligent man with a rich family. More importantly, someone she could dominate, shape to her liking and push around as much as she wanted. For as handsome and talented at Richard was, he was also a pushover and easily intimidated in personal matters. A lion in the boardroom, but a sheep in the bedroom. Once Richard graduated and landed a high paying job, Karen took herself off the pill without telling him and nine months later Martha was born.

Her brother, Richard Jr., was born a few years later, and then Krista shortly after that. While Richard and his son doted over their youngest daughter and sister, respectively, Krista’s mother and sister treated her as if she were a growth, something unwelcome but unable to get rid of. The belittled her in front of their friends and generally ignored her while they were at home. Almost all of her attention came from the men in her family, and when Richard became even more successful at work and her brother went off to join the army, she began to feel even more alone. That’s when she noticed how she was changing.

Unlike her sister who, while somewhat naturally attractive, got most of her dates because of who her family was, Krista couldn’t keep the boys away in high school. An early bloomer with natural sexiness and infectious charisma, became the most popular girl in their high school, with both genders. And while she never abused it, she learned how to manipulate people using her smile and her sexuality to get whatever she wanted. This would come in handy when she would eventually learn what her mother was doing to her father.

Krista had come home early from a play rehearsal one night and noticed an unfamiliar car in the driveway. She hid behind a tree in the yard and saw a man leave the house, but not before kissing her mother goodbye. It was one of her father’s partners at the firm her worked at. She waited until the car pulled away before she snuck back into the house. Rather than confront her mother with what she saw, she decided to find out more. Listening in on a phone call, she learned that her mother was sleeping with almost ALL of her husband’s co-workers, using them to plat fake evidence of a major corporate crime on him. She would then divorce him before the evidence was released to the feds, he would die rotting in jail and she would like the free life she had always wanted.

Krista launched into a plan of her own. But she wasn’t just going to expose her mother for the rat she was. No, she was going to demoralize her, ruin her, and totally destroy her.

She began by seducing her father’s co-workers – the same ones that had been sleeping with her mother. One by one they fell for her – for her body, for her commanding voice, with the way she made them cum. She found a sexual energy within herself that not only shocked her bedmates, but herself. One by one, they pledged to turn against her mother, to actually HELP her father, their old friend. Eventually they began to pledge themselves to HER, as well. Then, one day nearly a year ago before the rehearsal dinner, her father’s boss, Thomas Bankmoore, got on his knees and called her his “goddess.” That would suit her, she thought. Soon, she had all her father’s co-workers calling her their goddess. And while she grew evidence and ammunition in her plot to turn the tables on her mother, she knew there was one last person she needed to call her “Goddess.”

Her father.

It started easily enough, coming to visit her father while he was working late, bringing him dinner or a snack. Sometimes she would bring a DVD to his office and convince him to take a break and watch a movie with her. “You work too hard, daddy,” she would coo, making sure to always hug him tight, pressing her body against his. When he seemed tired, she would rub his shoulders and gently breathe into his ear. Eventually, he began to slowly break down and gave in to the goddess that was his little girl. Ste straddled his hips and took his cock into her wet pussy and rode him, while she rubbed her breasts against his chest and face. She said “Fuck me Daddy.” He said “Yes, my Goddess.” He came inside of her and she told him of her mother’s plot and her own plan. She rode him hard until he came again and then she prepared to put the final part of her plan into motion.

A month had gone by since Krista had made love to her father for the first time, and her mother began noticing that all her boy toys, Richard’s co-workers, weren’t paying as much attention to her as they usually were. Then they stopped calling altogether. One day, while Richard was supposedly on a business trip, Karen noticed her credit and bank cards no longer worked. She called Richard on his cell phone, who told her he had no idea why. He told her he would be home in an hour and would see her then, and together they would figure out what was wrong. Richard hung up the phone, turned to his daughter, ate out her pussy one more time, then they checked out of the hotel together.

Richard arrived home and asked Karen to follow him into his office. She did, and he pulled out a chair for her to sit on. She sat down and he explained that going through some of his records, he noticed some irregularities and that he had to make some adjustments. This was why, he explained her credit cards didn’t work and that replacements were on their way. Karen said that made perfect sense but didn’t know why Richard came all the way home to tell her. That’s when she felt hands around her wrists and her arms being pulled behind the chair, She turned her head and saw Krista, smiling wickedly, handcuffing her to the chair. Karen screamed and tried to kick her way out of the chair, only to find it was bolted to the ground. She called out for one of the servants, but was informed they had all been sent home for the day. Martha was visiting Alexander in Aruba. It was only the three of them in the house.

Krista leaned against the desk as Richard began to peel her clothes off, and she explained everything. She knew all about her mother’s little plan, she told her. She told her about all his co-workers and how she had gotten them to turn against her. She had arrange evidence to “come to light”, if need be, that implicated her mother not just in fraud against her father, but also that she had attempted to hire someone to kill him (which she hadn’t actually done, but Krista had done a good job in make it sure look like she had). Krista made it perfectly clear that if she tried to do anything; divorce Richard, try to have him killed, run away; that all this evidence would surface. To illustrate her point, she tossed a file folder in front of her mother, letting her know it was copies of all the “evidence” and she would be free to look at it later. Karen began to cry, sobbing tears, as Krista made her one final triumphant point.

krista, naked and standing before her mother, pushed her father down to his knees and ordered him to strip, He did as he was told as Karen looked on in sobbing disbelief. Once Richard had removed all his clothes, Krista walked over to her mother and leaned forward, holding onto each arm rest and faced towards her. She placed her face right next to her mother’s and made sure her mother could not only hear her, but read her lips. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t misheard.

“Daddy,” she ordered, looking Karen right in the eyes, “come over here and fuck your goddess.”

Richard did as he was told, standing up behind Krista and sliding his cock into his daughter’s wet pussy. While the sight of her father’s long, thick cock was usually enough to get her wet as it was, the sight of her mother sobbing her eyes out, pleading for mercy, get her even wetter. As her father rammed his long, throbbing cock into her wet cunt and the moans and groans of their fucking filled the office, Krista looked her mother in the eyes once again.

“You see that, you evil fucking cunt?” she asked, almost breathlessly, “he’s fucking ME. Your husband is fucking ME, his daughter. Because he belongs to me now. Everything you had belongs to me. Not only that, but now,” she paused, then leaned forward and pressed her lips against her mother’s mouth, sliding her tongue inside, then pulling out “Now so do you.”

“Yes, my goddess,” her mother whispered, before falling back into the chair, drained, as her daughter moaned in orgasm right in front of her, being fucked by her father. Karen wouldn’t say another word for a week, and would rarely speak after that. Since then she would spend her days staring out of a window, an emotionless shell of a woman. Meanwhile, Krista was enjoying life, enjoying the luxuries once only afforded to his mother, fucking her father nightly as well as many of his co-workers, and enjoying her new status as a sex goddess.

Richard stood up in that reception hall office and looked his daughter in the eyes.

“May I fuck you now, my goddess?” he asked, and she nodded, wrapping her legs around his hips as he pulled his cock through the opened zipper of his khaki pants. He thrust inside of her and she moaned into his ear, letting her tits press against his chest, knowing how much he craved her body. She wouldn’t fuck him for too long. There were a few more guests at this party she wanted to have her way with, and it was only supposed to last for another couple of hours. She squeezed her pussy around her father’s cock and felt his groan and shoot his cum deep inside of her. Her father’s orgasm could always trigger one of her own, and this was no exception. She bit down into his knuckle to keep from screaming out and being heard. As she finished cumming, she pulled her father’s head back and kissed him deeply before whispering “I love you, daddy” and smiling, as her father replied with “I love you, too, sweetheart,” and pulling out of her.

As Richard tucked himself back in and zipped himself up, there was a knock on the door. Richard called out a “just a minute” and motioned for Krista to hide. As she ducked under the desk, Richard smoothed out his hair and opened the door. Martha stood there, looking impatient.

“Have you seen Krista?” she huffed, looking around as if to expecting to see her in the room, “Someone needs to help mom to her car so she can go home and take a nap and it is SURE as hell not going to be me.”

“Calm down, honey,” Richard said in his most soothing voice, “I haven’t seen her, but if I can’t find her in ten minutes, I’ll take her out to the car myself, OK? Now you go back and enjoy your time with Alexander and your friends.”

“I knew that stupid little twat would ruin this party,” she fumed, “She better not ruin my wedding or there’ll be hell to pay.” She stormed off back towards the party. Richard closed the door and turned around to see Krista nonchalantly pulling her skirt back up along her waist. Krista smiled at him, and Richard looked nervous.

“Don’t be too hard on her,” Richard half-heartedly pleaded with her, “She’s just having a stressful week.”

“No, daddy, ” she cooed, “She’s had something coming to her for a very long time. And I want her to get what’s coming to her.” She walked past her father, then turned to give him a throat clearing kiss.

“And a goddess ALWAYS gets what she wants.”

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