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Knicker Teen

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‘Jenny, how many units of Cunt-Struck have we sold to date?’ Alan asked. Jenny flipped open the file.

‘Two thousand five hundred and sixty but I’ve just received an order for fifty more copies from a sex shop in Bolton and I’ve had further enquiries from three more outlets in the midlands.’ Alan took a cigar from the humidor on his desk and smiled with satisfaction.

‘It will be up there with Spunk Hungry soon,’ he said, flicking open his Dupont cigar lighter. He had won last years Mr Porno award for Spunk at the Amsterdam Adult Festival and Tracey Honeypot had won best actress for her role as the bored nymphomaniac housewife. In the finale fifty two guys had lined up and wanked over her, covering her in cum, blowing their loads in her mouth, over her face, her tits and cunt as she spread her long legs wide and fingered herself to her own climax.

Alan looked down into the parking lot with further satisfaction as his eye roved over his gleaming silver Porsche Carrera. ‘I need to find a new project and a new star Jenny,’ he said. It had been three months since the completion of Cunt-Struck, a ninety minuter about a depraved English teacher fucking her way through her students, male and female, at an adult learning centre. He liked to give his movies something of a story line, rather than just film a room with a bed. Of course it eventually came down to the same thing, sex, an outlet for the lonely, wanking themselves off to the scenes of Tracey or any of the other girls taking it anally, orally or vaginally for which the obviously grateful punters paid for his lavish lifestyle. He had an eight bedroomed house in Essex with twelve acres of land, a vintage Bugatti and Jaguar XK 120, his beloved Porsche, and of course all the cunt he craved. If none of his starlets were available to drop their knickers or suck his dick there were always the best of the escorts in the book at his beck and call. He liked to watch two girls, one being fucked with a strap-on dildo while a third sucked or wanked him off as he sipped a very expensive champagne. He had bought the house on the proceeds of Do Me, Do Me Too, and Do Me Again.

An idea was beginning to ferment in his brain. Yesterday morning he had driven past the offices of Yellow Couriers and there was a girl sitting on the step smoking a cigarette. Whether she knew it or not, he could see right up her skirt. Her legs were splayed and she was wearing a pair of pale blue knickers. His cock twitched. He caught her eye, he smiled and she smiled back, the traffic moved and he caught her again, still looking, in his rear view mirror. There was definitely something about her; his cock was solid in his pants when he stepped into the lift.

‘Jenn,’ he said, emerging from his reverie, ‘I think I’ve got it, the flick is to be called ‘Knicker-Teen.’

Jenny smiled at him quizzically, ‘You doing a health warning ad Al, the dangers of smoking?’

Alan laughed. ‘No, although it is about smoking and sex, not nicotine but knickers and a teenager who likes to smoke while flashing ’em – knicker teen! I just love the play on words and whoever that sexy little minx is; I want her to play the role!’

He saw her the next day at the same time, sitting on the step of Yellow Couriers, she was smoking again but this time she was wearing jeans, nevertheless, his cock twitched again. He wanted to approach her then but decided against it, if she was there tomorrow then he would. Cunt-Struck was doing well, another hundred and fifty copies were shipped out and Jenny advised him that Do Me Too had sold forty two more copies in the past couple of days.

‘Jenn, that chick is hot.’ He said, lighting a Cohiba, ‘I don’t think she’s English, got more of a continental look about her.’ Jenny laughed.

‘Alan, I think you are beginning to obsess. Why don’t you just pick her up, take her to dinner and fuck her even if she doesn’t want to be a porno star? The phone rang and she took the call, twenty more copies of Spunk Hungry.

That evening, feeling horny, Alan called Executive Escorts. He wanted Jane and Kim and the diminutive Polish girl, Agnes. ‘Bring the toys,’ he said. Jane sucked him hard and then he fucked Agnes from behind while the two other girls chopped and fed him cocaine, placing the mirror on Agnes’s back at appropriate moments. He got close to climax, held off, and then had Kim wank him while he fingered Jane’s clit. He blew his wad into Kim’s knickers while watching the three of them doing each other with dildo’s. The girls left with four hundred pounds each and a promise to see him soon. Alan wanked off again a little later thinking of the girl on the steps.

A day later and there she was! Short skirt, legs apart and white knickers. Instead of driving on he turned into the forecourt of Yellow Couriers and rolled down the window.

‘Do you work here?’ He asked.

‘Yes, of course, and why you asking me?’ She brought her knees together.

‘I noticed you.’ Alan smiled.

‘Thank you.’ She took a draw on her cigarette. ‘You have nice car.’

‘I have been noticing you for a few days.’

‘I know, I thought about why does a man with rich car notice me?’ She blew smoke. Alan’s cock twitched. ‘What do you do here?’ He asked.

‘I clean office and make tea; sometimes I take telephone and make bookings but they say I have to improve my English.’

‘Where are you from?’ He switched off the engine.

‘I am from Czech.’ She flicked the cigarette end away.

‘Have you been here long?’

‘In this country two month. It was hard, I couldn’t find job at beginning but now it’s ok. In a few days I have interview for bar job.’ As she was talking Alan noticed her legs parting slightly as she relaxed. Sitting low in the car he had a perfect view of her cheap cotton knickers, they were quite tight and he detected a prominent bulge straining against the gusset.

A yellow van pulled up behind him and Alan was treated to a final and more rewarding knicker-flash as the girl stood.

‘Will you be here tomorrow?’ He asked, firing up the engine.

‘Yes, I must go now – this is boss.’

‘What is your name?’

‘Anna, I have to go.’

Alan was greeted by a harried looking Jenny when he stepped into the office.

‘Swift have a problem,’ she said, ‘the van’s broken down and they don’t have another until this afternoon and Love-Stop in Basildon has just put an order in for seventy five DVD’s, they want them by lunch-time if possible.’

‘Well, that’s a stroke of luck!’ Alan replied cheerily. ‘Get the mailroom to put the titles together and I’ll take them over personally to Yellow Couriers.’

Anna looked up from ‘Misty Eyes’, a cheap monthly magazine full of romance stories, some quite racy, that she read to improve her English. She was feeling rather horny as she reached the part where Annabelle’s boyfriend Kurt, had his hand on Annabelle’s knee and was slowly working his way up her skirt with each passionate kiss. In fact she had been offhand when the buzzer rang, wanting to get to the end of the story rather than deal with a boring customer. She had just taken a long draw of her cigarette and was blowing perfect smoke-rings as Alan entered Despatch.

‘Oh, it is you!’ Anna said, genuinely surprised. Alan placed the box on the counter. There was something so hot about her, she had the insolence of the perfect slut, and via his brain his cock reminded him how much the sight of her turned him on as he felt the blood rushing south.

‘Yes, it is an urgent job; I need guaranteed delivery in Essex by this lunchtime.’

Efficiently Anna produced the carbon despatch notes.

‘Where does it have to go?’ She looked up and smiled.

‘Love Stop, two one nine the high street Basildon.’

‘What is Love Stop?’ Anna asked stubbing out her cigarette.

‘It’s a sex shop, toys, underwear and naughty films.’ Alan smiled at her.

‘Nice, I like it.’ Anna laughed as she began entering the details. ‘What you send naughty panty or naughty toy?’

‘Naughty films.’

‘OK, sorry, not my business but you know I am interested to find out.’

The door from the outer office opened and Alan was confronted by a short middle aged man, overweight and showing at least 2 days of stubble on his fat jowls.

‘Anna, I’ve told you, less chatting up the customers and more of getting on with it! I’ll have a coffee when you are ready.’ He gave Alan a malevolent smile and retreated back from whence he had come.

Alan decided to come straight to the point. ‘Would you like to go out with me this evening, a drink, a meal, hang out and talk?’

‘Sure, ok, that’s seventy eight pounds please – I finish at seven o’clock.’

She couldn’t get Alan’s credit card to work so she had to disturb her boss.

‘I’ve told you so many times.’ The fat man complained as he processed the card.

At five minutes past seven Alan drew into the forecourt of Yellow Couriers. Anna was waiting, sitting on the steps smoking a cigarette. Her skirt was short and her legs were open but she stood up immediately affording no erotic glimpses. Before Alan could get out she ran around to the passenger door. As she climbed inside he was rewarded with a quick glimpse of her cheap cotton knickers as her skirt rode up.

‘Really nice,’ she said settling into the leather seat. ‘I like very much, where you take me?’

‘Something to eat?’ Alan smiled.

‘That would be lovely.’ Anna giggled and wriggled down into the seat.


‘Oh, yes. I forgot about it.’

Twenty minutes later they arrived at the WindJammer Club. The car-jockey took the keys and they were escorted to the door by George, the head doorman. Inside they were greeted by Maurice, owner of the club.

‘I am not ready for such place.’ Anna said quietly as they were shown through to the Bronze Room.

‘I am not dressed; I don’t think I look so nice.’ Alan smiled and took her arm leading her to a low table surrounded by comfortable club-chairs.

‘It’s not the clothes honey; it’s who’s wearing them.’ Alan winked at her. Maurice, ever attentive, asked what they would like to drink. Alan ordered champagne.

‘And what will that be?’ asked Maurice, smiling at Anna.

‘So why you ask me?’ Anna said after taking a sip of the Krug 97.

‘Because you’re cute and I wanted to get to know you.’

‘OK, maybe you are ok, but I am just Czech girl and it seems strange for me.’

Alan laughed, ‘I just thought it could be fun, something to eat and say hello.’

‘And maybe to fuck me?’

‘Anna, if that is what you would like but I am just enjoying your company.’ He raised his glass. ‘There are no strings attached, just relax and enjoy.’

‘Strings, what is a string?’

Alan couldn’t contain himself and burst into laughter. ‘It is an English expression for someone who wants something in return for something given – and yes, of course I would love to fuck you, I would be lying if I said I didn’t, but it is fine to spend a couple of hours with you and get you safely home.’

‘You are nice, I like that you are honest with me.’ Her legs parted and Alan stole a clear view up her skirt. Maurice placed menus on the table. ‘The beef is succulent and the pheasant is particularly good.’

Anna still felt too ashamed to go through to the dining room in her cheap denim skirt and cotton top so without fuss it was arranged for them to be served where they were.

After her third glass of champagne Anna began to relax. She told Alan a little of growing up in the Czech Republic, that her father had died and how her mother had become an alcoholic and her younger sister had become addicted to heroin. ‘There is no work that pays and I want to help them.’ She said wistfully.

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ Alan asked.

‘No, but my boss wants to take me out.’

‘Was that the guy I saw today?’

Anna chuckled, ‘Yes, he is ok, gave me job but he is not nice looking.’

‘Anna, would you consider working for me?’ She reached for a cigarette.

‘I don’t know – how much?’

‘I make naughty movies; I would give you two and a half thousand pounds for the first one, you would be the star.’

Anna’s expression changed as she drew deeply on her cigarette. ‘I make sex on film?’

‘You have something quite special; you have a sensuality that is so earthy, so erotic.’ Alan refreshed her glass.

‘You make a lot of money from this – your car, this place, everything?’ Alan nodded. ‘It is a lot of money for me two and half thousand,’ Anna went on, ‘I am not making this money, I get two hundred pounds for my job.’ Suddenly she sat bolt upright in her chair. ‘Shit.’! She exclaimed. ‘I am supposed to have interview for bar job tonight!’

Maurice approached them to take the order.

‘What time is it?’ Anna asked anxiously.

‘Ten past eight.’ Alan answered, waving Maurice away.

Anna looked crestfallen. ‘I am supposed to be there ten minutes ago and it is a long way.’

‘Do you have a phone?’ Alan asked, ‘Perhaps you could give them a call.’

Anna shook her head. ‘I don’t have yet.’

Alan took his slim mobile from his pocket and handed it to her. She took it gratefully and fumbled in her bag for the number. She dialled the number and listened.

‘Is it the Horse and Groom? Good, it is Anna, I am supposed to be having interview for bar job, but I am late at work.’ Alan toyed with his lighter. ‘Can I come tomorrow? You have given job already – ok then, I am sorry.’ She handed the phone back to Alan. ‘They have given the job to someone.’ She sighed.

Alan pushed her glass toward her. ‘Don’t worry, there are plenty of bar jobs so you may as well relax and have something to eat.’

‘Thank you, you are very kind. I am not so hungry, perhaps they have something small?’

Alan ordered Club Sandwiches and emptied the bottle of champagne into their glasses.

‘Another one Sir?’ Enquired Maurice with a twinkle in his eye.

Alan was quick to pick up on the double entendre and he was sure that Anna didn’t and he nodded his assent.

‘I am so stupid,’ said Anna, toying with her beef sandwich, ‘I forgot about interview.’

‘Anna, I don’t want appear as though I am coercing you in anyway…’

‘What is it co-ursing?’ She interrupted with the semblance of a smile.

‘When you get someone to do something they don’t want to do.’ Alan said warmly. ‘You could easily forget your money worries you know.’ He paused for a moment and looked into her eyes. ‘Do you like sex?’

Anna reddened. ‘Yes, of course, I am young woman.’ She sipped nervously on her champagne.

‘And what do you think of pornography?’

‘I don’t know it so well but some is nice, it is normal.’

‘Ok, just for a moment let us imagine that you would be in my film. It would take about four or five days and I would pay you well, you would have enough not to worry for a month or so.’

‘What would I have to do in this film?’

‘Have sex with five or six different men and two or three women.’ Alan said matter of factly. ‘Also quite a lot of posing with short skirts so the camera can see your knickers.’ He added with a warm grin. ‘That part will be easy for you; you’re always sitting on the steps of Yellow Couriers flashing your pants.’

‘Oh, you are very bad, you have been looking at my knicker!’ She leaned forward and slapped his shoulder. ‘You are bad boy!’

Alan laughed, almost spilling his drink.

‘Yes, I am Anna, indeed I am, and your knickers get me very excited.’ Indeed, as they were both relaxing Alan felt the blood flowing into his cock. ‘I want you to think about it. If you are interested I will give you three hundred pounds to go shopping for some outfits – tops, skirts and knickers. I will also pay you five hundred pounds in advance, but you must be sure, it is important when you are be filmed that you act as though you love sex and can’t get enough – it’s not as easy as it may seem, and if you think you can do two anal scenes, one a guy fucking you and one a woman with a strap-on dildo I will pay you a further thousand pounds.’

Anna reached for her cigarettes. ‘Let me think.’ Alan detected her fingers trembling as she brought the cigarette to her lips. He snapped open his Dupont and lit it for her.

‘OK, I go shopping for knicker.’

‘Good girl!’ He raised his glass. ‘I’m sure you will it all very interesting. Now, so we can begin, just relax back into the chair, open your legs a little and let me look up your skirt as we finish the meal.’

At eight o’clock sharp the next morning Alan was behind his desk. He beamed at Jenny and indicated the hot coffee he had waiting for her. ‘You’re in a good mood.’ She said breezily. ‘Am I to assume that you got laid last night?’

‘Better still Jen, I got the girl for Knicker Teen. She’s coming in at four to show her outfits, do some shots and a video test. She’s going to be terrific!’

‘OK, Mr De Mille, but did you fuck her!’

‘For once Jenny I’m going to disappoint you, I wanted her to think carefully, she is only nineteen. Quite a bright and mature one though – and anyway, I get to fuck her in the tests today, if she shows.’

‘Well, well! Who’s been a busy boy then!’ She dropped her bags by her desk and sank into her swivel chair. ‘I finally got Helen to do me with the Thai beads last night. It was heaven; she ate my clit perfectly and pulled them out of my ass right on time – I thought I might have done some damage the way I was ramming into her face. God, it was glorious!’

‘How about my new girl? Are you up for a lezzy session for the tests this afternoon?

‘Ooh, yes! I’m still feeling horny from last night.’ She stretched her arms luxuriously and yawned. My cunt still desires!’

‘Very-good, Jen, I’d like to see you both in sixty-nine and I want you to use a strap-on. We’ll see how it goes, take our time and see if Anna has the star potential I suspect she has.’

At five past four Anna buzzed up from the street. Both Alan and Jenny watched her on the security video system. She was carrying several large bags and was dressed in a short pleated skirt with a tan suede jacket, white shirt and tie, and to top it off a white beret slouched at a saucy angle.

‘Oh my God,’ exclaimed Jenny, ‘let’s get to it. Alan, you are fucking brilliant!’

Anna stepped into reception with a smile. ‘I am bit nervous. I don’t know how you like things.’

‘Honey, I like things very much.’ Purred Jenny. ‘And I know Alan is just thrilled that you are here.’ She motioned Anna to her desk. ‘I just love what you are wearing, let’s see the other things.’

Alan left them to check on the studio and to open a bottle of champagne. When he returned he found the two women discussing the three skirts Anna had bought.

‘I love the one you’ve got on,’ Jenny said, just perfect for up skirt shots, and this tight stretchy one is just fab!’

‘Let’s see the panties.’ Said Alan, uncorking the champagne.

‘Oh, yes,’ I bought quite few pair.’ Said Anna, reaching into a bag.

‘No, not those,’ said Alan, ‘the one’s you’ve got on.’

For a moment Anna seemed to hesitate and then she lifted the short pleated skirt she was wearing.

‘These are my old knicker; I didn’t think to put on the new ones.’

They were the ones that Alan had noticed when she was sitting on the steps the first time he had noticed her. Pale blue, no style, cotton, cheap, and they were just wonderful.

‘Sit down ladies; let’s have a drink to celebrate.’ Alan beamed.

Jenny guided Anna to the leather sofa. ‘Sit back and keep your legs open.’ She said softly.

Alan’s cock was rock solid in his underpants and Jenny was getting wetter by the second. She sat next to Anna on the sofa and Alan took the chair opposite. Alan raised his glass. ‘To Anna’s new career!’ His eyes didn’t leave the sight of Anna’s vulva bulging against the pale blue fabric of her sexy-slut knickers.

There was an awkward silence that seemed to last ages but in fact was no longer than ten seconds. Jenny leaned across and kissed Anna full on her mouth. Anna momentarily pulled back and then pressed her mouth closer to Jenny’s and parted her lips, her tongue probing. She had fantasised about sex with a woman, and she had fantasised about a threesome who included herself, a man and another female. Jenny responded hungrily, sucking Anna’s tongue deep into her mouth. At the same time she reached down and touched Anna through her knickers.

‘Oh, fuck,’ she murmured. ‘Oh sweet fuck!’ What she felt through the cotton was a pronounced mons and a very thick and fleshy vulva. She traced her fingers over the gusset and then squeezed gently when she discerned the extended puffy labia. Alan picked up a small digital video camera and set the controls.

‘Finger her Jen and suck her tits, I want to get it on film.’

Jenny began to unbutton Anna’s shirt.

‘Pull my knicker down a bit or take to one side.’ Mouthed Anna through heart stopping kisses as she herself tore frantically at the buttons on her shirt. When she was out shopping she had decided to give her all to this moment and an experience she had only dreamed of as she masturbated in her bed late at night when her sister was asleep. Her pert tits came free and Jenny delighted in the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Anna had nipples like pastilles and they were hard and erect. Tracing her fingers down, Jenny deftly hooked a finger under the pantie elastic and pulled Anna’s knickers to one side. For Alan it was something like being hit by a train. In twelve years of making porno he hadn’t seen a vagina quite like it. It was a sculpture, it was definitely art and now Jenny was opening it up. Anna had long angel wings but whilst having a faux gossamer appearance, Alan could see that the labia were really rather thick and swollen and that they glistened with excretion.

‘Wow that is so fucking hot!’ Alan exclaimed, zooming in on Anna’s pussy. Jenny’s fingers were glistening with Anna’s excretions as she slowly, gently eased one and then two fingers inside. Anna took a sharp intake of breath and spread her legs wide and threw back her head in ecstasy. Jenny was now sucking on a nipple, rolling it around in her mouth with sensuous flicks of her tongue.

‘Fantastic!’ Enthused Alan, ‘That’s great, keep sucking her tits and working her cunt.’

Jenny needed no second bidding. Anna moaned as her fingers probed deeper and said something that Jenny couldn’t understand and then she started slow pelvic movements, grinding her cunt on Jenny’s hand.

‘Oh, yeah,’ Said Alan approvingly. ‘Oh my sweet fuck yeah!’ His cock was rigid and he desperately wanted to join in or wank himself off. ‘Take your fingers out Jen and spread her wings.’ Jenny’s fingers were smeared with thick dollops of Anna’s love-cream which she held up for Alan to film before licking them clean.

‘M, mm, she tastes so good; her knickers are full of the stuff.’ Said Jenny in a husky voice.

‘Nice, take them off her and hold them up for me.’

Jenny hadn’t exaggerated, the panty gusset was smeared thickly with what reminded Alan of west-country clotted cream.

‘Uh-oh! My treat!’ Alan demanded as Jenny was about to lick her knickers out. ‘Hand them over, I’ll do that when Anna sucks me off.’ He chuckled.

‘Ok Jen, stretch her labia and open her wide for the camera.’ Anna thrust her buttocks to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs as wide as she could. Gently Jenny gripped her cunny lips and stretched them apart. They extended a good three or four inches as she held them open.

‘Anna, reach down and pull back your clit-hood for me honey.’ Said Alan. Anna did as she was asked; placing her fingers on her neatly trimmed pubic bone and then with one finger she drew back her prepuce.

‘Oh, that’s beautiful,’ Jenny gasped as Anna revealed an erect clitoris the size of a large pea.

‘Lick it Jenny, lick it and suck on it.’ Said Alan, thrilling to what he was seeing.

As Jenny positioned herself she felt Anna’s free hand fumbling for her breasts. Anna felt stabs of electricity shoot through her clit as Jenny’s tongue circled it. Anna writhed in ecstasy and now Jenny was sucking her engorged clit into her mouth. Her moans grew stronger with each varying touch of lips and tongue. Lust wracked through her body and what she now wanted was Alan’s cock.

Jenny gasped in sheer pleasure as she ate Anna’s cunt, the cream flowing thick and fast and she lapped it up greedily.

She reached down under her skirt and rubbed her vagina through her knickers before slipping a finger under the elastic and pushing it deep into her own wetness. Anna was bucking against Jenny’s mouth, moaning and babbling in Czech. Jenny increased the pressure on Anna’s clitoris with her tongue, stabbing and licking and circling then sucking it hard into her mouth.

Anna had reached plateau, she knew she was going to come now, any second.

‘Yes, now! Put something inside me please – Alan, put your cock into me please so I can – Oh, oh fucking help me!’

Jenny sucked hard on the delicious clit and rammed three fingers into Anna’s gaping wetness, pumping them back and forth. Anna’s orgasm ran through her like a storm as Jenny now rolled her clit between finger and thumb and pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy.

‘Oh, yes! Oh fuck yes, beautiful, Oh, fuck me please.’ For a few moments her body went quite rigid and then exhausted, she slumped back onto the sofa.

Alan had captured everything finishing with the flushed and serene expression on Anna’s face as she lay back with her eyes closed.

‘Ok, let’s take a break and have a drink.’ Beamed Alan, ‘I could use one after that, and we certainly all deserve it.’

‘Yeah,’ said Jenny, ‘I could also use an orgasm right now too!’

‘Me too but I want to film it, I’ll set the tripod up and you can do some hand held, I’ve already got some terrific stuff. We’ll use some of this for the extra scenes in the DVD.’

Anna slowly sat up her blouse open and her skirt up around her waist and her hair dishevelled. She looked down at her spread legs and then at Jenny and Alan.

‘I look like such slut.’ She said with a grin.

‘Are you OK,’ asked Jenny handing her her drink.

Anna nodded and smiled. ‘I am fine,’ and then to Alan ‘Am I ok for film?’

‘You are just wonderful Anna, it’s going to be great.’

‘I am happy that you like it because I decide today to try to be porn star – I gave up my job.’ She picked her bag up from the floor and rummaged for her cigarettes. ‘You suck my clit lovely.’ She smiled at Jenny.

‘You have a lovely clit to suck.’ Jenny said, returning her smile.

‘Did you each come yet, I am so busy having my come I didn’t notice.’ Anna said, exhaling a plume of cigarette smoke.

‘We’ll do a little more filming and this time we’ll all come. Do you like men to come in your mouth?’ He asked. Anna shrugged her shoulders. ‘Because Jenny is going to fuck you with a strap on dildo while you suck my cock.’

Jenny undressed while Alan set up the camera and placed another on the coffee table. He noticed thick milky juices seeping from Anna’s pussy. He switched on the camera on the tripod and handed the spare to Jenny who was now wearing only a pair of black knickers.

‘Lay back and open your legs while I finger you.’ Anna lay back, the cream now dripping from her cunt.

‘Film this.’ He said to Jenny, I’m going to smear my cock with her cunt-cream and she’ll lick it off my dick.’

He quickly stripped and put two fingers inside her gaping fanny and scooped out a generous amount of the creamy fluid, smearing it over his now swollen glans. He knelt beside Anna on the sofa.

‘Suck it honey, suck your juices off my cock.’

Jenny filmed Anna as she sat up and took Alan’s glistening cock into her mouth. She sucked him slowly and then licked all around the head.

‘You put more of my pussy juice.’ She said, eyes shining up at him. Alan fingered her again and smeared more love-cream onto his dick.

‘Lovely, let me suck it off.’ This time she opened up her throat and took him deeper inside her mouth reaching up to caress his balls.

‘Jenny, get me her knickers.’ Said Alan, luxuriating in Anna’s oral ministrations. ‘And get into the strap-on.’

He pulled his cock from Anna’s mouth and instructed her to kneel on the sofa on all fours.

‘While she’s doing that I’m gonna put my cock in you – get it really coated with your juices baby.’

He walked around the sofa and approached Anna from behind.

‘OK, head on the cushions and reach round and open up your cunt for me.’ Anna did as she was told and Alan slid his cock in deeply.

‘Oh! Yes please.’ Said Anna, as she felt his meat filling her up.

Jenny was now wearing the strap-on dildo. She watched as Alan slow fucked Anna, burying his cock inside her. He pulled it out and motioned for Jenny to take his place, taking Anna’s knickers from her. He moved back around Anna who went back on hands and knees to suck him off.

‘Now, Jenny!’ He commanded and as he pushed his dick into Anna’s face. Jenny thrust at the same time, Anna’s love-cream affording ease of entry as the dildo slid home. ‘Wank me Anna, wank me while you suck me.’

He now looked at the feast that was the gusset of Anna’s knickers. Jenny gripped Anna’s waist and set up a steady fucking rhythm.

Anna looked up at Alan and said. ‘Ah, you like my filthy knicker?’

Alan brought the gusset to his nose and sniffed, the heady aroma filled his senses as he felt Anna’s tongue sliding down his shaft. She squeezed his balls gently and then sucked one into her mouth. Keeping up her rhythm Jenny reached between Anna’s legs and fingered her clitoris, again rolling it between finger and thumb.

‘Yes, yes, baby, do my clitty nice,’ gasped Anna, thrusting back on the pounding dildo. Alan stretched the knicker gusset and scraped out Anna’s cunt-cream with his teeth, spreading it over his tongue. So bitter sweet.

‘Anna just suck me, I’m gonna come soon, I want to blow my wad while I clean up your panties’

‘Me too,’ breathed Jenny, who was now fingering her own clit furiously while maintaining attention to Anna’s clit and keeping up a quick pelvic motion.

Anna grabbed Alan’s cock and wanking it, slipped it back into her mouth. Alan dropped the knickers and grabbed Anna’s hair roughly pulling back her head.

‘Open your mouth.’ He demanded. His cock twitched and his balls tightened in their sack.

Jenny, her clit on fire felt her orgasm begin. ‘Oh yeah, that’s good, so fucking good.’ She moaned.

‘Oh I come, I come!’ Screamed Anna, trying to get Alan’s cock back in her mouth.

Alan was wanking himself now.

‘Oh fuck yeah!’ He moaned. His cock jerked and the first load sprayed Anna’s face. Anna stuck her tongue out to catch the spunk dripping from her top lip. Alan felt his cock spasm again and he aimed a string of come perfectly into her mouth. She was trying to swallow as he fired one more copious load that covered her face and dripped in pearly strings onto her heaving breasts…

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