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Yes I Will

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This town is new to me. Only last month I lived in Florida. Now I live in North Carolina in a small town 15 miles north of the university. My friends were surprised that I bought a tiny house of 500 sq. ft. instead of a traditional 2000 sq. ft. one. But they shouldn’t be since unlike my friends I have no mortgage or car payment. The freedom to invest or travel or to do whatever I want to do with my income came about as a result of choosing to live below my means.

Everyone in my subdivision has made the same lifestyle choice. Our entire subdivision lives in a tiny house – it is like a movement here. The houses in our area are like little jewel boxes. All the homeowners are mortgage free making the community atmosphere relaxed and laid back.

Two months ago, I came here to begin training for a new position as a database administrator. Since I am an only child of two only child parents both whom had parents who were also the only child, I don’t have many family members. After I was grown, was reasonably sane and able to support myself, Mom decided to follow her dream and move on. My mother moved to a rural area in Oregon to live on a small farm. She had always dreamed of living in a farm setting and going back to nature. Mom and Daddy had never married because my mother never wanted to be a wife. Daddy was totally opposite of Mom he wanted to get married but was willing to accept her choice not marry. When she moved he was distressed but not surprised about her decision. After Daddy became available several women expressed interest but as far as I know he did not go out with any of them.

He’s a rugged man who has always reminded of a 60’s era television cowboy – a stoic man of few words. Daddy is 6’2″ and weighs around 210 pounds. In 1986 he took a position as a traveling welder. While I was growing up on the third Wednesday each month his truck and camper would pull up into our driveway. He would stay at home a few days each month. His company’s work schedule suited my parents permitting them to live as they wished while maintaining a home life for me. Over the years his career has progressed he currently works as a project manager for a bridge maintenance company. He has driven an F-350 truck with a long bed camper for the last couple of years. When Mom decided to move to Oregon, there was nothing to sell since the house that I grew up in was rented. We helped her move to a farm that she had purchased. My parents were similar in that both of them made small footprints on the earth. However, their similarity did not extend to kind of lifestyle that they wanted. She wanted an unencumbered relationship but my father wanted a traditional man woman love match. So, Daddy and I told Mom good-bye leaving her to live her new life on the northwest coast and we headed back east.

Daddy had invited me to ride back in his camper across the country with him. He would drop me off to my apartment in Florida. My vacation had two more weeks left before I had to go back to work. I looked forward to spending time with him. We decided to stop at the Grand Canyon along the way. The first night of our trip we stopped at an RV campground that had a park like setting. He pulled truck down near the pond. The other campers were far enough away that we could see their lights but not hear them. We set up the camper for the night. The comfort and home atmosphere of being with him at night under the stars was soothing. After we cooked some shrimp and pasta for dinner, we sat outside listening to Daddy’s favorite kind of music. My college classmates used to call some of his favorite selections baby making music. As I lie on the lounge chair sipping my wine relaxing and unwinding to a mellow buzz, I started to understand how women could more easily conceive as they listened to the romantic seductive rhythms and lyrics while humping their favorite man. At 27 my biological clock was ticking loudly in my mind. I had hoped to be married with children by then. Unfortunately, I had gone through a break up and there was no one new on the horizon. But there I was primed and ready for the right man to knock boots with. I had been hoping to meet an unmarried good guy who was looking for a good woman like me for his wife.

Slowly, the wine, the relaxed atmosphere and the darkness of the night worked together to put Daddy and I in a talking mood. I shared my hopes and dreams with him as he did with me. We were so similar in what we were looking for. It was as if I had described him and he had described me. All of a sudden it was as though scales had fallen from our eyes as he saw me as a desirable woman for the first time. There he was an attractive virile man. We sensed at the same moment that a current of sexuality and romance was flowing between us. I felt self-conscious for the first time with my father. I began to sneak looks at him, to study his smile, body, the curve of his shoulders and thighs. More importantly I noticed every time he moved feeling my eyes going to his crotch trying to gauge the size of his member. At the end of the second day of our trip an intriguing thought kept popping up tickling my brain. I wanted kiss Daddy and hold him in my arms imagining that he felt the same way about me. Soon I got a hint from him that maybe I was right. I was standing at the kitchen sink rinsing a glass when Daddy walked up behind me slipping his arms around my waist. He kissed the back of my neck. His hardened bulge rubbed against my buttock setting my nerves on fire.

Really it didn’t take much to ignite the passion within my canal, it has been more than 6 months since my last sexual encounter. There was a pulsating sensation that began with his kiss on the back of my neck. He didn’t pursue it any further. As I said he gave me a hint. I was reluctant to reveal my desire for him because I was afraid that maybe I had misunderstood or wanted a man so badly that I only imagined that he wanted me the way that I wanted him.

My confidence level where men were concerned was not very high because I had been through a bad breakup 6 months ago. Really I have an ordinary face, shoulder length brown hair but a rocking hot body. Because I work in IT mostly with men, I dress in layers so no one ever sees the fabulous results that exercise and eating right has produced giving me a tight and shapely figure. My ex fiance was surprised when he saw me naked for the first time. He was like a male dog chasing a female dog in heat. We had an epic sex life for nearly 5 years. If he had not caught the eye of a rich older woman who gave him a lifestyle that most people only dream of I know we would have married. But enough about him he has moved on and I would not take him back even if he begged me.

I was unsure whether Daddy would be upset about his daughter coming on to him. I knew he would love the femaleness of my body if he ever chose to get intimate with me. He had gotten up early to go shopping for the day’s food supply. While he was out I decided I would test my theory. I would take a shower then come out naked for him to see me. If I had correctly discerned his interest in me he would make a move. If not, he would excuse himself, leave and we would go on as usual.

I had already showered and had been anxiously waiting for Daddy to come back from the store. When I heard his truck pull up I jumped back in the shower so that I could pretend that I was just coming out of the shower when I walked into the room naked. Showtime, I thought. I turned off the water walked into the room feigning looking for my towel that I had left there.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I left my towel in here.”

He smiled not saying anything not taking his eyes off my body. His eyes scanned me from head to toe.

“No problem. You are remarkable. I would have never known that you look like that under all the clothes you wear.”

“I know. I dress like that because I work with all men. I didn’t want to have any problems getting along with everyone. I guess I’ve just gotten in the habit of wearing shapeless clothes.”

I didn’t cover up I stood there letting him look at me completely nude. By standing there I was giving him an opportunity to decide whether to come on to me or let the moment pass. When he came towards me and I walked towards him I sensed that our moment had come. We had arrived at a mutual decision meeting in front the refrigerator. He wrapped his arms around me. My intuition had been right. Jonathan (my father’s name) was attracted to me and had been sending me sexual desire signals.

He slipped his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues greedily touched and sucked each other. I have an IUD so I don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant. Daddy and I are both disease free so we don’t have to use condoms we were able to go bareback. He picked me up with my assistance by me hopping up as he lifted me onto the counter. I opened my legs so that he could gain entrance to my cunt. He held my lips open licking the length of my slit. I leaned back giving him easier access to my sex. I lifted my legs putting my feet on the counter so that I was stretched wide open inviting him to enter me.

Since I was dripping wet with desire, he was easily able to insert his cock into me. I wrapped my legs around his back pulling him close to me but at the angle that he was standing and my position on the counter I could not get the kind of hard deep thrusts that I was craving. He was a sensitive expert cocks man who realized that the cramped space in the kitchen area was not permitting him to give me the kind of forceful thrusts that I wanted. He adjusted my position so that I could experience his entire length but more importantly his girth.

The tip of his penis was not the widest part of his member. The area near the base of his shaft was thicker than his considerably thick head. When his thrusts delivered the base of his penis into me I was in total ecstasy. His next stroke sent me into another world I loved fucking him. It must have occurred to him how much I pleasure I got from having the widest part of his dick as far inside of me as he could get it. So he carried me to the bed with my legs still wrapped around him. He able to remain inside of me, lay on his back so that I could ride him to let me enjoy every inch as deep as I would like. As a woman of 27 luckily for me I had orgasm quickly, Daddy was 44 so he it took him longer. He brought me to climax twice before he had an orgasm.

We laid in each other’s arms talking about everything. Not surprising at all we had shared interests, foods and attitudes. During our trip Daddy asked me to be his girlfriend. For a year we dated exclusively getting together whenever he was in town.

While Daddy was out of town one time I met my ex-fiance Kevin. We began dating later becoming engaged. Kevin and I were together for almost 5 years before he dumped me for a rich cougar. Losing him hurt deeply so when the job opportunity in North Carolina was offered to me I jumped at the chance.

Daddy helped me move and applauded my decision to buy a tiny house. He told me about a tiny house community that he had seen in a town near my new job. We had discussed the benefits of tiny house living so we toured the subdivision together when I came up looking for a place to live. Daddy helped me pick out a beautiful little home only 500 sq. ft. With my savings as well as an additional contribution from Daddy I was able to write a check for the full amount of my house.

Not once while I was with Kevin, did Daddy and I get together. But after I moved to North Carolina, Daddy and I went to bed together again. It happened one night while we were watching a video. We were laying on my bed watching the movie when he started caressing me. I opened my legs which he took as a signal to finger me because he knows how much I love the way he does it. His fingering led to me an intense orgasm that I thoroughly enjoyed especially since it had been so long since I had been with anybody. I lay still with my eyes closed feeling satisfied and relaxed. He lifted my blouse unhooking my bra kissing, sucking and licking my breasts. I ran my hands through his hair as he stirred my desire.

I raised my hips so that he could take off my pants. I unzipped his pants taking his phallus into my mouth. He showed me that he missed me too. Sucking his cock gave me a sense of joy giving me an opportunity to show him how much I appreciated his loving, his time and his attention. But both of us wanted penis penetration.

Soon we were humping each other slowing letting our lust and passion build. Both us of knew that we could enjoy fucking for 10 or 15 minutes if we went slowly for a while. I did not want to climax quickly today so I laid motionless letting him slowly thrust in and out of me. He filled me stretching me touching all parts of my canal with his thick member. Being together again felt so good to me and to him. Little by little we picked up the pace until our thrusts met each other with tremendous force. He was going deep. Then we changed positions so I could ride him for 3 or 4 minutes permitting me to experience his thick base that thrilled me. I got on all fours for him to penetrate me from behind putting his entire penis inside me. From behind the base of penis was so thick that it rubbed my clit while we fucked. Each doggy style stroke intensifies my pleasure so much that he had worked to perfect a special move that made my clit vibrate. It felt so good I thought he would make me pass out from sheer ecstasy. Each stroke was so hard and deep that the bed shook. I begged him to let me cum and he did.

When I climaxed I fell down flat on the bed and he stopped moving for a few minutes because he knew that I was feeling too sensitive for any further movement for a little while. After the sensitivity had abated I lifted my hips arching my back so that he could penetrate me from behind and have his orgasm. His strokes quickly resumed the force and depth that we both love. It was not long before he had an orgasm collapsing on top of me on my back. Neither of us could move for a few moments because we were both so drained.

After he recovered his strength we lay in each other’s arms. We agreed that we missed the intimate side of our loving. He laughed saying he wasn’t too proud to humbly ask me if I would be his girlfriend again. I laughed saying wasn’t too proud to say yes I would.

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