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Years Ago, Back in Texas

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I have this experience to blame (or thank) for all the many years of sexual deviance that followed. But first, a little bit of background.

Like a lot of kids, the moment I turned eighteen, I left home. Only I didn’t have college to go to, but a job designing web pages 1,500 miles from where I grew up in Texas. So I packed up and headed to Maryland, where I had already arranged to rent a cheap one bedroom apartment and start my new life.

My mother and her family were not the best to grow up around. A lot of people probably feel that way about their family so should understand when I say that without me going into great detail. I will mention a few things though so that you will understand why what happened was so unusual.

My mother just could not seem to find work that she was willing to stay at for more than a few years. She changed jobs and homes a lot, dragging me and my younger sister all around Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. My aunt Kathy, her youngest sister, lived in north Texas with her husband of over twenty years along with their three kids.

Growing up, I had always wanted that life that her kids had. They didn’t move around, and Kathy actually worked part time only when she wanted spending money; while my uncle Carl worked for a local plant as a mechanic. They had a pool and took vacations and ate out a lot; all the stuff a kid wants while growing up. Or so I thought.

What I didn’t know until my mother convinced Kathy and Carl to let us move in with them for a few months is that Kathy had major issues. She had inherited my grandfather’s temper — the very same temper that I have discovered in me as well. She also seemed to suffer from depression or something because she would close herself up in her room sometimes for hours, and had terrible time sleeping from what I heard. Part, or all, of this may have been caused by the fact that in order to maintain their lifestyle, Carl worked twelve hour shifts at night, alternating five and six day weeks. We rarely saw him the whole time we were there except for when he was heading off to work at around five in the evening.

I was in my mid-teens when we lived there and felt awkward about the whole situation. It was worse because I had a massive crush on my cousin Lynn, who was a year older than me. She was one of those cute little blond cheerleader types that always dated the football captains and such. Her and her friends were way out of my league, even though they were always real sweet to me, being new and all. She teased me a lot over those few months, while I was fifteen and she was sixteen, so I think she knew about my crush and had a few laughs at my expense. It didn’t matter. She was so cute it was worth it.

Anyway, my aunt was kind of pretty too. And she had a nice body in my opinion. She was a real woman, if that makes any sense. Around 5’9 with the most perfectly shaped legs I had ever seen — maybe to this day. She also had what I have heard so lovingly referred to as “child bearing hips.” I was never into breasts, but they were definitely very nice as well — when I gathered enough courage to look at her closely. She spent a lot of time curling her hair and stuff, and made herself look really good whenever she left the house. Totally unlike my mother who wore no makeup and didn’t care what she wore at all it seemed.

My aunt Kathy looked the best when we all went to bible school on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning though. She would wear these skirts that came just to her knees. They were very thin and if the sun caught on the other side of her you could see the shapes of her legs all the way to her panties, even when she wore a slip. I hate to admit it, but there were times I’d be sitting in church still thinking about the shot I had just seen with her walking across the gravel parking lot in front of me, wearing open toed shoes with the sun setting in the distance.

I am also ashamed to admit that I got myself off on many occasions over the next few years thinking of just her; sometimes even more than Lynn. I didn’t have that much contact with girls my own age, as I was not as athletic as everyone else and always the new kid in class and we lived kind of far out in the country. So I kept to myself and my little fantasies. The stars of course, were the women in my every day life. Since neither my mother nor my sister were remotely worthy of such attention, I focused solely and Kathy and Lynn. But then she would go off on me or my family and I would hate myself for ever thinking of her like that.

Anyway, the first few weeks we were there, we didn’t get a taste of her real moods so much directly; only saw her reacting to her kids. She yelled a lot, and I must admit that there were really bad actually, so it was not totally unfounded. It was only Lynn and her sister Marie at the time, since Tommy was not born until later. Thinking back now, I understand why it took at least eight years for her to get pregnant with each child, what with Carl working nights for so long.

To make a long story short, Kathy would go off about things at the drop of a hat. It was like three months in Hell. She was very verbal – not abusive or physical – just angry and irritated all the time. I always tried to make sure I did things right around her and she generally left me alone, but it still was not nice to be around.

It didn’t stop even after we moved out and got a place a few miles away. She got me a job at the same Wal-Mart where she worked and in the couple months before I turned sixteen, I would ride with her. She was usually very nice to me, as long as everything was going good that day. But if something happened at work she would stew about it all the way home and give me an earful. Anything I said would be turned around so that I was stupid or just taking someone else’s side. She even left me once because she was so pissed about something and didn’t even think about me being there.

So that was Kathy. While she was definitely a woman that could make you stir, she was also quite the handful.

That brings me back to where I started. Having seen that I was doing well on my own, my mother packed up her and my sister and quit her job about a year after I’d left. She wanted to move in with me, but I refused. She didn’t even ask until after she had quit her job, and then tried to make me feel guilty for not helping. Somehow, within the next month before she was completely destitute, she actually did find a very good job in Delaware at a credit card company and headed out without even letting me know.

I had to call Kathy to find out if my mother was even still alive. She was very aloof and only talked to me for a few minutes. I sensed that my mother had made me out as the cause of all her woes. So, knowing that, I decided not to bother with anyone until they came to me.

Nine months later, my mother calls and asks me to fly back with her and my sister to get the rest of their things they had left behind; which essentially was about fifty years of junk she had accumulated. She laid the guilt on me really bad and only offered to pay for my ticket after I told her I didn’t have the money. Reluctantly, I agreed.

So I flew back with the two of them; forced to sit next to my sister who was still angry at me for leaving. But we fought like cats and dogs anyway and still do to this day, so I didn’t give a crap really.

My aunt Kathy picked us up from the airport with my three cousins. I was surprised to see Lynn and I know I blushed when she gave me a hug and pressed those perky little breasts up against me. She smelled so good. Before she pulled away, she whispered how good I looked and gave me a little wink. I knew she was teasing me again just like when we were growing up. But she was twenty-one now and married to a nice guy she had met while line dancing at a country western bar.

She had to look up at me, since she had stopped growing at 5’2 and I was now a towering 5’7. Yes. That was a joke. I never got any taller than that, although I did fill out rather nicely by lifting weights and toning up over the years. I liked the way Lynn had squeezed my arm when she pulled away with a grin, and was glad I was not the same skinny kid I had been when I’d left.

We dropped Lynn off about twenty minutes after leaving the airport, as she had just wanted to see us in. I sighed as I watched her in her little shorts and flip-flops walking into her perfect house with the flowers in the front yard. What I wouldn’t have given to have been staying at their place for the next few days.

My other cousin, Marie, was only fourteen at the time. She was not nearly as cute as Lynn, but she did have her sister’s same bubbly personality — to a point. On the ride back to their place, Marie kept trying to grab my watch off my wrist and push me around in attempt to get my attention. She was generally being a pain in the butt, being very childish. My other cousin, Tommy, was just encouraged by this behavior as he was only two and the biggest brat in the world. Between him and Marie I was regretting my decision to come back already.

Kathy looked good for being forty or forty-one. She had married Carl very young so she still looked young, especially with her face and hair all made up the way it was. At that moment though, my mind was still thinking about Lynn in her cute North Texas University t-shirt hugging me all close. I honestly didn’t have an impure thought about Kathy even in the deepest part of my mind.

It was a Friday afternoon when we flew in. We were going to be there until Thursday and then head back and unload. If we were lucky, we could return the truck on Saturday night in Delaware.

Friday was fine. We saw Carl for a few minutes and got to talk about stuff for about an hour before he headed out. He would be off on Wednesday night so would be able to help us load in the afternoon and see us off the next morning. Kathy was in a very good mood and so was my mother. Except for Tommy trying to demand everyone’s attention, particularly mine being the only guy around, it was actually not so bad.

Anyway, when she had left Texas my aunt and uncle had allowed my mother to store most of her stuff in their barn. It was more of a small warehouse than a barn since my uncle was a mechanic by trade and was into rebuilding engines and making money on the side from his regular job. How he had time to do this was beyond me. I knew he took three three-week vacations a year, but still. That is not how I would have spent my time off.

Saturday is inconsequential to this story. It was spent just going down to the barn with all the family and looking at the daunting task ahead of us. It didn’t help that my mother was not only a packrat, but also a procrastinator; so we had to really make everything as easy as possible for her in order to get anything done. It was a long day and we’d barely put a dent in it because of her and Kathy talking most of the time.

Kathy was still being very nice the first day, but that evening she was yelling at both of my cousins about something and the rest of us kind of just kept out of her way after dinner. This was very difficult for me because I had to sleep on the couch. My mother got a room for her and my sister at the local hotel, but figured sleeping on the couch was good enough for me.

Kathy was up and down from the recliner on the other side of the couch all evening, going back into Marie’s room and then yelling at Tommy for being a real snot. I think that little monster needed a lot more than just yelling at.

It all quieted down around 11:00, so I finally just lay there on the couch watching the last half of Johnny Carson before I went to sleep. Kathy came out a couple of times to get something to drink or get something for Tommy, but that was it. She didn’t say anything to me at all, except goodnight the last time out.

I had watched her though, both times, since the lights were out except for the TV and she was wearing only an oversized t-shirt that barely came down to her mid-thighs. Her legs were something else, that’s for sure. Like a woman’s legs should be. From my vantage point on the couch, she looked like she was just all legs; especially when she reached across the dining room table to grab one of Tommy’s toys for him.


I had a restless night on that uncomfortable couch, made worse from not bringing myself off in over forty-eight very stressful hours. That Sunday was the same. I did all the heavy lifting; bringing boxes and boxes of junk down a twelve foot ladder by myself. Mom and Kathy just sat there going through it all — a huge job in itself. Meanwhile Marie and my sister were nowhere to be seen — off talking or whatever — anything to not help.

My mother only stayed down in the barn for an hour or two at a time all day before she complained about being too hot or hungry or anything to not get the stuff done. She was much more interested in just talking the whole time and it was clearly irritating Kathy as well. It was like that all day until late afternoon. I stayed out a little longer looking for any boxes that could have been mine from my childhood, and quickly disposed of or packed up what I thought was worth tossing or keeping.

When I got back up to the house, the rest of them said they were heading to a movie and dinner as soon as my uncle Carl had left for work. I didn’t really care to be seen with the group of them as argumentative as they all were. Plus, they were seeing a PG movie, so I opted not to go. There was nothing on TV; just news. No cable out there and they didn’t have a satellite dish — this was way before DirecTV. So after I was sure they were a safe distance I laid back on the couch and decided to relax my own way.

I was a late bloomer because I have always been shy around girls. At twenty, I had only lost my virginity within the last two years and only had three sexual experiences to mention at that time. One with a friend’s mother; where we ended up making out pretty hot and heavy, but never got the chance to do anything else because I moved away. And the other two were girls my age. Only one of those two was I with more than once though.

It didn’t stop me from reliving those experiences every chance I got. It sounds stupid, but I got a lot of books about women’s bodies and sexual techniques and such — like the How To’s with all the stupid suggestions. I also paid a lot of attention whenever I watched movies late at night on cable and I had just recently discovered porn, having been brought up so religious, as I mentioned before. Nothing fascinated me more than kissing and making a woman come with your mouth. It amazed me whenever I saw something like that described in print or on TV.

So, I was well on my way to bliss, looking at myself hard and swelling in my hands — loving the sight actually. I was just over eight inches even then, so it was just the rest of my body that had failed to grow. Now this is where I made the mistake. Why I got the bright idea of heading into Kathy’s room and looking for porn is beyond me.

I had house-sat for a coworker once, a guy, who also shared with two other guys. They were all going to the beach or something so needed someone to be there for some deliveries and junk. I shouldn’t have, but that curiosity factor got the best of me and I opened the doors of each of their rooms just to see. One of them had nudie pictures, mags, tapes stashed all over the place. He was in his forties so I guess he’d had a long time to accumulate.

I suppose I was looking for the same kind of thing with Kathy and my uncle. I mean they were adults and not as stuffy as my mother, I knew that. But I still don’t know what I expected to find. Obviously I found nothing sitting out in the open. I had zipped up when I went back to their bedroom, but when I opened one drawer and found her stockings and panties, I felt myself instantly get hard again.

Anyone who has done something sneaky like that knows the feeling. Your head is pounding and your heart is racing, your mouth goes a little bit dry in expectation of what you might find. The stuff was very sexy — for a twenty year old with limited experience.

So I was picturing her as I was holding up different pairs of panties, imagining what she would look like in them standing right there in the room with me. I found a pair of black thongs and saw how my fingers were touching the crotch by accident. The thought suddenly made me feel so guilty I had to close the drawer.

I just stood there for a minute, looking at my hard cock in the mirror on her dresser. I saw in the foreground her jewelry box and her light nail polish; an unopened package of Leggs’ pantyhose. I opened the drawer and took one more look and a feel, before closing it and then opening all the others, finding nothing at all of interest.

So I went over to the chest of drawers, obviously my uncle’s things. First drawer and I found a box hidden in the back. My heart jumped at what could be inside. But it was just an old pocket knife and some papers, like birth certificates or something. Next drawer was his underwear and I had no desire to look at his stuff like I had Kathy’s so I started to close it. That was when something caught my eye as it rolled in the back of the drawer. I opened it again and moved his stuff out of the way, only to find an honest to god big rubber dildo just sitting there in the open.

I felt a rush instantly. I mean, I had to assume it was Kathy’s, not his — and honestly the thought never crossed my mind that a man would use a dildo so I knew it was Kathy’s. With shaking hand I pulled it out and ran my fingers along it. You may think it is gross, but I actually smelled it, in hopes of smelling her I think. But it smelled only of rubber of course.

I had seen dildos in some of the movies I had rented, but none looked like this. This looked like a real man’s cock; almost identical to mine. It even had the veins and bumps and ridges going all around. I immediately unzipped my jeans and pulled my own piece out, comparing the two as I became instantly hard, and was more than proud that I was a good inch or so larger than the thing. I really was almost identical in its thickness though. And when I turned a little silver tab on the bottom, I could make it curve to the left just like mine.

I lowered my jeans and took my shirt off so that I could get a good look at the two side by side, pressing it right against my pelvis. I actually said to myself, I bet I’d be a perfect fit…

Right then, the door flung open and there was Kathy holding Tommy, who was sleeping in her arms. She just stopped and stared at me with wide eyes as I dropped the dildo on the floor and tried to cover myself, grab my shirt and put the thing away all in the same instance. I was so scared shitless I didn’t even say anything; I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

I was struggling to fit my hard cock in my jeans and get past her when she stopped looking and headed for the bed to put Tommy down.

“Go through the bathroom, not that way. Someone might see you.”

“Please don’t tell my mom,” I managed, hesitating at her bathroom door, which would also ultimately lead to the main hall.

She didn’t even answer me.

All I could think now was: this was the worst fucking day of my life! I stayed in Kathy’s bathroom, which was also the main bathroom, for a few minutes, cooling down and trying to regain my composure.

When I came out, my mother, sister and cousin were obviously irritated but not saying anything much to each other.

“Don’t you care why we’re back already?” my sister growled. I had been so upset I hadn’t even thought about it.

My mother just gave me a look and nodded toward the hall where Kathy’s room was. Apparently she had had another meltdown.

“The movie time got changed and we didn’t know, and Tommy threw up pizza all over the van, so…” my cousin said, rolling her eyes.

I just shrugged and got myself something to drink before heading down to the barn again; still too shook up to think about food. I stayed down there for about an hour before Marie came down. It was dark by then and moths were flittering around the lights in and outside the barn. Marie immediately started bugging me again. After a few minutes, she hopped up on her dad’s workbench and was looking at me kind of funny. This kid was crazy, I thought. No way was I going to get caught with my underage cousin who treated me like shit all my life! In my eyes, she was still that ten year old that got me into trouble all the time.

Right then my mom walked in and saw Marie talking to me and acting rather goofy. She didn’t help things by acting guilty and rushing out of the barn before my mom said anything.

“What was she doing down here?” my mom insisted.

“Who knows? I’m just ready to go home. Isn’t there any way we can get out of here sooner than Thursday?” I said, changing the subject.

My mother then proceeded to explain all the reasons why we couldn’t and if I was that intent on it I could just fly back home, that she would manage without me, as usual.

Whatever. I started to head outside when she stopped me, gripping my arm hard.

“If Marie comes out at night, you make sure you tell her to stay the heck away from you. You hear me?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about. You are not to mess with her. She’s your cousin.”

“Damn, Mom! I can’t believe you’d even think something like that!”

Her face softened a little, but not much.

“I don’t mean you. But I see the way she is acting. Older boys can have a bad influence on a girl her age.”

“I’ll remember that.” And I angrily turned to leave again.

“I mean it! Remember what I said!” she yelled after me.

I was so pissed by that point and rather disgusted that anyone could think I would do that with my cousin, my younger cousin that I just walked around the edge of the property in the dark before heading back in.

A little while later, I was looking in the fridge for some leftovers or something to eat as I was starved by then. Kathy was already in there washing dishes. It felt so tense being in the same room with her, yet having to act like she had not seen what she had earlier that day. I tried not to notice the short jogging shorts she was wearing that showed off her legs so well. She was my aunt, and the thought made me feel so guilty that I could look at her like that. Especially after she had seen me with her dildo right beside my own …

“You’re old enough to know why I have that,” she blurted out. I spun my head around to look for my cousins or anyone else in earshot, but no one was around. I heard Tommy throwing a tantrum somewhere in the back of the house.

“I’m sorry,” I said weakly. I was so embarrassed that she was even bringing it up again.

“You had no right to go through our things like that.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” I said again.

She was silent for a minute before continuing. “Carl works a lot. Night is really bad for me sometimes.”

I didn’t know how to respond, so I said nothing and went to heat up some chicken wings I’d found.

“I won’t tell your mother. But don’t you ever tell them about what you found either.”

I looked over at her and saw her looking very irritated as she scrubbed the last pot. Without saying another word, she grabbed a towel to dry her hands and left the other dishes by the sink – for me I guess, since I was the only one in the kitchen.


I ate my wings alone and then stayed in there a long time, taking my time washing what was left, thinking about what she had said. I was relieved that she wasn’t going to say anything. Listening to that the entire way back in a Ryder truck for two days would have been more than I could bear.

That night, after my mom and sister had left to go back to their hotel and everyone else was in bed, I just lay there in the dark on that couch, wishing I had never agreed to come. She might not say anything to my mother, but who knows what she would tell my uncle after I left. He already thought I was a wuss for liking computers instead of engines. He would think I was a sneak and a liar now … or something worse too.

The room was so quiet that I could hear the crickets in the garage and the refrigerator turning on and off around the corner in the kitchen. It was very uncomfortable and strange sleeping on that couch, which did not pull out, so I had trouble falling asleep. There was really only one sure way of taking my mind off the day’s events.

I had my hands in my pants, stroking slowly and trying to forget what had happened earlier. I started thinking about the girl I had been with a few months earlier that was good for me actually, except she transferred to a four year school in another state and I was still trying to work full time and take classes at community college. I was just to the part where she had reached into my pants and got that huge grin on her face, when I sensed, more than heard a presence.

I opened my eyes and had difficulty adjusting to the darkness. My heart started pounding from instinct as I lifted my head to see who was standing at the end of the couch. Too tall to be my cousin and definitely not Tommy; Kathy slowly stepped around to where I was and bent down close to me.

“Come with me,” she whispered.

I had no idea what was going on as she reached under the blanket and found my arm, pulling me up off the couch firmly. I struggled to bring my lounge pants back over myself so that she wouldn’t see, as I had no shirt on at all. She was leading me back to her room, gripping my forearm, not my hand, almost hurrying down the darkened hall.

Kathy closed the door carefully behind us and let go of me for only a few moments as she lifted her big t-shirt over her head, revealing her completely nude body to my stunned eyes. She still didn’t say anything as she reached for my arm again and pulled me closer to the bed then sat on its edge. Not looking at my face, she moved her hands to my waist and quickly lowered my pants, revealing my still large, if not almost hard shaft. And then she let go and moved back onto the bed, resting her head on the pillow as she looked into my eyes for the first time.

I could see everything a little better in here, because the light from the moon or something was coming in the window on the other side of the room, but I couldn’t see much better. Although I could see when she reached out and grabbed my arm again and spread her legs to accommodate me as I climbed on top of her.

My aunt Kathy quickly brought the sheet and blanket back over us in order to hide what we were doing, and to keep us from freezing with that air conditioner so cold in that room. I couldn’t believe what was happening and was afraid to move even an inch so that I didn’t ruin the whole thing before it started.

She didn’t say a word; she just looked into my eyes as she reached down between my legs and took hold of my cock, which was so hard right then I could hardly breathe. I felt the head brush through the coarse little hairs on her mound as she quickly slid me inside her and then reached for my hips with both hands, pulling me down before I could react.

I heard her inhale sharply as I slid inside. She was very, very wet. Much more so than the girls I had been with. And she was not tight at all until I was over halfway in. Then it was like I’d just bottomed out or something.

Kathy had her hands on my ass, orchestrating my movements: releasing when she wanted me to pull back and then gripping me hard when she wanted me to slide back in. She still hadn’t broken eye contact or moved in any other way except for her hands and her hips. The tips of our noses were touching and we were staring back at each other. It was so very strange to be looking at her that close at all, but especially in a situation like this.

I will always remember how amazing it felt to have her full, soft breasts beneath me; my chest flattening them out. They were so much larger than the girls I’d been with. She was a 38-C, I had seen that much on her bras, but I had no idea how big that was back then. Her nipples were poking into me, and that very thought made me jerk inside her almost uncontrollably.

She started breathing heavier as we got into more of a rhythm; our hips moving harder against each other and then retreating over and over again. I was still not all the way in, and Kathy was still staring into my eyes; only now I could feel her parted lips brushing mine every time we arched together. Her breath smelled like toothpaste, and I hoped to god mine smelled as fresh. It’s funny, the things that you think about at a time like that.

I felt her hands sliding slowly up my back until they were finally resting at my shoulders. She held me tight and allowed me to determine the speed and firmness of our thrusts for the next few minutes. There were no words spoken; no loud crying out or moaning. My aunt Kathy just lay there beneath me, firmly pushing her pelvis against mine and holding me tight inside her. I felt her feet and lower legs pressing on the backs of mine, keeping me in place as she moved against me. She kept moving her hands back to my ass every minute or so, pulling me into her deeper — even though it became almost painful at times. Her mouth was open a little wider now and I could feel her hot breath against my face every time I thrust forward again.

I was looking into her eyes so intently, that I actually saw the moment her lids fluttered while staring back at me. She was suddenly struggling to keep her eyes open at all, speeding up the grinding of our hips. I let her control our movement again, willingly pushing and withdrawing at her instruction, going at a much faster pace.

Kathy’s nose and upper lip started to transform into a snarl almost, with her jaw clenched, and for a few moments I thought she was upset. But then I saw her close her eyes tight as she gripped my shoulders again and threw her hips up at me extremely hard.

For the next few seconds I lifted my face just a little and watched my aunt come. Her head was moving in tiny circles, pushing back into the pillow and lifting slightly, or moving from side to side as if she were saying “no.” She was trying with all her might not to make a sound, with her teenage daughter sleeping right across the hall and her two year old son just two doors down.

I was not certain what she wanted me to do as her body relaxed somewhat beneath mine. So I just did what my own body demanded and continued working myself inside her. She was so warm and so wet now that I was sliding in with ease. I had nearly all eight inches stuffed inside her and could feel her wetness tickling my balls as they pressed against her soft ass.

Kathy opened her eyes now and took a very deep breath as she stared up at me. A part of me was afraid that she was regretting this already and that at any moment she was about to push me away in disgust. She did push me away – only she put her hands on my chest and shoulder and pushed me up so that she could see my body above her. Then, for the next few minutes she just looked down between us and watched my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. And that was the first time I felt my aunt’s long legs wrap snug around my body.

It was a sensation that I will always remember. Not because they were smooth and shapely — although they were the latter. Rather, it was because they felt “prickly.” As if she had not shaved them for two or three days. It was by no means un-sexy. To the contrary; the feel of her bristly skin rubbing against my thighs and hips and ass just made me want her more. The only downside was that forever afterward any time I made love to a woman that hadn’t shaved for a couple days, it made me picture my aunt Kathy beneath me rather than them. I have always felt ashamed of that and have confessed that only to my wife — until now. She sometimes deliberately goes without shaving, knowing what that does to me.

Kathy hooked her legs around my waist loosely, causing her thighs to spread wide open as she locked her ankles behind me. She looked up into my eyes and I shivered when I felt her hands moving up my body and then resting on either side of my face. I could tell by her expression that she was intent on coming again: lips parted seductively, head tilted back just tempting me to sink my teeth into her neck.

I did just that. I lowered my body and gathered her tight in my arms, burying myself inside her and kissing the side of her neck, even sucking there.

“Don’t mark me!” she whispered suddenly.

I instantly stopped and resumed kissing the side of her face, her ear, her shoulders — anywhere I could reach that I thought would not offend her. I don’t know why, but I was afraid to actually kiss her even though we were being so intimate otherwise. I was afraid she would be revolted to have her nephew’s mouth on hers, having only given me hugs up until that day, not even a peck on the cheek in greeting. So I just kept kissing the side of her face, just behind her jaw, and inhaling her scent. It wasn’t perfume, but I think a facial cream or maybe just plain soap. Nothing fancy, but the scent just made me insane.

Kathy was lifting her ass higher now, angling her body so that I was able to slide in as deep as possible. She was still so tight deep inside and it made both of us groan softly each time I hit bottom.

I felt her lips on my shoulder at first, but then over the next few seconds they gradually made their way to the side of my neck. All the while she was rubbing her legs and feet up and down my legs or wrapping them around me for seconds at a time before starting all over again.

Her mouth was suddenly at my chin and I lifted my head to look at their oak headboard as my aunt first kissed me there lightly, but then began using her teeth and tongue on me. Feeling that, I couldn’t resist a moment longer. I lowered my face back down and set my mouth over hers.

Not only did Kathy not recoil, but I felt her tongue sliding into my mouth almost instantly. Her hands had gone back to my ass, pulling me into her just as before while at the same time she thrust her tongue in and out of mouth as if she were fucking me there as well.

The initial shock of being with her had finally come to an end. I could feel the familiar stirring in my balls and I knew I would not last long. She sensed this I think, just from the way I was breathing differently or possibly because I was holding my breath for longer, in all actuality. I felt her lifting her legs to frame my hips once again and humping up and down very forcefully now.

I moved my hands to the back of her neck instead of on her shoulders, where they had been most of the last few minutes, and held her still as I filled her with my cock as deep as I could. I thrust particularly deep when she lifted her hips to meet mine and Kathy moaned deep in her throat as she kissed me hard.

We came like that — both of us. I felt my cock lurching and shooting inside her as she gripped and released me, thrashing beneath my body but holding me tight. I was in utter shock at the realization that I had just come inside my aunt and even more than that — that I had made her come again as well.

Both of us continued to grind against each other for the next minute or so, kissing just as furiously as when we had started just minutes before. But all things come to an end and I felt her legs relaxing to the bed and her hands lowering to just hold onto my hips lightly. Our kiss slowed to nothing — just our lips touching — and finally we broke apart, each of us burying our faces in the other’s neck.

We stayed that way for a few more minutes. I remember her skin felt sweaty there against my cheek as well as on her chest. I suddenly felt like we were roasting under all those covers and reluctantly rolled away from her to lie not on my uncle’s side of the bed, but on the small space still left on Kathy’s side. She rolled onto her side and draped one long leg over my hip and threw an arm over me before just looking into my eyes.

I don’t know what she was thinking because we still had not spoken really. But I know I was amazed at how hard I still was and was thinking about that. Obviously just being with her in such a taboo situation had set something off in my mind that did that to me.

Kathy closed her eyes and just stroked my back and she let me run my hand up and down her leg from hip to ankle a few times before she rolled onto her back. I laid there watching her staring up at the ceiling for a few moments before I felt that I was overstaying my welcome for some odd reason. She draped her arm over her face, covering her eyes and then rolled away from me completely now. So I got out of the bed slowly and grabbed my pants, struggling to get them on properly.

Having managed to do so, I looked at her lying in the bed and didn’t know what to say or do. So I simply touched her arm that was on top of the blanket and squeezed her gently. Kathy’s hand reached up and touched mine, gripping my fingers for a few long moments and then she just let go.

I quietly retreated back to my couch and pulled the blanket over me as I lay down. My mind was just racing at what had happened, almost not truly believing. But I could still smell her somehow, could still feel my lips throbbing from her sucking on them, and could still feel how hard and sticky I was.

I was amazed that after all that, I felt like I needed to come again. I couldn’t get the image or the feel out of my mind of my aunt’s prickly legs wrapped around me, or her tongue in my mouth, or her nipples pushing against my chest. God, I wanted her again already!

I felt almost more frustrated now then when I had laid down at the beginning of that night. It was just after 1:30 and I stayed there like that, with my cock getting hard and then soft for a few minutes at a time, or rather me doing that to myself as I thought of my aunt right down the hall. In that bed. All alone.

My heart started pounding again as I contemplated going back in there. It was like the thought just suddenly occurred to me or something. But I was afraid of her getting upset with me. Telling me to leave or rejecting me now. I fought like that in my head for nearly an hour — until I gathered enough courage to head back down that dark hall, and into my aunt’s bed.

As quietly as I could, I made my way back to her room, careful not to touch the wall and knock a picture or anything off on my way down. It was almost pitch black at the end with no windows there and I had to feel on the door for a few seconds in order to find the knob. I did find it, and I turned it as gently as I could before stepping into the room through a barely opened door.

The light was good enough to see her form under the covers, but I could not see whether she was facing me or the other wall. I turned around and used both hands to close the door as softly as I could, locking it just as quietly. I took a deep breath and turned around, then took the three steps across the small room to the side of her bed.

Just as I was about to speak, Kathy lifted the covers off of her body to reveal that she was facing me — and waiting. My cock was so hard that it ached. My aunt reached her hand out and grabbed my cock as I lowered my pants and stepped out of them. And for the next minute or so I just stood there and let her grip me hard and stroke me before she relented and moved back toward the center of the bed to let me in.

The kissing started almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. And she gathered me close to her body with that arm and leg before I could even react. I felt myself being pulled on top of her and I lifted up as she spread her legs wide enough to accommodate my own legs and ultimately my cock. She reached down and spread her lips apart, letting me slide myself inside her this time.

I must reiterate: I can not describe how hard I was at that moment when I slid inside her. It was almost painful and my balls felt like they were on fire.

Kathy gasped as I pushed myself into her body, gathering her in my arms and positioning myself properly on top of her in order to do what we both wanted most.

“So hard,” she gasped; her lips right at my left ear. It made me get gooseflesh all over my neck and left side of my face.

“Because of you,” I whispered back.

Kathy groaned and went back to kissing me as she hooked her long legs behind mine and pulled me into her. It was much more intense this time, now that both of us were more comfortable with what we were doing I think. And I lasted much longer — thank god! I never wanted it to end. I just wanted to stay inside my aunt’s sweet body all night.

She seemed ravenous for me as well. Her lips were everywhere on my face, but primarily on my mouth and neck. The sounds she made, trying not to breathe or moan too hard, which only ended up sounding like whimpering and sighing, were like music to my young ears.

I counted three times that she came before I was ready; each time her body stiffening as she held me tight with arms and legs and moaned into my mouth to keep from making any noise. I think the sound of her breathing deep and moaning so softly almost constantly is what ultimately set me off. I came with such force that I heard her shushing me by whispering fiercely in my ear. But she was not angry. I felt her lips kissing and nibbling there just moments later.

My body continued to jerk as I spilled my seed inside her for the second time that night. I lifted my head as Kathy’s mouth worked its way around my jaw and then I looked down at her. She smiled and looked at me with wide eyes, still running her hands all over my body.

“That sure was a good one, wasn’t it?” she whispered.

I found it difficult not to laugh. She stopped me from doing it by kissing me again, although I felt her smiling the entire time.

I glanced at the clock when I slid off her body and saw that it was 3:33. An easy number to remember; so to this day I always have.


We held each other for about thirty minutes before both of us started drifting off to sleep. But we were both keenly aware of being caught in that compromising situation so would jerk awake every few minutes. It was best for me to go back to the couch before it was too late.

When I got ready to leave this time, Kathy reached out for me and sat up in bed before I went to the door. The blanket fell around her waist revealing her body for my eyes again; really only the third or fourth true glimpse I had seen. She pulled me toward her and kissed me on the lips and then my cheek while holding my hand tight. And then she just sat there smiling weakly with her curly hair all a mess as I reluctantly left her for the night.

I know I slept peacefully after that and did not even hear Carl come in that morning. I woke with a start when Tommy made a noise with some toy in his room, sometime shortly after that though, and I suddenly felt panicked that Carl would know what me and Kathy had been doing all night. I stayed on the couch for a few minutes just reliving what had happened before I got up and went to the bathroom to get dressed.

My mother and sister arrived just a little later and Kathy had still not emerged from her room. My mother had brought donuts, which Tommy happily ate. My mother, sister and I then headed down to the barn to work for another day.

I couldn’t keep my aunt out of my mind that whole day. The house was quiet when we headed back up for lunch. My sister said she had seen the van leave around noon, so that explained that. I sat quietly at the table by myself and ate lunch while my family watched TV and ate in the other room. All I needed to do was close my eyes and I could see Kathy’s body beneath mine, her face all contorted as she came all over me. I got hard a number of times just sitting there eating.

I was in an irritable mood so didn’t say much that afternoon. Just carried boxes and bags from the loft in the barn and then tons of trash to the dumpster Carl kept on the property. My heart jumped when I came out and saw my aunt’s van in the driveway up at the house again that afternoon. But then I became anxious that she had regretted the whole experience and had been avoiding me.

That night she grilled hamburgers out on the back patio and I watched her secretively through the window in her shorts and bare feet; her toes painted a light summertime pink. Kathy made no mention of the previous night, not to my surprise at all since there was no privacy with everyone around. But she also didn’t throw me any looks or play footsies under the table or anything like that either. It was like it hadn’t even happened. Even when we were all talking at the table or in the family room after dinner, she talked to me just like she had before it happened: like family.

I was tempted to bring myself off in the shower that night before I went to bed, but I suddenly felt like masturbation was so childish now after what I had done with a real woman not just a girl, the night before. So I contented myself with getting extremely hard and then looking at myself in the mirror for a minute before heading to bed.

I think my cousin had taken the hint by this point, or my mother had scared her off earlier, so she stayed on the phone in her room and away from me the rest of the time. Tommy was still a brat though. But the good thing about that was Kathy having to make a dozen trips out of his bedroom before she could go to bed. I was more than pleased to see that she was still just wearing a t-shirt and nothing else when she came out. I kept my eyes on her each time, remembering the way those long legs had felt wrapped around me the night before.

Tommy was a handful that night and it took her forever to get him to go to bed. He seemed to think he was missing out on something by going to sleep with me still out in the living room. I finally saw the hall light go off and heard my aunt go back to her bedroom at around midnight. I went to the bathroom a little later, feeling wide awake from all the dreaming about Kathy and what we had done. Marie’s TV was on late; I know because I peeked around the corner a few times just to see if the light was still glowing under her door.

I fell asleep waiting for it to go off and woke at about 2:30. I shook the sleep from eyes and reached down between my legs. Of course I wasn’t hard yet, but the moment I remembered my aunt sleeping in that bed all alone, I stiffened instantly.

She had not come out to bring me back to her room, and she certainly hadn’t given me any encouragement to visit her again that night, yet I felt like I had to take the chance. Fully awake now, I quietly went back to her room, at the end of that dark hallway and placed my hand on the knob.

For a moment I thought she had locked the door, as I had tried to turn it so gently that it didn’t even move. I felt my heart move to my throat and I nearly turned around, before I decided to try it one more time. The door popped open almost instantly, revealing that same soft light outside the window as before.

I closed the door behind me, turning and gently locking it as quietly as I could. My pulse was racing and it felt difficult to breathe. I approached her shape in the bed, concerned more about startling her now than being rejected.

“Kathy?” I whispered.

She instantly turned in the bed and threw the covers off to reveal her naked body beneath. I gasped from the sight — no doubt with wide eyes as I looked at her spread out on her back before me.

I quickly stepped out of my pants, my cock hard and ready, and climbed onto the bed beside her.

“What took you so long?” she hissed. She was frowning, clearly irritated, but at the same time pulling me on top of her and stroking me as she waited for my response.

“I wasn’t sure if you-”

“After last night?” She slipped the head of my cock inside her and pulled me down forcefully. I could tell by the look on her face that she was actually getting pleasure from seeing me shocked by her aggressiveness.

I didn’t have an answer for her; so feeling my face turn red I simply looked down at her mouth and shoved myself inside her pussy. Kathy arched into me and gasped. She had made me a little angry by acting like it was entirely my fault for not coming in. How was I supposed to have known? I decided the best way to get her to forget my stupidity was to make her come all over me.

I grabbed the end of the mattress above her head and pulled myself along her body, forcing my cock as deep as I could. Kathy inhaled sharply and lifted her legs, bending them at the knee and leaving them spread wide for me. Both of her hands went to my ass and her mouth latched onto my earlobe — and that was pretty much how we stayed until I made her come.

It did not take long; just ten minutes or so. It was so much different than the previous night though. That had been slower and sensual, but this was just fucking in its purest form. I could feel the hot air blowing out of her nose against my ear with every forward thrust while she threw her hips back up at me silently. She was certainly wet, but still needed to be loosened up a bit before I was able to get all the way inside. My aunt seemed to enjoy that part immensely — helping me work my thick cock inside her by relaxing her pussy at just the right moment and spreading just a little to accommodate my hips even more.

I loved her hands squeezing my ass, trying to control my movements; her becoming frustrated when I slowed down for a few seconds and then not able to prevent me from sliding deeper than either of us thought possible when I started up again. And then there was that glorious feel of her mouth at my shoulder, as she attempted to stifle her cry while coming all over me. She got so wet and so hot that it nearly made me lose the last bit of control I still had. Gritting my teeth and bearing the stranglehold her pussy had on my cock, I kept grinding my hips against hers and let her finish her climax.

After a minute or so Kathy slowed her hips and lowered her legs back to the bed. I slid my hands down and felt how silky smooth they were, telling me that she had shaved them in preparation for tonight. Unlike the previous night which had obviously been a last minute decision on her part. She kissed the side of my face and I lifted my head to look down at her. Even though the sheets were not on as at all and the air conditioner was blowing hard, I could clearly see that her face was flushed; beads of sweat dotted her hairline.

“You little shit!” she whispered with a smile. I frowned, not understanding. “You made me come already.”

I grinned, trying not to look cocky, actually feeling rather shy with her saying it out loud. She gripped my ass hard, covered my mouth with her lips and started lifting her hips again, feeling how hard I still was.

The previous night I had held myself back, not wanting to make her upset with me or do anything that she would reject me for. But I felt a little more confident now knowing that I had satisfied her pretty consistently. As we kissed and continued grinding against each other I started thinking about all the things I had done with my last girl. I wanted that with my aunt as well.

I broke away and kissed at her chin for a moment before trailing tiny kisses down her neck toward her chest. I was forced to stop thrusting as I folded my body inward and covered a nipple with my mouth. I can hardly describe the sensation that ran through my body at that first taste. She smelled so incredible, almost entirely of woman and perspiration. And her flesh was so soft and warm everywhere except for that plump nipple that was stiff and almost rubbery. But this is my aunt, I kept thinking.

I bit down, not on her nipple exactly, but on the sensitive flesh surrounding it, and she moaned so loud that I saw her hand fly up to cover her mouth in surprise. I moved to the other side and sucked and nibbled there for a few minutes before returning to the one I’d started with. She was becoming frantic now, trying to pull me back up and resume our fucking, but I didn’t want to come yet — and I knew that two minutes into it I would, with the way she was moving all over the bed.

I stopped kissing her breasts and lifted my face to look at her. Kathy opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at me with a frown.

“Can we do something else?” I asked. I know now that you don’t ask a woman something like that, you just do it, but back then I was not so sure.

“What?” She responded so fast and with such a look on her face that I decided instantly not to even ask. I got quiet and moved back up her body to continue what she wanted instead. “No. I’m sorry … what is it?”

Kathy had stopped me and was holding onto my shoulders. Her expression had softened a little, but she was still anxious or irritated or something.

Instead of answering, I just showed her instead. I crawled down between her legs quickly and lifted them in the air behind her knees. She smelled so strong from coming, but so good as well. Without waiting for her to give me permission, I immediately started kissing her between the legs.

My aunt stared down at me for a few moments completely shocked I think; her mouth and eyes wide open. I kept my eyes open as well and stared right back up at her. She let out a gasp and tossed her head back for a moment. But then she reached over and grabbed my uncle’s pillow and stuffed it behind her head on top of hers so that she could watch. Her hands went to the back of my head and she started pushing me into her pussy as she spread wide.

She tasted incredible. I must have stayed down there for fifteen minutes just kissing and licking and slurping; doing everything that my last girlfriend had liked so much. I had my own technique, one that has served me well ever since — although it is difficult to describe in words. I circled her clit with my tongue and saw her head turn to the side with her eyes clenched tight. She still gripped the back of my head with one hand, but the other, she brought to her mouth and bit down on her fist. Seeing this, I redoubled my efforts and was rewarded with her sweet cum just moments later.

I licked her clean, kissing her inner thighs and swollen lips, leaving her sensitive clit alone for now and allowing her to recover. She finally let go of my head and looked down at me with droopy eyes.

“That’s enough,” she whispered.

For her it might have been, but not for me. I started on her little button again, swirling my tongue back and forth across it and then taking a few moments to go lower and slide my tongue between her lips as far as possible. I could hear her whimpering and saw her take Carl’s pillow and place it on her face as she let me kiss and lick and nibble to my heart’s content.

She was resisting me, I could tell. So after a few minutes, once my jaw started to ache from being down there so long, I decided to speed things up. I went back to chewing on her clit and at the same time, slid two fingers deep inside her. I felt my aunt start lifting her hips up and down against my hand, still pressing the pillow against her face every time she felt the need to cry out. I worked my fingers in and out furiously, causing her to come harder than before, and I smiled as I heard her whining softly from behind my uncle’s pillow.

I only stayed down there long enough for her to catch her breath and then I was sliding deep inside my aunt’s slippery pussy again. I moved the pillow away from her face and looked down into her startled eyes as I hovered above her on outstretched arms. She just shook her head as if not believing what she was feeling and then closed her eyes as I started pumping my cock in and out of her.

Kathy kept her hands on my arms, gripping my muscles the entire time I made love to her. I wanted it to last forever, but I had been so close to coming the moment that I entered her, that I couldn’t hold out for more than a few minutes. She knew I was about to come when I flattened my body on top of hers and started grinding into her harder. My aunt responded immediately by wrapping her long smooth legs around my waist and wrapping her arms tight around my back.

I held my breath as I came, knowing that if I were to breathe then I would surely wake the entire house. All I could hear was the pounding of my heart in my ears as I emptied my balls inside her clenching pussy.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped immediately; my eyes still closed and my cock still pumping violently inside her.

“For what?”

“For coming … so fast.” I was ashamed since I had wanted to make her come three times like I had the night before.

“What do you want out of me?” she replied softly. “You made it happen four times before you.”

I lifted my face and looked down at her questioningly. She smiled and closed her eyes as she relaxed her body beneath me.


We held each other for close to an hour before the smell of her and the feel of her breasts against my arm and chest started to make me swell again. Kathy felt me getting harder against her leg and reached down to stroke me gently. She didn’t need to say anything. I could tell by the way she moved her body away from me to look at her hand wrapped around it that she loved my cock. And I loved the idea of my own aunt loving it as well.

Kathy glanced into my eyes and saw me looking back at her already. Without saying a word, she rolled me onto my back completely and straddled my waist. There was no beating around the bush with her. Just like when I had been on top, she went right after what she wanted. Lifting her ass off of my thighs and placing my hard cock at her pussy, she slowly lowered herself down on top of me. It was so very strange seeing her on top like that — with her breasts hanging down over my chest and the soft folds of her mid-section right there, not nearly as flat as the girls I’d been with, yet not at all unattractive.

She didn’t flinch when she felt me rubbing my hands around her stomach and then up to her breasts, taking one in each hand and feeling her nipples press against my palms. Kathy then proceeded to ride me like that for the longest time, just staring between our legs and lifting her hips so that my cock almost slipped out completely before sliding back down again.

I kept my hands on her waist or her ass almost the entire time, just enjoying the sensation of a woman like her on top of me, pressing me down with her hands on my chest. After a while, she sat up straight and just closed her eyes as she swiveled her hips all over my waist, grinding into me, forcing all eight inches deep inside her. I loved seeing her head tilted back, showing me her long neck and her curly hair falling so seductively down her back. Her breasts looked amazing; so full and round, and her nipples so tempting.

My aunt was moaning softly now, just loud enough for me to hear and she was well on her way to another orgasm. To help her along, I sat up and captured one of her nipples between my teeth and started lightly chewing and sucking as she squeezed me inside her, working her muscles around my cock. I responded to that by lifting my hips and forcing myself inside her even deeper.

She flung her head forward and stared at me with a frantic expression, digging her nails into my shoulders as she pressed down on them.

Right then, we both heard a faint crying at the other end of the hall. Kathy blinked a few times, looking almost as if she were not certain she was hearing it, but as Tommy got louder, she got off of me and went over to the door to grab her t-shirt that was hanging there. I immediately got up and started to get my pants, but she turned and looked at me as she placed her hand on the door.

“No, you stay here,” she whispered forcefully. And then she quietly slipped out of the room.

I nervously got back into the bed and pulled the covers over me as I waited for her to return. After a little later I actually heard Marie get up and go to the bathroom. It wasn’t Kathy because her toilet was not the one that flushed. It had come from across the hall. I started to feel my heart racing. What if she came in here and found me in her mother’s bed — with no clothes on? Heck, she could go into the living room even and see me not on the couch and that would be enough. I was so tempted to just get up and go back to the couch, but I was afraid of disappointing Kathy. She told me to stay here, so she must have thought everything would be ok. But now I was not so sure.

I lay there listening to her talking to Tommy and going into the kitchen and then back into his room again. It seemed like forever before she came back. Nearly an hour. I had started to doze off when she finally came back in and slipped into the bed beside me.

Her skin was cold and she lay up against me for warmth, sliding her leg over my body and looking down at me.

“Where were we?” she whispered.

And then her mouth was on mine, sliding her tongue between my teeth before I could respond. In only seconds, her hand between my legs had me as hard as when she’d left. Her feet and legs were still almost ice cold as she straddled me again, letting the covers fall away from our bodies, and quickly slipped me back inside her.

She was like a woman possessed; the way she rode me. Her hips seemed to be everywhere: back and forth, up and down, side to side. I literally just laid there and let her do whatever she wanted, as there was little chance of me controlling her in that position. She came in only a few minutes; flattening her breasts against my chest and burying her face in my neck as the pleasure coursed through her body.

I remember so well how heavy her body felt on top of me. Not a very unpleasant feeling at all. Just strange to have a woman that outweighed me by about twenty or thirty pounds lying on top of me like that.

I continued squeezing her ass and running my hands along her wide hips and then up along her sides for the next minute or so. Kathy started kissing the side of my neck, slowly working her mouth around to mine. Somehow, just moments after we started kissing again, I found the strength to roll us over, without dislodging from her pussy.

We were not straight on the bed now. Her head was clean onto my uncle’s side and I remember the rush of adrenaline I got as I fearfully contemplated Carl being able to tell somehow in just a few hours. But my aunt was obviously not concerned in the least.

I felt her screwing her hips up at me and hooking her legs behind mine for leverage as she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me deeper inside her. We fucked like that for quite a while. Longer than I thought possible; but having been stopped before, I suppose my body had been forced to start all over or something.

She did come very hard for me again. And she coaxed my own orgasm out almost moments later by slithering her tongue into my ear as her pussy flooded my cock with her juices. I came as quietly as possible, wincing from the force of my ejaculation — coating the walls of my aunt’s pussy while she gripped and coated me in return.

For the next few minutes I just stayed on top of her heaving body, enjoying the feel of her arms and legs still holding me tight. I think both of us were completely exhausted by this point — I know I was. Only two to three hours sleep the last two nights and working hard both days for nearly ten hours each, and then her working my ass off both nights had certainly taken its toll. As I rolled off of her, I remember my heart racing so hard that I almost felt ill.

Kathy just lay there staring up at the ceiling and sliding her feet back and forth on the sheets as she ran one hand across my stomach and the other between her legs.

“I better go back now,” I said softly.

She responded with a sigh and then lifted up onto one elbow to kiss me on the forehead. It was funny. After all that, I felt like I was just her nephew again for some odd reason, the way she had pressed her lips to my head for a few moments and then climbed out of bed to go to the bathroom.

I weakly got out after her and put my pants back on before silently going back to my couch.


Thankfully, my mother let me sleep in a little that morning. I awoke to the sound of Tommy turning on the TV and Marie rushing over to scold him before he woke me up. It was close to ten. Kathy was apparently still in bed as well. But this was not unusual from what I had seen years earlier when we’d lived there. She would often sleep for a few hours with Carl after he had come home.

Back then I wondered whether they had sex in the morning when he came home. But now, I was nervous that he would surely know something was up, just from the way she smelled after having been with me half the night. If he did find out, he never said anything to me. Thank god!

That Tuesday we wrapped things up in the barn and got it down to where everything could fit in the biggest truck we could rent — the twenty foot. We would have to drive into the city the next morning and bring it back bright and early in order to get it done in time, so it was important that I get some sleep that night. I hated the idea of missing another night with her already.

I was nearly falling asleep during dinner I was so tired and could hardly eat my food at all. I went over and crashed on the couch even though the TV was blaring and fell asleep in minutes. By around seven that evening, the kids were making so much noise that I could not stay asleep for more than a few minutes at a time.

I felt a hand shake me a little as I lay facing the back of the couch.

“Mom said to go sleep in her room until time to go to bed. We want to watch a movie now,” Marie said. I turned and saw her looking down at me, almost laughing at my sleepy expression. I ignored her and without thinking, just headed back to my aunt and uncle’s bed.

It was strange to be in here now with “permission” so to speak. The bed was not made, with Carl having just left for work a couple of hours earlier. It smelled strongly of his Brute aftershave and Kathy’s clean womanly scent which I had become so accustomed to the past forty-eight hours. I pulled the covers up so that I could lay on top of them, feeling like it was too private a thing to just crawl under the sheets, but I did lay my head on her pillow. I took a few moments to inhale her smell there and then in almost no time at all, I fell fast asleep.

Much later, I was vaguely aware of someone slipping into the bed beside me, but because it was so dark and they were on Kathy’s side blocking the digital clock, I couldn’t tell what time it was. I knew from her scent that it was my aunt though. I stiffened when I felt her lips on my nose.

“Sshhh. It’s just me.”

I reached up and found that she didn’t have anything at all covering her body and so I immediately sat up to regain my bearings. She was looking at me with an amused expression; her head resting on her hand as she traced her nails along my stomach at the waist of my jeans. The clock said it was after midnight.

“Marie knows I’m here!” I said, realizing I had not whispered but actually spoke it aloud.

Kathy just smiled and started to unfasten my jeans as I got up to kneel on the bed beside her.

“Well, Marie isn’t here. She and your sister were invited to a sleepover up the street. But they’ll be back first thing in the morning. It’s just Tommy here now. And … the two of us.” Kathy had her hand inside my shorts now and was trying to free my cock completely.

I got hard over the next few seconds as her fingers pulled me out into the open and expertly stroked me to readiness. Seeing that I was indeed ready for her, Kathy slid off the bed and pulled the covers back before slipping back into the bed. I reached up and took my shirt off and then lay on my back to shuck my jeans and shorts and socks off. My aunt just waited patiently through all of this, even though it was only a few seconds in actuality.

I have described how intimate the two of us could be already. That third night was just more of the same. I would like to tell you that we fucked in every position known to mankind; that I got to see her ass pressing against me as I did her from behind, or that she gave me the best blowjob of my life. But it didn’t happen. We both refrained from doing anything more outrageous than what I have described before.

In the end, I was more than pleased that I was able to satisfy a woman like my aunt Kathy – and more than once at that. But both of us knew that that night was the last one for us and so there was something a bit more subdued about that way we made love. And it was more making love than fucking that last night. She had me sleep with her the entire night and we woke three times to do it “just one more time.”

We were fucking again, fast and furious at a quarter past six, less than an hour before Carl would be home. I remember the intensity of that last time so vividly — with my aunt’s legs on my shoulders, her feet on either side of my face as I pounded into her. I had come so many times over the past three nights and was so utterly exhausted that it felt almost impossible to achieve climax.

More than once I slowed to nothing and almost gave up trying; my heart about to burst out of my chest it seemed. But Kathy wanted it, or needed it, that last time and I could not bring myself to disappoint her. She came twice, the second in a torrent, being bent double like that; her pussy making loud squelching sounds as I thrust into her in rapid succession. I had nothing left when I came shortly after, but it did not stop my cock from pumping and jerking madly with the most incredible pleasure imaginable. It was the only time that both of us actually made noise when we came.

I withdrew from her bed for the last time a scant twenty minutes before my uncle walked in the back door.

That day went by faster than all the others we were so busy. I felt very, very strange and now somewhat guilty working with Carl to load the truck when he came down to help us out around two or three that afternoon — even though he had always treated me with disdain. He didn’t look at me any differently and neither did Kathy, so I suspected he knew nothing of what we’d done. Yet, there were a few times that I would find my aunt just looking at me as I placed something in the truck and I couldn’t quite tell what she was thinking. Although, I do suspect that it was something pleasant.

It wasn’t until the next night when we stopped in Tennessee overnight that I found a pair of her panties tucked away in the bottom of my backpack. I remember to this day how I sat on the bed in the room I’d paid for to be away from my mother and sister, and just kept running my fingers all over the satiny garment. When I brought them to my nose I was delighted and became intoxicated by her scent which was so strong I wondered just how long she had been wearing the things. For weeks I would take them out from the box I had under my bed and see if they still smelled of her, until one day no matter how hard I tried, I could find no trace. They were just a pair of panties then.

I suppose that is the end of my little tale. That was twelve years ago and I have not seen her since that day. Like I said, I did confess this to my wife who, fortunate for me, is very liberal and open about such things. She has suggested many times that I at least call my aunt to see how she is doing. But I can’t bring myself to do that after all this time. When I spoke to her in the months following, she had seemed like the same Aunt Kathy as always, with very little hint of what we had done. I think I was a bad reminder of a weakness she had suffered those few days so I just left her alone after that. We send Christmas cards now and never receive anything in return, so that to me is sign enough that she wants to forget about me.

My mother has since visited her twice over the years though. Lynn is divorced with two kids and living a mile away from her. And Marie is now married — and both her and her young husband are living with dear old mom and dad. But the good thing is that Carl finally works days now instead of nights after all those years. So, I figure there is no use in ever visiting now, not knowing how she truly feels about me and not being able to even talk with her if I did go back. I can only hope that she received at least some small measure of happiness — or satisfaction — from being with me those three glorious nights.

Years ago, back in Texas.

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