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Project Girl Ch. 02

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“What Have You Done, Miss Robinson?”

Dolly’s story continues.


Ever since that afternoon when Dolly was molested by three other Project girls with whom she and her closest and dearest friend Nitasha had run-ins ever since junior and senior high school days and who was forced to watch Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda have their way with her, their going down on Dolly with her beautiful platinum blonde hair on both her head and between her legs and having Dolly go down on Claudette’s black, hairy pussy until she filled her mouth with all her pussy cream and ejaculate as well as her warm urine, their relationship turned around completely.

No longer were they antagonistic towards one another, but ever since that afternoon of wanton, lustful sex and making love, the five girls became quite good friends; although, Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda remained close to one another while Dolly and Nitasha remained inseparable friends and lovers.

Thus, now the five did quite well in their Aerobics Class that came as a great surprise to their coach Miss Robinson who had to discipline Dolly and Claudette on the very first day, making them run an extra ten laps around the gym, for talking in the ranks. No one knew at the time, however, Claudette and her two cohorts had made plans to catch Dolly and Nitasha in the shower room after all the other girls had gone. And when they walked in on their making love, Claudette played that Ace perfectly. She blackmailed Dolly and Nitasha to do what she wanted or she would tell Miss Robinson who would in all likelihood take it to the Dean of Students, and once this happened the story would have gone all through the campus community and their reps would have been ruined. If that wouldn’t have been bad enough, their mothers would be informed.

But none of that happened since during the molestation of Dolly the original plan Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda had made concerning Dolly and Nitasha went to naught once they all ended that afternoon sharing sex and making love. As Dolly had said, “What a difference sex and love make with people,” and the other four surely agreed with what she said.

The day didn’t start out too well for the five, but it ended up very well, but even this change didn’t go by without a hitch.

Unbeknown to any of them, Miss Robinson, their coach, had not left her office or the gym when all this began. She had some paper work about class loads and scheduling to get done before the next day that she had to turn in at the office before classes began the following day.

When she did leave her office, she noticed light coming from the locker room, and assuming someone had forgotten to turn them off, she walked towards the entrance to the locker room. As she went into the entranceway, she heard voices and strange sounds coming from inside.

“Surely,” she thought, ” there shouldn’t be any of the girls still in the shower or locker rooms.”

However, as she walked into the locker room, she found those lights to be off, but there was still light in the shower room from which she heard voices but no water running which she thought was very odd.

Cautiously Miss Robinson walked very quietly towards the shower room to see what was going on in there. Well, as she walked along an outside wall that hid her from anyone inside, especially since it was darker in the locker room where no lights were on, she blended into the shadow cast by the light shining from within the shower room.

What she saw absolutely amazed her. She saw five girls having sex with one another: two black girls on the floor in a sixty-nine position, another black girl kneeling with her head between a white girl’s legs who was lying flat on a bench, and another black girl sitting on the white girl’s face. And all of these girls were in her last period class.

The two black girls in the sixty-nine position were Nitasha and Neesha. Wanda was the black girl kneeling between the white girl’s legs eating her pussy, and there was no mistaking who the white girl was. Her platinum blonde hair made it obvious: it was Dolly. The black girl sitting on Dolly’s face who was having her eat her pussy was Claudette, and it was the two of them who had gotten into it at the beginning of class for which she made them run the extra ten laps.

“Now look at them,” Miss Robinson thought to herself. “They’re as close to one another as any two women can be.” And as the vision of those two etched itself in her mind, Miss Robinson felt a warm, tingling sensation course through her body and run over her pussy, causing her to shiver with sexual excitement.

“Oh, my,” Miss Robinson sighed to herself. “This is some sight I’ve walked in on I must admit.”

As she watched the five girls making love, hearing the moans and groans of passion echoing around the near-empty shower room, and smelled the sexual pheromones permeate the entire place, she felt herself getting wet between her legs, so much so she could tell the crotch of her thong panties was very damp.

Standing in the shadows as it were and considering the five girls were so caught up in their lovemaking and working towards having their orgasms and helping one another have theirs, no one was aware of Miss Robinson’s presence and her watching them in their sexual orgy.

Miss Robinson was still wearing her school T-Shirt with Oakland Community College on it, and her large breasts made the material taught so her excited nipples pressed against it so they stood in relief. Her shorts were high on her thighs and displayed her well-rounded ass cheeks to their fullest. Beyond thoses two articles of clothing, Miss Robinson wore a sports bra, her running shoes, and a pair of athletic socks.

But out of all she had on it was her thong panties that were being affected the most from what she saw, and it was the crotch of her thong panties that had been getting wet and wetter as she continued to gaze upon these five wanton girls straining towards their orgasms.

Finally, Miss Robinson could take no more of just watching. Breathing deeply and shallowly, she stretched the band around her shorts with her left hand and slipped it over her firm abdomen and down to her panties. There she slid her fingers underneath the elastic and inserted her whole hand inside, feeling her fingers run through her soft, reddish, auburn pubic hair onto her aroused clit, between her pussy lips, and down to her vagina.

Once there Miss Robinson felt the creaminess of her vaginal lubricant that had already begun to accumulate, and so without any difficulty, she collected some of her cream and slid two of her fingers inside her vaginal sheath until she could go no further.

She stopped for a moment to collect herself, but then she began to thrust her fingers in and out of her ever-growing pussy cream. She heard the squishing sound her fingers made as they worked her pussy, and as she felt her pussy walls swelling around her two fingers, she rubbed her fingertips over her G-Spot sac area that added a thinner liquid that mixedd with her lubricant and the fleshy ridges inside the top of her vaginal sheath. With the squishing liquid draining from her vaginal opening into Miss Robinsion’s panty crotch she felt her hand dripping with her ejaculate.

Miss Robinson slid her drenched hand and fingers up through her vagina and dragged them up between her hair-covered labia to her excited clit that was now standing hard and erect from beneath its hood. Her clit tingled beneath her busy fingers that were going around and across it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. Yesssss! Go for it, Girl,” Miss Robinson sighed as she watched the girls bringing themselves to orgasm in their five-girl orgy.

It was heavenly to watch, and it was excrutiatingly divine to be getting herself off. Her sensual sensations were building stronger as she rubbed her pussy, and she flicked her forefinger lightly and as quickly as humanly possible over her vibrating clit until she felt the beginning of her oncoming orgasm.

“Oh, my god. How incredibly beautiful those five are, and how exciting to watch them eating each other’s pussies,” Miss Robinson whispered softly to herself.

And when she heard each girl having her orgasm, Neesha and Nitasha filling each other’s mouths in a mutual cum-fest; Wanda getting herself off while Dolly was filling her willing mouth with her pussy cream and ejaculate; and Claudette cumming into Dolly’s waiting mouth that she had covrered with her pussy lips and vagianl opening that included her urethra from which she squirted load after load of her hot urine past Dolly’s mouth directly into her stomch.

Miss Robinson saw all of this as she came all over her fingers and hand that she slid up and out of her panties and shorts and then brought up to her willing mouth to lick her fingers and hand clean of all her pussy cream.

She was panting hard but did not want the girls to find her in the locker room, so Miss Robinson kept to the shadows and walked softly back to her office and shut the door behind her. After securing herself in her room, she sat behind her desk and rested on her chair with her head on the back and her body slouched forward as she worked to get her breath back and the fullness in her chest eased. She had had a very, erotic cum that she enjoyed immensely. However, as good as her self-loving was while she watched the five girls making love and having pure, raw sesx in the shower room, Miss Robinson had other ideas running through her mind as far as future plans she had in mind for some of the students.

She knew the rep of Claudette and the two other girls and had the gut feeling that most likely they would take advantage of any situation in which she had them involved. However, as for Dolly and Nitasha, she kneww they were both good students, studied hard, made good grades, and conducted themselves with decorum and poise.

Besides, to the best of her knowledge, having seen how close they were with one another and how they often walked hand-in-hand, she believed they were sisters of Sappho, and Miss Robinson wanted to have first-hand experience to prove herslef right about Nitasha and Dolly.

All Miss Robinson needed was a plan, a plan that would seem quite casual and natural on her part and that would lead up to the three of them enjoying lovemaking with one another.

When or how this would happen Miss Robinson wasn’t sure. She just knew it would happen sooner or later.

So as the early days went by and Miss Robinson got to know the girls in her aerobics class on a first name basis, Dolly and Nitasha found their athletic abilities kept them in good stead doing the aerobic exercises, and with each passing day their bodies became more firm, fit, and agile, and their muscles became more pronounced and supple. Of course, since this was a course in aerobics, their breath control and getting their heart rates up to an aerobic rate was important. For Dolly and Nitasha since both were eighteen, their low end would be 127 beats per minute (bpm) and their high end would be 189/190 beats per minute.

At first they found it difficult to get their heart beats down to normal quickly, but as their daily training progressed, they found it not to be difficult at all.

As for some of the other girls, especially Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda, they just didn’t want to expend all the energy, concentration, and time to excel at their aerobic exercises. So, this in itseslf worked out well for Miss Robinson since she did not have to include them in her plans she had for Dolly and Nitasha. And as the days went on, the three girls were often the first ones to shower and leave campus while Nitasha and Dolly were usually the last since they often enjoyed being alone in the gym, doing aerobic exercises together, and listening to the soothing, mood music Miss Robinson played for the girls to help them get into and keep their aerobic timing.

This was fortuitous for Miss Robinson since having the gym, locker room, and shower room cleared of all girls except Dolly and Nitasha made things perfect for her plan.

On one particular day when snow had fallen and the temperature had dropped into the thirties, Nitasha and Dolly were glad this was an evening they did not have to go into the city to waitress at the underground restaurant in Gateway Plaza. It was going to be bad enough walking up to the bus stop to get the bus to The Village.

So they were quite content to remain behind after all the other girls had gone home and have some extra time alone doing their aerobic exercises as well as share the shower room together which brought back many memories, both bad and good, the day Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda caught them making love in the shower room and then blackmailing them into having sex with them, beginning with molesting Dolly. Although, it all ended well with the five engaged in a wild sex orgy in which everyone was sexually pleased and the five ended up being friends. However, while friends, the three never did come between Dolly and Nitasha and the love they had for one another. Dolly had even told Claudette that it would be that way.

Thus, on this particular day Miss Robinson put her plan into action. She came out of her office while Dolly and Nitasha were just finishing their cooling down period after a very strenuous set of aerobic exercises and came over to them. When she got close to them, she saw how sweaty the two were, having droplets of sweat running down their foreheads and cheeks and staining their exercise outfits under their arms and at their crotches. Their outfits were literally sticking to their sweaty bodies, revealing their breasts and nipples despite their sports bras, their waist lines, as well as their feminine “Vs” where the thin material clung to and stretched into the clefts of their pussy lips.

Miss Robinson saw all this and did her best to control her breathing from the excitement it brought on inside her. At the same time the girls didn’t miss the look on Miss Robinson’s face since they were sure she had been looking at how well their outfits were accentuating various parts of their bodies with sweat.

Both Dolly and Nitasha remembered that several weeks ago they had heard a rumor about Miss Robinson being a lesbian and how they couldn’t believe it since she was so beautiful and well built, but then, it dawned on them that they, too, in all modesty, were beautiful and well built, but only different in size and color.

They often studied these differences themselves, marvelling at how it was they had become intimate friends and lovers, Dolly with her pale, white skin; platinum blonde hair on her head and her mons; baby blue eyes; rosy cheeks; cherry-red lips; and was about 5′ 11″ tall; and Nitasha with her nubile, black skin; short, black, curly hair; glistening dark eyes; sensuous, full lips; and a bright smile; and was about 5′ 5″ tall. So, yes, they were, indeed, quite a lovely pair.

So maybe it was true about Miss Robinson being a lesbian they had decided having drawn that conclusion themselves, and their self-drawn conclusion about her made them look at her in a completely different light, too. From that moment on the girls often followed her every movement with their eyes, and it was another reason they enjoyed remaining after class was over. They both enjoyed the aerobic exercises and being alone in the shnower room where they could make love as before, and seeing Miss Robinson.

Miss Robinson usually wore a stretch exercise outfit, having different colors for each day, and these outfits did their most to outline and reveal her statuesque beauty. She was, indeed, a “Body Beautiful.”

Their best guess was Miss Robinson was five feet eleven inches tall–about the same as Dolly; had long reddish, auburn hair that she braided and either rolled it up and pinned on the back of her head or let the single braid hang down her back; had beautifully stunning hazel eyes; a straight nose; sensous, full lips; large breasts–at least 34D; smaller waist, about 24″; hips that just about matched her bust line, 34″; long legs with well formed thighs and muscular calves. To Dolly and Nitasha Miss Robinson was absolutely mouthwatering as well as eye pleasing.

As Miss Robinson studied the contrasting beauty of Dolly and Nitasha and saw them looking intently at her, thoughts from inside each psyche were being transmitted through their eyes. It was Miss Robinson who broke the stalemate of silence.

“Dolly…Nitasha, I must admit you two are the best students I have in this class. You pay attention. You go the extra mile in performing the aerobic exercises as your are now by staying after class was dismissed, but it has paid off for you two in the advancement you’ve made in aerobics and how your bodies have developed. You can be proud of your accomplishments. I know I am proud of you two,” she smiled.

“Why, thank you, Miss Robinson,” Dolly replied with a breathy sigh.

“Yes, we appreciate what you just said, and we think you are one of the very best professors we have,” added Nitasha.

There was another pause for a brief moment as each was wondering what to say next in order to make things go along smoothly.

“Well, I see you two are just about ready to go take your showers, so don’t let me take up any more of your time. Besides, I don’t want you getting a chill since I see how sweaty you two are.”

Nitasha and Dolly gave one another a knowing side-glance as soon as Miss Robinson told them she was aware of their sweaty bodies that were semi-visible through their working outfits.

“In fact,” added Miss Robinson, “if you two don’t mind, I’d love to get a shower, too, since I got very sweaty during our class, and I have to meet somebody right after I leave campus.”

Nitasha and Dolly turned their heads and looked intently at each other, exchanging a knowing glance between them that said “Yes.” The two have undressed Miss Robinson so many times in their minds and talked about how wonderful it would be to see her naked, that neither one had to think twice as far as their answer to Miss Robinson sharing the shower room with them would be.

“Why, Nitasha and I wouldn’t mind your taking a shower while we take ours at all,” said Dolly. “Would we, Nitasha?”

“No, not at all,” Miss Robinson. “It is fine with me, too,” answered Nitasha.

“Well, I have to go to my office to get my towel, soap, and shampoo, so you two run along and I’ll catch up,” Miss Robinson said, trying to sound as nonchalant as she could. She could feel her heart beating faster, her pulse quicken, and her sensual excitement get stronger just at the thought of finally seeing Nitasha and Dolly naked up close, something she had thought about and dreamed ever since she saw the five girl orgy going on in the shower the first day of classes.

“Oh, and by the way, since we shall be sharing the shower room together, you might as well call me by my first name since I know yours. It’s Maev. Comes from my Irish heritage, but call me that only when we are alone as we are now and not among the other girls in class,” Miss Robinson told the girls.

Having told Dolly and Nitasha her name, Maev Robinson turned and headed for her office, leaving the two girls filled with excitement and a glowing warmth inside them, expecially between their sweaty, wet crotches. They both just tingled inside themselves.

Nitasha looked at Dolly in amazement and said, “Can you believe that, Dolly? Miss Robinson wants us to call her by her first name when we are alone. It makes us kind of special. Don’t you think?”

Dolly’s eyes were aglow, and she was smiling within herself that radiated outwardly so Nitasha saw it.

“Well, from the look on your face, Love, you don’t have to tell me what you think about this,” Nitasha giggled.

And Dolly joined Nitasha in her girlish giggle. The two were just far too excited to hold their emotions in and remain calm and in control of their feelings.

“Oh, my, Nitasha. Even though we fantasized about it and talked about it, I don’t think either of us ever dreamed this would happen and we would actuallhy be looking at Miss…I mean Maev’s nude body,” Dolly smiled.

“Well, then, let’s get our black and white asses into the locker room, get out of these wet outfits, and get into the shower so we have the sweat washed from our bodies before Maev–Doesn’t it sound strange to call Miss Robinson by her firt name?–comes in and joins us,” Nitasha said euphorically.

“Oh, yes. Let’s do,” sighed Dolly all dreamy-eyed.

So Nitasha and Dolly clasped hands and headed quickly towards the locker room to get undressed, and at the same time Maev watched them through the minnie blinds of her office window, smiling to herself.

In no time Dolly and Nitasha had their exercise outfits off and hung on hooks in their lockers, and they had their bars of soap, shampoo, rinse, bath towels, and face cloths in hand and were off to the shower room, not wanting to waste a single second being ready when Maev joined them.

The girls went to their favorite shower in the right, far corner that provided the most privacy since there was a tiled half wall between the two rows of showerheads that blocked direct view from the locker room and turned on the water. The water came out in a fine, semi-hot, steamy spray that soon had the two girls dripping wet from head to toe, and the rivulets of water ran down from their shoulders over their breasts and dripped off their nipples that had become hard from the hydro massage afforded by the water coming out of the showerheads. The water also ran down their abdomens and soaaked their pussy hair until each girl’s was matted with it.

Once Dolly and Nitasha had rinsed off their body sweat, they went into one another’s arms and shared a tender moment and kiss, allowing their tongues to delve into one another’s willing mouths. They both moaned with sensual desire for the other and pressed their bodies together under one shower where they felt their firm breasts and hard nipples indent their supple flesh.

When they ended their kiss, Dolly stood back some so she could see Nitasha and look into her eyes and said, “Oh, Nitasha, I love you so very much. I don’t even have enough words to tell you how much.”

Nitasha sighed as she put her right hand onto Dolly’s soft, right cheek and slid it down slowly until she let her fingers trace the outline of Dolly’s lips and said, “I know, Love, for I feel the same way. What we would do without the other I don’t know. I just don’t know. What we share is so beautiful and wonderful, our deep and everlasting friendship as well as the love and loving we share.”

Dolly leaned forward and kissed Nitasha ever so gently, affirming what Nitasha had just said.

It was then they heard movement in the locker room and went back to their own showers just as Maev walked from the locker room into the shower room. At the time she had a fluffy, green towel wrapped around her body, held up by having tucked one end into the other just above her breasts. Both Dolly and Nitasha gave her a long, desirous look as they saw her ample breasts pressing firmly outward against the towel that caused it to drop straight down to just below her hips where her pussy would be just inches above it.

Maev had her hair pinned up in back, and she had rubber sandals on her feet.

As Maev walked over to a bench on the open side of the mid-half wall–the very one Nitasha had been placed that first day of classes when the blackmail of Dolly and Nitasha occured and Dolly was molested–she took a side glance at Dolly and NItasha taking their showers and saw through the steamy mist their young, firm bodies beaded with drops of water as it seductively ran down their bodies, and once again she loved what she saw and what she saw she wanted to love.

“Hey, girls, how’s the water?” Maev called out to make her presence known…as if she needed to do so since she saw the side glances given her by the girls when she came into the shower room.

“Oh, high, Miss…I mean Maev. The water is fine. Come on in!” Dolly jokingly answered back.

“Yeah. It really feels good to wash off all that sweat from exercising so long and hard,” Nitasha added.

“Well, then, since I’m all sweaty, too, from having worked out with you girls, let me get ready and I’ll join you,” Maev said seductively.

“Oh, girl!” both girls thought.

This is something both Dolly and Nitasha wanted.

Maev turned around, bent over to put her things down on the bench, and, of course, when she bent over, the back of her towel rode up the back of her well formed thighs and slightly over her ass cheeks, preseenting a very appealing sight to Nitasha and Dolly, which, of course, neither of them missed since they were scoped-lock on every movement Maev made.

Once she had her shower articles set down on the bench, she turned back towards the girls, sitting down as she did so while at the same time sliging off her bath sandals and slipping them underneath the bench. That left only her towel, but before taking off her towel, Maev reached behind her head with her hands and took out her hair comb.

Maev put the comb down beside her bath articles, reached up with her hands and ran her fingers through her hair to separate the strands so they were loose, and then she gently shook her hair back and forth to give it a more fluffy look. This the girls had never seen before, and when they did see Maev with her beautiful auburn hair cascading down over her shoulders and down her back, Dolly and Nitasha were awestruck.

Maev was a beautiful woman even with her hair pulled back and pinned up, but with her hair unencumbered and free flowing, she was absolutely gorgeous. Both Dolly and Nitasha skipped a breath at first sight.

“My,” Dolly thought within herself, “if Maev is this beautiful with the towel still on, what is she going to look like when she takes it off and is completely nude before us?”

While Dolly had this thought running rampant through her mind, Nitasha, too, had similar thoughts as well as appetite to see more of Maev. But, she and Dolly didn’t have to wait long for that to happen.

With a faint smile on her face, Maev reached up with her right hand, took hold of the towel tucked in at the top and pulled it out, and with one, smooth movement Maev pulled the towel away from her body and dropped it down on the bench.

Now she stood completely naked before Dolly and Nitasha where they could see every feature about her.

Her breasts were large and perfectly formed with large nipples and crimson areolas the size of silver dollars, and they jutted out from her chest because of her muscle tone that made them stand out without support. She had a gentle six-pack on her abdomen. The amount of body fat was in the low percentage range, 38% – 30%. Her thighs were full and rounded, and her calves were well defined and muscular. But, of course, Dolly and Nitasha gazed at the wonder of Maev’s body, both sets of eyes eventually came to the “V” of her pussy that was covered with a soft, silky covering of light, auburn hair. In the house of Sappho Maev would be called “a woman’s woman.” She was that perfect in beauty and form.

Of course, all of this did not go by Maev unnoticed, the eye attention she was getting from Dolly and Nitasha, but then, she knew inside herself that knowing Dolly and Nitasha were lesbian lovers she would have this effect on them, and that was the reason she did not feel as if she were trying to take advantage of non-lesbians.

Even though Maev knew both girls were captivated by what they saw, she was not going to rush in too soon, so she just accepted their initial eye homage to her voluptuous body, turned around, giving the girls a side view of her, picked up her soap and shampoo, and walked into the shower area where Dolly and Nitasha were.

Dolly and Nitasha, of course, watched every move she made as she came towards them, and she took the shower right next to Dolly’s.

“Hope you don’t mind my taking the shower right next to yours and Nitasha’s,” Maev said casually, “but having the heat and spray from the other shower heads makes it so much better when taking s shower. Don’t you think?” Maev asked.

“Oh, yes!” Nitasha quickly blurted out in a girlish way.

“Yes, indeed, Maev. That’s one reason Nitasha and I take showers right next to one another,” added Dolly.

Maev smiled at both girls, “Well, then. Thanks.”

And she ducked her head underneath the shower, soaking her beautiful long hair until it was completely wet, and when she stood straight up, she took her hands and flipped her wet hair back over her shoulders so the water ran down her face and her entire body. The water washed over her large breasts where some of it dripped off her now firm nipples, ran between her defining cleavage, over her six-pack, and between her legs where the water drained like a miniature waterfall from her wet pubic hair.

Maev, Dolly, and Nitasha washed their hair, rinsed, conditioned, and rinsed again. Afterwards Maev and Dolly had to finger their long hair back along the sides of their heads and over the top so it would fall down to their backs and out of their eyes. Nitasha, however, with her beautiful, short, black hair wasn’t bothered with this. She just shook her head gently and the water sprayed out and away.

Once each had washed her hair, she soaped and rinsed her body. It was then Dolly came up with an idea, something she and Nitasha usually did when taking a shower together.

“Hey, Nitasha, do you want me to wash your back since its difficult to reach?” Dolly asked.

“Yes. That would be great,” answered Nitasha as casually as she could.

So Dolly lathered her washcloth with her soap, turned towards Nitasha, and began to wash her beautiful, dark skin, beginning at her shoulders and slowly working down to her narrow waist while making sure her hand swiped the side of her right breast. She didn’t take Nitasha’s breasts fully into her hands as they usually did when washing one another, but this time she was being on the modest side.

Nitasha turned, rinsing off her back, and then said, “All right, Dolly, it’s your turn. Turn around.”

Dolly turned around with her back to Nitasha so her front was facing Maev so she could see. As did Dolly, Nitasha began washing Dolly’s back from her shoulders downward, sliding past her right breast with her fingers outstretched beneath her washcloth so it covered the back of Dolly’s full, right breast.

When Nitasha had finished washing Dolly’s back, Dolly nonchlantly said to Maev, “Since we three are taking showers together, would you like me to wash your back, Maev?”

Maev looked salaciously into Dolly’s light blue eyes, having hoped one or both of the girls would make the offer, so without hesitation she answered, “Why, Dolly, that would be very good of you. One thing about the human body, it is not easy to wash ones own back.”

“All right then,” Dolly told Maev as she walked around her. “Turn around so I can reach it,” she added. She wanted Nitasha to be able to see her washing Maev’s back as far as her hand passing past her right breast.

Dolly soaped her washcloth into a rich lather and reached out with a trembling hand from the sheer excitement of knowing she was going to have her hand on Maev’s body and placed it on top of her right shoulder. From there Dolly washed back and forth and in circles down Maev’s back. When she got near Maev’s right breast, she stretched out her fingers and slightly moved her hand forward so that when she washed near Maev’s breast her splayed hand beneath the washcloth swiped across her flesh. At the same time Dolly added her bare hand and slid her fingers against the side of Maev’s left breast.

When Dolly did this, she heard Maev take a small gasp and felt a shiver run through her body as if a small electric touch passed between them.

But the contact did not last long even though Dolly would have loved to go further, to reach around with both hands and take Maev’s breasts into them. But she didn’t want to rush things, so she backed away from Maev so the three of them could finish showering. As they washed their bodies, each paid particular attention to her breasts with their hardening nipples which each saw on one another. Each also paid particular attention when their hands reached their soapy pubic mounds. When they did, each of them felt her own sexual arousal from her very own fingering, but after they had washed themselves, the three shut off the water and walked over to the bench, picked up their towels, and dried off.

Again, each one felt the thrill of the fluffy towels caress her breasts and between her legs. When they were dried, all three wrapped themselves in their damp towels, their first one having been used to dry their hair. Maev picked up her bath supplies and slipped on her sandals.

It was then she made a suggestion to the girls as they were wrapping their towels around themselves.

“Dolly. Nitasha. I have an idea. Since it’s so damp in the locker room, why don’t you put away your things, get your street clothes, and come to my office to change. It’s much warmer in there than it is in this big, old, damp locker room. What do you say?” Maev asked the two girls.

Dolly and Nitasha smiled at one another. “Oh, that sounds so good, Maev. It is so cold in the locker room. Look, you can even see the goose flesh on my arm,” Dolly said, holding her arm up for Maev’s inspection. “And I’m sure you two have the same thing.”

“Well, then, get your clothes and come to my office. You can bring your towels and put them into the laundry container before you leave,” Maev said.

Dolly and Nitasha turned to go to their adjoining lockers as Maev went out of the locker room to go to her office where she planned to rearrange the furniture as she wanted it for what she had in mind for the three of them if things worked out as she hoped it would.

Once inside her office Maev put two chairs with cushioned seats right in front of her large desk that she cleared of most of the items she had on it. She then turned her swivel chair behind her desk so the back faced the edge of the desk, and she locked it so it would not rotate, and she locked the wheels, too, so they would not slide the chair away from the desk. She wanted her chair to be stationary.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Maev said to herself in a thoughtful way with her chin resting in her hand between her bent index finger and thumb along her lower chin. “I think that should do,” she thought with a “Grinch-like” smile.

Just as Maev had finished her preparations, she heard a soft knock on her office door.

“Come on in, girls,” she said.

And Dolly and Nitasha came from the gym into Maev’s office.

“You didn’t have to knock,” she told them. “Again, not in this kind of situation when we three are alone.”

“Okay,” Nitasha and Dolly said.

“Isn’t it much warmer in here than in the locker room?” Maev asked.

“Much, much warmer,” the two girls agreed.

“In that case why don’t you just sit down, and we can talk for a few minutes and get to know one another better. All right?” Maev asked.

Once more Dolly and Nitasha said “yes” with their eyes.

Therefore, they sat down in the two cushioned chairs in front of Maev’s desk while Maev backed up and raised up onto the desk so she was sitting right in front of the two girls where their eyes and Maev’s crotch were at the same level.

When Maev slid up onto her desk, she couldn’t stop her towel from going up with her, raising it to mid-thigh and opening it at the seam where the two ends of the towel met. The towel also separated some so her inner thighs were bare up to the juncture below her pussy. Now Maev was sitting on the top of her desk in a most provocative way.

Acting as if nothing happened in that movement, she began to talk with Nitasha and Dolly about their home life, what their plans were after graduating from Oakland Community College, were they doing anything in addition to going to college, what did they want to become in the future…those kinds of things.

In return Maev shared with them things about herself, her background, where she went to college, and what brought her to Oakland Community College and why and how she got into athletic programs in general and aerobics in particular.

All was going very smoothly, and as they talked Maev put her arms behind herself to help support her body, and when she did this, her towel rode higher on her thighs, and the ends of her towel separated wider so now Dolly and Nitasha saw not only Maev’s upper thighs but also a hint of her exposed pussy hair between her legs.

Nitasha’s and Dolly’s eyes locked onto Maev’s crotch as a pilot locks her weapon onto a target, and their eyes opened wider than they had been. They also salivated inside their mouths at the very sight of Maev’s crotch.

Trying to clear her head from the headiness this erotic vision created in her mind, Dolly cleared her throat gently and asked, “Maev, if it’s not too personal a question…Nitasha and I have wondered why you are not married since you are a lovely, well built woman, who is so personable?”

Mave’s face radiated into a warm smile. This was the very question for which she had been waiting. The question that could lead her into telling the girls she is a lesbian who has been one since she discovered her sexual orientation.

Looking from one to another, Maev answered, “Why, not at all, Dolly. It’s not too personal a question to ask friends. And we are now friends and not just Professor…Coach…and students. Right?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, friends,” the girls agreed. “We are so happy to be your friend, Maev,” Dolly and Nitasha glowed from deep within themselves.

“Well, then, there is a very simple and logical reason for my not being married despite, as you say, I am a lovely, well built woman who is personable. I can answer your question in four words: I AM A LESBIAN. I love women. Does that disturb you two?” Maev asked, not wanting to give away the fact she knew they were lesbians, too, as well as friends and lovers. That would have to come from them for her plan to work.

There was a long pause for an unknown period of silence when no one said anything. The three of them just looked from one to the other waiting for someone to say something.

As usual, Dolly spoke up. “Maev, no, hearing you are a lesbian does not disturb us. Does it Nitasha?” she asked.

Nitasha first looked at Dolly and then at Maev, “No, Dolly’s right. It doesn’t disturb us. Do you know why, Maev? Nitasha asked.

“No, Nitasha,” Maev answered, trying to say this with as straight of face as possible. “Why aren”t you two put off by what I just told you about my being a lesbian. I should think you would be.”

“What Nitasha wants to tell you, Maev, is the fact it doesn’t upset us or put us off because both she and I are lesbians. We are friends…lovers…and in love with one another.”

Maev gave a look of amazement and directed to both girls. “Why, I would not think it of you two, but you are together all the time, and I have seen the way you look at one another. I should have guessed it. Shouldn’t I?”

“Yes, I guess you should have, Maev,” Nitasha said.

“And we two must admit, Maev, both of us have watched you and seeing how beautiful you are dreamed about making love to you,” Dolly confessed.

“My, well, isn’t that interesting?” Maev said.

Maev clearerd her throat and said tentatively, “I don’t know if this is rushing things a wee bit but would you two like to make love right now in my office. The gym door is already locked, and I can close those blinds more, and lock the door, so no one would disturb us. There are three hours before the night classes begin, and noe of them use the gym anyway.

“Oh, Maev. Yes. We want to make love to you and with you and you with us. We’ve wanted this day to come, and now that it’s here, it’s time to grab the moment. ‘Carpe Diem.’ ‘Seize the Day,'” Dolly said and Natisha affirmed it.

“That being the case,” Maev said as she reached up, took hold of the towel, and quickly removed it off her body, “here is what you have wanted.”

And there sat Maev, a smile on her face, her large firm breasts with hard, erect nipples and her inviting bushy pussy spread wide before Dolly and Nitasha since she spread her legs at the same time she removed her towel. Dolly and Nitasha just sat mesmerized on the spot with their senses crying out to be satiated with Maev’s flesh.

“All right, you two. Now it’s your turn to take off your towels,” said Maev.

And Dolly and Nitasha not needing any further encouragement got up from their chairs and took off their towels in one easy motion, waiting for the what and how to be given by Maev.

“Well, I must say,” said Maev, “you two do make a lovely pair, Nitasha with your dark, nubile, black skin and Dolly with your very pale white skin. A mouthwatering duo,” she smiled as she licked her moist lips with the tip of her tongue.

Dolly and Nitasha were both pleased Maev found them attractive and tempting since they were hoping at some point she would be going down on them and eating their pussies that were already creamy wet around their vaginas, and they, in turn, were hoping they would finally have their chance of putting their heads between her lovely legs and theiir faces into her beautiful, hairy bush.

“Well, now, let me see. Where do we start?” Maev said thoughtfully, wanting a few seconds to pass so it looked as if she at least had not alrady had the plans worked out. “I know. Dolly and Nitasha slide your chairs towards me until you have them close to the desk.”

Dolly and Nitasha immediately did as Maev requested, and they slid their chairs towards the desk, and as they did so, Maev spread her long, shapely legs quite wide, giving the girls a perfect view of her pussy.

“Now, I want you two to sit down so you both are enclosed between my splayed legs.”

The two girls did as directed by Maev with sensual excitement that became quite evident by the increasing amount of pussy cream saturating their vaginas with each passing minute.

Once the girls got themselves settled in their chairs and their bodies enclosed within the scope of Maev’s spread legs, they lifted their heads and found themselves looking directly into Maev’s pussy that by now, because she had spread her legs so wide, her vagina had opened up considerably, and a large amount of lubricant had formed around the edges, some even trickling into the crease between her ass cheeks.

Dolly and Nitasha sat transfixed, exploring with their eyes every detail of Maev’s pussy. They saw her raised mons covered with fine, silky, reddish auburn hair that extended into the creases on her legs. The hair was shorter and not as thick as it covered the outer edges of the straight outer lips of her labia, each converging at her hooded clit. Maev’s clit was large, extending down between her labia minora, and since she had spread her legs very wide so the girls could get their heads in between her rounded thighs, her vagina had become fluted and opened. This allowed the girls to see the contrast between Maev’s outer flesh from the coral pink of her inner flesh.

For Dolly and Nitasha Maev’s pussy was a wonderful and delicious sight to see.

Maev, of course, watched Nitasha and Dolly as they studied her pussy, quite pleased with the amount of time they were taking studying every nuance of it.

“Well, girls, how do you like my pussy? Does it pass your inspection?” Maev asked.

“Oh, Maev, yes,” Dolly said, “your pussy is beautiful. It makes me want to put my head between your legs and eat you out until you cum all over my face and shoot your ejaculate into my willing mouth,” Dolly drooled.

“Make that the two of us, Maev,” Nitasha grinned.

“In that case and since I am outnumbered,” Maev said, “we’ll have to work something out among us. Let’s see. For starters, since you both want to taste my pussy, why don’t you two put your heads together and lick it. That way you both get to taste my pussy at the same time, and I get double the stimulation of two tongues. Is that all right with you two?”

“Oh, Maev, that is just fine with us.”

And without waiting, Dolly and Nitasha slid their chairs even further until the end of the arms touched the back of Maev’s desk, and then Dolly reached out with her left hand and placed it half-way up the inside of Maev’s inner, right thigh while Nitasha did the same on Maev’s left side.

Maev laid her back on her desktop that had her legs bent at the knees on the edge of the desk. In that position Dolly and Nitasha gently pushed Maev’s legs outward as they each brought their heads forward and met at the center of Maev’s pussy, each giving it a gentle kiss, and then they stuck out their tongues and licked their way up to Maev’s vaginal opening.

What a lovely picture this made with the sharp contrast of Nitasha’s dark face and curly, dark hair and Dolly’s pale face and long, flowing platinium blonde hair.

When the girls’ lips and tongues made contact with Maev’s wet pussy, she let out a long, soulful sigh of delight and thought deep within herself, “Oh, how sweet and lovely it is to have these two beauties licking my pussy.”

And just as this thought went through Maev’s mind, Dolly and Nitasha stuck out their tongues and slowly inserted them into Maev’s vagina until their lips were glued to the outer rim of her hole and their noses pressed firmly onto her hair-covered labia. Once inside Maev’s tunnel of love, the girls played with their tongues, sometimes apart against the walls of Maev’s vagianl sheath while at other times intertwined with their tongues so together they felt as one to Maev as she felt Dolly and Nitasha sliding their tongues in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, girls, you are turning me on so much and making me feel so good. I can tell you’ve eaten pussy before,” Maev moaned.

As Maev was telling Nitasha and Dolly what effect they were having on her from their eating her pussy, both pulled out with Dolly sliding her tongue upwards between Maev’s labia lips to her clit and Nitasha down towards Maev’s anus. Both girls wanted to add to the excitement they were giving and receiving.

When Nitasha’s tongue reached Maev’s anal hole, she also brought her right hand down with her, slid it beneath Maev’s knee and bent her leg up and rolled her back slightly on her ass so she could get at her anus more easily. In the meantime, Dolly brought her left hand up Maev’s inner thigh and onto her pussy until her palm rested on Maev’s left labia with her fingers reaching out for Maev’s excited clit.

Once each girl was in place, Nitasha dipped her head and swiped her salivating tongue across Maev’s puckered anus that sent thrills throughout Maev’s body. She then curled her tongue so it would be narrower than usual, and when she found the point of entrance, she pushed her tongue up on Maev’s ass cheek while shoving her tongue past the sphincter muscle and into Maev’s ass hole. Once inside, Nitasha tongue-fucked Maev’s ass.

At the same time, Dolly had gotten her mouth to Maev’s clit that by now was so overly excited it had extended beyond its hood, and she flicked and strummed the tip of her sweet tongue back and forth on Maev’s clit and also circled it, sending waves of erotic sensations coursing throughout Maev’s every increasing sexual tingles in her pussy. When Dolly felt Maev jump at the touch of Nitasha’s tongue inside her ass hole, Dolly formed her mouth into an “O” and came directly down onto Maev’s clit and sucked on it as if it were a teat.

“Oh, my god!” Maev literally shouted as she reached up and grasped her own magnificient breasts. “Oh, damn. You girls are sending so much sexual stimulus through my body I’m about to burst from overflowing.”

Hearing what Maev said, Dolly and Nitasha increased their lingual stimulation on her anus and clit that increased Maev’s sexual energy higher and higher, moving her along to her orgasm.

“Oh…oh…ohhh, yesssss. Owwwww! Eat me out, girls. I want to cum into your lovely mouths and cover your faces with my pussy juice,” Maev grunted through clenched teeth and semi-closed jaws.

Knowing Maev couldn’t hold out much longer and wanting to have her cum into their mouths, Nitasha withdrew her tongue from Maev’s ass hole that closed as it left her, and Dolly gave a few, last hard sucks on Maev’s clit, hoping those would send her over the edge and let the dam burst.

When Dolly felt Maev lift her hips off the desk while pressing down with her hands and forearms, she knew the time had come. Dragging her mought from Maev’s vibrating clit and down between her puffy pussy lips, Dolly joined Nitasha at the font of lesbian blessings, Maev’s vagina and urethra. And she was not too soon since just as Dolly put her open mouth beside Nitasha’s and both girls pressed their lips against Maev’s flesh, forming as good a seal as two pairs of lips could do, Maev shuddered and tossed her head gently from side to side in the exhilarating culmination of her intense orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh, yesss! Oh, yes! That’s it! Here it comes, girls! Here it comes! Nnnnnnoooowwwwww! Oh, my, god, n…n…n…noooooooooooowww! Maev cried out.

And with her cry of ecstasy came the flood. The sanctuaries of her body fluids let loose, and her pussy cream and love juice flowed out of her vagina into the waiting mouths of Nitasha and Dolly who were overwhelmed with the headiness of Maev’s elixir and the sweet smell of her orgasmic musk. The volume of pussy juice sprayed all over Dolly’s and Nitasha’s faces, but they marveled in it and swallowed as much as they could as Maev squirted into their mouths her essence.

Dolly and Nitasha just kept their hands on Maev’s ass cheeks so they could press up on them while they pressed down with their faces in order to keep as much contact with Maev’s trembling body as it moved beneath the throbbing, erotic orgasm.

In time, however, Maev let her hips go back down onto the desktop and started to relax as best she could. She got her breathing under control and felt comletely drained and enervated while she lay there enjoying the aftermath of her orgasm.

The girls on their parts came up for air from between Maev’s legs, their faces covered with her pussy cream and love juice, and they looked at one another starry eyed from having shared in this remarkable experience of making love with Maev. They came into each other’s arms and shared a lover’s kiss, mingling Maev’s pussy cream lips to lips.

Having kissed, they both looked at Maev, first at her very wet pussy whose lips were still opened widely; and then her rising and falling abdomen as she breathed deeply; her full, firm breasts whose nipples were still large, firm, and erect; and then her beautiful face with her long hair cascading around her shoulders. She still had her eyes closed, so there was no eye contact, but Dolly and Nitasha now felt a deeper and more fulfilling connection with Maev than ever before.

When Maev finally did recover from her intense orgasm, she opened her eyes and saw Dolly and Nitasha looking at her. She smiled at them as she, too, saw how coated their faces were with her pussy cream.

“Well, girls, I must say, you two know how to please a woman. No doubt about that. That was absolutely magnificient, and having the both of you making love to my pussy was a special treat. I’ve never had that before,” she smiled.

“Oh, Miss Robinson…I mean Maev…it was wonderful going down on you. It was a dream come true for us,” said Dolly.

“Yes. You certainly taste soooo good. That’s for sure,” Nitasha added.

“I’m glad you two think so. Come here and give me a kiss so I can taste what you two just did,” said Maev as she pushed herself back up with her hands into a sitting position on the edge of the desk.

In turn Maev took Nitasha and Dolly into her arms and shared a moist, soulful, kiss, kisses that continued to keep all three of them wet between the legs. Of course, neither Dolly nor Nitasha had an orgasm even though the excitement of eating out Maev got them so close to having theirs without any help.

As Maev kissed each of the girls, she reached down with her right hand and wedged it in between their legs, feeling freely how wet the girls were.

“As I knew you would be. You two are absolutely drenched between your legs, and there’s a good reason for it, and we all three know why. Don’t we,” Maev asked demurely.

Nitasha and Dolly looked at one another and grinned, the smile on Nitasha’s face brightening up the place because of her lovely smile and said, “We most definitely know why we’re all hot and bothered and in such a lather,” Dolly said.

“Well, then, we shall just have to remedy that. Won’t we?” asked Maev, smiling back at the two girls in a knowing way.

“I guess so,” Nitasha answered.

“Well, how does this sound? Once more there are two of you and one of me, and both of you have had a chance to eat me out and give me pleasure–It’s smeared all over your faces!–so here’s what we’ll do. I’ll lie back down on the desktop, and Nitasha you come up and sit on my face in a reverse position and Dolly you come up and sit on my face in a forward position facing Nitasha. That way you two will be able to embrace, kiss, and fondle one another while I eat out both your pussies and you cum into my mouth, hopefully at the same time. Think that will work?” asked Maev.

“Oh, yes, Maev. That will work. Won’t it, Nitasha?” Dolly asked.

“Absolutely yes. That will be a real turn on for both of us,” Nitasha replied.

“Come on then,” Maev said, waiving her hand for Dolly and Nitasha to get up onto the desk and sit on her face.

Nitasha and Dolly needed no further encouragement but climbed onto the desktop and slid on bended knees towards Maev’s head. Once there, Nitasha turned her body around so that her left knee was by Maev’s forehead, and then she raised her right knee and crossed over Maev’s face until it was on the opposite side of her forehead. Maev, of course, got a good look at Nitasha’s flowering pussy lips and opening vagina as she spread her legs to position herself over her face.

Maev marveled at the beautiful image of Nitaha’s black pussy covered in a thick bush of pubic hair, and she loved the contrast when she saw the pink outline of the edges of Nitasha’s pussy lips and the deep inside of her vagina where she was able to see the beginning of the inner walls and the puffy tissue brought on by Nitasha’s sexual arousal. Maev loved the way Nitasha’s smooth, dark pussy lips bleneded in with her dark, black skin beginning at the top of her mons. Nitasha’s pussy was a sight to behold, and Maev couldn’t wait until she had her pussy pressed into her face and her tongue inside here lovely pussy hole.

Once Nitasha was situated on the upper part of Maev’s face, Dolly slid forward, and in one, smooth motion slid her right knee alongside Maev’s jaw, tossed her left bent knee over, up, and then down so that her left knee was along the other side of Maev’s jaw. Now Maev could look through the “V” space of Nitasha’s where her legs met at the juncture of her pussy crease. From there Maev saw Dolly’s fluffy, very blonde pubic hair covering her mons.

Now, the trio were all set for their me’nage e’ trios of lesbian love.

“All right, you two, I want you to lower yourselves down just a little so I can reach you with my mouth but not lose my ability to move my head back and forth and up and down,” Maev said.

“We understand, Maev,” Nitasha said.

“Yes, we understand,” added Dolly.

Accordingly, Dolly and Nitasha first looked deeply and lovingly at each other and leaned forward in a lover’s embrace until their breasts pressed against one another, indenting as they pressed. In the thrilling rapture of their loving embrace, Dolly and Nitasha shared a soulful kiss as they lowered themselves slowly until they felt their pussies touch Maev’s face.

As the girls got closer and their vaginas opened wider, Maev inhaled their individual fragrances of musk that identified each one the same but separate, and her mouth drooled at the thought of licking their sweet vaginal nectar with her tongue and bringing it into her mouth to taste and swallow.

Since Dolly’s body and Nitasha’s body were pressed together so tightly that they embraced with interlocking arms to help keep their balance, Maev was able to reach up with her arms and cup Dolly’s left ass cheek with her left hand and Nitasha’s right ass cheek with her right hand. This gave Maev greater control of what she would be doing with the girls as she ate their pussies.

As Maev brought her face into the two pussies, she couldn’t hlep but marvel at the contrasting beauty the two girls made for each other, and having registered that fact, Maev pressed down with her hands on the girls’ ass cheeks and kissed each of the girl’s pussy with loving lips and mouth, and what a kiss it was as Maev moved her head first to Nitasha’s pussy and then to Dolly’s pussy.

These kisses Maev put on their pussies put Dolly and Nitasha into erotic orbit, as the sexual energy flowed from Maev to them and through them.

“Oh, myyyyyyyy, Maev. That was so wonderful,” Dolly moaned.

“Yessssss. It was,” Nitasha groaned.

Maev, of course, wan’t taking any time to talk. She continued her journey to the inner side of Dolly’s and Nitasha’s vaginas. Moving her head back and forth, Maev licked both pussies as far as she could reach both ways, anus to clit, and her ongoing licking sent shivers of wanton desire course through the girls’ bodies. Their sensual emotions were enflamed with desire for Maev to get them off so they could orgasm and cum all over her beautiful face and shoot their ejaculate and love juice into her mouth.

On each stroke Maev inserted her tongue inside the girls’ pussies further and further, scooping up as much of their pussy cream as possible so she could have a foretaste of the feast to come, and she knew sit would. Soon.

Obviously Dolly and Nitasha were not that far from having their orgasms since they had been so sexually stimulated throughout the time they were at the gates of Maev’s pussy, enjoying eating her pussy and finally lapping up her pussy cream and love juice.

Maev knew the girls were close to orgasm, too, by the sounds they made while she was lying underneath them with their pussies over her willing and working mouth and tongue. As it was, since the girls’ two clits were close together since they were facing one another, Maev concentrated her attention on their clits, licking them, circling them with the tip of her tongue, and sucking on them with her mouth. Dolly and Nitasha heard the sucking sounds coming from beneath them and felt the delicious homage being given to their pussies by Maev.

While Maev worked on the girls, Dolly and Nitasha kissed and caressed one another wherever their hands and fingers would wander. On occasion they were able to pull back so they could massage each other’s beautiful breasts and tweak their hard, erect nipples with their pouting areolas surrounded by goose flesh between their thumbs and forefingers. With all this lingual and digital attention Nitasha and Dolly moved ever so closely to having their orgasms.

“Oh, Maev,” Dolly sighed, “suck on our clits. Make us cum. Ooooooaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! It feels so damn good. Doesn’t it, Nitasha?”

“Yessssssssss! It feels wonderful. I want to cum. I have to cum. I’m almost there, Maev,” Nitasha wailed.

The girls in the throes of their pre-orgasmic vibrations through their bodies and the tingling of their sensitive clits, both pushed down gently on Maev’s face so it was completely covered by pussy, and their pussy lips engulfed her mouth and nose. Once feeling Maev’s face on their pussies, Dolly and Nitasha gently rocked back and forth over Maev’s tongue, jumping each time it flicked their love nubs.

As was so often the case between Dolly and Nitasha, they communicated their readiness to cum through their eyes.

“Dolly, are you ready to cum?”

“Yes, Love. I’m ready. Oh, so ready.”

And together they cried out their orgasmic want to Maev who was still licking their pussies and sucking on their clits.

“Maeeeeeeeeeeeeeev. We’re ready to cum. So ready,” Dolly said through her difficult breathing that was coming fast in time with Nitasha’s.

“Oh, yaaaaaahhhhh! Readyyyyyyyyyyyy! Maev,” Nitasha echoed Dolly’s moan.

Hearing the girls on the brink of their orgasms, Maev readied herself to be inundated with both of their pussy cream and ejaculate. She knew so often when women sit on another’s face with her pussy wide open as it is when straddling someone’s head, the chances of her ejaculating are very good, and she loved to have her face drenched with a woman’s clear ejacdulate that builds up within the vaginal sac above her G-Spot that is filled from her Para urethral glands that surround her urethra.

Maev was ready to get as much of each of the girl’s ejaculate as she could, knowing she would not be able to catch all they would shoot.

“Oh, yeaahhhhhhhhhh, Maev. Oh, wowwwww. I’m going to cum,” Dolly cried out her passion.

“I am, toooooooo, Maev. Dolly and I are going to cum all over your beautiful face together. Hope you’re ready,” Nitasha half-warned as a way of allowing Maev to prepare herself for the deluge.

The lovers cried out together, “Nnnnnnngggggg! Noowwwwwww! Ohhhhhhh! Cumminnngggggg! Cummmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!”

And in the midst of their orgasmic cries Nitasha’s and Dolly’s pussies opened up and their pussy cream mixed with their pussy ejaculate shot all over Maev’s face and into her open mouth. It splashed on the upper portion of her body from the rising of her beautifully sculptured breasts to her hairline…from both sides of her face down past her ears and onto her long hair that flared out around it to her shoulders…over her nose, mouth, and tongue and into her nose and mouth.

This first combined ejaculate Dolly and Nitasha shot forth and which Maev did her best to get as much of it into her willing mouth so she could taste and swallow it was followed by a second eruption and then a third and then a fourth. It seemed as if the two girls would never stop, shooting their love juices all over and into Maev, but finally the quantity lessened until it stopped altogether.

When Dolly and Nitasha had expelled all the liquid they had, they turned their attention onto getting their breathing under control by using breathing exercises Maev had taught them in their aerobics class. Never did they realize this knowledge would be put to such good use in Miss Robinson’s presence.

Dolly and Nitasha just about collapsed onto each other in a lover’s embrace while Maev licked both of their pussies clean and of any remaining pussy cream or love juice. She wanted to enjoy every last drop she could.

When she accomplished this, Maev gave each of the girls a playful smack on their ass cheeks to let them know it was time for them to get out of this position. Knowing this to be so, Dolly and Nitasha brought their bent legs over Maev’s head and knelt beside her, Nitasha on her left and Dolly on her right.

The two looked down into Maev’s stunning eyes and saw her returning their look, each one smiling from the sexual experience the three had shared.

“Wow, that surely was something, you two,” Maev said. “You really come alot I must say.”

“Yes, both Dolly and I cum hard and ejaculate which we both love giving as well as receiving,” Nitasha said.

“You were absolutely wonderful, Maev. Nitasha and I never had such an experience before, and I’m sure I speak for the both of us…I hope it isn’t the last one we’ll enjoy,” Dolly said.

“Oh, I’m sure it won’t be your last,” Maev said, giving Dolly and Nitasha an unspoken promise by the inflection of her words.

“Well, from the looks of the three of us, we need another shower. Yes?” asked Maev.

Dolly and Nitasha looked at Maev’s cum-covered face and knew their faces were covered with Maev’s pussy cream, so they agreed with Maev and told her they thought so, too.

“Well, then, let’s go back and take another shower,” said Maev, “and you now can just bring your towels along and walk in your sandals,” she continued as she opened her office door. And the three of them went back through the locker room and into the shower room.

Once inside the shower room Maev said, “Before we get our showers I have a question to ask you two.”

“Yes, and what might that be, Maev?” inquired Dolly.

“Have you ever had a Gold Shower before?” Maev bluntly asked the girls.

“We’ve heard of them, Maev, but have never had one before. Not even between us, and you know how close Dolly and I are,” Nitasha answered Maev’s tentative question.

The girls looked at one another as Maev cleared her throat. “Would you like to have a Gold Shower?” Maev asked with a tone of hope in her voice.

There was a slight pause in the shower room that seemed to echo in the silence of the room.

“Well,” said Dolly, “if Nitasha wants to, I’d go along with it, too.”

Maev smiled brightly and said, “Wonderful, girls. I think you’ll enjoy it. At least I hope you do.”

“How are we going to do it, Maev?” asked Nitasha.

“Well, once more there are three of us, so each one will get to do the other. For instance, I’d give Dolly a Gold Shower. She, in turn, would give you one, Nitasha, and finally, you would give me a Gold Shower. And it’s great to do it in the shower since all the urine that is splashed onto the floor and gets sprayed onto our bodies will be rinsed down the drains. So, is that all right with you two?” asked Maev.

“Sure. That’s fine,” said Dolly. “I’m glad you’re going first so Nitasha and I see how it’s done.”

“It’s very simple, girls. Dolly, I’m going to go back against the shower wall and spread my legs, and you come up, drop down onto your knees and position yourself between my legs.”

And as Maev said that she went back to the wall, turned around, and gently balanced her body against the wall, and Dolly followed her as told. When she stood in front of Maev, Maev took her into her arms and kissed her passionately.

“Now, kneel down between my legs and open your mouth. I’ll take it from there. In this case, I’m the giver and you’re the receiver. Doing as Maev told her, Dolly got down on her knees between Maev’s legs that she had spread open to accommodate Dolly.

While Dolly was positioning herself between Maev’s splayed legs, Maev reached down to her pussy and opend her pussy lips with her fingertips. This made the opening of her urethra accessible to Dolly.

When Dolly looked up, she was once more looking into Maev’s seductive pussy, and her mouth was eager for this new experience.

“Lick between my pussy lips, Dolly, and then curl your tongue and concentrate your licking on the opening of my urethra. If you can, try to open it a little with your fingertips and stick the point of your tongue into it. The urethra can be very sensitive, you know.”

Dolly reached out, placing her hands high on Maev’s thighs to give her balance as she began to lick up and down inside Maev’s pussy lips. But she concentrated most of her effort on and in Maev’s urethra as Maev had asked her to do. Maev’s inner pussy was smooth and silky to the touch of her sensitive tongue and still had the taste of cum on it.

“Okay, Dolly, my bladder is full, so this will be a large load of my hot urine. I just wanted you to be prepared. Now, tilt your head back but keep your mouth open so I can pee right into it.”

“All right. I shall,” Dolly told Maev.

Dolly tilted her head back and opened her mouth and readied herself. Maev aimed her urethra at Dolly’s mouth and opened the floodgates of her bladder, and Maev shot a steady stream of her hot pee into Dolly’s mouth, and it ran right down her throat and into her stomach. Maev’s pee was hot and clear and didn’t have much of a taste. In fact, it tasted a little like her ejaculate, but then, both the urethra and Para urethra that surround it produce similar liquids, both being a little acidic. However, a healthy woman’s urine is sterile, and, therefore, is not harmful to have in the mouth or even to swallow it.

In the process of shooting her urine into Dolly’s open mouth, Maev also squirted some on her face, but Dolly didn’t mind at all. In fact, Dolly pressed her face into Maev’s pussy and enclosed her urethra with her mouth so Maev could pee right into it, and she could drink it.

Once Maev stopped peeing, Dolly gave a last swallow and licked her lips. She then looked up into Maev’s eyes and said, “Oh, Maev. That was something. I didn’t know what to expect, but after we got going, I really enjoyed your Gold Shower.”

“I’m glad you liked it. Now it’s your turn to give your lover Nitasha a Gold Shower and then she me.”

And that is exactly the way the rest of the shared Gold Shower went until all had hers and each one was satisfied and ready to shower and leave campus.

Dolly and Nitasha met Maev in her office so they could leave the gym together and Maev lock the door behind them, but before they left Maev’s office they each shared warm, emotional kisses with one another, reliving the few hours they had just spent making love.

“Well, girls, I must say. This was delightful, and both of you are fantastic lovers.”

Dolly’s and Nitasha’s faces lit up for joy after hearing such praise from Miss Robinson whom they now called Maev.

“And we so much loved the idea that such a beautiful woman as yourself is not only our coach but our friend.”

“Well, girls, I have to be off. I’m going out to dinner at some restaurant that’s in Gateway Plaza. It’s said to be underground,” she added.

Dolly and Nitasha looked at each other with shocked surprize.

“That’s the restaurant we work at as waitresses!” the two cried out. “Gee, too bad we have this night off, or we would have seen you there. Anyway, hope you enjoy your dinner. The food is really good.”

“And what are your plans for this evening?” Maev asked.

“Well, we’ll go catch a bus back to the Projects and find things to do either at my apartment or Nitasha’s apartment. Really doesn’t matter much where we are just so long as we’re together,” Dolly smiled as she reached out and took Nitasha’s hand into hers and gave it a little squeeze.

“Well then, good night, you two. We’ll have to do that again sometime soon,” Maev said coyly but with a definite “yes” to her voice.

“Good night, Maev. Good night, Miss Robinson,” Dolly and Nitasha said as they waved their hands in the cold air as evening descended around them, and the lamplights of Oakland were just coming on in the cold, winter night.

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