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Promises In the Dark

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“Promises In the Dark”

I’d never have met Desirée if not for the rain. It was crazy rain, the kind of storm you get maybe once every couple of years, where it just pours buckets out of the sky and the wind whips so hard the rain practically comes at you sideways and the lightning makes the night seem like day for whole minutes at a time.

Spring rain, warm rain, crazy rain. Desirée’s kind of weather.

She walked into the bar soaking wet. She got a cat-call or two, probably would have gotten a lot more if the rain hadn’t kept most people home. She was the kind of girl who loved to have an audience, though. I swear, she probably wished more people were there to look as she stood there dripping, her T-shirt practically transparent and her tan shorts soaked through to the skin. I could actually read the tattoo on her stomach straight through her shirt, the one that said ‘Bad Girls Have More Fun’. Her raven-black hair was plastered to her head, her whole body was slick and damp with rain, but she grinned like the devil himself was inside her when she walked in. Something about that grin made me shiver inside.

The second I saw her, I knew I was in trouble. She had a body that was…lush. Voluptuous. She carried a little extra weight on her, but she was tall enough to pull it off, and she carried it in all the right places, making her hips swell into a wide delta that just made you want to run your hands along them and her breasts strain against the straps of her bra. She looked like an Amazon, a giantess, like she just swallowed skinny little dyke girls like me up in the valley between her thighs and wrung them out, then kept looking for more. She looked at me with those hooded, heavy-lidded eyes of hers like she was a cat and I was a mouse. It scared the hell out of me, but at the same time, I just had to have her.

What can I say? I have a thing for bad girls. If Desirée did break my heart, she wouldn’t be the first.

I walked over to her and asked, “What can I do for you, ma’am?”

She smiled hungrily at me and looked straight at my tits. God, it felt like she was touching them with her stare. “Call me Desirée,” she said. “‘Ma’am’ is for old ladies. As for what I want…” She smiled at me just long enough to make me imagine what she was going to say. “Just a place to sit and an Iron City, hon,” she said. “I racked up my car about a quarter-mile back, skidded clean into the ditch and busted an axle. Tow truck’s on its way, and I need to call for a ride home.”

“Sure thing,” I said. I led her back into a booth. No need to worry about who’d serve her–what with this storm, I was the only girl on tonight. Zack, the bartender, saw me heading across the dance floor with her and just laughed to himself. He knew me too well not to know what I was thinking. He also knew me too well to warn me about girls like Desirée. “My name’s Priscilla. If you want anything more, just holler for me.”

Desirée grinned and settled into her booth. “Oh, I surely will, hon.”

She knew what I wanted, and I knew what she wanted. When I came back with her beer, she made sure to touch my fingers as I handed it to her, and I made sure to let her. It wasn’t twenty minutes before she said to me, when I came back to collect the dead soldier, “Dang the luck. Can’t seem to get a hold of my roommate. Can I have another Iron City while I wait?”

“Sure,” I said. “And I tell you what. If you still haven’t heard back from your friend by closing time, I’ll give you a lift home. I can’t leave a pretty girl like you to walk home on a night like this.” I hadn’t meant to flirt quite that openly–sure, I could tell she was gay or at least bi, but I was on the clock, and making passes at the female customers could get me in a little hot water if she decided to say anything about it. But that lazy, sexy stare she kept giving me as I crossed the floor was getting to me.

“Well, that’s sweet of you, Priscilla,” she said. “I hope it won’t come to that, but I’ll take you up on that offer.” I hoped like hell her roommate wasn’t home.

Closing time came a little earlier than we thought it would, that night. Somewhere around Desirée’s fourth Iron City, the lights flickered, went out, came back, and finally died for good. Zack kept us going for a while, serving up drinks by flashlight and taking cash, but we got a call from Sam, the owner, about twenty minutes after the electricity died. “Power’s out all over Austin,” he said. “There can’t be more than three people in the bar, and nobody’s going out on a night like tonight. You kids drive slow, get home safe, and I’ll go ahead and pay y’all like you were there ’til close.”

I told Zack. He said, “I’ll stay and clean up. You go ahead and get that little lady home safe.” His face was the picture of innocence, but I knew what he was thinking. “Just make sure to bring in some pictures tomorrow.” He ducked as I threw a towel at him, but he didn’t have to tell me twice.

I went over to Desirée and said, “Looks like you got a little luck after all. I can take you home right now.”

Desirée stood up. “Isn’t that always the way of it?” she said, nothing but a voice in the dark but I could hear that wicked little smile of hers. “You go through a big run of bad luck and then all of a sudden, bam! You get lucky.”

We laughed like banshees all the way out to my car, and the rain soaked my outfit clean through just from running across the parking lot. I hopped in, let Desirée into the passenger’s side, and we got going.

I turned my windshield wipers on all the way, but even going as fast as they could, the rain battered down onto the glass in sheets and the headlights looked like they were just lighting up a wall of water. I couldn’t drive more than ten miles an hour at best. Desirée told me where she lived, a little apartment complex up on San Jacinto, and then she didn’t say anything for a little bit. She and I just listened to the rain beat down on the car roof like a drumbeat and felt the water drip down our bodies. The streetlights were out because of the power outage, and it felt like we were all alone together in the dark.

Then Desirée put her hand on my knee.

“Jesus,” I said, “I’m driving here! You want us to crash?”

“So go ahead and drive a little slower,” she said, her voice coming out almost like a growl. “Nobody’s driving fast in this weather, you won’t be rear-ended. And I don’t want to wait to touch you one second longer.” She slid her hand up a little, the rain making my skin slick to the touch so that her fingers were just gliding up my leg.

I slowed down to five, the car just edging along through the rain. “I…” Her skin felt warm against mine, heating it up where the drying rain had cooled it down. “I’m just not sure this is a good idea, that’s all.”

“But you like it that I don’t care, don’t you?” Desirée said back. She just kept moving that hand up, real slow. Already, I wanted to take it and jam it down the front of my dress, but I didn’t dare take a hand off the wheel. “I could tell the second I laid eyes on you. You like the girls that scare you a little.” Her hand was right up near the hem of my dress now. One finger teased just a little, inching just underneath the fabric. “Bad girls.”

“I…” She was just a voice in the dark again, but I could picture just how she looked, sitting there in the passenger seat. I could see her eyes, dark and glittering and filled with lust, drinking in the expression on my face in the dashboard light. She didn’t want me to say ‘yes’ just yet.

“But you’re scared, aren’t you? That’s what makes it even hotter, knowing that I might be dangerous and not caring.” My nipples were like little pebbles, pressing against the wet fabric of my T-shirt. I knew she must be able to see them, even in the darkness. “Or caring, and not being able to stop.” Desirée’s fingers weren’t moving any further up, they were just making tiny circles on my thigh. “You’re scared, but you’re not scared enough to stop me.”

“I…I just don’t want us to get hurt, that’s all.” I wasn’t sure whether I was talking about the driving or the sex.

Her hand slid under my dress in one smooth move, resting right up on my hip where it pressed against the seat. “Then I’ll make you a promise.”

I didn’t know how much Desirée’s promises were worth, but I didn’t want to say that to her.

I didn’t have to. I heard the smile in her voice even in the dark of the night. “Oh, I’m not saying you can trust me. We both know better. But I do keep my promises, Priscilla.” I wished to hell I could look her in the eye right now, but I felt like I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the road. I was just staring straight ahead, watching the windshield wipers sway back and forth and feeling my pussy get wet. “And I promise you this.”

She leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “I promise I will never hurt you.”

Her breath was warm and soft against my skin, and I could smell her. Not her perfume or anything; just the smell of wet flesh, close to my own. Desirée’s scent. That was the first time I ever got close enough to smell her. I knew I’d have to get more before the night was out.

She didn’t say much after that for the rest of the car ride. She didn’t have to. She just kept touching me, letting her hands brush against my thigh or my shoulder or my hip or my nipple. I didn’t say anything either, really. Not when I was trying so hard to concentrate on driving through the rain with those hands on me, trying to keep from totaling the car while my cunt just got so damn wet my panties were as see-through as my shirt. When we finally pulled into that parking lot, it felt like all I wanted to do was jill off right there in the car. But I didn’t. Because I knew that it would feel so much better if I let Desirée do it.

We ran through the driving rain through the parking lot, hand in hand, and for all the good our clothes did us we might as well have been naked. Every time the lightning flashed, it lit Desirée up like a goddess, slick and shining in that crazy blue light and her clothes clinging to her like a second skin. We dragged each other into the building and she pulled me into the stairwell. “Elevator’s out,” she said. The emergency lights were on, and they gave just enough light for me to see the expression on her face, but not enough to see her eyes. They were like pools of night.

“I’m up on the second floor,” she said. She leaned in, gently pushing me back up against the wall. She had a few inches of height on me, just enough that she was looking down into my eyes when she kissed me. I could feel her weight pressing into me, and it flashed through my mind in that instant that if I’d have wanted to push her off, I couldn’t have. I didn’t want to, but knowing that I couldn’t made the kiss even better. Finally, she pulled away. “You know,” she continued as if nothing had happened. “If you want to come up.”

When we got upstairs, her apartment was almost as dark as the car had been. One candle was lit in the kitchen, and a girl was washing dishes by candlelight. She was a skinny girl just like me, but she had long red hair instead of short blonde like mine. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, either. She turned around when we came in, not even caring that she was giving us a full view of her snatch. A few soapsuds were the only things that stood between her and our eyes, and they didn’t cover any of the important bits. “Hi!” she said. “Heck of a night out there!”

Desirée’s eyes gleamed in the candlelight. “Priscilla, this is Constance, my roommate. Constance, this is Priscilla.”

I didn’t even know what to say. It wasn’t that she wasn’t pretty–maybe not exactly my type, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers, either. It was just so unexpected. I liked looking at naked girls as much as the next dyke, but I didn’t expect to see them just wandering around the apartment. And if she felt free enough to just wander around Desirée naked, then did that mean that the two of them had a thing? How was I supposed to feel about that if they did? I knew I didn’t feel jealous. Desirée had her hand on my ass, and the way she touched me made it pretty clear I was going to be the one in her bed tonight. But I didn’t know if Constance was the jealous type, and I didn’t want to be in the middle of a catfight. I could feel myself tense up a little.

Desirée must have felt it too, because her hand rubbed my ass in a way that made me remember just how much I needed her tonight. “It’s alright, Pris,” she said. “Constance doesn’t mind.” She didn’t say exactly what Constance didn’t mind, whether it was me staring at her shaved beaver or Desirée walking in with another girl or having to wash dishes in the middle of a thunderstorm. Her next words made it pretty clear she meant all those things. “I’ve got her well-trained.”

Something about those words gave me a chill, but at the same time they made hot tingles run through my body. “She can’t have been that well-trained,” I said, wanting to show that I wasn’t quite ‘well-trained’ yet. “She didn’t answer the phone earlier, did she?”

“Oh!” Constance said, looking at the phone with an expression of dismay on her face. “You called? I’m sorry, I must not have heard the phone ring.”

Desirée smiled. “It’s okay, Constance, I didn’t call you. You’re still a good girl.”

She smiled like Desirée had just given her a long sloppy lick right on her clit. I looked over at Desirée. “I thought you said you couldn’t get a hold of her.”

Desirée winked at me. “I also said you couldn’t trust me, honey.” She let her hand slide up to the small of my back. The heat of her went through my wet shirt like I was naked. “Besides, I only told you I couldn’t get a hold of her. I didn’t say anything about how hard I tried.”

I had to laugh a little at that. I couldn’t even say it surprised me, really. We’d both known why I was offering her a lift home, we’d both known why she was accepting it. And when she said, “Here, let me take you into the bathroom so you can get out of those wet things,” we both knew what she really meant.

She didn’t give me a chance to take off my own clothes. She just started peeling my T-shirt off of me, and I shivered at the sensation of the damp fabric clinging just a little to my flesh as she undressed me. “What about Constance?” I asked.

“I didn’t promise you that you’d be the only girl in my life, Pris,” she said. She gave a quick tug, and my skirt fell to the floor. “I won’t make a promise I can’t keep.”

“I don’t…I don’t mean that.” Maybe I did a little for a second, but her thumbs hooked under my panties, and I could feel her nearness as she knelt down and began to slowly pull them to my ankles. It made me feel like it didn’t matter if I was the only girl in Desirée’s life, just so long as I could be one of them. “I just meant…” I didn’t know what I meant.

“I told you already,” Desirée said, her breath hot against my cunt. It was all I could do not to buck my hips forward. “Constance doesn’t mind. She’ll give us all the privacy you want her to give us…however much that might be.” My panties hit the floor. I think my jaw hit right along with it, but Desirée couldn’t see that in the darkness. I knew what she was offering, and even if I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it, part of me wanted it. “She’s my good girl.”

I heard her take her own clothes off, much quicker and more urgently than she did mine. “Come on,” she said. “I’ll take you into the bedroom and show you what I mean.”

She took my hand and led me through the darkened hall. Frankly, I didn’t see how she could show me anything in this pitch dark, but I was too horny now to ask questions. She could have said anything after ‘I’ll take you into the bedroom’ and I would have agreed with it.

As it happened, though, she did show me. The storm was subsiding now, but there was still enough lightning flashing to light up the walls of her room, just a few seconds at a time. A flash here, and I noticed a whip hanging from a hook. A flash there, and I noticed a paddle hanging next to it. A flash lit up fur-lined handcuffs, gleaming in the night, and another lit up a ball gag like I’d only ever seen in ‘Pulp Fiction’. I couldn’t look fast enough, the shadows swallowed them up faster than I could take them in. I saw ropes and collars and double-ended dildos and clips and clamps and harnesses and plugs and crops and…

Desirée closed the door behind us. I shook my head, then realized that the lightning was becoming too infrequent now for her to see it. All the light was fading now, leaving us alone in the dark. “I…Desirée, I can’t. I…I like girls, I like you, but…please. Don’t ask me to do all this…”

“All this kinky shit?” she asked, her voice alive with silent laughter. She pulled me close to her. I could feel her body touching mine everywhere, now, warm damp flesh pressing against me. I shivered, but I didn’t know if it was from arousal or fear. I’d wanted a bad girl, but… “You don’t have to worry, Pris. Remember that promise?”

I remembered the promise, remembered the smell of her when she’d said it. She was even closer now, her scent even stronger. I felt like I was lost again, like if the lights were on she’d be able to see that same thousand-yard stare I had back in the car. “You’ll never hurt me,” I whispered in a little girl’s voice.

“That’s right, Pris,” she said, stroking my hair. “I’ll make you another one, too.” She put her mouth to my ear again, speaking softly and gently. Intimately. “I promise you that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to in this room.”

She leaned back a little, but she was still close enough that I could smell her. “All you need to do is say to me, ‘I really don’t want to do this,’ and I’ll stop.”

I relaxed a little into her arms. Her breasts were soft against my body, and all I wanted to do was lose myself in her for a while. Nothing weird, nothing kinky, just giving into that need for her touch and letting it carry me away.

She gently pressed me backwards onto the bed, and I lay back with a soft and gentle moan as her fingers stroked my nipples. “Of course,” she said, “that still doesn’t mean you can trust me, Pris.” The deep, throaty purr in her voice made me squirm underneath her. “I’m still your bad girl, just like you’re my good girl.” I remembered Constance briefly, still in the kitchen doing Desirée’s dishes, but then she put her hand right on the crease where my hip met my thigh, and that drove everything else out of my mind.

She leaned down and pressed her mouth to my nipple, sucking hard on it for a moment then letting it go. “I won’t do anything in here you don’t want me to do,” she said, moving to the other nipple and giving it that same brief, intense kiss, “but that doesn’t mean I won’t make you want things.”

I gasped. “W-what things?” I asked. I could hear the tremble in my voice, the absolute need.

“Everything.” She took my hands in her own, raised them over my head. “Anything.” She pressed them against each other, then pressed her left hand over them both. “Imagine it, Priscilla, and I’ll make you want it.” She slid her right hand back down to my body, stroking up and down my stomach. “Just imagining it makes you want it more, doesn’t it?” Her grip on my hands wasn’t strong, but I couldn’t imagine pulling free of it. She was holding me just with the idea of holding me.

“And everything you imagine, everything you want just leads to something even better,” she said. Her fingers circled around my nipples, stimulating the aureolae, moving back and forth from breast to breast. “You love the way it feels to be helpless, to be held and captured by my hands and touched and teased and tempted and not to be able to do a thing about it, don’t you?”

“I…” My whole body felt like one big clit, every nerve so alive that I almost screamed when she touched me. Just a few seconds ago, I was worried about all those ropes and chains, but it was like her voice and her touches were just hypnotizing me, there in the dark. All I could do now was feel. All I wanted to do now was feel.

She pinched my nipple, twisting it just a little. “Don’t you?”

“Yes!” I cried out. I’d never imagined being helpless could feel this good, but I’d never imagined how helpless Desirée could make me. I wasn’t just helpless to free my hands, I was helpless to stop feeling this good, helpless to disagree with her purring voice.

“Just imagine it, Pris,” she said. “Imagine soft, velvet ropes holding your hands instead, holding your hands and your ankles so that both my hands could touch you.” It was like she was touching me with both hands already; the idea was getting me so horny that I was already there in my head. Desirée was guiding my mind, telling me what to think and what to feel and it was getting me more turned on than I’d ever believed I could be.

“uh-huh,” I panted out, my voice high and quiet.

“Ask me to tie you up, then.” Desirée took her hand away from my body. All that I could feel was her hand holding my wrists, all that I could hear was the sound of my own breath as I panted with arousal.

“please,” I whimpered.

“Please what, honey?” Desirée held her hand so close to my cunt that I could feel the warmth of it radiating off her, close but not quite touching.

“please tie me up,” I said. I couldn’t quite connect the person I was when I walked into the room with the person who was writhing and panting and begging to be tied up, it all felt so hazy in my head, but I just didn’t care.

I felt Desirée’s hand release me for a moment, and I trembled as I heard the sounds of her moving around the room. I felt light-headed and dizzy with arousal, and the scariest, sexiest thing of all was that she’d done exactly what she’d said she would. She’d made me want this. When I felt the ropes go around my wrists, it was the most erotic sensation of my life, and Desirée had made me want it. I knew she was going to make me want other things, then. Not just that she would tell me about them, but that I would give in to them, to wanting them. She’d just stroke and caress me with her words, with her hands, and I’d melt even easier next time.

I realized that I wanted to melt like that as she pulled the rope taut. My hands were bound together, bound to the bed and it felt so hot and sexy as she tied my ankles together too. “Does my good girl like this?” she asked, her voice just seeming to sink into my head.

“yes,” I said. My thighs rubbed together as I struggled against the ropes–not because I wanted to get free, but because I was so fucking hot and struggling made me even hotter. The way the ropes refused to give when I pulled, the way my thighs rubbed together and sent little tingles right into my clitty, it just hammered at my mind and made me just want to say yes to anything Desirée said.

“And the more helpless you feel, the better you feel, right?”

“uh-huh,” I moaned out. She was touching me again, and she was right, it was even better with both her hands on my body. I felt like I was a musical instrument, like she was playing me with every touch and caress, making a symphony of my whimpers and gasps and moans.

“You’d feel even more helpless if I gagged you, wouldn’t you, Pris?” She ran her fingers gently over my lips, and I could taste my sweat on them. “Think how sexy that would feel, knowing that you couldn’t say ‘no’ to me anymore, even if you wanted to.” She stroked the crease of my thigh again, taking her fingers ever closer to my cunt. “That you’d be totally helpless.” The index finger of her other hand traced the hollow of my throat. “Totally controlled.” She leaned in, whispering in my ear again, so intimate in a way her touches could never be. “Totally mine.”

I broke. Whatever self-control I had, whatever held me back from totally surrendering to her will just crumbled right then. I didn’t care if she was dangerous, I didn’t care if she’d spank me or fuck me or whip me or if I’d wind up washing her dishes in the nude someday. I didn’t care that I wouldn’t be able to say ‘no’, it wasn’t a word I could imagine using anymore. Giving in so completely was kind of scary, but that just made it even hotter, and I heard myself gasping out, “please, please yes gag me please anything please make me yours control me oh god oh fuck oh…”

The silk scarf she tied around my mouth held me more thoroughly than the ropes ever could. It felt like it was holding my mind like the ropes were holding my body. She said, “You’re my good girl now,” and she probably didn’t understand my response but she didn’t need to. She knew I was saying ‘yes’ to everything. “You’ll always be my good girl,” and her fingers finally found my cunt as I moaned out another ‘yes’ through the gag. “You’ll do anything I want, anything I ask, anything I need,” and her fingers were inside me and all I could say was yes, all I could think was yes. I stopped even remembering what she said, I just knew as she finally let me cum that the answer was always yes.

I don’t know how long it was, that first night, before she finally got tired of hearing me moan. All I know is that I was wrung out, and she was still looking for more. She called in Constance, but before the other girl got there, she leaned in and whispered one last thing in my ear.

“I promise you, Pris…I take good care of my girls.”

The lights came back on around then. Desirée made me watch them.


And that was how I met Desirée, on that crazy, wild night when the lightning flashed in sheets and the rain fell sideways. The night my whole life changed. The night I learned just how good it felt to belong to somebody.

Desirée still blindfolds me when we have sex, even now. So that I can still hear her voice, whispering to me in the dark.

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