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Project Girl

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The basis for this story is autobiographical, but I do make changes with names of individuals and some of the content to make the story flow more smoothly such as entering the minds of characters to reveal possible thoughts leading up to their actions.


Dolly was born and lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in an area above city center that is called the Hill District.

Now by that name one might think this is a very exclusive and wealthy part of the city just as one thinks of Nob Hill in San Francisco, California, knowing it is a very wealthy part of the city that is on the top of many steep hills that overlook the Golden Gate Bridge which spans the cliffs on both sides of beautiful San Francisco Bay, a gateway to the Pacific Ocean.

While it may sound as if it would be somewhat like Nob Hill in San Francisco, the Hill District is anything but one of the ritzy and wealthy residences in Pittsburgh. In fact, it is just the opposite. Wylie Avenue, the main street that cuts through the middle of the Hill District, is located on one of the many hills that surround the heart of the city that rises up from what is known today as The Golden Triangle where three rivers meet, the Monongahela, the Allegheny, and the Ohio which is formed by the two rivers.

Wylie Avenue had, and still might have, a number of night clubs that catered mainly to blacks, and these night clubs were the half-way stops between New York City and Chicago for famous, black entertainers such as Billy Eckstein, Lena Horne, The Step Brothers, Ertha Kitt, and many more. They also were often frequented by Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber, who won the heavy weight championship of the world by knocking out Joe Schmeling in 124 seconds of the first round. Therefore, in many ways the clubs on Wylie Avenue were like the clubs that used to be in Harlem in New York City such as the famous Cotton Club.

Within this community on the Hill of the poor is a community divided into two sections known as The Village, and these are Terrace Village 1 and Terrace Village 2. Together they comprise groups of redbrick tenement houses with four units and six apartments in each that are collectively called The Projects, and the divisions even extend according to race since there are groups of buildings for the whites and groups of buildings for the blacks, but the irony of this is the fact the children went to the same schools where they intermingled without much difficulty, no more and even less than all white schools or all black schools.

Dolly lived in Terrace Village 2 in Apartment 412 on the second floor fronting Wadsworth Avenue. This is her story.

She had lived in the Projects since she was three and grew up with rock ‘n’ roll, the blues, jazz, collard greens, ochre, and soul food.

In such a racially mixed living environment, Dolly also soon learned in her life it wasn’t the color of ones skin that was important but the kind of person who was in it.

Dolly and her family were just one of many who shared a lifestyle of being poor. However, life wasn’t too unkind for the residents in The Projects because everyone lived under the same set of circumstances, and since all were poor, nobody thought otherwise outside their lifestyle. It was hard enough just trying to make ends meet from day to day than worrying about and dreaming of a better life.

When food in the house was down to the last can of soup or one often ate lettuce sandwiches or syrup bread, food was more a necessity than a luxury.

Growing up in such surroundings, Dolly wanted to better herself, and while in high school she hoped to become a teacher. She was even a member of Future Teachers of America Club along with her friend Nitasha who also wanted to be a teacher.

Neither one had the means to go on to a four year college, so they applied to and were accepted into a two year pre-education curriculum at Oakland Community College. Dolly and Nitasha thought if they successfully completed the two years and made good grades, they might be eligible for scholarships to either The University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Mellon; although, they hoped it would be Pitt.

The inseperable duo also got jobs as waitresses at a rather fancy restaurant that was below ground in one of three tall, aluminum buildings that comprise “Gateway Center,” just up from The Point where the confluence of the three rivers come together.

So there the two were: both eighteen years old, high school graduates, students enrolled in a community college to begin their studying to become teachers, and waitresses at the same down town restaurant where the tips were really good to earn money to help pay their way through school. Neither of their mothers had the money to help pay their tuition, so their future rested on their shoulders.

Nitasha had very dark, black skin. She had beautiful dark eyes; dark, curly hair; full, sensual lips; well-developed, pert breasts; a firm, young body; and a beautiful smile that lit up her face.

This was in sharp contrast to Dolly’s natural, platinum blonde hair; pale blue eyes; very fair skin; naturally rosy cheeks; cherry red lips; and large breasts.

Dolly was tall due to her rather long legs while Nitasha was shorter of the two, about five feet five inches.

So, despite their hardships, life for Dolly and Nitasha went fairly well except for the fact that in junior and senior high there had been three girls who were also inseparable as were Dolly and Nitasha. They were Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda, and it seemed one of their goals in life was to make life as miserable for Dolly and Nitasha as possible. This ongoing confrontation eventually came to a head while Dolly and Nitasha attended Oakland Community College.

Of course, after graduating from high school at eighteen, Dolly was glad to have the three girls who had given her and Nitasha so much trouble throughout their school years out of their lives, and the two looked forward to their schooling at the community college. What Dolly and Nitasha didn’t know was the fact the three black girls, Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda, who had made their lives miserable in junior and senior high, were also going to the community college. And all three of them were nineteen years old because they had been held back a year because of poor grades and missing so much school. That was one reason these three became such close friends. Their being older brought them into their close friendship, and they also had chips on their shoulders that were definitely hard to knock off. However, all three girls were intelligent, so they knew they had to go straight and make good grades if they were going to graduate from high school. And along the way they, too, decided to enter Oakland Community College in the secretarial curriculum.

After graduation from high school, both Dolly and Nitasha were so glad to be rid of the Three Wicked Sisters of the West as they called them. However, as the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie the “Wizard of OZ” kept showing up at unsuspected times, bringing trouble with her, Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda were going to show up in an unsuspected time and place for Nitasha and Dolly.

It was on the very first day in their last class of the afternoon which was an athletics class to study and train in aerobics. This was the last, and only, day-class given, but there were night classes, too. This was scheduled to be the last class of daytime classes so the girls could get showers before going home or to wherever they had to be.

On the first day of class Dolly and Nitasha had gotten to the gym earlier than necessary so they would be ready. They were already in their exercise outfits, waiting for the other girls to show up as well as their Coach Miss Robinson. How surprised and shocked they were to see Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda come through the doorway into the gymnasium.

“Oh, shit, Dolly,” Nitasha whispered dejectedly to her. “Look who’s here? The Wicked Sisters of the West!”

Dolly looked in the direction where Nitasha had nodded her head. When she saw the three girls and saw them looking back at her and Nitasha with the same smirking looks on their faces, Dolly was crestfallen and felt queasy in her stomach.

“Oh, damn. You’re right, Nitasha. Of all people. I thought we were through with them after graduation. It’s as if they followed us her intentionally,” Dolly said.

“Well, don’t pay them any mind, Dolly,” Nitasha assured her. “We’ll go our way, and they can go their way.”

“Okay, Nitasha. You’re right. There’s not much we can do about it excpet give them plenty of space and hope we don’t run into them too often, especially in having the same classes together,” Dolly replied.

This, however, was easier said than done because here they were already in the same athletic class, and this was the first day of the new Fall semester.

When all the girls were out of the locker room and mulling around the gym in small groups, Miss Robinson blew her whistle to get their attention and said, “Come on, Girls. Gather round me, and I’ll let you know what we shall be doing the first six weeks of our class.”

It took but a few minutes before the girls were in a half-circle facing Coach Robinson.

“You signed up for this athletics class, and we’ll be studying the nature of Aerobic Exercise and also learning to do aerobic exercises correctly to your good health and the conditioning of your muscles. But for now I want you to warm up by running ten laps around the gym and then come over and get a place on one of the blue mats. Oh, and don’t forget to do some stretching before you begin running.”

Miss Robinson blew her whistle again to get the girls started on their laps. Nitasha and Dolly did some stretching of their muscles as did the other girls and then took off, running side by side, once more being inseparable.

As they were running, Dolly felt someone step on the heel of her running shoe, causing her to stumble forward.

Thinking it was just an accident, Dolly didn’t give it much thought.

“Hey, Whitey!” Claudette hissed under her breath so the coach would not hear her. “I bet you two never thought you’d see us here. Did ya?”

Dolly didn’t look back, trying to ignore her, but she knew by the voice it was Claudette.

“Hey, Bitch, you White Cracker! I’m talking to you. Don’t you ignore me. Ya hear?” Claudette sounded even more menacing.

Dolly figured if she continued to ignore Claudette, the situation would just escalate and get worse, so she turned her head and looked at Claudette and said, “Look, Claudette. Nitasha and I don’t want any trouble. Okay? So just let us be.”

Claudette sneered and gave Dolly a mean look, “It ain’t goin’ to be that easy, Dolly. I’ve had my eyes on you for years. Ever since junior high, and I don’t care for your high-n-mighty attitude.”

“But I…,” Dolly started to say.

“Don’t try to deny it, you uppity piece of white trash,” Claudette said.

“I’m not that way,” Dolly said. “I try to be friends with everyone.”

While this was going on Neeshsa, Wanda, and Nitasha were trying to hear what Claudette and Dolly were saying to one another, but since they were whispering so Miss Robinson couldn’t hear them, none could hear what they were saying.

Claudette looked into Dolly’s blue eyes, “Then why is it you pay attention only to Nitasha and noboby else? Huh? Answer me that.”

“Nitasha and I are really good friends, and we’ve been so ever since elementary school. You ought to know that since you went to the same schools as we did,” Dolly tried to ease the situation.

“But, I see the way you look at one another…all dreamy-eyed,” Claudette said. “Do you and Nitasha have a thing for one another, Dolly? Huh? Do you? Are you two gay?”

Dolly caught her breath when Claudette asked if she and Nitasha were gay, but she composed herself enought to reply, “What…what do you mean gay?”

Claudette twisted her lip into a cruel curl and said, “Lesbians? Are you and Nitasha lesbians? Do you two like girls?”

“Nitasha and I are just really good friends. We have been for a long time now. That’s all,” replied Dolly, trying to sound convincingly.

“Then how is it you been spending so much time eating and sleeping over at one another’s homes?” Claudette pressed the issue.”

Now Dolly was really caught off guard. “How does Claudette know Nitasha and I stay over at one another’s homes so much?” Dolly asked herself.

“That’s all right. You don’t have to answer. The answer is written all over your face. Besides. You know you can’t keep secrets in The Projects,” Claudette smiled. “It’s not easy being a Project Girl. Is it, Dolly?”

At this point Dolly turned her head and looked at Nitasha and told her softly what she and Claudette had been whispering about for so long. “She knows, Nitasha. Claudette knows you and I have a thing for one another. You know? Making love with one another.”

Nitasha had a sudden look of surprise come over her face, and even beneath her dark skin, Dolly saw the blushing in Nitasha’s cheeks.

Dolly turned back to Claudette and looked her straight in the eyes and said, “So, what if it is true? It’s nobody’s business but ours anyway. Least of all yours and those two lackies with whom you run around. Besides, you three have been together as if joined at the hip for about as long as Nitasha and I. So what about you three?”

“Humph!” Claudette hissed in hushed tones. “That may be, Dolly, but now we know it’s true,” Claudette said to Dolly while at the same time she looked to Neesha and Wanda and shook her head in the affirmative, confirming what the three of them had suspected. Dolly and Nitasha were lovers. And that knowledge gave them power over Nitasha and Dolly.

About this time Miss Robinson came over to Claudette and Dolly and said, “You two, Dolly and Claudette. Isn’t it? I want ten more laps around the gym for talking in the ranks while I have them do a few warming aerobic exercises and then dismiss the rest of the class. Come on. Get going. And when you’re finished, you can join the other girls in the locker room and showers.”

Claudette and Dolly both groaned, but they knew not to argue, so the two of them began their second ten laps while the other girls joined Miss Robinson on the blue mats.

After they had just begun to run, Claudette began kicking at the back of Dolly’s shoes and coming along side and bumping her to knock her off stride and perhaps make her stumble. However, Dolly soon had enough of that, and since she was a fast runner, she took off and left Claudette far behind her, but then she slowed down so she wouldn’t catch up to her.

Dolly, of course, finished before Claudette, and so she headed for the locker room where the other girls had gone for their showers and where Nitasha had been waiting for her in the entrance way.

“Hey, Dolly, how are you doing?” asked Nitasha empathetically.

Just as Dolly was going to tell Nitasha how she was, Claudette stumbled into the entrance way. Therefore, Dolly came up to Nitasha and stood by her. Claudette just gave Dolly a dirty look and went on while she panted due to being short of breath from running.

After Claudette passed them by, Dolly said to Nitasha, “Thanks for asking, Love. I’m all right. Maybe all of this will blow over now that Claudette let it all out. Besides, what more can she do to me…to us?” Dolly asked as they entered the locker room laughing softly to themselves.

Putting the Claudette issue behind them, Nitasha told Dolly she heard a rumor that had been going around campus about their coach Miss Robinson. It was said some thought she was a lesbian since she never had married even though she was a beautiful, well-built woman.

“Wow! No way!” gasped Dolly.

“Way!” Nitasha said.

“You have to be kidding, Nitasha. Miss Robinson can’t be gay,” Dolly said.

“Well, whether she is or whether she isn’t gay, I can’t say. But it sure is exciting to know such a beautiful woman as Miss Robinson is a lesbian. Doesn’t it, Dolly?” Nitasha asked.

Nitasha and Dolly were excited about this rumor since they, too, were fond of girls and had been exploring their feelings for one another on many occasions which, of course, now Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda knew about it.

“Well, again, whether it’s true or not, Dolly, let’s go get showered so we can get out of here for the day,” Nitasha said with excitement that lingered inside her, “and hopefully the nasty trio will be showered and gone by the time we are.

However, Nitasha and Dolly entered the locker room only to find there were still sweaty girls there in all manner of dress and undress. Some still had their gym clothes on while others were just getting out of theirs. There were also some who were completely naked, and their sweaty flesh glistened in the dim locker room lighting. From the sound of talking coming out of the shower room Dolly and Nitasha knew there were some taking their showers.

What Nitasha and Dolly didn’t see or know was the whereabouts of Claudette, Wanda, and Neesha, and they looked at one another perplexed.

“Where do you think Claudette and her two shadows are, Nitasha?” asked Dolly.

Nitasha looked puzzled and said to Dolly, “I don’t know where they are. I didn’t see them go out of the locker room. Did you?”

“No. I didn’t see them either, Nitasha. And I think they couldn’t have gotten in and out of the shower that fast since Claudette just went into the locker room just before us,” said Dolly, shrugging her shoulders.

Unbeknown to Dolly and Nitasha was the fact that as soon as Claudette got into the locker room and found Neesha and Wanda, she ushered them to the back where no one had lockers and the lights weren’t even lit. It was completely empty. A perfect place for what Claudette wanted to discuss with Neesha and Wanda about what she had in mind for Dolly and Nitasha.

Therefore, while the three waited around in the back making plans, Nitasha and Dolly went to their lockers and began to undress and put their still sweaty gym clothes on the hooks inside their lockers until they, too, stood side-by-side totally naked.

Actually their nakedness made for an interesting and seductive contrast that some of the other girls didn’t miss. In fact, some gawked at Dolly with her platinum blonde hair and soft, fluffy pubic hair and all her fair, pale skin compared to Nitasha’s dark skin with her short, curly, black hair and matching hair between her legs. The truth was, the two made a lovely, contrasting pair that wasn’t overlooked.

And as Dolly and Nitasha turned and walked toward the shower room, there were a few girls who saw the movment of their ass cheeks. Two white globes of ass cheeks and two black globes of ass cheeks keeping time with one another. It was enough to make a few of the girls’ mouth water with the very thought of having both of them, but right now especially Dolly since she was one of the few white girls in the school who was so fair and in their gym class. And having something different usually makes it more interesting and attractive.

In that pregnant moment of appreciating both Dolly and Nitasha, the three hiding in the back of the locker room continued the plan of their devious strategy.

“I’d sure like to get my hands on Dolly,” Claudette said provocatively.

“You got that right, Girl Friend,” responded Neesha. “She sure is somethin’.”

“Then why don’t we do somethin’ about it?” chimed in Wanda. “I’d sure like a piece of that blonde pussy.”

“Well, then, since Nitasha and Dolly were probably the last to go into the shower room, let’s wait until it is cleared as well as the locker room and then go in ourselves. How does that sound?” asked Neesha.

“Sounds like a plan to me, Neesha. What about you, Wanda?” asked Claudette.

With her mind racing and seeing visions of their having their way with Dolly, Wanda shook her head, “You can count me in, Girl Friends. I wouldn’t miss this for nothing. I’ve been dreamin’ about getting my head between Dolly’s legs for some time now. And I really have been thinkin’ of gettin’ her beautiful, white face between my black legs.”

So Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda had their plan to have Dolly in the shower, one Project girl to another or, in this case, three others.

Dolly and Nitasha had been alone in the shower for several minutes, rinsing the sweat from their bodies, soaping one another down while at the same time feeling each other’s nipples get hard and erect from this attention and from rubbing their hands between one another’s legs, feeling their hairy pubic mounds. White hand between black legs. Black hand between white legs. It was very exciting for both of them.

It is something they do now that they are in college when they spend the night over at one another’s homes. They’d go to bed, lie there, feel the closeness, and smell their sexual arousal emanating from between both their legs, and eventually they make love with one another, beginning very slowly and allowing everything to build up until they explode with powerful orgasms in a sixty-nine position and cum into one another’s open and willing mouths. It wasn’t their favorite position when making love, but at one another’s homes they had to be aware of the time.

Since there was no one in the shower except them, Dolly and Nitasha, giving into their passions, began to stroke one another’s pussies with more attention and vigor, sliding their fingers between one another’s pussy lips, inserting their fingers into one another’s vaginas, and toying with each other’s clits with thumbs and forefingers.

Between their soapy hands and the cream from their pussies, Nitasha and Dolly were close to having their orgasms when Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda walked into the shower room.

“Well, well, well! What do we have her?” blurted Wanda in a sarcastic way.

“Looks as if we’ve found a little lovin’ goin’ on between this white cracker and that black cracker, Girl Friends,” Claudette said with a smirk on her face as she pointed out each one in turn.

“Looks that way to me,” Neesah agreed. “An’ what you doin’ foolin’ around with this here white girl anyway, Nitasha?” Ain’t we black girls good enough for you?”

Nitasha and Dolly, being caught by surprise by the three girls, looked up in shock , and they hurriedly broke away from one another. Neither one was ashamed of what they had been doing with one another, but they didn’t like being found in this compromising situation, especially by Claudette, Neesha, and Wanda.

Nitasha was the first to answer. “It’s none of your damn business what I do!” Nitasha lashed out at the three girls. “And I can do what I want with whom I want,” she added emphatically.

Due to her dark skin, no one really saw Nitasha’s cheeks blush from embarrassment even though she felt exactly as she had just told the three nobodies. It was the same when Dolly told her they knew they were lovers.

“Don’t you go playin’ high ‘n’ mighty with us, Nitasha. You two bein’ what you are?” said Claudette.

“And what is that?” shot back Nitasha while Dolly just stood there feeling still embarrassed at being caught in the act of making love with Nitasha, but she felt quite outnumbered among these black girls.

“Well, if you don’t know by now, Bitch, you have allot of learnin’ to do,” Claudette said in a most contemptuous way. “And don’t give us that innocent act that you don’t know what we’re talking about.”

“That is for sure. You two are lesbians!” said Neesha, adding special meaning to the word lesbians.

“For sure. For sure. You two are cunt-lovin’, cunt-eatin’ lesbians,” Wanda added.

And so it went back and forth for a few minutes while the three intruders became bolder, and Nitasha and Dolly felt more and more humiliated as well as angry.

“Now I wonder what Miss Robinson would say if we were to tell her about you two and what we walked in on?” Claudette said with a warning in her voice.

“Yeah. Wonder what she ‘would’ say,” chimed in Neesha and Wanda together.

“I bet she’d be a might pissed off, for sure,” said Claudette to her two friends. And turning to Dolly and Nitasha, she said, “And most likely you two would be in big trouble if she went to the Dean of Students with this. Most likely you two would be asked to leave. And what do you think the other students would think once the story got around, and you know it would. All it would take is one person,” raising her index finger into the air, “and by the end of the school day tomorrow, everyone-in-their-mother would know. Think what that would do to your reps.”

“Ruin them for sure,” Neesha added. “Couldn’t hide this kind of thing or keep it from getting out.”

At this point both Nitasha and Dolly knew these three had the upper hand but didn’t know how to play it. And Dolly remembered what she had said to Nitasha not long ago about what more could Claudette do to her…to them…that she hadn’t already done in confronting them both with the fact they were lovers. Now she knew, having been caught in this compromising situation, Claudette could do so much more to hurt both her and Nitasha.

While these thoughts went through Dolly’s mind, Nitasha turned her head and looked into Dolly’s clear, light blue eyes with a question of alarm in them. She wanted Dolly to give her a sign of some kind as to what to do, and the sign she received in kind from Dolly was to give in to these three. They cloudn’t jeopardize their good names and reps.

Nitasha understood Dolly just by reading her eyes and the expression on her face. It was that close of friendship they had since early grade school.

“All right, you three. What is it you want so you don’t tell Miss Robinson? Dolly and I can’t afford to have this get out to the Dean and the student body not to mention our mothers and families,” Nitasha said dejectedly.

“Well, it’s good you’ve finally come to your senses. Isn’t it girls?” Claudette asked Neesha and Wanda with a smirk on her face and a gleam in her eyes.

Both Neesha and Wanda returned the smirk and turned their heads and looked at Dolly and Nitasha from head to toe, their mouths salivating and forming balls of spit inside.

Being the leader of the three, Claudette spoke up as she looked intently into the eyes of Nitasha and Dolly to see their reactions to what she was about to say.

“Well, Girls, you see,” Claudette said. “It’s like this. For a long time now, we three have been noticin’ how close and chummy you are, and we figured you two had a thing for one another and were more than friends which we’ve already established and now have proven by what we walked in on here in the shower room.”

Claudette was now confident she had Nitasha and Dolly where she wanted them: Behind the eight Ball or Between a rock and a hard place, and this thought made her smile with satisfaction .

“So, we all agree then, Nitasha,” Claudette said, “you and Dolly are lesbians. You have to be because any girl who loves to make love with another girl and not a boy is a lesbian, or if not lesbian, at least bi-sexual. Which I don’t think either one of you are.”

“But…,” Nitasha tried to get a word in here.

“Now, now, let me finish,” Claudette stopped Nitasha from saying anything. “We’ve seen you two growing up together since grade school and know you had sleep overs at one another’s homes. You know how stories get around The Projects. It’s almost impossible to keep secrets for very long. So, Project Girls, you two are lesbians. No doubt about it. Deny it if you can?” Claudette egged Nitasha on, getting allot of enjoyment out of this situation.

Finally Dolly spoke up since this all began, “Then, Claudette, what is it you want from Nitasha and me. Money to keep quiet?” she impolored.

“Money?” Claudette asked back. “Girls, is it money we want from these two lovelies?”

Both Wanda and Neesha burst out laughing and said, “Money!”

“You can’t eat money,” Neesha sneered.

Now Dolly and Nitasha finally understood where this was all leading as the conversation went on.

“Tell them, Claudette,” Neesha said. “What do we want from them?”

“Yeah, tell them, Claudette,” Wanda repeated Neesha’s question.

At first there were a few moments of silence. It was so very quiet even in the shower room that made a good echo chamber. All four girls stood there waiting for Claudette to say something, but she was so enjoying this that she wanted to hold onto the minute and give Dolly and Nitasha time to think about what it really is she, Neesha, and Wanda wanted from them. However, Claudette broke the silence and answered as if her reply was being pulled out of her.

“Oh, all right. If you insist,” she directed her answer to Neesha and Wanda, but then she turned her attention to Nitasha and Dolly, “You see, you two. I told you we’ve had our eyes on you for a long time now. And now that we caught you in the act, well, we want in on the action,” she almost drooled her answer.

“Yeah,” Neesha said. “We three want a piece of your pussies. We want to do to you what you two do with one another. AND, we want you two to go down on your knees, put your faces between our legs, and eat out our overheated, creamy pussies.”

“Does that answer your fuckin’ question, Nitasha?” Claudette asked with venom in her voice.

Nitasha and Dolly looked at one another in utter shock. They felt trapped, and they both found it difficult to breathe. Once more they felt ashamed but not of what they had done, made love with one another…not ashamed of their being in love with one another…but ashamed of having been caught in the act by these three no-goods. But everything was in their hands, and they saw no way out of it but to do as they were told, no, demanded.

However, Dolly and Nitasha had one more card to play that might get them out of their predicament.

Nitasha directed her question at Claudette but waved her hand at all three girls and said, “What you say may be true, Claudette, but what about you three. You just said you wanted to eat Dolly’s and my pussies and for us to go down on you three. That makes you three lesbians yourselves, so if you told on us, we could tell on you. We would all be in trouble then.”

“Ahhhhhhh, I was wondering when you would try that ploy to get out of this mess. You see, Nitasha, while what you say is true, you and Dolly didn’t catch us doing anything in the shower room as we did you two. So we’d just deny it, and, don’t forget we have you outnumbered. Three against two. But even if Miss Robinson and the Dean believed your accusations, all five of us would be in trouble, all five of us would have our reps tarnished with the student body, all five of would have our reps ruined, but most of all, all five of us would have our parents informed. Now, would you want that?”

Nitasha and Dolly who at first thought they had found a way out of their situation, now looked dejected, lowering their eyes to the shower room floor.

Dolly spoke up then, “I guess we have no choice then but to do what you three want of us.”

“Yes, I gues Dolly is right,” agreed Nitasha.

“Right, you really have no choice,” Claudette said triumphantly, “unless you two want to suffer the consequences.”

“No, we don’t want that,” Nitasha said.

“So,” said Dolly, “we’ll do as you wish. We’ll eat your pussies, and you can eat our pussies if you wish.”

“Well, that wasn’t too hard. Now was it?” Claudette sneered. “All right, Girl Friends, where do we start?”

“Oh, god, I’ve been wanting to get at Dolly for so fuckin’ long. Let’s start with her. I want to see what a white girl’s plussy looks like close up and personal. Don’t you two?” Neesha asked as she licked the outside of her full lips with her wet tongue. “Mmmmmm. I bet it looks goooodddd, and I bet it even tastes better.”

“Okay, then. We’ll start with Dolly,” Claudette said in agreement.

Dolly had a look of utter shock on her face when she knew she was about to become the play toy of these three black girls even though Nitasha and she had agreed they would be so, and yet at the same time, for whatever reasons, she was excited, too. As much as she loved Nitasha, the idea of receiving love even if she didn’t want it and giving love back was excruciatingly sensual. It once had been one of her fantasies.

But Dolly thought to herself, “Yes, this was one of my fantasies, but one really doesn’t want them to happen in real life. That’s what fantasies are, and one is in control of them. It’s not supposed to be like this.”

But Dolly was brought back to reality when a voice broke into her thoughts.

“Wanda, your take Nitasha over to the bench in the corner and set her down against the wall,” ordered Claudette, and then turning to Nitasha, “And, Bitch, you better not try to get away, or we’ll stop you by force, and we’ll hurt this little white girlfriend of yours. And I know you wouldn’t want that. Now would you?” Claudette said in a menacing tone.

Nitasha looked at Dolly as Wanda took her by the upper arm and led her towards the bench, and she kept looking back, keeping her eyes on Dolly to let her know she’d not try to get away no matter what.

Once Wanda had Nitasha on the bench against the wall, Claudette said, “All right, Girl Friends, let the party begin!”

“Sounds good to me, Claudette. In fact, more than good,” both girls answered as Wanda left Nitasha sitting on the bench in the corner, and she came back to join the other two.

“So bring Dolly over to this long bench and set her down so that her legs are off the sides and her ass is firmly planted,” Claudette ordered.

Nessha already had Dolly seated by the time Wanda got to them, and the two got on either side of Dolly, Neesha on her left and Wanda on her right. Claudette stood in front of her, and from this vantage point, Dolly was looking right at Claudette’s hairy pussy. It was the first she really took notice of the three girls’ nudity since it all started because she was so involved with Nitasha’s and her dilemma.

“So, Bitch, how do you like my pussy?” asked Claudette as she spread her pussy lips open with her fingers which displayed her open, pink vagina and the edges of her pussy lips. “Do you think it looks better than Nitasha’s pussy? And you better give the right answer,” Claudette snarled.

“Yeeeesssss, Claudette. Your pussy looks much better than Nitasha’s pussy,” answered Dolly as she looked towards Nitasha with tears in her eyes.

“Look at me, Bitch. The action is right here in front of your lily, white face,” Claudette warned as she reached out with her hands, put them on the sides of Dolly’s head, and turned it around so that she was once more looking directly at her cunt.

“Okay, Girls, I want you to take Dolly’s legs and spread them wide. Really wide so I can look right up into her pussy hole,” Claudette said.

Neesha and Wanda did as they were told, and each placed her hands on Dolly’s legs and spread them really wide, and they thrilled to the warmth of Dolly’s flesh on their hands. With their hands on Dolly’s legs, Neesha and Wanda got a good look at Dolly’s delicious pussy with her fleecy, blonde pubic hair that let them see evey nuance of her pussy: Her pussy lips that were now spread and shining with her lubricant left over from her making love with Nitasha; her vagina that, too, was creamy from her lubricant left over from Nitasha’s fingering it; and her pert clit that was half-hidden beneath its hood.

And from there the three girls saw Dolly’s well-formed breasts that were full and round and came somewhat to a point–as if they were shaped like a pear or a cone–and that were crowned with pink nipples sitting on top of a little darker shade of pink areolas. They also saw her lovely abdomen that had shape to it with its bellybutton beautifully sunk in the middle and her lovely, well-formed legs from her shapely thighs to her molded calves to her dainty feet. In all, even though they didn’t exchange words, the three of them thought Dolly was a vision of loveliness, and they couldn’t wait to get their hands, lips, mouths, and tongues on her body, but especially her wondrous pussy.

With her eyes glued to Dolly’s womanhood, Claudette put her hands on Dolly’s knees and knelt down between her splayed legs. Once more she stared into Dolly’s pussy, admiring what she saw and how different Dolly’s white pussy looked from her black pussy and yet the same. They both had the same feature up to a point, but on the other hand Dolly’s looked different because of her creamy, white flesh.

Claudette kept her eyes open as she slid her body forward towards her goal, coming closer and closer to Dolly’s pussy from which she now smelled her sweet musk. As she slid her body forward, she also slid her hands with splayed fingers along the indside of her tender thighs, sending erotic shivers throughout Dolly’s body even though she tried not to surrender to her desires and let her respond to Claudette’s gentle touch.

As Claudette slid her hands forward as well as her head, Dolly felt herself losing her balance, so she caught herself with her forearms on the bench to support her body that was being lowered close to a prone position.

From this vantage point, Dolly could not see much of what was going on, so she bent her head forward as best she could just as Claudette opened her mouth and stuck out her long, pink tongue.

Dolly was telling herself she really didn’t want this to happen. Not this way. But on the other hand her body was so excited with anticipation of feeling Claudette’s mouth on her wet pussy. She saw Claudette’s face, and then the top of her head with its shiny black hair, and then just her forehead and her nose. The rest of Claudette’s face was burying itself into Dolly’s wanton pussy, her nose spreading Dolly’s pussy lips while her pointed, pink tongue thrust its was inside her ravished pussy.

“Oh, god,” Dolly moaned within herself at the first touch, still trying not to respond to Claudette’s lingual stimulation on her ever-growing excited pussy. “That feels so good. I’m a slave to my own sensual passions. Even when being forced to have sex this way, my body responds all by itself and for itself.”

While these thoughts raced through Dolly’s mind, keeping time with her erotic sensations, Claudette tasted white pussy for the first time, and what she tasted was soooo good.

“Oh, yessss. I din’t know what to expect, but this bitch tastes sooo fuckin’ good. I’m goin’ to eat this pussy until I make Dolly cum into my hungry mouth.”

While Claudette was working on Dolly, Nitasha could do nothing more than sit quietly on the bench in the corner of the shower room. She dare not try to run. She wouldn’t make it anyway. And even if she could make it, she wouldn’t desert Dolly. She did, however, drop her head so she didn’t have to see what Claudette was doing with her Dolly, and she tried to drown out the sounds the two were making but was unsuccessful.

Neesha and Wanda still worked at spreading Dolly’s legs, but then they removed their hands since Claudette had her hands on Dolly’s legs while she ate her pussy that was becoming more and more sexually aroused. Dolly’s pussy lips were also becoming red from the flow of blood to them as well as from the friction caused by the rubbing of Claudette’s cheeks against her upper thighs and her nose and chin on her open pussy.

Not wanting to miss out on anything more than they were at that moment, Neesha and Wanda knelt beside Dolly and had her place her arms and hands on their upper arms so they could comfortably get to her large, but well-formed breasts so they could touch tem and suck on their enticing hard and erect nipples. It also afforded Dolly a way of helping to balance herself in an almost lying down position.

This was all very exciting to them. To be making love to a white girl, a girl they had had their eyes on for a long time but never knew how to get to her until today.

So as Claudette continued to eat out Dolly’s pussy with her long, pink, probing tongue and tickle around her anus with her index finger, Wanda and Neesha put their hands on Dolly’s molded breasts and massaged them with their palms and fingers. First, they began at the bottoms of her breasts where they join with the chest, and then they both slowly caressed around and upwards towards Dolly’s very pink areolas that they thought looked so beautiful and tasty compared to their dark brown and black nipples, Neesha’s nipple being quite black since she was darker than Wanda, and Wanda’s being the color of mocha. Very erotic and very beautiful.

While circling Dolly’s areolas with the pads of their fingertips that caused gooseflesh to rise around the outer edges of her breasts, Claudette brought her fingers up to the bottom of Dolly’s vagina, and she felt how covered with pussy cream it was.

“You like this? Don’t you, White Bitch?” Claudette slurred as she licked the pussy cream of Dolly from her coated lips. “I can tell you like it with all your moaning and groaning,” she taunted.

In reply Dolly could only affirm what Claudette had just said. She moaned and groaned from deep within herself.

“Oh, yessssss, Claudette. That feels so good. So very good,” Dolly confessed.

“I knew you’d like this once we started with you,” Claudette responded.

In the meantime, part of Dolly’s moaning and groaning was due to Neesha’s and Wanda’s hands and fingers on her breasts, and their hands were now up to her turgid nipples that stood straight out from her areolas, and with the blood that had gone into them, Dolly’s nipples were a deep red color.

“Hey, Neesha,” Wanda said, “look at Dolly’s delicious nipples. They look like those little red cherries you get in a jar. You know? Those mar…marskino cheeries. Oh, to hell with it. I’m not sure how to say the word, but I know I like their taste, and I know I’m going to like the taste of Dolly’s nipples,” Wanda continued as she dropped her head down onto Dolly’s nipple and began to suck on it, playing with it with her tongue as she flicked and fluttered it around and across the little tastebud.

“Yeah, Girl, I think you’re right there,” Neesha said as she lowered her head onto Dolly’s other nipple. And while they sucked on Dolly’s nipples, both continued to squeeze and massage her breasts.

“Oh, my god. This is almost too much. Never have I had three mouths working on me at the same time,” moaned Dolly through almost a closed mouth.

As Dolly lay on the bench with her arms helping to hold her up as she had them around Neesha’s and Wanda’s shoulders and arms, Claudette took her hand and shoved two fingers deep inside Dolly’s vaginal sheath that was all covered with her pussy cream, and from time to time Claudette slid her fingers out and sucked the pussy cream from her slick fingers.

“Ymmmmmmmmmmm, Dolly. You taste fine!” Claudette exclaimed. “You’re finger-lickin’ good. That’s for sure.”

“Oh, Claudette, I’m so ready. I’m so close to cumming. Please, get me off! Make me cum. Please,” Dolly pleaded.

Claudette grinned and thought, “That’s the way I want her. I want her to beg me to get her off and make her cum. It’s been a long time in coming. Ever since junior high.”

While she was mulling over her thoughts, Dolly raised her hips off the bench and pushed herself forward into Claudette’s working mouth.

“Please. Please, Claudette. Don’t tease me. This is too much. I need my orgasm, and I need it now,” Dolly said exasperated with Claudette because of how long she was taking to respond to her pleas.

“Go to my clit. Take it in your mouth and suck on it ’till I cum, Claudette. Will you do that for me?” Dolly asked with a strained voice.

Claudette pulled her fingers out of Dolly’s vagina again but did not lick off the pussy cream covering them. Instead she slid her fingers between Dolly’s labia lips towards her clit that had been completely out from beneath its hood for some time now. Her clit was longer and bigger than most, and its love pearl was round and tapered at the end.

When Claudette saw Dolly’s pussy, she cried out soflty, “Damn, Girl! Do you have some clit! It looks like a little penis without any opening at the tip. It definitely looks good enough to suck and eat, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

With her words trailing from her, Claudette brought her mouth down onto Dolly’s magnificently large clit and closed her lips around it, feeling its size inside her mouth. When she felt its size and smoothness, Claudette started nursing on it while also licking it with her tongue.

“Damn, this is fine! Claudette cried out inside herself. “I’ve seen quite a few clits in my life but never one this damn big. I can really suck on it and not just lick it; although, I love to lick clits softly, too.”

So, while Neesha and Wanda worked on Dolly’s hard, erect nipples, Claudette ate her pussy, centering her attention now on her very hard and erect clit, sucking on it for all she was worth.

“Oh, shit! Oh, damn! I’m getting close,” Dolly shouted softly, but her voice echoed inside the shower room where it bounced off the large, yellow-tiled walls.

“I’m going to cum, Claudette!” wailed Dolly. “I’m going to c…c…c…cummmmmmmmm!” she moaned as she stopped her breathing for a few seconds and prepared her body for the orgasmic explosion that was about to happen.

“Oh, Babe, I’m ready. You cum and I’ll eat all your good pussy cream,” Claudette said.

“Ngggggggg! N…n…nnn…nnn…nnnoooowwwww!” Dolly cried out her orgasm that was rocking her whole body.

She felt it in her abdomen. She felt it in her trembling thighs. She felt it in her ass hole as it puckered. She felt it inside her vagina that contracted on itself, squeezing on the fluid sac above her G-Spot. She felt it along her nether lips. She felt it in her vibrating and throbbing clit as wave upon wave of climactic sensations overwhelmed her. But most of all, she felt it in her largest sex organ of all. Her brain. All the emotional and physical feelings of her orgasm instantaneously went to her brain that sent back a reciprocal deluge of erotic, sexual sensations and feelings that was her orgasm.

As Dolly went in and out of the throes of her orgasmic release that seemed to hold onto her for minutes, Claudette held her ass cheeks with her hands and pushed her face into Dolly’s erupting cunt, getting all the pussy cream and fluids she could get. Never before had she had any girl cum so hard and so much as Dolly was doing.

“Damn,” Claudette thought to herself, “this girl is a sex machine. One pleasurable sex machine. I put in my penny and hit the jackpot! I never knew white girls could be so hot. But, damn. Dolly sure is one, hot, white chick. Do doubt about that.”

Dolly began to relax as Claudette was draining her of her tasty pussy and love juice. And when she thought Dolly was over with her orgasm by the feel of her relaxed legs and her regular breathing, she lookded up at Neesha and Wanda who had stopped working on Dolly’s breasts to watch Claudette eat out Dolly’s pussy and drink her pussy ejaculate.

“Damn, Girl Friend,” Nesssha cried out, “you should get a look at yourself. Your black face is covered with that white girl’s pussy cream. Dolly really did you good. Didn’t she, Wanda?”

“You said a mouthful, Neesha,” Wanda replied.

“No,” Neesha smiled back, “I’d say Claudette got a mouthful!” and both girls laughed at the inside joke.

“Well, was she good, Claudette? Was she worth it?” Wanda asked.

“Good? Worth it?” Claudette asked. “Dolly was worth it all and then some. Here, get a taste of her if you want to taste what I mean,” Claudette offered.

And she got up from the floor where she had been kneeling between Dolly’s legs and kissed Neesha and Wanda one by one, giving them each a hint of how good Dolly tastes.

“Mmmmmmmm. She does taste good, Doesn’t she, Wanda?” Neesha asked.

“Oh, my. You can bet your sweet, black ass on that, Girl,” Wanda replied.

“Well, if you two want some more where that came from take turns and go between Dolly’s legs and lick her clean. I’m sure there’s more. Besides, you’ll get to know what a white girl feels like on your mouth and tongue. But before you do that, I want you to help get Dolly turned around so that she’s lying on her back with her head on the bench and her legs draped over the sides with her feet on the floor.”

Wanda and Neesha did as Claudette asked at once so they could get at Dolly’s pussy, but they asked, “But why that way?”

A wide and somewhat wicked smile came across Claudette’s beautiful, black face, and her white teeth stood out in sharp relief in contrast to her dark skin.

“Well, while you two are getting a taste of Dolly, I’m going to give Dolly a taste of black pussy. My black pussy. Not that pussy sitting in the corner over there all quiet and submissive like.”

“Oooo. That sounds delicsh,” Neesha said. “And I bet she’ll love it.”

As the three had been talking and Neesha and Wanda had moved Dolly into this different position where she was now lying flat on her back on the bench and looking up at the ceiling, Dolly had still been coming down from her orgasmic high.

So she wasn’t too clear why she had been put in this position, but she was sure she was going to find out.

As these thoughts raced through Dolly’s mind, she felt tongues working on her pussy as well as fingers exploring the recesses of her vagina, and as they did so, she started to become sexually aroused again since Dolly was multi-orgasmic and could have one orgasm after another. So it was no surprise to her that these lingual and manual ministrations were making her hot and sexually aroused.

Just then Claudette came over to her and stopped by her head and looked down into Dolly’s baby blue eyes. She smiled and had a gleam in her eyes.

“Well, I must admit I enjoyed eating your pussy, Dolly. You do taste so damn good. No wonder Nitasha loves you so, but don’t worry. She’s still here sitting over in the corner. In fact, I think I’ll bring her over here where she can be near you. How would you like that?” Claudette asked Dolly.

“That would be wonderful, Claudette. Thanks,” Dolly said.

“Oh, don’t thank me too quickly. You don’t know what I have in mind,” she said to Dolly, and then she turned to Nitasha and said, “Nitasha, come over her and sit by Dolly’s head.”

When Nitasha heard Claudette call her name, she was startled and looked up and towards Claudette with alarm.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want you to be near your friend while we still enjoy her lovely, white body,” Claudette reassured her. “And when you come over, sit near her head but straddle the bench so you can look at her face.”

Nitasha didn’t know what Claudette had in mind, but she knew she had to go along with it or possibly be expelled from school as well as Dolly if these three ever told on her and Dolly, so she got up, walked over to the place where Dolly was lying, straddled the bench so Claudette could see her pert breasts and pussy hair, and dark skin. What a contrast these to girls made.

Once Nitasha was situated, Claudette grinned. As she turned sideways, she lifted up her right leg, stepped over Dolly’s body about breast-level and put her foot on the floor. Now she was straddling the bench as was Nitasha except she was standing whereas Nitasha was sitting.

Claudette, keeping her eyes focused on Dolly’s face, shuffled her feet forward a little until her thighs were even with the sides of Dolly’s cheeks. Dolly looked up and was looking directly into Claudette’s hairy, black pussy, and it was a sight to behold.

Dolly looked closely at Claudette’s pussy and saw how her vaginal lips had opened and spread wide so that she saw into her vagina and noticed the contrast of pink flesh on the inside with black flesh on the outside. Dolly saw the inside of Claudette’s vagina that was very pink, and she also saw the inside of her pussy lips that had a pink tinge to them as her labia went from her vaginal area up to her clit where the lips formed part of the hood that covered her clit.

“Do you like what you see, Dolly?” Claudette asked teasingly. “Does it make your mouth water? Do you want to know what this black pussy tastes like? I hope so because that’s exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to get to taste my pussy, taste how good it is, and have me cum all into your lovely, white mouth. Now, doesn’t that sound goooooddddd?”

Dolly’s eyes were opened wide as she stared into Claudette’s cunt when she shook her head “yes” and said, “Yes, Claudette. That sounds good. I’d love to eat your black pussy. I’v always had a craving for black plussy over white anyway. And your pussy looks delicious.”

“Oh, really?” Claudette asked Dolly thick with an inflection of doubt in her voice when she heard what Dolly had just said. “And you really want to eat my pussy?”

“Yesssss. I really want to eat your pussy, Claudette,” Dolly told her for the second time.

Claudette laughed, more to herself than to anyone else. “Well, now. Do you hear that, Neesha and Wanda. This here white girl really wants to eat me out. What do you think of that?”

Neesha and Wanda were, of course, concentrating in licking Dolly’s over-stimulated pussy that was getting hotter and more turned on by them, and she knew if those two kept up what hey were doing to her creamy pussy, she’d have another orgasm and cum again.

But Neesha took a second to answer Claudette’s question, “What’s not to like about your black cunt, Claudette? Wanda and I love it, so why shouldn’t Dolly?”

And having answered Claudette’s question, Neesha went back to Dolly’s love-starved pussy while at the same time she was fingering her shaved pussy that showed the darker skin that lies beneath her pubic hair. So her pussy was soft and smooth. Neesha loved the feel of her soft, velvety flesh, the creaminess of her pussy when she got it all hot and excited with her fingers, and the throbbing clit when she played with it in whatever way it made her feel good that gave her orgasms.

Claudette turned her attention back to Dolly, and said, “Well, Dolly, I’m glad you want to eat my pussy so much because I have an added treat for you. After gym class the three of us didn’t take time to get showered, so my pussy still has my sweat all over it that by now has mixed with my pussy cream. This ought to give you a really good smell and taste treat when you eat me out. Don’t you think?”

Once more there was not much Dolly could do or say, so she just shook her head in the affirmative, causing Claudette to smile down at her.

“And what do you think about your friend Dolly wanting to eat me out, Nitasha? Make you jealous, Girl, to know your lover wants to make love to another pussy than yours?” Claudette said mockingly.

In her position, both emotional and physical, Nitasha couldn’t say too much. She alrady knew Dolly’s and her predicament, and she was now sitting on a bench in the girls’ shower room, looking straight into Claudette’s womanhood, all nice and covered with a coarse, thick bush of black hair and down at Dolly whom she loved so very much. Of course, she couldn’t tell Claudette what she really thought of what was about to go down with Dolly, but she felt a cold sadness gripping her heart.

“What’s the matter? Cat got you tongue?” Claudette sneered at Nitasha. “I want an answer, Bitch. What do you think about your friend Dolly wanting to eat me out?”

Nitashs took in a deep breath and said, “If that’s what she wants, then there’s nothing I can do about it, especially under these circumstances. Right?”

“Right, Nitasha. Now you’ve got things right in your head, and you have a ring-side seat so you can watch your friend eating my dripping pussy.”

And having said that, Claudette looked down into Dolly’s blue eyes and on her platinum blonde hair and said, “You ready, White Girl? You ready for my pussy? Whether you are or not, here it comes.”

And as Claudette said this to Dolly, she bent her knees so that her splayed legs lowered nearer to her face. As she continued to lower herself, Claudette’s knees spread out and her ass moved backwards so that she was in a squatting position. This opened up her pussy even more.

Dolly watched all this as if Claudette were moving in slow motion. She saw her soft, black legs spreading outwards and her opening cunt coming closer and closer to her face, and the closer Claudette got to Dolly’s face the more she inhaled Claudette’s pungent musk emanating from her fluted vagina where she saw her pussy cream had built up around the edges.

Dolly looked deeply into Claudette’s pussy, noticing the sharp contrast of the black skin of her pussy with the pink flesh inside her creamy hole as she had before, and she was almost hypnotized by the stark contrast of female flesh. What she now knew was she really wanted to eat Claudette’s pussy and feel her mouth and tongue all over it and inside it.

“Here it comes, Girl. Mouth, meet my pussy,” Claudette said somewhat jokingly.

And as she dropped her ass downward and forward, it brought her pussy right onto Dolly’s face.

“Mmmmmpppppffffffff.” Dolly made this sound when her mouth and nose were covered by Claudette’s pussy and pussy lips, cutting off her oxygen for a brief moment.

At the same time, Claudette leaned forward so she could grasp the sides of the bench for support. In this position she had great control of her actions and movements on Dolly’s face. She could rise up into a sitting position, press down with her hips to force more of Dolly’s face and tongue into her pussy and vagina, she could rock from side to side, she could move her ass upwards so that Dolly had access to her anus, and she could rock back and forth as if she were on a hobby horse. The sitting position offered such a variety of ways to help a woman have her orgasm while in the meantime let her lover have pleasure in giving attention to her womanhood.

“All right, Dolly, start eating me out,” Claudette said in a softer voice than she had been using when talking to Dolly and Nitasha. Now that Dolly was cooperating, her attitude towards her had changed, too.

“Oooooooweee, Girl. Your mouth feels gooood on my pussy,” Claudette said. “Now start eating. Stick your tongue up inside me and see how I taste.”

Dolly didn’t need the encouragement because she was more than ready to eat Claudette’s cunt. She was just savoring the moment of first contact of flesh against flesh…her lips against Claudette’s nether lips. And from their difference in position, her lips being horizontal and Claudette’s pussy being vertical, the two came together at a delicious crossroads that would prove to be most enjoyable for both of them.

Dolly opened her mouth and gently slid her tongue past her wet lips and into Claudette’s creamy vagina, getting her first taste of black pussy other than her lover Nitasha’s pussy. And this excited her.

“Mmmmmmppppfffff!” Whenever Claudette thrust herself down so much as to cut off Dolly’s ability to breathe, she made this and similar sounds, but it didn’t last too long. And when Claudette did this, Dolly could make only a muffled sound around Claudette’s pussy.

When Claudette wanted Dolly to go deeper inside her, she pushed down with her hips and pressed her hairy pussy into Dolly’s face that now was almost lost in her black, hairy forest. When she looked down, Claudette saw only Dolly’s forehead and her blonde hair.

“Ooooo, weeee, Girl! That’s what I like. Stick that tongue of yours up my sweet, creamy hole. Let me cum all over it,” Claudette encouraged Dolly.

Now acting on her own, Dolly reached up with her hands and placed them on Claudette’s firm, well-rounded ass cheeks, took hold of her flesh with her fingers, and shoved her down into her face. This enabled Dolly to get her tongue into Claudette’s love canal as deeply as she could, and once inside, she explored, wiggling it back and forth and making circles with it around and around Claudette’s vaginal sheath.

“Oh, god. Claudette really tastes wonderful. She tastes a little salty on the outside, but that is lost by the sweetness of her cum, and her musk is absolutely intoxicating. And to think I was blackmailed into doing this by these three whom now I want to eat out.”

Dolly continued to eat Claudette’s pussy, feeling her vaginal sheath swelling around her tongue, and feeling this, Dolly knew it was time to pull out and do something else to help Claudette come to orgasm.

She pushed upward on Claudette’s butt in order to be able to free her tongue from her pussy hole, but Claudette tried to stop her by pressing back with her legs that had Dolly’s face enclosed between them. However, Dolly was successful enough so she was able to free her tongue from Claudette’s vaginal sheath and begin to lick her between her splayed legs, dipping down to slash her tongue across her ass hole that made Claudette jump. Dolly then began a long, slow journey with her tongue between Claudette’s pussy lips. She flattened her tongue and slid it upwards through Claudette’s bush towards her exposed clit that had popped its sensitive nub out from its hood.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah, Baby! Go for it! Go suck my clit!” Claudette moaned aloud so everyone heard her voice her desire and want.

That, of course, was Dolly’s plan, as she sucked her way along the edges of Claudette’s pussy lips until she arrived at her aroused clit that wasn’t as large as hers, but it was of good size. So much so Dolly was able to circle it with the tip of her toying tongue and then flick it into her mouth which she clamped closed around Claudette’s hard and erect clit. And she sucked!

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dolly! Yesssss! Eat my clit. Suck on it and make me cum my load into your sweet mouth,” Claudette urged Dolly.

Dolly still had her hands on Claudette’s ass cheeks so at one and the same time she pushed down with her hands while Claudette pushed her pussy into Dolly’s cream-coated face, and together they worked to get Claudette off.

Nitasha had been sitting there as told all this time, having to watch her friend Dolly eating Claudette’s pussy whether she wanted to or not, and she saw Neesha and Wanda eating Dolly’s pussy, and all this sexual activity and the headiness of the combined pussy sex, had been making her very hot between her legs, and she wanted some action now, too. So without asking permission from Claudette if she could move off the bench since she was so caught up in working towards her orgasm, Nitasha got up and went to Claudette’s breasts, knelt down so she was at the same level, and began to massage them while Dolly continued to eat her cunt.

Claudette felt this new erotic sensation on her body and just quivered to this added touch, not caring who it was fondling her breasts. She just knew it felt good and was going to help her have her orgasm.

Nitasha dropped her head and took Claudette’s right nipple into her mouth and sucked on it, feeling its erectness and hardness as she did so, and from there she moved her mouth back and forth from nipple to nipple, giving homage to both of Claudette’s beautiful, dark nipples that stood out even darker than her skin.

Meanwhile, Neesha and Wanda had continued pleasuring Dolly, and, as with Claudette, she, too, felt her orgasm begin to build, and she was hoping the two of them could cum at the same time.

All of this was good except for Neesha and Wanda who, as hot and sexually excited as they were, had no one getting them off except themselves, so Neesha pulled back from Dolly’s pussy and whispered into Wanda’s ear. “Girl, you finish getting Dolly off again, and I’m going to get me some satisfaction. Hear?”

Wanda shook her head “yes” without lifting it off Dolly’s very wet pussy, and Neesha got off the floor and walked towards Nitasha who was still sucking on Claudette’s breasts.

Neesha stood in front of Nitasha, spread her legs, put her fingers onto her pussy lips and spread them with her fingertiips so her pink flesh inside her pussy was clearly visible.

“Hey, Girl. I’ve something better for you to be sucking on than those nipples,” she said.

Nitasha stopped sucking Claudette’s nipples, looked up, and stared into Neesha’s open pussy that was dripping with pussy cream.

“How would you like to eat some of this? Mmm?” Taste better than a nipple,” Neesha invited Nitasha.

“It does look tempting, Neesha. And I love the look of your shaved pussy. You look like a young girl. It’s so smooth and silky looking,” answered Nitasha.

“Mouth watering even?” replied Neesha. “Good enough to eat?”

“Oh, yes,” answered Nitasha. “Good enough to eat.”

“Then what are we waiting for, Girl?” Neesha said as she lay herself down on the floor and spread her legs. “Get yourself over here! Turn yourself around and get your black ass down here on my pussy. You know what to do. Don’t you?”

Nitasha shook her head as she came to Neesha and got herself into a sixty-nine position with Neesha on the bottom and she on top. Neesha was looking up into Nitasha’s hairy pussy, and Nitasha was looking down into Neesha’s slick, shaved pussy.

Once in position Nitasha and Neesha went at it, eating one another’s pussies like sex-starved wantons as they worked to bring each other to orgasm.

Now all the girls were actively doing something. Neesha and Nitasha doing the sixty-nine. Wanda eating Dolly’s pussy while finger-fucking her own dripping pussy all coated with hers and Dolly’s pussy cream, and Dolly eating out Claudette’s pussy. And all of them were getting closer and closer to having their orgasms.

The five girls were, indeed, having a shower room orgy, and the odor of sex pheromones permeated the entire room that added only to their individual climactic searches.

Neesha and Nitasha were the first to be hit by their orgasms even though they were the last to engage actively in sex-play, but their sexual desires had been building so much and for so long as time passed, each was almost to the point of having an orgasm without even touching herself.

Nessha’s body quaked beneath Nitasha as her orgasm ripped through her tender, young body, causing her to raise her ass off the cold floor and push her creaming pussy into Nitasha’s face and willing mouth.

Neesha’s climax set Nitasha off, and her vagina opened up and the wealth of her pussy cream drained out of her vagina and into Neesha’s waiting mouth and onto her tongue that was licking into her vagina and along the lips of her pussy. She even raised her head up until she was able to shove her tongue into Nitasha’s puckered ass hole, sending more shivers of sexual release to surge throughout here body, and that caused her to have another orgasm.

Wanda shoved just about her whole right hand up inside her own pussy to finger-fuck her very enlarged pussy hole with her fist while supporting her body with her left hand against Dolly’s right thigh. She came with her eyes closed and her teeth gritted from the sheer pleasure she was giving herself, and she knew her hand would be covered with a load of her own pussy cream to eat that would mingle with Dolly’s pussy cream that she had been licking and swallowing since she had taken over for Claudette.

As for Claudette and Dolly, the two of them were lost in the throes of their own erotic world and their own individual orgasms, and yet at the same time they were connected in that each was doing and experiencing. Dolly eating Claudette’s pussy and Dolly having her pussy eaten by Wanda who was down there using her tongue and fingers on her excited pussy.

It was in this atmosphere Claudette felt the first stagess of her oncoming orgasm, and she intended to make the most of it while she had this white chick Dolly under her and eating her pussy. With increased concentration on her womanhood, Claudette felt sexual energy coming in waves, and each wave was bigger, stronger, and faster than the one before it until their combined energy reached a crescendo like waves breaking on shore, bursting forth in a symphony of erotic rhythm that vibrated her engorged clit, playing it as if it were a Stradivarius violin.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dolly! You’re going to make me cum, Girl. I’m almost there,” Claudette moaned loudly inside the shower room, once more having her voice echo throughout the open space.

“Nggggggggggg! Oh, yeah, Baby! Eat me! Eat my black pussy! Claudette’s going to cum into your mouth and let you know what pussy cream is really supposed to taste like.”

Claudette’s rantings spurred Dolly on with her lingual ministrations on Claudette’s pussy, and she increased both the pressure and tempo of her licking and sucking up and down her pussy between its lips but paid the most attention to Claudette’s very sensitive clit that was vibrating with increased sexual tension.

“Ohhhh, yessssssssss! Dolly. Here it cums! I’m cummmmmmiinnnngggg! Nggghhh! Cummiiinnnggggg!”

Claudette grabbed onto the sides of Dolly’s head, lacing her black fingers through her platinum blonde hair, and intentionally pressed down with her hips onto Dolly’s face when the dam burst.

“All right, Dolly. This is for you!” Claudette cried out as her pussy burst with a deluge of her pussy cream and love juice. It came with such force and in such volume Dolly was not prepared for it, but Claudette was not going to let her up for air, so Dolly just kept swallowing and swallowing each mouthful that Claudette ejaculated into her willing but trapped mouth.

“And while I’m at it, try some of this!” Claudette hissed, as she opened her bladder and shot load after load of her hot urine down Dolly’s throat, only this time there was so much Dolly didn’t have time to have her mouth fill up and then swallow each load. Instead, she relaxed her throat and controlled her breathing while Claudette pissed right past her mouth and down her throat.

In the midst of these very erotic offerings, Dolly reached her orgasmic peak, and she, too, let loose with her second powerful orgasm of the afternoon, only this time it wasn’t into Claudette’s mouth but into Wanda’s mouth. Her thighs quivered, and she caught Wanda’s face between them when she snapped them shut from the sheer erotic flow of sexual pleasure coursing throughout her oversensitive body, especially her large, blood-engorged clit that Wanda had been nursing on for some time until Dolly’s orgasm hit here. But even then, as sensitive as Dolly’s clit was and her wish that Wanda would let up on the pressure, she couldn’t tell her with her face buried in Claudette’s very, very wet pussy and while she was filling Dolly’s mouth and stomach with her hot, steaming urine.

There was nothing she could do, but do in kind what was being done to her. When Dolly’s orgasm hit her, she bagan to cum and cum into Wanda’s willing mouth.

“Oh, Wanda! Yes! Yesssssss!” she thought within her sexuallly-active mind. “Here. Take all of my cum you can.”

But it was difficult for Dolly to concentrate on both giving pleasure to Claudette and receiving pleasure from Wanda. This was the main reason she still didn’t like the sixty-nine position. Dolly preferred being able to give all her attention to here love partner or being able to enjoy receiving what her love partner had to give. However, she thought it was a much better way of giving and receiving when it came to the orgasm itsself. It was different in foreplay when she and her lover would be intimate and caress one another with their hands, mouths, lips, tongues, legs…whatever parts of their bodies gave and received mutual pleasure.

Wanda for her part just kept her mouth glued to Dolly’s cunt and throbbing clit and took all she gave and swallowed it, after which she licked Dolly’s pussy clean of all her cum.

When the unplanned orgy came to an end, there were five very exhausted young women standing or lying down all covered with sweat and pussy cream. And they all were breathing with much difficulty, finding it hard to catch their breath and get it back to normal.

Nitasha rolled off Neesha and sat on the floor, leaning up against the back of the long bench and Neesha did the same, sitting beside Nitasha with her arm resting on Nitasha’s right, bent knee.

Wanda drew away from in between Dolly’s legs and rested as Nitasha and Neesha were doing but on the opposite bench.

Dolly for the time being didn’t have a choice, but then, she was lying down on the bench to begin with as when it began for her and Claudette. It was Claudette who had to make the first move between them, but her legs right then felt weak and shaky. She had emptied her bladder down Dolly’s throat along with her ejaculate, and so she was drained of body fluids while Dolly was satiated with these body fluids of Claudette’s.

But in time Claudette’s thighs began to ache from having them spread all that time across Dolly and the bench even though a good part of her weight had been supported by Dolly and her arms. However, Claudette just had to move because her thigh muscles were beginning to cramp, and so she slowly and painfully brought her right leg up and over Dolly’s head and brought it down next to her left leg. Once getting her balance, Claudette stiffly stood up until she was erect. She felt so stiff, and her muscles were sore.

“Oh, shit,” Claudette half-sighed, “am I stiff and sore. But I’ll tell you this,” and she looked down at Dolly who was still lying on the bench, looking back up at her, “that was really something. Dolly, you really know how to go down on a woman and eat her out. It’s never been that good for me even with my two girlfriends there,” she said, pointing to Neesha and Wanda.

“You not only taste good, Dolly, but you know how to make a girl cum. I can tell you that for sure,” Claudette said with a hint of praise in her voice. “You are one lucky woman, Nitasha. You have wonderful lover.”

Nitasha smiled in agreement.

“Thanks, Claudette,” Dolly smiled up at her. “And you know how to go down on a woman, too. And I loved eating your pussy and the way you taste…everything you shot into my mouth. But as much as I enjoyed it and have come to like you, you or no other will take Nitasha’s place in my heart. I hope you understand.”

Claudette nodded a “yes” and said, “And I return the compliment, Girl. You’re not so bad yourself,” she smiled.

And each one of the girls looked around at one another, surprised at how this afternoon’s adventure turned out. First it began with three girls having caught Dolly and Nitasha making love in the shower room and blackmailing them into having sex, and it ended up that all five of them really enjoyed their orgy and, as such, were on the threshhold of becoming friends.

“Isn’t it amazing how having sex…love…can change persons and situations?” Dolly asked.

“You tell that true, Girl Friend,” Claudette smiled at Dolly.

And everyone laughed when they heard Claudette now calling Dolly “Girl Friend” instead of “Bitch” or “White Bitch.”

Now, for all five of the Project Girls it was friends and lovers.

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