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I’m 42 and bisexual. I met a guy in a chat room and we ended up doing the usual thing . . . chatting about sex, talking on the phone until we came and then hung up. However, over the past few weeks, our conversations have become more and more frequent.

Last night, we agreed to meet at a bar and have a few drinks, possibly even take this further if we both clicked. When I got to the bar, Dave was already waiting.

He looked just as he said he would. He’s 28, about 5’11” and weighs around 190. He has dark hair, green eyes, very handsome and in decent shape. I’m also 5’11” and I weigh around 200 pounds. I have brown hair, hazel eyes and a mustache. I’m in good shape, with the usual mid-life bulge.

We talked for a while and shared a few drinks. When the alcohol kicked in, I became bold, slipping off my shoe and began running my toes up and down his leg. We shared a few flirty looks over our glasses and even brushed hands a few times. About 45 minutes later, we were inside his hotel room, and the playing began in earnest.

I had always fantasized about being with a man who would let me please him how I wanted to please him. I wanted to focus only on his body and his sensations, without any favors returned. In fact, that’s how all of our chats and conversations went. Dave was very up to the part of my fantasy lover, and with the buzz we had going, most of our inhibitions had been lost.

As we entered the room and shut the door, Dave went immediately to the bar to pour us more alcohol. I walked up behind him, and slid my hands up his back; stepping close enough to lean over and run my tongue along the right side of his neck. I heard his breath catch, and he froze instantly.

“Are you ready to cum?” I whispered.

Dave’s only response was a slow nod of his head as my hands worked up and down his back from the waistband of his jeans, to the top of his shoulders. I strongly rubbed at his shoulders while breathing my hot breath on the exposed skin of his neck. Dave began to relax, and leaned into my body.

With him leaning against me, I worked my hands around to his chest. Massaging his pecks and feeling his nipples stiffen under my fingers had me as hot as I can ever remember. I continued breathing against his neck, and every so often, touching his skin with the tip of my tongue . . . he quietly moaned his pleasure.

I moved my hands, like silk, over his arms and to his hands. I put the bottle and glass down on the bar and backed away from him while turning him to face me. I knew Dave wasn’t in to kissing, but I also knew that he wanted to be teased, seduced, and played with.

I stepped into him, leaning against his crotch our erections pressing into each other’s bodies. My hands moved up his chest, over his shoulders and wrapped around his neck. I kissed his neck slowly, and lightly. With my tongue, I tasted his skin, wetly drawing lines from under his ear, down to his collar and returning to his ear.

I actually whisper-moaned into his ear, “I can feel your hard cock against me . . . Dave.”

Again, his response was unspoken. He simply pushed his crotch into my body harder, wanting me to feel him, wanting me to take this further.

I complied. My kisses on his neck turned to gentle bites, and little bouts of sucking. Honestly, I don’t know whom I was turning on more! I was so excited that my erection was aching in my underwear. My hands moved from around his neck, over his shoulders and down the outside of his arms. I grasped his wrists and moved them behind his body as I grinded my erection against him.

After releasing his wrists, I began to unbutton his shirt. I trailed a light coating from my tongue down the center of his chest, further with each button I worked open. I stepped back from him as I pulled his shirt from his pants. My fingers went to his skin, under his shirt as I pushed it over his shoulders and allowed it to fall to the bar, on top of the bottle and glasses there.

I was in heaven as I traced designs on his skin with my fingertips. There wasn’t a spot on his shoulders, or chest that I didn’t touch as I explored his body. I stepped further away to allow access to his nipples. Once my fingers found his nubs, I lightly, but firmly pulled and twisted them until I heard a gasp from his beautiful mouth. I replaced my fingers with my lips and tongue. Sucking in, biting, licking and nibbling all at once.

I don’t think I had Dave’s full attention though until I began sinking to my knees in front of him. Once down on the floor, I stared into his eyes while I slowly unbuckled his belt. My mouth went to the bulge in his pants and I traced the outline of his hardness with my tongue, and even bit him a few times playfully.

After playing a while with his, now wet bulge, I captured him with another stare and went to work on his button and zipper. Ever so slowly, I unzipped his jeans. I had to pull the zipper away from his body to get the zipper all the way down. I experiencing my own ecstasy as I pulled his jeans open and revealed his underwear. I slowly reached inside, my fingers moving through his pubic hair, still staring deeply into his eyes; but now smiling.

My fingers found my prize, and I pulled him free of the confines of his underwear.

Dave is of average size, and absolutely erotic shape, texture and feel. His head is well-defined, nice colored skin and a wonderful slit, which was leaking generous amounts of clear fluid. My tongue found the underside of his shaft, and I began sliding up almost to the head before sliding back down to the starting point.

I released his cock after a few seconds, to untie and remove his shoes and then his socks. I pulled his pants down and removed them, tossing them to the side.

I stood up and took him by the hand to the couch, where I pushed him down and smiled gleefully as he landed with a bounce. Then I took a few seconds to remove my clothes. I couldn’t imagine giving the best blowjob ever if I was still dressed.

Standing there in front of Dave, naked and very hard, I surveyed my new friend. I couldn’t imagine doing what I was about to do with anyone else. There he sat; his erection still raging and leaking pre cum on his stomach, his balls hanging between his tanned thighs. He was also smiling from ear to ear!

I straddled him quickly, because I didn’t know if he would have wanted me to do that. He didn’t, but as his hands came up to my chest to push me away, I grabbed his wrists and pinned them up and behind his head.

“I’m not going to do anything weird, so just let it happen.” I ordered.

As I said that, I began kissing his neck again and nibbling on his skin. Within a few seconds, the only movement I could feel was him pushing up against me. Our cocks rubbing together, and I was making him wet with my fluids.

I continued my tongue and lip work on his neck and shoulders as we ground our cocks together. After I let go of his wrists, his hands went directly to my ass, pulling me into him as hard as he could and I smiled, as I tasted his skin.

My lips and tongue continued their work on Dave, but now I slowly moved down the front of his body, while sliding off him. My cock trailed a thin line of pre cum down his leg, and my tongue trailed a thin line over his chest and stomach. Once I found the floor on my knees and between his legs, I followed the line of fluid that my erection left behind.

When I found the end of the line of fluid, my tongue was at his knee. My hands followed my decent over his nipples and down over his rib cage to his hips. I stroked his body in no certain path from his hips to his chest, down over his legs to his feet, and back up again. Each time my fingers came close to his pubic hair, I quickly changed direction to avoid that area.

However, after a few minutes, I could stand this no more! I slid my hands up the inside of his legs and pushed them apart. At once, I found his heavy balls with the fingers of one hand, and the shaft of his hard cock with the fingers of the other hand.

As I lowered my head to his lap, I realized that I was going to give this guy the best oral orgasm I was capable of. So, that’s what I began to work on.

I lifted his erection with my fingers as I once again gazed into his closing eyes. I felt his breath catch the moment my tongue began to swirl over the head of his cock. The taste of his pre cum was like ambrosia! My tongue went in and out of the slit, gathering as much of his liquid as possible.

When I could stand it no longer, I opened my mouth and engulfed the head of his cock. As my lips closed around it, I gently began to tug and finger his balls. Then, as if I was being operated by a remote control, my mouth slid down over the hard shaft of his penis.

I worked up as much saliva onto his pole as possible. As I slowly moved my head up and down the length of him, I got him as wet as possible. All the while, I continued to caress and fondle his heavy testicles. Feeling their weight, and the hair, and the shape only made me hotter! With my free hand, I explored his stomach, chest and especially his nipples. Pulling, and twisting and pinching nipples is a real turn on for me, and obviously for Dave, as I heard him gasp and moan more than a few times. My hand traveled down his stomach, my fingers through his pubic hair and I soon grasped his cock with my fist; matching each stroke of his cock with my mouth.

Needless to say, the more excited we both got, the faster I went. Within a few minutes, I was sucking Dave for all I was worth, and pumping his hard, leaking cock with my fist. He was so wet, and I was slobbering all over his cock.

Dave’s breath soon became shallow, and more . . . breathy. At any rate, I knew he was ready to explode in my mouth; and I was ready to take every drop of his cum.

I pumped faster and sucked harder until my efforts were rewarded. Dave didn’t warn me, he knew he didn’t have to. He knew that I wanted him to cum hard. He knew that I wanted his first orgasm to fill my mouth and coat my throat.

His legs straitened, his balls drew close to his body, and his cock grew so LARGE! When he began to cum, I moaned like a slut. His first shot went directly into my throat, and made every spurt afterward more difficult to swallow. For a second or two, I didn’t think he would ever run out of sperm!

He did, however stop exploding. At the end, his cock was slowly leaking into my mouth and he began to soften on my tongue. I continued to slowly suckle him, until I was sure that I had every last drop of his creamy seamen.

When he was completely spent, I let his cock slip from my numb lips. I hadn’t noticed at first, but then I slowly realized that I had also cum and that my sperm was all over the front of the couch, and on the floor in front of me.

I got up off the floor and sat next to him on the couch, my hand resting on his pubic bone as his limp cock hung loosely between his legs. Dave’s breath returned to normal, but quickly caught as I began to fondle his balls again . . .

Dave didn’t know it, but I wasn’t done.

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