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Yardwork Ch. 3

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Stephanie made me feel like a stud that afternoon. We woke slowly from our nap wrapped in each other’s arms. She rolled me over on my back and went to the bathroom. She returned looking refreshed and had a hot washcloth in her hand. She used it to wipe our combined juices from me. The heat felt great and her touch was wonderful. The steamy heat and her touch were bringing back to life. Before she had finished, I was again sporting a formidable erection.

“I am now going to make love to that beautiful cock of yours. I want you to just lay back and try not to cum for as long as you can. I want to kiss, lick and suck you as long as possible.” Well, I sure had not been very good at saying no to any of these women so far and how can any red-blooded male turn down an offer to lay back and just enjoy getting their cock worshipped?

Stephanie settled me on the bed, fluffed the pillows and got me comfortable and told me to just enjoy. She started giving me little bites, licks, nibbles and kisses around my neck. She nibbled and blew in my ears as she ran her hands up and down my sides and chest. She was straddling one of my legs and gently rubbing her mound on my knee and thigh leaving a delightful wetness on my leg. As her mouth moved down my chest to my stomach her hands narrowed their travel to caressing my thighs and hips. Her grip was getting tighter as she moved on down to lick my stomach; teasing me with the warmth of her mouth and tongue.

Shifting between my legs she spread her thighs making my legs go wider and wider. As she licked, kissed and sucked on my inner thighs, her hands came up to rub my balls and stroke my cock. Continually moving from one area to another she had every nerve ending in my entire crotch worked up to feel her slightest touch. The feelings were exquisite. My pre-cum kept covering my cock head and her tongue or fingers were either transferring it to my dick or swallowing it. Her constant ministrations were making me thrust up at her wanting even more. She tried to quiet me with a hand to my chest. “You aren’t even close to getting any relief yet. I have lots of torture designed for you.”

With that she raked her nails under my balls and her other hand twisted my cock back and forth and pulled it away from my body. Instead of making me wilt, I grew even larger in her fist, making her smile a wicked smile. Her mouth seemed to be everywhere on my crotch at once. She would lick one ball then the other. Her tongue would be licking the pre-cum off the head of my cock and then running up the crack of my ass teasing my anus. Her hands were everywhere that her tongue wasn’t. She was making love to my entire crotch and I loved it. As I squirmed on the bed, she moved up to hover over my cock. She lifted it, pulling it back toward her mouth and ran her tongue from my balls to the tip.

I looked down to see what was next and met her eyes staring into mine. Her lids were half-closed and a slight flush was in her cheeks. She looked beautiful. As I stared into her eyes, she took her tongue and swiped it across the head again and smiled. She opened her mouth and gently put her teeth on my head nipping at me lightly. She then kissed the pain away and swallowed the head into her velvety mouth, sucking softly and swirling her tongue on the bottom of my cock. As the pressure of her sucking increased, so did the amount of cock that disappeared into her mouth. She moved my cock head from one cheek to the other and sucked her cheeks in tight and then alternated just licking my shaft.

Everything she did, she did while keeping her eyes on me. I know she could tell how excited I was becoming from the amount of pre-cum I was oozing. She seemed to be enjoying herself almost as much as I was. Her mouth began moving faster and tighter on my whole cock. I could feel my cock head hitting the back of her throat again and again. Just as I was starting to thrust back at her she removed her mouth completely and squeezed hard on the tube at the base of my cock. I could feel it pulsing, trying to push the cum out of my balls, but she held on until my need to cum had passed.

She reached down and hefted my balls, smiling. “Now they are getting full. When they are so full that your eyes are turning white, I will let you cum. I want to bathe in it. I want my tits, my belly, my pussy and my throat covered in your cum. Will you do that for me? Will you let me use your cum as a lotion for my whole body?” Groans were all that I could issue out of my mouth. All this time, she was stroking me slowly and the small amount of iron I had lost from having my orgasm stopped had been reversed and I was even harder than I had been.

“When you can’t hold out any longer, I want you to get on your knees between my legs and shoot cum all over me, will you do that lover, will you let me have your cum?” I could feel my orgasm rising again. And again she clamped down on my cock, making the feeling go away. When I had gained some control she began loving my cock again, licking my head and shaft down to her fingers. Her thumb moved just a little and one glob of come oozed out and she clamped down hard again. “Oh baby, you almost got your way that time, just a little longer. Can you wait just a little longer for me baby?”

This woman was driving me crazy! My dick had never been this big before. My balls never this full. I was going to blow off the top of my head and the ends of my toes when I finally got to cum. Her mouth was once again taking in the head of my cock and she just kept going, swallowing more and more of my cock. When it hit the back of her throat, she sucked in a big gulp of air and slammed her mouth down to my root. She swallowed a couple of times and her throat felt just like her pussy had massaging my cock and I knew it was going to happen and happen now. I started a growl deep in my chest and she brought her head up to the tip and then all the way down to the base again and then back up and down twice more.

She was fucking her throat with my cock and it was expanding and my balls were getting so tight. She rolled next to me on her back yelling at me to get over her and cum. I quickly crawled between her legs and as soon as I got my hand on my cock it starting to spray. The first shot was a thick ribbon that went from her belly button to her tits. I aimed farther down and shot a cannon shot right on her clitoris. The next shot headed toward her throat and then she was leaning forward and taking me in her mouth again and sucking the rest of the load into her mouth.

When it was over I was leaning on my hands above her breathing like I had run a marathon, my heart racing a mile a minute and my cock still twitching but deflating rapidly. Stephanie was using one hand to rub my cum into her neck, breasts and stomach paying particular attention to her nipples. Her tongue was gathering what she could from her lips and her other hand was rubbing her clitoris as fast as she could. She had it trapped between two fingers, sliding her hand up and down. She was moving so fast, she had churned my cum into a froth. I moved down to lick at her hole and tongue her as she mangled her clit.

When I stuck my tongue into her pussy her orgasm started. I was startled that she was shooting her cum, but I was sucking it down as fast as she was shooting it. Her hand started slowing and I was licking her juices from her thighs and outer lips, being careful not to delve too deep, but my tongue slipped up and stroked her clit one more time and she shuddered again moaning loudly. I crawled up next her taking her in my arms, our fluids covering each other. I started to speak, but she put her fingers over my mouth and gently shook her head.

We rolled toward each other, both holding each other tenderly just looking into each other’s eyes. She was right, there were not any words to describe how I felt at that moment. I could feel our hearts beating in unison and our breathing became as one. I felt complete and utter peace at that moment and I didn’t want it to end. Of course, it did, but it was still gentle and almost surreal when we got off the bed and went to the shower. We bathed each other tenderly, washing each other softly but with enough passion to let the other know the enjoyment that we felt with that body. I was amazed to feel refreshed and rejuvenated instead of totally wiped out.

My cock wasn’t having any of that at the moment, but I could feel that it was just a twitch away from lifting his head. I was amazed I could even contemplate sex after the soul rending orgasm I had just had and witnessed. My stomach growled ominously startling me and making Stephanie laugh. “I think we had better feed you, your stomach is starting to rebel.” Our laughter brought an audience. We were drying each other off and looked at the doorway to see Myra, Rachelle, Beth and two other women looking at us like we had both gone nutty and that set us off again. Every time we looked up, they were still there looking serious and our laughter brought tears to our eyes. Finally, I reached over and shut the door before I split my sides laughing. We finally calmed down to giggles as we finished drying off.

Luckily they had left the bedroom when we emerged and had changed the bed coverings as well. I pulled out a golf shirt and a pair of shorts and a pair of boat shoes to wear. Stephanie was finished and sitting in the chair watching me as I dressed. Of course, all she had to do was pull up a tube top and a pair of shorts and slip her feet back into her sandals. She hadn’t bothered with underwear, so I didn’t either. I don’t go ‘commando’ very often but I just didn’t think I wanted my cock confined right now.

When I finished dressing I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a hairbrush and walked back to stand behind Stephanie. I started brushing her hair. It was a spur of the moment thing. I just felt like I wanted to do it. She allowed me to stroke her hair for a dozen strokes or so then stood and practically ran out the door. I was standing there with the brush in my hand and I am sure my mouth open, wondering what had happened when Beth walked in. “I don’t understand.”

Beth looked at the brush in my hand, walked over, hugged me and gave me a tender kiss. She took the brush from my hand, laid it down and took hold of my hand all in silence. She walked me out to the southwestern porch. I was set down at a table with food spread all over it and given a glass of some fruity refreshing drink by a brunette named Carrie. Beth whispered something to Lisa, who excused herself and went into the house. Myra watched her leave and looked at Beth to see what was going on. “I brushed her hair.” Myra turned to me and gave me a sad smile and covered my hand with hers, “That was a very sweet thing to do. Excuse me.” And she got up and left also. I still had no idea what had happened but knowing women the little I do, I knew I would find out how I had screwed up.

Anyway, the food was great, light and refreshing. Whatever this fruity drink was, it hit the spot, and I was drinking my fourth glass when I had the need to visit the head. I pushed back the chair and started to rise and whoa it hit me. I think I had just been hit with the fruity equivalent of a Long Island Iced Tea.

I did manage to maneuver myself to the bathroom and was taking care of business when I realized Beth had followed me. “What are you doing in here?” She was watching me piss and didn’t answer for a few seconds; “I thought I would talk to you about Stephanie.” I had finished my business and was just starting to tuck myself back in my shorts, “ok”. As you know, Stephanie is the oldest and she was daddy’s little girl. When daddy had time, he would sit Stephanie in front of his chair in the living room and brush her hair 100 strokes at a time.

Then he would hug and kiss her and send her off to bed. When each of us girls reached a certain age, daddy would line us up, give us our 100 brush strokes a hug and kiss and off we would go to bed. Well, I guess another man has not brushed Stephanie’s hair for her since daddy passed away and it just touched her more than she thought you would understand, so she ran.”

I thought I understood. But I also thought I had been drinking fruit juice. Now I wasn’t sure if the alcohol was making me smarter or dumber. I still wasn’t sure if my actions had done more harm than good. So, like a good homo sapien male that has already had enough to drink, I announced, “I need another drink!” I washed my hands and splashed water on my face, but it didn’t sober me up any. So, after drying off I started back outside. “Where are you going like that, big boy?”

“Like what?”

“Do you always walk around with your cock hanging out of your pants? We know you have a gorgeous cock, but it probably is a little much to advertise.” She was laughing as she said it. I realized when she had started talking earlier I had just stopped to listen. Beth then reached down and tucked me back in and zipped me up and gave me a light squeeze, “OK cowboy, now we can go back outside.”

The atmosphere was light when we got back and the good news was my drink was full. I plopped down in my chair, “Ladies, before I started drinking this fine fruit drink, I want to congratulate you. I noticed how much work you accomplished today and I want to propose a toast.”

Lifting my glass, I looked around, “ladies, I am not drinking alone again, am I?” After a couple of minutes those outside with me had drinks. “OK, that is better. Now, my toast is to the finest Community Group within 1000 miles and maybe more, The Firetop Community. I want to give you a hearty thank you and Hear Hear! Give yourselves a pat of the back.” Everyone sipped as I did.

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