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On The Beach

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Charlotte was a senior in high school and I was a junior in college. John and I met her and her girlfriend Martha while they were catching some rays on the beach. They were wearing skimpy bikinis that nicely accentuated their shapely female treasures. Charlotte had short blonde hair, blue eyes, a friendly smile and the body of a gymnast.

Martha was darker and taller with long shapely legs and well formed tits. We struck up a casual conversation and asked them if they wanted to go out that evening. When they found out we were football players, they said OK as long as it was all right with their parents. Charlotte and Martha were both cheerleaders, had “boyfriends” back home (football players of course) and came to the beach every year with their parents. We stopped by about 7, did the mandatory Eddie Haskell thing, grabbed a bite and went to a local nightspot for some dancing.

The girls loved to dance and we all worked up quite a sweat. John had a pint of whiskey and the girls spiked their cokes in between sessions. We were all pretty high and sweating like dogs when the band played a slow dance. I pulled Charlotte towards me and without hesitation she threw her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine. We were already both overheated, intensifying the sensual feeling growing between us (mostly my cock getting hard). As we danced our bodies rubbed together and I moved my hands up and down her back, occasionally pressing my fingertips on the upper part of her shapely butt. Charlotte responded by rubbing her fingers thru my hair and caressing my neck. I had no doubt she could feel my growing hard-on pressing against her lower stomach.

I looked over at John and Martha who were tongue kissing passionately. He was openly caressing her ass while she ground her pussy into him. I knew that we had to get out of there and go somewhere private. I suggested we go for a walk on the beach and also get John’s other pint out of the car. Charlotte was hesitant so we stayed to the break and danced until we were literally dripping with sweat. Then we piled in the car and headed for a more deserted part of the beach. In the back seat John was all over Martha. The sounds of grunts and groans and rustling of clothes were getting me horny, but Charlotte just sat there in the front seat sipping on bourbon and ignoring what was happening behind her. I glanced in the rear view mirror and could see Martha’s legs spread wide with her skirt up to her waist and John’s hand in her panties with his fingers obviously buried in her cunt.

I put my arm around Charlotte and pulled her close. She put her hand on my thigh and smiled at me, but was clearly nervous about the situation. I cupped her breast from under her arm. She turned slightly to give me better access and began gently rubbing my thigh. My hard-on was straining to break thru my jeans, but I finally decided that Charlotte wasn’t going to give me any relief.

We reached our destination and piled out of the car. We walked along a mostly deserted beach under a full moon until we arrived at the “spot” John and I had picked out earlier in the day. It was a sand dune with a hidden path up the side that led to a clearing hidden among the sea oats. John spread the blanket and we passed around the pint while telling off color jokes, each of them getting raunchier. John and Martha couldn’t keep their hands off each other and soon they were going at it again. I pulled Charlotte down on the blanket and began kissing her. She responded more passionately than I expected and soon our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouth. She let me feel up her breasts but said no when I tried to put my hand inside her blouse. On the second attempt, however, she let me inside and soon I was under her bra and pinching her nipples.

Next to us I could see that John had Martha’s blouse open and bra pushed up. He was sucking on her tits with his hand between her legs fingering her cunt while Martha rubbed the bulge in John’s pants. The bulge in my pants was getting no attention, and the birds eye view of John and Martha had me very aroused. I decided it was time to step up the pace. I wedged my leg between Charlotte’s and ran my hand down to her ass pressing into her perfectly shaped spheres as I ground my cock hard against her. Charlotte responded appropriately and soon we were dry humping rigorously. I slid my hand under her skirt and started rubbing her ass through her cotton panties. When I tried to slip my hand under the elastic band it evoked a “no, please…it’s not right.” This time my 2nd and 3rd attempts were rebuffed and I felt her pulling away. I put my hand on the back of her head and said I was sorry.

During this brief pause in my quest I looked over at John and Martha who were now in a 69 position. His cock, sticking out from his open zipper, was firmly planted between her lips. Martha’s skirt was bunched around her waist with her panties dangling from one ankle. Her legs straddled John’s face, which was busily slurping her nectar with his arms wrapped around her thighs and his fingers spreading her cunt lips. My cock was throbbing with need as I watched the sensuous scene before me.

I turned my attention back to Charlotte determined more than ever to find the key that would unlock her womanly treasures to me. I went back to her tits, which she let me fondle freely and eagerly. She even shifted slightly to allow me easier access to open her blouse. I reached behind and quickly unsnapped her bra freeing her two smallish but nicely formed beauties. She purred softly when I kissed her neck and lightly ran my fingers across her nipples. I moved my mouth lower planting kisses down her body, finally reaching her left nipple. I gently sucked it into my mouth while squeezing her right breast with my hand. Charlotte put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to her, a quiet “Oh yes…” escaping from her lips.

Sucking and squeezing her tits had definitely aroused her sexual appetite. Besides moaning and stroking my head, Charlotte was grinding her pussy hard against my thigh. I moved my hand back down over her ass rubbing my fingers along her crack, moving them in rhythm with her grinding motions. She moved against my fingers as I continued to apply pressure lower and lower down the crack of her ass. I gently bit down on her nipple, and then sucked as much of her tit as I could into my mouth. I repeated this on her other breast.

Charlotte went crazy as her moans turned to gasps. I pulled her over on top of me still sucking her tits and kneading her ass. Charlotte swung her leg up across my body, grinding her pussy against my hard cock. I moved my fingers past her ass until they were pressing against the crotch of her panties. I was afraid she would push me away, but instead she pressed her pussy against my fingers. She alternated between humping my cock and humping my fingers. The crotch of her panties was soaked with her juices, and I considered slipping a finger under the elastic and up her cunt, but something told me this would destroy the mood.

Charlotte’s tit came out of my mouth, and I quickly peeked over at John and Martha. She was straddling him and recklessly riding his cock. John held her ass cheeks apart with his hands and I had a perfect view of his cock, glistening in the moonlight, moving in and out of her juicy cunt. He licked and kissed her tits, which dangled in his face. She repeatedly lifted up and slammed down on his cock, gasping for air as she neared orgasm. I heard John grunt and could actually see his cock grow inside her just before he spewed his seed deep into her belly. This must have sent Martha over the edge because her whole body started shaking. She threw her head back and tried to muffle a scream. Her ass continued to lift up and slam down on John’s cock causing cum and cunt juice to seep down his shaft and over his balls.

Watching this incredibly erotic show in front of me and feeling Charlotte’s pussy rubbing hard against my cock was just too much for me. I had to release and quickly. I took my free hand and shoved it between us undoing my fly and pulling out my cock. Then with one swift motion I pulled the crotch of Charlotte’s panties to the side, placed my cock at the opening of her cunt and quickly slipped inside her. She started to protest, “No…no, we can’t…” but I put both hands on her ass and held her in place as I started to move in and out of her hot pussy.

She wanted to push away from me, but when she realized I had her trapped she relaxed, then finally started moving her hips in synch with my thrusts, all the time saying, “No.. we shouldn’t… it’s not right… oh God…ooohhh…”

I moved my hand under her panties and pressed my finger against her asshole. Whatever weak resistance she had was now gone. She began humping me frantically, gasping and moaning as her orgasm neared. When I slipped the tip of my finger up her ass she lost it and began bucking and thrashing uncontrollably. Suddenly all the blood rushed to my groin and I erupted with a long, steady spray of cum into her pussy. I continued pumping her full of cum until I could feel it mixing with her cunt juice and streaming back down my cock. By the time we finished both her panties and the front of my pants were soaked with our juices.

Charlotte slid off me and onto her back, panting by my side. I looked over at John who gave me the thumbs up while Martha was trying to suck his cock back to life. Charlotte went off on a guilt trip and began crying, buttoned her blouse and ran back down to the beach saying she wanted to be by herself for awhile.

Martha had John hard again and got on all fours sticking her ass in the air and begging to be fucked dog style. John crawled behind her, placed his cock between her ass cheeks and drove his rod deep into her cunt. He grabbed her hips and began slamming into her. Every time he drove his cock into her cunt she pushed back with her ass making sure she was fully impaled. John reached around and grabbed her tits, which were swaying freely underneath her. That was when Martha started with the four letter words.

“Oh yeah, squeeze my tits and fuck my pussy… that’s it… shove your fucking cock up me… oh shit, it feels so fucking good deep in my cunt… oh god, fuck me harder… make me cum…”

John put a hand between her legs to rub her clit and she started cumming almost immediately in a series of gasps and moans. Watching gave me another huge hard-on that was in need of relief. I half thought of trying to find Charlotte and coax her into another round, but then it occurred to me that Martha seemed like the kind of girl who wouldn’t mind two cocks in her at the same time.

To check out my theory I slid around until my face was near hers. She was just recovering from her first orgasm and had her eyes closed when I reached up to touch her cheek. She looked at me, startled at first, but when she realized my intentions she leaned forward to kiss my lips. Then she had both hands on my head and was practically eating my face. Occasionally she would come up for air and shout “fuck me” or some other obscenity, then go back to eating my face. I reached up to knead her tits and pinch her nipples. Then I pulled myself up further until my cock was poking in her face. Martha didn’t hesitate and soon had me most of the way down her throat. I looked over at John who gave me a big thumbs up.

We kept this up for a while. The muffled sounds of sex, slapping and pounding of skin and occasional slurps and smacks were barely audible above the crashing waves. Finally, John pulled out of her and moved around to where I was. I lay down on my back, my stiff cock sticking straight up in the air. Martha squatted over me, her ass to my face, and slowly lowered her cunt onto my throbbing manhood. John stood in front of her and she soon had his cock deep in her throat.

Either Martha was a natural or she had practiced this before, but she was able to slam her ass up and down on my cock while bobbing up and down on John with her mouth. Then she slid to her knees pulling John down to his, and continued fucking and sucking us shamelessly. John was the first to cum. He grabbed the back of Martha’s head and grunted, unleashed his load into her mouth. Muffled sounds of pleasure rose from her throat. She continued sucking until he was drained, then had a hard cum herself. As he pulled out of her gasping mouth, cum began drooling from her lips, and down her neck and tits onto the blanket.

I reached up and kneaded Martha’s ass, working my thumb against her butt hole. Watching my cock slide in and out of her juicy cunt was a real turn-on. I could feel my balls filling with cum. I slipped my thumb up her ass sending her off on another wave of orgasm. Martha collapsed forward, pulling off my cock and rolled onto her back. I lost no time in mounting her, pinning her legs back by her shoulders and sinking my cock back into her steaming cunt. I was hammering her hard and fast, my balls slapping wetly against her asshole. Martha began screaming obscenities again. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me deep on each thrust. Then she began begging me to fill her cunt with my cock cream.

I started shouting back, “here it comes… I’m going to fill your pussy with cum… oh god, here it comes… I’m cumming…” She kept encouraging me, “yes, please fill me with your cum… oh god, I’m going to cum too… oh shit, I’m cumming… aaaaahhhhh…”

We both released at the same time. My cock began spraying streams of cum into her fuck hole as her pussy gushed out juices of passion. We finally collapsed, drained of energy. My cock slowly deflated in her twitching pussy until it fell from her. A flood of cum and cunt juice followed drenching the blanket beneath us.

I rolled onto my back and looked up, amazed to see Charlotte standing at the edge of the blanket. She had apparently watched the entire show. More amazingly, she had a hand in her panties and was fingering herself to an extreme state of arousal. She was gasping in short breaths and her legs were getting wobbly. I quickly helped her to her knees. Martha slid her head between Charlotte’s thighs, pulled her cum drenched panties to the side and clamped her mouth over Charlotte’s cunt.

Charlotte leaned forward and I could see her staring at Martha’s cum drenched pussy. I quickly moved to Charlotte’s face while John got behind her. I grabbed the back of Charlotte’s head and shoved my cock between her lips and into her mouth. Rather than object, she started sucking on me and swirling her tongue over my cock. She had clearly done this before. While she was sucking me, John shoved his cock past Martha’s tongue and into Charlotte’s dripping womanhood. Charlotte gasped and started cumming almost immediately, pulling my cock from her mouth to catch her breath.

I decided to fuck Martha, so I pushed her legs back and shoved my cock into her dripping pussy. I put my hands on the back of Charlotte’s head and pushed her face towards my thrusting cock. I pulled out of Martha and shoved my gooey cock back into Charlotte’s mouth. I went back and forth between mouth and cunt until I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. I decided to cum in Charlotte’s mouth so I pulled out of Martha, grabbed the back of Charlotte’s head and shoved my cock through her lips, fucking her face in short, quick thrusts while my balls slapped against her chin.

I roared out as my cock erupted with it’s third major cum in the past hour. Charlotte started gasping and choking as cum drooled from her lips and down her chin, but I held her mouth to my cock until I was spent. When I pulled out she looked up at me with bewildered eyes and an open mouth filled with cum. I reached down, put my hand under her chin and closed her mouth. Charlotte closed her eyes and swallowed.

When I was finished, John picked up the pace and started hammering Charlotte from behind. Martha was simultaneously licking her clit, which sent Charlotte screaming and gasping with another series of orgasms. John finally grunted loudly as he filled Charlotte’s cunt with his third load of cum for the evening. When he pulled out of her, Martha went to work with her mouth on Charlotte, sucking cum out of her well-fucked cunt.

John pulled out the pint of whiskey and we all passed it around in silence. Martha got dressed while Charlotte readjusted her skirt and blouse. John and I pulled our clothes back on as well. When we were all dressed, Charlotte began crying.

“I’m nothing but a slut. I’ve betrayed Billy and our love. How can I ever live with myself…”

John and I were speechless, but Martha wasn’t holding back.

“Goddammit, Charlotte, stop your fucking whining. For the last three years you’ve let yourself get fucked by every guy you’ve gone out with down here, then you go into this big guilt trip. Face it. You are a slut. You love to fuck. Enjoy it for christ sakes. Just because Billy has a huge cock and likes using it on you when you’re around, and anyone else when you’re not, is no reason not to enjoy a good cunt thrashing by any other cock. As for me, I’m not going to let your shitty attitude ruin my vacation. I plan to suck and fuck as many cocks as I can before the week is out. You can either join me or watch from the sidelines while you finger your pretty little pussy. Either way, I’m going to get mine. Think about that while I’m getting fucked in the back seat on the way home.”

With that she grabbed the whisky and took three huge slugs, then headed for the car. We helped Charlotte to her feet, and then followed in silence. When we reached the car, Martha was leaning against the car holding her panties by her index finger. “Who’s first?”

John looked at me and said, “It’s your car. I guess you have to drive.”

No sooner had we piled in than Martha was slurping away on John’s cock trying to get him hard again. She must have been successful, because as we pulled onto the main road she swung her leg over him, straddling him with her knees, and slowly lowered her cunt onto his cock. She rode him hard, screaming and shouting obscenities as she plunged up and down on his cock. John’s hands found her ass and his fingers dug into her cheeks.

Martha finally turned to me and said “Pull over. I need another cock in me. Hurry.”

We weren’t exactly on a deserted road, but I saw a small shopping strip that looked like it had an access road behind it. I pulled in next to a Dempsey Dumpster and quickly pulled down my pants. I was only at half-mast so I looked over at Charlotte who was staring at my cock. I put my hand behind her neck and pulled her face down towards my manhood. She didn’t resist and her lips quickly found my cock. Despite her earlier protestations, this girl really knew how to suck cock and had me standing tall in no time.

I asked Martha where she wanted it and she said in the ass, then handed me a bottle of hand lotion. We had to open the back door and shift around so that John’s feet were dangling out while Martha rode him with her ass hanging in the doorway. I stepped up behind her, lathered up my cock and her ass with hand lotion, and worked one then two fingers into her butt.

I placed the tip of my cock at her bunghole and shoved until the head was inside her. It didn’t take me long to work the entire length of my cock up her ass, and soon she was rocking back and forth with one cock up her ass and another buried in her cunt. After a short time she worked herself into a frenzy of orgasm which seemed to go on and on for several minutes. Just as it would begin to subside her body would shudder and she would launch off on another series of orgasms.

Charlotte was kneeling on the front seat watching her friend getting double fucked. She had one hand in her panties fingering her cunt and the other under her blouse pinching her nipple. She was nearing orgasm herself, but I thought she needed to be more a part of the action. In a rough tone I ordered her to remove her panties, climb in the back seat and sit on John’s face. Without hesitation she complied, straddling John’s head and mashing her pussy over his eager mouth and tongue. Martha pulled her forward and started tongue kissing her while squeezing her tits. Charlotte kissed her back with equal passion while grinding her pussy into John’s face.

We continued this way for a while, each girl having several orgasms. Finally, Martha pulled John out of her cunt and ordered Charlotte to lie on her back and eat her cunt while I continued ass fucking her. Then John climbed up between Charlotte’s legs, resting one on his shoulder, and buried his cock up her cunt. He and Martha began tongue kissing while whispering obscenities at each other. This continued for quite some time with both girls cumming in wave after wave of orgasm.

We finally told the girls they would have to finish us with their mouths. I pulled my smelly cock out of Martha’s ass and shoved it into Charlotte’s mouth. She swallowed it without hesitation. Martha gobbled up John’s cock after he pulled it out of Charlotte’s cunt. We continued to fuck their mouths for a good five minutes. Saliva was dripping down my balls as Charlotte worked her expert lips and tongue over me.

Charlotte reached under me and pressed a finger against my ass. I felt a sudden rush moving to my balls. When she inserted her finger into my ass and I lost it. Apparently my balls had built up quite a load during the past half hour and I felt a stream of cum blast into her mouth, followed by a second and third. This time she swallowed it all and sucked me dry until I was completely limp.

I pulled out and she climbed out from beneath Martha to help her with her cock sucking chores. Between the two of them they finally brought John off spraying a huge load across both of their faces before Martha got him into her mouth to eat the rest of his cum. Then they began kissing each other, sharing his cum and licking it from their faces.

John and I got in the front seat leaving the girls to continue kissing and fondling in the back. When we finally pulled up to their place they were sixty-nining each other. They sat up and gave us both pussy tasting tongue kisses goodnight, then jumped out of the car and ran into the house. When we got back to our place we realized that they had left their panties on the back seat.

We left the next day, but I still have those panties as a reminder of the wildest sex I ever had.

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