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I was old enough to know better. Clever enough to know better. Responsible enough to know better. I should have been able to do the right thing, the only thing.

This story recounts events beginning in the summer of 1994, not really that long ago, but an age before mp3 players and before mobile telephones really became popular.

I am Mark Johnson, a married, thirty two year old school teacher. Married to Sophie, thirty five, a lawyer, for six years. I have been teaching at the same school, Lakeview High School for eight years. Teaching history to year after year of school children who really aren’t interested in a word I’m saying.

Sophie works long hours but the benefit is we live quite well, no money problems. No children of our own yet, our careers have been our priority. We have a very good relationship and a good sex life. We are very happy with each other’s company and have experimented in various things over the years. Bondage, role playing, anal, oral – we’ve tried all that. We’ve even had several threesomes. Twice with another man, an old school friend of mine who lives far away. Four times with a friend of Sophie’s, Rebecca.

All good fun, that’s how we view it. Good fun, nothing serious. The main rule is that we don’t take anything too seriously.

My parents live about an hours drive away. I take after my father. He was also a history teacher. He’s fifty nine now. Growing up it was my parents and my elder sister, Kate, who is four years older than me.

Then about twenty years ago my dad wrote a book about Russian twentieth century history. Exciting stuff indeed but it became something of a leader on books about Russian twent…you get the idea. The result was that dad made pots of money, retired from teaching, bought a nice house and became a history professor, turning up on radio and television programs, his views being sought on many historical topics.

Dad has now become something of a mad professor. Poorly sighted and eccentric. He reminds me of the dotty professor in ‘Back to the Future’!

Another consequence of his newly gained status was that he and mum decided to have more children. So at the age of fourteen I gained a baby sister, Beth, and four years later a baby brother, Robbie.

And now at the age of thirty two I found myself teaching them both history at school, something which pleased them far less than it did me.

Beth was taking some big end of year exams that summer and dad had asked me to help her with her revision. Not just with history but with various other subjects. The only one I couldn’t help her with was science as I know nothing about that. I wouldn’t say that Beth or I were particularly keen on dad’s idea but after a couple of weeks it was going better than I expected.

Beth was proving to be a good student, far better than she normally was in my history classes, where she seemed bored at all times. She was actually quite clever. Beth was about five feet five tall, quite slim with short light brown hair. She was quite pretty, not that that was any concern to me. She had been dating a guy called Kevin for about a year, although I had only met him two or three times.

I would go to my parents house one day at the weekend and maybe one or two evenings a week and help her with her revision. Sophie moaned a bit about the extra time I was spending at my parents house but she understood it would only last a month or so and was for a good reason. We tried to work out a compromise where I would go over when Sophie was working late or if at the weekend when she was working.



The story really begins on a hot Saturday afternoon in early June. Sophie is at home doing some catching up on a case she is working on. I have gone over to my parents house to help Beth with her revision. We normally do this in the ‘den’. This is a room in the basement of our house. Since Kate and I were teenagers this has been a room to hang out in. Study, watch tv, read or just chill out. Whatever. The only thing – adults by invitation only!

Beth is wearing a pair of black shorts and a light blue bikini top. I’m in a t shirt and a pair of baggy shorts. Beth’s choice of clothing is nothing new. We enjoy hot summers and to walk around in as little clothing as possible is the norm for everyone in these parts.

Also as a school teacher the teenage body is of no interest to me. In training one of the rules you soon learn is that the pupils must be regarded as children, no matter their level of physical or emotional development. Beth is my kid sister and a school pupil, nothing else. So I hardly noticed her body. In fact at that point if you had told me she had breasts I would have provably asked you when they appeared!

After a couple of hours of struggling through a geography text book we joined our parents and Robbie for dinner.

”Do you have to go straight home after dinner?” mum asked me.

”No, no hurry. Sophie said to take my time. We’ll have a day together tomorrow,” I replied.

”It’s a beautiful evening. Why don’t you go for a drive up to the mountains?” suggested dad.

I had recently bought a convertible BMW car which was proving a hit with friends and family alike.

”Oh can we?!” Beth called out, excitedly.

”Ok. Who’s coming?” I asked.

”No I’m ok. I’m going over to Ben’s,” said Robbie. Ben was his best friend and also one of my students.

Mum and dad also declined. It was typical of dad to suggest something then not join in. As I said he can be a bit odd!

”Just you and me then kiddo,” I smiled at Beth.

We finished dinner then went out to the car. I drove around for a while on the mountain roads before seeing a sign for Eagle Falls, a local beauty spot. Waterfalls, woodland and streams, it was a very popular place for walking and picnics. We used to go there a lot when we were younger, but I hadn’t been in years.

I drove into the car park but I saw that the gate was locked.

”Oh it closes at six PM. That’s a shame. What shall we do now?” I wondered.

”I know, go towards that tree over there. There’s a track you can drive down,” suggested Beth.

”What over there?”

”Yeah, try it.”

I followed her instructions and we drove down a narrow dirt track for about ten minutes. Suddenly she slapped me on the shoulder.

”That’s it! Stop here.”

She pointed towards a clump of bushes in front of a wooden fence.

”Where are we going?” I asked.

”I know. Trust me. I came here with some friends last summer.”

We got out the car and she led the way through the bushes.

”Yes it’s still here!” she shouted.

I followed her through a hole in the fence and was rewarded by the view of a small lake surrounded by rocks and trees.

”This is it. We came here last year. Went swimming. No one ever comes this far down the trail, even when the park’s busy,” she explained.

The evening sun shone on the lake, creating a totally idyllic scene. We stood in silence for a couple of minutes, admiring the view and the peace.

”Beth this is beautiful.”

”Swim?” she suggested.

”Err we don’t have costumes.”

”No matter.”

She stepped towards the water’s edge. With her back to me she unhooked her bikini top and then slipped out of her shorts and panties. I had hardly acknowledged the fact that she was naked when she dived into the water. She screamed in joy and swam around the small lake.

”You not coming in?”

”Like I said I don’t have a costume.”

”Mark! Don’t be so boring. Come in it’s lovely.”


”You’ll regret it.”

I have to admit I was tempted. I turned away from the lake and pulled off my shirt. Then I pulled off my shorts. I don’t tend to wear underwear in hot weather. I still had my back to the lake and more importantly to my little sister. I glanced over my shoulder and when I was sure she wasn’t looking I hurriedly jumped in.

It was lovely. So refreshing after such a hot day. We splashed and swam around, the water shielding our nudity. After about half an hour Beth said she was getting tired and was getting out.

Trying to be both a gentleman and a responsible big brother I tried to avert my gaze as she climbed out, although I did catch a glimpse of her bare ass as she clambered onto the rocks. However she made no real attempt to cover herself on dry land as she simply turned around and sat down, giving me a first side of her naked breasts and pussy.

Again I tried not to look, but noted a very small triangle of pubic hair and a small but pert pair of breasts.

‘Stop looking!’ I thought to myself.

Then it was my turn. I swam to the edge. I was going to ask her to turn away while I climbed out but decided that would only make her look even more and draw attention to my body so I decided to act as if this was all completely normal. Maybe she won’t even look if I don’t say anything, I thought.

So I heaved myself out of the water, onto a rock and quickly walked toward my pile of clothes, all the time aware of my cock swinging between my legs as I walked. Also, although I avoided eye contact I sensed Beth staring at me. I walked past her to my clothes and sat down. She was still naked, drying herself in the sun before dressing and I realized that was sensible.

My biggest fear is the fear of every man in such situations – an unwanted and unwelcome erection. I avoided looking at her bare back and tried not to think about erections. Fortunately nature itself saved me. An adult fox and four cubs appeared across the lake.

”Mark look! Foxes! Keep quiet.”

We watched them playing and washing in the evening sun for about fifteen minutes, completely forgetting about our state of undress. Only once they had gone did we dress ourselves, me with my back to my sister.

Once we had crawled back through the hole in the fence we started speaking.

”Wow! That was so cool! I can’t believe we did that,” exclaimed Beth.

”Lovely. Really refreshing,” I replied, trying to sound calm.

”That was amazing! I loved it!”

”We shouldn’t tell anybody. Our secret,” I suggested.

”Huh? Oh sure, no problem.”

We got back into the car and drove back to our parents, telling them about the drive and the foxes, but leaving out the swimming part!


Following my nude swim with my little sister, my mind was all over the place. Over the next week I tried not to think about it, but at odd moments the vision of her naked body would appear in my mind. I had only seen glimpses of her breasts and her pussy, seeing her ass more, but I found it difficult not to think about her. This was particularly difficult on the Wednesday morning when I taught her class. Every time I saw her I imagined her naked body, glimmering in the sun and the cool water of the lake.

I didn’t see her for extra revision during the week. Sophie was going to a work conference at the weekend so we agreed that we would spend our weekday evenings together and I would spend as much time as necessary with Beth at the weekend.

So the following Saturday followed much the same pattern as the previous one. I drove to my parents house just after lunch. After chatting to my parents I asked after my brother and sister.

”Robbie is at Ben’s house. Beth is down in the den, waiting for you,” explained mum.

”Be gentle with her!” joked dad.

I went downstairs. Beth was sitting at the table in the middle of the room. She was wearing a thin white top and a dark gray skirt. I felt relieved at her appearance as I thought that if she had been in a bikini top as usual I might have had problems concentrating!

In fact for the next two and a half hours we were able to do loads of revising and by the end I felt that everything had returned to normal. It seemed Beth had never had any problems with our nudity at the lake the previous week and I seemed to be the one who found it uncomfortable. Perhaps that’s what comes with age and responsibly. To Beth it had just been a bit of fun, quite normal. Maybe her mind was still so innocent that nudity was not an issue?

We worked together, revising, and we chatted about her exams and how she felt her revision was progressing. We joked about some of dad’s mad moments and she told me something funny Robbie had done during the week. In other words my relationship with my sister was the same as always. Thank god!

At one point I had looked at her shirt and clearly been able to see she was wearing a bra. The shirt was of a very thin material and quite see through. The sight of a bra and her generally more modest style of attire did make me wonder if she had deliberately tried to send a message to me – last week was a one off. I felt relieved about that.

After revising, we had dinner with our parents. Dad suggested another drive, like the previous week.

”Are you coming dad?” I asked.

”I won’t but I think your mother will.”

”Yes that would be lovely. What about you Beth?”

Beth nodded. I felt glad that mum was coming too.

”I’ll just get changed,” she said.

Mum and Beth disappeared to their bedrooms. I sat in the garden and chatted with dad. Mum had just appeared when the phone rang. She went off to answer it, just as Beth walked out into the garden.

”Ready?” she asked.

At first glance she hadn’t changed, except to put on a pair of shoes. I noticed after a moment or two that through her thin, see through shirt, something was different. She wasn’t wearing a bra any longer. I could make out the shape of her nipples and the darker shade of her areolas. I tried not to stare. I wondered if dad noticed. Then mum appeared.

”That was my aunt. She wants me to pop round now and help her with something. Sorry.”

”Oh it’s ok. Do you want a lift?” I asked.

”No you two go for your drive. It’ll do you good. It’s only a twenty minute walk to her house.”

”Just you two again then,” laughed dad.

”Don’t you want to come then dad?” I asked.

”No no. I’ve got a good book waiting to be read. Off you go now. Enjoy yourselves.”

We clambered into my car and drove off.

”Where to, kiddo?” I smiled at Beth.

”Up to you. You’re driving.”

We drove in the general direction of the mountains with Beth singing along to my cd.

”How about Eagle Falls again?” she suddenly suggested, interrupting her own singing.

It had occurred to me, but I did not want to suggest it.

”Could do. But no swimming, ok?”

”Ok big brother. You’re the boss.”

Of course I wasn’t. We parked at the same spot, crawled behind the same bushes and through the same hole in the same fence. And we stood on the same rocks, looking across the same small lake.

And then Beth peeled off her top, revealing the lightly tanned skin of her bare back. She kicked off her shoes and pulled down her skirt. It seemed a bra wasn’t the only piece of underwear she had removed before we came out. But what if mum hadn’t had that phone call?

I watched as she jumped into the water. Again my own undressing was much more slow and cautious. Only when I was sure she wasn’t looking did I turn around and hurriedly enter the water. A twenty minute swim followed before my sister climbed out, my eyes looking elsewhere, out of some strange brotherly respect.

When it was my turn to come out I swam to the edge.

”Could you look away for a moment or two please?”


”Because I don’t want you seeing me…you know…naked.”

”Err Mark,” she said pointing at her naked chest. I tried not to look.

”Yes but I always look away when you get in or out of the water.”

”Do you? Why?”

”Because you’re my sister.”

”And your my brother. And that’s exactly the reason I feel ok being like this around you.”



She looked away and I climbed out, walking past her and sitting a couple of feet behind her and to her left. No sooner had I sat down and she shuffled back to be nearer to me.

”That was fun again wasn’t it?” she said.

”Sure was. This is getting to be a bit of a habit for us,” I laughed.

There were no foxes to distract me so I tried humor to keep my mind off the fact that I was sitting naked next to an equally naked teenage girl who happened to be my sister and a student in my class.

As any man knows, the more you try not to get an erection the more certain it is that you will get one. Obviously this always is in situations where an erection is particularly inappropriate.

So how obvious then that as I sat next to Beth my cock began to twitch. I tried not to think about it. Tried to think of anything but my current situation. Various thoughts of mundane things went through my head in the space of a few seconds. Custard, trees, driving a lorry, even early twentieth century Russian history, but inevitably I found myself with a full blown erection. My cock continued twitching even at full mast.

I raised my leg slightly in an attempt to shield it from my sister. I turned my whole body away from her. I tried to point out things in the distance in the forlorn hope that my erection would disappear as quickly as it appeared. Where are those damn foxes when you need them? Hmmm look at those fascinating cloud shapes up there.

Nothing worked.

”Mark you seem to have a bit of an erection there,” Beth pointed out rather helpfully.

”Yes, errr, sorry, couldn’t help it.”


She said nothing more for a couple of rather uncomfortable minutes.

”I guess that’s something us girls can be thankful for.”


”We don’t get massive great erections when we’re turned on.”

”Oh right.”

”I mean our nipples get hard but I guess that’s not the same as having one of those,” she smiled, pointing at my cock.

”Beth, you’re not helping. I’m trying to get it to go down.”


”It’s ok. I forgive you.”

Minutes passed.

”Can I touch it?”


”Well can I?”

”There must be a million reasons why you shouldn’t.”

”I didn’t ask if I should. I asked if I could,” she responded with a wisdom way beyond her years.

I said nothing. Hoping that if I ignored her she would change the subject.

That didn’t happen. Perhaps she mistakenly assumed my silence was a signal that I gave her permission as she simply reached across and prodded my hard member.


She ignored me and proceeded to explore my penis with her right hand. She slid her finger along its length, the tip and around my balls. Then she used two fingers to do the same journey. Finally she wrapped her hand around the shaft and gripped tightly.

Why I didn’t stop her I can’t answer to this day. I was bigger, stronger and I could have easily brushed her aside, stood up got dressed and stormed back to the car. I could have but I didn’t. Instead I sat there meekly as my younger sister began to stroke my cock.

Her strokes gained pace and rhythm and I soon realized that what began as her simply asking to touch my penis was going to end up with her masturbating me. I knew that would be wrong but at that moment my cock was winning the battle of wills with my brain. I was turned on and horny and I was to my eternal shame enjoying having my kid sister jack me off.

”Beth I’m going to cum soon,” I breathed after another three or four minutes of her stroking.

”I should hope so too. That was the idea.”

”Ooooh oh god oh yes that’s it,” I was beginning to lose control.

Moments later my cock twitched and I knew the battle was lost. Never again would I ever have that same big brother right to moral superiority as her handjob resulted in jet after jet of my sperm shooting out over her hand, my stomach and my leg.

”Enjoy that?” she purred.

”I think so, if If I don’t think about it,” I replied.

”I want you to touch my tits now,” she said as if she was asking me to make her a cup of coffee.

”Beth I can’t.”

”Why not?”

”Because it’s wrong.”

”I know it is.”

”Well then.”

”So it’s wrong to wank you but it’s more wrong to touch my tits?”

”No but…”

”Ok. Do you want to?” she asked, placing a hand under each breast and jiggling them.

”Yes but…”

”Oh just do it!” she shouted.

That made me laugh, for some reason. I paused for a moment then leaned across and gently touched one of her nipples with my finger tip. We both reacted at the first touch as if there had been a small electric shock. I touched it again. Then the other, then both at the same time. Several minutes of touching and groping and fondling followed. I was beginning to relax. The immorality of the situation was receding further to the back of my mind.

My next act sealed the deal. With the thumb and index finger of my right hand I casually flicked her left nipple.

”Oww!! What was that!?” she said laughing.

”Oh sorry.”

”Don’t be. I liked it.”

”Did you. I do it to Sophie sometimes. Usually to piss her off. She hates it!”

”I liked it. A lot. Do it again.”

So I did. Several times. As I continued to play with my sisters breasts I realized her hand was down between her legs. I realized she was touching herself!

”Are you…?”

”Yes sorry. Don’t stop now please.”

And so I leaned in and began sucking her nipples as she masturbated. Her orgasm soon followed and after, for the first time that evening, she looked up at me, slightly embarrassed. We sat in silence, then got dressed in silence, walked to the car and drove back, still in silence.

It was only when we were about five minutes from her house she spoke.



”Thank you.”

”For what?”

”You know.”


”That. You know. That. Thank you for…that.”

”Well thank you as well.”

We laughed as we neared the house.

”Definitely keep that a secret,” she joked as we pulled into the drive.

We went in and acted normally as we chatted to our parents. I drove home later, still trying to get to grips with what had happened.



I went around to my parents house to help Beth with more revision. My wife Sophie had called from her conference and suggested that I go by bus to my parents and she would call by and collect me on the way home that evening.

I had lunch with Beth and mum and dad. Beth wore a short light blue skirt and a cropped white top. Sleeveless and cropped to just below her breasts. A white bra occasionally visible underneath. Daring. But not inappropriate.

After lunch I sat with mum and dad in the garden for a while. Beth went up to her room and said she would come down when she was ready to study.

When she appeared the first thing I noticed was that the bra had gone. Just visible below the cut off of her top was the slight rising flesh of her breasts. Great. What would our parents think. I followed Beth down to the den.

We began studying. She seemed to want to study and I did my best to ignore her skimpy clothing. We made no mention of the previous evenings activities.

After an hour or so of surprisingly focused revision we heard footsteps coming down towards the den. There are two short flights of wooden steps down to the den so you can always hear people coming down. I remember that had been particularly useful for my sister and I when we were teenagers whenever we had a boyfriend/girlfriend over and were up to no good! As mum approached I smiled as I imagined Beth or Robbie with a ‘friend’ thinking just the same as me or Kate all those years ago.

Mum came in.

”Do either of you want a drink? It’s so hot.”

We declined and mum took the hint, leaving us to the studying. As she left mum neglected to close the door. I smiled again as I remembered how she used to do that when I was young. Beth stood up and went to close the door. With her back to the wall she looked at me. I looked back, my eyes widening as she pulled up the front of her top to reveal the breasts I had become so acquainted with the night before. With her top bunched up around her shoulders she walked back toward me.

Instead of sitting down she stood in front of me. I instinctively moved to fondle her small titties before settling down to suck on them. I even allowed myself a couple of flicks on her nipples, still thrilled that this pleased her in a way it annoyed my wife.

As I sucked on her tits my hands wandered round to ass. First outside her skirt, then onto the backs of her legs then finally up inside her skirt to her ass cheeks. No panties. I should have guessed.

I pushed her skirt up clear of her ass and slipped one hand between her legs and against the folds of her pussy lips. We were getting carried away, my stiff cock pushing against my shorts, when suddenly footsteps on the wooden stairs alerted us to a problem.

The footsteps were loud and fast. Beth adjusted her clothing and sat back down just a second before Robbie and his friend Ben came bursting through the door. Robbie had stayed over at Ben’s the previous night.

”Robbie! Knock!” scolded Beth.

”Sorry sis I forgot.”

”Hi Beth. Mr Johnson,” said Ben, politely.

They got the toys they had come looking for and were back up the stairs almost before they had come in.

”Now where were we?” Beth smiled as she got up to close the door.

”Revising Beth. Just revising.”


”Well one of us has to be.”

We did our best, revising for another hour or so. I think the desire to fool around was bubbling just under the surface for both of us, but we managed to keep a lid on it. Finally though we cracked. Beth went upstairs to get us some drink. When she came back in she placed the drinks on the table and went to close the door.

With the door closed she stood in front of it. She lifted her top, up and over her head.

”Beth. No.”

Ignoring me her skirt came down. Holding her clothing she walked naked towards the table. She went past her chair and stood in front of me. Then she turned her back on me and lowered herself onto my lap. My cock pushed against my shorts and prodded her.

”You were saying?”

”I was saying no,” I said as I wrapped my hands around her breasts.

My right hand slipped towards her waist, feeling her very neatly trimmed bush.

”When did you get so dirty?” I laughed.

”It’s you! Kevin and I mess around. We have sex and stuff but…”

”But what?”

”Stop asking questions. Just do what you’re doing.”

What I was doing was slipping my finger into her pussy.

And then footsteps. Fuck!

”Mark! Sophie’s on the phone for you upstairs.”

It was dad. At least he had stopped halfway down the stairs.

”Thanks dad. Coming!” I called as Beth stepped off me and began to dress.

I spoke to my wife. She was about an hour away. I asked mum if Sophie and I could stop for dinner. That was also the point for Beth and I to stop revising and whatever else we were doing.

Sophie arrived and we all enjoyed a family dinner. I don’t know if I was the only one to spot that Beth still wasn’t wearing a bra under her cropped top.

That night at home Sophie and I lay in bed. Naked as always.

”So how was your weekend?” we asked each other.

She told me about her conference. Boring. Dull. I told her about mine. Helping Beth with her revision. And I told her about the drive to Eagle Falls. I left out certain parts.

”I must take you there one day,” I mumbled to her.

After a particularly energetic sex session we lay together.

”Fuck! You were a hungry boy tonight!” exclaimed my wife.

”I’m always hungry for you baby.”

”No tonight you were really up for it. What’s got you so excited then?”

”Just missed you I suppose.”


Unlike the previous week I felt none of the awkwardness whenever I saw my little sister around school. More a sense of euphoria. Every time we passed in the hallways I could detect the slightest of smiles on her face. Normally she would look at the floor until I had passed!

In my history class on Wednesday our eyes would occasionally meet and we would allow ourselves the most subtle smile. The only time I felt a slight pang of guilt was when I taught my younger brother Robbie on Tuesday.

On Wednesday evening I phoned my parents home. I hadn’t arranged a time to give Beth her revision help and while not wanting to appear desperate I was keen to be with her. Dad suggested Thursday evening as mum takes Robbie to guitar classes every Thursday and so the house would be nice and quiet with just me, Beth and dad. Perfect.

Thursday was another very hot day. This was turning into a fantastic summer. After dinner with Sophie I drove to my folks house. Dad answered the door wearing just a pair of shorts. Not an attractive sight. He led me through to the garden.


”Thanks dad. Where’s the student?”

”Upstairs. She’ll be down in a minute.”

Moments later Beth appeared wearing a bikini. I tried to play it cool but my heart was already skipping.

”Can I get a beer please dad?” she asked.

”Just the one young lady and don’t tell your mother.”

We sat at the table in the garden for a while and chatted, before Beth announced she was going to her room to get her books to begin revision.

”Meet me in the den. I’ll be right down,” she told me.

Before I went downstairs I took off my shirt, and placed on the chair in the garden.

”It’s so hot isn’t it son? Supposed to get hotter for the weekend they reckon.”

In the den I sat at the table, in the chair facing the door. Beth appeared still in her bikini, carrying a pile of books. Instead of sitting in a chair she proceeded t come around and sit on my lap. I instinctively wrapped my hands around her stomach.

”So what are we revising today, young lady?” I asked her.


”Oh history. Really.”

”Uh huh.”

”And are you any good at history?”

”Not really.”

”And why’s that?”

”Well the teacher is a bit of a dick.”

”Really? What’s wrong with him?”

”He’s a bit old.”

”That doesn’t make him a dick. What else?”

”Well I think he’s a bit of a perv.”

I was beginning to enjoy this game.

”A perv? Why do you say that?”

”Well he’s always looking at me kinda weird. Like he fancies me or something,” she laughed.

”Really. I thought he fancied Marcia Brook.”

”Mark!! You don’t?”

Marcia Brook was a girl in Beth’s class. I know teachers shouldn’t ever, ever think that way but I always thought she was a bit hot.

”Maybe. Maybe not anymore. I might have lost interest.”

”I’ll tell her.”

”Don’t you ever.”

”How are you going to stop me then?”

I said nothing, simply slipping my hands up to cup her bikini covered breasts.

”Hmmm that might work. Keep going.”

”I like your bikini by the way.”

”Thanks. Pervert.”

”Is it the same one you wore that first trip to Eagle Falls?”

”Yep. I only have two bikinis. The other one I can’t wear.”

”Why not?”

”Mum won’t let me. I bought it for our holiday to Mexico last summer, but mum says it’s not suitable.”


”It’s seriously skimpy. I mean seriously. It’s white, like a boob tube top, no straps and the bottom is a thong. But it’s a really really skimpy one. I’m not even sure why I bought it.”

”Sounds sexy to me.”

”Yeah I meant to take it back but never got round to it. I wore it for Kevin in the garden here a month or two ago. He ended up fucking me right out on the patio!”


”Maybe I’ll wear it for you one day…”

Our game was stopped by dad coming down the wooden steps to the den. I shifted to get Beth to move off my lap but she held firm. Dad walked in and looked at us.

If he felt any surprise at seeing his teenage daughter sitting on her older brother’s lap, wearing just a bikini, with his arms around her stomach, he hid it well.

”You left your beer in the garden. I thought you might want it.”

Oh thanks dad.”

”So what are you revising tonight?”

”History dad,” sighed Beth.

She sensed that dad and I would slip into a year long discussion at the mention of history. She was probably right. We usually did.

”Oh history. Which topic?”

”The second world war. Or Pearl Harbor in particular,” Beth explained.

”Oh, fascinating stuff.”

”Yeah sure,” Beth whined sarcastically.

”She doesn’t rate her teacher,” I joked.

”I imagine it must be hell teaching this one,” dad laughed, pointing at Beth.

”She’s a bit of a tease,” I joked.

”Thanks Mark.”

”I bet she is. She always is at home. I think I might have a book upstairs about Pearl Harbor. I’ll have a look later.”

”You could look right now dad. I’d love to see it,” lied Beth, pulling a really petulant teenage girl face.

Dad went off. Beth and I laughed. She wriggled about on my lap, feeling my erection.

”Oooh you’ve got hard,” she smiled.

I gripped her tits harder and tried to slip my hand inside her.

”Wait till dad’s finished popping in and out,” she scolded me.

”When he comes back in I’m gonna keep my hand here,” I said, squeezing her left breast from outside her top.

” I bet you won’t.”

”Trust me.”

”No chance. I dare you to though.”

”A dare? And if I win?”

”Then I’ll suck your cock.”

”Oh. Right. Wow. If I lose?”

”I’ll tell Marcia thingy that you’ve got the hots for her.”

”I never said that!”

Anyway dad soon reappeared, clutching some old history book. My hand remained firmly on the left cup of Beth’s bikini top. My other hand still on her stomach.

I looked at dad’s book and we chatted for a while. He told Beth about Pearl Harbor, but none of it was really appropriate for her exam.

”Dad, they’ve changed the way they teach nowadays,” I butted in, my hand still in place.

”How can they teach history in a different way? History is history.”

I’d had this conversation a million times with dad. He just couldn’t comprehend that teaching had changed in the twenty years since he left the job.

”Show me that book then,” he moaned, pointing at Beth’s text book.

She slid it across the table to him. He picked it up to look at it but he didn’t have his glasses. He stood up to go and fetch them.

”Back in a minute.”

”Sorry about this,” I said to my sister.

”I knew it was a mistake to do history. I hoped dad would stay away.”

I squeezed her breast.

”You get your blow job then.”

I laughed.

”Let’s take it a stage further,” she said.


”Put your hand inside my bikini top. I want to feel you touching my tit when dad comes in.”

I was about to argue that it would be too risky when we heard dad coming down the stairs.

”Quick,” she said, taking my hand and stuffing it in her top.

Dad walked in, not looking at us. He put his glasses on and sat reading the book in silence. As the minutes passed, I felt braver. I began to squeeze Beth’s tit and rub it a bit. More minutes passed. Beth amazed me by pulling the bikini cup down, exposing my hand on top of her tit. Dad was totally unaware. He carried on flicking through the pages. I pulled my hand away for a moment, completely exposing her left tit. Beth quickly grabbed my hand and put it back.

Finally dad grunted a couple of noises, not really words.

”Dad. Can I have my book now? I’ve got my exam next week.”

”Uh? Oh sure. Sorry. Mark you and me must have a discussion about this as soon as we can.”

”Oh great I’ll look forward to that.”

He put the book towards us. I stuck out my hand to grab it, uncovering Beth’s breast but thankfully dad didn’t notice.

After he’d gone we burst out laughing.

”You know I don’t really need any help with my revision,” my sister sighed, climbing off my lap.

”I know you don’t. I realized that a week or so ago,” I laughed as she knelt down in front of me and pulled down my shorts, exposing my erect cock.

She wrapped her lips around my shaft and began to lick it. Soon I was enjoying a beautiful blow job from my sister.

”I’m gonna cum soon. Oh god oh yes oh Beth oh god oh!!” I moaned in increasing volume as I got closer.

She swallowed every drop of my cum and licked my penis clean.

I looked at my watch. Five past nine. Mum and Robbie always came home about nine thirty.

”When are you gonna come here again?” asked Beth.

”Not sure. I need to check with Sophie. She gets a bit moody if I’m over here too often.”

”How about Saturday? Mum is staying with her aunt that night.”

”Actually Saturday could work. Sophie is going out with some friends that night. She doesn’t usually come in till about two or three in the morning.”

”Great. I’ll try and persuade to Robbie to stay at Ben’s that night.”

”How? Don’t make it too obvious.”

”Oh trust me. I have my ways of persuading our little brother.”

”What about dad?”

”Dad’s ok. He’s in his own little world. You know.”

”Ok Saturday then.”


On Saturday I took a risk. I never told Sophie I was going over to see Beth. I waited till she had gone out then I drove over. Dad answered the door, wearing just his shorts again.

”Hi Mark. I wasn’t expecting you.”

”Oh? Oh Sophie went out so I was at a bit of a loose end and thought I would see if Beth needed any more revision help.”

”Oh that’s kind. Honestly that girl doesn’t deserve you. I’m not even sure she’s in. I know Robbie has gone to his friend’s house. Hang on a minute. Come in come in.”

Dad stood in the hallway and called out twice, first towards the stairs going up and then to the stairs leading to the den.

”Beth!! Beth!!”

A moment passed then to my relief Beth appeared at the top of the stairs.


”Oh there you are. Your brother’s here. Revision?”

She was wearing a summer dress. White and pink. About thigh length.

”Oh hi Mark.”

Good acting.

”Hey sis.”

”Erm I’m not really in the mood to study tonight. I was going to watch a movie down in the den.”


”You can join me if you want. Unless you’ve got a better idea.”

”No no that’s a cool idea.”

”Come and have a beer with me in the garden son,” suggested dad, putting his arm around my shoulder and gently leading me to the garden.

Beth followed and sat with us at the table.

”Dad can I have a beer please?”

”Just the one little girl. As always. And don’t forget…”

”Don’t tell mum!” she laughed.

She got herself a beer and placed it on the table.

”I’ll just go and change. It’s so hot.”

She went back in and a few minutes later appeared at the kitchen door wearing what if someone actually finished making it could be described as a bikini. It was as she had described, only skimpier. If she was naked it wouldn’t have been any more shocking. The boob tube was thin, covering her nipples but not the whole cup of her breast. The thong was a thin lace along the top, a thin strip covering her pussy lips and I can only imagine a thin strip in between her ass cheeks. They actually made such things?

She sat down before dad noticed. She sat opposite me and smiled, realizing I couldn’t stop staring at her.

”Beth be a love and get me another beer would you? Mark are you ok?” asked dad after fifteen minutes had passed.

Beth stood up and walked to the kitchen. Her ass was totally uncovered and visible. This time dad did see her.

”Good god! Young people now. What do they wear?” he asked.

”Oh I know. Crazy.”

”That sister of yours, she wears the strangest clothes. No shame. In my day people wouldn’t dream of wearing the things they do today.”

”I can imagine.”

”You must see it at the school. Young people!.”

”Yes dad.”

Beth came out with dad’s beer. She put it on the table and sat down next to dad and opposite me.

”Dad was just admiring your outfit Beth,” I winked at her.

”Pffff… admiring it? It’s ridiculous,” he grumbled.

”Thanks dad.”

”You don’t wear it in public do you?” he asked.

”No it’s just for you boys. Don’t tell mum will you?”

”I never tell your mother anything dear.”

”Thanks dad,” she smiled, leaning across to kiss him on the cheek.

We sat in silence, drinking.

”Movie time in a moment,” said Beth eventually.

”Are you coming Mark?” she asked me.

”I hope so,” I winked at her again.


”You don’t mind if I watch a movie with Beth do you dad? I mean if you want company.”

”Good god no. I bought a book a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to find some quiet time ever since to start it. Your mother is always finding jobs for me.”

Bet pushed her chair back and took another swig of beer. Out of dad’s line of vision she calmly took her bikini top off. I stared at her. She stood up, still behind dad.

”Come down in five minutes Mark. I’ll get myself…sorry the movie…ready.”

As she said that she pulled down her thong and was standing behind dad completely naked. She turned and walked towards the house as I desperately tried to distract dad by asking about a plant growing nearby.

Shortly after I went down to the den. The room was in darkness with only the light from the tv providing any illumination. Beth was lying naked on the couch. I pulled off my shorts and lay behind her, running my hands all over her body as she rubbed her ass against my cock.

After about ten minutes we heard dad coming down the stairs. The tv was on a very low volume so we could hear anyone approaching. Dad pushed open the door and looked in.

”Do either of you want a beer before I sit down with my book?”

We both did and dad went back upstairs. He obviously hadn’t noticed our nudity in the dark. His vision was poor anyway so we guessed he wouldn’t. When he returned a couple of minutes later we were still in the same position. He put our beers on a shelf by the door and left.

We waited a few minutes to see if he would come down again. No sound.

”Wait there. I’m just going to check on dad,” said Beth.

She stood up and left the room, still naked. I heard her creeping up the stairs and on the hallway before creeping back down again.

”He’s in his armchair, miles away now,” she smiled.

”You’re mad.”

”I’ve done that before. When it’s just me and dad. His eyesight is so poor I know I can get away with it.”

”What you creep around naked?”

”Yep. It kind of turns me on. On Thursday evenings when mum and Robbie are out. I strip off and creep from room to room. I sort of follow dad but he doesn’t know I’m there. I like that kind of thrill.”


As she told me this I was sucking her nipples. I slid down and buried my face between her legs. I looked up at her and began to lick her juicy wet cunt.

”Oh god oh god. No one’s ever done that to me. Kevin won’t.”

I ignored her, continuing to fuck her with my tongue.

”Oh fuck oh fuck shit shit you cunt oh I love it!!”

”Shhhh…” I briefly stopped licking her to tell her to be quiet.


”Dad will hear,” I scolded her again before resuming.


Her orgasm struck, at least once. I continued to pleasure her with my mouth even when she had cum.


Finally I guessed she had had enough. I leaned back and looked at her.

”That’s for all your teasing little girl! Don’t mess with big boys!”

”You bastard that was so good. Oh god I love you! I love that,” she moaned.

Dad called out from the top of the stairs.

”Beth are you ok? Only I thought I heard you shouting,” he asked.

”Oh sorry. Yes fine daddy. It was the movie not me.”

Dad went away, leaving Beth to recover. We lay together. I was still horny but I think I had worn her out for now. After half an hour or so of lying together I realized she was asleep. I quietly climbed out from behind her, put on my shorts and went upstairs, leaving her sleeping in the nude.

I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on to make a coffee. I checked on dad who was asleep in his armchair in the living room, before I returned to the kitchen. Just then the front door opened and in walked Robbie.

”Mark! I thought I saw your car in the driveway,” he said.

”Yes Sophie is out for the night. I thought I’d come over here and see dad.”

Almost the truth.

”Cool. Where’s dad?”

”Asleep in there.”

”Beth not in?”

”She’s in the den.”

His eyes diverted immediately towards the stairs leading to the den when I remembered I’d left the door wide open when I’d come up.

”Hey Beth,” he called, turning towards the stairway.

”Robbie don’t! She’s asleep. She’s not feeling well,” I said, stepping towards him and ushering him into the kitchen.

”Ok I’ll go get changed then.”

The minute he had headed upstairs I rushed down to the den and woke Beth.

”Robbie’s home. Get dressed.”

She finally woke and I heard our brother coming down from his room. I rushed back to the kitchen to finish making my coffee, and stood there chatting with him.

”I thought you were staying at Ben’s.”

”I was going to but his mum was unwell so I thought I’d better come home.”

At that moment Beth appeared in the kitchen, wearing her sexy skimpy bikini. I realized that was the only thing she had to wear downstairs. I looked at her then at Robbie then saw his eyes nearly jumping out of their sockets.

”Hey squid. Thought you were out for the night,” she whispered to him.

He explained to her. We followed her as she walked out into the garden, both of us staring at her ass then looking guiltily at each other.

We sat down for a while before Beth announced she was going to bed.

”Goodnight,” she said, leaning over me to kiss me.

”Goodnight,” she did the same to Robbie, before we both watched her disappear into the house.

I finished my coffee before heading home. Once I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous few hours. I went to bed but couldn’t sleep, still awake my drunken wife Sophie came in at two thirty. The next morning I was first up and was joined by Sophie at about eleven AM. We sat at the garden table and she told me about evening.

”What did you do?” she asked me after describing her night out.

”Oh not much. Popped round to see dad, and he lent me a book.”

”More revision with Beth then?”

”No I don’t think she was in. I only saw dad. Wasn’t there long,” I lied.

After lunch Sophie and I sunbathed. One thing I should mention is that our garden is very secluded and in good weather we simply sunbathe in the nude. In fact on days when we are not expecting anyone, and get to spend the day together – rare – we can easily spend the whole day naked. This naturally involves us having sex, at least once. That Sunday was one of those days. We stripped off and lay down together and by the end of the day we had fucked four times, good even for us. Once we had gone to bed we lay together naked and I tried to persuade Sophie to make it five.

”Oh god Mark, haven’t you had enough?” she protested.

I finally persuaded her to give me a hand job so I wasn’t entirely disappointed. As she stroked my cock she chatted to me.

”I don’t know what it is but you seem particularly horny at the moment. I noticed that last week.”


”No don’t be sorry. I’m just fascinated.”

”I don’t know why. Maybe just the hot weather.”

”We get loads of hot weather.”

”Oh I don’t know.”

”I’m not complaining.”


The next week was a strange one. My moods went a bit wild. I still thought of Beth a lot, but in quieter, more reflective moments I felt guilty or dirty or just plain stupid.

Stupid because as a teacher I was effectively involved with a student, breaking the golden rule.

Guilty because I was messing around behind my wife’s back. Even though I had not yet had sex with Beth I could see it happening unless I took control of the situation sooner rather than later.

Dirty because Beth was my sister. My little sister, and this could ruin our relationship, our lives and those of the people we loved the most, our family.

At other times though I could be more positive and thought that I should just enjoy myself while the chance was there. You only live once and all that…

I sat out in my garden on the Tuesday evening, late into the night, with a beer in my hand. Sophie had gone to bed. I sat there (naked I might add!) and thought. I decided the best action to take was to step back and cool down a bit. If I could see Beth less frequently and we could clear our heads that might help. Certainly once the exams were over that would lessen our time together. Maybe Sophie and I could get away for a couple of weeks once the school vacation begins. Time away from Beth. My sister had a boyfriend, a seemingly steady one at that, yet she was still messing around with me. Definitely try not to see her, I decided.

The first thing was her lesson on Wednesday. I played it calm, avoiding contact with her. That’s easy when you have twenty other seventeen and eighteen year old students there as well. I tried to avoid eye contact as well. Lesson over, that went well. Except that when all the other students had left I looked up from my desk and saw Beth standing in front of me.

”Hey,” she said.

”Hey you.”

”I was just wondering when you’re coming round next. My exams start next week.”

”Yes I know. Sorry. It’s a bit crazy work-wise at the moment. Same reason, exams starting.”


”To be honest Beth I kind of got the impression that you don’t really need much help with your revision.”


”Well you know we err we erm don’t do much you know revising.”

She blushed. Oh shit she looked cute when she blushed.

”Yeah I know but… But it kinda helps.”

”What does?”

She began to stroke my hand with her fingers, acting really shy.

”Being with you. I sort of relax. Take my mind off things.”

”Beth you know…”

I was about to say something when my next class walked into the room. A bunch of noisy thirteen year olds.

”I’d better go. Pleeeeeeaase!!” she said as she backed away from my desk.

And then she was gone. Well that went well. I don’t think.

I sat at home that night still trying to make sense of it all.

Tell her it’s got to stop? Now? At exam time? Wait a few weeks then stop it? Carry on and hope she’ll lose interest? Carry on and let it run out of control? Sex?


On Thursday evening Sophie talked to me over dinner.

”You haven’t been over to help Beth this week. Don’t her exams start next week?” she asked me.

”Yeah I know. Just a bit tired this week. She asked me the same thing after her lesson yesterday.”

”Still you should find the time. She’s your sister.”

”I know. Truth is she is quite bright. She doesn’t really need much help.”

”You know I was like that. Quite clever. But sometimes it runs deeper than that. I just needed someone next to me to boost my confidence. To tell me it would be alright. Maybe that’s the case with her?”

”You could be right. I don’t know. I just feel exhausted.”

She stood up and stood behind me, massaging my shoulders.

”My poor baby what’s wrong. I was just saying the other night how you seemed to be sex mad and now you seem a bit down.”

”Maybe we can get a holiday when the school closes?”

While I was washing the dishes I could hear Sophie on the phone. After she came bouncing in.

”I just came off the phone to your mother. I’ve arranged for Beth to come here after school tomorrow and stay till Sunday afternoon. That way you can revise with her but also we can just chill with her, maybe go out. Perhaps the change of scene will do her good. Get her in the right place mentally for her exams.”

”Beth? Staying here?”

So after my last lesson on Friday I was marking some work, tidying up, when Beth appeared in my class room.

”Hey again,” she smiled.

”Hey little one. Ready? Have you got all you need?”

”Yes, mum is coming over to your house about seven with my bag of clothes. I didn’t want to bring it to school. Thanks for this.”

”Sophie’s idea. Not mine. I don’t know if it’s a good one do you?”

”What’s wrong?”

”Sorry, ignore me. Long week.”

Any thoughts that this would all go to plan disappeared when I realized that under Beth’s white school blouse there was no bra.

”Let’s go,” I growled.

We drove home. I showed Beth the spare room. I was expecting mum to come at seven, and Sophie said she would be home by nine, so hopefully my sister and I wouldn’t be at home alone for long. My tactic was to avoid us being alone together. But still at the back of my mind there was this temptation…

One rule was that I was certainly not to going to get into any situation where there was the slightest chance of being caught by my wife. Sophie is sharp, unlike my dad.

Beth came down from her room into the kitchen where I was preparing our dinner. She was still in her school uniform, as she would be until mum turned up.

We chatted for a while. I looked at the clock. Just after five thirty.

”When do you want to start revising?” she asked me.

”That’s up to you. We can do some later after dinner or leave it till tomorrow. We’ve got all weekend. Mostly.”

”Do some tonight and then on Sunday? Have a day off tomorrow?”

”That sounds good. You know you don’t need much help. You’ll be fine.”

”Thanks bro.”

She never called me bro.

We looked at each other for a moment. A moment longer than a moment normally is.





”No it’s ok. I was going to ask you something but it’ll pass.”



”Nerdy cow.”



We used to insult each other before. Before…before…well before.

I was laughing now, starting to feel the tension fall away.

”Mark. I do love you you know.”

”I love you too. You’re my sister.”

”Is it right?”

”Is what right?”

”What we’ve been…?”

”Doing? You mean playing…”

”With each other. Touching…”

”Each other? Probably not but it’s a lot better than keep finishing each others…”

”Sentences!” she laughed.

We laughed and hugged each other. As brothers and sisters do. She stepped back and began to unbutton her school shirt.


”I’m not wearing a bra you know.”

”I know.”

”How do you know?”

”I noticed when you were in my class room.”

”Do you often look at your students chests Mr Johnson?” she joked, taking off her shirt.

”Only the female ones. To see if they’re wearing bras.”

”Pervert,” she said pulling down her skirt.

”I can see you’re not wearing panties either.”

”Top marks. Anything else?”, she asked as she placed her right leg up onto the kitchen table.

”Errr…oh fuck…you’ve shaved your pussy?!”

”Well done. You have passed your exam.”

”What about an internal examination?” I smiled, pulling off my clothes as quick as I could.

”That is the next grade,” she said, sitting on the table and opening her legs as wide as she could.

I was now naked and I pushed the cooking utensils off the table on to the floor and pushed her back across the table. I climbed on to the table and above my sister.

”I want you so bad,” I cried.

”Oh god me too. Please…please.”

I lowered myself towards her naked body and pushed my hard cock against her pussy lips. I looked deep into her eyes before I thrust myself into her. Deep into her.

”OH OH HMPH OH GOD” she moaned as I pumped my cock into her.



We were fucking on my kitchen table. I couldn’t believe it. Fucking my little sister. My own sister. How did this happen? Who cares?



She was not a quiet fuck. Not at all.



And I did. We both did.

My ejaculation was like an explosion. Deep in her cunt. She came several times. The house was quiet. The kitchen door was open. But our bodies were dripping in sweat and our shouting could have been heard for miles around it seemed. But I didn’t care. Never had sex felt so special. So perverted. So dirty. We lay on that table, our chests heaving as our hearts thumped, and regained our breath and our strength.

I looked at the clock. Ten past six. Better tidy up…

Beth took her skirt and her shirt and headed upstairs for a shower. I dressed then tidied up, and tried to resume cooking. Mum arrived fifteen minutes late. Beth and I were sitting at the table in the garden eating when she arrived.

After we had finished eating I was clearing things away in the kitchen when I overheard mum talking to Beth.

”You’re not wearing a bra, Beth.”

”No mum I know I’m not.”

”Why not?”

”The one I was wearing broke when I was at school. A wire broke and it was digging in to me. Really painful, so I had to throw it away before I left school.”

What a liar.

”You know you can see your breasts through that thin shirt?”

”Thanks mum. I’m sure no one did.”

Mum had just left when Sophie arrived home, then shortly after that I received a phone call from my friend, Dave, inviting me to play golf the next day. I checked with my wife.

”Well I was thinking of going into town shopping with Beth tomorrow so that’s fine.”

On Saturday morning Dave came to pick me up before the girls were awake. When I came home about three in the afternoon they were both in the garden, in bikinis, new bikinis I think. Fairly skimpy bikinis. Sophie was on a lounger reading a book, while Beth was at the table, studying.

”Dave, this is my sister, Beth. Beth this is Dave.”

”Pleased to meet you Beth. You’re his younger sister right?”

”Yes we’ve got an older sister too. And a little brother.”

”And what do you do? For a job?”

”Oh I’m still at school.”

”Not his school?”

”Unfortunately yes. He’s my history teacher. He’s the worst teacher in the school!”

”Ha ha! I can imagine. Hi Sophie.”

He went over to my wife and kissed her on the cheek, before heading home. I went upstairs to shower and change. When I came down Sophie was topless. I gave her a curious look.

”Well I knew you’d bring Dave in. I had to wait till he’d gone!”

”I’m going to clean the car.”

”Little boys and their toys. Don’t make too much mess making love to it!” teased my wife.

When I had finished washing the car I came back in and through to the garden. To my amazement and not small amount of terror Beth was lying on the lounger next to Sophie’s, also topless. I stopped for a second to gather my thoughts then carried on, pretending not to see.

”Shall we go out tonight? For dinner?” I suggested.

We agreed on a pizza, then we all changed into more suitable clothes, the girls in particular. After we got home we sat and shared a bottle of wine before heading to bed.

As I lay in bed, sucking my wife’s erect nipples she started talking.

”I can’t believe your sister was topless today.”

”Was she? When?” I lied.

”When you were washing the car.”

”Do you know I never even noticed.”

”You must have done.”

”No. I remember you were but I only recall her sitting at the table. I’m sure she had a top on.”

”She did then but later. God you’re blind.”


”Nice tits, mind you. Small but firm.”

”Sophie! That’s my sister you’re talking about!”

”How was your trip shopping?” I asked, changing the subject.

”Good. We bought some good stuff, had a nice chat.”

”She ok?”

”Yes she seems happy. Happier than I’ve known her for a while.”

”Probably that boyfriend. Keith? Kevin?” I said.

”Kevin. Well, between you and me she says she’s got someone new in her sights.”

”Really? Who?”

”Don’t know but she says he’s an older man.”

”How old? Eighteen and a half? Nineteen? Twenty?”

”Older. And he’s married.”

She gave my stiff cock a firm squeeze at the very same time she said those words.

”Married? God I hope she knows what she’s doing.”

”That’s what I told her. Be careful.”

”I wonder who it could be,” I puzzled, trying to act dumb.

”I don’t know but I wonder if it might be a teacher at the school. Wouldn’t surprise me. She’s that age now. Older man, you know, more mature than all those silly little boys at school.”


”I think you should keep an eye out. Do some nosing. Watch her and see if you get any clues.”

”Sophie I’m not that low.”

We fucked then went to sleep.


On Sunday morning I was the first one up. I slipped on a pair of shorts then went down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Sophie appeared a few minutes later wearing a short t shirt. I could tell she was naked underneath. We opened the kitchen door and went to sit at the table in the garden.

My sister Beth appeared about twenty minutes later, wearing a pair of shorts and a bikini top. Her new bikini top, but otherwise a similar outfit to the one she wore on our first trip to Eagle Falls, a trip that was only a few weeks earlier but seemed years ago. She grabbed some juice and a bowl of fruit and came to sit with us.

”What’s the plan today?” I asked, to them both.

”Sunbathing. Total relaxation please,” smiled my wife.

”A bit of that if possible. I thought a bit of revision before lunch and a bit after, if that’s ok,” said my sister.

”Sounds good to me,” I smiled.

Sophie finished her coffee and headed in for a shower. Beth and I remained at the table on the decking, just chatting about nothing in particular. When Sophie came back out she was wearing a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms and nothing else. Her gorgeous breasts were oiled up and glimmering in the morning sun.

”Bloody hell! You’re keen,” I laughed.

”Well there’s no point in waiting. This is my plan for the day,” she joked.

She sat on a lounger and picked up her book. Beth then headed in for a shower too and reappeared in the same bikini as the previous day. I had moved onto a lounger and Beth sat at the table. She dumped a pile of books on the table, sweeping them to one end and picked up a novel to read. And this is how we remained for about an hour and a half.

At that time the phone rang. Sophie was quickest to react so she went to answer it. From the conversation I overheard I’m guessing it was her mother. As Sophie chatted indoors Beth calmly removed her bikini top, giving me a sight of her delicious breasts.

”Beth, not here. Not with Sophie at home.”

She ignored me.

”Beth, no funny stuff ok?”

”I’m just improving my tan. She’s doing it. And I did it yesterday. Chill.”

I wasn’t that keen but I trusted her to not do anything foolish.

Sophie appeared and sat back down. She noticed my sister’s lack of top but said nothing, simply picking up a magazine to read. A short time later Beth put down her book.

”Revision time I suppose,” she sighed.

”Do you want help?”


I got up at sat at the table with her, trying my best to concentrate on her studies and not her tits. I tried to act calmly so Sophie wouldn’t suspect anything.

Surprisingly this worked quite well for the next hour, until Sophie went in to make lunch. She brought it back out and we cleared the table as the three of us sat there to eat. I was sitting in between two topless girls and did an excellent job of acting like it was the most normal thing in the world.

After lunch I tidied away, and returned to the table. Sophie went to the bathroom and came back minus her bikini bottoms. She was now completely nude! This was quite normal for us on a sunny weekend when it was just the two of us but never when we had a visitor. She was normally quite prudish with other people about. She lay back down on her lounger. Beth and I continued to work through her revision, my attention occasionally drifting from boring school stuff to my wife’s naked body. On one occasion I glanced toward her I noticed she had opened her legs a bit. I was sitting directly opposite her and could see her pussy lips.

This game continued for a while. Sophie edged her legs open just a bit wider every few minutes until her cunt was clearly visible. I looked at Beth once in a while to see if she had noticed. I think she was aware of Sophie’s teasing but said nothing. A slight smile pursed her lips.

To distract me even further Sophie’s right hand then slid down to between her legs, her fingers clearly brushing her now swollen pussy lips. Fuck she’s going to masturbate! Sophie began to rub her pussy, and after a while she started to moan softly. I was watching her and occasionally glanced at Beth who was also watching. She smiled at me. My cock was now erect and tenting in my shorts. This wasn’t helped by Beth beginning to touch her breasts.

Normally in this instance Sophie and I would either end up having sex or enjoying a pleasurable mutual masturbation session. With my sister present I had no idea what was going to happen. I was still hoping to maintain the image that Beth and I enjoyed a totally normal sibling relationship, at least to everyone else’s eyes. I decided that the best thing to do was to do nothing, just watch and enjoy. My concern was what Beth might try to do.

Sophie kept looking at the two of us as she rubbed her pussy. Her face was straining and I could tell she was going to cum soon. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Beth still touching her tits. Sophie did indeed climax, quietly, calmly, as was her way. She looked a bit embarrassed after.

”Sorry,” she whispered, sheepishly.

I waved her apology away and tried to act as if nothing had happened. Moments later I heard a knock on the door. With my erection slowly receding I went to answer it.

”Ken? Meg?” I was surprised to see a friend of mine at the door.

Ken had been my first teaching colleague when I was a trainee. A sort of mentor if you like. He worked alongside me for my first year in the class room. We had remained the best of friends ever since. Another thing about Ken was at the age of fifty two, and despite a twenty year marriage to Meg, he was a terrible flirt. A persistent womaniser. It had cost him his job in the end. Rumors of him having sex with two pupils at the same time, plus an affair with another teacher, saw him chased out the teaching profession.

He never really changed. We went out regularly, usually the four of us, and he was always flirting with Sophie. I mean FLIRTING!! he had no shame. We all laughed about, Meg included, but Sophie and I had no doubts that if he could get it on with her he would. He touched her, stroked her and kissed her. She was always careful never to be alone with him.

”We wondered if you two could come out next Saturday. There’s a new Italian restaurant open and we thought it might be worth trying,” suggested Meg.

”Sounds great. I think we’re free. Why didn’t you just phone? You didn’t have to call round.”

”Oh we were passing so we thought we’d see if you were in.”

We said our goodbyes. When I returned to the garden Beth, still topless, had moved onto a lounger, leaving the one in the middle free for me. I sat down. Beth was reading a book and before long I felt myself drifting off to sleep. I can’t have slept for long but I was woken up by a hand touching my leg. I opened my eyes and having realized where I was I saw Beth’s hand on my leg. I brushed her off but as I looked at her I realized she was naked.

I looked across to my wife on the lounger on the other side and was glad to see she was sleeping. Beth tried again, once again slipping her hand onto my leg.

”No!” I mouthed silently to her.

She shrugged.

”Put your clothes back on,” I whispered again.

She responded to this by opening her legs a bit wider.

”Please,” I whispered.

Again she tried to touch my leg. My cock didn’t help matters by stiffening. She pointed at it and licked her lips. As I brushed her hand away again I tried to put her off by flicking her right nipple as hard as I could but of course this was a mistake.

”OWW!!” she laughed.

I was terrified Sophie was going to wake up. Beth responded by trying again to touch my leg and this time I didn’t respond. Within seconds she had slipped her hand up into my shorts and was stroking my stiff member. I was both scared and annoyed that she was breaking my rules, but at the same time it felt so good.

Beth continued to stroke me as I had my eyes fixed on my wife, ready to try to cover up any sign of wrongdoing at a moments notice. Who was I kidding!? For no particular reason I chose that moment to look at my watch. Quarter past four. Mum and dad were due at five to collect Beth.

”You need to get your stuff ready,” I whispered to her, pointing at my watch.

She simply stood up, picked up her bikini and walked indoors, her ass wiggling as she went. At the kitchen door she stopped, turned around and looked at me. I looked at my naked young sister and stood up, my shorts tenting. I followed her indoors, turning one last time to check that Sophie was still asleep.

We went upstairs, into the room Beth was staying in. I held her tightly and we kissed.

”You’re so naughty,” I laughed.

”That’s why I’m your favorite sister,” she replied.

”Are you?”

”Well did you ever fuck Kate?”


”Did you ever want to fuck Kate?”


”Did you ever see Kate naked?”

”Don’t think so no.”

”There you are then. I’m your favorite.”



”I like Kate.”

”So do I but she never did this for you.”

At that Beth dropped to her knees and wrapped her mouth around my cock. She began to give me a slow sensuous blow job.

”Beth I’m cumming! Oh god Beth!”

”Shhhh…don’t wanna wake the wife do you?”

Sure enough I bolted jet after jet of semen into her mouth, which she happily swallowed, before cleaning me up with her tongue. Then as if nothing had happened she took a summery dress out of her bag and put it over her naked body. No underwear. She began packing.

”You’d better wake your wife. Don’t want her in laws finding her like that do we?” laughed my sister.

I went downstairs and into the garden. I shook Sophie gently awake.

”Sophie, my parents will be here soon. Better get dressed.

”Oh, thanks. Where’s Beth?”

”Upstairs, packing.”

In the end it was my mum and my little brother Robbie who turned up. Robbie could hardly take his eyes off my wife’s bikini clad body. Well he’s that age now.

”See you at school,” I said to my brother and sister as the car pulled away.

Turning back to Sophie I burst out laughing.

”I can’t believe you did that with my sister there!’

”HA HA! Me neither. Just got a bit carried away.”

”That was the baddest thing you’ve ever done.”

”You obviously saw her tits today. I was right, they’re nice aren’t they?”

”Not as nice as yours. Besides she’s my sister. And my pupil.”

”Do you think so? She saw me right?”

”Yeah I’m sure she did.”

”Did she say anything?”

”Huh? No I never asked her about it.”

”Were you helping her pack? I woke up at one point and couldn’t see you both.”

”Oh right yeah. I think we all fell asleep. I woke up and realized the time and thought I’d better help her.”

We should invite her back.”


And we did. For the following weekend. I saw her at school during the week, but we just exchanged a few coy smiles. During her lesson we managed to act normally. Sophie phoned my mother that evening to arrange the weekend, while I phoned Ken to see if Beth could come along as well on Saturday evening. Meg answered and said it would be fine.

”One thing. She’s my sister. Tell Ken to behave,” I told Meg.

”Don’t worry. I’ll put him straight,” laughed Meg.

Beth arrived on Friday after school. Sophie was home early and once again my mother brought her clothes over. We had no chance to be alone and for a change the weather wasn’t so good, so we stayed in watching tv and chatting. We warned her about Ken, but Sophie guessed she was a bit too young to be of interest to him.

”I’m not so sure,” I smiled.

On Saturday the weather was back to being hot and sunny. The girls went into town shopping, while I cleaned the car and did some gardening. They came back after lunch, complete with new outfits for the evening out. They changed into bikinis but as soon as Sophie lay down on a lounger she took hers off. Beth came out with a pile of books so I could help her revise and we sat down at the table. As she sat down she took off her bikini top. Sophie smiled at me as my gaze lingered a moment too long on my sisters tits.

And of course it wasn’t long before Sophie was up to her tricks again. Lying directly in my sight, she slowly spread her legs and then began to touch herself. The game lasted longer this time and she seemed keen to go further than last time, spreading her legs wider and rubbing herself in a much more obvious way. Again Beth added to the scene by touching her tits gently.

Before long my wife was too horny to care. She began writhing on the lounger and moaning loudly. Beth smiled at me then to my amazement she shifted over to sit on my lap.


Too late. To my amazement she pulled her bikini bottoms down and pulled my cock out of my shorts. I looked at my wife who was rubbing herself furiously, while never taking her eyes off me and Beth. My sister lowered herself onto my cock and before I had a chance to understand what was going on she was humping me. We were fucking and my wife was watching.

Sophie always cums quietly but as I discovered Beth makes a lot of noise.


”Oh wow Beth!” Sophie laughed as she masturbated.

Soon Sophie had climaxed as Beth and I continued to fuck on the chair.


I came, shortly after Beth.

”That…was amazing!” said Sophie.

”Oh…err…oh,” I stuttered.

She stood up and came to sit at the table with us, still naked. She ran her hands over Beth’s breasts.

”That was so wrong,” Sophie exclaimed with glee.


Beth sat silently, my wife’s hands still examining her breasts.

For some reason I decided to flick one of Beth’s nipples, causing both girls to laugh.

”See, she likes it,” I commented.

”So…I take it…you have done that before,” Sophie whispered.

”What, flick my tit or fuck,” asked Beth.

”Both,” replied Sophie.

”Err, what do you want to know?” I asked, suddenly worried.

”The truth, perhaps.”

So we told her. Everything. I was shaking as we told her. Beth was calm, perhaps telling her more than was necessary. At the end Sophie sat in silence. Both girls were still naked, my cock was poking out the bottom of my shorts.

Finally Sophie spoke.

”Wow. I’ll be honest with you. I did wonder. Beth, when you told me about the older, married man, I kind of realized you had been spending a lot of time with Mark. I had my suspicions anyway because when I came home that Friday evening the house smelled of sex. I’m sure your mother must have noticed it too.”


”No don’t be. It’s kinda hot.”


”I had a massive crush on my elder brother when I was a teenager. I got to suck his cock a few times, which was great because it felt so naughty. But we never had sex.”

”Sophie, wha…?!” I said.

”Don’t you see? We’ve had threesomes you and me. So now you’re fucking your sister. This opens up loads of possibilities. That is Beth if you’re interested.”

”Absolutely. I’d love to.”

”Right. This is going to be a fun weekend. Starting with tonight. Let’s give that old pervert Ken something to think about…”

NOTE: To be continued!

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Gentlesoldier wrote

Very sexy story. I’m sure it didn’t end there, I’d love to read about Beth and Sophie.
Maybe all three of you go to the secluded lake in the mountains.