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Erica was in my humanities class. I haven’t seen her in five years. At the time, I was already looking for a real job and she was living in the dorms.

We started talking—complaining really, early in the semester. The first time we spoke we were grumbling our annoyances with our professor, but a week later she was punctuating her sentences with emotive slaps to my shoulder as she shared her worries about our midterm.

Towards the end of that week, I awoke to my phone ringing.

“Hello?” I groaned, wiping an evening of sleep from my eyes. “What time is it?”

“It’s like one. What are you doing in bed on a weekend? This is Erica from class.”

I sat up in bed. My heart resumed its waking rhythm and I cracked my spine as though she could see me slouching.

“Oh. Long day. Did you find me in the school directory?”

“Yeah. Anyway, I’m in my dorm watching a movie and can’t get motivated to study. Do you wanna go over this shit with me?”

“Uh… I can do that. What’s going on tomorrow? I’ll get a quiet room in the Library.”

“I’m going back home for like, the rest of the weekend. I meant right now… I’m working on Monday night and the exam is Tuesday. Can’t you come over?”

It would seem that maintaining an air of exclusivity is not a masculine virtue. There is no overnight parking near the dorms, so I biked across town in the cold. Twenty minutes later I was in her room. She was watching MTV from her futon. Her hair was pulled back, and she was wearing glasses instead of contacts.

“Hey.” She said, barely looking at me. She nodded at the position next to her on the couch and reached underneath the bed and pulled out plastic bag holding a half-smoked blunt. She took three deep puffs, exhaling thick, acrid clouds of marijuana smoke. Erica passed it to me without turning away from the TV.

She flipped on the light as I smoked, thumbing through Rosseau’s Confessions for the relevant chapter.

“Could you get this for me?” she asked, squeezing her neck to indicate her tension.

This is way too easy. I thought. “Sure.” I said, barely able to restrain my excitement.

“Great.” Erica said. She stood up and dropped the afghan that had covered her legs onto the floor and sat between my knees. Though I’d suspected, I saw then that she wore no pants. It wasn’t that she was especially short, but I’d never realized that I was a full foot taller. As I kneaded the muscle from her shoulders up to the soft base of her skull, she began to almost purr.

“Lower back.” she said. I would have gotten an erection hearing her describing her favorite pizza toppings, but hearing her reference parts of her anatomy left me straining hopelessly against my zipper

She turned her face, swatting me in the face with her thick brown ponytail. “Mmmmm… That’s helping. Can you push harder?”

I continued, now with my knuckles until she shifted her legs were into my lap. I began to squeeze her calves. She slowly withdrew her legs until her bare feet kicked my thigh. Soon I was sitting cross-legged, rubbing her feet.

“God I needed this.” She croaked, relighting her blunt. She smoked, watching intently as I massaged her feet and legs. I was unprepared when she extended her right foot, poking her toes into my chest, poking and pinching with her toes up to my shoulder and brushing my neck. I looked at her face, staring intently at me through the cloud of smoke. When her toe crossed under my chin, I took it in my hands. Looking to her for approval, I brushed my lips against it. She smirked.

“Mmmmm. Scrape the bottom with your teeth.” She said. I obeyed, biting and licking her toes and feet. “C’mere.” She said, beckoning with her finger. As my face neared hers, she grinned and shook her head, pushing my head back down to her knees, then slowly dragging my head toward her thighs before returning to her blunt. “Wanna lick?” She asked playfully as I nuzzled further towards her pussy. I smiled, sliding a finger under the elastic of her waistband, but she slapped my hand away and gave me a playful little flick in the nose.

“Ask nicely” she instructed.

“Uhh… Can I lick your pussy?” She looked at me expectantly. “Umm.. Please?” I asked. She still said nothing, frowning. “Ma’am?” I tried, confused.

She renewed her grin and slowly exposed her cunt to me. It was gorgeous. Her skin lightened from dusted cinnamon at her thighs to a milky pale at the base of her leg. Her pussy was framed in short brown hairs, shaved away at the lips. She spread her legs a bit, one pushing against the futon and the other foot on the floor. I tentatively flitted my tongue against her outer lips, inhaling its smell. “Put your tongue in.” She demanded. “And start taking your clothes off.’ I could barely find my zipper. She held the back of my head trying to force my tongue deeper inside her. I had to push back on her clit with my lips to catch a breath.

“Harder.” She breathed, bucking against my face as I struggled for breath. Finally she came. As I started to climb to my feet, she put a hand on my shoulder. “Keep licking.” She said. I kept lapping at her pussy, swallowing the slick fluid and licking it from my lips. She patted my head and stood up, pulling on a pair of pajama pants and fixing her camisole. “Wanna get off?” She asked.

I smiled. “Close your eyes and jerk off for me. I wanna watch. Get those boxers off.” I was a bit disappointed, but still aroused by the idea. I pushed my boxers down around my knees as she sat in front of me on the futon. I opened my eyes long enough to see her half-frown when she saw my cock.

“Close your eyes!” She said, sounding more than a little annoyed. I don’t know if it was just nerves, but for whatever reason I started to lose my erection. She tisked. “Here. Sit down. Want a blowjob?” She offered.

“Mmmm. That’d be great.” I sat down and she straddled me. She threw a t-shirt over my head, covering my eyes. She grabbed my wrists and moved them above my head, As I tried to identify the metal clanking sound I heard, I felt cold steel press against my wrists. Before I could identify the sound, I realized that my hands were cuffed to the frame of the futon behind my head. No sooner than that, I felt Erica stand up.

She went into the bathroom that she shared with her neighbors. One could pass through it to the next room without going into the hallway. I heard her open her neighbor’s door and ask: “hey Danni, wanna give my friend a blowjob?” My eyes went wide beneath the shirt, and moments later I felt a strange, slender hand wrapped around my cock. The stranger squeezed my thighs and began flicking her tongue against the head of my cock. I felt Erica kneel down next to me. She began nibbling at my ear and whispering to me.

“Mmmm… that’s so hot. Will you come for me?”

“Uh. Uh huh.” I struggled.

“Come on, I wanna see you come. Suck his dick harder, Danni.” She ordered. I began to feel tightness, starting in my stomach and working its way down. “I expect you to accommodate our guest as well. You’re not gonna disappoint me, are you?”

“Nuh uh. Nuh uh.” I grunted. I held my breath, feeling on the very cusp of a crushing orgasm.

“That’s right, come for me. I can’t wait to see you go down on Danni.” She cooed. I couldn’t see a thing, but could feel spurts of come splashing against the stranger’s throat. “One thing you should know…” Erica said. I could hear her grin. I could feel her breath on my neck. “This is a co-ed floor.”

I grunted, confused. “Get on your knees.” She said as she uncuffed my hands and restrained them again behind my back. She pulled the shirt off my head, and I saw that it was another man in the room with us! I was mortified. “You remember Danny.” she said. As my eyes adjusted, I was struck with even more horror when I recognized the TA from our class, Daniel Miller! “Now get to work.”

“Erica, I didn’t know it was a guy, you covered my eyes!” “Yeah, but you said you’d suck his cock, didn’t you?” She wasn’t yet angry, but she was very insistent.

“Yeah, but I’m not into guys. I mean, that’s fine, but…”

She cut me off. “Well what the fuck? I certainly doubt he wants to fuck me. You owe him a blowjob. Now open your fucking mouth.” She slapped me in the back of the head.

“But…” I stammered, struggling against the cuffs. “I’m not… I don’t…”

“You do now. For me, you do, at least. It’s just skin, Jesus.” She bent down and slapped my ass. I still hesitated. She knelt down and grabbed one of my testicles between her fingers and squeezed— just enough to put me in a bit of discomfort. “Now open. Your. Mouth!” she said, tweaking it on the last syllable. I yelped. I didn’t see a choice. I took a deep breath and let him touch his cock to my lips. It was a pale pink, almost the size of a golf ball. Erica smiled as he wiped his pre-cum on my lips and slapped my cheeks with his hard cock.

Erica slowly released my balls and tentatively began to stroke my cock. “There’s my little cocksucker. Push it in his mouth, Danny.”

Danny grabbed a handful of my hair and abruptly shoved his cock deep into my mouth. It was maybe eight inches long, compared to my five. Certainly thicker. I gagged and doubled over coughing when it hit my throat. It felt like I was trying to swallow a salt shaker.

“Keep going.” Erica insisted. “Lick his balls.” I complied, trying to hold back the tears before he shoved his cock into my mouth again. “C’mon cocksucker. You can do better than that. Open up your throat.” I tried, but failed even worse than before. Danny towered over me. As I strained my nose closer to his flat abs, I felt bile rising again in my throat and doubled over coughing, trying not to vomit.

“Danny, this isn’t going to work.” I heard the snap of a latex glove, and moments later Erica’s lubricated index finger was prying open my asshole. “Keep him hard,” she ordered. My ex used to stroke my prostate while she was going down on me, but that was the extent of my experience. With her other hand, Erica pushed my head back down on Danny’s hard cock. “Lick it for me. Lick his balls and his cock.” She worked a second finger into me, and then slowly inched in a third. It took about three or four minutes. “How big is Andy’s cock?” She asked Danny.

“Pretty big. I don’t mind, if he’s up for it.” Danny said.

“Would you go ask him?”

Danny withdrew his balls from my lips and left the room. I struggled for breath, grateful for the moment’s reprieve. In just a moment, I saw another guy out of the corner of my eyes. He struggled out of his clothes while Erica stroked his cock. As she pulled him into her, I felt a pair of strong hands pull me to my knees. I tried to look over my shoulder, even though I knew it must be Danny. That was when I felt his cock pushing against my asshole.

“What the fuck? No! C’mon, Erica. I’ll suck it. I’ll do a better job. Let me just suck his cock. All three of them laughed.

“Don’t worry” Erica said. “He’s still squeaky clean under that condom. You can swallow his cum.” I winced as Danny pushed his huge cock into my ass. I could hear Erica moaning as I watched Andy fuck her in my peripheral vision. The pain was getting more intense, but slowly gave way to pleasure as Danny rocked against my prostate. Still moaning, Erica looked over at my stiffening cock. “Hey… umm… he… he likes this… more than he’s letting on.” She looked up at Andy. “Come in my pussy. It’ll be a nice treat for him.”

As Andy moaned, draining his balls into Erica’s soft cunt, I felt Danny pull out of me and snap the condom off. “Lick my balls.” He ordered as he began to stroke his cock violently. “Lick!” He shouted, slapping my nose with his long, hard cock. I started licking and sucking his balls while he stroked his cock. Soon he stepped back, still stroking. Andy had pulled out of Erica, and they both knelt down next to me to watch Danny come on my face. There was more than I expected. He coated my lips and chin with gummy streaks of come.

Erica smiled, squeezing my ass. “You can go now, boys.” As they left, she stroked my hair. “That was pretty hot. You didn’t do so bad for your first time, shorty.” she said, squeezing my cock. She pulled a chair in front of the spot where I knelt. “Now open your mouth,” Erica ordered. As I did, she began scooping up Danny’s come in her fingers and wiping it on my lips. “Swallow it all.” She said. When she’d finished feeding me Danny’s come, she guided my face to her pussy to lick out Andy’s. It wasn’t so bad—pleasant even. She might even have been right. As I plunged my tongue into her pussy, I could feel the globs of cum working their way down. I swallowed them all, grateful for the taste of her cunt.

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