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His hand pushed down against my spine, holding me flat to the mattress. As I turned my head to look round at him he thrust downwards, pressing me deeper into the springs. My heart thudded heavily. For a moment I was so intently aware of the air against my exposed skin, the shock of cool hitting wet that I shivered. It drew a groan from him. A low and desperate sound.

Unseen I heard the pop of a plastic lid. It dropped softly against the carpet. Then the wet slurp of ointment being scooped out. My body tingled all the way to my toes. Fear, sharp and sudden blossomed, this was going to hurt. All the talk of taboo and dirty seemed less arousing with the possibility of actual pain. My breath choked in my throat as I fought for a way to phrase a refusal. Words that would decline but not kill the headiness of arousal.

The slap to my buttocks stole my thoughts. Leaving only the heat and sting across softly jiggling skin. Again and again. My breath stopped. My cunt wept. My brain whipped wildly between wanting and not wanting.

Just when I’d adjusted to the rhythm of slap and wait he pressed his cock to my hole. My body was too lost in the rough and tumble of restrained force to voice an objection. My fingers dug into the quilt below me. I was wrestling with the idea of twisting, turning and rolling out from under him but he rested his weight on me, pinning me firmly.

His cock head pulsed against my arsehole. One, twice, I began to shake my head, no, but he thrust downwards. So hard and so fast, his cock so thickly greased, that my body opened for him in a way it never had before. Thick, thick, swollen meat filled my unused hole, so thoroughly that I squeaked in shock. My taut anal muscle rang hot with the force. I gasped, too shocked to interpret any sensation. His cock was thicker than it had ever been, feeling more like a fist. It sat deep inside me, pulsing with forbidden promise. My muscles were stinging. My body jerked under his in an attempt to reject his invasion. He groaned and hissed through his teeth. Shockingly his cock seemed to grow. It pulsed and thickened even further. His thighs shuddered as they pressed against mine.

Just when I thought he was in as deep as he could go he pressed down and opened me up another inch, then two. I gasped. He groaned. It was in my head to push him off, the shock so encompassing, then I breathed out and realised that though it hurt it was not the hurt of my fears.

My arse did hurt, it burned and pulsed with the abuse of the invasion, but the heat moistened my cunt beyond it regular slickness. I could feel my arousal sliding down my thighs. I made a soft helpless sound, trapped between my pain and my desire. Unable to decide.

I didn’t have to. He chose for me. With a roar of masculine need he pulled back a fraction, grazing his cock against the sensitive wall of my arse, then he shoved down with his hips with a ferocity that overwhelmed me. His cock speared deep into my arse. It felt like his arm and not his cock was fucking me. My hole was so narrow, so tight, that his cock was magnified proportionately. It delved like a punch that kept coming until it felt like acres of cock ploughed all the way to my throat.

The sensation was so strong, so wrong, that I cried out. He stopped, held himself still so that the only movement was the thud of his pulse. That pulse was so strong, so deeply buried in me, that I moaned and stretched beneath him. Rolling my spine so that my buttocks pushed upwards towards him, a small encouragement that didn’t go a miss.

He took advantage of my raised hips and slipped his hand between my legs. Two fingers slid into my wet sex. Orgasm hit like a sledgehammer. I rocked and groaned, helpless beneath him. With a growl he added two more fingers, stretching open my pulsing cunt and force-feeding my body with sensation. His heat surrounded me, invaded me, and coaxed me. Whichever way I turned I was assailed by yet more. Arching upwards would rasp my shoulders with his chest hair, straining away from his fingers forced his cock deeper into my aching arse, and peeling away from his cock impaled me on his fingers. I rocked in sensational oblivion. My body so alive to every touch that I could only shake and tremble, my mouth too disconnected from my brain to form words.

He waited until the climax subsided. Until I was shivering weakly, panting. I could feel the tension of his intention but lacked the awareness to prepare for it. A fingernail grazed the hard bud of my nipple and as my body jerked in reaction he pulled away from me. His cock seemed to stretch my arse on its way out almost as much as its entry. The feeling so unexpected that I had barely registered that when he thrust back in. Stiffening beneath him at the fierce lunge, my muscles tensing in protest, his fingers bunched inside my cunt spread wide open, stretching those muscles from within.

As I grew accustomed to the feeling of being stretched so taut the pain lessened and was replaced by the sensation of him sliding his greased cock along the walls of my arse. It was not somewhere that had been tickled before and felt something like a blow to the funny bone, painful and strange all at once. With the understanding that this was not true pain, not unbearable, I relaxed more deeply and was assailed by the sensation of his cock rubbing the length of that tight, tight space. His breathing deepened and that triggered yet another sensation. The knowledge that my body was going to make him cum. I felt the tension in his thighs, the stiffening of his cock, the burrowing of his fingers and the shuddering of his breath on my shoulder.

“Dirty little bitch.” He hissed.

I smiled at the words, couldn’t stop myself. They were not pleasant ones but from his lips they were the highest of compliments. Worth more than all the goddesses and angels in the world. Better still I felt dirty, his fat swollen cock pumping grease into my arse. It didn’t matter how liberated I was it felt wrong. And when something felt this wrong it had to be right.

I ground down against his hand, demanding, urging, his fingers probed deep inside me, ripping another orgasm from my body. It was too much for him; he gave a bellow, one of shock and triumph. With a painful grinding of his hips he pumped thick streams of hot cum into my arse whilst I shook and spasmed beneath him, my own pleasure heightened by his.

I sighed and stretched my arms above my head, my body pulsing with satisfaction. “Ok you were right. I do like anal. That means you get to watch the sports channel.”

He snorted with laughter and slapped a palm across my bum. “I don’t know why you argue with me, we haven’t found anything that you don’t like yet.”

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