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Dave, Mandy, & A Stripper

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It was another night at the club and I was having my usual good times with the men and women who had come in to watch. This night however was particularly noteworthy do to a cute couple who had come in that evening. I noticed this guy and girl who came up to me more than once when I was dancing on stage. I always noticed when a person came up more than once because it usually meant I had a pretty good chance of getting a nice table dance out of them.

Later as I was hunting the floor for those who seemed interested. I wasn’t wearing anything too extraordinary on this night, just a fancy pink top and a pair of Lycra pink thongs and some spiked high heels, and a sort of see-through white skirt that wrapped tightly around my hips. I noticed the man and woman who had come to me while I was on the stage and decided to walk over to them and say a word.

“Hi guys!” I flirtatiously said. They both smiled at me and said hello. I noticed the guy was looking my body over.

“I noticed you two came up to me more than once while I was on stage a bit ago and thought I would come over here and thank you for the tips.”

“Oh your welcome.” the man said, “We thought you were particularly good looking and you deserved more than one trip to the stage to obtain your attention, brief as it was.”

“Well, would you guys like some company?” I threw my line out hoping for a catch.

The man and woman looked at each other and than the woman chirped “Sure.” So I settled in sitting in a chair next to the guy. They introduced themselves as Dave and Mandy. Dave was a pretty good looking guy, in his early thirties, about five foot ten, dark short hair and a strong jaw line. He looked like he took care of himself pretty well. He certainly wasn’t out of shape. Mandy, Who I found out was Dave’s wife which I discovered as we small talked, was a sexy little gal. She had this blazing red hair that hung shoulder length and large crystal blue eyes that could easily seduce with. Her body looked nice too as she was wearing a tight black blouse which accentuated her breasts and showed a nice amount of cleavage. We waist seemed trim and her hips looked to roll out nicely from her torso. Mandy wore a black tight skirt that showed off her nice legs. Dave was well dressed as well in a pair of kaki slacks and a white button up shirt. Both these two looked much nicer than the usual cliental we got here in the club.

The two requested they both be performed upon together so I had the couple face their chairs towards each other and I began to do my thing, first taking off my top and rubbing Dave’s face in my cleavage while letting Mandy get a good look at my thonged ass, then I turned around and ground my ass into Dave’s crotch while Mandy watched with an excited glow about her. I then climbed onto her lap and rubbed my tits all over her face, then leaned back and gave her nice little titties a few squeezes. I continued doing my usual routine for the remainder of the song and got the feeling that the couple was thoroughly enjoying me. I even once slipped my hand under Mandy’s shirt and pinched her nipples through her bra, then the song was over and I collected my twenty bucks, picked up my top and gave both Dave and Mandy a kiss on the cheek as they thanked me and I went about the rest of my evening.

Near the end of closing, I saw the woman I danced for earlier in the evening, Mandy, approaching me. She had a very slinky walk to her, most likely aided by her spiked heels. “Hi there Brittni, right?” she asked.

I smiled, “Yeah, that’s me.”

“Listen, Dave and I were talking and we just think your one of the best looking woman we ever saw.” the buxom redhead said sweetly.

“Thank you.” I graciously replied though I’ve heard the a million times.

“And what we were thinking,” Mandy continued, “is that we were hoping that you might want to spend some more time with us.”

“Oh okay, another lap dance?” I replied.

“No, not exactly.” Mandy said seeming a little lost for words, “What we were thinking is maybe something after you get off work, the three of us. Maybe come by our house and have a few drinks and see where the night went.”

It suddenly hit me just exactly what this stunning redhead was asking. Now it should be said that I almost never mix business with pleasure. In fact, I’ve only done something with a customer after work once, and he was a real nice guy, but this couple intrigued me, and I’ve certainly never been asked to participate in a manage a trios with a married couple. Mandy was certainly a sexy little bitch, and her husband, Dave, did have an impressive cock size if I remembered correctly from when I was grinding on his crotch. He was a handsome fellow too.

“Well, I’ve never really done anything with customers outside of work.” I said to see what she would say to that, perhaps judge just how determined she was. If she was going to be adamant and desperate I probably wouldn’t have gone for it, however, if she seemed disappointed I figured I’d go for it.

“Oh…well, that’s okay.” The redhead replied, “We were only hopeful. We didn’t think you’d really be that interested.” Then a moment of awkward silence fell between us with the music from the club pounding in our ears. Mandy then perked up, “We just thought you were one of the sexiest women we’ve ever seen and figured we couldn’t pass such an opportunity up. You look great baby.” She then took my hand and squeezed it and winked at me, then walked away back to her table where I could see her husband waiting for an answer.

I scampered back stage to my dressing stall to avoid having to look at the disappointed couple. I felt bad turning Mandy down. She seemed so sincere. And it was after I realized she did seem so sincere that I decided to make their fantasy come true. With my heart beating hard due to some nervous jitters, I left the sanctuary of the back stage and went onto the floor to where the couple was, but as I entered the main part of the club I saw that their table was empty. I quickly glanced around and did not see either one of them. I ran to the entryway and asked the club’s attendant if he had seen a couple leave the building and he said he had just a second ago and he pointed out towards the parking lot.

Dressed in only my pink bra and panties, I ran as best I could in six inch heels across the parking lot. I’m sure I looked quite clumsy. I found the couple at the end of the parking lot as Dave was opening the door for his wife. “Hey!” I yelled as I continued clomping across the asphalt and began waving my arms. Dave noticed me and stood as I approached the car.

“Did we leave something?” he questioned politely.

“No.” I said as I arrived next to him at the car, panting from my brief sprint. “I was thinking about your offer, for the three of us to spend a little more time together tonight.”

Dave perked up. “Yeah?”

“I figured I’d need your address.” I coyly smiled as I bushed a golden lock from my face.

Dave smiled and shook his head as he looked towards his wife that was already seated in the car. He asked her for a piece of paper and a pen and began writing directions to their house. He then handed the small white sheet to me.

“The club closes at two o’ clock. I’ll get out of here around two-thirty. From the looks of your address, I’ll be at your place around two-fortyfiveish. Is that too late?” I asked.

“No, that will be great. We can’t wait to see you.” Dave warmly answered.

“Alright then, great. See you then.” and I scampered back across the parking lot to the club and finished out the night.


When I arrived at Dave and Mandy’s house, I couldn’t help but be impressed. The residence was enormous. I decided to wear a simple little ensemble of a black bra and black panties with some sleek black stockings. The only thing I wore over this was a long fur coat.

I knocked on the door and Dave answered it in only a pair of boxer shorts beneath which I couldn’t help but notice he had an erection. “Hello Brittni.” he warmly spoke. “Come in. Mandy and I are in the living room.” I gave him a little hug and a kiss on the cheek as he showed me in.

I walked into the living room and Mandy was sprawled out on the couch in nothing but a pair of panties. Damn did she look sexy too. Her tits were magnificent as I gazed upon them. She looked at me with the most seductive look as I entered the room. “I hope you don’t mind,” The redheaded vixen said, “but Dave and I have been warming each other up with a little foreplay.”

“I don’t mind at all. I’m just sorry I missed out on it.” I wistfully said.

Mandy then sat up on one end of the couch. “Then why don’t you have a seat here and you can join in.” she said as she patted the couch cushion next to her.

I opened my coat and let it slip to the floor revealing my excited body. I silkily walked over to the couch and sat down next to Mandy who I desired greatly, her beautiful budding orbs looked sensational as I imagined their tautness in my warm mouth. I sat down still wearing my black bra and panties ensemble and immediately Mandy’s hand found my thigh and lightly rubbed it as she hungrily looked towards by body. Dave sat down then to my left opposite his wife and stuck his nose in my thick hair and inhaled deeply giving a satisfied sigh.

The couple then proceeded to lean over to kiss me. I opened my accepting mouth and awaited my night of paradise to begin with this couple who I wanted in such a carnal way. The three of us began kissing passionately, sometimes me kissing just one of them while the other licked my neck, or other times the three of us all sharing tongues. I could feel their hands running up and down my legs, across my soft stomach, and occasionally brush across my breasts hidden beneath my bra.

My nipples tingled with anticipation as I could feel them tightening up and becoming hard. Finally, during kisses, Mandy reached to my breast nearest to her and gave my nipples a solid pinch causing me to close my eyes and enjoy. I then felt the cup of my bra pulled down and placed underneath the curvature of my glistening tits. Mandy then discontinued kissing my mouth and move towards my hopeful cherry tip. She took the tautness of my flesh into the tepid luxury of her mouth and I melted into ecstasy, my body tensing up yet relaxing at the same time. Mandy, the sexy redhead, moaned with approval as she suckled my erect nipples.

Mandy then let go, “You’ve got try this baby.” she said heavily. She then looked up at me, “Your tits are fantastic.” and she dug back in.

“Oh yes.” I softly cried when Mandy offered her complement. I then felt Dave’s hand meet the fabric of my top and pull it beneath the weight of my breasts like Mandy had done and he began his tongue offensive, raking my tips and pulling hard on it with his lips.

I placed my hands on the backs of both their head’s and lavished in the enjoyment my body was experiencing. Having both my tits pleasured by two people simultaneously was an amazing sensation. Soon Dave stopped pleasuring me and sat back and just watched Mandy lap at my stiff buds. I looked over towards him and saw his hand inside his boxers giving his large manhood a good yank as he observed his wife enjoy my bosom.

After doing this for a few more pleasure filled minuets, Dave reached over to Mandy and paused her. “I want you two in the floor, enjoying each other, pleasuring each other’s bodies until the point of orgasm.” He said this slightly forceful which was a great turn on. Now I got to have the delicious Mandy all to myself while her sexy husband watched.

We both slithered into the floor, Mandy in only her thong panties and I with my half exposed tits and tiny thong. I had a deep desire to taste the tit flesh of Mandy, her sexy pale skin and lightly colored nipples and I knew my desires would soon be fulfilled. Mandy laid down on her back and placed a hand on the side of both her breasts, squeezing them a bit, hinting she wanted them to have some attention. I was only too happy to oblige. I leaned over her, knelt to her blossoming bosom and began lapping at her tits. She purred with delight and squirmed around as I pleasured her taut tits. They tasted unbelievable.

I soon felt Mandy’s hands around my waist and my panties begins to slide down over my hips, exposing my naked slit to the air. I then ceased my attention to Mandy’s tits and also pulled off her panties. Underneath laid a stunningly delicious looking pussy. The lips were left naked and had the lightest pink tint to them, so desirable, and just the smallest patch of red hair just above where her slit ended. I couldn’t wait to have my tongue explore that juicy muff, and as I found, I didn’t have to wait long.

After I removed Mandy’s thong she began to motion me into a sixty-nine and I straddled her face with my hips. I looked over to Dave who had removed his boxers and completely naked. He held in his hand his mighty shaft which must have been a solid seven inches. He was yanking his meat rather zealously with an intense look on his face. I was glad that me satisfying his wife was such a turn on for him.

I lowered my muff to Mandy’s face as I anxiously waited for her mouth to envelop my cunt. I lowered my head to meet with her pink little twat as well as I felt her engorged tits press against my soft belly. I nuzzled in-between her legs and began slowly lapping at her cunny, licking broadly across her outer skin. It’s softness was remarkable, like rose pedals, and I wished the moment could last an eternity. Then it was I felt Mandy’s mouth meet my pussy and I quivered rapturously. The sensation was nearly overwhelming as I struggled to maintain my attention to her delectable mound. Mandy didn’t waste any time and went right in, splitting my cunt lips open and partaking of my inner skin. I pressed my face and mouth deeply into her womb and trashed my tongue around vigorously to return the favor.

“Oh God yes.” Mandy broke her gifted tongue bathing of me, “You’re fantastic Brittni.” and then she dove back in. This complement only encouraged me and I press further and began attacking her perky little clit, hard yet soft, as her delicate pussy lips wrapped around my face. I could feel the stiffness of her patch of red hair against my chin. I then decided to up the stakes. I reached around her pert thigh with my arm and slipped one of my fingers into her warm, wet slit and began vigorously shoving it in and out. Mandy’s muffled moans only grew as I could feel the vibrations from it through my cunt.

My skill had at last paid off for the sexy redhead as I felt her body stiffen and begin to shake. She pressed her thighs against my face and began having her orgasm. She released my cunt when it hit as she bellowed loudly as it rocked her body and I was the beneficiary of her pussy’s sweet overflow of warm juice. After about a minute she diligently dove back into my flesh and pleasured me greatly. I groaned loudly as I decided to sit in an upwards position and began to manipulate my tits. Oh Mandy’s mouth felt terrific.

“Yes Mandy, yes! Eat me good honey. Delight in my cunt. Oh yes.” the phrases continued to flow from my mouth as I sat on this pleasurable woman’s face. At last it was my turn and my orgasm came hard and quick. I grasped my tits hard and moaned so loud. I had a difficult time maintaining my composure and nearly fell over.

At last the orgasm passed and I crawled off Mandy, turned around to face her. I leaned down and kissed her. It was soft and sensual. I then looked over to Dave who was still on the couch with his giant cock standing stiff. I then knew what it was I wanted next. I then looked to Mandy. “Can I suck you husband’s dick?” I excitedly asked.

“Absolutely baby. Anything goes here tonight.” she wickedly grinned.

Still on my hands and knees I began to crawl over to Dave. I immediately zoned in on his impressive manhood and took it in hand. The skin was so hot to my tongue, most likely from Dave having stroked it for so long. I gave this shaft long, tough licks up and down before I enveloped it with my mouth. When I went down on it, I could taste the pre-cum that must have accumulated while Mandy and I enjoyed each other’s bodies. His cock was magnificent and tasty. I began bobbing up and down on it enthusiastically, letting my saliva drip down around his member. I managed to moan on a consistent basis letting the handsome man know how much I was enjoying him.

Soon I received a surprise. As I was positioned on my hands and knees, I felt something cool against my exposed pussy. It was Mandy and a little friend. I felt the smooth coolness of a plastic vibrator slide inside my cunt. The vibrating then began and my body reacted with delight. As I continued to suck off Dave, Mandy slowly but surely increased the speed that she thrust the vibrator.

I diligently continued to please Dave hoping I would get a mouth full of his cum, bobbing up and down on his cock with my mouth, but soon my jaw became tired. I then moved positions, not quite done with Dave’s dick. I went from my doggy position to where I was up on my knees. I was careful I made this transition slowly to Mandy could move along with me. I was not ready to loose the pleasurable sensation of her pushing that vibrator into my body.

Finally up on my knees with my legs spread apart to give Mandy plenty of room to work, I grasped my encouraged tits and wrapped them around Dave’s impressive cock. After I had him wrapped up I spit a few times down into my cleavage for some delightful lubrication and began rubbing my billowing bosom all around on his raging cock while Mandy continued to plunge her vibrating plastic phallus into my cunny. Dave leaned his head back in spinning elation.

We continued this prolific tease for a few minutes, Mandy doing me and my tits doing Dave, but it could not last all night as the three of us had hungers for many other things. I had Mandy stop her vibrator assault and pulled Dave into the floor and had him lay on his back. I wanted so badly to have his throbbing member inside me, but I was to wait as I knew surely his wife, Mandy, wanted his cock as well.

After Dave positioned himself o the floor, I immediately straddled his face spreading my cunt just above his mouth, and then I lowered myself. I had already been delighted my Mandy mouth, I just had to have Dave pleasure me as well. Mandy took the obvious cue and straddled herself over Dave’s hips, took his member in hand, and slowly lowered her succulent pussy until his cock head meet the lips of her pussy. She then lowered herself onto him, and as his cock penetrated her sex hole I watched her eyes roll into the back of her head as her mouth gapped open with ecstasy. The pale skinned redhead began then to bounce energetically up and down on his shaft, her tits flailing with each motion. She moaned with every pounce and she let her husband’s dick slide in and out.

Dave meanwhile was busy making sure I had no pussy juice left. He bore his tongue inside my swollen lips and I was bathed in bliss with the sensation.. I threw all restrictions away as I squealed like a little school girl and teased my own tits as I watched many fuck away. She eventually stopped bouncing on his cock and sat down firmly on him, fully engulfing his member and began to grind. The look on her face was priceless as she swiveled her hips on his groin and I could not help but reach out and begin to twist and tweak her nipples to enhance her experience.

Finally Mandy’s second orgasm of the night hit her hard as her body convulsed. Then I asked a very selfish question. “I want to taste you juice on Dave’s cock.” I hungrily requested. Mandy liked the idea and quickly hopped off her husband’s glistening member. I quickly fell forward, my cunt lips still receiving their joy, and munched down on Dave’s manhood, now participating in another sixty-nine.

I slobbed Dave’s erection, sucking hard, lapping up the juices of Mandy, when suddenly I felt that familiar cold plastic upon my back side, yet this time Mandy was not positioning it to my bulging twat, but rather my tight little ass crevice. She slowly maneuvered the plastic vibrator into my back side and I was forced to release Dave’s cock and cry out. The sensation was miraculous, both slightly painful yet pleasurable at the same time, then Mandy turned on the vibe and the fake phallus hummed away inside my ass. The feeling was indescribable, Dave pleasuring my pussy and clit while Mandy gave my backside a feeling to remember. She was gentle with it, pulling it out and pushing it in ever so gently. Finally the combo-sensation was too much for my body to handle and I rocketed into another orgasm, convulsing and shivering as I went. I could feel the heated liquid seep from my pussy.

Mandy remove the vibrator and I caught my breath. There was only one thing left for me to have this night and that was Dave’s extraordinary cock inside me.

“I want you to feel him inside you. He’s very satisfying.” Mandy said as she caressed my face with her hand. I was nearing exhaustion as the night had been fairly active but my desire for Dave’s manhood was equally as rabid.

I crawled down to his cock, Dave still on his back, and I took his meat and gave it a few strokes. I then lifted myself up and hovered my cunt over his shaft as I guided it toward my slit. I decided to fuck him with my back to him as the cock gave a different angle than most positions. Finally all was lined up and I plunged his manhood into my waiting pussy. God damn did he fill me up.

“Oh yes!” I cried out and I slid down on him. I then proceeded to slam my hips up and down, fucking him furiously. Every piece of my body was in movement; my thighs working, my tits flopping, my arms grasping his legs. I ground him down, his phallus filling me whole in both width and length.

I then felt Mandy’s hands reach around as she began to massage my tits. I looked over my shoulder and there was the sexy redhead sitting on Dave’s face, Dave getting his fill of pussy tonight. I fucked Dave in this manner for numerous minutes, perhaps a quarter of an hour, his manhood feeling beyond glorious as I whimpered, screamed, howled, moaned and squealed with delight.

“I want you in my ass.” I said. I was surprised to hear the words come out of my very mouth as I had not consciously thought to say them, but I guess what the body wants it requests.

“Oh yes, you can have it.” Dave answered. I pulled myself off his manhood, gave a moments pause thinking it might be interesting to taste my own pussy juice on Dave’s cock, but I digressed and positioned my rapturous ass over his engorged organ.

I took Dave’s manhood in hand and began to lower my ass. I felt his rock hard head against my back-passage and I began to press down. I felt the head pop into my orifice and I knew I was on my way. His cock was so large it felt like it ripped me in half, yet the sensation was fabulous and I began to slide my high-class stripper ass up and down his pole. It hurt so bad and felt so incredibly good at the same time. His dick plunged and explored the depths of my ass and I shuddered with pleasure. Then Mandy crawled around in front of me with the vibrator in hand and a vicious look in her eye. She turned it on, the humming in the air, and flashed me a wicked grin, then moved it toward my cunt. I leaned back a bit to give her clear access as I continued to move slowly up and down on Dave’s cock.

When she pushed the vibrator into my pussy my body pulsed with enchantment as the hum ran through every nerve. My ass was not used to such action, but the night was so pleasurable and exciting I began pounding down on Dave pretty hard. It was difficult for Mandy to keep up with my thrusting hips but she kept the vibrator inside me diligently. It did not take long for my body to spasm into another orgasm as I felt my ass hole tighten down on Dave. I continued on though, begging Dave to cum in my ass.

Mandy removed the vibrator and quickly moved to my tits and ravished my bosom as I continued to pump Dave with my round ass. I yelled at him to shoot his load into my ass, to fuck me dirty, like a little dirty bitch, encouraging him to cum. Finally the moment came and I felt his enormous cock begin to throb and then it hit. I could feel the warmth of his creamy cum fill up my burning ass, it felt so tremendous and amazing.

I finally pulled myself off Dave and his member and flopped down into the floor next to Dave. Mandy quickly collapsed next to me as I lay in the middle of the couple.

“That was fantastic.” Mandy said as she rolled over towards me, still panting and kissed my on the cheek. “Thank you for changing you mind and coming over.”

“MMmmm it was my pleasure.” I grinned. Dave also rolled over towards me and gave me a short kiss. We discussed future meetings and how exciting that would be. We decided not to set up anything permanent, but I was to know on nights they came into the club that they would be interested. I told them any night was a good night for me since they both turned out to be such an amazing and pleasurable couple.

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