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Wrestling with Mom Ch. 02

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It had been a few weeks since my mother and I had our sexual romp together, now dad has been back and I have not had a chance to seduce my mother into bed again. Now fate will put my mother back in my arms again, only this time it will be my father’s doing.

I was getting ready to watch wrestling on television, my father down in the basement setting up for his weekly poker game, my mother in her room watching television in bed. My dad comes up stairs and asks me if I would like to play seeing how they will be a guy short tonight. I jump at the chance to join my father and his buddies for a game of poker.

My dad introduces me to the guys at the table and we begin to play Texas hold’em, Omaha and stud. My dad and his friend’s did not realize I well versed in the game thanks to all of the free internet poker sites on the net. After a few hours of playing I have cleaned out two of my dad’s friends and now I was working on a third.

“Wow son you play almost as good as your old man.” My dad complimented as he watched me rake in another pot.

“Yeah you better watch out tonight dad.” I gloated.

Sure enough a few hours later it got down to just me and my dad, then either it was my dad trying to be the alpha male or I being the young buck trying to push his dominance. Our pot got out of hand, soon there were almost three thousand dollars in the center of the table. My dad had sweat pouring down his forehead as I just sat as calm as possible, staring him down.

“Well dad I called your bet, let’s see what you have?” I asked wanting to see his hole cards.

“Two pair, kings and sixes.” He said as confidently as he could.

He had a two king for hole cards, on the table there were five cards two sevens, an eight, a jack and a queen. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he gets to see my two hole cards, and cocky I flip them up. All the guys in the room moaned, groaned, when they saw what I had, a seven and a queen to give me a full house.

“Wow a nice hand son.” My dad said to watch me pull in the money from the pot.

“Thanks dad,” I replied. “I guess this means the game is over.”

All the guys left the basement leaving me and my father down there alone, he was very quiet and did not say anything. We picked up all the garbage and put everything away, then my father sat down on the stairs of the basement blocking my path upstairs.

“You know Chris, I got carried away tonight and lost my entire paycheck for the week.” My dad said sadly.

“Dads are you saying you want the money back?” I asked. “I did win it fair and square.”

“I son but it would really put me into a serious bind, not to mention how pissed off your mother would be at me.” He explained.

“Well dad I guess we could work something out.” I said.

“Work something out?” He asked a little confused.

“You remember a few weeks ago when you were out of town on your fishing trip and mom went with me and friends to the wrestling matches.” I explained.

“Yeah what a big surprise that was.” He laughed aloud.

“Well I really want to go to the next pay per view but there is no way mom will let me go alone and take her car, so if I give you half my winnings will you talk mom into going with me?” I asked him.

“Is that all you want, I will ask her first thing in the morning, I’m sure she will agree?” He said reaching out his hand.

“When she says yes dad, then I will give you your money.” I said pushing by him to get upstairs.

The next morning when I got up my mom and dad were sitting in the kitchen talking, my mom gave me a dirty look when I came in. My dads however was all smiles when I walked in, it was like he could not wait for me to come in.

“Son, your mother said she will go with you to the next pay per view, I explained to her everything will be on you including gas, room, tickets and food.” My father explained.

“Great Mom, I will let Kerry know and the three of us will go.” I said with glee.

My mother seemed to be a little relieved when I said my best friend would be going too, we ate breakfast together and then I bolted for school. The week had passed quickly and sure enough we were loading up her minivan for our trip. It would take us two and a half hours to get there and I had our room reserved.

We said goodbyes to my dad and my siblings, then we started to drive down the road, my mother was shocked when I told her Kerry had canceled out on us again.

“Well I hope you know nothing will happen, no matter how hard you try Chris.” She explained.

“Mom’s I booked us separate rooms and everything.” I said lying. “I know you are faithful to dad.”

We drove in complete silence all the way to the city and we arrived at the motel, my mother waited by the door when I went over to the main desk. I explained to the clerk that I know me only booked one room, but I handed him a fifty to have him tell me out loud that our other room had been rented out already and we were going to be stuck with the one room.

“Sir’s I’m sorry but the other room got rented out, you will have to make due with just one room.” Said the clerk.

“Dammit!” I yelled. “Sorry mom we only have one room.”

“It figures.” She said too tired from the drive to argue.

I picked up her bag and carried our bags to our room, it was a nice sized room with one large queen-sized bed and couch on the other side of a divider. My mother got all of her things situated and then we went down to the motel’s restaurant for some dinner. We did not say much to each other and after dinner we went back to the room.

“Of course I get the bed and you better stay on this couch, understand?” She asked firmly.

“Yes mom.” Came my dejected reply.

Around three in the morning I awoke to take a whiz, when I came back out, I looked on the other side of the divider. My mother must have subconsciously wrapped the blankets to the bed around her really tight, I could not see any of her body tonight, dejected I went to bed.

The next morning we got up and got ready for breakfast, I just put on jeans and a tee shirt, I was surprised when my mother came out of the bathroom. She wore a tight v-neck sweater and a black leather skirt, her dark hose covering her shapely legs.

“Well let’s go gets some breakfast.” She said.

“Sure let’s go.” I said to open the door for her.

We went to the same restaurant we had dinner at last night for breakfast this morning, then after breakfast we did a little shopping. After shopping we went to the arena to get to our seat early and beat the crowd.

Four exciting hours later the pay per view was over and we went back to the motel, we were both hungry and we wanted something different. We noticed another restaurant near the motel, but they had a bar, food and dancing too.

I bought my mom a really nice dinner, she even had a few glasses of wine, then I asked her if she would like to dance. To my surprise she accepted the offer and I led her onto the floor, we danced a few fast numbers, then before she could get back to her seat I pulled her to me for a slow dance. I rubbed my hard cock against her, she kept trying to keep us a respectable distance, then the song was over I led her back to the table.

“Maybe we should go back to the room.” She suggested.

“No let’s stay a while longer, hey waitresses, could you bring me a soda and my lady would like seven-seven.” I shouted to the waitress.

I kept my mother at this establishment until around two in the morning, but she was a little on the drunk side. She was no longer hostile toward me over the arrangement I had planned as we made our way back to our room. Once inside she went into the bathroom first, this time when she came out she made no effort to hide what she was wearing to bed, it was a short red silk night shirt that rode high on her thighs. I could see the outline of her nipples as she went over to the bed, she forgot the mirror on the wall behind her. I could see she did not have any panties on tonight either, as she climbed into bed.

I pretended to watch television for about an hour, then I got up and got undressed, naked I walked quietly to the other side. My mother sound asleep from the drinks tonight, snoring lightly, I pulled the blankets off of her slowly. He smiled when he could see her legs were slightly spread and he could see her pussy. He reached down and ran a finger up the slit, he found it to be very wet already, probably from the alcohol.

I then reached down with my other hand and gently spread her legs apart, her pussy gaped open beckoning me to fuck her. I climbed on top of her between her legs, my cock slid into her wet pussy easily. I slowly start pumping my cock in and out of my mother, finally she moans softly a few times.

“I told you I would have you again.” I tell my mother aloud.

“What, oh god Chris gets off of me.” She says groggily trying to push me off.

“No way mom, I’m going to fuck you the rest of the night.” I tell her fucking her pussy harder now.

“Geez, this feels so good, but it’s so wrong for you to fuck mommy.”She said to make no effort to stop him.

“Oh gods you feel so good mom, so warm and wet.” Chris said.

“Fuck my pussy son, oh gods you making me cum, fuck me a hard son, fuck me so very hard, oh yes, yes fuck me hard, fuck your cock into me.” His mother pleaded.

“Ugh.” Chris moaned as he shot several blasts of cum into his mother.

“Oh fuck baby that was good, but I almost forgot how good you make momma cum.” She said falling back to sleep.

I laid in bed with his mother, then fifteen minutes later his cock was hard and ready to fuck her again. I rolled my mother over and position my cock at the entrance to her sloppy pussy, fucking my cock in and out of her from behind. My mother woke up again groggily and had me pull her up until she was on all fours, I was now slamming my cock in and out of her doggie style.

I could see her large breasts swaying with each thrust inside the fabric of the night shirt, I reach down and start fingering her tight asshole. My mother just held herself up meeting my every thrust with a grunt, groan or moan.

“Oh baby, mommy is cumming, oh I’m cumming.” She moaned aloud.

I could not take it anymore and pull my cock out of her pussy and shoot my cum all over her ass. With that she plopped down on the bed and fell back asleep, I rolled over next to her and fell asleep as well. I awoke the next morning to find my mother playing with my cock, she had a smile on her face, her hair and make up messed up from the night before.

She then took my cock into her mouth and sucked it until it became hard in her mouth, then she climbed on top of it. She eased her pussy down on top of it and then she pulled off the night shirt, her large breasts now bouncing freely.

I reach up and squeeze her large firm melons, my mother starts to ride up and down on my cock at a slow and steady pace. Soon she starts to pick up the pace and she leans forward using her hands to prop herself, I reach down and grab her ass and fuck her for all I’m worth. My mother is screaming and moaning aloud as she cums again and again from the fucking I give her, soon enough I’m shooting more cum into her pussy and we both collapse.

The rest of the morning is quiet and uneventful believe it or not, we both shower, my mother instead of dressing sexy puts on a sweatshirt and an old pair of jeans. We drive home without saying anything, I’m behind the wheel and we are twenty minutes from home. My mother undoes her seatbelt and gets on her knees between the passenger and drivers seat.

“God Chris, as much as keep saying this has to end I find myself wanting your cock again.” She says unbuttoning. My jeans and pulling down the zipper.

She frees my cock from my jeans and gives me a long slow blow job, we were almost home for christs sake when I finally shot my load into her eager mouth. My mother wiped her lips and got back up into her seat.

“Chris’ I think I’m pregnant, I’m quite sure it was from the first time we were together.” My mom said as we pulled into the driveway.

“Oh shit.” I said.

“So seeing how the damage is done I will let you fuck me anytime you want, but only when your father and siblings are not home. I feel so young and alive after I have sex with young stud of a son, I want to keep that feeling going. I love you Chris.” My mom explained to me.

“I love you mom.” I said watching my father and kid brothers come out of the house.

Until I left for college my mother and I were together several more times, she gave birth to a baby boy. It looked a lot like me so it did not raise any suspicion from anyone, then when I left for college my mother got pregnant a second time by me.

I have since graduated and moved a few states away, every now again I call and talk to my son/brother or my daughter/sister. My parents are happy with their full house, my mother however told me my brother, the one belonging to my father was caught masturbating with her panties. But that is another story for another time.

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