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Watching The Suspected

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Thursday night, 10 pm. The waiting queue were shuffling their feet in the cold out on the footpath, waiting for the doors of the Stroke Bar to open. Hot new band-of-the-month The Suspected were playing a gig there tonight, and all the regular patrons, plus more, had turned up. Rosemary jumped up and down on the spot, trying to warm herself up, wishing for a moment that she put some warmer clothes on, but quickly brushing that thought away with a private grin as she saw the looks she attracted from her fellow queuers, enjoying the subtle attention.

She craned her neck, trying to see around the shifting bodies of the few people in front of her to see if the security had opened up the doors yet, and managed to catch the eye of Daniel, the main doorman of the club. He grinned, and waved her to the front of the line.

“Hey Rosie, got i.d. on you, love?” he teased.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, striking a pose on the steps, placing one knee-high boot clad leg up on a higher step as her short skirt rode a little up her thighs.

“You KNOW I’m over 18, you bastard, I work in the bar down the road! And besides, Dan, would an underage girl have these?”

She brought her hands up to cup her breasts, bringing them to the doorman’s attention. Dan grinned hugely, enjoying their little game, letting his gaze linger over her small pert breasts, ogling her nipples sticking out through the thin fabric of the Suspected t-shirt she wore.

“Forget your bra again Rosie?” he laughed.

She smirked.

“I never wear ‘em, Danny boy, you should know that. Can I go in now, I’m FREEZING!”

He glanced across to his partner, laughed again and opened up the door, ushering her in and lining up the rest of the crowd.

“In you get, love, enjoy the show, it should be a good one!”

She flounced past, into the dim light of the bar, but was called back.

“Wait, you forgot your pass-out stamp, Rosie!”

She sighed dramatically, tossed her short blonde hair and wriggled her ass at him and spun around, hands on hips as he approached her.

“Stamp my ass, Dan, I’m not planning on going out halfway through!”

“If you insist!”

He turned her around, lifted her squirt and tugged her panties down an inch as she squealed and laughed and pressed the stamp onto the soft pale flesh of her bare buttocks, marking her with a blurry inking of the word “stroke”.

“As the lady requested!” he grinned before returning to the door. “oh, and nice panties.”

“I’ll buy you a pair for Christmas if ya like ‘em that much.” Rosemary called back as she laughed again, mock-grumbling and readjusting her clothing and headed over to the main bar.

The bar quickly filled up with bodies and smoke, and Rosemary found herself forced to shout over the noise of chatter and clinking glasses and bottles as she downed her third Smirnoff Black.

“So when are you coming to work for us, Darla?” she shouted at the pretty dark haired barmaid, who laughed and shook her head as she poured another half dozen beers.

“Not bloody likely, Rose, your boss is still pissed at me for breaking a tray of glasses when I trialled there last year! Besides,” she smirked and gestured to the security at the doors who were idly scanning the room for any early warning signs of trouble, “we’ve got better eye candy working the doors here than you do!”

Rosemary raised her glass with a grin, and the two girls burst into a fit of giggles, broken when the shorter blonde girl poked her tongue out and was rewarded with a quick spray from the soda water hose from the barmaid, wetting Rosemary’s top and causing it to cling to her body. The blonde girl laughed and screamed, drawing attention to the two girls, causing the barmaid to smirk when the saw the amount of attention drawn to her friend in her wet t-shirt, when Rose’s scream was suddenly drowned out by an extremely loud guitar riff from the stage. Rosemary squealed and spun around, all thoughts of revenge forgotten as the Suspected strode out on stage, immediately starting their set.

Darla laughed and shook her head as her excitable friend bounced off into the midst of the crowd and returned to serving the jostling crowd at the bar.

A few songs into the set, Rosemary had wormed her way up near the front few rows, and she bounced on the balls of her feet, trying to stretch to her full 5’4 height and try and see past the bobbing heads in front of her. Already there was a sheen of sweat on her body from dancing, and the air above the assembled crowd in front of the stage was thick with smoke, alcohol fumes, hormones and sweat. Rosemary giggled as she felt a pair of hands slide around her waist, lightly sitting on her hips, and she glanced backwards and saw a regular punter of both the Stroke Bar and her workplace down the road behind her, enjoying the music and cheekily taking the opportunity to get close to her. There was a sudden surge forward in the crowd and he stumbled forward into her, pressing his crotch into her ass, and she could feel his arousement at getting away with the casual touching as she was pressed up against the boy’s back in front of her. The boy in front spun around, his look of annoyance quickly replaced with a smile as he felt her breasts crushed up against him, her nipples pressing small circles into his back.

There was a pause as the band took a brief drinks break between songs, and the two guys sandwiching Rosemary exchanged a look and a wink, and both took careful hold of her waist, hoisting her up above the crowd, supporting her back and legs as she squealed in delight as a myriad of hands rose as one to take her, and pass her around the throng.

Rosemary lay on her back, a hundred pairs of groping hands passing her about the room. She breathed heavily, giggling when an occasional hand slipped by design or accident and touched her breasts, ass or pussy through her shifting clothes, trying to tell herself that she shouldn’t enjoy this so much, the sensation of being groped and fondled by strangers in a public room, no matter how dark, but her body overrode her concerns, especially when she was held aloft in the middle of the crowd, and her loose hanging t-shirt was pushed up from beneath, revealing her flat stomach and then, enticingly to those below with their hands on her, the bottoms of her pale white firm breasts. She let out a low moan as she felt the material of the t-shirt bunched up around her neck, and her breasts were fully bared to the room as she rode the crowd, feeling herself passed further and further back until finally she was helped down gently at the back of the crowd, and a small group formed around her as she sunk to her knees, panting on the floor, face flushed with excitement.

The crowd shuffled around her, closing in, and from behind, she felt her arms raised above her head and her t-shirt slipped off and tossed to the floor. Hands cupped her breasts as she was helped to her feet, her nipples tugged and pinched lightly as whoever was behind her bent their mouth to her neck, kissing and teasingly biting, causing Rosemary to moan in ecstacy, throwing her head back and closing her eyes. More hands caressed her skin, sliding up and down her arms and over her shoulders, running down over her breasts to her belly, and she whimpered as she suddenly felt tongues flicking at her erect nipples. Soft murmurs came from all around her as more and more of the crowd turned to watch the delicious young vixen have her nipples sucked upon by two eager young men. She heard a soft whisper in her ear: “Keep your eyes closed, love,” and she happily complied, gasping with desire as her breasts were groped and fondled, her sensitive nipples sucked and licked, a dozen hands all over her, holding her up as the person behind her tied a black cloth tightly around her eyes.

“Enough!” a female voice said commandingly, with a wicked lilt to her voice. “Now send her back up!”

“Darla??” Rosemary called out as she felt herself being lifted back up on top of the crowd by eager hands.

“Hang on, wait one second,” the voice said again, and Rosemary tensed as she was held suspended, then squirmed and gasped again as she felt a hand reach up her skirt, parting her legs slightly and tugging on her wet panties, rubbing over the crotch and causing the owner of the hand to laugh as the woman yanked Rosemary’s panties halfway down her thighs.

“That’s better, now send her back to the middle.”

Rosemary was sent back over the top of the crowd, she presumed to the middle of the room, as she was disoriented by having her sight taken away by the blindfold, and the hands beneath took greater pleasure in exploring her on her second journey, rubbing over her saliva soaked breasts and squeezing them, running up her short skirt, hiking it up around her waist, and letting fingers rub over her naked flesh beneath, taking advantage of her panties being half off, prying along the crevice between her ass and then delving into her soaking wet slit, shaved freshly smooth earlier that night. She squealed in delight as she felt many pairs of hands on her, tugging her skirt down and off her kicking feet, her panties pushed down to her knees, to where the tops of her knee high boots began.

She was aware of being held in position once more by several pairs of strong hands, a couple under her back, one squeezing the cheeks of her ass, as two more took hold of her arms, spreading them wide, with another couple taking her ankles, mimicking the movement, spread-eagling her and causing her soaked panties to rip in the middle as her legs were parted, totally exposing her pussy to the room. Rosemary whimpered as she felt hot breath on her slit, and her body shivered as her pussy was engulfed by a mouth, the persons’ tongue flicking at her swollen clit before diving deep into her wide open pussy, causing Rosie to scream out in ecstasy. She was held like that for many minutes as she was tonguefucked, by a boy, some part of her mind that wasn’t on fire with lust reasoned, from the stubble on his chin that teasingly tickled her ass cheeks with each lap of his tongue.

She gave a disappointed moan as he pulled out from her and once again she was lowered from the shoulders of the crowd and pushed onto her knees onto the carpet. She opened her mouth, breathing heavily and felt a cock pushed against her face, sliding over her cheek and she smiled , tilting her head and flicking at the head with her tongue. The man in front of her moaned and slid his cock into her willing mouth. She closed her lips around his shaft, her tongue wriggling underneath and curling around to slide all over his head and she bobbed her head up and down on him, trying to give this man a memorable blowjob. She sucked on him vigorously as he gripped her head, controlling his thrusts and Rosemary felt his cock stiffen and twitch in her mouth as she displayed her talent, saliva dripping down her chin as his balls slapped rhythmically against her. He groaned loudly and she pulled her head back a little, preparing for the gush as he came in her mouth, spurting over her tongue as she struggled to swallow his load. Rosemary licked her lips, feeling a trickle of cum drip down her chin, and heard shuffling feet in front of her, waiting for what she presumed would be another cock sliding into her mouth, but instead, she was pushed forward into another body, her face pressing against lacy material and she moaned softly as she smelt the delicious unmistakable smell of pussy right in front of her.

“Eat me, Rosemary, you gorgeous naughty little slut” she heard the barmaid say as Darla hiked up her skirt and pulled her g-string to the side, grinding her pussy over her friend’s face, her hands on the back of Rosemary’s head.

Rosemary, always hungry for a balanced diet, took to her feast with gusto, her quivering tongue sliding over Darla’s pussy lips, wriggling in between them and sliding up deep inside her pussy, eager to explore and lick out every inch of the sexy barmaid. She felt Darla quiver in front of her as she feasted upon her, lapping at her and drinking up her juices, her lips closing around her clit and sucking gently, giving her a tiny nibble. Darla cried out in pleasure and Rosie opened her mouth, drinking up the flow of delicious liquid that filled her mouth before Darla stepped away from her, wriggling her hips as she pulled her skirt back down.

“She’s all yours, boys,” Darla purred, “treat her well!”

Rosemary moaned as once again she felt a dozen pairs of hands on her, pushing her down on her hands and knees. Someone slipped a hand under her chin, lifting up her head as he directed his cock into her mouth, muffling her cries as another unseen boy pushed his way into her wet and willing pussy, his thrusts pushing her forward, making her take in all of the cock she was sucking so enthusiastically on as hands squeezed her breasts and nipples, rubbed her aching clit and caressed any spare bit of skin on her small body that they could reach…

Lounging at the door, Daniel peered over at the crowd in the dim light, noting a throng forming in the centre. He sighed, figuring two of the punters had got too drunk and were starting a fist fight or some similarly juvenile act. He straightened up and strode over to the crowd, flexing his arms to loosen them up for a good bit of tossing-out-the-door action, pushing his way through the circle, but stopping dead in disbelief at the sight that greeted his eyes. Little Rosie, the cute teasing minx from the bar down the road was on her hands and knees of the floor of the dingy pub, clad in nothing more than her knee high boots, with her panties around her knees. She was blindfolded, busily slurping on one cock, while from behind, a queue had formed of hard-dicked young men, eager to sample her tight little pussy as the lucky punter currently engaged followed the lead of the several before him and fucked her hard, tensing up and pulling his cock out before cumming in large spurts all over her pretty little ass. Seeing this display was too much for the guy receiving a blowjob and he groaned loudly as he came in Rosemary’s mouth, pulling her hair as she took a breath, causing a flow of saliva and cum to drip down her chin. Daniel blinked, not quite believing his eyes, only knowing his cock was straining against his jeans at the sight of the tiny blonde taking on all comers, when he was nudged forward from behind.

“Go on, mate, go and take her, she’s fuckin’ hot!” a young male urged, and before he knew it, Daniel was standing in front of Rosie as she titled her head up, curious at the pause as she licked her lips alluringly. That was all that Dan could take as he unzipped, pushing his jeans down as his cock sprung out eagerly, slapping against the girl’s cheek. She turned her head and flicked her tongue, running it over Dan’s cockhead before pursing her lips and slowly sucking him in, inch by inch, enjoying teasing this one, feeling the length and width of him in her mouth and knowing he was bigger than any she’d enjoyed that night. Daniel groaned and thrust forward, unable to resist as Rosie worked her way down his shaft, her tongue wriggling enticingly under him. The crowd watched on as she took his cock, getting comfortable with him before sliding down even more, pausing when the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat. She opened her mouth, sliding her tongue out to lick his balls before pulling back with a teasing smile as his cock popped out from between her lips.

“Do you want me, mystery man?” she asked coquettishly.

“You know I do, girl” Dan answered hoarsely, eyes transfixed on the girl on her knees before him.

“Right answer,” she grinned, and titled her head a little as if considering a thought before suddenly plunging her mouth back down onto his cock, engulfing him with a speed that astonished the crowd, and causing Daniel to call out as he felt his cock slide back into her mouth, pause at the opening to her throat and then continue, as Rosemary skillfully took his entire length until her nose was pressed to his trimmed pubic hair and she began to deep throat him.

“Holy shit” an awed onlooker said softly and Dan could only agree as Rosie milked his cock with her throat muscles, squeezing and teasing him, and within seconds he could feel his cock twitch and knew he was perilously close to bathing this beauty in his cum.

He gestured desperately to the guy nearest her feet who was watching on dumbly.

“Grab her and rim her for me!”

“Huh?” the boy said vaguely.

“Lick her ass, goddamnit! Do it!”

The boy wrinkled his nose slightly, but in the face of a yelling bouncer and an encouraging crowd, he dropped to his knees and grabbed Rosemary’s hips, lowering his face to her cum-soaked ass and gingerly licking between the cheeks, tonguing her hole to make it wet.

With an immense effort of will, Daniel slowly pulled back, withdrawing from Rosemary’s mouth as she wriggled and moaned in ecstasy from the sensation. She gasped at the sudden loss of cock from her mouth and pouted a little, until he rubbed himself against her cheek.

“You feel how wet this is?” he asked softly and she nodded.

“You’ve soaked my cock with your saliva, it’s dripping off it.” He rubbed it over her lips to prove his point and she licked his cockhead again teasingly as he whispered again.

“And now I’m going t fuck your ass with this hard, wet cock of mine,” he paused and she whimpered softly, “would you like that?”

She bit her lip and nodded, and he chuckled and patted her head.

“Good girl”

He strode around, motioning with a curt nod of his head for the boy to get lost and rubbed his cock over her ass cheeks before spreading her legs wide as she moaned and writhed on the floor. Very gently he put the head of his cock to her tight hole and pushed. She tensed up and he leant over, whispering.

“Relax, little toy, just relax for me.

She breathed deep and visibly relaxed and with that, Daniel pushed his cock up into hr ass a few inches, marveling at the warmth and tightness as she cried out. He drew her back up towards him, positioning her on her hands and knees, directing four of the onlookers to hold her wrists and ankles in place as he slid himself in further. A girl holding onto Rosemary’s ankles slipped her hand between Rosie’s wide spread legs and slowly rubbed her clit as Daniel fucked her ass. Rosemary shuddered, and with a loud scream came violently, her body shaking and twisting as her orgasm took hold of her from all the sensations that her body was experiencing. With her body moving lewdly underneath him, Dan took the opportunity to really go for it, grasping her hips and slamming the full length of his cock up inside her, prolonging the girl’s orgasm with this new feeling of being filled. He fucked her wildly, feeling his cock twitch and pulse inside her, her body responding by gripping him and holding him tightly within her, milking him until he could stand it no more and with a satisfied cry, he emptied himself within her, filling her up with his cum, load after load until finally he was drained.

He withdrew from her, panting, and kissed her softly, helping her to sit up as she lay on the floor, a lazy and satisfied smile on her face.

“I just want one more thing,” he said, grinning as she reached up to remove the blindfold, and she paused, squealing as he pressed her legs together, taking hold of her drenched panties and tugging them down over her boots and tucking them into his pocket.

Rosemary tore off the blindfold, blinking in amazement at the familiar face in front of her as Daniel laughed.

“Now you’ll have to think of another Christmas present for me!”

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