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Working Stiff

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I have a good job that pays very well and has wonderful benefits so I didn’t need another job or the extra money. I’m also young, early thirties and I keep myself in good shape so I can party and keep going for most of the night. However, lately I’ve run into a dry spell so for the most part I’m left to my own devices. And that’s okay, I enjoy my own company and an entertain myself for hours at a time, and I do. One night while walking home from a movie downtown I passed an adult theater.

I’ve been in and out of this neighborhood for years and this was the first time I noticed it. I rarely go into those place but there was something about this one that peaked my interest and I went in.

The receptionist was well dressed, pretty and very friendly. We talked for a bit and she said that the prices were higher than most place, but they were a little picky about their customers, they wanted the upper class’s or at the very least the upper middle class. And she casually mentioned that they were looking for a male.

“What for?”

“Have you heard of glory holes?”

“Yeah … but I thought that was wishful thinking on some horny guy’s part.”

“Not at all. We have five of them and could probably use a few more.”

“That’s okay, I can’t imagine working here in the first place.”

She smiled, “you wouldn’t want a few blow jobs a week?”

I laughed, “that’s all I’d be doing? That’s hard to resist. What’s involved?”

“It’s simple. You let me know how many and which nights you want to work and I’ll schedule you in with the rest of the guys. Then you come in, take you place in the booth and wait for your first customer. When she comes in we’ll call from the front and let you know what she wants. Some want a hard cock sticking through the hole, others want it still soft. And that’s about it. You’ll determine how much time you need between clients. And you get fifty bucks cash with each blow job. How’s this sound to you?”

“I could make a couple hundred a night, that’s pretty good change.”

“Yes, I’m sure you could.” I think she was looking at my crotch. That’s fine, I like it when women do that.

“Okay, I’ll let you know.”

I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about this glory hole business. An the more I thought about it the harder my cock got. I did a lot of jerking off that week. The first night was the most fun, I ended up jumping out of my clothes and laying down, spread my legs and started stroking my cock. It wasn’t long before I was pounding away then shooting cum all over myself. Didn’t even think about the numbers of cum strings that wen’t flying, but there seemed to be a lot of them. I loved that because I really loved the taste of my cum and I’d slide my finger along a bunch of the stuff and suck it off. Loved it. Then I’d try to get some sleep but I couldn’t so I’d end up jerking off again. The first night was four times.

A few days later I was in the neighborhood and decided that I’d stop in the sex shop. The same lady was there and to my surprise she remembered me. I was greeted with a big hug which was pretty cool because she had a set of tits worth writing home about.

“Gonna come to work?”

I still wasn’t ready to say one way or the other, so I stood there like a block of granite and she kept the smile on her face. She had a lovely mouth and once I started thinking about mouths I could feel my cock getting hard and the next thing I heard myself telling her sure, three or four days a week and weekends were out.

“Well, that settles that! I’m so glad you decided to join us. I’ll introduce you to the staff as chance and time permit. First, let me show you where you’ll be working.”

We walked back through a rather fancy door, the corridor was fairly wide, I suppose to afford a modest amount of privacy. On either side of the hall were doors, five to a side and I had to guess that not all were for glory holes. The place was far cleaner than I thought it would be and there was a pleasant scent in the air that I couldn’t make out, but it was nice. I could only hope the rooms were the same.

“Here we are, you’ll be number nine.” She opened the door and we went in. Sure enough there was a hole in the wall about three feet up from the floor, a bench with a padded seat and back rest. Nice touch. To the side of the hole was a shelf with several towels on it, all folded neatly and fresh. The floor was hardwood, of a rich, deep amber color and unless that was some artificial material, it was one expensive floor. But then the whole place seemed to be done with no expenses spared. This spoke money, lots of it.

In the companion room the floor had a soft carpet and in front of the glory hole was a velvet-padded stool for kneeling on, or sitting I suppose. There was also a chair set aside for sitting on, and like my room, there was a shelf with several clean towels. This room also had a wash stand so she could clean up when finished. so the customer was treated like royalty. Nice.

“I’d like it if you could start tonight, I’m short of help. Whattaya say?”

I laughed, “short notice!”

“I know, but some days that’s the way it is.”

I like this woman, Lily, she was up front and easy to talk to, maybe someday I’d get her as a client. Ya never know. “Sure. Just tell me what to do.”

We went back to my room. “It’s easy, you check it up front than come back here. You can lock your door if you want, and what you wear is up to you. You might want to bring along a book or computer or whatever because sometimes there can be a bit of a wait between clients. We’ll call and tell you that you’ve got a client coming back and what her preferences might be. Some women like to have a hard cock sticking through the hole when they come in, others want it limp. Some will have a man with them, and he might want to suck your cock as well, but you’ll have to let us know if you’re okay with that. And that’s about it. Any questions?”

“Do I tell them when I’m cumming?”

“Only if they’ve requested it.”

“Okay, then you’re on your own! Good luck. Oh, one more thing, some of them will want you to fuck them, but we’ll let you know when we call. But there are times when they’ll put their pussy up there on a whim, then you’ll have to let us know so we can charge them.”

“Does this make me an official whore?” I had to laugh it seemed like fun.

She laughed too, “yep, you’re now an official whore and I’m your pimp.”

She left and I closed the door. The lights could be dimmed but for the moment I didn’t bother. I stood in the middle of the room and looked around. It was pleasant and I didn’t mind being here, but I was going to have to bring an iPad or something to play some music.

I’ve seen pictures and whatnot of men who were naked and kept their shoes and socks on. I couldn’t do that so I ended up stripping naked. That felt really kinky and I loved the feel of the whole thing. I say on my sofa and sprawled, my legs spread wide, like the lady was going to come in here for a little action. I reached down and slowly played with my cock and balls, I’ve always loved the feel of them and would play with them whenever possible. In the past I had gotten caught a few times but that made it all the more exciting, but I didn’t do it intentionally, it just happened.

As I lay there playing with my cock I thought it would be better if the lights were a little more dime, so I got up and dimmed them. That’s when I noticed a pin-point of light coming through the wall from the other side. I went over to see about it. It was like a little spy hole, I could see very little on the other side, but since there was no one there it was hard to judge what I could see. I’d deal with it later. I went back to the sofa to resume fondling my cock, it was slowly getting hard so I went a little easy. I had no idea when my first customer would show up and what she’d want.

The phone rang, a very soft ring that startled me, I was dozing off. I picked up the phone “Yeah?”

Lily’s svelte voice asked me if I was ready for my first customer.

“I am.”

“Okay, she’s alone and wants nothing more than a blow job, and she said she’d worry about when you had your orgasm. And she wants to start with a limp dick. Questions?”

“Send her back.”

“On her way.”

Suddenly I got nervous, what the hell was I doing here? Naked, dick all shriveled up, and waiting to stick it through a hole in a wooden wall. I heard heels on the wooden floor and they were coming my way. What the fuck? I shoved my cock through the hole and got comfortable. A moment later I heard the door on the other side open then close, then the rustle of clothes but I didn’t know if she were just moving around or taking them off or what. I remember the little hole and put my eye to it. I could only see part of her face and looking down my vision didn’t go quite to her nipples. So she was undressing, maybe just her top, I couldn’t tell and realized it didn’t matter. But it would be nice to see her whole naked body.

A few moments later all noise stopped, I assumed she was about ready and I stood there shaking with anticipation, wondering. Ah, I felt a slight breath of warm air on the tip of my cock and waited for more. And waited, and waited … there it was! She had her lips on my cock and her fingernails were moving up and down my shaft, slowly, then onto my balls and I could feel my cock growing up. This was going to be fun!

My dick was about half hard and she slowly took it all into her mouth and slowly took it in and out, all the way to the tip and still holding it with her hand. Now her other hand was playing with my balls. Such action! She really knew her business. Now my cock was about as hard as it would get and she was working it for all it was worth. My cock is a respectful size, almost eight inches and thick and every time she went down on it she would take the entire thing into her mouth. At this rate I was going to shoot a load of cum down her throat.

But she knew what she was doing, she had every intention of getting her money’s worth. Fine by me. However, my cock was getting harder all the time and just feeling the head of it going down her throat was fucking awesome. I couldn’t hold it any more, I went stiff and it felt like the first shot would knock me on my ass. But it didn’t and I kept shooting load after load, finishing up after about the ninth or tenth shot. Shit! I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm like that in my life. I was sweating like a pig on a grill and shaking like a leaf in a storm.

After a few minutes of trying to calm down I began listening to the sounds on the other side of the wall. I wasn’t sure but I think she was scooping up the cum that she couldn’t keep in her mouth with her fingers and licking them clean. I looked through the little peep hole but couldn’t see anything. I knew if I looked through the glory hole I could see what she was doing, but I’m sure she could also see me. So I lay down on my sofa and got my breathing back to normal. Then I checked my cock, yep, she cleaned it completely. But even though Lily hadn’t said anything I cleaned myself at the sink with the towel provided.

I lay there relaxing for several minutes, actually starting to drift off when the phone rang. It was Lily, “how’d it go Stud?”

“Totally awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever had a blow job like that before.”

“Ready for another? We’ve got ’em lined up out here.”

“Can you give me twenty minutes?”

“Sure, I’ll call in fifteen.”

“Thanks.” And I hung up the phone and lay back down with my feet propped up on the far arm rest, spread as far as they could without falling off the edge. I looked at my cock, laying over on my leg and after studying it for a couple of minutes I reach down and started “petting” it. It started to get hard already! Shit, if this was the way it was going to go, I’d spend the rest of my life in this place. I kept petting the little feller but not so much it would get hard right away, no knowing what the next woman wanted.

The phone rang, I was beginning to love the sound of it. “Are you ready?”

“I certainly am!” I nearly shouted with glee. “Send her down.”

“Okay, you’ve got a winner here. She wants a limp dick in the hole. She’s going to suck it till she’s ready then her plan is to turn around and put her pussy up to the hole. In you cock goes and you shoot your cum inside her.”

“This is getting better all the time. Okay, I’m ready.”

As soon as I heard foot steps coming down the hall I stuck my limp cock through the hole and waited. The light in the room was rather dim, but the woman turned it up when she entered. I could see the back of her head and she looked like she was giving the room the once over, probably looking for hidden cameras. There were none and once she seemed satisfied, she stood and looked at my cock. After that she got undressed and was on her knees fingering my cock and she actually got her fingers in far enough where she could play with my balls. Since she hadn’t started sucking me off I did everything possible to avoid a hard on.

Finally, she started licking the head of my cock. Damn, what a tongue! She was licking the length of my cock then working her way back up, then circling the head before she took it into her mouth, but just the head, and she was sucking and licking with gusto. My dick was rebar hard but I thought it would get even harder when she backed her pussy onto it. But for the moment she was deep-throating me like I couldn’t believe. If that wall hadn’t been between us I’m sure she’d have gotten my balls in her mouth too.

She was going slow, up and down my cock, but she’d vary the speed, for a few strokes she’d go nice and slow then suddenly she be literally be pounding on it. Then just as I thought I’d blast a wad of cum down her throat she’d nearly stop, she was teasing, but I don’t doubt she was also teasing herself. I would have loved to be able to see if she was fingering herself. At this moment I’d wager the night’s wages she had her thumb on her clit and at least three finger in her pussy, fucking herself like crazy.

She took my cock all the way down her throat and held it there for awhile, then very slowly she backed off. I heard her moving about. And at that moment all I wanted to do was cum, I didn’t care how, I just wanted to blow a load. Ah! Here it was, she had ahold of my cock and was rubbing it between her pussy lips. For a moment I didn’t think she was going to stop, just let me cum on her pussy lips, but it wasn’t to be. She aimed my cock at her hole and slide back, getting my cock all the way into her pussy. She was fucking tight! And wet, and hot. She was slowly riding me, pushing my cock all the way back so that the head was pressing hard against her cervix, then she’d reverse direction until my cock was nearly falling out of her pussy.

Again, she make wonderfully slow strokes, then speed it up, and I loved the sound of her ass slapping against the wall, and when she sensed I was about ready to cum, she’d slow down to a painfully slow pace. I didn’t know how long I could keep this up, but I didn’t care, just keep that pussy working on my cock. But it got to the moment when I wanted so bad, to lick her pussy. I wanted as much pussy juice in my mouth as she had to give. Fuck, I wanted to fill her with cum then eat her out. All that hot juice! What more could a guy want?

But we were getting there. I listened to her breathing and moaning and it was obvious she was ready for the big one. Then she had her orgasm, and she was shouting, “fuck me hard, pound my pussy, show no mercy! Harder! Fuck me harder, I want that fucking cock pounding deep inside my pusssssssssyyyyyyyyy!”

Being the good man that I am, I pounded her for all I was worth and the next thing you know I was cumming too! I pushed as hard as I could into her, and she leaned back as hard as she could into me. I shot the wad, and nearly fell over, but she kept moving on my cock, so I figured, just grin and bear it. She wasn’t trying to get me hard again, she had at least one more over drive orgasm waiting to happen and it did. My cock was still hard enough for her to feel it and damned if she didn’t take advantage of it. And she had another screaming orgasm. I fucking loved hearing her scream.

She pulled off my cock and a second later she had the whole thing in her mouth. I am not complaining, she can stay in there for the rest of the night. As much fun as that was all she wanted to do was lick all our juices off my cock because after a couple minutes of housecleaning she gave my cock a couple of love bites and that was the end of that. I tried to get a look at her through my little peep hole but again, she kept her back to me. Oh well, the night was young and my cock was up to speed!

And this was the way it went for the next few weeks, different women with different needs and skills, but I didn’t mind, each one in one way or another got me off, and they too got off by what they were doing. So I guess that regardless what anyone says, we were doing a public service.

Sometimes if a women turned a certain way I could see a part of their face, not enough to be able to identify any of them, but that’s okay, I didn’t want to be able to identify who they were if I saw them on the street.

About the fourth week into my job Lily called, “got one for you. She wants a limp dick in the hole and she wants you to cum in her mouth at least twice, if you can. If not, she’s fine with that too. You okay with that?”

“No pressure, right? Sure, I’ll give it my best, just send her on down. And Lily, I’ve been meaning to ask you, I love eating pussy as much as getting my cock sucked, is that done here?”

She was quiet for a moment, “we’ll talk about that after work. She’s on her way.”

The door opened and closed. The light was on from the last customer and she didn’t bother with it. My cock was in the hole and I saw her head turn to look at it, but she was looking down so I didn’t see her face. But she immediately started taking off her clothes. I had gotten to the point that I could identify each piece of clothing as it came off. I listened as her blouse came off, then her bra, her skirt, shoes, hose, and finally her panties. She stood and I could see the back of her head as she finished hanging up her clothing. Then she leaned down and attended to business.

I’ve had some incredible blow jobs since starting here, but this woman was par excellence! She knew how to lick my cock from top to bottom, when to use her hands, and she really knew how to use her fingernails on my hardening dick. I knew that was going to be one helluva ride and I leaned into so I could get the most possible pleasure I could.

When she was done licking she took my cock into her mouth and slowly slide it down her throat and working her tongue at the same time before pulling out almost all the way. Just the head was left between her lips but her tongue never stopped moving. Then back down, slowly out again, not stopping this wonderfully slow rhythm. But then suddenly she picked up speed and took me all the way into her throat and almost all the way out again, moving faster and faster, then when I was getting close to cumming, she slowed down again. I think this kept up for at least twenty minutes, maybe more, maybe less, who knows, it was the kind or ride ever man wants to take.

I don’t know how much time passed but it seemed like no time at all when suddenly I went stiff, she was moaning and trying to scream with my cock in her mouth and we both came, but about a minute apart, I wen’t first loosing a load down her throat, then she was doing her best to scream with my dick in her mouth. But she went stiff as well and nearly bit my cock off.

She kept my cock in her mouth and for a few minutes didn’t do much with it except lick it with her tongue and move her head back and forth a few times. Now we were ready for the money shot, would I be able to give her a second load of cum? She was seriously working on my cock which hadn’t really gone limp, but was still semi-hard. However, she knew what she was doing, within a few minutes (all time is is relative) I felt my cock getting harder and harder, and the more she worked on it the harder it got. At one point she took it out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face and she even rose up enough to rub it against her nipples.

Her nipples were hard as my cock, but not quite as long, but those were the kind of nipples I could suck on for hours at at time. Hell, I would even love to put a load of cum on the, then lick it off and transfer it from my mouth to hers. In any event she played with her tits for a little while then it was back into her mouth. What surprised me about this was that both of us were fucking hot by then and she was working my cock like a wench of outstanding breeding! It wasn’t long until she had another orgasm. At the height of her orgasm it was amazing I still had a cock left, she went into a frenzy on it, but that was fine with me because not only did it feel beyond awesome, and as a result I shoot another load of cum down her throat every bit as big as the first one, or so it seemed. And as before she continued playing with my pecker until she had another earth-moving orgasm. Fuck, I could get used to this woman!

For a little while she kept my cock in her mouth then she pulled out and stood, she turned to get her clothes off the wall hooks then turned back and I saw part of her face. I came close to yelling, but I kept looking, I needed to know for sure if that was who I thought it was.

I couldn’t help it, I squatted down and looking through the glory hole my suspicions were correct. This redhead was my Aunt Georgiana …

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