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Working Out the Kinks Ch. 04

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The text message from my dad read, simply, “Mom home early.” I knew what it meant. Even with the butterflies in my stomach, I’d have to pull myself together and act normal and natural once I got home.

This was a disappointment – it meant of course that the games my dad and I had begun to play would need to be suspended for a while. On the other hand, after a deep breath and a visit to the restroom where a splash of cold water on my flushed face jolted me into my new situation, I could enjoy the baby shower. I rejoined the women in the living room both relaxed and attentive to the demands of mingling.

“I wanted to say, Kellie,” Trisha whispered to me as I slid onto the couch next to her, “you look amazing. You have seriously got yourself in shape, girl. Who’s your personal trainer?”

“Actually – it’s my dad. He’s a coach at E— University and knows everything about getting fit.” Trisha is a very attractive woman, around 30, and the older sister of a friend of mine.

“You were totally beautiful before, of course,” she said, “but, I mean, wow. You’re toned and just totally glowing, too, totally confident. I’d pay for those results!” She made a show of eyeing me up and down and I smiled at the double meaning of her words.

Trisha was curvy, which made her endearingly self-deprecating, humble, and even a little unconfident — though all of that made me find her even more magnetic. It felt like, if she did go for women, I could make her feel sexy and beautiful with my attention. Her face, though wide, with an angular jaw she was self-conscious of, was a display of perfect skin. Her cheekbones were subtle but gave her the impression of always grinning slightly, making her approachable. But it was the dark eyes and darker tangle of thick, hip-length hair that left you with the impression that there was a bubble of hot poison deep inside her wanting to be let out, if only it could be coaxed properly.

“I could certainly introduce you,” I slid a hand on her knee, peeking out of her light blue silk skirt, “to my personal trainer. I’ll want a commission, though.” She knew I was a lesbian, and I wondered what she thought of my remark.

In any case, we laughed and the hostess announced the start of various baby shower games. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and felt myself regain an assertiveness I hadn’t had in years. My physical fitness was part of it, but, I then realized, the energy beneath my feet came from the happiness that sheer, amazing sex gives you.

I felt attractive and even felt like one of the women I didn’t know was flirting with me. She was the supervisor of the pregnant star of the party, and she was in her late thirties. Her name was Hedda, which immediately put in my mind the Ibsen play. She was somewhat tall, with a wiry frame, short-bobbed blonde hair, and ice-blue eyes. She said funny or ironic things without smiling, while staring right into your eyes, which made her hard to read.

She repeatedly complimented my hair. Once, during a game that was kind of like team Mad Libs, when called upon to insert a noun into the text, she had used “sexy redhead.” Later, while we passed around champagne and listened to music, she gave me her card, “in case you were looking for some experience,” and chatted me up.

We had been talking about my work interests when she said, in an abrupt change of subject, “Your hair coloring is just mesmerizing – Lisa tells me it’s all natural?” (Lisa was a long-time friend of mine, also at the party.)

I gulped nervously. “Y-yes, all natural. It changes shade sometimes on its own, depending on I don’t know what exactly.”

She nodded and looked at me. Sipped her drink. “Depending on whether your having fun, or feeling sad, or bored, or aroused, or like that. Like a mood ring. That’s what I think,” she said.

Was it just me or had she snuck the word “aroused” in there to test my reaction? She wouldn’t have known I was into girls – and since I’m both very feminine and tend toward being a little shy, I didn’t think people would really guess.

“Well,” I said, “this isn’t fair, since when we meet again you’ll be able to tell what mood I’m in.”

We chatted a while longer when she said that she had to duck out of the party early. She hugged me with a little kiss on the cheek, and made me promise to contact her. After she left, I delicately asked Lisa what Hedda’s husband did for a living, to learn that she had been separated for two years after she’d found him cheating. “At the time, she was such a mess. She’d wanted a child so badly and now felt like it would never happen.”

I couldn’t get Hedda out of my mind for the rest of the shower. Mainly, I thought about how I would comfort her – by running my hands all over her body, caressing her lithe hips as I brought them to my face, so I could wetly kiss her upper thighs, her tummy, her hair. It got to where I had trouble focusing attention on the party, and I felt relief when it was time to go.

Once I got back home, I found Mom and Dad in the kitchen making dinner. I inhaled deeply as I saw my dad’s hunched over the sink, peeling carrots. When Mom hugged me, I hoped she could feel the nervous excitement that felt like a current running through my body. I knew at that moment that I’d have to have my Daddy inside me again, soon, and even though Mom was home unexpectedly, we’d have to find a way.

Dinner was fine, and I think I acted focused on my Mom’s nonstop blathering about her job without her noticing that I was too distracted. Granted, once, she did ask me if I was listening, and another time, I asked her a question about something she had just explained — both times, my mind was vividly imaging my Daddy’s cock slipping in and out of my mouth as his hands clutched my hair and I fingered my wet pussy with one hand and cupped his balls with the other.

Dad kind of raised his eyebrows at me during each of these distracted incidents. Once, when Mom got up for seconds, I slid my forefinger in my mouth and slowly let it out, my tongue swirling the tip of it, grinning. This made Dad look like he was passing a stone!

The rest of the evening was uneventful, except for the raging storm between my legs. Mom and Dad watched a lot of boring TV while I read magazines in my bedroom, waiting for….something. Wasn’t sure what.

Sure enough, though, I heard Mom go to bed before Dad — they wished each other good night and he said he was going to watch a late baseball game. So earlier, he’d said there couldn’t be any intimate contact between us while Mom was home — but here he was, staying in the living room and letting Mom go to bed alone. An accident? Just felt like staying up late, when his wife had come home after being away for days? Gentlemen and ladies of the jury, I think not.

Blood surged through my body in waves as I took off all my clothes. I couldn’t help smiling as I took the soft, cozy quilt that sits folded on a wicker chair in my bedroom and curled it around my body, making me an easy package to unwrap.

I peeked down the hall, toward their room, just at the moment I heard Mom click the lamp off. I tiptoed across the carpet and down the stairs, and entered the living room.

Smiling as I approached him, he had an expression on his face that tried to say “Not now–really we can’t” but also unmistakably said “I want you” at the same time.

“I heard Mom go to sleep,” I said, smiling.

“Sweetie…we can’t.”

I walked slowly in front of him — he was sitting in a love seat, facing the television — and planted my firm bottom on his lap. I had to hold the quilt against my body to keep it covered.

“At the baby shower today, I was hit on by two girls. Well, one was a woman, in her thirties, I think. Once again, I have your fitness coaching to thank, Daddy.” I was really enjoying making him feel uncomfortable.

He cleared his throat. “Well, you know you’re a beautiful girl inside and out.”

“I think you should feel my outside and my inside if you want, right here.”

“Oh, god, Kellie, I think we have to — believe me, I want to, but we have to cool it. Mom’s in the house and she could find us at any minute.”

I let the quilt fall, revealing my shoulders, my breasts, and my hips, which I started grinding a little. “I know but feel how wet I am, though.” I parted my legs slightly. “I’ll be quiet, I swear.”

He put his hand on my thigh and moved it up my leg until he got to the edge of my pussy. His fingers brushed it, which made me inhale sharply and made him hiss when he discovered how wet I was already.

“That’s really good,” I whispered. “Keep touching me like that. I feel you getting hard.”

His other hand on the small of my back, Dad rubbed me perfectly while he nibbled on my neck and shoulders.

“So fucking hot, baby,” he breathed in my ear. “I could explode right now.”

I pulled his hand off my clit and brought his fingers to my mouth, where I licked them clean, tasting myself. “I want you in my mouth, Daddy.”

“No – wait. We wouldn’t be able to cover up in time if your –”

I put my fingers against his lips, shushing him. “She won’t wake up. I swear. But if you’re worried, we’ll just slip your pants down a little bit. I can always cover up with the quilt quickly enough, if we hear her door open.”

I slid, slowly, down his lap and to my knees, in between his own. I couldn’t help breaking into a half-grin as I watched my fingers unbutton his pants and lower the zipper. With care, I slipped a delicate hand inside, found his stiffened heat, and pulled it slowly out and free, into the open air. It was so hard, and felt so hot, right there in my hand.

Soon enough he was whispering to me about how good and warm and wet my mouth was. How hot it was to see me purse my lips against his shaft as I put one kiss after another on my way down to his balls, which I took gently into my mouth for a tongue-bath. I felt a sudden stiffening, which meant he was getting close, when we both heard a distinct click down the hall.

I paused, his sack resting on my open mouth. Listening. Foosteps! Quickly, I jumped up, wrapped the towel around me and ran out of the living room through the door opposite to the one I entered; dad had yanked up his pants. I stood on the other side of the door, panting, covering my mouth. Stifling a giggle, as I heard my mother say something to dad and then walk away again.

When she left, I came back out into the living room and saw dad turning off the TV and head up to their bedroom. We said goodnight; I bit my lower lip and looked him in the eye as I left for my room.

* * *

A couple of frustrated hours in my room later, it was very late, past 2. I heard my door open slowly. Dad. I was sitting on my bed, reading a magazine, listening to music at low volume.

“She’s asleep,” he whispered.

I felt a wave of excitement swell through my body. I nodded. I stripped off my pajama bottoms in a sudden rush, leaned back, and grabbed my ankles, presenting dad with a clear look at what I wanted him to have.

In no time, he was across the room and his hard cock was poking my inner thighs, searching for my hole as Dad had begun thrusting before he even got inside me. Once inside, he leaned across my body and put a hand firmly over my mouth, to stifle the sound of my grunting.

He fucked me with hard, really quick strokes. I came all over his hot, hard dick while i kneaded his bulging pecs, with their fuzz of soft dark hair. After i came, he removed his hands from my mouth and I could whisper to him to “cum anywhere you want to, Daddy, anywhere on me!”

Without a pause he grunted, “in your mouth.” And with this comment I thought we had crossed another barrier – Dad was actually saying something really, really dirty he wanted to do to me.

I encouraged him, as his cock banged away at my wet pink hole. “Yeah, Daddy?” I hissed. Where do you want to cum? Where do you want your big dick to explode, Daddy? My young little mouth?”

“Yes baby god I want to spray you with cum! Aaaagghh” and he pulled out and he clambered up my body with his knees on either side of me. He took a fistful of my hair to lift my head up, and with his balls pressing against my tits he aimed his throbbing dick at my face, at my mouth which I was holding as wide open as I could. I took his dick in my hand and jerked it for him, and in a moment his mouth clenched and his cock erupted. He came so hard his cum actually overshot my face and landed on my forehead and got in my hair.

He lurched forward after cumming and braced himself with his arms, his chest above. I massaged his thighs. “Did you like fucking that tight wet pussy, daddy?” I whispered.

He panted. “Oh god, Kellie, don’t say that. C’mon now.”

“You liked it though. Your dick got so hard inside me. My pussy was so wet.”

“Now you’ve done it,” he said, and slid back down my body, lifted both my ankles in the air, and fucked me again, right there, until he came deep inside my pussy.

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