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Working Late

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It was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. I’d worked far later than usual at the office, needing to stay until the reports I’d been waiting on had been compiled before I could leave. As it was, I’d be catching the next to last tram of the evening, and though the trip itself was only a twenty minute ride to where my car was parked, it was another thirty minutes drive home after that.

I boarded, not too surprised to see very few people on the car I had entered, one stop later in fact, now alone with two men who were sitting next to and across from a rather attractive looking brunette. Trying not to stare or be too obvious about it, I did notice they seemed to be giggling and up to something simply by their mannerisms as the tram pulled out of the stop heading towards the next stop which was mine. I settled down in my seat at the opposite end of the car, giving plenty of distance between us. But within minutes, it became obvious that part of whatever they were doing, included doing it in front of an unwitting passenger.

One of the men a tall very masculine and rugged looking individual with dark wavy hair and what was obviously a perpetual five o’clock shadow, finally stood. I sat watching as he looked over towards where I was sitting, a smile on his face, which I thought particularly odd at the moment until I suddenly realized he had done so with his rock hard cock sticking out of his pants! At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, even going so far as to turn my eyes away, though looking back a moment or two later. He now stood feeding his prick to the attractive looking Brunette who was busily and happily sucking on it. Seeing this, I felt myself becoming aroused for obvious reasons. It’s not often that you actually run into anyone who so obviously enjoys having “public sex” and in a sense, being invited to participate in watching it. Which I felt I had been as this must have been what they’d all been discussing and laughing about shortly after the tram pulled away from the last stop.

I didn’t mind either, had I of been a single woman, perhaps they might have scared or frightened her into moving into the adjacent car, but I was happily content to sit there and now purposely observe them as the brunette continued working her hand and mouth on the guys obviously very hard dick. But the surprise of the evening was yet to come.

Though I couldn’t see it as clearly, I had a fairly good idea that the gal was simultaneously fondling the prick of the other guy sitting next to her as she sat still sucking the standing man’s dick simply by the movement of her shoulder and other arm. Seeing this had gotten me even more aroused, and I was half tempted (not to mention a bit hopeful) she might offer at some point to come back and give me a little relief as well.

It was perhaps just a few seconds or so after that, that I now saw the guy who’d been standing suddenly step over in the seat to stand next to the other guy. He leaned against the window, and it became quickly obvious the guy was now the one doing the sucking! As he did, the brunette now leaned over (her head disappearing) though once again even from my vantage point, it was clear she was sucking the guy who’d been sitting next to her while he in turn sat, sucking the first guy now standing beside him as he continued leaning against the window. I then noticed he was again looking back towards me, a much pleasured expression on his face.

I had never been with, nor ever considered doing something like that myself, but as odd as it was, and as I felt about it…seeing it had become curiously arousing. I found it very strange to feel myself as excited and as horny as I was, seeing the three of them together like this. By this time of course, I was no longer trying to pretend I wasn’t aware of what was going on. My eyes were glued to the last row of seats they were in. When the woman suddenly sat up, looking back towards me herself with a very wanton look on her face, I smiled rather than looking away. She smiled back, and then shocked, surprised, and even delighted me when she waved at me to come over nearer to where they were.

I was surprised at myself when I actually stood up and wandered back to where they were sitting. Glancing quickly at my watch, I realized I was less than ten minutes away from my own stop. It would no doubt be the quickest ten minutes of my life, but at this point I wasn’t about to waste a single precious one, just getting to stand there and watch the three of them as they sat or stood sucking one another off. Having drawn closer, I was then treated to yet another surprise which I hadn’t been fully aware of at the time. The brunette was wearing a fairly short skirt, hunched up well around her waist, her obviously exposed and very bare pussy winking at me as she sat there.

“Hi, I’m Christy, these are my two nasty friends, Joel and Peter,” she said introducing the two of them, though Joel removed his mouth from Peter’s cock only long enough to say hello before returning to it, once again sucking it as I stood there watching the three of them.

“I’m…pleased to meet you,” I said correcting myself, rather than giving out my own name still obviously nervous about doing so, though again curiously interested in what was taking place here. “It’s not often one gets to watch others enjoying themselves so…uninhibitedly, on a train,” I responded still feeling a bit awkward, though again my own arousal level had chased away any shyness or reservations I might have had about standing up, walking back, and now as I stood there…watching the three of them, fully sporting an erection as I did.

“Are you…hard?” Christy asked almost nonchalantly, still fondling Joel’s cock as she spoke, Joel still happily sucking Peter’s cock as he stood there smiling at the three of us, obviously enjoying what Joel was doing to him by the low soft moans he was freely giving.

I actually felt myself blush at that, especially as Christy now looked boldly towards my crotch. It was clearly evident that I was. Without having even answered her, she spoke again, expectantly. “Can I see it?”

It was funny, I actually turned to look briefly behind me towards the other empty car as though expecting to see someone now standing there watching the four of us. Another quick glimpse at my watch told me I had less than five minutes remaining before we reached my stop.

“I’m actually getting off at the next stop,” I said apologetically, actually meaning it. Half wishing now I could set my clock back at least another five minutes. Even then she smiled.

“Would you like to get off at the next stop?” she asked brazenly. I know I was standing there with a totally confused and bewildered expression on my face, which had caused Peter to laugh.

“She loves sucking off total and complete strangers,” he told me then. “But not to worry, she only does it if they’re willing to wear a condom. She knows us, so obviously…that’s different. But this is sort of a daily game the three of us enjoy playing on the way home at night.”

Even with his explanation, I continued to stand there, still not sure if I was hearing everything correctly.

“So…can I see it?” she asked once again.

The next thing I knew, I was unzipping my fly, my hand moments later withdrawing my rapidly stiffening erection. In doing that, even Joel turned to see, though he continued to hand pump Peter’s cock while doing that.

“Ah, that’s a nice thick fat one!” she exclaimed happily, reaching out to surround it with her tiny hand, giving it a nice grip however, along with a very pleasant little stroke. “So…would you let me suck it off?” she asked once again.

“My stop,” I said simply hearing the excited quiver in my own tone of voice. “There isn’t time.” She smiled at that.

“There still might be,” she explained. “Unfortunately Peter doesn’t get off here…but Joel and I do,” she now explained, though Peter actually answered her before I could.

“I was hoping to get off here,” he grimaced as Joel now rapidly pumped the man’s prick, but the train was already beginning to slow with the stop just now coming into view up ahead. “Fuck!” he then said with an edge of exasperation in his tone of voice. Christy stood readjusting her short skirt, fixing it, as did Joel, though his now somewhat flaccid prick remained exposed as we all stood and slowly made our way over towards the door way. Even Peter wandered over towards it, now taking over for himself, standing there fisting his prick furiously. I actually found it weirdly amusing to be standing there near the door, watching him as he stood jerking himself off.

“Come on baby…you can do it!” Christy urged him. “I want to see you cum before the train pulls away again!”

The tram had in fact reached the well-lit station, gradually slowing to a full stop. I heard the sound of the doors opening, Joel and then myself the first to step out, each of us with our cocks still sticking out of our pants, including Peter who now stood in the doorway, hand pumping his prick as Christy the last one to get out, did so almost reluctantly, still urging him. “Hurry baby! Hurry! Shoot it! Shoot it!”

I watched the doors once again begin to close, just as the first and only spurt of spunk leapt from the head of his prick actually making it out of the doors, landing somewhere on the ground there in front of us before the doors did close and the tram began to once again move forward. I actually found myself laughing at the bizarreness of the situation, knowing that even then Peter was still pumping the rest of his spending no doubt against the closed door. He did smile however and waved as the three of us stood there waving back. Only then did I look up to see another couple and a single male had likewise gotten off at this stop. They had been riding on the first car however, and were too far away to see or even realize that Joel and I were standing there with our cocks out. As we all wandered over towards the parking area, I now wondered where things were headed from here.

“My car’s over there, the blue one,” I said pointing. There was an older model, white Chevy Camero convertible sitting a few spaces away from where I was parked, though the top was up.

“That’s mine,” Christy said smiling indicating the other car. “But yours looks to be a bit roomier,” she said still grinning. Reaching down, I once again felt her hand wrap around my now somewhat softened dick, not quite flaccid the same way Joel’s now was, but getting there with the somewhat nervous and now apprehensive sensations I was now feeling. I certainly wasn’t worried about getting mugged or robbed by these two, though I guess it was still possible, but it was more of the fact we were still parked in a public parking area, even though most if not all of the cars had now vacated the lot, including the two additional cars parked away from ours as the other riders had now entered them and began driving away to their own separate destinations.

“This is perfect!” Christy announced as we reached my car, unlocking the passenger side door. Rather than sitting in, facing forward however, she sat, her legs still hanging out of the doorway with Joel now standing off to one side of her, me standing between. Once again she placed her hand on my dick and began stroking it back to a full firmness as I nervously glanced about the lot, though there was obviously no one else remaining in sight who could see us. “Joel, keep working it for me while I locate a condom,” she announced.

I was of course shocked when he did, though I had once again surprised myself by allowing it as I felt his hand reach out, gripping my prick, fondling it as he stood there next to me as Christy picked through her purse momentarily.

“Ah, here we are!” she announced holding up a wrapped condom, then tearing at it with her teeth for a moment before extracting it. “I like these…they don’t have that rubber taste to them, and since they’re not lubricated, they’re perfect for doing this,” she then told me.

Taking over for Joel, she now rolled the condom down and over my prick, stroking it for a moment, smoothing on the nearly sheer, almost transparent rubber over my member. Pulling me closer towards her there in the open doorway of my car, I then felt her lips surround my prick as she began sucking it. The initial feeling nearly buckling me at the knees. I reached out, grabbing for the door to lean on with one hand while she did this, closing my eyes due to the sheer pleasure of her mouth as she worked my condom covered cock. It took a moment more to even realize that Joel had in fact taken my other hand, lifting it. My eyes popped open immediately the moment I came into contact with his reawakened dick. He had placed my hand on it, and I now stood there looking over, seeing his very stiff prick in hand. Rather than yanking my own hand away as I would have otherwise been want to do, I instead felt it, and then stroked it, hearing Christy moan pleasurably upon seeing me do so, though now, so did Joel as he braced himself against the side of the car for support.

There the three of us stood, Christy sitting, sucking me quite nicely, and me…now actually pumping Joel’s quite bare very hard stiff prick. I still glanced about somewhat nervously, but the other tram wasn’t due into the lot for another fifteen minutes or so. And there were now very few cars actually remaining in the lot, so there was still plenty of time to get off here before anyone else happened upon us as I stood there considering it.

“Ok, Joel’s turn,” Christy announced shocking me.


As it happened, I too had an older model car with a full bench seat as well as being automatic. Christy now scooted over sliding into the driver’s position, though she rested her back against the door. As she did so, she once again hiked up her short skirt around and about her waist, her hands quickly unbuttoning the blouse she was wearing, now exposing two very pert, somewhat on the smallish side breasts, though still rounded and firm, twin hard puckered nipples now winking at me.

“Come on…get in,” she urged me.

I slid in next to her, and then Joel slid in next to me. There was barely enough room to maneuver, though Christy sat one leg on the floor, the other bent at the knee, openly exposing herself.

“Finger me. Finger me while Joel sucks your cock!” she said simply.

Even with the darkness of the night there was just enough light to see by from the nearby light poles that lit things up just enough to see what it was I was now fingering. Christy’s pussy was incredibly wet, her split extremely slippery as I speared it with my finger, now teasing her hidden clit as she reached down actually spreading her lips a part even wider, her clitoris now standing firm and erect as I playfully directed my finger against the head of it. Initially, I tried not to think about whose mouth was now working and sucking my cock, but the truth of it was, it felt damn fucking good. Joel’s mouth sucked so firmly, almost magically upon my prick, though the added delight of fingering Christy’s extremely went cunt, actually making several very wet squishy sloppy sounds as I did so seemed to add to all that.

Minutes later she was thrashing wildly about on the seat, gripping the steering wheel in her hands, humping herself happily on my hand and fingers as she came, actually screaming out her pleasure as she did so. I nearly came myself, once again forgetting who it was that was actually sucking my own prick as good as it felt.

The sound of the crossing guards coming down off in the distance alerted us to the fact that the next train was just then pulling into the station. “Hurry, open your door!” Christy said to Joel. I had no idea why of course, or what they were up to, but it was evident, whatever it was, Christy was obviously excited in urging him to do so. It became obvious to me, this game, or whatever it was they were doing, was something they had very often done before. Once again standing in the door of my car now, I watched as Christy handed Joel a condom. Without a word further, he began rolling it on. Just as he finished doing so, the next train pulled into the station.

“Suck it!” she told me. “Go on…suck it for me,” she pleaded excitedly. “Please?”

I looked over towards him. Joel now standing there at the door, his hard stiff condom covered cock sticking straight out towards me. As though in a dream, I actually slid over closer towards him, Christy kneeling behind me, the feel of her bare breasts pressed against my back, her hands reaching around, dropping down into my lap, once again milking and fondling my cock. It was perhaps due to this, and my over aroused state, I actually leaned forward, took Joel’s cock in hand, and then sucked it into my mouth. Even as I did so, I could hear the sounds of the trams doors opening, and then closing. Christy giggling excitedly, her hand jack-hammering my cock. I vaguely remembered the placement and positioning of the last few cars in the lot, one of which was just a few spaces further away and in front of my own. I knew then, the odds of someone just getting off the last tram, no doubt would be forced into passing by where we were sitting in order to reach it. Sure enough, the sounds of footsteps nearing alerted me to that very fact.

“Just keep sucking!” Christy giggled excitedly, her hands working wonders on my dick as she did so. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see, though hearing the steps suddenly falter, then hurriedly move off and away. Seconds after that the sound of a car engine being turned over, and then rapidly pulling out of the lot.

It was then that I heard Joel groan, and then felt his prick as it throbbed, the condom suddenly being filled with his seed as I continued sucking him, the oddity of awareness that it was as I only then released him, looking at his prick as I held it in hand, still milking out the last bit of semen into the condom. Satisfied, Joel replaced my hand with his, stripping it off, and then tossing it away.

“Stand up,” Christy told me. “Hurry, just in case someone made a call or something,” she now said, suddenly causing me fear and concern upon hearing that. I slid out of the car, prepared to tuck my prick away again, though Christy now knelt before me, once again fingering herself as she went back to sucking my dick. Scared as I was, the sensation of fear, thrill, excitement had brought me quickly to the edge. I soon felt the release, and then knew I too was filling the condom still covering my cock. When she was sure she’d sucked every drop out of me, she pulled it from me, pouring the contents of my hot sticky cream onto her still bare breasts. She kissed me then quickly on the mouth. “Time to go,” she announced. “Same time tomorrow!” she then added. I stood only briefly a moment more as she and Joel raced over towards her car jumping in. I quickly did the same, pulling out of the lot and hurriedly heading home.


Admittedly I felt more than a little guilty by the time I arrived home. Luckily for me, my wife Samantha was sound asleep. I thought initially to simply take off my clothes and slip into bed beside her, without waking her, but soon after discovered I once again had a powerfully raging hard on.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly did love my wife, but for the past several months now, our sex-life had become virtually nonexistent. Between both of our jobs and the hectic schedule we’d both been keeping lately, it seemed like there was little enough time as it was in the day, and certainly no longer any real time for quality sex. If we even had sex at all, it was quick, furious and over. As I pulled up the sheets looking down at my wife, she was as usual wearing only a tee shirt and nothing else. Her exquisite looking pussy bare, available and just waiting for me. I silently, and carefully slipped between her legs, my tongue only then beginning to ever so softly tickle the quiet un-expecting folds of her her cunt.

“Whaaa?” she spoke sleepily, trying to come awake, only then realizing what was actually going on.


I answered her by sucking her clit between my lips. She sighed pleasurably, her hands coming up to entangle themselves in my hair.


We had both lost a bit of sleep, but it had been certainly well worth it. I still felt a bit guilty, knowing fully why I had gotten home still horny and aroused, though Samantha had certainly been the willing recipient of my intentions towards her.

“Working late again tonight?” she had asked just before heading out. I didn’t think I would be, no real reason for it really, but then found myself answering just before she stepped out.

“I’m not sure yet…I’ll call you.”


I sat for the better part of the day at work just thinking about all that had happened the night before. I couldn’t help but wonder if Christy, Joel, and even Peter would be on the tram again as they said they would be. An hour before my normal quitting time, I called Samantha at work. Once again I felt like a bit of a heel telling her I’d be working late, and not to wait up for me. It also meant I’d be hanging around the office for quite a while as well, quite unnecessarily, though I did have a book I could read and get lost in until it was actually time for me to leave.

When the time came, I made my way over to the station, wondering as I boarded if indeed they would be there as Christy said they would be. Sure enough all three of them were, and I was pleased to likewise find, I was the only one getting on to join them in the rear car, though a couple of others did board the other two cars ahead of me. There was no point in sitting away from them this time, which I didn’t, immediately walking back to where the three of them were happily and excitedly waiting for me.

“Well, I am surprised. I actually didn’t think you’d show up again,” she told me. “I know that a few things were a first time for you, so I honestly wasn’t expecting it.”

“Well, yes…they were,” I freely admitted looking at Joel. “But as strange as it sounds, I actually…enjoyed it!”

Joel grinned, as did Peter, who even then had reached down, his hand rubbing the bulge in Joel’s pants as they stood there.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have as much time tonight,” Christy said. “My husband’s actually picking me up from the station, so Joel and Peter here will be traveling on to the next stop. That only leaves us…”

“Less than twenty minutes,” I said looking at my watch. Christy smiled, stood, and slipped out of her short skirt entirely.

“So…in that case, how about we simply fuck until then?” She said smiling.

It was still weird, even though I knew no one was actually watching us directly. The few people forward in the next car weren’t sitting so as to be looking our way on the one hand, though it was possible anyone of them could have turned around and looked back. Some few others might see us, though only for a split second or so, and probably even then not entirely sure they had seen whatever it was they had thought they’d seen as the tram whizzed by where ever it was they might have been standing.

I was still amazed at Christy’s brazenness however as she stripped out of her pull over shirt now entirely naked as she did so. “Give me five minutes warning at least…before we arrive,” she had asked. “So I can dress and move up to the next car.” Obviously she didn’t want her husband seeing her with her two friends. I knew then it was highly unlikely he was even aware of their existence.

“Sorry,” she said handing me a condom. “But until I’ve gotten to know you a little better,” she added smiling. I didn’t mind though, actually preferring I use one myself. Especially if either Joel or Peter for that matter, had any intentions of sucking my dick again, or visa versa for that matter.

“Come on Peter…it’s your turn to take me in the ass tonight,” she told him excitedly, which he obviously was. There was just barely enough room for him to lay down, even then his legs bent at the knee resting on the floor as Christy positioned herself over him. I stood there watching as Peter’s prick slowly disappeared inside her ass. Once he was all the way inside her, he held still…waiting. “Ok…um ah…”

“Tom,” I finally said introducing myself for the first time. Christy smiled.

“Ok Tom, your pick. You can either fuck me, or I’ll suck you off. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of time to do much more than that this trip,” she added. I had never experienced a double penetration before, and wasn’t about to pass up what might prove to be my one and only shot at it. In seconds, I was buried to the hilt inside her pussy, Joel now standing, balancing on the bench over where Peter was laying, though his positioning placed him at just the right height for Christy to be able to suck him while Peter and I fucked her together simultaneously.

It was an interesting sensation to say the least. I could feel the hardness of Peter’s prick inside her ass, rubbing against my own as I fucked her cunt. Christy quite obviously enjoying the double penetration, moaning quite audibly and pleasurably around Joel’s cock while she sat there sucking it at the same time.

“Ten minutes,” Peter warned. “And this time, I’m going to fucking cum decently!” He seriously demanded.

“Well then you’d best get on with it,” Christy scolded him. “But the two of you better damn well fucking make me cum too!” she challenged us both.

I knew that wasn’t going to be a problem for me, I was already fighting the urge to shoot off inside that hot wet cunt enough as it was. But between the sensation of that, and Peter’s prick inside her ass, Christy too was already beginning to reach her own peak of pleasure. Moments after that, she was screaming it out in fact, urging the rest of us to join her.

“Oh fuck yes! Yes! Squirt in me! Squirt in me! Let me feel your hot fucking juice filling my ass…my cunt!”

I didn’t figure it was worth mentioning, or reminding her…that I was in fact wearing a condom. And even though I was, when I began to shoot off inside it, it felt deliciously wonderful. As I did, I could in fact feel Peter’s cock as he pounded away inside her tight ass, suddenly holding still, and then crying out as his cock throbbed out his spurting pleasure so deep inside her. Joel too began to climax at that point, though Christy swallowed his spunk quite happily down her throat as we all finished climaxing within seconds of one another.

“Fuck…less than five!” Joel said looking at his watch. We all scrambled to repair ourselves after that, Christy hurriedly jumping into her own clothing before turning towards me.

“Not sure when we’ll be able to do this again,” she stated. “Might be a few weeks before I’m able to get on as late as I have been. But…keep looking for me,” she said. “I’ve had a good time being with you, and would like to do it again!”

With that, she bade the three of us good-bye and good night, and then made her way forward into the next car in order to disembark without suspicion. I too got off of course, though I headed straight for my own car, and home.

With no real reason to work late again, and remembering what Christy had said about working late herself, I honestly didn’t make much of an attempt to see or meet up with them again. Weeks went by, and then one evening by pure chance, it just so happened that I did in fact have to work late again. The only problem was, my wife had actually driven me and had dropped me off at the station, where she would now be waiting to pick me up. Added to that, this was in fact the last scheduled train of the evening, so I already knew the prospects of running into any of them weren’t very damn likely. I wasn’t at all surprised then when I boarded and didn’t find any of them on the tram as it left. Pulling into the station, I got off, saw my wife waiting for me in our car there in the lot. I expected a simple kiss when I got there. But instead, I felt her hand come immediately down, resting on my crotch fondling me as we stood there just before getting in.

“What in the worlds gotten into you tonight?” I asked curiously, though pleased as hell to find her this aroused upon meeting me.

“You’d never believe me if I told you,” she began. “But…I got here not knowing if you’d be on this train, or the one before it,” she said. “So anyway…I’m just sitting here waiting for you, and then this good looking little brunette, and this other guy get off, they walk over to their car, a white Camero, which was parked right next to me. I know they must have seen me sitting here, but even though they did, I sat here watching her as he stood there in the doorway of her car while she sucked him off. At first, I was actually appalled by it, but then the more I watched, and the longer I watched, I got more and more turned on that I was actually watching them do it. Before I knew it, I was sitting here masturbating, while watching them!”

“You did? You were?” I said mildly surprised…and of course wondering.

“Oh yeah, I did, especially when the guy could definitely see me doing it, standing there, looking into the car while his girlfriend, wife, or whoever, sat there sucking him. Pretty soon he’s getting ready to cum, urging me to do the same, and then suddenly, I was…and then he was. “You’re not mad at me are you?” she then said quite worriedly. “Honestly Tom, I don’t know why I did that, or whatever on earth got into me to do something like that. But before I even realized it, there I was…actually touching myself while a total and complete stranger stood there watching me do it. I will say…the windows were rolled up, and the doors were all locked, just in case you were wondering. I could have easily pulled away if I had needed to,” she added, her face reddening with a combination of arousal and concern.

Admittedly I was a bit surprised at her admission, asked just a couple of additional questions about them, confirming then without any doubt it had indeed been Christy and Joel she’d been looking at while sitting there. More importantly, now I was horny…just imagining my own wife sitting there playing with herself while Joel and Christy actually watched her doing so.

“Damn baby…you’ve given me a nice hard erection!” I stated rubbing it for her through my pants. “Let’s get our asses home and do something about it shall we?”

I then saw a look in her eyes I hadn’t seen in a very, very long time. “Tom? What I’d really like? What I’d really enjoy? Is if we did it here…right here, in the car. Would you like that?” she asked. “I know it sounds silly perhaps, but having seen that, I felt that sort of teenage excitement I haven’t felt for years, and now…I’m feeling it again.”

“Yeah, me too,” I told my wife as I unzipped, producing a very erect, very stiff swollen erection. “Now, take your clothes off…I want you naked while you sit here and suck me off,” I stated. “After that…I’m going to lay you over the hood of the car, and eat you silly!”

Samantha giggled excitedly, in seconds she was gobbling my cock in ways she hadn’t done in month’s as I stood there looking about the nearly empty lot.

I never did see Christy, or Joel or Peter again. I did see her car in the lot once, but I had taken an earlier tram that day, though I’ve never seen it again after that.

Just as well though. My wife quite often meets me now whenever I have to work late. I don’t mind it at all however, as she usually has nothing on underneath her coat when she does. And we’ve had some of the best sex we’ve ever had, right there in the parking lot of the tram station, people walking by, some aware, some not. But I can’t help wonder if one day, we might be doing just that when Christy, Joel or even Peter might walk by and see us. Wonder…what might happen if they ever did. On second thought…

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